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Ice Release-Ice Dragon's Feast
Literal English Ice Release: Ice Dragon's Feast
Viz print media Ice Style: Feast of the Ice Dragon
English anime Ice Style: Ice Dragon Feed
English games Ice Style: Dragon Ice Feast
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Nature Icon Ice Kekkei Genkai, Chakra Absorption Technique
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

This technique is very similar to the likes of Fire Release: Rapid Fire and Wind Release: Rapid Wind. It allows the user to consume any cold-based substance and use it for various effects.


This technique gives the user the ability to eat any and all cold-based elements like freezing winds, cold water, ice, snow, hail, etc. Once consumed, the user reverts the element back into chakra and uses the chakra to rejuvenate and empower themselves. This technique is so effective that most of the user's wounds will heal nearly instantaneously. The chakra that is created from the element can also be used to enhance the power of one's techniques. This version of the technique is less useful because it does not restore the body of the user or empower themselves.

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