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Indra arrow
Kanji インドラの矢
Rōmaji Indora no Ya
Literal English Indra's Arrow
Manga Chapter #696
Game Naruto Shippūden: World's Strongest
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Rinnegan Mangekyō Sharingan Madara (Eternal) Kekkei Genkai, Dōjutsu, Ninjutsu, Kyūjutsu, Tailed Beast Skill
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu

Indra's Arrow, according to Sasuke, is his strongest offensive technique.[1]


After absorbing chakra from all nine tailed beasts and using his Susanoo as a vessel, Sasuke then creates a longbow and arrow which are infused with lightning-natured chakra. One arrow was powerful enough to match the combined power of both senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, producing a massive explosion on impact.


This technique draws influence from Hinduism, where Indra, the god of thunder and wars, used a rainbow as a bow to fire arrows made of lightning.


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