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[nil edit]Invocation of Shadow Chains 15px
Kanji 影鎖の念誦
Rōmaji Kagekusari no Nenju
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Mysticism
Rank B-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

Utilizing the Yin Release to create form this technique allows the user to materialize black chains that can serve a variety of purposes. Like the technique, Invocation of Shadow Arms, this skill is considered a basic Yin Release technique, without regard to its rank. The chains created by this technique have a texture similar to that of steel though their durability appears to exceed that. Furthermore, the weight of the chains seems to match that of a steel counterpart, but are mysteriously lighter to the conjurer. The reason behind this is unknown, but it is potentially connected to the fact that the chains are formed from chakra.

It should be noted that while the chains can be used with summoner's chakra flow for a variety of purposes, they seem to resist any other chakra to a degree. This unique property makes this technique incredibly useful when it comes to retraining objects or opponents. While the chains from this technique usually last about an hour without chakra input their duration can be extended through an blood ritual to last decades or even longer. The methods of performing this ritual and the existence of any known practitioners are currently unknown.

Nōsei has demonstrated that the conjurer of these chains can manipulate them with precise chakra control. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with the Mystic Sealing Technique the chains in question can be commanded to immediately bind a target upon activation.

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