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PKH YinYangRelease Ishikoredome2
Kanji 伊斯許理度売命, 石これドメの神
Rōmanji Ishikoredome
Literal English Stone-Cutting Old Woman
Classification Tochigan Kekkei Genkai, Dōjutsu, Ninjutsu, Clone Technique
Class Supplementary, Offensive, Defensive
Range All Ranges
Related Jutsu Limbo: Border Jail

Transformation Technique

Ishikoridome is a dōjutsu technique granted by the Tōchigan. It allows the user to produce a perfect duplicate of an object or target by reflecting its Shadow Soul (影霊反, Kagerei).


Using the Tochigan's ability to see the true nature (真自然, Shinshizen) of all things, the user reflects the Shadow Soul (影霊反, Kagerei) of a target within the mirror world, producing a perfect duplicate of the target under the their control. The user can create a maximum of seven shadow souls at a given time. Because the reflected shadow souls are physically real, they are capable of utilizing any of the items, techniques, or abilities that the original could, at full power and potential. Due to this, they must be killed before they can be dispelled, unless the user withdraws them to the mirror world, in which they can be used later at the user's discretion. By reflecting the shadow soul of a target onto themselves, the user can transform into a perfect duplicate of the target, gaining access to any of the target's abilities as well as their own.

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