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Magu Character
Name Issho
Kanji イッショウ
Romanji Isshō
Personal Status
Birthdate June 22
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 185.6 CM
Weight 64 KG
Blood Type A
Hometown Konohagakure SymbolKonohagakure(formerly)
Home Country Land of Fire SymbolLand of Fire
Clan Uchiha Clan
Family Iori Hyūga (Adoptive Brother)
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 00218
Academy Prom. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan TripleSharingan(Right Eye)
Hiden Techniques Yamanaka Clan Techniques
Nara Clan Techniques
Unique Trait Immune to all forms of lightning
Nature Type Nature Icon LightningLightning Release(Affinity)
Nature Icon FireFire Release
Nature Icon WindWind Release
Nature Icon YangYang Release
Nature Icon YinYin Release
Jutsu Barrier: Canopy Method Formation</br>Body Flicker Technique
Chakra Threads
Chakra Enhanced Speed
Chakra Draining Seal
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra Hardening Technique
Chakra Exertion Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
Flying Thunder God Slash
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Four Red Yang Formation
Gentle Fist
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Hiding in Surface Technique
Mind's Eye of the Kagura
Movement Masking
Resonating Echo Drill
Sensing Technique
Silent Fist
Sage Mode
Shadow Clone Technique
Shuriken Shadow Clone Flicker Technique
Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
Sound Wave Technique
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Summoning Technique
Summoning: Rashōmon
Summoning: Triple Rashomon
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Weapons Shuriken
Explosive Tag
Wire Strings


Early Life

Issho was born into a royal family, in fact he was related to the Land of Fire's Daimyō though only by marrige. Issho and his family were taken care of as if they were blood relatives to the daimyou, they didn't live in the leaf, instead they lived with the Land of Fire's Daimyou. Growing up was no fun for Issho who was an adventurer, is ultimate goal in his early life was to just be a ninja, everything that a ninja was entitled to he wanted. But, Issho's father and Mother didn't want him to do that, they wanted him to get an education and marry the Daimyou's daughter only to get higher up in royalty. The things Issho's parents wanted were available higher up in the family line and Issho was their ticket to those goals of theirs. Starting from the age of four, Issho's parents had him doing book work that taught him how to be a noble. They had dictatorship over how he ate, talked, and carried himself as a person.

Issho would find times to sneak out of his house and go visit the Leaf, in particularly the training grounds where countless battles, and training lessons would be held.

Chūnin Exams

Protecting What You Hate




Physical Abilities

  • Supernatural Endurance: An aspect of Issho that makes him so difficult to deal with is his endurance. His ability to operate at maximum capacity for long periods of time without so much as breaking a sweat is a fine trait that he posses. As a kid, Issho was known to be energy freak to most adults. He could run around the entire village while causing mischief and still have the energy to do more. As he became older and trained, Issho's endurance became more and more supernatural. Issho could go longer than a normal person would without food or water and still complete rigorous tasks at what seemed to be his maximum capacity. Even when his chakra is depleted to extremely low levels, he can still function way more efficiently than someone with low levels of chakra. He barely flinches at some of the most grueling wounds that are inflicted upon him and still fights as if he was at 100%. His ability to endure stretches farther than just fighting for a long period of time. Ordinary shinobi would tire out or even die if they endured the things Issho has been through. The physical and mental strain that his body has went through and he has fought through are no less than amazing. There is hardly anything that Issho can't endure anymore because he has been through much of it already.
  • Immense Speed: Natural speed is another physical ability Issho posses that is nothing less than extraordinary. His natural speed is what earned him the nick name Sonic. Issho is able to move at supersonic speeds making most of his movements faster than the eye can see. He is said to be one of the most physically fastest shinobi ever to posses speed that isn't enhanced by any other means other than natural. Issho is fast enough to keep up with a user of the Eight Gates who is at the 6th gate. His physical speed is faster than even some of the most trained Sharingan users. The ability to operate at such speeds is overwhelming to most shinobi and with his combinations of techniques and attacks makes Issho a troublesome opponent. During his time in the Anbu, Issho was known to be the fastest man to ever be apart of the the Leaf's squad of elite members. Issho lived up to this reputation by always completing missions days before the expected completion time. During battles faced against multiple enemies, Issho's can easily dispatch several opponents in mere seconds. Many pale in comparison to Issho's natural speed and most can barely comprehend how Issho became such a fast individual. As a kid when Issho had a reputation for being a thief in the village, no one but Jōnin Shinobi could capture Issho because he was literally too fast for anyone lower than that skill leve. Those who can, find themselves lucky to even match his speeds as there are many that just can't. To add on to his immense speed, Issho possesses supernatural endurance which allows him to not only be fast but maintain his speed for extremely long periods of times. Additionally his agility, strength, reflexes, along with his speed allows him to fight at these speeds and not face certain consequences like being too fast for his own good. To enhance his speeds even further, Issho uses lightning to bring his speeds up to levels that are comparable to a heightened state of someone in Lightning Release Chakra Mode.
  • Immense Strength: Being fast enough to even cause Sharingan users to fall short in keeping up with him, its only natural that Issho's strength is just as overwhelming. Issho has the strength to lift men three times his size with what seems to be ease. Issho's strength is sort of an unknown or underestimated ability of his because of his lack of muscular appearance however this is not the case. Issho can knock opponents unconscious with one blow and even shatter opponents bones. A testament to his strength was the time period in which he trained one of the strongest shinobi Kenta in taijutsu. Kenta at the time easily surpassed Tsunade in strength and Issho trained him. Issho could not only take his strong punches but grab a hold of his hand when Kenta was trying to punch Issho using his full strength. Issho has found a way to even focus his strength to one point which amplifies the overall damage of his attacks.
  • Reflexes: Issho has stated to people that things move slow to him especially in combat situations. Issho's reflexes are one of a kind and to not be enhanced by any means. Another feat that Issho was known for as a child was dodging death. Because he was a troublemaker he always found himself in situations that could have very well got him killed. Most of these situations somehow dealt with something moving at a very high rate of speed and somehow even as a kid Issho was able to evade these things. He told his brother who was baffled by his ability to react to his attacks that were notable to be very fast. Issho responded saying that everything moved slower to him whenever he was in a combat situation. Issho reflexes are faster than those held by the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and they outmatch them by several seconds. To test his reflexes Issho who at the time had long abandoned the leaf village stood in the middle of a lightning storm and made himself a center for the lightning to strike in a attempt to dodge the strikes. He of course was struck multiple times however he kept doing this everyday traveling to different regions just to catch lightning storms and attempt to improve his reflexes. A crazy method this was but after doing this all the time he improved his reflexes to the point where he could react to a lightning bolt mere centimeters from hitting him.


Issho is a master at Taijutsu and at one point could go up against his brother Iori Hyūga. Even at their present skill in Taijutsu, Issho is very difficult for Iori to beat using nothing by Taijutsu. Issho has a very dynamic style of fighting because he doesn't just have one style of fighting. Issho learned Gentle Fist from Iori and utilizes this in his freestyle of taijutsu. The best way to describe Issho's taijutsu is a style that accommodates any situations he comes face to face with. Combined with his supernatural abilities, and proficiency in an array of weapons Issho is a one of a kind ninja. His superb speed allows for quick movements to overwhelm an opponent with a furry of strikes, or quickly move from one person to the next and effectively disable that person with one swift movement. His speed causes his movements and attacks to be faster than the eye can see and with his strength Issho can incapacitate an opponent with a single strike. With his reflexes and sensing abilities, he can sense opponents attacks and react to them with a quick counter. The reason why his Taijutsu is so dynamic is because of his Sharingan ability to copy the movements of others; over the years of battling with many opponents with literally hundreds of different styles Issho just picked up their style. Another reason his taijutsu is dynamic is because when going against a style he has never fought against before, his collected movements allows him to adapt to that unknown style and counter that said style. A training method used by Issho to improve his taijutsu prowess was fighting rain. Quite literally Issho would speed an entire day in the rain fighting it. The reason he did so was because rain simulated multiple attacks coming from everywhere, he wanted to use the rain to increase his reflexes but he could barely dodge the thousands of droplets. His goal in this training was to not let the rain drops hit any vital part of his torso. Only using taijutsu Issho would spend days trying not to get hit by rain and eventually he went into a rain storm with a dry torso and left with one. He could not be touched by ordinary bandits and mercenaries even when faced with hundreds of opponents. He had the taijutsu ability to beat all of them without so much as getting a bruise, tearing through crowds of people in seconds. Sometimes, Issho doesn't even use Taijutsu to only beat an opponent. He'll instead just uses taijutsu to get in a better situation which allows him to use one of his other abilities.


Issho is a master of Bukijutsu, mastering in several different weapon techniques. Bukijutsu is Issho's main style of fighting so he can use less chakra and still deal damage accordingly. Although most of his Bukijutsu techniques can't match up to some large-scale, hard-hitting ninjutsu, or rock breaking, creator creating taijutsu, Issho still finds ways for his Bukijutsu to overwhelm opponents. Issho's unique use and style of different types of Bukijutsu allows him to put into place scenarios difficult for some of the strongest shinobi to escape from.

Shurikenjutsu was one of the first forms of Bukijutsu Issho learned. After teaming up with his adoptive brother Iori in the Chunin exams, Issho had to face off against him in the final stages and to do that he needed something new and Shurikenjutsu offered it. Issho knows how to redirect shuriken/kunai using other shuriken/kunai, ricochet them off an object to hit its target, or use the wind to guide the shuriken/kunai to its target. Another common use of Shurikenjutsu among many shinobi with the skill is to imbue chakra flow or a nature with their hand-held weapons. Shurikenjutsu is a skill not many shinobi are gifted in and there aren't many who use it as their main form of offense. However with Issho's array of abilities, Shurikenjutsu became his main offensive while in combat. Issho has access to literally hundreds of thousands of shuriken and kunai that can all be instantly summoned. Once summoned they usually come flying towards his targets at that instant. One combination of shurikenjutsu and a technique of his is using Flying Thunder God Technique in conjunction with shurikenjutsu. A tactic of Issho is to place his chakra in random places that his opponent may not think about at the that moment. Then later on while throwing shuriken, he will teleport shuriken to that point and a lot of the time the opponent will not notice the shuriken flying at them. Another combination is using his chakra nature in conjunction with his shurikenjutsu. This of course gives various effects depending on what nature he uses but his most common are Wind Release, Lightning Release and Fire Release. What he does when using chakra nature in combination with shurikenjutsu depends on his situation. At time Issho comes up with new and unique ways on the spot.

Kayakujutsu are techniques the employ the use of Explosive Tags, another weapon not many shinobi specialize in. Issho found the value in explosive tags after almost succumbing to an opponent who specialized in using explosive tags as a main form of combat. The man Issho went against used explosive tags as if he created them. He nearly killed Issho using only explosive tags in their fight however Issho came out victorious. After this near death experience against explosive tags, Issho decided to start specializing in using explosive tags against opponents. Once he got the hang of it, he decided to make Kayakujutsu another one of his main forms of battle. When using explosive tags, Issho is almost always using them to set his opponent in a trap. Issho found that sometimes people are just too elusive to hit using explosive tags, however he also knew that absolutely no one wants to get hit by an explosion. So he uses explosive tags to set up for other offensives, sometime these offensives are more explosive tags or other techniques. Issho uses explosive tags to control his opponents movements as if they were a puppet and he was the puppet master. Issho makes use of various explosive tags even having a person custom make special explosive tags. To increase the damage of his explosive tags, Issho with use Fire Release sometimes latching his fire release chakra onto tags to do so.

  • Customized Explosive Tags:

Another Bukijutsu Issho uses that is very rarely used is Kyūjutsu which is basically bow and arrows. To save him the trouble of having to carry bow and arrows and risking a liability using an actual bow he simply creates one using his chakra. The advantage to this is that he can easily engage opponents in close range combat by dispersing the chakra. Kyūjutsu wasn't a skill Issho picked up until later in his life but was easily able to get accustomed to it. Using Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation, Issho can summon arrows to fire from his bow or just use chakra. There are advantages to each of the two and how he uses the two different arrows. Real arrows Issho will use to assassinate, or cause serious damage to opponents. A lot of the time Issho attaches things to these arrows that will aid him in combat. He also infuses chakra into these arrows for various reasons like increase the speed of the arrow or even use a technique that is being carried by the arrow. When he uses chakra arrows, they are almost always to use some sort of technique and almost never to cause damage to an opponent because chakra arrows are too easy to counter when trying to kill targets with. What Issho can use from a small chakra arrow is amazing, he can wipe out entire crowds of enemies with one arrow. It is always unknown what Issho will do when using an chakra arrow because there is an array of things he can do. His skill with the bow however is great enough to shoot several arrows at one. The people that do use bow and arrows engage from afar, however Issho is skilled enough for close quarters combat using his bow and arrows.

Kenjutsu is a common skill seen in Shinobi so learning kenjutsu was pretty easy for Issho. His brother Iori is a master in kenjutsu, he went all the way to the land of iron to train with the samurai in kenjutsu. Issho on the other hand just like his other skills decided to just pick up from other opponents. Using his sharingan, Issho would copy the techniques of many swordsmen and just imply it into his own style. What he focused on was the small movements swordsmen would make in there style, what he noticed was that the small movements made caused their opponents to flinch at and they would capitalize. When Issho started using kenjutsu in actual fights, he would do the same slightly move a certain way to make his opponent flinch at that small and insignificant movement the follow up with a significant strike. Eventually his skill in Kenjutsu was a force to be reckoned with. With his speed and strength he could easily out play other swordsmen as well as beat opponents with other skills. In a training session with his brother Iori, Iori showed Issho how to project his sword slashes to extend the range of his attacks. Issho eventually became a master at Kenjutsu being able to hold his own using only kenjutsu in various battles against one or multiple opponents.

Yet another skill that Issho has made his own but isn't classified as Bukijutsu are the use of Wire Stings. Issho integrated wire strings in his abilities when he first started to learn Shurikenjutsu. He would use the wire strings to set opponents in traps, restrict them, or supplementary use. What he found out with wire strings was that nearly all opponents brushed off wire strings because they are very easy to destroy so they never worried about the strings. This was a surprise when Issho started using wire strings to actually cause damage to opponents being skilled enough to cut limbs off opponents and even sometimes killing opponents by decapitation or even bisecting them. Of course to do so he needed to infuse chakra into the strings to imply such power to these strings. Issho eventually had a blacksmith custom make wire strings out of material stronger than steel but still be manipulable like strings. His new wire strings are capable of not only causing bodily harm to people but even cut through metals and other strong material. Issho still uses wire strings to catch opponents off guard in traps or set up for different attacks. A couple ways of using wire strings is funneling chakra through the strings to use Gentle Fist or funnel Lightning Release chakra through to disable or kill opponents. What makes wire strings such a great weapon is that they are barely visible to the naked eye especially from long distances.


Issho created his own Fuinjutsu after figuring out how to from readings and some of his techniques. Scrolls, the Flying Thunder God Technique, Summoning Technique and other techniques Issho owns all use technique formulas. Issho started easy and simple, deciphering formulas on sealing scrolls and techniques like the summoning technique. After Issho was well antiquated with the basics of Fuinjutsu, he moved on to much harder and complex seals. To be able to create his own complex seals, he went to where Uzumaki Clan once roamed the earth in search of possible old scrolls or books left behind by the clan. Combined with his basic knowledge of Fuinjutsu and his combined readings from his village and from the Uzumaki Clan, Issho was able to get an advance knowledge of Fuinjutsu. With this knowledge he was able to decipher the Flying Thunder God Technique and use it in his own unique way. Through the readings he obtained from the books and scrolls he got from scavenging where the Uzumaki Clan once roamed he was then able to create complicated and complex technique formulas which created stronger seals.

Issho is a fox when using Fuinjutsu. He figures out ways to construct each of his formulas to have the Flying Thunder God Technique formula within it. This causes enemies to brush aside the threat of the formula as being regular fuinjutsu and Issho uses this to teleport to that person. He also has made dead formulas, meaning they don't do anything at all they are just there to cause the opponent to think the fuinjutsu formula will do something but in actuality it won't. In one situation Issho placed a dead formula on an opponents arm and that opponent cut his own arm off because he thought the formula was harmful to him. Anything that comes from Issho could have a fuinjutsu on or within it. Issho literally takes every opportunity to catch his opponents off guard and placing fuinjutsu in what seems to be pointless spots works in his advantage. He can even draw out a Fuinjutsu formula using his chakra, which means also his techniques can have a fuinjutsu formula within it meaning that anything Issho does could potentially have a fuinjutsu.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Space-Time Ninjutsu is another skill Issho learned on his own when he was self teaching himself Fuinjutsu. After learning the ins and outs of technique formulas he experimented with the summoning technique.

Barrier Ninjutsu

Another form jutsu not many ninja use, Issho has been able to exploit barrier ninjutsu. Through his masterful control over chakra and versatile combat ability Issho has found ways to even weaponize barrier ninjutsu. Issho found that defense wasn't the only way to use barriers although defensive and contain methods were the main form of use. Barriers are solid and are difficult to break through for average shinobi unless a collective effort is brought forth. Issho figured that if he uses barriers in a offensive they can be just as effective. By using his chakra as a point for erecting a barrier Issho can cause these barriers to move at a considerable speed and hit his target. This force added on with the density of his barrier can cause considerable damage to targets. Issho can manipulate barriers to become sharp, have bladed edges, and much more. When containing opponents, Issho can add lightning, fire, wind, genjutsu, or anything within his range of abilities into his barriers to contain and possibly eliminate targets. Issho can also form an armor created out of a barrier that wraps around his body and provides and extra layer of protection against attacks. This armor's protective capabilities depends all on how much chakra Issho places into the barrier.



Issho awoke his Sharingan after his participation in the Chunin Exams. Issho was sent on a mission to retrieve information on a group of rogue shinobi that were robbing small villages in the Land of Fire. Along with his team, Issho encountered this group of rogue shinobi and engaged them in a hard fought battle that ended with one of his team members dead and another gravely injured. During this battle when Issho and his team were on the defensive, the stress of the fight lead to Issho's Sharingan being awakened leading to the realization that Issho was an Uchiha. When awakened, Issho's sharingan was only present in his right eye which was unusual for Uchiha clan members who awoken the dojutsu. Although only present in one eye, the power of the Sharingan was as potent as if it was present in both. Issho's usage of the Sharingan lead to his Jōnin promotion in just under two years. With his Sharingan maturing his mastery over its power grew as well.


Nature Transformation

Chakra Prowess

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