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Iwato Senju
Iwato Senju
Name Iwato Senju
Kanji 千手岩戸
Rōmaji Senju Iwato
Titles Black Void (黒空, Kurokū)
Great Sage (大山, Daisen)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio November 2
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 25
Status Alive
Height 184 cm
Weight 80 kg
Blood Type AB
Classification Sage
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Clan Senju Symbol Senju Clan
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 358279
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Nature Type Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Clone Great Explosion
Earth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Earth Spear Grand Impalement
Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique
Frog Kata
Fusion: Boiling Sludge Wave Technique
Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique
Lightning Echo Rasengan
Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique
Lightning Release: Thundering Voice Technique
Lightning Release: Whisper of the Gathering Clouds Technique
Regeneration Ability
Sage Art: Kunitsukami
Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan
Sage Mode
Shadow Clone Technique
Snake Fang
Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Yomotsu Hirasaka

Iwato Senju (千手岩戸, Senju Iwato) is a resident of Konohagakure and a member of the renowned and powerful Senju clan. He is a jōnin-ranked shinobi and is held in high-esteem amongst his fellow villagers and ninja alike. Iwato was blessed with strong skill and abilities to make him a respected figure in the world of shinobi, even beyond his own village. He would also eventually become a Sage, due to his mastery of Sage Mode. Though he is still officially aligned with Konoha, Iwato is currently traveling the world in the hopes of spreading peace and to gain greater wisdom of how the world is.

While he was born with a large amount of chakra as per usual of the Senju clan, Iwato would eventually prove to be one of the clan's greater members when he reawakened the power of Yomotsu Hirasaka. This would become a core ability in his fighting style that makes him an overwhelming foe to fight while also being hard to hit, due to the nature of the ability. For his usage of it, Iwato has become known as the Black Void (黒空, Kurokū), based on the appearance of the technique as it forms. Iwato would also become famous for his ability to use all five of the elemental chakra natures at such a young age, as well as being able to add one of those natures, lightning, to his Rasengan to recreate the Lightning Echo Rasengan, becoming one of his signature abilities. Further, due to Iwato's mastery of Sage Mode and having learned more about senjutsu by training at Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave to enhance his own abilities, Iwato has become known as the Great Sage (大山, Daisen).


Iwato was born to the Senju clan a couple of generations after the Fourth Shinobi World War in the village of Konohagakure. However, the effects the war played a roll in his life. During the grand war, the powerful and god-like Ten-Tails was reborn. The beast fired off powerful attacks, including several Tailed Beast Balls that flew across the land, striking several locations. Iwato's grandparents, still young at the time, would survive this onslaught. However, their bodies' would passively absorb this powerful chakra. It would be passed down to Iwato's parents and finally within him. The chakra, for whatever reason, resonated within Iwato in a way unlike his family. With it, it awakened powers within him once held by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki that hadn't been seen since her from her earthly descendants. However, it would only manifest itself later in life.

Iwato was born into a loving family. He was cared for and treated well by them, as well as by the rest of the village due to his Senju lineage being associated with great heights of the village. Further, his clan appeared to be revitalizing itself and growing in numbers, bringing more of its power back to Konoha in the process. Iwato stood out as a helpful individual for people and families of all sorts, getting along well with most of the kids of his generation. Iwato didn't allow his famous lineage to cloud his world view or turn him into an egotistical person, as he knew it would earn him nothing but hatred and several had become legendarily strong without family lineages to help them.

Iwato's time in the academy was marked by excellency. Iwato proved to be one of the super students in class. For this, he was praised greatly by his teachers. However, many of them attributed his talents and skill to being born of the Senju clan. While Iwato loved his clan and was proud of his lineage, Iwato dislike the idea of all of his ability being contributed only to him being Senju. He fully accepted he was pushed along by his bloodline to some extent, but Iwato refused to believe he himself wasn't the source of some of his own power. Iwato would voice this to his instructors, as well as act out by purposefully scoring lower on things he was good at until such conversations about him ceased, at least openly. This would also cause some teachers to label him as a brat, though others respected his grit and self-respect.

Upon graduation, Iwato was placed on a genin team under one of his fellow Senju clan members, Ninigi Senju. As they were of the same clan and lived in the same compound, Ninigi took special interest in him and was able to train him more often. Eventually, Iwato's dreams of being strong like that of Hashirama and Tobirama Senju was revealed, causing Ninigi to offer Iwato more serious training. As Ninigi had the genetic material of Hashirama within him, he began to teach Iwato the basics of all the chakra natures. This process would also reveal to Iwato that he possessed an affinity for he Lightning Release nature transformation. This would lay the foundation for Iwato eventually mastering them like his forefathers in the Senju clan. Ninigi would also instruct Iwato how to use the Rasengan with assistance from Yoshitsune, who displayed his own Lightning Echo Rasengan to Iwato to show what the endgame of the Rasengan was: to add the user's nature affinity into it. Overall, Iwato learned a great deal from Ninigi. As such, Iwato would continue to train with his master and eventually go on to partake in the chūnin exams. With a combination of the skills Iwato learned from Ninigi and his own talents together, Iwato was able to pass through and earn the chūnin rank quickly. After this, Ninigi continued to train Iwato and eventually taught him the Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique that he had developed with Yoshitsune, being only the third person to learn it.

Around this time, Iwato also awakened a strange ability. This is the one that can be attributed to the power of Kaguya being reborn on earth and infecting his family before him. This accumulated in the power of Yomotsu Hirasaka responding to Iwato's genetic code and forming as an ability within him. With this, Iwato gained the power to open portals in space and time that he could pass through. This allowed Iwato fast travel and the ability to move his allies to different destinations with great lengths between the two points, but to also use it by opening it below foes to make them slam into the ground or in the path of an incoming attack. Iwato also learned how to use it to redirect projectile attacks, especially back at the attacker and their allies. Iwato was helped in this process by Ninigi, who was familiar with such abilities from his own mastery of the Flying Thunder God Technique. For mastering this rare and powerful ability, Iwato became known as the Black Void (黒空, Kurokū).

Sadly, Iwato's time training with Ninigi was cut short when he was killed to prevent perceived political tensions forming from Ninigi becoming more and more like the unbelievably powerful Hashirama. Iwato was disheartened by the death of Ninigi, but he knew that giving up would disgrace Ninigi's hopes and dreams for Iwato. Iwato would partake on several missions as a chūnin as well, proving his skill and talent to be promoted to the rank of jōnin within a year, with the support of many shinobi in the village and eventually the Hokage's approval.

As a jōnin, Iwato commanded much respect within the village. Due to his own skill, his clan's lineage, and the rare power he possessed, Iwato became thought of as one of Konoha's finest shinobi in recent years. Several pegged him as a potential Hokage in the future, to which Iwato was shocked and unsure how to respond. The position was never something he thought much about. While it was held by his idols Hashirama and Tobirama, Iwato wasn't sure if it was something he wanted to pursue in flavor of staying on the field. He was, however, not opposed to it should the need arise at some point.

Now that he was a jōnin, Iwato wanted to continue to grow in his skills. During this time, he expanded many abilities he had. This included his usage of all the elements, even learning how to fuse them in such a way as to recreate abilities typically exclusive to Kekkei Genkai, such as the Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique to create a makeshift ice. Iwato also furthered his usage of the Shadow Clone Technique, mixing it into his taijutsu and learning how to use individual clones as bombs. However, Iwato's greatest feat came in the form of his expansion of the Rasengan. Remember Ninigi's lesson in that it was a technique designed for the user to merge it with their nature affinity, Iwato began to practice to do such. He tried several times to do it, but seemed to be having a hard time with it. Iwato then remembered the version Yoshitsune showed him, the Lightning Echo Rasengan. Remembering the appearance of it and the way his master's friend described it, Iwato began to use his shadow clones to speed up the process. After weeks of training, Iwato was finally able to completely form his lightning-based chakra into the Rasengan, recreating the Lightning Echo Rasengan from sheer memory, talent, and skill.

As Iwato continued to grow, he would again encounter Yoshitsune years later. The friend of his former friend recognized the young Senju and complimented him due to his strength growth and was interested to see the power of Yomotsu Hirasaka in action. As the two sparred together, Yoshitsune was even further surprised by Iwato's ability to use his own Lightning Echo Rasengan. Towards the end, Yoshitsune decided he wanted to help Iwato grow even more. All Yoshitsune wanted was to help maintain peace in the villages and he thought Iwato was the perfect candidate.

The training mostly consisted of Yoshitsune helping him improve the power of Iwato's Yomotsu Hirasaka, as well as using the Rasengan in a few more unique ways. As they trained, Yoshitsune noticed Iwato had a strong connection to nature. He believed this to be because of the power of Kaguya within him bringing him closer to the origin of chakra. This connection was present in that Iwato could interact with natural energy almost passively, though not truly harnessing it. Yoshitsune presents this as how Hashirama learned the power of Sage Mode as well. As such, Yoshitsune took Iwato to the Forest of Death. In there, Iwato was made to sit on the highest branch of the tallest tree and feel the flow of natural energy around him. At times, Iwato would begin to absorb natural energy too quickly. While this would turn him into a stone statue, he would be saved each time by Yoshitsune pulling the natural energy out of him with his master over senjutsu. Over a period of time, Iwato would come to master the form known as Sage Mode, gaining a look similar to that of Hashirama's due to the similarities in how they gained it.

With this, Yoshitsune left Iwato to continue to train for himself. Iwato would initially gather natural energy with his shadow clones, in a method much like that of how Naruto Uzumaki gathered energy for the form. This was viable for him due to his large amount of chakra. This would aid Iwato in several battles with powerful missing-nin that he would seek out on missions. However, over time Iwato came to be able to gather all the needed energy in a mere moment to enter the form nearly instantly. This proved to make Iwato all the stronger, as he now has all of his chakra and senjutsu chakra disposable to him at once.

During this time, Iwato decided to formulate a technique to be his most powerful one in the case of war or some massive conflict breaking out again, as many had within the past few years. Iwato would achieve this by using his strong mastery over Sage Mode to suddenly change natures of his attacks. Iwato applied this to the Lightning Echo Rasengan. Using four shadow clones, Iwato would create five Lightning Echo Rasengan and change the nature in four of them to have all five elements. Iwato based this on accounts of Naruto's Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken. The resulting creation was Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan.

Following this, Iwato elected to go on a journey away from the village. Not severing his alligiance and vowing his return, Iwato wanted to travel the world. Iwato did this as a means to see all of the shinobi villages, great and small, first hand and know their people Further, Iwato had heard from Yoshitsune the existence of sage locations from Yoshitsune explaining he trained at one before to master his own powers. The location was Mount Myōboku, though Yoshitsune mentioned he knew others existed. Iwato wanted to see if, on his journey, he could encounter these locations or any other 'lesser' sage area to learn more of the secrets of Sage Mode. During his travels, Iwato had encountered Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave, having learned fighting styles from each of them in the process.

To do so, Iwato had to impress both of them. Mount Myōboku was relatively easy, as the toads there had been aligned with several prominent figures of Konoha in the past. Iwato's loyalty to the village and good-hearted attitude, as well as already having mastered Sage Mode, impressed the toads enough to let him train among them for some time, even teaching him the Frog Kata in the process. The snakes were a bit more difficult. As they had no inherent loyalties, Iwato had to prove his value to them. As he had already proven mastery over Sage Mode, the snakes knew he was powerful and respected that. For them to agree to let him remain there and train among them, Iwato was forced to fight several prominent snakes of the cave. Though a long battle, as several of them appeared, Iwato was able to defeat the many serpents, even surprising a few with his usage of Frog Kata. For his efforts, the snakes allowed him to remain in the cave to learn from them as well, during which time Iwato learned the Snake Fang fighting style to pair with his Frog Kata. He would also develop the Sage Art: Kunitsukami shortly after he left the tutelage of the snakes as a display of his strong control of his senjutsu chakra and to fight other similar constructs or massive beasts should he need to across his travels. Iwato continues his travels to help others in need, as well as to seek out more sage locations by tracking higher concentrations of natural energy.


Iwato was born to a good-natured family. He was raised in this environment and it reflects in him. Iwato as a young man was noted to be kind and helpful of those around him, willing to help his parents out with any given task or to help those in need should he see it. This has caused Iwato to be popular among the older citizens of Konohagakure due to often helping them with tasks such as carrying their groceries or helping them water plants. He was, however, quite competitive. As such, when playing with friends and others, he would often try to win and accidentally hurt others in the process. However, Iwato was not above apologizing, often trying to do so face-to-face and offer to do things to win forgiveness; however, such actions were usually considered over the top and not needed for forgiveness.

By the time Iwato entered the academy, he showed a strong desire to learn and go stronger. This was driven by pressures from being of the Senju clan and being related to the famous and extremely powerful Hashirama and Tobirama Senju. Iwato felt a need to live up to the legends and power these two inspired and would often push himself to train more and harder. However, he also didn't like all of his merits being attributed to him being of the Senju clan. When a teacher remarked on it as a reason he was so talented, Iwato stubbornly began to perform poorly on tests and in training to kill such conversations. This earned him the annoyance of some who thought of him as a brat for these actions or for disgracing the Senju clan's name, though others admired that he was willing to sabotage himself to end such talks to make it so Iwato's name was more important than his Senju clan name when referring to him.

As Iwato grew older, his personality did not drastically change. While he got more mature with time, he never turned cold or callous towards others, he never grew a hatred for something so strong that it drove him more than anything else. As an adult, Iwato maintains a caring nature for others, enjoys humor, and has at least some mischievousness to his nature. This can be seen with pranks he pulls on his former classmates within the village. However, when he is on a mission, Iwato does know when to call it quits for such things and acts more serious. This can be seen in him cutting down the humor and actively engaging in getting to the final goal of the mission. This does not, however, remove his normal personality fully. Iwato often will engage with foes and compliment them or their abilities in the battle, which can sometimes confuse them into thinking Iwato is mocking them. This has led to a few misinterpretations of Iwato when others first meet him, though these are often cleared up fairly quickly as they get to know his true nature.

While it has been noted that Iwato is kind towards others, he has been known to be rather blunt with some of his opinions and views. He will speak his mind on different subjects honestly, but he tries to not let his own opinions disallow others to have their own. That is to say, he is willing to argue but tries not to make it personal and will apologize if he feels he has. Though it has gotten him into a few rough spots, people know Iwato is not one to lie and will be honest with people.

Above all other things, Iwato is known for his inquisitive nature. Iwato loves to learn and believes he can learn from various sources. This isn't just for physical training and combat, but for all areas of life. With this, Iwato has been noted as a good listener, giving his full attention to whoever is speaking to him to learn what he can to deal with others in such situations and how he could apply such lessons to his own life to make hime a better person. This has made Iwato someone many will vent about to. His inquisitive nature has marked much of his shinobi career as well. It has actively led to him gaining one of his signature attacks in the Rasengan and his recreation of the Lightning Echo Rasengan. It also found him a strong teacher in Ninigi Senju, who helped teach him the basics of all the nature transformations, and Yoshitsune, who would teach the Senju how to harness the power of Sage Mode.

His kindness, helpfulness, and inquisitiveness has led Iwato to the path he currently walks. While maintaining his loyalties to Konoha, never truly even considering severing his bond with the village, Iwato left the village on a pilgrimage. This journey was built on a few different goals. Iwato's desire to help others and bring peace to the world, which has been seen in his helping of several smaller villages to get rid of bandits, thieves, and missing-nin to bring them out of whatever chaos they were causing. This has led to many both in Konoha and out of the village to think of Iwato as a hero and an upstanding person. His other goal was to learn of the world, which ties into his helping of several locations to know more of what physically exists in the world. It has also helped him to learn of different types of suffering as well. Beyond just this, Iwato also seeks to find the locations of different sage areas, as to learn and apply their teachings to his fighting style and his world view. This has caused the toads of Mount Myōboku and the snakes of the Ryūchi Cave to also speak praises of Iwato for his character and his abilities.

While Iwato does train to grow stronger and seeks methods to improve himself mentally and physically, this does not reflect in his everyday life. As stated before, Iwato doesn't like letting his clan define his abilities or life too much. Further, many in the village believe Iwato would make a great Hokage one day. However, Iwato is unsure about holding this office as he isn't sure of his ability to lead an entire village. He also thought of himself as someone better on the field than calling the shots. Despite the,s Iwato says he would take the position if the people of the village truly wanted him to take it and if the village needed a new leader, showing Iwato's care for others being put above his own feelings.


Iwato, in appearance, bears a striking resemblance to his forefather, Tobirama Senju. Iwato even claims to be descended from him. He has the same fair skin and silver-colored hair as the man, though his hair is styled in a manner more reminiscent of that of Kakashi Hatake's hair due to it being spiked and often pointing more to the left. He also possesses deep blue eyes that hold much emotion. Iwato stands with a slight slouch, showing he isn't held by his noble heritage to try or by trying to pretend to be perfect as a result of this heritage. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is relatively tall, but holds a lean figure lacking in any noticeable fat. Combined with the various experiences he has been through, Iwato is noted to be quite muscular. Unlike his forefather Tobirama, Iwato opted against the facial markings. Iwato is often considered to be a quite attractive male amongst the population of his village and various other locations he has visited.

Iwato wears pretty average attire in terms of his shinobi clothing. He wears a skin-tight black shirt with baggier black pants. He wears normal black sandals with bandages wrapped around parts of his shins. He wears the standard flak jacket from after the Fourth Shinobi World War. As such, the jacket is greenish-gray in color and is a simple chest-guard covering the torso and lower groin that come with clipped-on shoulder pads with high-collars and a strap across the waist. However, unlike these, Iwato has the symbol for Uzushiogakure on the back still. Over this, he wears a sleeveless haori with a white-furred collar, reminiscent of the armor Tobirama wore; however, Iwato's haori is green in color. On the back of it, he has the symbol of the Senju clan present. Finally, Iwato wears a black forehead protector with the symbol of his home village engraved in it, Konohagakure. What he wears when he is off duty is pretty much the same, just he discards the forehead protector, the flak jacket, and the bandages on his legs.

Young Iwato

Iwato as a genin.

Iwato as a genin had spikier hair then he does now. He was fairly short for his age, though he would spring up greatly in later life to the shock of many as he now stood over them. He wore similar pants and shoes that he does now, though he did not wear the leg wrappings at that point. He wore a simple black tank top as a shirt as well. Once he became a genin, he maintained this look but finally added the leg wrappings and a blue forehead protector.

While Iwato uses Sage Mode, his appearance does change slightly. He forms red markings on his face that match the pattern used by Hashirama Senju, in which red pigment forms around his eyes with two lines coming out from the bottom of it. A red circle with a dot inside of it forms on his forehead as well, though this is usually covered up by his forehead protector. Finally, Iwato's eyes shift from their deep blue color to a brilliant and powerful gold color.


As a member of the Senju clan, Iwato inherited "body" of the Sage of the Six Paths, gaining the legendary shinobi's life force, physical energy, and beliefs. Further, like other members of the Senju, Iwato possesses a gigantic reserves of chakra. Even greater is his strong chakra control, allowing him to use techniques to greater extent. It also allowed him to learn the Rasengan and even add his own chakra nature to it. His body is known to be quite strong, enabling him to fight well in hand-to-hand combat, even with his unrefined style. He can easily lift large boulders with his strength. Thanks to his strong chakra reserves and powerful body, Iwato became able to learn and master the power of Sage Mode. Iwato's chakra has been noted to be green by those who can visualize it, as well as deep and strong.


Of all the styles in which he fights, Iwato is most proficient in ninjutsu. Due to his large reserves of chakra, Iwato is able to use several strong techniques without tiring out as quickly as others might. He possesses several different techniques, but the two he most commonly uses outside of his nature transformation techniques and clones are the Rasengan and Yomotsu Hirasaka. Further, these two techniques are essentially the staples of his arsenal. With his ability to access all of the basic nature transformations and his sheer ability to understand and comprehend, Iwato has been described by many as being able to learn any ninjutsu if he set his mind to it, a testament to his skill in the art.


With the power of the Rasengan, Iwato can take his chakra and from it into a spiraling sphere in his with the utmost shape transformation of any known technique. He can then slam the attack into his foes, causing the chakra to release in a vortex to cause great damage to those struck by it. Iwato can control the size of the sphere well, from quite small for minimal damage to a size larger than that of his head. Iwato is capable of forming the Rasengan with a single hand, and has at times produced two Rasengan simultaneously to attack with. Iwato also has done a rare feat in that he was able to imbue the technique with a nature transformation, Lightning Release in his case, to use a more powerful variation of the technique in the form of the Lightning Echo Rasengan. With it, a powerful vortex of lightning is created. It can also be used to drill through targets, in a manner similar to the Chidori. It would also eventually become his strongest technique in the form of Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan, in which he forms several Lightning Echo Rasengan with the help of his shadow clones and use his sage abilities to instantly change the nature of four of the Lightning Echo into an Earth Release, Fire Release, Water Release, and Wind Release variant to be thrown and utterly decimate the area in a powerful display of all the elements.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

Iwato possesses the extremely rare and powerful Yomotsu Hirasaka, a kekkei mōra originally possessed by his distance ancestor Kaguya Ōtsutsuki that serves as the ancestor for all modern space-time ninjutsu. Some speculate he was able to gain the ability from remnants of her chakra from her Ten-Tails form being pulled into his parent's bodies during the war, reawakening their distant ancestor's ability in them to pass down to their child. Regardless of how he came to obtain it, Iwato can use Yomotsu Hirasaka to open rifts within the fabric of space and time to allow himself to instantaneously transport himself, be it all of him or just parts, anywhere by using the rifts. This is to say, while his body may be in one location, he can use the portal to strike someone with his arm from a different direction. He can use this defensively, as a means of catch projectile attacks and releasing it elsewhere or back at the foe. He can also use it for surprise attacks, such as lunging at someone with a Rasengan, only to shove his arm through a portal last second to strike them in the back instead. This also allows him to ignore certain defenses, as he can open rifts to bypass them. Iwato can also abuse it to confuse and hurt people by opening rifts directly beneath them to fall in and then slam into the earth with great force. It is for this ability that Iwato came to be known as the Black Void (黒空, Kurokū). Iwato comments that he is only able to create two portals at once, thus a singular pathway. However, in Sage Mode, Iwato is able to open several portals at once that he describes as a "tunnel of portals". This allows him to be less predictable, as well as using large-scale attacks on various points. This can be seen by making it raining down clouds of burning ash or sending the tails of his Sage Art: Kunitsukami through them to strike various places.

Nature Transformation

Iwato is marked by a rare ability for those lacking the Sharingan, the Rinnegan, the Rinne Sharingan, and Earth Grudge Fear in that he possess the ability to use all five of the basic chakra nature transformations of Earth Release, Fire Release, Lightning Release, Water Release, and Wind Release. He has this trait in common with his forefathers, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju. Each nature come to Iwato fairly naturally, showing his ability to learn quickly. However, this may in part be explained by chakra from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki reawakening the ability of Yomotsu Hirasaka in him, possibly awakening the transformations in him or innate understanding of them in the very least. However, this is just a hypothesis and could just be attributed to Iwato's own skill and intellect. This was sped up by Ninigi Senju teaching him the basics of each element during their time training together on the Senju clan compound Further, it should be noted that for some time in which Iwato could use all of the transformations, he was not considered a master of all five of them as of yet. It was only after mastering the power of Sage Mode and training with each element in it to speed up the process that Iwato would come to be one of few to be considered a master of all of them.

Though he possesses strong skill in each nature, Iwato undoubtedly has the most skill and affinity in his Lightning Release. With it, he can use the Lightning Release: Thundering Voice Technique to charge lightning-based chakra into his fingers and then shot in a thin beam of condensed lightning to pierce the target in a long-range attack. This can be used for both lethal and non-lethal purposes. Iwato can also use the Lightning Release: Whisper of the Gathering Clouds Technique to create a massive wall of lightning. The wall can destroy much of what it comes across, electrocuting all in its path and leave sparks in its wake. Also, as it is lightning, it moves very quickly, making it hard to counter, even with several strong Wind Release techniques. His skill with lightning is great enough that he could even imbue it into the Rasengan, creating the Lightning Echo Rasengan in the process. It is a powerful Rasengan merged with lightning chakra and has a ring of lightning around it once Iwato completely forms it. Possessing the speed of the Chidori, it is considered better in that, due to the Rasengan-base of it, it structurally stronger and does not cause the same tunnel vision as it can be moved as freely as the Rasengan. It can pierce through foes like a drill, but can and most often be willed to burst into the iconic vortex damage of the Rasengan in a massive storm of lightning in a spiraling fashion, which is a much larger vortex than before and it releases arcs of lightning from it which can strike others. This makes the technique extremely effective when used against a group as it can catch those behind the original target of the technique and draw them into the vortex as they are launched forward, and the lightning can great hurt those it strikes who evade the main force of the vortex. The technique can also be thrown for similar effect, and it considered the lightning version of the Wind Release: Rasengan in many respects.

Iwato can make usage of Fire Release in various ways. Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique is one of his main fire techniques. With this, Iwato kneads fire chakra within himself and then spits it out as a ball of fire. The ball of fire bursts into an extreme number of embers quickly after it is fired. The embers can cause low amounts of damage to a foe and ignite their clothing to harm them, but this is not the main aspect of the technique. The primary usage of this technique is to allow the embers to burst into light. The light put out by the embers can blind the foe, even more so to users using activated dōjutsu, as their eyes are more sensitive. The embers bursting into light also makes a loud popping noise in the process, which can further disorientate the foe. As this technique is used, Iwato quickly distances himself from it as to not fall to its effects as well. He then will often use another technique quickly as to attack the foe more aggressively while they are occupied and stunned by the light and noise. Iwato can also use this technique as a single, large fireball. This only produces one larger burst of sound and light, making it far less distracting and disorientating. However, this increases the power of the technique to at least be on par with the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, if not slightly weaker. Iwato can also use the Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique to release chakra-infused ash to both create an effective smokescreen to hide within and to burn those who come into contact with it. He can freely maneuver within to gain distance or launch a surprise attack. Iwato can also breath this technique through one of his Yomotsu Hirasaka portals to instantly envelop a foe in the burning ash cloud to harm them and make them become lost within it, hurting themselves as they try to escape.

To smaller extents than these two natures, Iwato also uses Earth Release. With the power of Earth Release, Iwato can use the Earth Release: Earth Spear to flow earth-based chakra into his limbs. This this darkens his flesh and hardens it to that of a diamond. This greatly enhances his defensive ability as whatever limb is hardened can take strong hits without being damage and can deal more damage. As such, Iwato often mixes it into his taijutsu to quickly harm his foes and often uses it through both arms, though he has hardened his legs as well to increase the damage of his kicks. This does, however, still leave him vulnerable to Lightning Release abilities due to lightning's strength over Earth Release. Iwato can also swell chakra into his limbs while using this technique to use Earth Release: Earth Spear Grand Impalement. To do so, he he the ground while he has the excess chakra flowing in his limbs. This causes the chakra to go into the earth and replicate the power of Earth Release: Earth Spear, making several spear-like points rise from the earth with the hardness of diamonds. This can be used to skewer foes. Iwato can also control the course the of spears if he feels the need to, using them to capture foes in a diamond prison.

Fianlly, Iwato is capable of both the Water Release and Wind Release. Iwato is skilled in both of these natures but uses them less frequently than the other three. Iwato uses Water Release often through the incredibly powerful Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique and taught how to use it by one of its creators, Ninigi Senju. With it, Iwato can condense a large volume of water into the shape of a spear. The spear has great cutting and slicing abilities, acting like a water jet cutter with this aspect. When Iwato stabs a foes with it, he can release the chakra that was used to condense the water into the shape of the spear and cause it to explode into a powerful torrent of water that goes upwards and outwards rapidly. The wound left is often able to kill the foe, and if not the torrent of water is likely to drown them. It can also be thrown for this effect. Iwato is known to use this attack as more of a projectile than a close-range weapon as to get the field of water from it. It often comes as a surprise as it starts as a small technique before become such a wide-spread torrent. Iwato then often uses a Lightning Release technique of some kind in the water. Iwato notes that, while an impressive cutting ability, it is difficult to maintain this power for too long. Iwato has also been noted to be able to use Water Release without an external body of water to aid him. Finally, Iwato is able to use the Wind Release to use the Wind Release: Vacuum Wave. With it, Iwato breaths in, condenses the air in his lungs with wind-based chakra, and expel it back out while spinning to release a circular blade of wind capable of slicing through foes and other materials. Iwato can also release the wind in a singular directing as a crescent-shaped blade of wind his he has a particular target in mind.

Finally, Iwato understands how the different chakra natures interact and has used it for many purposes. Beyond using the nature that is stronger than his opponents nature to weaken or stop their attacks, Iwato also uses his chakra natures to enhance each other. This is to say, he can merge wind with his fire techniques to increase the intensity of their heat or to add lightning into his ability to use water as to have the water conduct the electricity for even greater damage. His most notorious usage, however, must be the Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique. With it, Iwato flows both water and wind chakra into his mouth to merge with his breath. He will then release the merged natures from his pursed lips to her facilitate the cooling of the water. As the breath, often seen in a light blue color, touches the target, the wind chakra rapidly freezes the water to create a makeshift ice. Iwato can use this to freeze foes in place by covering them with ice, or to freeze the ground or other water techniques to create hazards or halt techniques. While the ice is strong, Iwato notes that it is far weaker than the ice produced by Ice Release and will never truly compare to it without enhancements from forms such as Sage Mode, which makes it about the same quality. Iwato can also merge his Fire Release and Water Release to create the Fusion: Boiling Sludge Wave Technique. With this, Iwato spits out water that is high in viscosity and infused with Fire Release chakra. He then spews this on to the target. The water is scalding hot, easily able to burn the flesh of people, and it clings to the target due to the syrup-like nature of the water. This makes it somewhat difficult to remove, making it a quite damaging technique to those unprepared or unable to deal with it. Iwato can also create Rasengan variants of each element in the usage of his Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan, in which he throws each Rasengan to create a massive vortex of all the elements that eventually explodes with great force.


Iwato quickly learned how to use the Shadow Clone Technique due to his large chakra reserve making it suit him better than that of the regular Clone Technique. This technique actually forms tangible clones by dividing Iwato's chakra and can experience things that simple clones or the technique caster may not. When the clone bursts, the chakra disperses and returns to the caster which gives him all the knowledge the clone gained. Iwato further uses this to create several shadow clones at once to fight alongside him and so he can hide among them if needed to get ready for a technique or some other tactic. The clones also seem to masterfully use the Earth Release: Earth Spear as a means of hardening their bodies to prevent themselves from easily being dispelled. Iwato further uses the group of clones to attack the enemy from all sides with taijutsu and ninjutsu in a massive barrage, doing so in a manner much like Naruto Uzumaki. Iwato can even make usage of four shadow clones to release all five basic elements at once, which he can use in various formations. It is unknown how many shadow clones Iwato can create at once, but due to his large reserves of chakra, he can safely create at least ten clones without risking overuse of his chakra too quickly. Iwato can also merge his Lightning Release into his shadow clones to create the Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique. It acts much like a regular shadow clone. However, when it is dispersed, it bursts into lightning which can shock the foe. Additionally, the chakra used to create it does not return to Iwato. However, Iwato has used this to his advantage as to have the clone burst while using Water Release abilities to add lightning in as a surprise improvement of the attack at the last second to unwitting foes. Iwato can also make usage of the Clone Great Explosion, allowing him to use his clones as destructive bombs that can cause great damage to the area they detonate in. This burns off a good portion of chakra that returns to him, but it is a worthwhile endeavor, especially when dealing with a group of enemies. Iwato would also employ his shadow clones to gather energy for using Sage Mode when he was still new to the ability, being able to safely do so due to his large reserves of chakra thanks to being a member of the Senju clan. Iwato would eventually cease this usage of his shadow clones when he became able to enter Sage Mode instantly on his own, though he would still mix his shadow clones into his combat while in Sage Mode. This is most evident in his Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan, in which he creates a Rasengan of each nature transformation with four shadow clones for a massive, destructive display of all the basic nature elements and ninjutsu. This comes from forming multiple vortexes of each element that eventually erupts into explosive energy. This technique is only possible thanks to the assistances of his clones. However, once it became more well-known that Iwato was a sage and that he used clones to gather energy for Sage Mode, Iwato would often employ decoy clones that would employ Clone Great Explosion on those seeking to eliminate his clones. This tactic fell out of usage once he was able to enter the form on a whim, but he still uses it occasionally.


Iwato Sage Mode

Iwato displaying his Sage Mode.

Iwato's status as a member of the Senju clan, inheritors of the strong body and large reserves of chakra shared by the father and son pair of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Asura Ōtsutsuki, made him a prime candidate to learn the power of harnessing natural energy to create senjutsu chakra and enter Sage Mode. This is done by creating senjutsu chakra within one's own body, should it be strong enough, by merging natural energy with their regular chakra. Iwato had a strange connection with natural energy, presumably due to his heightened connection to Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, his ancestor and the Ten-Tails. This is due to remnants of her chakra that had infected Iwato's forefathers during the Fourth Shinobi World War resonating with his genetic code, which is why he also gained access to the ability Yomotsu Hirasaka. Iwato was able to master the ability fairly quickly under the tutelage of Yoshitsune. After this, Iwato would strike out on a pilgrimage to see what more he could learn from the world and to also find and visit as many sage locations as possible, as to learn the abilities of as many sage animals that would be willing to instruct him. This would eventually include the toads of Mount Myōboku, as well as the snakes of Ryūchi Cave. Iwato would first enter the form by having his shadow clones gather natural energy for him, which he could safely do due to his naturally high levels of chakra. However, Iwato could eventually be able to enter the form nearly instantaneously. His mastery of Sage Mode and his tutelage under both of these revered locations has led to Iwato being known as the Great Sage (大山, Daisen) to many.

Sage Art Kunitsukami

Iwato using his Sage Art: Kunitsukami.

With the power of Sage Mode, Iwato's strength, stamina, durability, speed, reflexes, and the power of his techniques are greatly heightened. One such technique of note is the Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique, in which the ice created by the technique is now considered on par with that of traditional Ice Release. Further, with Yomotsu Hirasaka, Iwato's usage of it in Sage Mode is far greater and more varied in its application. While outside of Sage Mode, Iwato only seems to be able to open two portals, thus a single pathway, at once. In Sage Mode, Iwato describes it as being able to open a tunnel of portals, able to use this for various purposes, such as bring down several massive clouds of burning ash on various points from a single usage of the ability. It also allows him some chakra sensory abilities. Further, Iwato's Regeneration Ability grows stronger, being able to heal from wounds extremely quickly and even able to regrow limbs within a few seconds for a much lower consumption of chakra. One of the abilities he uses in Sage Mode was from his time training at Mount Myōboku, who trusted the young Senju due to his strong ties to Konohagakure and their own loyalty they had for many prominent figures of the village, was the power of Frog Kata. With this ability, Iwato's body is "activated" by the senjutsu chakra coursing through his body. In using it, the natural energy around his body acts as a means to extend the range of what his physical body can do. That is to say, even should Iwato miss with a punch, the natural energy shroud around him would hit the foe. This is a powerful ability as each strike holds incredible strength, as well as the attack being invisible and unable to be sensed by all except fellow Sage Mode users. It also enhanced Iwato's reflexes even more, allowing him to evade attacks at the last second should he need to. In a similar method, Iwato also learned the ability Snake Fang from the snakes of Ryūchi Cave, who trusted him for his strength and already mastering Sage Mode, thus proving he could easily survive the Power of the White Snake. When using this technique, Iwato keeps his palms open and straight to the rest of his forearm. In doing this, Iwato can use the invisible aura of natural energy around him to form invisible blades in which he can slash and stab foes with deadly ability, due to most being unable to see the blade. Even more dangerous is his ability to switch between Frog Kata and Snake Fang on a moments notice, making it harder to predict in what way the foe is about to be struck. Another ability Iwato can use it the Sage Art: Magnificent Display Echo Rasengan. With this ability, Iwato gained his single most powerful technique. In it, Iwato summons four shadow clones. Iwato and all four of his clones each form a Lightning Echo Rasengan. Then, using his mastery of chakra and the elements through the usage of Sage Mode, Iwato can suddenly change the nature in his Lightning Echo Rasengan. This is used to change four of them into an Earth Release, Fire Release, Water Release, and Wind Release variant of the attack. Iwato will then launch all five Rasengan at a target. This causes a massive vortex to form in which all the elements are swirling chaotically. Those caught would likely be destroyed by the force, but those strong enough to survive with be electrocuted, burned, shredded by earth shrapnel, sliced by the wind, or possibly drown on the water. The chakra then violently explodes as the power reaches its climax. Iwato would eventually form his own chakra avatar with the help of Sage Mode in the form of Sage Art: Kunitsukami. Iwato's forms in a vibrant green color, matching the color of his chakra. With it, Iwato forms a large chakra construct similar to that of the Kurama Mode. In it, the avatar appears as a humanoid kitsune with nine tails. Iwato's body remains in the head while he controls the chakra giant to attack, using it to strike foes with powerful attacks on par with the Complete Body — Susanoo (完成体 須佐能乎, Kanseitai — Susanoo). While Iwato likes the ability to form weaponry for himself with it, Iwato can use his techniques through it to an even more powerful extent. He has also display some unusual combinations, such as using Snake Fang through all nine tails of the construct when battling a rogue giant snake of Ryūchi Cave. Iwato can also form parts of it quickly, especially the arms to perform a maneuver akin to the Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack. Iwato also uses this to open a portal with Yomotsu Hirasaka and send the chakra arm through it, crushing a foe, a group, or a fortification with it quickly. Finally, Iwato can channel his techniques through the construct to use them in a larger, more powerful form. This is seen most often with the usage of a much larger Rasengan, but also with a massive fireball with the Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique. The Sage Art: Kunitsukami is undoubtedly one of Iwato's strongest abilities for these various qualities.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As a member of the Senju clan, Iwato was born with strong reserves of chakra associated with his clan. This, along with the deep potency of his chakra, allows Iwato to be a powerful force, especially in his usage of ninjutsu. Iwato's large reserves also allow him to use multiple techniques in a row, such as using multiple Lightning Echo Rasengan with his shadow clones during a fight. His reserves are such that he can spend a long duration fighting without fully exhausting the. Also noted is his ability to safely create up to ten shadow clones to fight with him safely, a dangerous feat for many due to the nature of shadow clones to divide chakra evenly. Iwato suggests he could create more, but it poses more potential risk to him. His large reserves of chakra, as well as his naturally powerful body, made it so Iwato was easily able to learn the power of Sage Mode without posing risk to himself in its usage. As he has continued to train and grow stronger, his reserves of chakra have grown with him Iwato's chakra is at times described as being as deep and dense as that of a tailed beast.

Iwato is fairly skilled with taijutsu and hand-to-hand combat. Part of this may be due to the powerful body he has inherited from the Senju clan. Using his great strength and great stamina, Iwato can cause great physical damage. With his strength, Iwato can move objects several times his size and weight, though around the size of four of himself is when he truly starts straining himself physically. His great stamina also allows him to fight for hours without succumbing to exhaustion, being seemingly perfectly fine even after battling a group of missing-nin, using a large amount of ninjutsu in the process as well. Using his basic speed, Iwato is able to give a wide range of physical assaults with barrages of strong punches and powerful kicks. Iwato's body is also quite durable, taking several attacks without showing too much wear and tear from it. Iwato also uses more unorthodox methods, such as slamming his head into foes with a powerful headbutt, and shows no noticeable pain after the fact on himself. Like Naruto Uzumaki, Iwato also enhances his taijutsu through the usage of shadow clones, and creates deadly barrages of taijutsu by creating hundreds of shadow clones to attack the enemy from all sides nearly constantly, and combined with his large amount of chakra and control of it, Iwato can use this method just as effectively. Iwato can merge his Earth Release: Earth Spear into his taijutsu abilities to increase his physical prowess. By making his arms and legs diamond-hard with the technique, it acts as an armor of sorts to defend himself from others and makes his hits stronger and harder. He seems to focus on breaking the flesh and bones of his foes, in a manner similar to that of an unrefined Strong Fist. He most often aims for joints to disable more of the body at once. He also uses his taijutsu in tandem with Yomotsu Hirasaka. In this, it is mainly used to divert the attention of the target into believe Iwato will attack from one direction, but opening a portal last second to hit from another. Iwato can also mix his clones into it in various ways to confuse the target more. Iwato can further enhanced his physical abilities in Sage Mode, in which he becomes stronger, faster, durable, more perceptive, and increases their stamina. Iwato can also use Frog Kata from his time training at Mount Myōboku, which allows Iwato to do physical attacks that will make contact, even should Iwato not actually hit the target with his body. This is because the ability creates an invisible aura around him that extends the range of the attacks of his physical body. This is useful as only other users of Sage Mode can perceive the incoming attacks. Iwato can similarly use the Snake Fang, which has similar mechanics to Frog Kata but uses an open hand and keeping the palm straight with the forearm to turn the user's arms and the aura around them into a deadly invisible blade. This allows Iwato to slash into foes or cut them without touching them and without them expecting it. Iwato is also skilled in transitioning between the two styles on a whim.

Life Force

As Iwato was born into the Senju clan, he was born with the powerful life force of Hagoromo and Asura Ōtsutsuki within him. With this blessing of a power, Iwato's body can handle large amounts of damage, stress, and other typically disruptive things upon it. This is the true reason as to why Iwato is so durable, being able to survive multiple stab wounds and elemental assaults on his body, as well as being able to last in battle for so long, even with highly depleted levels of chakra. Iwato's life force is also represent in how he was able to access the Regeneration Ability, much like Hashirama Senju. With it, Iwato can continue to heal and fight from physical wounds easily, and shows a strong pain tolerance as well in this process. Scratches and cuts on him close within moments of being inflicted with them. Iwato also believes he could recover limbs with it, though it would cost a great deal of chakra and time to do so. Iwato has also noted that his Regeneration Ability is heightened when he is in Sage Mode, in which his wounds close even faster and the recovery of limbs is surprisingly fast and efficient. This has made Iwato all the more fearsome of a foe due to his refusal to be put down.


Iwato quick to discern the nature of a person, if they are friendly or hostile, if they mean to help of do nothing. Further, Iwato is perceptive, being able to analyze and break down a technique quickly. Iwato can also deceive others well, as well as see through deception. Iwato can quickly plan for a battle too, by analyzing his foe he quickly formulates a plan suited for them. Iwato is also a skilled and adept learner. This is also seen through his breaking down of the power of advanced natures such as a foe's Lava Release. This can also be seen in his observations of Yamakaze's Dust Release, the famous kekkei tōta, when the two met and sparred with one another at some point. This is perhaps partially from Iwato's own ability to learn all the elements, letting him understand each better to some extent. Iwato also knows information on many bloodlines, such as the blind spot of the Byakugan, which he uses to his advantage to better combat Byakugan wielders he comes across.

Iwato's knowledge of history is also expansive. Iwato has studied the history of the great villages like Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure, as well as lesser villages like Otogakure, Takigakure, Uzushiogakure, and Amegakure, among others. He also holds strong knowledge of the great Land of Iron. He applies this history when fighting foes of these different places to try and predict what their fighting style may be. Being free to roam and help the world, Iwato would also see these places first hand as to gain a firsthand account for himself how these places and the people from them tended to fight and act, and as such would combine it with the historical accounts for an even better understanding. Iwato also appears to be aware of the early history of chakra and that the Tailed Beasts have names.

His inquisitive nature has shaped much of his shinobi life. His desire to learn has often been described by many to be Iwato's strongest tool. This has caused Iwato to learn the basics of each of the basic chakra natures at an early age, though it would take more time for him to be able to perform them, let alone use them efficiently in combat or master them. It also led to Iwato learning how to use the Rasengan and later recreate the Lightning Echo Rasengan after seeing it from Yoshitsune just once before, a testament to his memory. It has also led to Iwato being trained in the ways of Sage Mode by the very same Yoshitsune, which would lead Iwato down a path in which he became a student at both Mount Myōboku and the Ryūchi Cave, learning two similar but distinct fighting styles from each. With this, Iwato's understanding of chakra and senjutsu have been greatly enhanced.


  • Iwato's name translates to "rock cave" (岩戸). This is a reference to the Ama-no-Iwato, the cave the great goddess Amaterasu hid in after a dispute with her brother Susanoo.
  • Iwato's author has stated that if Iwato had a voice actor, Nobutoshi Canna would be his ideal Japanese voice actor and Yuri Lowenthal would be his ideal English voice actor.
  • Iwato enjoys relaxing, music, history, and training.
  • Iwato's favorite food is cheeseburgers from Lightning Burger with mushrooms added on. Iwato also enjoys salmon sashimi with soy sauce. Iwato's least favorite food is pickles. Iwato is also know to partake in alcohol from time to time, and when he does he tends to drink whiskey.
  • Iwato is afraid of centipedes, finding the many legs of the creature disturbing as it crawls along the ground. He also was bitten by one as a young child and remember the pain it caused. However, Iwato has noted if he found a sacred sage region belonging to centipedes, he would at least try to learn from them. It is likely, however, that he would avoid it instead.
  • Iwato has completed 281 official missions: 58 D-rank, 73 C-rank, 77 B-rank, 62 A-rank, and 11 S-rank.
  • Iwato's favorite word is "faith" (信義, shingi), as he believes it is something people should hold in one another more.
  • Iwato wishes to fight Kakashi Hatake with the power of his Mangekyō Sharingan. This is due to the similarity of their Space–Time Ninjutsu abilities. He says he would also like to challenge his legendary forefathers, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.


  • "I try to avoid basing everything off expectations. To do so would blind me from seeing something out of the ordinary and new before it is too late."
  • "When you try to master something, you will either succeed or fail, but in the attempt, you will find your true value."
  • "Failure is only a beginning, you must try again. However, this time you know where to improve."
  • "Life only possesses purpose when you give purpose to it."
  • "I stand with pride and honor being able to say I am of the Senju, but I stand taller in pride being able to say I am Iwato! I am who I am today, tomorrow, and forever more!"
  • "I'm a chatty person, it's part of my charm."

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