Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Demon
Age Presumed Deceased
Blood type AB
Classification SSS-rank
Affiliation Land of the Dead
Clan Yomi Symbol Yomi Clan
Nature Type

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Izanamimikoto (伊弉冉尊, Izanamimikoto) is the matriarch of the Yomi clan and the Queen of Hell (地獄の女王, "Jigoku no Joō", English TV; "Empress of the Underworld"). She was born on Earth several thousand years ago and is said to have been forced into another dimension as a result of her bad deeds, hatred, and overwhelming sadness. After millennia of growing stronger and sitting in her bitterness, Izanamimikoto decided upon the destruction of humanity for what she deems their inhumanity and unworthiness of life. As a result of her great evilness and her position in the Land of the Dead (黄泉, "Land of the Dead", Viz; "World of Darkness", English TV; "Hell"), the woman is known as the Devil (魔, "Ma", English TV; "Evil One") and is feared all throughout the universe, some even believing she does not exist.

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