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editIzaya Jun
Izaya Jun (2)

  • Legendary Swordsman Izaya
  • Izaya the Forger
  • God Slayer Izaya
  • Stinger Bee
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 34
Blood type B
Classification S-Rank
  • Blacksmith
  • Shinobi
Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 00122
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Monstrous Chakra Level
  • Perfect Chakra Control
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength

Izaya Jun is revered and well known as the strongest swordsman in Kumogakure. He is also a legendary black smith known to make some of the most powerful weapons in the shinobi world. He serves as a jōnin class shinobi despite his skills being of Kage level. This leads many to mistake his status with the amount of power he actually has. He specializes in assassination type missions and is currently in pursuit of several Akatsuki members who kidnapped his best friend Killer Bee.


Similar to Killer Bee, Izaya always seems to be in a good mood. He has a outgoing and charismatic demeanor that sometimes comes off as foolish. Izaya however, is actually very smart and is great at reading other peoples' characters to the point is has become second nature to him. He also has what he calls his Cool Style which is how he tries to present to present himself as a skilled rapper just like Bee. But Izaya only raps when he and Bee due a show together or he is showing off. When in comes down to serious situations that is when Izaya's personality seems to due a 180 he becomes perfectly calm, serious, and his Killing Intent shows fiercely.


Izaya is dark-skinned and has black eyes. His hairstyle is unique in that it is part mohawk and part afro. He wears a black gi and hakama with a long sleeveless white coat with a design on the back.


Born and raised in Kumogakure, Izaya was born to a black smith and a jōnin level shinobi. From a young age Izaya showed great interest and fascination in the creation of weapons. Beginning at the age of only 6 Izaya began to learn how to create and forge blades, his father would teach him about the different types of materials weapons could be made out of and about the different weapons that there are. Izaya proved to be a prodigy easily able to make strong and durable weapons with considerable ease, he also contributed to his families forging business to boom, making his family incredibly rich and the main supplier of weapons in Kumogakure. Only two years later Izaya was considered to be a master weapon forger and at that time his father believed it was time to share the families secret of how to make even stronger and more advanced weapons. His parents had him enroll in the Kumo academy to learn the basics of building and controlling chakra. Izaya showed great physical prowess even at a young age partly because of the strength needed to built in order to forge weapons. Izaya believed that the academy to easy and easily passed different areas of expertise. Then Izaya was personally selected as one of the few to partake in a special graduation ceremony where the student would perform a Lariat on a dummy simultaneously as the next Raikage, who at the time was Darui. The students lined up in a line, while Killer Bee and Ay viewed the students fail at performing a balanced Lariat with Darui. Finally it was Izaya's turn, Izaya then released a huge amount of chakra, so much so that wind was generated. A, Bee, and Darui were amazed at how much chakra he had amassed, Gyūki mentioned to Bee that Izaya had more chakra than even he. Izaya and Darui swiftly performed the Lariat taking the head clean off. It was then decided that Izaya was to become the third Bee, or Stinger Bee.

Killer Bee began training Izaya in Lightning Release and Kenjutsu, specifically in Cloud-Style kenjutsu and Acrobat. To Bee's amazement Izaya easily picked up on and learned the kenjutsu and continued to perfect it. A, the 4th Raikage, also decided to train Izaya in Lightning Release and how to utilize techniques such as Lightning Release Chakra Mode and the Hell Stab technique as well as his nintaijutsu. His father also taught him the Creation of All Things technique which a secret way of creating powerful weapons, it took Izaya two months to learn it. Izaya spent a large amount of time with physical training and chakra control and learned to suppress his chakra in order to fool his enemies into believing he has a low chakra level. His friendship with Bee grew and they became best friends and would go on missions and perform rap shows together in Kumo. At the age of 14 Izaya was made a jōnin, and had created a very unique and deadly sword style known as the Ryujin Style that specializes in taking down a large amount of enemies with considerable ease and the intent to kill. By the time Izaya was 20 the 4th Great War broke out and Izaya served in Kakashi Hatake's unit. After the war was over he began searching for powerful tools and eventually came across Obito's hideout and discovered Itaachi's body where he preceded to extract the Sword of Totsuka and using his Creation of All Things gave the sword a physical form.

A few years later Killer Bee was abducted by the Akatsuki, only leaving his Samehada behind. Once Izaya figured out that it was the Akatsuki he decided that he would find and rescue Bee even if it cost him his life. But before he left the village a young man appeared in the village asking around about Killer Bee. Izaya approached the young man asking who he was and why he was looking for Bee. The young man was named Nekomaru and he explained that he was there to meet his uncle Gyūki and train with him. Izaya confused at the fact that Nekomaru was saying that the eight-tails was his uncle still believed him. Izaya told Nekomaru that Bee had been kidnapped by a powerful organization called the Akatsuki. Nekomaru decided that he would go and rescue Bee, but Izaya stopped and said that there was know way he was currently strong enough to beat the Akatsuki. Noticing that Nekomaru was carrying a sword he asked if Neko was skilled in kenjutsu in which Neko replied that he was. Izaya said that he would train and help Nekmoaru rescue Bee. Izaya looked at Nekomaru's sword and heavily criticized and said that he needs a much more powerful and unique sword. After Neko's sword was created by Izaya they began trainging and the search for Killer Bee.

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Izaya has incredible strength and speed due to the large amount of physical training he has put himself through. A lot of his strength came from his job as a blacksmith as well as brutal training. Izaya strength is said to be one of his secret weapons as his strength surpasses Tsunade and Ay's. While training with Bee he was able to stop a full powered Lariat with one hand. His speed is something else he spent a large amount of his time working on. His natural speed has surpassed the Body Flicker Technique, which is a technique he also spent a lot of time perfecting. To help with his physical training he wore incredibly heavy weights on his ankles and wrists. His wrists weights being 120 lbs. each and his ankles 200 lbs. each.

Izaya is also known to have such a huge chakra level that he has more chakra than the 4th Raikage, Killer Bee, and Gyūki combined.


He has some skill in the use of ninjutsu. Izaya is able to use Fire Release, Lightning Release, and Yin and Yang Release. Most of the ninjutsu he utilizes either amplifies his use of taijutsu or kenjutsu in some way.


Izaya has spent most of his time honing his abilities in kenjutsu. He has spent a large amount of his time perfecting the power, speed, and precision of his sword strikes to such a degree that his sword strikes are practically unblockable, are so fast that it appears that Izaya is not even holding a blade, and so accurate that he never misses his intended target. Some say that Izaya alone would be able to take on all 7 of the Legendary Swordsman of the Mist with kenjutsu alone. He is also able to easily read his opponents weaknesses in their stances, defense, and offense when wielding a weapon. Izaya was able to create a deadly style of kenjutsu known as Ryujin Style that ensures the death of a target.

Izaya has also been lucky enough to be able to get his hands on several of the blades of the Legendary Swordsman of the mist. He was able to get the Kabutowari and the Shibuki after scouting the battlefields after the war. He was able get Hiramekarei after he killed Zori in a battle. After Bee's kidnapping all that was left was his Samehada which took a liking to Izaya because of his huge chakra level and his respect for swords. The Kiba blades came into his possession once Omoi decided that Izaya could make better use of it. After the death of Kariya Shinsui, Izaya was given the Nuibari as well.

Creation of All Things/Weapons

Izaya uses his Creation of All Things technique in order to create the powerful weapons that he does. When he creates the a weapons he imagines every single detail about the weapons he wants to create from the texture, sharpness, length, width, color, abilities, etc. He is known to create some of the strongest weapons in the shinobi world and is one the main suppliers to Kumo, when supplying weapons to the village.


One of his hobbies is rapping.

Favorite color is black.

Wants to avenge Killer Bee's death.

Favorite food is ramen.