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Kanji 浄玻璃の鏡
Rōmaji Jōharinokagami
Literal English Mirror of Enma's Chamber


Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel


Classification JashinInHiden, Jujutsu
Nature Nature Icon Dark Dark Release
Class Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges

Other jutsu

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Body Replacement Technique


Jinpachi Budō

Jōharinokagami (浄玻璃の鏡, じょうはりのかがみ, Literally meaning: Mirror of Enma's Chamber) is a deviously subtle technique designed by Jinpachi Budō and is his flagship defensive technique.


As a jujutsu, this technique requires certain events or conditions to take place in order for it to be activated. For this technique, it requires a modest portion of the opponent's chakra and their willful intent to harm Jinpachi. Once these conditions are met, the technique has a small window in which it may be activated. The very instant Jinpachi is struck by an attack, his "body" begins to shatter akin to a mirror and fragment into countless pieces.

From here, a replica of the individual that attacked Jinpachi bursts through the fragmented body and engages the opponent while Jinpachi himself disappears with no traceable chakra signature. This replica is known as the Mirukagemonai (見る影もない, みるかげもない, Literally meaning: Mere Shadow of One's Former Self) and retains nearly every attribute the opponent has. This includes clothing, weapons and any abilities that the opponent possessed at the time of the technique's activation regardless if they are hiden, Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Tōta or Kekkei Mōra. The most notable traits of this technique is the darkened sclera which mirrors those summoned by the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique. Despite the deformed visage, it is no mere reflection, this double exists as a creation of the opponent's negative emotions. This double has set stamina, and will not fatigue while fighting against it's progenitor. Therefore, the opponent finds it woefully difficult if not impossible to defeat the doppelgänger. As a failsafe, the curse the reflection bears allows only those that share the exact same original chakra signature as the one use to create to shadow to become aware of it's existence. For the outside observer, the shadow is nearly imperceptible except to those who are able to sense negative emotions.

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