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Body 2
Fanon character
Full Name Jake C. Tazuna
Age 36
Blood type A
Gender Male
Village of Origin Unknown
Chakra Type All but fire
Kekkai Genkai Rin'negan Brusho'gan and Anko'gan
Rank Beyond Kage level
Affilitations: Konohagakure Village hiden in the sound Dome of the Unfound

Had a brother, Now has a wife and a son; Nathen C. Tazuna


The Gobi within Jake

Jake is the current Jinchuriki of the Gobi, the Houkou. He is also a controller of the Six Paths technique and the Rin'negan.


Part 1

Jake C. Tazuna was raised By Orochimaru's apprentice Kacy and was taught of hatred and emotionless destiny. He was taught of power and learned an array of jutsu.

Comet Tazuna Clan

Part 2

He learns about the dormant Bijuu within him, though at this point hasn't produced any Jinchuriki Forms. Shortly after Naruto's fight with Orochimaru in his Four Tailed Form, Jake and his teammate Ryun Uchiha join Team Kakashi. The two spend the rest of the week training with Kakashi, Yamato, Naruto, and Sakura. They then take another Bell Test which they pass easily. After the bell test Kakashi uses Shadow Clone Jutsu and begins training his new students separately. He helps Jake master powerful Lightning Element techniques and the Shadow Clone Technique. They are interrupted by two Akatsuki, Kisame and Tobi/Madara, who are searching for Naruto (actually the Nine Tailed Fox). Kisame and Kakashi leap to a nearby ridge to begin their fight while Ryun, Jake, Naruto and Sakura fight Tobi. The fight begins with Tobi using his Genjutsu: Art of a Time Skip on Ryun which he dispels with aid from his Sharingan. Naruto makes two Shadow Clones and begins to charge the Oodama Rasengan (Great Ball Rasengan). Tobi notices and uses a Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu and destroys the Shadow Clones. Tobi notices something and retreats after allowing Ryun to view his Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi returns and reveals that he killed Kisame.

Jake resumes his training with Kakashi, who teaches him Chidori and the Summoning Jutsu: Dogs. They return to Konoha the next day, to discover that the Chunin Exams are beginning soon and that Orochimaru's Hidden Sound Village is entering (this is around the time that Naruto, Sakura, Yamato and Sai are infiltrating Orochimaru's base). Jake passes and gains the rank Chunin.

He follows Ryun when Ryun defects from Konoha.

Jake fights his best friend for awhile before Ryun accesses his Jinchuriki forms. Ryun immediately goes into his One Tailed Form and begins to get an edge. At the end the two are nearly even. Ryun and Jake charge at each other one last time before being stopped by the arrival of Kakashi and Yamato. Just before they capture him, Madara and Tora appear and easily defeat them allowing Ryun to escape with them.

Part 3

Jake then began to hate even more and turned away from Konoha and found Orichi (a.k.a. Kacy) Orochi then knew of the sleeping power within Jake and tought him New jutsu to all his bodies; to them he taught Shadow Dance and then taught his main lightning body Lening'gan, which he then used to ALMOST perfect his kekkai genkai. He began to use this new power to control his other bodies and not his Rining'gan as much. Kacy then knew Jake was becomming too strong and tried to take his life....but failed and lost his Right eye to Jake. So then Jake could also use Haunted and this awakened the Bijuu within him.

Part 4

Jake befriended his bijuu Gobi and Over 6 months he could control its power up to three tails and could now use his kekkai genkai even faster and better. He didn't gain his emotions Back until he killed Kacy.

Part 5

After he killed Kacy he moved on to meet up with his friend. He had several opportunities to move up in rank, but always refused so he could spend more time training and looking for Ryun. He constantly looked for him but only had traces and ran into him a few times. The bottom line is that he kept his friendship with his best friend.

Part 6

One day when he was looking for Ryun he found something else...The love of his life. Her name was Sarah and they both fell in love and became married at an early age and fell into a greater love as time went on. When he was twenty eight she bore a child named Nathen C. Tazuna and he grew up in Jake's care to be a great fighter.

Part 7

Jake Had crossed over into a blood lust do to the Gobi and in response killed his best friend Ryun Uchiha But luckily Ryun came back to life and beat some sense into Jake so they remained friends and Jake took off on a journey to make himself strong enough to control his blood lust problem and of coarse the obvious to beat ryun and Seireitou next time. Getting serious: Jakes training

Brusho'gan and Anko'gan

Active Haunted


Jake Rikudō

Girl pein

The Rin'negan

The most prominent fact about Jake is that he is not a single entity, but six individual bodies all acting together with one mind and will. He calls these the Seven Paths of Jake (ペイン六道, Jake Rikudō). Normally, he operates out of a single body and keeps the others stored in a sealed room within a strange machine. The only common feature shared by these bodies is their bright white hair and Rin'negan eyes.

Each one of Jake's bodies have a single special ability and defined purpose, and he coordinates his multiple selves together via their eyes. Each body can see and sense everything that the other bodies can, giving him a maximum of six fields of view, allowing him to coordinate offense and defense with incredible speed and precision as if he was a single entity. They also all carry strange black spear-like weapons that can disrupt a target's chakra on contact. Most disturbing, the bodies can apparently recover from even fatal injuries providing several other bodies survive. Jake refers to his bodies as Paths. Although he has seven selves, he appears to prefer using his "Attack" Path to give orders and co-ordinate his actions.

First Body (Jake)- Attack Path

Body 2

The Main Body Jake uses.

Jake's first observed body is that of himself, he possesses medium length spiky hair. This body is apparently his preferred form for interacting with others. This body has the ability to control lightning, and can conjure and stop it at will, even maintain it for long periods of time. This is apparently tied into his mood. He has the ability to manipulate lightning.


Second Body (Hebi Clan Member)- Summoner

Body One

The Second Body of Jake

His second body, distinguished by a Naruto-like hairstyle. The appearance of this body, when first seen, was compared to that of Naruto. This body is a more battle oriented form. This body is also a powerful summoner, capable of conjuring a massive variety of different animal summons for various different purposes, and most significantly the other bodies of Jake. Each animal summon also shares his Rin'negan eyes.


  • Summoning Jutsu
    • Dogs
    • Snakes
    • Bears
    • Spiders
  • KamiSami King dog
  • Bandor King bear
  • Qamie Queen Spider

Third Body (Kaguya clan Member)- Water User


The Kaguya Body

The fourth is a tall slender man with very long loose white hair. More recently however it has shown the ability to control bones, like most Kaguya Members, and water, which is its ability.


Fourth Body (Akimichi clan Member)- Defender


The Akimichi Body

The third body is a fat, bulky man. He is a defensive body, capable of expanding himself. His hairstyle bears some resemblance to Kakashi's.


Fifth Body (Unknown Origin)- Gravity

Konohamaru Shippuden

The Fifth Body

His fifth body is a stocky muscular man with a spiky mop of hair and very tall (similar in style to an older Konohamaru). This body possesses the ability to manipulate gravity and repulsion to attract and repel objects through space in relation to himself, but he cannot perform it in rapid succession leaving him vulnerable for a short period of time after its use until he perfected his training to where there was no gap and took the technique further when the curse is active.


Sixth Body (Unknown Origin)- Healer


Healer Body

Jake's female-like body. This body has a very young appearance, with its hair tied together in a sort of onion like bun at the top of the head and spikes of hair protruding out of it. It has a healing ability.


The Seventh Body - Chakra body

Chakra body

The Chakra body

Jakes Chakra body. This body is older but maybe his most powerful. He looks much like Jariaya for dramatic affect. It pulls out severe Jutsu.



"People tell me I need to measure up when the only one I need to measure up to is the one I cant see."

"You only think you can hurt me.....hahahaha"

"What use does this world have fo those who cant even defeat there own ambitions"

(to His Brother) "I promise I'll get stronger and avenge our losses....I'll kill all those undeserving of life!!"

"If you can look at someone hurting and do nothing, feel nothing....then you are undeserving of life!!"


His weapon is a staff that disturbs chakra, good for Breaking genjutsu, It can also Come off very sharp if he adds his Wind or electric Chakra through it. It works well with his Shadow Dance to get behind the opponent but in the end Jake just uses it to torture the opponent.

Gobi Claw

Fights so far

Clash of Friends: Ryun Uchiha vs Jake C. Tazuna, Fight for Revenge: Jake C. Tazuna Vs. Eliwood, Rematch of friends: Jake C. Tazuna Vs. Ryun Uchiha, Jake fights the murderer

Revelation State

This is where Jake's Summon body, attack body, or defensive body,or all three go into one of three different modes.

Wolf Hunt

This is a technique only used when all 3 bodies get in their Mode forms.


Signature move


The Gobi and his curse

Summoning Jutsu: Wolf Track Gobi

Ultimate Inu Mode

Shared jutsu

All are shared amung his bodies as well as Defensive Rasengan and Kentou.

Nick Names


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