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A Jellyfish.

Jellyfishes (水母, Kurage) are summons that live in the Southern Waters of the Naruto Continent. They have made many contracts with shinobi throughout the world, but however seem to favor those with a Lightning affinity, or water.





Basic Techniques

Jellyfish are capable of using basic techniques, clone techniques, etc. They are also capable of using poison-based techniques. They are also capable of healing nearly any injury, especially with their unique amorphous physiology.

Nature Transformation

Jellyfishes are capable of utilizing the water and lightning natures, which is why they favor those affinities. They are capable of using these very effectively, for a variety of purposes, similar to Thunderbirds. They can create water laced with poison, turning it into mist, and more. Their poison can be manipulated like their water release, can cause death, paralysis or degrees of pain, varying on the amount or type of poison used. Jellyfish can also produce slime, that can absorb electricity, and chakra. This electric slime can be sticky, and can transfer deadly current into an opponent.

Transformation Prowess

Jellyfishes are able to configure their unique amorphous physiology however they wish. Generating constructs and appendages from anywhere.

Jellyfish Traits

With their unique amorphous physiology, they are very durable, similar to slugs. They can manipulate appendages that have been cut off. Without brains, they are immune to most, if not all forms of genjutsu. They are very capable swimmers, and by uniting with their summoners, they can assist them in lower depths, and make them more resistant to pressure. Using their bodies, they can stick to others, and more.

Known Summoners

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