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(ジェットエンジン, Jettoenjin)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Troy Baker Icon - Search
Japanese Rikiya Koyama Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo August 12
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 24
Height 178 cm
1.78 m
5.84 ft
70.079 in
Weight 58.4 kg
128.75 lb
Classification S-rank
Nature Type

Jettoenjin(ジェットエンジン,Jettoenjin) is a shinobi from Takigakure, and is the master of .


Jettoenjin was born a year after Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. He went high in the shinobi ranks and became an S-rank shinobi. he was also good friends with Taiga Uchiha. When was born he trained her to become a kunoichi. After she was captured by Akatsuki he began to travel the world, he has made strong ties with Hakkingakure, Yōkōgakure, and Gingagakure.


Full Apperance


Jettoenjin is a tall fair skined male with grey hair. He wares a black suite with his chest exposed, he also wares gloves and black pants and a orange scarf.


Due to the harsh treatment Jettoenjin grew up with, he developed trust issues, feeling insecure and angry when people stared at him or Fū. He was also extremely cautious at showing his real feelings around other people because of all the lies and deceit he had faced. He would instead constantly put on a persona of calm indifference and toughness. Despite how everyone treated him, he was respectful to his superiors, and a dutiful novice. However, he did not feel the same way towards other people, frequently insulting them.


Being an S-rank shinobi, Jett is very skilled in many forms of combat and shinobi skills.

Nature Transformation

Jett has a rare affinity for Wind Release nature transformation. He is able to manipulate wind to form powerful gusts capable of lifting and pushing away objects, or create chakra-infused wind blades capable of cutting through most materials. The pinnacle of his wind manipulation is to create a powerful claw composed of chakra-infused wind that he controls as an extension of his own arm. Jett is also very fammous Water Release user as he is able to peform the Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave and Water Release: Water Mirror Technique.


Aside from his battle skills, Jett has also displayed high-level intellect, as well as strategic skills, as he is able to use his surroundings to defeat his enemys. He is also an adept tactician

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