Jinpachi Budō


(ぶどうじんぱち, Budō Jinpachi)

  • Banjunan no Jinpachi (万受難之陣八, バンじゅなんのじんぱち)★[1]
  • Bō-chigiri (棒ちぎり, ぼうちぎり)★
  • Engigawarui (縁起が悪い, えんぎがわるい)★
  • Ganbōinokami (願望意神, がんぼうイかみ)★
  • Yasomagatsuhinokami (八十禍津日神, やそまがつひ)★


Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 4
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Human
Age 27
Status Alive
Height 190 cm
Weight 64.8 kg
Blood Type A
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Dark Dark Release
Classification Part I: S Icon

Part II: SS Icon

Occupation Scientist
Affiliation Jashin Symbol Jashin Cult (Former)

JashinIn Jashin Inner Sanctum

Team Hikarakuyo Hikarakuyō
Clan BudoClan2 Budō Clan

Current Residence

Country Megamureru Bokusochi Land of Three Seasons
Province Tamahomeboshi Prov Icon Tamahome Boshi
Position Gokenin (御家人) 28th
Previous posn. Unknown Symbol


Ninja Rank Gokenin
Ninja Registration 0727211
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Gokenin Prom. Age 23

Unnamed Father (Father)

  • Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Nature Type
Unique Traits

Can produce dark chakra




"His coming was foretold. He shall ride unto the world...Then the world will know that the last war, the Age of Woe, has begun....""
The World Teacher

Jinpachi Budō (無道陣八, ぶどうじんぱち, Budō Jinpachi) is an influential member of Jashin and the leader of Jashin Inner Sanctum (邪心内陣, じゃしんないじん, Jashin Naijin) whose goals are avowedly undisclosed from the rest of the unfledged Jashin members. A man of artistic elegance and an inwardly calculating misanthrope, Jinpachi bears a dark prestigiousness within the Land of Three Seasons. In some circles within the Cult of Jashin, Jinpachi's name is synonymous with dread and terror. The virulence of his name has earned him the moniker of Engigawarui (縁起が悪い, えんぎがわるい, Literally meaning: Bad Omen), as every step he takes and wherever he may lay his hand it would leave an indelible stain. This stain is Jinpachi's flagship, harrowing and unutterable sorrows. Ever since his birth within a secluded Jashinist Ceremonial Hall, the other Jashinist signified it as an inharmonious prelude. Moving swiftly through the ranks, Jinpachi utilized his naturally produced dark chakra which expedited the process along with the successfulness of Jashin's sacred immortality ritual and under insidious circumstances, he formed a jujutsu of insurmountable complexity that allowed him to share his spiritual agony with others. It was in this moment in which he finally understood the intertwining latticework of suffering.

Jinpachi eventually became a pioneer in the Jashinist Arts along with other occult techniques and with his unconquerable skill, he climbed until he reached the auspicious position of Yasomagatsuhinokami (八十禍津日神, やそまがつひ}, Literally meaning: Kami of Eighty Myriads of Disorder), one of acknowledged and unparalleled authority. This position is considered the position closest to Jashin and has autocratic power within the Cult of Jashin. He has attained his position not merely through martial prowess in the arts of the occult and worship but through consistently emerging as the victor in the most difficult or for most, the impossible trials of Jashin. In both word and deed, Jinpachi is as spine-chilling as they come. Without a doubt, such traits are an absolute necessity, for to sit at the very peak of a group of unforgiving immortals is to make oneself a prominent target indeed. His accolades are infamous and his talents are worth taking a look at. He takes significant delight in manipulating the minds of others and bidding the cunning over the strong. It can be said that when the inner voice within the head of a Jashinist speaks and even when the faithful whisper their prayers into the night, it is the Desired God (願望意神, がんぼうイかみ, Ganbōinokami) that listens.

He draws his power from the fathomless depths of suffering caused by his fanatics. He envisions a realm of illogicality and anguish, where skies weep the blood of the unfaithful and where the will of Jashin holds sway. Synonymous with discord, terror and insanity, no other entity in the shinobi world fills the mind with such dread and foreboding as Jinpachi. Upon taking his "birthright", Jinpachi has expanded the ideals of the Cult of Jashin and that his followers must appease himself with an annual sacrifice. He believes that every human heart is entangled in a paradox of good and evil which allows him to beguile the weary souls of man. Jinpachi deems it is inescapable. After uncovering Jashin’s true name which was found in the oldest and most obscure of forbidden tomes, his goal is to not merely spread word of his religion through Jashinist "missionaries'" but to bequeath Jashin's will to the hearts and mind of every individual that exists. He shall then create perpetual bloodshed and discord which culminates into enough violence, to allow "Jashin" to cross over. Thus embellishing a crucifying ideology and signifying the "End of Days".


Early Years — Mōryō's Tomb

"The world turns beneath our feet for the taking."
The World Teacher


The birth of the Desired God.

On that fateful night within the Land of Three Seasons, dreams and visions were surpassed. His birth quiet, without fanfare. No trumpets of praise from the members of Jashin's Inner Sanctum and with every breath he took, the world began to change. Their gaze lingered and his own eyes were ever forward. Gentle and serene, yet a disquieting uneasiness was approaching behind them. Even at this point in life, he was praised by his flock. The infant, Jinpachi, gazed over at the faithful, his dark eyes reflecting the shimmer of the crimson blood-stained robes of the Jashinist, the inheritor of Jashin's will. It was at this moment when Jinpachi was bestowed the title of Engigawarui (縁起が悪い, えんぎがわるい, Literally meaning: Bad Omen). Though not an ill omen for the cultist but for those whom did share their vision and their passion. Unlike most shinobi, Jinpachi did not attend any shinobi academy, he never received any formal training whatsoever in area of chakra control and utilization until the age of 8. However, by the age of 3, Jinpachi would receive training in the occult and in the profane. The ways of Jashin would be ingrained into every moral fiber of his being, it could be said that he simply did not know right from wrong.

The naturally produced Dark Chakra coupled with his manifested Dark Release ensured that Jinpachi would be capable of entering Jashin's Inner Sanctum and that only he was the next Wicked Idea. At the age of 11, Jinpachi and two other Jashinist members infiltrated the Land of Swamps for reasons known only to Jinpachi but their impact shook the nation. Upon reaching one of the entrances to the prophetic country, Jinpachi and his two attendants made their way to a series of guards. By tradition and honor, they created a barrier that would allow no entity to pass. The Land of Swamps incited both hatred and reverence, and for centuries the guards would not allow passage. Though as a young Jinpachi approached, it was clear that the path he intended to follow did not end at the gate. As the darkness oozed from beyond the trees, the guards sensing his Evil Intent stiffened their position thereby blocking his route and tightly grasped their spears. Suddenly, the area had went silent and stiff. All focus was on the young Jashinist and the guards were seemingly enthralled.

Land of Swamps

Trepidation poured onto the land like a trembling flood.

As Jinpachi slowed his pace, he came before the dozen or so guards whose uniforms were akin to ceremonial garbs in comparison to his own pitch black robe. Within a few feet of the guards, Jinpachi came to a halt and gestured to his companions to cease their motion as well. He said absolutely nothing. His foreboding silence was merely a prelude of what was to come next. An inexplicable action. The Jōnin level guards showed utter devotion to and their relentless training was in full display. Suddenly a intangible and indescribable sensation swept over them. Then as Jinpachi stood before them, they knelt. The entire group of trained guards fell to their knees in unison. His goal, was to find the sealed body of Mōryō and was self-assured that absolutely nothing could stop him. As two of the guards skirted aside, the Jashinist made their way into the Land of Swamps. Suddenly, upon Jinpachi's nod of approval, the two Jashinist began to slaughter the motionless guards. It appeared that the guards were under the effect of one of Jinpachi's jujutsu. A curse of stagnation.

Their intention was to have an audience with the current daimyō and Jinpachi would make sure that it would happen. Within the palace of the daimyō a lavish banquet complete with an assortment of pleasing appetizers, properly cooked meats and even desserts was commencing. Unknown to the corpulent party, three uninvited guests would eventually make their way into their lives. Utilizing the Senninsenshoku, a technique that defies classical explanation, Jinpachi communicated telepathically with everyone in the palace which the loud banquet faltered, then went silent. The sudden absence of sound in the ballroom was overwhelming. Jinpachi's footsteps could now be clearly heard, echoing through the mesmerized space as he ascended towards the daimyō's throne. Before his moment would arrive, Jinpachi and the cultist were met with a dominating force. As looking for a way to have his private audience with the daimyō, Jinpachi would quickly use the Yomotsukotosakanoo to expeditiously isolate himself and the lord of the Land of Swamps while his two immortal cultist would take on the Daimyō Protection Platoon (大名防衛小隊, だいみょうぼうえいしょうたい, Daimyō Bōei Shōtai) in his stead.

While in a realm not fit for the existence of the living, the young Jashinist finally stood face to face with the lord. He stood frozen in place, his hands clasped tightly together and locked eyes with Jinpachi. Shockingly, the daimyō asked "Who are you?", as his sonorous voice trembled. As Jinpachi gazed composedly, then in a gentle voice, Jinpachi finally spoke. "Do you not know me?". Utilizing the Senninsenshoku, Jinpachi would implant a false memory of kinship within the labyrinth of the daimyō's mind. The lord felt as if he was staring into eternity and his heart was filled with a perplexing sense of wonder. This majestic sensation had only equated with gazing out over the undulating waves of the sea kissed by the sun's light. Within that brief moment, Jinpachi had found the whereabouts of Mōryō's body. Within an instant, the two were brought back to the daimyō's banquet. However, time appeared to regress before the Jashinist's arrival. The daimyō had remembered nothing himself and had a familiar sensation with the Jashinist interrupted the banquet. As gasps filled the air, stillness gave way to a wave of sibilant sensation as Jinpachi asked his question again to the lord. His guests struggled to comprehend what was going on as the guards refrained from combat under the daimyō's orders. But the situation was apparent to the men and women attending the celebratory meal. Jinpachi's presence was not denied. His eyes absent of any menace ordered his cultist to slay everyone attending the banquet with haste.

Jashin Hidden Area

The Jashinist chose to spare the daimyō as he would remember every detail. Hopeless and trembling, he was left alone, soaked in the blood of his own guests. His eyes were like glass and his pulse was weak. He ran as quick as he could to Jinpachi and tried to speak, but the influence of Jinpachi's technique was too overwhelming and stood motionless as one of the Jashinist finally took his life as an offering to their Wicked Heart. About an hour later, Jinpachi and the cultist reached the hidden conclave of Mōryō's dispirited form. It was completely pitch black, for when one of the cult members attempted to light a torch, it was snuffed out instead by the all-consuming darkness, yet they pressed forward. Unbeknownst to his companions, Jinpachi was searching for something far more insidious within the cave. Jashin's Altar (邪神俎豆, じゃしんそとう, Jashinsoto) which once bore fathomless depths of suffering was Jinpachi's goal. Once the demon's husk was found, the group subsequently sealed it within a scroll for easier transportation when trekking back through the Land of Swamps. Soon after, more guards appeared in the daimyō's palace. One shinobi in particular, a new medic, had never been confronted with a mutilated body. The Jashinist completely brutalized the guests. He'd buried a handful shinobi during his years in training but that kind of organized, ritualized death was something else entirely.

The daimyō's eyes were swollen and red, surrounded by raw blues and blacks. His torso was horribly contorted. There were multiple slashes in his neck and his head was twisted at a horrible angle. The severing was so severe it was nearly a decapitation. The Jashinist purposefully left their sigil, a new age of darkness approaches. It was a collaboration of brethren who knew the truth of Jashin and that its meaning had to be protected by force. The then leader of Jashin knew that never in all its centuries of existence had its membership been more anxious than they were now. Each member was selected individually — to preserve the customs, privileges and rites of Jashin's magisterium in the face of the ailing shinobi world—had known no greater foe the Shinobi Union. The Jashinist believed that their perception is near-sighted and that they lack the tenacity of balancing catastrophes. As the Jashinist reached the anachronistic edifice, Jinpachi conducted a brief sermon; this lulled the other members of his trio into utter confusion. He stated that their god embodies mindless and absolute violence, destroying everyone and everything within reach, shedding the blood of friend and foe alike and that it's world can be temporarily reached through a carnival of violence. In a trice, by letting blood from his hand and placing the scroll containing Mōryō's husk, Jinpachi initiated a fumbling technique that allowed him and the other Jashinist to briefly travel into the supposed realm of their god.

Where the Light Was Born

Unreserved disbelief. A Space–Time Ninjutsu crafted by such a young individual befuddled the other Jashinist and even caused a nuance of envy. Jinpachi ardently stated that most who visit the domain of the Wicked Idea fleetingly go mad; those of extraordinarily robust mind and resilient will can perhaps interpret but one facet of the often dreadful and ominous landscape that is covered with an inestimable number of faces. Captivated with Evil Intent and inexhaustible Dark Chakra, it was truly a realm of madness and insanity. This world was immeasurably vast yet Jinpachi was determined to find a certain artifact, yet in order to make it there, a series of trials set by the Evil God itself were to be completed in order to move forward. According to the olden Jashinists, the bodies of those who succumb to the myriad of traps and tribulations of the Wicked Design's realm are consumed by the land itself or turned into statues that haunt the view for others. The souls of these lost and damned wretches feed the Evil God's insatiable hunger. Yet in truth, none have ever made it into the center of realm itself unless the Wicked Idea willed it. For all who have looked upon its perfection have fallen to their knees and given themselves over, mind, body, and soul. A realm beyond understanding, the Jashinist that accompanied Jinpachi were genuinely terrified, their immortality seemed fruitless and their cause for worship appeared boundlessly underwhelming. They were in completely in over their heads. They were stricken with fear. The two simply could not understand what they were seeing. Vehemence and despair are constant travelling companions for any unfortunate soul cursed to briefly wander here.


Unfamiliar to even Jinpachi was that time emanated contrarily in this realm for each individual that entered it and of these individuals that were stranded or lost within the realm of agony were met with tragic ends: suicide, insanity, and despair. In one sense, those who travel through the realm of Jashin wander it eternally as miserable, insane shells of their former selves, forever tormented by ghastly visions of other lost souls, regrets over their mistakes and missed opportunities and the hopes for a tomorrow that they will probably never realize. In what appeared to seem like a minute spent gazing into the depths Jashin's realm, days or even years could pass. As they pressed forward, the Jashinist reached an outer palace. Ruinous in design, crumbling by a slight breath and as unearthly as they come. It was at this point when his cohorts questioned the very humanity of Jinpachi and with overwhelming odds, they surmised that he must have been here before. The feeling was unmistakable. Something did not sit right with him. In a realm unknown to man, reminiscent of a nightmarish afterlife, Jinpachi navigated his way towards the citadel without fault. Their loyalty towards Jinpachi faltered, treachery was in the air and an unabashedly cruel act would follow but he knew. As Jinpachi's comrade attempted a take at his life, Jinpachi knew. He felt the tension drawn like a bow yet, he remained as calm as night. The blessings of his Senninsenshoku made the inner thoughts, the deepest wishes and desires open of whomever he chooses were open to him. Within the very next moment, in a tone as cruel as death, Jinpachi simply mutters "Stop.". It is said that the cursed members of the Cult of Jashin whispers the name of their Desired God, and he hears their prayers, Jinpachi hears their despair, their wishes and even their hopelessness. He knows everything there is to know about them. Their intent cannot be hidden nor agendas. The Jashinist explosively reeled back and apologized profusely to Jinpachi as this young boy is unmistakably known as the Word Bearer (語持参人, ごじさんにん, Gojisannin) throughout the inner sanctum.

It appeared as if the old tales were in no way exaggerated and if anything, they did not go far enough. It was a looters paradise. An enigmatic location originally discovered by the ancestor of the Budō clan, this temple contained a treasure trove of occult lore contained just within its library. A temple a absurd heights, Jinpachi described it as a being built upon the precipice of chaos and numerous torture chambers can be found within. Abandoned crypts and dungeons were a common theme along with a myriad of secret passageways. Even though it seemed abandoned, the group could feel an ominous prescience lurking within its bloody furrows. The most peculiar aspect of this temple was that it did not seemed to be fixed to any one location. It floats amidst the dark clouds of this strange realm. Its outer walls are thick and seemingly impregnable, designed to defend against the unknown. Though built nearly a millennia ago, there were only simple signs of decay in both the walls and the archaic tomes. As they finally entered, Jinpachi ensured the group that nothing else would be here as access to this realm was only afforded to certain members of this clan. As they made their way through a series of catacombs, two of the celestial bodies floating haplessly above the realms overlapped one another to form a unique eclipse.

True Misery — Hell Mirror Paradise

Expectation darkened into anxiety, coupled with melancholic chambers and many unexpected events were taking place.

A Solemn Utterance of Destiny

A Dying Light


"...and to think, I hesitated."


A true Jashinist zealot and the key that sets the organization in motion. His compelling faith is infallible even though it originally stemmed from an impetuous desire of erudition. The unknowingness. Jinpachi boasts imminent perplexities due to him refraining to always say less than necessary. Even within the Jashin Inner Sanctum, Jinpachi's silence arouses both suspicion and disdain. However, members of his indescribably violent cult are somewhat forced to acknowledge and interpret every word he speaks. Therefore, an audience with Jinpachi often leaves one fumbling in the dark and confused by his vague responses. It's difficult to figure out Jinpachi's stance which makes his actions arduous to predict this also makes him difficult to please simply because no one knows his desires. Behind his sparseness of words, an entire realm of pandemonium and mayhem is being devised. Despite being the figurehead of perhaps the world's most violent organization, Jinpachi wields a an astonishingly brutal composure. He is utterly emotionless and is perhaps the most polite individual one could ever meet. Just by standing near him, individuals of even the highest skill are haunted with an unearthly foreboding and an unshakable evil intent.

In his youth, Jinpachi was incessantly agitated with violent and contending emotions. His mind was reminiscent of a vague jumble of chaotic impressions. The magic of joy and life were casted away and the profane was burned into his mind. Upon being gradually introduced to the heretical doctrines of Jashin, Jinpachi discarded every wind of ethics and became smitten or rather impassioned with the sensation power that Jashin had given him. In a sense, he became a devout evildoer. The weary soul of man was his for the taking. He became contemptuously indifferent to the emotions and opinions of others. By using the Sensing Technique, you could just feel that Jinpachi gave his ear to an entity of false glory. He sacrificed his "humanity" for an etheric kinship with the Desired God (願望意神, がんぼうイかみ, Ganbōinokami). He surrendered himself to gloomy thought, unadulterated violence and he would fall into the blackest melancholies. Jinpachi refrains from making needless allies and believes that his own abilities should suffice, though no trace of arrogance leaves his lips. His passion to Jashin is contagious, even beckons the most prideful individual to serve his cause and for most, he is the graven image of the cult and the remnant the olden Budō clan.

Jinpachi's presence is truly striking and despite his current position, he displays unrivalled ambition. He pays heed only to achieving ascension to his messiah. His lust for carnage and the profane is utterly insatiable. The juxtaposition of politeness with a heavy dose of unreasonable violence is what makes the other members of the organization adhere to his decisions and obey his every word. Jinpachi states that the Cult of Jashin is fueled by slaughter but even then it is not gratifying enough. Though a woeful superstition, members believe that mindless violence is not an means to an end but merely a declamatory treatment. The most dedicated followers are truly monstrous in battle and their urges are nearly uncontrollable once started. This is Jinpachi's domain. He urges the members of the Cult of Jashin to appease their god and to receive its blessings. Within the Cult of Jashin, Jinpachi is known to be far more knowledgeable in comparison to the members of the Inner Sanctum. With promises of forbidden knowledge, insidious gifts and boundless immortality, Jinpachi is the very definition of a manipulator and he never does anything on accident. As the years went by, Jinpachi realized the concept of humility and the admittance to one's own shortcomings. He also gained an interest in studying the inner workings of the universe. The principle reason behind it is to protect his clan's legacy and gain the understanding of the flesh, the reasons for desire and the reasons for agony.

In combat, Jinpachi's demeanor carries an unambiguously ill-omened tone and to those that have faced him in battle, it is downright sinister. Everyone becomes a target and with very little verbiage, there are little to no signs of what's to come. He is shown to cause great harm to any individual with absolutely no concern for their well-being. Jinpachi does not "spar", every fight end Jinpachi becomes far more manipulative and his presence simply cannot be denied. His talent for subterfuge is forthrightly exceptional. Jinpachi's rivals within the cult had a propensity for being murdered in plots or for suffering apparent misfortunes, although hardly by Jinpachi's hand personally. The Sacred Agony in the form of bloodthirsty malice, is what brings Jashin closer to the physical realm. He follows the Jashindō (邪心道, ジャシンどう, Literally meaning: Jashin Path) which are boldly uncompromising teachings of how a Jashinist, no matter the title, must condone themselves in their day to day life and in return, they are granted various abilities based upon their branch they chose to study. These guidelines act as a form of physical and spiritual protection against the darker Jashinism arts, and affords a Jashinist the incredibly intense powers that stem from the Paths. There are almost as many different Paths as there are roles in the Jashinist society, but the core philosophy is common to all of the Paths. The Jashinist of old developed strict controls over their own inner natures so that what remains of their religion will never again fall victim to the Great Shinobi Countries. Every Jashinist chooses for themselves a discipline and that they make it their task to master to the exclusion of all else in life. Each discipline is called a Path, and each path may require further choices and specializations as they tread further upon it.


"Dark and unutterable sorrows."


With the visage of his ancestor, Jinpachi unarguably stands out from the rest of his clan. He is a rather tall man with striking eyes and fair skin. His angular eyes hold a great sense of pride and hubris. If they could speak, they would say that his history is the history of the Budō Clan. A bygone age of a clan that, at their peak, the world was theirs for the taking. Golden in color, Jinpachi's eyes are bereft of kindness and compassion. Jinpachi's hair is a stark contrast to his clan's naturally raven locks.


統計 Stats
全額 Total

Little is known about the true extent of Jinpachi's abilities but, as the leader of the Jashin Inner Sanctum (邪心内陣, じゃしんないじん, Jashin Naijin) which in itself oversees the occult immortals of the Cult of Jashin as well as being declared the earthly representation of Jashin, Jinpachi's power has been described as "perfectly terrifying"[2]. As an apostate and the earthly representative to Jashin, Jinpachi has an overabundance of Evil Intent and has been described by those that lamentably felt it as an "otherworldly sensation"[3] to the most perceptive sensors. It is unfortunately ironic due to the fact the Jinpachi thrives on being underestimated. The sheer magnitude of his evil intent is enough to cause nightmarish visions which approach the realm of genjutsu as a side effect of sensing him or by merely staring at him for too long. Just by standing near him, a sense of inexpressible discontent and scorn broods over the environment. The sensation of hope becomes ripped to shreds, dreams are shivered into fragments and even the might of his opponents are paled into insignificance. His presence is surely a scene for angels to weep over. The notion of shinobi rank doesn't suitably apply to Jinpachi as such a "scale" becomes unreservedly meaningless in the face of faultlessness. It possess an endless capacity for calamity. It is said that only those whom have died before can stand within Jinpachi's presence without being overwhelmed with his Evil Intent. Day after day, year upon year, decade upon decade and secretively, century upon century, with evil intent and divine patience, Jinpachi's power has steadily grown.

He studied the occult history of his clan and was a trailblazer in jujutsu and fujujutsu. In fact his skill in both of the occult arts was defined as completely absurd by his fellow Jashinist. This was a thing not to be taken lightly as those of the Inner Sanctum were considered to be "gods" and that only the Desired God, Jinpachi rested above them. It is said that even without accessing his full power, Jinpachi can comfortably take on the entirety of the Cult of Jashin, an organization polluted bloodthirsty marauders, vile ideals and a penchant for agony and even approaches the level of the God of Flesh, Desire and Hunger. Even in a literal sense, Jinpachi is deemed as virtually unstoppable and seemingly invulnerable in combat according to the organization Hikarakuyou and of hearsay within the Land of Three Seasons. However, he hardly decides to engage in physical combat and instead relies on his otherwordly fists and stakes composed of Dark Release and Dark Chakra to fight the opponent.


Jinpachi can precisely determine and emulate the fighting capabilities of each opponent to ensure that each and every battle is thoroughly enjoyed before an albeit swift victory. Though, at this peak of power, Jinpachi willfully walks the world alone and is supposedly uncontested. Even the beasts of legend are able to sense subtle emphasis of trepidation and simultaneously unroll a panorama of foreboding dread and even they are aghast at their own helplessness. Those foolish enough to invade the mind of Jinpachi are wracked with insanity and regret. With his mental prowess, he can lull the thoughts of many with a mere whispered promise. Jinpachi is tremendously skilled in the arts of ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu and the occult jujutsu with the latter being his hallmark. He is able to peer into the minds of other effortlessly and even cause them to join his cause. At one point, he caused an entire platoon of Elite Jōnin to kneel in silence before him.[4] With a power that is deemed vast and incalculably dreadful, few shinobi have ever seen Jinpachi in combat — and kept the tongue in their mouths to tell the tale.


Jashindō (邪心道, ジャシンどう, Literally meaning: Jashin Path) which are boldly uncompromising teachings of how a Jashinist, no matter the title, must condone themselves in their day to day life and in return, they are granted various abilities based upon their branch they chose to study. These guidelines act as a form of physical and spiritual protection against the darker Jashinism arts, and affords a Jashinist the incredibly intense powers that stem from the Paths. There are almost as many different Paths as there are roles in the Jashinist society, but the core philosophy is common to all of the Paths. Once Jashinist has mastered one path, he or she may choose another and in this way creates a toolbox of valuable abilities and skills during the course of their potentially long lifespan. A devout Jashinist may travel many different paths in their life, and whatever they may learn within each path serves to greatly enrich all of their further accomplishments and further appease their Evil Design along with the organization as a whole. Jinpachi devised this method of teaching to curb a fellow Jashinist's aggression and demeanor both on and off the battlefield. Throughout the existence of Jashindō, many Jashinist have chosen to stick to one path for their entire lifespan and dedicate their entire being to it and it can be said that all paths are not created equal as they require one or more sacrificial aspects in order to invoke. Paths are initially chosen based on previous experiences before becoming a member of the Cult of Jashin.

Chakra and Physical Prowess


Since mastering his Dark Release, manipulation and absolute supremacy over the conception of chakra has remained a cornerstone of Jinpachi's abilities. Even though Jinpachi has reached a veritable and comprehensive understanding of chakra, he does not possess any true nature transformation. Over the course of his adult years, Jinpachi’s chakra has been described as extremely intimidating to the point that notable shinobi such as Hojo Senryo and Taihigō will simply avoid all confrontation with him. His chakra has been regarded as being inconceivably vast, intense, disconsolate and downright demoralizing to those able to sense it, though the word bearer never flaunts such an attribute. Jinpachi’s chakra levels are often seen as otherworldly and unnatural in all instances, which is in a sense, true. In addition to his own chakra, his reserves have been increased tremendously by means of his Dark Release and by the inheritance methods of the Budo clan. Which such chakra, Jinpachi becomes a target of unbridled tenacity which requires to constantly suppress his chakra to the point to where it is insensible.

In his belief, he becomes the greatest threat when he is underestimated. He can manipulate his chakra to various constructs and control them remotely. He can effortlessly absorb the chakra of those within a proximity of him and uses their chakra to gain both their knowledge and their skillset. However, Jinpachi has evolved his techniques to utilize the lowest required amount of chakra as conceivably possible to mitigate the use of hand seals both in and out of combat. He has achieved an unprecedented level of refined chakra control to where he can manifest his own techniques by a mere thought or soft utterance though either is an adequate execution. Jinpachi naturally possesses Absorption Chakra (吸引チャクラ, Kyūin Chakura), which allows him to instantly absorb any foreign chakra within his being, this also nullifies the effects of any other absorption techniques used against him. Any foreign chakra entering his body is swiftly assimilated with his own. Since the ability is passive, Jinpachi must be mindful of his associates for the risk having their chakra absorbed by being within a close range of him. His absorption chakra allows him to absorb Fire Release techniques without being burned, Lightning Release techniques without being electrocuted and this goes for each nature transformation. However, kekkei genkai such as Lava Release and Magnet Release are still able to slightly bypass Jinpachi’s passive trait.


By merely releasing it, Jinpachi's chakra causes notable changes within the atmosphere and surrounding areas.

While not an apex taijutsu specialist, Jinpachi can hold his own against moderate taijutsu users and can aptly defend himself when cornered or if deemed necessary. Nonetheless, Jinpachi is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and can quickly turn the tide of a battle if underestimated. He has shown tremendous aptitude in both agility, strength and defensive methods. His style is based on powerful and precision-based strikes. While wasting as little energy as possible, Jinpachi’s strikes are capable of shattering wood and stone without the slightest hint of effort. He does not overwhelm the opponent with a multitude of punches and kicks as excess proves nothing in his eyes. He earns the respect of his opponent from a single well-placed punch or kick that leaves them extremely debilitated. Because not only are his focused strikes calamitous, coupled with his avaricious chakra, Jinpachi could easily tire out an opponent if enough hits are landed flush.

The strength behind his strikes are dreadful to say the least and he also displays an all-pervading influence on the battlefield, a style befitting of the word bearer. His deceptive speed also beckons awe and is somewhat inexplicable to modern experts. Jinpachi utilizes the Yomotsu Hirasaka technique to land debilitating blows regardless of distance and obstructions and uses it to dodge attacks supported by Space-Time Ninjutsu. With this, he can easily dodge attacks from all cardinal directions. When up against Jinpachi, chances are slim, and the outlook is blackened and bleak. He is also able to withstand the onslaught of attacks generated by the Eight Gates and by the Gentle Fist methods. His seemingly divine durability is again backed by his Budō clan rites of passage. Those that came before him granted their lifeforce, their chakra, and even their combat skills to Jinpachi himself, even though he appears as a single individual, he fights as if has constant guidance on the opponents fighting style. Even when fighting against multiple warriors, Jinpachi can evaluate each of their fighting capacities and generate a method that can deal with them simultaneously. Most of his attacks are often undefinable yet as with all techniques, an opponent can devise a method to counter them.


Dark Release

Nature Icon Dark

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Jinpachi's hallmark. A true anomaly in his clan, Jinpachi's display of Dark Release is truly breathtaking to behold. Though not everyone honors his abilities in Dark Release but everyone fears them. Jinpachi's skill in Dark Release is peculiar in the sense in that it doesn't discriminate. The release itself is known to grant the user the ability to absorb chakra, however Jinpachi has evolved it to not only effortlessly absorb and filter any source of chakra but to absorb natural energy and senjutsu chakra as well. He allows the absorption process to disregard the unique properties associated with "alien" chakra such as advanced nature transformations and shape manipulations which makes using ninjutsu regardless of makeup against the Jinpachi completely ineffective. This speed of absorption is quite fast and it appears that most incoming techniques would simply vanish upon touching him. Any technique that is absorbed by Jinpachi regardless of complexity becomes deconstructed and replicated at Jinpachi's will. Meaning, that Jinpachi can theoretically utilize any nature transformation. Unlike the Dark Release: Inhaling Maw, Jinpachi is able to absorb chakra from any surface on his being and even through his weapons. This ability is often employed through his Yomotsu Bōchigiri and his Yomotsu An’unsai techniques to rapidly absorb an astronomical amount of chakra. This ability is exceptionally dangerous through physical combat as the target's chakra drains leagues faster than the previous method. Therefore, the opponent must attempt to remain out of reach from Jinpachi's clutches.

Within the Budō clan, Jinpachi's Dark Release resembles a phantasmal display of sentience. By utilizing the Yomotsu An’unsai, Jinpachi is able to create a foreboding, somber fog that spans over the battlefield. By infusing this fog with Dark Chakra and Dark Release, Jinpachi can cause it to gradually drain both physical and spiritual energy from opponent. The level of chakra drain by the fog is utterly inexhaustible, which means the fog is capable of absorbing an infinite amount of chakra however, it takes quite a bit of time to completely siphon the opponent's chakra and it is able to mitigate the effects of other absorption techniques. The more chakra that is absorbed into the fog, the more expansive it becomes until Jinpachi ceases the technique. Progressively, the fog transfers the siphoned chakra into Jinpachi thereby strengthening his reserves while simultaneously withering away the opponent's. The deviously subtle purpose behind the technique is it's hidden function. This is to eliminate the effectiveness of Regeneration Techniques and makes all damage done within the fog incapable of being restored and after some time, can wear down the most robust opponent's regardless of self-proclaimed "immortality".


This assures that Medical Ninjutsu of any caliber are rendered null and wounds are untreatable within the fog. In order to defend against the technique, the opponent can attempt to seal the fog or erect a barrier to protect themselves, though eventually, the barrier itself will by absorbed by the fog. With his Yomotsu Bōchigiri, he can instantly manifest stygian stakes from his person or from the opponent's shadow which function similarly to the Black Receiver technique. His stakes are imbued with a transient genjutsu which alters the opponent's perception of time and space. Couple with their almost immeasurable speed, the Yomotsu Bōchigiri becomes extremely difficulty if not impossible to avoid at a close range.Akin to the Yomotsu An’unsai technique, the Yomotsu Bōchigiri bears a fascinating jujutsu that activates when the opponent is struck. When activated, the opponent's healing prowess is greatly diminished. However, once the stakes are removed, the opponent is able to again heal themselves over time. Though, this may prove arduous as the stakes may branch themselves within the opponent to prevent withdrawal.

Jinpachi prefers to manifest the Yomotsu Bōchigiri from beneath the opponent's feet and even within their own shadow to increase the chances of the technique landing a fatal blow. Those that bear a hardy defense composed of physical matter are able to defend against the technique. However, chakra based constructs prove folly as the Dark Release within the technique expeditiously absorbs any chakra it comes into contact with. Even techniques such as the Four Red Yang Formation are rendered highly ineffective against this technique. Though techniques such as Summoning: Rashōmon prove highly effective when guarding against Yomotsu Bōchigiri. When coupled with his, Yomotsukotosakanoo technique, Jinpachi ensures that this jutsu boasts nearly matchless efficiency. It is considered Jinpachi's most used technique to gather offerings to Jashin. On another note, Jinpachi's kama is also generated by this technique. As another method of restraint, Jinpachi is able to pierce the shadows of the opponent which restricts their movements in a metaphysical sense as long as it in place. While the opponent is within a close proximity of Jinpachi, he can cause them to sprout from anywhere on his being to intercept an attack.



Reincarnation Ninjutsu




Jinpachi is a man who has unraveled the mysteries of the flesh.




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