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editJiro Uchiha

Jiro Teenager

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(次郎ばさ, Jirō Uchiha)

  • First Chirikage (初代 チリ影, JShodai Chirikage)
  • Scarlet Demon (朱悪魔, Ake Akuma)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius February 5
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 35
  • Part II: 40
Blood type
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Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Dust Dust Release
Tailed Beast Chirigakure Tailed Beasts
Occupation Chirikage
  • Aki Senju
  • Cho Hyuga
  • Ichirou Uchiha
Clan Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan
Ninja Rank Kage
Ninja Registration 149724
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Nature Type

"I'll reborn this village with the blood and sweat of the Uchiha!"
— Jiro about Chirigakure

Jiro Uchiha (次郎ばさ, Uchiha Jiro) is a legendary shinobi, one of the last surviving Uchiha clan members having the dream to reborn the clan. He is also the First Chirikage (初代 チリ影, Shodai Chirikage) and the founder of Chirigakure. Over time Jiro became increasingly strong always surpassing everything that appeared to aspects have a different significance he became the leader of his team after the war and the Chirikage due to being the strongest and I could always overcome the challenges.

Jiro became a Jinchuriki after having sealed nine beasts of artificial tail created on Chirigakure that had been sealed by the forbidden Jutsu Sacred Seal of the Three Points, and then during a time of crisis he freed all nine beasts and sealed them in himself using the Reverse Seal becoming a jinchuriki nine tailed beasts.


Early life

Jiro had to endure a very strict childhood due to his father to train night and day to become a stronger ninja, he quickly evolves as a ninja having become a chunin with only 10 years old and in his team was often chosen to lead. As they grew older and stronger he began to enter in several battles and tournaments enters ninjas, during the third world war Ninja he led his old team with their friends and once you have found the village which was completely destroyed during the war Chirigakure they abandoned Konohagakure and stayed to protect and prevent more were to be destroyed.

Team Keiko

The team led by Keito Sarutobi composed by Jiro Uchiha, Aki Senju, Cho Hyuga and Ichirou Uchiha, who during the Third Shinobi World War the four ninjas moved to Chirigakure to protect the village from being destroyed. After the war ended they re-build the village having Jiro became the first Chirikage. He protected the whole village while his colleagues recovered for two whole weeks without losing a single time.


After they re-built village and Jiro became the first Chirikage, several events occurred that made Jiro had to overcome their limits and evolve his chakra and the jutsus too. When the nine tailed beasts attacked the village artificial Jiro and his friends had the seal using a forbidden technique to save Chirigakure to be destroyed again.


Jiro in his young

The First Chirikage

As a young boy, the Jiro wore a black shirt red tattered jeans. Jiro has spiky red hair and dark, covering both edges of your face, along with a lock of hair that seems to slide down more than the other side. It also has a single red eye color. He also wore a shredded brown cloak.

After departure from Konohagakure, Jiro present the same outfit consiting of a similar black shirt, black jeans and black shoes, but seems to be more appropriate tight. The muscles in his body tightened, giving you a slimmer appearance and your body is more toned. The results of their training have given her a very defined body.

After the war, Jiro appears to keep the same appearance and clothing. The only thing that's changed in Jiro was the size of your hair and the color was darker. He shows have more muscles and you got a little louder. He shows possess various brands of war on his body, which was scored in the chest that was made when he was protecting the village hidden in the dust. That scar still shows affect when you hit Jiro. Jiro shows have a lot of pride in this scar due to having been made for protecting his dreams.


Jiro is an incredibly simple and relaxed guy who despite having a famous reputation as well, act like you do not have a care in the world. Having lost his parents, Jiro learned to become independent and resources all on its own. Despite the lack of family he had the guidance of a great ninja who taught like one of the family.

Currently Jiro is very smart and was considered a genius when he created his own village alone. However, even if he is considered a genius in terms of combat and battle tactics, he is completely ignorant when it comes to raising children, acting as a parent, and be supportive.

Jiro married when he starts to change his attitude with people becoming more sympathetic and helpful to people giving more importance to their families.


Chakra Prowess


Jiro Relesing his "Tertiary Barrier"

Chakra Jiro is well known to be at the same time powerful and massive in reserves. The only time Jiro was known to consciously keep his chakra is of battles with opponents with chakra levels rivaling his own. His chakra is enough to allow you to keep his Sharingan techniques for long periods of time, and use several high-level techniques, without showing any sign of fatigue. Being powerful in reserves to the point of keeping your rinnegan and susanoo simultaneously and use their techniques of wood.

Jiro has kept a kind of extremely powerful chakra and rare that combines the power of the nine tailed beasts and natural energy mixed with the chakra he won of Hashirama. In rare moments Jiro was able to release that chakra in order to defeat opponents stronger than him, the chakra was stored for him deep inside to be used only in emergencies, the chakra was named "Tertiary Barrier".


Thanks to the training that he had while he was a genin Jiro has reflexes, strength, speed and endurance amazing what helped him learn Taijutsu easily. He is an expert in melee battles and uses it often to face the opponent at the same level. When Jiro Sage mode or in bijuu he struggles very melee.


Nature Transformation

Jiro learned to use various types of chakra natures. As a member of the uchiha clan Jiro knows how to use the fire element having enough skill to use it being one of its main elements. He also learned how to use the element of water. After gain Hashirama Senju cells Jiro awoke the rinnegan and with it gained the ability to use all basic types of chakra and the element wood. He later learned how to use the element dust after a lot of training.


After having studied the principles of bomb tail beast, Jiro managed to create a similar technique called Rasengan, after having improved his abilities to use the wind element he got it joins them to give a nature of chakra to the technique. Jiro was master to use this jutsu and was able to create several variations by changing the size and adding various elements, and in some circumstances join his taild bests chakra.


Rsz 05

Jiro Six Path Sage Mode

Jiro learned to use senjutsu under the monks on Mount Myōboku. There he created his own Sage Mode involving demons. Once you have trained a long time in Chirigakure Jiro developed the Senjutsu him enough. His abilities have increased and his jutsus have become stronger. After becoming a jinchuriki and the Six Paths Power Jiro won a new grip on his Sage mode and able to evolve his technique to a completely different level called Six Path Sage Mode, by joining the chakra of the nine tailed beasts, the chakra of the uchiha and Hashirama chakra mixed with natural energy.

Summoning Technique

During his youth Jiro encountered a small Wolf baby that had been attacked and was hurt, Jiro treated him and later the Wolf created a contract with him and became his main invocation. Currently the Wolf have 5 times the size it had before and is much bigger than Jiro now usually leading him on the back and a great change that was noticed in him was the fact that now he can control chakra and use the rinnegan equal to that of Jiro.



Jiro first awakened his Sharingan when he saw all the uchiha clan members killed when he returned to his village. Throughout your workout Jiro woke the second version of his sharingan being raised the third form during his chunin exam during his last battle.

Jiro is quite handy to use genjutsus being one of the most skilled of the Uchiha clan. Jiro can use several Genjutsus with his Rinnegan and Sharingan.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Jiru mangekyou sharingan

Jiro Mangekyō Sharingan

Jiro awoke his Mangekyō Sharingan during the war where he had many of his friends being killed in front of you. The awakening of this new power was a response to have more power and avenge his friends. Jiro has trained enough to dominate this new power and that he was chosen to be the first Chirikage of Chirigakure as the strongest of his team. He gained the power of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi having gained the power to use the Susanoo. He was known to be one of the best users of Mangekyō Sharingan in the entire uchiha clan. The awakening of this power caused him to become the leader of his team after the former leader died in the war.

Jiru eternal mangekyou sharingan

Jiro Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

A few years after the rebuild their village one of the best friends of Jiro was visiting him and listen to him in a conflict that turned out to be dead and told Jiro to deploy your eyes on him to gain more power. After some time Jiro awoke its new eyes and became even stronger with its Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. The Susanoo him grew stronger and all his power increased jutsus. Now he is considered one of the strongest of the Sharingan and Susanoo users almost as skilled as Madara Uchiha.

Jiro Susanoo rinnegan version

Jiro Susanoo

Jiro sparked your fast enough Susanoo shortly after have awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan learning to use the Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi with ease. The Susanoo of Jiro is very similar to Madara but has the purple color. When Jiro awoke the rinnegan he actually won more control over the susanoo and reach the perfect full-body State and even joins it with the tailed beasts. After winning the tailed beasts Jiro didn't use the susano often only in emergencies, as the chakra of Jiro was increasing, the susano was getting even bigger and sturdier.


Jiro Rinnegan

Jiro Rinnegan

During one of his missions Jiro found a white Zetsu and defeated him by taking away a bit of skin and kept it for several years to follow. When Jiro trained Senjutsu he implanted the cells Zetsu who possessed Hashirama's DNA that made Jiro wakes up the Rinnegan. Jiro has a very rare Rinnegan that resembles a lot with a Sharingan normal but with a lighter color and cover entire eye. Recently Jiro used his rinnegan while entered the bijuu mode and once with the wise way to gain more strength and be able to use his normal jutsus.


Deception & Strategy

Jiro is considered by many as being an idiot who can't drive alone. When Jiro takes an important decision alone everybody gets upset with him and ultimately send him punches by deciding not to mention before the others. Despite all the see as an idiot Jiro in very rare occasions shows be quite mature and responsible. Jiro manages to invent crazy strategies that often result in the end. He almost never have a chance to say their ideas are often only are nonsense.

After becoming the Chirikage Jiro was more mature, due to having seen the death of many of his friends. He got better planning strategies and because of this their village grew very quickly due to the command of Jiro and his companions and the fact that he never lost a fight.

Learning Capabilities

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Jiro using his Sage Mode and his Jinchuriki mode at the same time.

Jiro has a fairly advanced learning ability shown by the fact that he dominated the Mangekyō Sharingan pretty fast and has also managed to control his Susanoo very quickly and easily. He can use all the basic types of chakra due to learn quickly the control cells of Hashirama arousing the Rinnegan. As was training and improving the skills, Jiro began learning with the battles and adapting, getting stronger and more experienced. One day when fighting an enemy which could only be defeated by using natural energy attacks, Jiro being in bijuu mode absorbed natural energy and joined the two modes to get stronger and defeat him.

Historical Knowledge

Wars and Events

Creation and Conception



  • (After the War) ""You know on the path we've been traveling up until now... Saying a thing like that would just get you laughed at. Although... I slaughtered anyone and everyone who had the nerve to laugh at me...!! But from here on out... we're gonna be sailing the sea where anyone without the nerve to say something like that is as good as dead...!!"


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