Initials Rune


Older Jitoku

Jitoku's New Appearance


Name Jitoku
Kanji 自得
Romanji Jitoku
Nickname Jitoku of The Crimson Flame (赤火の自得 Akahi no Jitoku)
Aspect of Redemption (済の向き Sainomuki)
Personal Status
Birthdate Unknown
Age 28
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Unique Traits Possesses fire chakra that remains a consistent hue of blue and burns cold.
Hometown Koūhōshu
Home Country Unknown
Affiliation Jashin Symbol Jashin (Renounced Ties)
Occupation First Ōkaminokō of Koūhōshu
Previous Occupation Jashinist
Partner Honrui
Classification Kage
Academy Grad. Age Unknown
Chūnin Prom. Age Unknown
Jōnin Prom. Age Unknown
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Jutsu All Basic Techniques
Absolute Zero: World-Destroying Conflagration
Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson
Shadow Clone Technique
Secret Ruler Technique: Authority of the Lord of Wolves
Weapons Chakra Enhanced Scythe
Explosive Tags

"A new leaf. Never thought I'd be able to do something like that."
— Jitoku

Jitoku (自得, Self-Importance), is an S-Rank missing-nin from an unknown country, and the First Ōkaminokō (初狼の侯, Shodai Ōkaminokō, Literally meaning: First or Founding Lord of Wolves) of Koūhōshu formerly known as Atogakure, which was rebuilt thanks to the efforts of her faithful assistant. Having once been experimented on by the Jashin Cult, she possessed the powers of Jashin's blessing and once wished to bestow it upon those she deems worthy, rather than create some fake visage of Jashin's followers. Biding her time, she waited for the right moment to enact her plans, choosing to take things one step at a time instead of going all out, to ensure everything was planned to the letter to keep failure at the absolute minimum. Following the fall of the Jashinist cult, she renounced, and was severed of her ties to Jashin as per an armistice agreement, living the life as the leader of Atogakure, alongside her faithful assistant, and eventually her second in command under the newly rebuilt Koūhōshu.


From the age of six, Jitoku was chosen as the next acolyte for Jashin. Her parents before her were Jashinists, and by the bonds of blood, she was chosen. She was taken to the ritual chamber to begin the indoctrination. As a symbol began to form itself in her mind, a knife was plunged into her chest. Clinching her eyes shut, she slowly opens them, not feeling any pain from the knife that had went through her heart. The ritual had been complete. Looking down at the back of her hand, the same symbol she saw in her mind appeared upon her hand. With a relatively different mindset, her mind was cleared of fear. She had a new goal; Show the world the true meaning of Jashin. As the years went on, she honed her skills throughout the world. Having heard of the war going on against the fake Jashinists, Jitoku made it her goal to recruit like-minded individuals and show the world how Jashin really works. Her first step was in Atogakure, where she found a few criminals wanted for mass murder, perfect for her goals. Showing them the ways of Jashin, she converted them, turning them into pure Jashinists, ready for their first task. During this time, she had become the undisputed kingpin of Atogakure, become its head of crime and restoring law and order to the relatively lawless town, giving the criminals that inhabit it unique tasks and training that suits those tasks. She would come to learn of Shenron Uzumaki's failure in destroying Konhagakure, losing basically his entire army in the process. Learning of this, Jitoku began formulating her own plans, using documents of where and when Shenron failed and how to keep herself from falling for those same tactical failures.


Jitoku has both an outstanding, and somewhat average appearance. Fairly tall for her age, she stands at nearly six feet tall and is of average weight. Her hair is black and tied in pigtails at both sides. She has piercing, red eyes that watch over her followers with a stern and just visage. She wears a white jacket-style shirt with a belt at the waist, the tail of the jacket splitting out with her midsection exposed. On the sleeve of the shirt is a red armband bearing the symbol of Jashin. She wears a pair of slim, black pants that end halfway down the shin, topped off with a pair of thin fit black boots. After being severed of her connection to Jashin, it caused a drastic alteration of her appearance. Her jet black hair turned grey, and she became adorned with two horns, one of which she has taken a liking to tying a black bow on. Her eyes turned grey with split, cat-like pupils. She began wearing a more lax outfit, consisting of a black, v-neck sweater with a band pinned on the left sleeve. She wears a single, gold earring with three diamond patterns on her right ear, and a choker. She dons a pair of white jeans and black boots.


Mysterious, enigmatic and cold, yet charismatic; proud and intelligent, Jitoku is a ruler of few words who is deeply committed to ensure her people's place in the world. Once a cold and calculated avatar of Jashin, she held her fellow Jashinists under the same light as herself, and never once tried to put them in unnecessary danger. She ensured every risk was accounted for, and that casualties were as low as possible. She never makes a decision without reason, regardless of the cost. She ignited the Jashin War against the ninja world to show how weak their shackles can be. But this only proved just how strong they truly were. Despite outward appearances, Jitoku is actually capable of love and respect toward others, as she shows undying support and loyalty to her people, a support they share in kind. Her most unique interactions are with her assistant, Honrui, who keeps her informed of the goings-on outside the city, and with current events. It is believed that she keeps her assistant close to her despite her meek outlook mainly because she greatly values her opinions, point of view, and abilities in gathering information. Honrui, in turn, is very loyal to her leader and her goals. Above all this, Jitoku truly does love and respect Honrui, and wishes to do everything she can to help provide a positive life for her.

The end of the war has left her with newfound stresses, however. With defeat after defeat weighing down upon her, feeling every failure personally as she is unable to keep the people she promised to protect safe, Jitoku has found herself in a precarious position, one she fears she may not be able to get out of. She no longer has her powers, and neither does her people. They are unable to raid caravans for food, and it's beginning to take its toll. Despite this, the people of Atogakure continue to support Jitoku, and it has proven to be heartbreaking for her. She sees this constant support, knowing she is doing everything she can to look after her people, but it's not enough. And the weight on her shoulders is taking its toll on her every day. She fears she will one day fail her people as they all begin to perish from starvation and disease, and it's a nightmare she wants to end however she can. But with the reputation her and her people possess, this is a difficult position for her to be in. However, with the efforts brought forth by Amegakure, helping them bring the people back to health, she has found herself in a position of hope and peace once again, and under the command of Honrui as the new leader of the city of Koūhōshu, she feels she's right where she needed to be all this time.



Jitoku possesses great skill in deflection.

A former servant of Jashin, Jitoku was well versed in a wide variety of abilities, including great skill in the scythe she carries with her. Her scythe is very chakra sensitive, and responds to her Fire Release chakra by making the blade fiery and white hot, burning anything it touches. Her Fire Release is something of legend in the gossip around Koūhōshu. With fire that's as hot as the sun itself at its peak, some have taken to calling her the Sun Goddess (女神の日, Megami no Hi). She is also very skilled in generalist abilities, capable of using explosive tags and every other tool at her disposal. By blending in as a local shinobi, Jitoku can spy on enemy nations, giving Honrui vital information about the next battleground. As a careful planner, Jitoku is a brilliant strategist, using carefully laid out plans before launching attacks to ensure failure is as minimal as possible, much like Honrui. Every plan is laid out before any assault, and every step is considered based on its potential for success or failure.

Nature Transformation

Jitoku's Flames

Jitoku's flames are often a sight to behold.

Jitoku's nature transformation is Fire. With the power of her Fire Release, Jitoku can set the pace however she wants, whether it be as fast as a raging firestorm, or as slow and methodical as the burning of a star. By using the power of fire, she forces her opponent to move how she wants them to move, funneling them into a weak spot where they can be picked apart as efficiently as possible. Because of the mutation brought on by her severance of her connection to Jashin, her Fire Release had mutated, changing from a cold, energy consuming fire, to a fire that can rival even the flames of Amaterasu in its heat. These extremely hot flames burn anything they come into contact with in mere seconds, with a body being burned to a crisp in mere moments before being reduced to ash.


Jitoku is very well versed in the art of ninjutsu, much like her loving partner. She is capable of utilizing a wide variety of techniques based around her Fire Release, burning through any opposition that dares to try and stand in her way. She is also well versed in the utilization of the Shadow Clone Technique and knows its usages in and out. By using it for surveillance, Jitoku can scout out a potential village to attack without having to be there by having clones canvas the area. In combat, Jitoku is an expert at using deception with her Shadow Clones. Combining Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson with the Body Replacement Technique and her shadow clone, Jitoku can create a clone and instantly have it appear as one of the shuriken. Because the shuriken are wrapped in chakra, it would be impossible to determine which of the shuriken is a clone. As the opponent evades the shuriken, the clone reveals itself and goes in for the attack.



Jitoku's skills with a scythe.

Jitoku's skills with her scythe are something of legend around Atogakure, as much as her Fire Release is. When her scythe is held high, someone dies. Naturally ambidextrous in its usage, Jitoku can utilize her scythe in one hand or both, even alternate grips to best suit the situation at hand. Using her Fire Release, Jitoku can open her opponent long enough to deliver a quick slash. Utilizing rolls and flips, Jitoku can use the momentum of her body to increase the force against her cuts, while also delivering waves of searing flames to force her opponent into an opening. With the tip of her scythe sharpened, Jitoku can keep problem taijutsu users back with careful jabs that force them to move back while she keeps the offensive on her side. If she has her opponent figured out, she can choose to be more relaxed. Letting them come to her, she waits for her opponent to strike, then parry using the body of her scythe to reveal openings. As she keeps parrying, she's waiting for that right opening. When she sees them hang back just a half second too long, and she goes in for the strike, delivering a deadly slash of ultra hot flames from her blade, causing the blade to freeze whatever the blade comes into contact with. Utilizing the momentum of each swing's weight, Jitoku can set up a dangerous array of combos meant to overwhelm the opponent's defenses and offenses, forcing them to open up to a well placed attack. Using her shadow clones, she can alternate between the three in quick succession to flood her opponent into an opening, then strike from behind or from another blind side when they least expect it.


Even without her scythe, Jitoku is a dangerous combatant at close range. If she should ever find herself disarmed, she takes a southpaw stance to confuse her opponents into thinking she's revealing a weakness. While they go in for the strike, Jitoku retaliates by striking her opponent's vital weak points with the lower knuckle of her index and middle fingers to maximize the impact done against her opponent. By forcing her opponent to reveal weak points, she can whittle them down with her strikes, attacking vital points around the body including the floating rib, liver and solar plexus, areas that respond very negatively against heavy impacts. Once her opponent is sufficiently weakened, she starts striking weak points around the head, including the temple, jaw, and the carotid arteries and jugular in the neck. Every strike is intended to deal excruciating damage to make healing close to impossible by causing severe damage to her opponent's nervous system. When enhanced with her Fire Release, Jitoku can cause nerves to overheat, causing severe nerve damage and die, making them useless.


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

"Perhaps now, more than ever, we need to stick together. It's us versus the world, and the world's got us outnumbered. So we need to stay by our sides, watch out for our brothers and sisters. Because the world's not going to let us go so easily."

"The mightiest power of death is not that it can make people die, but that it can make the people you leave behind want to stop living."

"As expected. That damn, hardheaded fool couldn't commandeer a rebellion, much less an all out war."
— Jitoku's opinion on Shenron failing to take Konohagakure.

"To subdue the enemy without fighting is the pinnacle of skill."
— Jitoku's opinions on taking a village without having to hesitate to violence.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."
— Jitoku when asked if she finds herself higher than her followers.

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