The Jiyūkari Clan (自由狩り一族, Jiyūkari ichizoku) is one of the ninja clans of Yorugakure. They are extremely large, and the most abundant clan in the ninja forces of their village, though they are of only respected status in their village. However, they have ties to more powerful and influential clans, and they hope to gain more power through marriages. They are the keepers of their clan's hiden jutsu, the Wind Guiding Technique, which allows them to sacrifice their ability to react to stimuli in return for manipulating the winds to a degree, which they use for their special style of combat, which involves guiding various types of warkites with this technique, making them a powerful foe at a distance. Because of this, they are an integral part of Yorugakure's war strategy, sent in protected by squads of ninja to do long-distance damage to the enemy.


  • The name Jiyūkari means hunt for freedom, referring to the way caged birds are said to seek the freedom to soar.
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