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Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu, Barrier ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges

This technique is a Space–Time Ninjutsu used by the Ōtsutsuki clan. The user creates a rift, which allows anyone enveloped to transfer to a chosen location including foreign dimensions. The rift's formation is fast enough to catch targets off guard and transport them alongside the user, as well as to evade attacks from enemies at the last moment.[1]

An Ōtsutsuki can synchronise the technique to a recipient of their Kāma, allowing the member to transport themselves to the host's location through the mark.[2] Two Kāma recipients can collaboratively manifest the rift from their marks to bypass fūinjutsu.[3] Even if the target recipient does not possess Kāma, if the user can track down the chakra of the target, it is possible for them to create the rift to drag said target to their location, as Isshiki teleported Kawaki via Naruto's chakra, which was being used to powerup the latter's artificial arm.[4]


  • While being controlled by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Jigen's body could perform this technique.
  • In the anime, each Kāma Rift was shown to have a variation in colour. Jigen and Kawaki's are red, while Boruto's is blue.

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