editKaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki
Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki
(カエリウチ大筒木, Ōtsutsuki kaeriuchi)
Appears in Anime
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Celestial Being
Age 35
Height 213.36 cm
2.134 m
7 ft
84 in
Weight 293.474 kg
646.999 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
Occupation Retainer of auru Ōtsutsuki
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Nature Type
Unique Traits

"In time, judgement will come, many will flee with loved ones, many will try to stop the inevitable. Due time one will ask, what will you do? Well its simple, I'll eradicate half of universe for power til my judgment arrives"
— Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki

Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki (カエリウチ大筒木, Ōtsutsuki Kaeriuchi) is a female rogue member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, who serves as a retainer for her sister Auru Ōtsutsuki. She served kaguya as a Concubine but plotted against her clan seeing the evil from within, her betrayal to her comrades and clan made her a enemy to the empire upon destroying the God Tree of the Patriarchs and steal one of the surviving seven seeds fleeing to earth with her sister.



Kaeriuchi was a pale-skinned woman with delicate facial features. She had Short Grey Hair with reach down her shoulder blades. Kaeriuchi possessed white clear eyes and her eyebrows were cut very short and round— a symbol of nobility but were shaved off, and she wore a Purple shade of lipstick on her lips. after consuming the forbidden fruit, her hair grew even to her calf and her nails long and white. Most noticeable, she grew two milky white long deer like horns that stuck out from her head and a third eye formed in the centre of her forehead. She wore a high-collared hime-kimono, adorned with intricate purple lines.



Kaeriuchi Ōtsutsuki was an extraordinarily powerful being who, alongside Auru, was deemed a threat greater than Kinshiki and Momoshiki. She demonstrated the power to effortlessly destroy a world and its entire population on a massive scale, though she deemed the level of their civilisation lower then insects. She was capable of holding her own against any type opponents simultaneously, as well as defeating a perfect jinchūriki. She was able to defeat Kage-Level shinobi's at the same time with extreme ease and she could fight near evenly with Hime Anjerika, Ameyuri Anjerika, Tsuru Nyōbō, Rize Tsukemen and Yaban Anjerika. Being an Ōtsutsuki, she possessed extremely powerful chakra and had the ability to fly, Kaeriuchi could use space–time ninjutsu to transport Auru and herself between dimensions. Not unlike Momoshiki, Kaeriuchi's spirit is remarkably powerful, as it is able to separate from her body and interact with other beings manipulating them to her will.



Kaeriuchi wielded the Byakugan in both eyes, granting her a near 360° field of x-ray vision (with the presumed exception of
a small blind spot at the upper thoracic vertebrae), and the ability to see the chakra pathway system. Using it, she could see Kurama's chakra that was sealed within Naruto. Her ability to see objects through many thick walls and barriers.


Kaeriuchi wielded a pair of Rinnegan on her forehead, which she could use to absorb ninjutsu, and utilise said techniques like Kaguya's Rinne Sharingan. she could turn a target into pills, which when eaten, grants her youth and their chakra, increases her muscular tissue, and can transform her entire body in the case of consuming her parents chakra. Unlike other Rinnegan wielders, Kaeriuchi's
Rinnegan Momoshiki 2
Rinnegan was initially dark purple in colour instead of light purple. However, after transforming from her absorption of many victims chakra, her gained an additional purple Rinnegan on her forehead. She could create black receivers as well, which she used to either fight with, or fire at an individual to impale and restrain them. She is able to manipulate the five nature transformation granting godly abilities to manipulate the elements to her will.
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