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"I have learned, gradually over the course of time, that power is not achieved by a single individual... instead, power is obtainable only by those who are aided... far too many have sacrificed themselves for my sake... without them none of this power would have ever been obtainable!"
— Kaiki Uchiha

editKaiki Uchiha

  • Second Coming of the Savior (世主の再来, Kijin no Kyūseishu)
  • Heir of the Uchiha Clan (あとつぎくにつうちは一族, Atotsugi kunitsu Uchiha Ichizoku)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 7
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 32
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai
"S-Rank" is not in the list of possible values (ANBU, Cooking-nin, Cyborg, Daimyō, Hunter-nin, Jinchūriki, Medical-nin, Mercenary Ninja, Missing-nin, Ninja monk, Pseudo-Jinchūriki, S-rank, Sage, Samurai, Sannin, Sensor Type, Summon, Tailed Beast, Chakravartin, Heavenly Sovereign, Sage Master, Transmigrant, N/A, Celestial Beast) for this property.
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Nature Type

Established as a once in a lifetime prodigal talent, and by his mother's grace, one of the most powerful beings to ever step foot on the face of the earth, Kaiki serves his existence as the current Heir of the Uchiha Clan (あとつぎくにつうちは一族, Atotsugi kunitsu Uchiha Ichizoku).

Born within a parallel universe as the bastard child of Sayuri Uchiha and Hikaru Abari, Kaiki's life was a subject of moral abuse. From the day his cries first echoed through the dimension, Kaiki partook in vigorous training sessions to hone his vast array of abilities. The primary focal point of his existence was to reach the absolute pinnacle of perfection, and his parents role within his life would see to it. Levelheaded beyond belief as a result of 'proper' nutrition, Kaiki wanders the world in search for even more power.

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