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Kaiten Giyagan
Revised Kaiten Giyagan
Kanji 回転ギヤ眼
Romaji Kaiten Giyagan
Literal English Revolving Gear Eye
Other Eye of Enlightenment
Clan Kyōkuma Clan
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Dōjutsu
Jutsu Tool Creation Technique
Known Wielders Chikara Kyōkuma

The Kaiten Giyagan (回転ギヤ眼, Lit Meaning: Revolving Gear Eye) is an advanced form of the Giyagan that has only been activated by a handful of Kyōkuma. These eyes are stated to be a representation of pure enlightenment.


Giyagan users who choose to continue on their path to mastering the remaining Gateways of Sentiment, must first learn how to sever their attachment to the negative and seductive aspects of being codependent on one’s emotions. They must not fall prey to their emotions, but instead, they should acknowledge and embrace them. They are advised that suppressing their emotions isn’t the way, but instead they should let them manifest naturally and dissipate on their own. The key is understanding that change is the only constant in the universe, and that no matter how overwhelming of a force sentiments can be, it will eventually pass.

Once this level of enlightenment is reached, a person is given the title of Sage of Sentiment (仙人の心情, Sennin no Shinjō). At that moment, a special form of chakra is sent to the optic nerve of the user’s Giyagan, this ultimately results in the dōjutsu becoming the Kaiten Giyagan. Just like all other dōjutsu, the Kaiten Giyagan is capable of being transplanted. Unlike the Giyagan, the Kaiten Giyagan doesn't lose most of it's core abilities once transplanted into a different host. However, as a consequence for not earning them, the new host will be driven mad. It is important to note that partaking in this type of training is extremely hard, which would explain why there are so few Sages of Sentiment.


While in its dormant state, the Kaiten Giyagan, consists of two tones of gold. The outer area of the iris is a darker gold while the inner circle area that surrounds the pupil is slightly lighter. The sclerae is riddled with a hexagon-like honeycomb pattern, each of the hexagons are black while the background is the same shade of the slightly lighter gold. Once activated, a eight-sided cogwheel forms around the pupil, within the cogwheel lays two rings of blue (a lighter shade to a slightly darker shade respectively) borders the pupil. The cogwheel in each eye slowly rotates in opposite directions of each other once activated. Some linked the connection between the various shades of gold to a saffron citrine much like how the Giyagan is commonly referred to as the “eye of sapphires”. Just like its predecessor, this dōjutsu glows intensely as to entice people to maintain eye contact.


Like its predecessor, the Kaiten Giyagan boasts incredible visual prowess, while still maintaining previous abilities. Similar to Sage Mode users, the user now has the ability to sense and passively absorb raw emotional energy in order to create jōjutsu chakra from their surroundings to manifest in various ways such as the Tool Creation Technique and the Mukimiyoroi just to name a few. The Kaiten Giyagan expands on the Giyagan’s ability to manipulate or induce emotions in others by sending invisible waves of chakra to the central nervous system, this allows the user to subtly influence a person’s emotions without the need for eye contact. People with higher willpower will have a slightly better chance at overcoming this ability. The extent of this ability can affect multiple people at a time whereas through direct eye contact the Giyagan could only influence one person.

The dōjutsu grants the user an incredible sense of visual clarity and insight, users are able to clearly see and analyse all minute details, even at high speeds. With a highly accurate sense of prediction, the user is able to anticipate the flow of events and actions of others. Users can remember great volumes of information that they visually come into contact with, in great detail and much longer than the average person. In addition, it takes less effort to recall information they visually witnessed, and they can remember it for a lot longer without having to strain themselves. This features helps them to be more resilient to memory altering genjutsu. Lastly, the Kaiten Giyagan is able to absorb chakra similarly to the Preta Path. However, the dōjutsu cannot absorb physical matter, but instead, it can absorb anything created by chakra akin to what’s been shown of Kāma. Just like the Preta Path, the user can absorb senjutsu but they do still run the risk of turning into stone if they absorb too much. Much like the Giyagan, overuse of this dōjutsu can cause blurry vision and/or crippling headaches.


Revised Dormant Kaiten Giyagan



  • The training requirements needed in order for a Giyagan user to further evolve their dōjutsu to its final stage is heavily inspired by the Detachment Philosophy commonly promoted in Buddhism, Jainism, and Taoism.
  • It is important to note that the way in which Sages of Sentiment utilize the Tool Creation Technique differs a bit from how you saw Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki use it. For starters, the malleable chakra is made of jōjutsu chakra, which means the various weapons and tools created adopt a iridescent psychedelic glow which resembles all seven colors associated with the Gateways of Sentiment. The hard light chakra constructs are said to be as hard as diamond.


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