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(かきのき, Kakinoki)

  • The Silver tongued Celestial Beast (銀舌の天獣, Gin shita no tenjū)
    Kakinoki the Wicked (柿の木ウィキッド, Kakinoki u~ikiddo)
    Malevolent Spirit (邪悪な精神, Jaakuna seishin, English TV: Malicious ātman)
Appears in Anime
Species Yokai
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Dark Dark Release
Jinchūriki Unknown
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Can Absorb Chakra

"There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it."

Nature Icon Dark The Wicked Beast Nature Icon Dark

~Theme of Kakinoki

Kakinoki (かきのき, Kakinoki) is one of the known Celestial Beast's in existence among the seven that roams the planet either in a host or independently, Kakinoki is known to be the most dangerous and one of the unstable creatures known to date. This issue was caused by numerous Jinchūriki's dying causing the village leaders place it from host to host due to his powerful dark Chakra that normally requires a Shinobi of experience and strong will to withstand the beast power only to die. Its current whereabouts was last reported in Otogakure.



Kakinoki was a beast that was once a benevolent creature that always been docile during the Celestial Decree's era but after his death everything changed, kakinoki became feral and fueled with grief and hatred that lasted for the past millennia, becoming the monster celestial beast known across Méihuā for his endless rampaging. His hatred for humans for their power grasping nature and the endless killing made him not care humanity's choice even when humanity views him negatively, he shows no sympathy after he kills a population on a massive scale in Land of Tears, which earned Kakinoki nothing but disapproval and disappointment from it's other siblings, especially the benevolent Panya. A trickster and slick lier, it's known to cause so much death through the years after being banished to Five Great Shinobi Countries. Very comedic and twisted with it's view with life even it's sibling Tenma and Higashihiroshima felt Disturbed by it's disgusting suggestions. It uses "warawa" (ワラワ) when referring to itself — a sign of nobility but mostly depicts itself as a god that is above everything in the world, a intelligent being that is near impossible to outsmart or trick due to its vast majority of existing and can study jutsu's by simply looking and show the skill to successfully utilize the knowledge into the jutsu. It is smart enough and well adept in using jutsu's as much as creating it's own. Adaptive to situations in a split second and use various methods to manipulate and defeat enemies, studying a opponents ability and exploit many weakness unless it's outsmarted by someone smarter than it, this would stress kakinoki out and pressure it to lash out and force him to become feral and mindless.


Kakinoki is a large dark midnight blue mass with large white and indian red eyes, veins protruding from it's sockets and around the body, other than that it has a malleable shapeless body that can undergoing numerous forms without any limits. Kakinoki's basic form is characterized as a large octopus dragon with large wings on his back, octopus tentacles protruding from all over his body and have legs of a dragon but have humanoid arms, a mouth he can form from any part of his body.

Kakinoki is a being that is famous for taking numerous forms that allowed it to fit into society or within its
  • Basic Male humanoid.
  • Kakinoki's feral male form.
surroundings, its forms are mostly a male humanoid wearing a place white shirt, dark-coloured tuxedo jacket with pinstripe suit pants and simple shoes and occasionally carries a makeshift cane. In another form it's a muscular build woman with spiked forearms and legs, long blonde hair
  • Kakinoki's Female base form.
  • Kakinoki's feral female form.
and tall looking clad in black and white bodysuit and high heels, a feminine facial features with a long tongue slithering around it usually use for catching prey, it also wields a blade that is crescent moon shaped.


Much of Kakinoki's abilities are mysterious including it's dark powers although many believe it was the ultimate Celestial Beast with no weakness. Kakinoki possess massive reserves of chakra that appeared almost endless, possessing enough power to create a Celestial Ball and possibly rival the others like it. Famous for its ability to use a rare Kekkei Genkai Dark Release, with such skills and knowledge kakinoki is among the most dangerous and unstable.


  • Kakinoki is a Celestial Beast I created out of inspiration from two different series, the Mind Flayer and Cthulhu two powerful deities i love and enjoys the dark mysteries of these two cosmic beings.
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