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Minako wielding the blade...

Kanji 神の剣
Rōmaji Kami no Ken
Literal English God Sword
Viz print media Sword of Kami
English anime Kamiken
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
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The Kamiken (神の剣, Kami no Ken, Viz: Sword of Kami, Literally meaning: GodSword) is a special sword originally wielded by Minako Senju and eventually obtained by his son, Utsuro Uchiha until he gave it to his successor, Senkai.


This is a very long blade, spanning up to 200cm in length. It is jet black with a long black handle and multiple-colored kanji markings in its flat sharp area. These markings also contain a special mark in kanji for "hunger"(飢えた; "Ueta"). This symbolizes its hunger for physical energy. It is quite sharp, and was able to easily pierce trees without any struggle. Forged out of the strongest steel and adamantine, it weighs a whopping 10kg. One must possess great strength to wield it to its fullest potential.


with a rather exaggerated name, this sword isn't essentially godly. However, its power quenches the thirst of shinobi with fear. Many shinobi at large have desired this amazing item, yet will probably never obtain it. It grants the user the following abilities.

  • Yang Absorption - this sword was forged from two strong metals and later given life with the use of the Yin Release. This gave it spiritual power, but no physical power, which is unneccessary, yet the sword hungers for it. When a technique is sent towards the user, this sword can block the attack and absorb all of its Yang within a moment.
  • Chakra Absorption - Though slightly weaker than the aforementioned ability, this one grants the user the ability to absorb chakra in every form. The sword then purifies it and sucks most of the physical energy in the chakra, using the remnant spiritual energy to cast illusions simply swinging it, with little effort on the user's part. However, the user can only cast strong genjutsu they already know of through the sword, besides the basic hallucinatory effect of the blade.
  • Amplified Cutting Power - As a result of the metal used to create the blade, it is increadibly powerful, and was able to cut a house in half in little-no-effort. As it was crafted with the use of Yin Release, it hungers for physical energy like its counterpart hungers for chakra. Using remnants of spiritual energy from absorbing the entirity of physical energy out of chakra, it can cast minor hallucinations that temporarily trick the mind from someone who even looks at it, causing them to feel dizzy. Stronger illusions, as previously stated, are casted at the choice of the wielder and will cost less chakra. These minor hallucinations seemingly make the target see things a little slower than they are and results in late reaction, something which may prove to be fatal. This is done by the opponent looking into the blade.
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