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Kanji 神道
Rōmaji Kannagara-no-Michi
Literal English The Way Which Accords to the Gods
Appears in Manga, Game
Classification Void Release, Kekkei Genkai
  • Fūinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range Mid to Long range
Hand seals Hands clapped together
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

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Kaminomichi is a sealing jutsu used by Jingū, only in a desperate circumstance due to the amount of chakra it takes to perform, and the amount of stress it puts on his body. It is said that the Kaminomichi uses the power of the Heavens (Representing "Sky" or "Void") in order to seal and destroy the target, and anything else that gets caught up in its range. This jutsu represents one of the Omikami Clan's most powerful Fūinjutsu, the antipode to Jingū's Yaoyorozunokami, the Omikami Clan's ultimate Juinjutsu. Both of these jutsu can only be used by an Omikami who has reached the final form of his/her second-level Zentengan. However, Kaminomichi requires the wielder to have Void Release in order for it to be activated.

This jutsu is unable to be used several times as a convenience, and is only used as a last resort, considering using the jutsu more than once over a certain time can diminish the user's lifespan by 30 years each extra use. Kaminomichi's power comes from the several dark sealing formulas that form upon the wielder's initial hand seal. The formulas form in two parallel circular patterns facing upwards - one set spinning clockwise, and the other spinning counterclockwise. As this occurs, the jutsu develops a pulling force, which is made stronger when a gap in air space forms between the formulas. Anything that is pulled within the seals gets engulfed by the void in air space where their soul is sealed. After that, the air space detonates along with the seals, thus destroying the soul and the body of the opponent(s) caught within its range, while creating a single large ray of light leading to the sky. As well, while the technique is active, neither side are able to form effective jutsu that are entirely pure chakra, forms of energy, or forms of plasma, as they would be pulled in and engulfed by the central void in air space.


The jutsu's name comes from a translation of the words, "The Way of the Gods" and is another way of saying Shinto. This explains why Jingū, when he first used the jutsu against Tensui, mentioned the idea of "Judgment."