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"No matter how strong you are, there will always be someone stronger who comes along."
— Kaname to his Children

Kaname Soga
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Name Kaname Soga
Kanji 蘇我要
Rōmaji Soga Kaname

Hodded-One (..., ....)
Six Paths of Nature (六道自然, Rikudō Shinzen)
Keeper of the Gate (門主, Monshu)

Personal Status
Birthdate March 22
Age 19 - 29 (Part I - II)

39 - 44 (Part III - IV)
50 - 60 (Part V - VI)

Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 140
Hometown Hanamura Symbol Hanamura
Home Country Northern Frontier
Affiliation Kakuzensho Symbol Kakuzensho
Haijumaru Symbol Haijumaru
Occupation Chef
Previous Occupation Kakuzensho Council Member
Jager Member
Team Kannagara Symbol Kannagara
Previous Team Jager
Kakuzensho Council
Clan Soga Clan Symbol Soga Clan
Sogadynasty Symbol Soga Dynasty
Family Azami Soga~Mother

Koma Soga~Father
Takeko Nakano~Wife
Kiaishi Nakano~Daughter
Kyūki Soga~Daughter
Sada Nakano~Daughter
Fūgetsu Soga~Daughter

Rank Kage
Classification Sage
Unique Traits Passively Absorb Natural Energy
Can Convert Chakra Into Natural Energy
Can Convert Natural Energy Into Chakra
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Sky Sky Release
Kekkei Mōra Nature Icon Yuraigan Yuraigan
Nature Type Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release

Ash Tree Prison
Chakra Transfer Technique
Creation of All Things
Gathering Clouds of Heaven
Great Swaying Spear
Light Speed Dash Technique
Lightning Release: Sniper Rail
Malleable Chakra
Nocturne Dream
Release: Demonic Sealing Formula
Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang
Shifting Azure Boundary
Spiralling Ring
Storm God Spear
Storm God Wrath
Storm Release Secret Technique: Demon Dragon Storm
Summoning Technique (Fenrir)
Thunder Hammer
Transcription Seal
Valkyrie's Lance
Water Blade Technique
Water Barrier Technique
Water Fang Technique
White Shift Technique
Wind Release: Njörðr's Blade
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Zone Eater

Tools Amenonuhoko
Iron Gourd
Takamagahara Scroll
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Kaname Soga (蘇我要, Soga Kaname) is a shinobi born into the Soga Clan within the village of Hanamura, being the child of one of its five wonders. He alongside his mother lived within he outskirts of the land of ruins; after several events he would find himself in the care of another. He spent the next few years honing and gaining a better control over his powers. During his teen years he was a member of a team known as Jager, having the title Hooded-One (---,----), eventually leaving group to pursue his own goals of getting revenge. He would also learn the nature of his origin and meet the members of his family. As time passed on, Kaname was labeled an S-rank ninja by the village of Yamataikoku and later gained the status as a sage.

Over the course of his journeys he earned the titles he gained the title Six Paths of Nature (六道自然, Rikudō Shinzen) for his use and manipulation of Natural Energy. With his time in the Pure Land and his ability to travel into it, he became known as the Keeper of the Gate (門主, Monshu). During his adulthood he settled in the town Kakuzensho with his wife along with the members of Jager, and eventually became one of its council members. With the blooming of the Sacred Lotus and the establishment of a settlement within another dimension, he retired as a ninja and a council member; becoming a teacher to the next generation.


Early Life

Born in the village of Hanamura, being the child of one of its five wonders and Azami Soga. Following his birth and showing the power of his unique eyes he was taken away from his mother by his father, to be used for a his own plans. After sealing one of his newly created beasts within Kaname's body when preparing to transfer his soul into his son's body, Koma's base was attacked by members of the Hanamura. Taking this chance, Azami was able to take Kaname away and vanished from the hideout. Taking up refuge in a small town on the outskirts of the Land of Shamans. Keeping the nature of Kaname's birth and what was sealed in him a secret, she continued to love and raised to be a normal kid. Due to this Azami never told him the truth in order to protect him. During a playful adventure into the nearby forest, he ended up getting lost. Worried his mother searched for him day and night, after retuning home she found him sitting at the table eating. Running up and embracing him, he revealed that he had reawakened awakened his yuraigan during that time he was lost[1]. Seeing this, his mother telling him to never use his eyes around others. Five years later, Kaname showed great skill in using his eyes being able to activate them within a moments notice.

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A young Kaname.

Months later, on an adventure to a nearby village he noticed a tournament was going to be held and the winner would receive money from winning. His mother dismissed it telling him to forget about it. Though unknown to her, he entered the event under cover and was progressing greatly until the tournament final. It was here he fought one of his family members Iname Soga. The two battled, for what seemed like hours, with Iname eventually using his sharingan. Thrilled Kaname too revealed his dōjutsu, much to Iname’s surprise. The two children continued to battle despite the surprise of the other. In the end Kaname was beaten by Iname, passing out before it he dealt the final blow. He then awoke in a room[2] with a unknown woman sitting beside him. The woman introduced herself as Mikaduki Soga, the mother of Iname Soga. She then questioned him about his eyes, however he stated he didn't know and it was the first time he has seen others with unique eyes other then his mother. After some time they left the room, and walked out to spend some travel around the town. Kaname attempted to leave, but was prevented from doing so. A few hours after spending some time together, he began to worry about his mother. Telling Mikaduki that he need to get home, she stated that he should invite his mother to join her and her family. He enjoyed the fact, stating that he would ask her, turning around he could see his mother in the distance, he ran to her and embraced her. His mother and Mikaduki quickly exchanged glances for a quickly, before Kaname and her quickly left the village.

Sometime later after returning home from one of his adventures he found his mother sitting next to a man who introduced himself as his father, Koma Soga. Happily, Kaname ran and hugged him, Koma embraced and him then turned to his mother and smiled. Koma then showed his Sharingan, and asked to see Kaname would show him his. Without second thought Kaname activated his yuraigan and smiled, as did Koma. Kaname's mother ran and grabbed Kaname and began to run out the house. Within moments, Koma manifested his Gensōkettō's claw and struck down Kaname's mother and severing Kaname's left arm in the process. The two fell to the ground, as Kaname screamed as his in pain as Koma walked over the two and out of the house. He stopped and waved his hand, as he did a wave of flames set the house ablaze. As the house burned down, Kaname looked at his mother as she laid there dying, attempting to pull her out of burning house. Then in an instant vines shot from his severed arm, which reformed into an arm. Continuing to pull his mother looked at him smiling, as she did a beam from the house, killing her and injuring him. Passing out from the smoke and his injuries, his yuraigan activated and he was teleported away. Upon awakening he found himself in a strange land, healed and being taken care of by two others. Over the next few years honing and gaining a better control over his powers in the land and with his new family. During this time he would he would finally communicate with the beast within him, the Shinkairen. The two originally butting heads often resulting in rampages before learning to work together to survive in the brutal lands. He along with his "kin" constantly battle the beasts of the lands to test their strength. During one adventure they were confronted by a group of individuals looking to hunt a rare beast in the land, they attacked group only to be beaten and taken captive by then to be sold. They were taken to an encampment near the edges of the land of beasts. After a failed attempt to escape he was knocked out by one of the members and separated from his kin. Several days pasted with no interaction with another. In this time he constantly played back the events of his mothers death, causing his hatred for his father to grow. After several days, a man walked into his cell with guards, stating that he knew of Kaname’s father. Enraged, Kaname lashed out only to be knocked back by the man.

Laughing and stating that he could use Kaname as a weapon, the man then killed the guards and grabbed Kaname by his throat, throwing him against the wall. The man smiled, as he did, chakra then began to leak from Kaname's body. The man lunged at Kaname only to be impaled in the head with a wooden spike. Laughing once again, he broke the spike, knocking Kaname back to the ground again. Thinking that his life would be over, he heard the screams of his kin with the man laughing, causing him to enter into a blind rage; releasing a serge of power from his body. The large release of energy knocking the man away allowing him escape the cell. Reaching his kin he saw their bodies which pushed him over the edge resulting in him entering into a tailed beast state; rampaging and destroying most of the location. Seeing Kaname's rampage his two kin used their remaining power to reach out to Kaname. Shinkairen hearing their desire of absorbs their chakra and puts an end to Kaname's rampage. Recovering from his rampage and would leave the land of beasts in order to gain more strength.

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While traveling though out the lands he would come across an individual who he met during his childhood. As the years passed and entering his later teen years he joined the group Jager, a team that would work for hire in order to retrieve items. It was here he meet the individual who would become one of his closest friends, Zenkichi Senju and the woman that would later become his wife. While not starting off on good terms, the team was effective and swift when on a job. Using the group to farther his own goals, he gathered knowledge and weapons; while obtaining information about his father. After a time with the group, he left the team to pursue his own goals of revenge. With years of being an assassin, he came face to face with his kin Iname Soga. Instantly recognizing one another, within moments the two attacked one another and fought for what seemed like hours, only to be interrupted by a group of ninja. Leaving, Kaname vowed they would fight again, with Iname vowing that only one would leave the battlefield. With three years passing and training under the Masked One, he and Iname met again. They did battle, with neither letting up, activating sage mode gave him the upper hand until Iname to revealed to have the Mangekyō Sharingan. Stating this battle was like they first time the met, Kaname smirked and the two continued to battle until they both were on the verge of collapsing, preparing to deal a final blow against one another. The fight was interrupted by the appearance of Koma Soga, who attacked both, using his new power in the attempt to capture Kaname. Using the last of his strength, Kaname managed to warp himself and Iname away before passing out.

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Shinkairen's Power Leaking

Upon awakening he found himself chained up in a cell with his left arm bound and bandaged up. After sometime he could feel a the power of Shinkairen reacting with something within the location. He was then confronted by several guards and escorted from the cell and brought before the leaders of the village. Here he learned of his origin, his family along with the origins of the Shinkairen. Spending sometime within the village he would meet the four siblings of Shinkairen. Leaving the village Kaname vowed that he would get revenge on his father. After training to get a grip on his new power, he set out to find his father. Facing several trials and tribulations, he reconnected with his old friends, obtained a new level of of power with his Yuraigan. Eventually finally settling the score with his father. With his primary mission finished he decided to leave his assassin life behind him, he began to pursue knowledge and hone his skills.

Kaname eventually married his former teammate Takeko Nakano after the two reunited and settled in a small village for themselves and others that had no place to call home. Years past and village began to grow into a relatively known location. Making a name for himself as a cook and a ninja he eventually was reunited with his mother who he thought was dead, while meeting his new sibling. Growing accustomed to his new life he was contacted by a member of the Asahina Clan seeking his help. Arriving in Tōno Village he found it badly damaged along with the surrounding forest, learning that it was attacked by one of their banished members with a strange new energy. Using his power along with Shinkairen's he managed to separate the damaged parts of the forest and village. He then turned to sights to finding the Kannon Asahina, the leader of the clan. His searching lead him to Phantom Island where he learned of Sōten's power. Despite being weakened by the energy of the Phantasmal Vein, the fight ended with Kaname's victory and Sōten defeated. Using the power of the Creation of All Things technique he was able to repair the damage done to Kannon's body. Before leaving Kaname used his abilities to sink the island beneath the ocean.

Home Among The Realms

With the birth of his and Takeko's first child tensions in the northern lands began rise. Attacks by an unknown group stretched throughout the land with some reaching his home. Kaname along with the council attempted to figure out a why to protect their home. They eventually found their answer in the from of an individual form another dimension using a newly obtained ability, Kaname was able to transverse several dimensions looking for a suitable one for his home. After months of searching the tensions in the north reached it's tipping point after the assassination of the leader of the land of time this caused a large scale war to breakout between the lands of [] with the land of time and []. Several months after the start of the war Kaname's search finally showed results and along with the power of the council they where able to shift their home into a new dimension. With this shift and securing their new home, Kaname returned to help deal with war ~under construction~

Beasts of the Ash Tree

~Under Construction ~

Saga of the Nine

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~Under Construction ~


As a child Kaname was known to be very hyperactive and adventurous. He was known to sneak out and explore the forests around him home. Often worrying his mother at times. To him him mother was his greatest love. When she was home, he would always be around her or help with with things. In his late childhood, his love didn't change, though he did lose his hyperactive nature but retaining his adventurous side. However he grew more interested in mastering his abilities and became interested with what others did, their powers, and the motives behind them. He would normally follow them around but not make direct contact with them for the most part. In most cases leading him to test his abilities out in the nearby forest and village, much to this mothers dismay.

This eventually caused him to lose his mother mother at the hands of his father, greatly scarring him. After her death, he normally had a very serious and strong disposition along with a look of pure hate and rage. He was normally found with a somewhat murderous glare written across his eyes like he is looking to kill the next person that crosses his path. He had no problem harming or stealing from others and was known to be rather apathetic to others, and doing whatever it takes to get what he wanted. This often lead to him ending up in fights and was imprisoned during his teen years.

In his later teen years, he began to open up, showing he had a vast assortment of personality to him, ranging from kindness, to fury, to devotion. For the most part, Kaname is a very kind man. Overall stated as being a man of a few words, his quiet, reserved, and aloof nature generally irritates or intrigues others. Kaname doesn't tend to like being around large groups of other people, often being called anti-social, or even a misanthropist. Despite this aloof nature, Kaname is a sophisticated, patient, and polite man. Despite his generally soft, kind, and quiet demeanor, Kaname does have a powerful wrath, and it can be concurred rather quickly in some situations. He has a very swift and vengeful wrath, normally showing when his family is threatened. This rage is rare however, for even in battle he keeps a kind and respectful demeanor to even his opponents, giving them the decency of a talk before a real fight. He also believes that fights can be one and wars can be averted with diplomacy, rather than full out conflict.

In contrast to this rather aloof nature, Kaname has a passion for cooking. Stated as being a savant in cooking. When in comes to cooking his personality changes. Retaining his confident and calm nature, Kaname proudly displays his cooking abilities. When cooking he tends to stay in a neutral mood, rarely showing any sort or shock when confronted by any opposing force. He is extremely diligent, always covering up for any sort of mistakes that others make when cooking.

To him, family is worth more to him than his own life, he's even laid down his life for the sake of his wife and children on a couple of occasions, sometimes leading to critical injury. Despite having a wife, children and a number of close friends. Kaname is actually a somewhat anti-social person, being stated as being an introvert. This odd sense of personality seems to be off put by his appearance which generally shows a strong, charming and leading, yet dangerous man. Like most of this family, his personality changes once enraged, though not as drastic as the other. Once this happens, he does not seem to show remorse or any guilt when insulting or harming another person either emotionally or physically. He is rather apathetic to the suffering of those he sees a foes.


Born from a union of a unique heritage Kaname is stated to embody the aspects of his ancestors, the Kaiboku Clan.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

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Kaname releasing his chakra.

From his unique origin, Kaname was born with a large and strong reserves of chakra with it being stated to match [ ]; one of the wonders of Hanamura who was known for his large chakra and is often stated to be just below that of a Tailed Beast. His large reserves and his ability to produce large amounts of chakra is often attributed to the union of the Soga's enhanced mental abilities and the Mōri's enhanced bodies; this unique union allows him to produce large amounts of Spiritual and Physical energies. While his chakra reserves were large, during his youth it was known to be rather unstable at times for distress and anger often causing him to release larges destructive bursts of it. However, after training in the Land of Beasts and with Kurohime his control of it; while his control is not as refined as his wife's he is known to be skillful in doing so.

Over the years his chakra has became more refined, this being a result of the training with his kin to master his power and Shinkairen gaining and consuming the chakra of several individuals. This caused his reserves to reach new heights, with the Nine-Tails stated that it was comparable to its own reserves. Kaname's large chakra reserves allows him to use multiple high techniques back to back with little effect as well as keep his dōjutsu active for hours and days with little to no issues. Upon consuming the chakra fruit created by Shinkairen, his chakra saw a boon and change in its appearance. While others expels their chakra to intimidate or causing others to become stricken with fear. Upon release, his chakra is known to have a calming affect on the surroundings. Along with it's calming effect, he now has the ability to convert natural energy into chakra, giving him a near limitless about of chakra to call upon.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.34.05 AM

Kaname's physical strength is truly astounding, his tightly wound and steel toned muscles are amazing to say the least, and his ninjutsu only reinforces his strength. Kaname has on many occasions displayed the sheer power that lays within his muscles, consisting of either strikes that can crush an enemy's skeleton to dust. In fighting alone, Kaname's physical strength can be seen by his powerful strikes. This strength comes from his muscles, which are the most hardened out of all of his features. His taijutsu style, combined with his unique body and intense physical strength, makes his taijutsu something fierce, especially in agility-based acrobatics-like methods of taijutsu, as shown when he moved extremely fast to close a distance, and then launched himself a few feet above the ground to cover the last meters more quickly. He has been able to do backflips over his opponents and still strike them, as well as blocking or dodging strikes to his body with little effort. In addition to being able to deal damage, Kaname's durability is something that is just as formidable. His ability to push forward, even when he is injured, is quite amazing to say the least. On many occasions, Kaname can be seen taking the whole brunt of an attack. During these moments, attacks seem to mainly bounce off of his hardened body as he would push forward with quite the ease. Even when he is injured, his pain tolerance is quite amazing as well.


Demon God Stance.

Under the tutelage of the "Masked One", he learned the Demon God Fist (魔神拳,Makamiken) style. Stating that the training as grueling and the Masked One being unrelenting during the training. The style itself is stated to be brutal and effective in taking down an opponent. Known to be a mix between both the strong first and gentle first fighting styles, alternating between power, speed, offensive and defensive techniques rapidly during movements. The Demon God Fist blurs the lines between the two styles, allowing the user to deal large amounts of damage. Kaname has stated that this style is primarily uses hand strikes that are often aimed towards nerves or vital regions to deal fatal blows. Studying the Hyuga Clan's Gentle Fist style, Kaname improved on the style adding the effect of damaging an opponent's internal organs. When in use, slightly visible chakra swarms around his hands in a seemingly untamed way, making it feel like ghosts are swirling around his hands, giving it its name. When the chakra makes contact with the opponent's part of the body, it can cause the internal organs to become heavily damaged. Muscles can contract unwillingly and unnaturally, nerves can have the feeling of being stretched out, and bones can be cracked and broken. When utilized properly, he can destroy internal organs to the point that if inspected with the Byakugan, it would look like the affected areas were "put into a meat grinder".

With the use of the Natural Energy, he possesses superhuman strength of a level that his simplest actions cause destruction and damage. With its he even using medium force, he is able to break through some type of walls. With full force he is able to make grave damage to a even the toughest of objects. In addition with it, his speed is second to none, using it to instantly travel to a location as well as move through both land and air. He is able to move in a blur, to the eyes of people. With his strong legs he is able to jump at great length of height as well.



Born from the union of various abilities, the Yuraigan is a unique dojutsu Kaname possess, first appearing within his eye moments after his birth; then again reawakening them again after his various ventures into the woods around him home. From having the eyes since birth he is able to keep it active for extended periods of time, with no drain on his chakra; due to the uniqueness of the eyes themselves. As he aged he quickly mastered the various functions of the Yuraigan. Like its parental dōjutsu, Kaname is given enhanced perception. When activated the Yuraigan allows the him to perceive chakra and store a memory of a individual's chakra; allowing him to instantly pick up an individual simply based on their chakra signature. Through the perception of chakra, Kaname is able to determine an individual elemental affinity. While the Yuraigan does not make him immune to genjutsu, it does allow him to easily identify when he or another is placed underneath one. Upon damaging his eyes to the point of near blindness during the fight with Nanoha Nakano. He reconnected with his foster sister, who taught him a technique to help him see again. The technique granting him a field of of vision much like one of the yuraigan's parental dōjutsu and see it absolute darkness. Later upon his eyes being healed, the technique effectually fused with them, becoming a normal function of them. This infusion awakening new abilities within the Yuraigan along with the ones granted by the technique itself. Now having the ability project a visage of his eyes to any location within his field of vision, allowing him to cast long-distance dojutsu techniques. Awakening the kekkei genkai of his kin as well as gaining their dojutsu both for a limited time; has increased the abilities of his Yuraigan. Allowing him to see energy that makes up spirits, thus allowing him to the soul of others.


The Barrier Representation.

Aside from its base abilities through his Yuraigan Kaname is able to produce two form of unique energy which he dubbed Physical Mental and Mental energy, originating from his right and left eye respectively; both energies being different from chakra. Through the manipulation of the physical energy produced by this right eye, Kaname is able to channel the energy around him to from a barrier around him that can be used to defend against physical attacks. The strength and size of the barrier depending on the amount of energy used. While often used to surround him, he is able to project it outwards to form a wall to block incoming attacks. However when doing this, the barrier is often less durable then if it was be used to surround him. Lastly channeling the energy into his body allows him to drastically increase this physical capabilities. When the energy is combined with chakra he is able to link his body with others to increase their physical strength as well. Utilizing the mental energy produced by the left eye he is able to form physic weapons that unlike traditional weapon they are unable to cause physical damage to an individual. However, the are capable of causing mental damage to a target, allowing the user to mimic the effects of real damage without leaving a trace. While not being able to cause physical damage they can be used to block and defend against other standard weapons. With complexity, strength and durability of the weapons being compounded on his own knowledge of said weapon he are attempting to create. Like the physical energy, by channeling the energy inward he is granted limited telekinetic abilities. Allowing him to fly, control object depending on weight and push or pull objects. The fight aspect being main used over the other applications. With the abilities of both eyes Kaname is able to synch with another individual, allowing them to share and use each others techniques, rather it be learned or physical as along as their are connected. When used on a person, the individual's eyes reflect the Yuraigan. When used on an creature the user gains physical traits of said creature. Upon mastering the power of both eyes, he was granted the Monozane. With it Kaname to absorb and breathe life as well as form into chakra and other forms of energy that he is used to, as well as deconstruct and construct objects. The technique itself being versatile, allowing for quick weaponry and basic utilities such as clothing .


Nature Transformation

Hailing from the Soga Clan, Kaname has dual affinity for Water Release as well as Lightning Release.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

During his travels across the world and his time within the group Jager, while originally not interested in it. Kaname has came across various space-time techniques and has developed a few of his own during his various travels around the world. Originally only possessing the White Shift Technique, a technique that belonged to his mother who sealed it within his eyes. Truly gaining access to during his later years when traveling alone. Using the White Shift Technique, Kaname is able to teleport himself to various locations in a flash of blinding light. Due to the light produced by the technique, he often uses it to blind targets; leaving them open for attacks.
Screen shot 2014-06-29 at 11.25.34 PM
The first technique he developed was the Yōdō, a jutsu that allows hims to teleport to any location he has been before, by setting an space-time array. Originally developed after his Yurigan was damaged after the battle with Nanoha Nakano, to make up for the lose of the White Shift Technique. Reuniting and gaining a technique from his foster sister. Meeting with Naoto Mikoto and training him in the ways of Senjutsu, the young ninja passed on [3] his knowledge of his unique Space-Time Ninjutsu - the Light Speed Dash Technique to Kaname. A technique that allows him to travel to different locations in a blinding speed, serving a similar function as his white shift technique. Upon reuniting with his mother, he discovered new functions an applications of her technique; allowing him to separate and make it unique compared to the Light Speed Dash.
Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 2.36.23 PM

Multiple Sōgetsutaisha.

During his travels he came across an ancient temple that contained scrolls made by Hamura Ōtsutsuki. Through these scrolls he was able to learn the Amakyōkai, a set of six unique and ancient techniques used by Hamura himself. Through the use and mastery of the Amakyōkai, Kaname was granted a dimension that he has total control over. With the use of the Amakyōkai, its most basic ability give him the ability to perceive the dimensions that he has been to, at any given time with his dōjutsu and see various points in space-time. Through one application of the Amakyōkai, Kaname is able to connect dimensions together, allowing them to flow and merge into one. With another application, and stated to be an antithesis to the Mūsakaika. He is able to break points in space-time, allowing to to separate locations and seal them into a pocket dimension. To which is is able to access with the Amakyōkai. A third application of this, allows him to create Space-Time array points by channeling the principles of Space-Time through the tips of his fingers. Once created the points can be linked up to create a portal. Using the ability of the Amakyōkai ability to create space-time points he is able to open voids to absorb things into his dimension. Along with learning the Amakyōkai, from the scrolls Kaname's ability in using space-time ninjutsu increased, as well as his understanding of its use. With this greater understanding, the strength of his Space-Time Ninjutsu has increased. Upon regaining his Yuraigan and the technique he learned from hid foster sister merging together, he gain an increase in range with the White Shift Technique. With the principles of the Yōdō, he along with his wife would later develop the Sangedatsumon and the Terasuyōdō.

Aside from his skill in using his space-time techniques individually, he is able to combine them with his other jutsu to produce deadly and unique effects. Utilizing the white shift technique with the light speed dash in unison allows Kaname to quickly move to a location while leaving blinding light particles within an area. The particles can be detonated with a surge of chakra; creating a strobe light effect. One of his most known usages of his Space-Time Ninjutsu is that creation of the Truth-Seeking Singularity jutsu; a technique that combines the principles of Space-Time ninjutsu with his Malleable Chakra.


During his youth, Kaname was taught the basics of many weapons, such as the shuriken and kunai handling. With his time in the Land of Beasts, he learned how to use blades and bows which he showed skill in more so then using shurikens. Over the course of this travels, Kaname began to favor using swords in battle over other weapons. When using a sword, his fighting style favors speed and finesse instead of raw power. He uses his great speed to great effect. He makes precise strikes and as few sword swings as required to take out a target. During his early adult years he began using a spear instead of a sword after spending time with his clan. Stated by Hōjō Masako, he has more talent with a spear then with a sword. Training under her, his talent with spears flourished; being able to stand with her after only a few months of training and has became his main type of weapon combat.

When using a spear he keeps an excellent balance and natural fluidity with his movements and attacks, versatile enough to switch from offensive to defensive and back again in seconds. Like when using a sword he does not rely on overpowering his opponent, but rather outmaneuvering and outsmarting them to tip odds in his favor. In battle, his control over these weapons is flawless; he is permanently aware of the motions and positions of his spears. It bleeds through in his ability to manipulate the field of melee combat through incredibly versatile movements and masterful knowledge of an uncountable variety of styles. Much of his life during his training was spent studying the myriad techniques, bringing them to a level only he could, and this has paid off. From his time training under, [--] he was able to learn how to use and control his spears without needing to touch them. This opened a new style of combat for him to use, though the still enjoys wielding a spear in his hands.

Kaname's skill in the art of Sōjutsu while formidable alone, when combined with this other abilities pushes his use of a spear to greater levels. Using his spear along with his base Yuraigan, Kaname is able to pick a target over a great distance and throw his spear with pinpoint accuracy. When factoring in his dōjutsu abilities, he is able to warp the tip of his spear or himself with it over a great distance to strike a target or create hundreds of shadow spears when striking a target. With his nature transformation he us able to coat his spear in chakra to release blazing waves, much like he would do with a blade or use them in place of created ones. Lastly combining this spear usage with this Malleable Chakra he is able to pierce barriers and chakra constructs.

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Natural Energy

During his teen years, while attempting to stabilize the large amounts of natural energy that was being absorbed by Shinkairen, he saught to learn about Sage Mode; gaining information from scrolls he obtained throughout his travels. Using the scrolls, he was able to learn the basic of achieving the mode. Due to the abilities of Shinkairen, unlike other sages he didn’t needs to absorb natural energy from this surrounding. Instead opting to syphon energy from her to enter sage mode. As a result, he is able to enter Sage Mode in a moments notices with no physical changes; often taking opponents and other sages by surprise. Learning the ways of Sage Mode in a non traditional style as compared to a standard sage, Kaname's application and use of the art differs greatly. Like a traditional sage mode, while in this form, he gains increased physical abilities and regenerative abilities. Allowing him to deal out large amounts of damage and heal from great wounds. This form of sage mode was often stated to be on par with a Jinchūriki’s initial transformed state. While in sage mode, he is able to flow natural energy into his techniques in doing this not only is the strength of the technique increased, but its speed and form changes. He typically uses it to gain the advantages of manipulating the power of natural energy, allowing him to directly flow natural energy into his techniques even if it have already been created. His most notable use of sage mode it when his mixes it this with his arctic and blaze abilities. While in sage mode, due to its nature and the fact that it uses natural energy, the strength of the Kangetsu and by extension the Arctic Release is greatly increased. By introducing natural energy into the Arctic Release: Swaying Spear he is able to great increase the size of the spear and as well as the amount. In a similar case with the another technique, he gains the ability to control the direction of them in mid flight.
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The Flow of Natural Energy

Years of training to master the art of sage mode, Kaname has gained the ability to manipulate and see pure flow of natural energy. Combining his ability to see the flow of natural energy with his abilities as a sensor ninja along with using his Yuraigan he has been shown to be able to sense the entirety of of Kakuzensho, down to the first breathes of a newborn. Even going as far as being able to use the flow of natural energy to track a targets chakra signature.

Being enthralled with the interaction of natural energy and the world around him, he began to push his use of natural energy to greater heights. He traveled to various location of sages, studying the lost ways of Ninshū and learning mechanics of the unique ability of his kin; as well as an unique nature of Shinkairen. This information along with his manipulation of pure natural energy along with his chakra control led to the creation of a set of techniques he named the Shizenryūdō. The Shizenryūdō is broken down into three different variations, the the first variation is akin standard senjutsu techniques which is used by all sages. However, this usage begin different the others with this variation allows him to mold the his chakra into the area similar to another technique. This allows him to perform techniques quickly, when combined with this chakra control and deeps reserves he is rapidly use techniques to overwhelm his opponents. Another application being Shizenryū or natural flow techniques and is known to be more akin to Ninsū. Via this variation he connect his Spiritual Energy with the Natural Energy of an area, allowing him to infuse is will into the surrounding area. Connecting with an area allows Kaname to manipulate the environment around him as if it was an extension of his body. With this application, his fighting style changes becoming more of a grounded fighter. Connecting with the land, grants him many notable abilities as along as he is connected with it. Putting the energy to use allows her to constantly heal himself as along the mode is active and the conditions are met. With healing himself, he is able to generate large amounts of heat within a given area and release strikes of lighting at a target. Pushing his abilities to its extremes, Kaname is able to create earthquakes and turn an area into a molten wasteland. The final application of the Shizenryūdō is known to be the most deadly and intense, requiring great control and an even greater will; it is simple referred to as Natural Technique. This branch revolves around the manipulation of natural energy and its effect and interaction on the world itself. Though a basic application of it allows him to create chains and shields. Ramping up his manipulation allows him to call forth storms, control plant life, create stone formations, volcanoes and cause massive natural disasters.

Prior to the creation of a new home, Shinkairen was removed from him. To prevent him to dying as a result of the process, she created the Lotus Fruit; a flower of super concentrated natural energy along with her own. With the consumption of the fruit he retained access to the abilities he had while being her host. Along with his original abilities he gained a host of new ones. Now being able to passively absorb Natural Energy as well as convert it into chakra and vice versa; along with regenerative abilities. In addition to the boost in natural abilities, he gains a boost in his manipulation of natural energy to the point of near flawless control and manipulation. With this control over natural energy, he is able to communicate with nature to track or capture targets and restore damage forests by causing plant life to grow. He has shown the ability to rip the natural energy from a user of Sage Mode. Shinkairen has stated that due to the effects of the fruit he is now in perpetual sage mode, which appears no different then his everyday appearance.

Creation and Conception

Kaname was first created here on back in July 2012‎, he stated out as a simple ninja and was intended to be a unique take on a Sharingan user and a character to rival another character of mine. Originally he possessed the Amaterasu and the Kamui. Later the Amaterasu was changed to Obito's space-time ninjutsu before it was reveled to be the Kamui. As time went on I began to to developed and choose an overall theme for him, basing him off of Norse Mythology. His abilities as well as pieces of his history mimics and gives homage to Norse myth.


  • (To Minako) "You are only as weak as you make yourself out to be."
  • (To Iname) "The notion that you feel my pain is extremely uncertain. You have to apply the experience and pain of my life in order to come to this road."
  • (To Kurohime) "You know, I never got a chance to thank you for all the times you have saved me over the years."


  • Interestingly enough, the abilities that has given Kaname his nickname Blazing Arctic (北極圏炎天, Enten Hokkyokuken) was both obtained from his brother Iname.
  • Kaname's hobbies are reading, meditating/watching nature, and spending time with his family.
  • Kaname shares his birthday with his author.
  • Kaname often makes wagers with his wife Takeko over the outcome of exploits.
  • Kaname's favorites foods are fish, beef, and shrimp. His least favorites are bitter foods, and vegetables (unless given with some meat).
  • Kaname has been imprisoned a total of six times in his life and has a page in the Bingo Book.
  • Kaname has died nearly six times, two of which was from Takeko Nakano and one as from Shinkairen. And has actually died once.
  • Kaname at one point in his life, has shown two of his clans kekkei genkai. The Reishutaijū and Mitamanofuyu, both of which only appeared once. While his ability to absorb natural energy and Shinzenryūdō, resembles the Kunitama kekkei Genkai.
  • Kaname wishes to fight the Sage of the Six Paths and the Hamura Ōtsutsuki.


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