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Karai Amamoto

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Name Karai Amamoto
Kanji 淳百合
Rōmaji Amamoto Karai
Titles Pure (健気, Kenage)
Dark Child (闇の子, Yami no Ko)
Sun's Blessing (恩恵天日, Onkei Tenjitsu)
Storm (嵐, Arashi)
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Taurus May 3rd
Age Part 2: 12-25
Gender Male
Height Part 2: 170 cm (5'6)-196 cm (6'5)
Weight Part 2: 58kg (127 lbs)-102.1 kg (225 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Home Country LoL Symbol Land of Lilies
Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol Kumogakure
Occupation Shinobi
Clan Amamoto Strain Amamoto Clan
Yuri Symbol Yuri Clan
Family Seika Amamoto (Father)

Kirei Yuri (Mother)
Suteki Seisara (Stepmother)
Kiyome Yuri (Half-Sister)
Mihaya Amamoto (Half-Sister)

Rank Part 2: Genin to Jōnin
Classification Sensor
Ninja Registration HC5757
Kekkei Genkai Kōingan Kōingan
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release

Karai Amamoto (天元渦雷, Heavenly Whirlpool), a child born as the by-product of a forbidden romance between the likes of royalty and peasantry. Their love manifesting into a living entity, one that would develop their own hopes and dreams. A tale transcending that of social norms but also coming with dire consequences by the hands of the residing king. A loving union cut short by darkness clouding around Karai's induced arrival. Out of pure necessity, actions were quickly taken to spare the child from a life of forced poverty and out of her father's dictatorship. Costing the young mother to lose her child within minutes of knowing him. Leaving the child's father the task of raising the newborn alone. Being born prematurely, it took a few days for babe's skin pigmentation to settle in. As expected, the his skin matched that of a chocolate brown, mimicking his mother's tone for tone.

It was the tale of many first time fathers....





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