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Kasuka Fuyuzuki
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Name Kasuka Fuyuzuki
Kanji 冬月微か
Rōmaji Fuyuzuki Kasuka
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo.svg August 9
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
Home Country Land of Iron Symbol.svg Land of Iron
Previous Affiliation Land of Iron Symbol.svg Land of Iron
Clan Fuyuzuki Symbol.svg Fuyuzuki Clan
Family Tatsuhi (Brother)
Jōshō Unariten (Fiancee/Wife)
Satori Uzumaki (Niece)
Masumi Uzumaki (Niece).
Tools Yamafutokoro

Kasuka Fuyuzuki (冬月微か, lit. "Hazy Winter Moon") is a traveling figure completing odd jobs as she goes. Born into Iron Country's Fuyuzuki, she is the younger sister of Tatsuhi. However, life in her samurai family's compound proved draining. Not because of hatred or a lack of support. Nay, not even abuse. No, it was a self-inflicted sense of abject failure. Descending from a line of great samurai yet having no talent or skill for the sword proved her greatest shame. It didn't matter that Kasu proved a natural at the bow or naginata; they weren't "that" blade. Eventually it proved too much, causing her to leave the compound and spend her years on the road. Despite having found some reprieve in her own relationships, Kasuka seeks true peace within herself.


A beautiful day for a wedding.


"Seems I can't escape them now can I? I leave my home and the land of the samurai just to be confronted by ninja wielding them with far more precision than I could ever hope for. Then I fall in love with a samurai and the effortless movements of her blade. *sighs* It's inevitable."
— Kasuka on little reminders.


The bow among the swords.


Yamafutokoro (山懐, lit. "Heart of a Mountain"):

Her strength.


  • Her appearance is Kujou Sara from Genshin Impact.