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Katsumi Ōtsutsuki
GA - Katsumi Ōtsutsuki - Daimyō Pro
Name Katsumi Ōtsutsuki
Kanji 大筒木勝美
Rōmaji Ōtsutsuki Katsumi
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Pisces March 9
Gender Gender Female Female
Affiliation Land of Yin Symbol Land of Yin
Occupation Researcher on Artifical Life
Partner Kurumi
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Family Toyotama Ōtsutsuki (Mother)
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan Byakugan
Nature Icon Gutaika Gutaika

Katsumi Ōtsutsuki (大筒木勝美, Victorious Beauty of the Big Bamboo Tree) is a researcher residing in the Land of Yin. A member of that celestial family, she is the one black mark in a woman's crusade to keep her bloodline out of the hands of humans. Indeed, Katsumi's spent decades evading her mother's grasp, proving to be the one thing to give the "Awaihime" fits. As far as Katsu is concerned, it's a game "worth playing". Since escaping the latest trap her mother set, she's spent her days with a youthful, brilliant scientist, keen on helping her develop artificial life regardless of what others might think.



She can be summed up in a simple word: eccentric. Her mother's bane, Katsumi has been described as socially witty, quirky, prone to fits of laughter, and a class clown. Katsumi is defined as rather light-hearted in even the most dire of situations, poking fun at those who seek to hurt. She is typically characterized as someone who would laugh in the face of death. By her own admittance, she has a tendency to take things too lightly, particularly when she was a child. While not naive, Kat was prone to blatantly ignore protocol on more than one occasion, preferring her intuition to instructions given to her by an old fart. This often resulted in a severe chastising on the rare occasions she was caught. However, the young lass often utilized her skill to place the blame on others, weaving an elaborate story from just a grain of truth. Likewise, Katsumi notes she can be a bit of a habitual liar, preferring to deal in half-truths and false certainties for the sake of individual gain. However, she claims that she is working on her honesty, noting there would be nothing good to do if she continuously lied about everything. Thus, Katsumi understands the basis of social cues and how to heed them every now and then. Noting that following these rigidly would create the same boredom that she trying to avoid. In addition to her wittiness, she is shown to be pathologically flippant, often unable to contain herself when it comes to facetious musings. Often earning her quite a bit of physical abuse, leading to complaints that often go ignored. Despite her inclination towards verbal combat and the occasional prank, Katsumi does have a more honorable side.

The only person who are noted to witness this sight however are her research partner and close confidant Kurumi. She's the only one that Katsu will listen to when it comes to rolling back her dominant temperament, noting that they have enough to deal with besides a brilliant yet troublesome girl like herself. In return Kuru proves to be fiercely protective of her, noting that her wisecracking nature often results in fist fights when she plays the adversary for a fool. Likewise, Katsu loves Kuru like a sister, noting that she's one of the few people that is not uptight about everything. Occasionally Katsu extends this to children, finding them adorable and too innocent to spoil with her smart-ass nature. Indeed, she doubts many of them would understand what she was saying, resulting in all of that effort lost on them. Thus Kat doesn't even attempt this in most situations unless she has the feeling that a few are just a bit sharper than the rest.

GA - Katsumi Ōtsutsuki - Unfortunate Perversion

A touchy feely mentality that is often troublesome.

Among her more negative traits is a perversion that borders on sexual harassment at times. She seems unconcerned about the consequences, confident in her ability to wiggle out of trouble with the use of her wits and a silver tongue, having implemented this tools in the past. Katsumi is often found groping individuals, gaining a thorough feel for their dimensions and girth with just a few touches. Though she often overstays her welcome due to her lecherous nature, resulting in the occasional beatdown. However, she generally picks her target carefully, keenly observing body language as an attempt at self-preservation. However, if they are particularly enticing in their shape or size, Kat can't help herself. With most frozen in shock to see a feudal lord acting in such an unseemly manner. Notably, no one is safe from this, with even her mother, her sister, and Ainaka suffering the same effects. Katsumi generally rationalizes this behavior as an effort to see what she is working with, generally gleaning a first impression of women based upon the dimensions and form of their breasts. However, she can show restraint if they vehemently protest the invasion of space. Otherwise, she'll continue unabated. Regardless of the victim's actions, she often earns a karate chop on the head or being pulled by the ear; both courtesy of Ainaka.

GA - Katsumi Ō - Showtime

Playtime is over.

Perhaps incredibly, Katsumi possesses the ability to take a situation seriously. Such stoicism is normally reserved from research matters. Her voice cold and professional as she methodically dissects various situations with an ease befitting her genius. The woman proves to be a quick study when it comes to labyrinth machinations, sorting through the trivial and important aspects with a nimble dexterity. The woman appears far removed from her light-hearted sentiment and lecherous behavior, preferring to conduct business in a timely manner. She has a low tolerance for jargon in this state, immediately using her wits and sharp mind to humble those who dare speak out of turn. Indeed, her temperament is reminiscent of a calculated tyrant, though she does exercise a restraint normally absent from such figures. Katsumi has a penchant for dismissive behavior should a person not act in accordance with liking, immediately having the "distractions" removed. Indeed, the naturalness of this disposition often causes many to question if the dominant characteristics of her personality are simply a well-crafted facade.


GA - Katsumi Ōtsutsuki - Daimyō Appearance

The perpetual, infuriating smugness.

GA - Katsumi O - Disguised Formality

A different look for a different audience.



Historical Knowledge

Technological Know-How

GA - Katsumi Ōtsutsuki - Playing With A Project

Putting the finishing touches on a project.

Physical Prowess

GA - Katsumi Ōtsutsuki - Punching Power

That workout doe.


  • She is based on Shirona Kuraki from the Strike the Blood II.

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