Otusuki oc mug
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Voice Actors
English Troy Baker Icon - Search
Japanese Ken'yū Horiuchi Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 14
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 28-31
  • Part II: 32-35
  • Part I: 168 cm
    1.68 m
    5.512 ft
    66.142 in
  • Part II: 182 cm
    1.82 m
    5.971 ft
    71.654 in
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai
"Funsuikage" is not in the list of possible values (ANBU, Cooking-nin, Cyborg, Daimyō, Hunter-nin, Jinchūriki, Medical-nin, Mercenary Ninja, Missing-nin, Ninja monk, Pseudo-Jinchūriki, S-rank, Sage, Samurai, Sannin, Sensor Type, Summon, Tailed Beast, Chakravartin, Heavenly Sovereign, Sage Master, Transmigrant, N/A) for this property.
Occupation Funsuikage
  • Funsuigakure
  • Eclipse (former)
  • Konohagakure (Former)
  • Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Team Black Sun
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration 000666
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 7
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Swan Wings

Kazuhiko is one of the last surviving members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan.Raised as a orphan he was praised by the village as "The chosen one" as the village believed he was created by gods.Kazuhiko was the best friend of Ziro Uchiha and Former Member of Eclipse.His Unrivaled talent, skill, and Shikotsumyako prowess have made him one of the village's most capable ninja, and as such, both highly renowned and feared throughout the ninja world.He embodies the Will of Hatred,and such defected to start his own village Funsuigakure. Kazuhiko is infamous as Kazuhiko The Silver Swan for his white swan wings.He is considered to be one of the most dangerous shinobi's in history because of his charisma and intelligence as well as being the leader of the large terrorist group Black Sun.His main goal is to create a world free of suffering a world where evil doesn't exist.

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