Kazuma Senju
Titles Tenshura (天修羅, Literally meaning: Heavenly Carnage)
Tennō (天王, Literally meaning: Heavenly King)
Arashi no Sakigake (嵐の魁, Literally meaning: Harbinger of Storms)
Name Kazuma Senju
Kanji 千手主真
Romanji Senju Kazuma
Personal Status
Birthdate January 1
Age 24
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 177 cm
Weight 76 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country LOF Land of Wolves
Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire(Previous)
Clan Senju Clan
Family Akari Senju (Mother)
Mikado Senju (Father)
Saya Hayashi (Half Sister)
Katsuo Senju (Grandfather)
Partner Honoka Uchiha
Takeshi Himura
Occupation Village Leader
Affiliation Arashis Arashigakure
Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure(Previous)
Team Team Takeo
Rank Arashikage
Classification Sensor Type
Ninja Registration 159302
Academy Prom. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 18
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Star Star Release
Tailed Beast Amatsu-Mikaboshi
Unique Trait Can absorb Dark Energy
Nature Type Nature Icon Star Star Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Chakra Suppression Technique
Clone Great Explosion
Contract Seal
Fire Release:Fire Dragon Bullet
Fire Release:Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
Fire Release: Great Fireball Shower
Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
Flight Technique
Flying Thunder God Slash
Flying Thunder God Technique
Heavenly Transfer System
Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: Breath of the Thunder God Technique
Lightning Release: Sniper Rail
Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Bullet Technique
Lightning Release: Thunder God's Wrath
Sage Art: Lightning Release Heavenward Halberd
Sage Art: Star Release Divine Punishment
Sage Art: Star Release Meteor Shower
Sage Art: Star Release Star System
Sage Art: Star Release Starry Sky
Sage Art: Yin Release Lightning Dispatch
Sage Mode
Sensing Transmission
Shadow Clone Technique
Space–Time Barrier
Space–Time Rift
Star Release: Binary Star Technique
Star Release: Comet
Star Release: Dark Paradise
Star Release: Eight Shaku Curved Jewel
Star Release: Eight Span Mirror
Star Release: Heavenly Jeweled Spear
Star Release: Meteor
Star Release: Meteor Shower
Star Release: Photon Circle
Star Release: Pitfall
Star Release: Seven Star Sword
Star Release: Shooting Star
Star Release: Star Cluster
True Star Release: Amatsu-Mikaboshi
True Star Release: Morning Star
True Star Release: Supernova
Way of the Gods Sage Technique
Voice Actors
English Jamieson Price
Seiyū Masakazu Morita

Kazuma Senju (千手主真, Senju Kazuma) is Arashigakure's First Arashikage (初代嵐影, Shodai Arashikage, Literally meaning: First or Founding Storm Shadow). During his time in Konoha he became best friends and rivals with Dan Inuzuka, this rivalry would continue after both left their original villages. He founded Arashigakure with his friend Honoka Uchiha and his wise mentor Hideo Sarutobi, gaining the moniker Harbinger of Storms (嵐の魁, Literally meaning: Arashi no Sakigake) because of his ability to bring so many shinobi together to create the village. He is famously known as the Tenshura (天修羅, Literally meaning: Heavenly Carnage) due to his heavenly abilities and mastery of Space–Time Ninjutsu.

Kazuma and Dan's relationship has slowly changed over the course of many years, as well as his perception of his friend and rival. Kazuma sees Dan as someone who cannot see the world as it really is, seeing only what he wishes to see, while Kazuma prefers to keep an extremely realistic look on the world preferring to view the greed of others as the central cause to war. While Dan proved his valor through flashy battles to gain a namesake, Kazuma would show his ruthlessness to strike fear into his enemies hearts. Though both shinobi wish to have peace in the world their views on how to attain this peace are as opposite as day and night. Kazuma believes Dan to be one of the few people alive who could match him in open combat. Kazuma not only respects Dan's natural power, but more so his resourcefulness, knowing that attacking Dan would be tantamount to suicide as even if he were to best him countless other would spring up from the ashes to take Dans place.


Early Life


Kazuma's appearance as a child.

Kazuma was born to two Senju clan members, his mother Akari Senju and his father Mikado Senju, both high ranking Konoha shinobi. At the age of six months, his father sealed away the yin half of the deity Amatsu-Mikaboshi's chakra inside of him using a complex sealing technique. As a child Kazuma would spend his time with his mother and his grandfather, his father never much paying attention to him and always traveling. His early childhood was plagued with his insistence on capturing his fathers interest, leading him to train himself at a near constant while in the academy. His grades in the Academy were at the top of his class, and he learned higher ranking techniques from his grandfather, all in the hopes of impressing his father. As he got older he noticed his father change more and more, while originally seemingly being uninterested in Kazuma, his disinterest turned into contempt, glaring at Kazuma when he would attempt to talk to him, and ignoring him as he spoke. At the age of nine Kazuma was awoken by his mother in a panic, while still dazed he was forced on his feet and drug through the halls of his families home in an attempt to flee. When the two arrived outside, Kazuma finally adjusted, saw his father facing off against his grandfather. Akari, Kazuma's mother, in a state of worry, entered into her secret technique, which changed his mother into a demonic being. As she charged at his father, his father did the unthinkable and attacked Kazuma, with no time to defend, Akari simply jumped in the way of the attack and was struck down. With Kazuma now in the direct line of fire between both men, Katsuo was forced into holding his own strength back to avoid hurting his beloved grandson, an opportunity Mikado would not waste. After a short struggle, Mikado was able to gain the upper hand and mortally wounded Katsuo, all while Kazuma helplessly stared. Taunting Kazuma about his weakness, Mikado then revealed that Kazuma had a sister, and that he could no longer live in the restraints of the village, wishing to find true power. As he dissipated into the darkness, Kazuma ran to his grandfathers side, as he died, Kazuma vowed to never allow anyone he loved to die again.


Kazuma and Honoka, sealing their vow of friendship.

After the death of everyone he loved, time slowly began to move again, a new student entered into the academy named Honoka Uchiha, instantly becoming rivals with Kazuma. Honoka and Kazuma's rivalry would eventually become a very close friendship with both of them being able to understand the others pain. During one of their normal training sessions with each other, they were attacked by a bandit on the outskirts of the village, as both of them fought as hard as they could, it was only when Honoka reawakened her Sharingan that they were able to fend him off. Injured and tired, the two students began to tell each other about their parents, becoming each others first true friend. After deciding on their friendship the two again decided to vow to protect each other with their lives and to never grow apart.

While in the academy Kazuma became known for his unwillingness to work on teams, causing him to be placed into a special class of other prodigies who would be forced to work together to overcome their bias on teams. This is where he would be violently introduced to his new rival, with the two spending their first five minutes after meeting, attempting to kill the other.

The rest of his years in the academy slowly went by his rivalry and friendship with Honoka being the thing that he looked forward to. As rivals the two would test one another during the lessons in the academy both trying to show the other up in any way they could. During training exercises the two would always be at the top, in an ever changing race to keep first place. In the years later Kazuma would graduate at the top of his class and was assigned to a genin team with his teammates Ruka Nakamura, Takeshi Himura, and their jōnin sensei Takeo Hajime.

Genin Training

During his training as a genin Kazuma would argue with Takeshi at a near constant, causing their teacher to humorously punish them with strange forms of friendship training. During his first B-rank mission given to the team as a last resort, they encountered Yamato Ishida a member of Yūgure. The fight began with Yamato's strange Fire Release techniques catching Takeo off guard, unable to counter the flames that were appearing out of no where Ruka was knocked out of the fight nearly instantly. Giving Kazuma flashbacks of what had happened to his mother and grandfather the young boy froze in place, while on the outside it was only for about a second, inside his head he heard someone talk to him, though he could only hear the faint sound of another boy talking he heard a name repeated over and over, "Amatsu". When he finally recovered, he and the two remaining shinobi fearing for not only their safety but their incapacitated teammate's as well they worked out a strategy to take him down. During the next showdown a combined attack of Takeshi's Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet and Kazuma's Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet distracted the S-rank shinobi long enough for Takeo to land a decisive blow forcing him to flee. With injured chasing the man was unthinkable, but knowing that he would come back Takeo decided that they had no choice but to prepare. Yamato returned within three days, with Ruka still injured she was ordered to stay back and allow the rest of her team put into play the strategy they developed to beat their opponent. The Strategy was simple, Yamato had amazing offensive power but lacked and defensive means, so Kazuma and Takeshi would become decoys for his flames. As Takeo danced around the battlefield pretending to be pushed back with his students, an opening occurred, Kazuma being quick on the uptake launched his most powerful technique the Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet. With the flames splitting into three separate dragons and catching Yamato off guard in his over confidence, he was forced to offset the flames with his own to avoid damage. While he was defending himself against the flames, Takeo closed the gap between them and in one fell swoop launched a point blank Kenshingiri, leaving Yamato gravely injured on the ground. After a short rest he was taken back to Konoha as a prisoner to get information about the mysterious group Yūgure and Mikado Senju.

Chunin Exams

When it was announced that the Chunin Exams would be held in Kirigakure, Kazuma and his team were ready. After arriving to the testing site, the team was met by Shō Hyūga and Honoka Uchiha, their fellow leaf genin warning them that many of the genin were unhappy with being overshadowed by the arrival of a Senju and a Uchiha. They were abruptly interrupted by another leaf genin who told them that there were five stars of the exam, Kazuma the Senju, Honoka the Uchiha, Shō the Hyūga, Takeshi the Jinchūriki, and Daisuke Mizushima the Ice Release user. After passing through the written part of the exam and entering into Kirigakure's Island of Mist for the survival part, Kazuma's team finally ran into Daisuke Mizushima who told Kazuma not to lose because he wanted to be the one who took pleasure in defeating him one on one. After securing their scrolls and passing the survival part, they reached the final building where, Shō and Honoka's team had passed along with Daisuke Mizushima's team. With only nine genin left the preliminaries were skipped and everyone was given thirty days to train and prepare for the finals.

During training, Takeshi feeling inferior to his teammate and the other finalists, fell into a rage which unleashed Son Gokū. With only Honoka, Ruka, and Kazuma himself there as a first line of defense, the three first attempted to reason with the beast, when they realized Takeshi couldn't be reasoned with Kazuma decided they should go on the offensive. With Lava spewing at them, Honoka and Kazuma begin to counter attack launching volleys of their most powerful techniques at the Four-Tails. In a swift motion Honoka was knocked off her feet by the towering beast, with it preparing to finish her off, two things happened, first her Sharingan evolved back into the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, and second as the beast was about to crush her Kazuma somehow was able to get her out of the way. Angered even more the beast began to attack again, only this time it was intervened by Hideo Sarutobi, who placed a seal on it forcing Takeshi out of the transformation. With the battle concluded, Kazuma pleaded with the Hideo Sarutobi to help him become strong enough to protect his friends, and after seeing his bravery and courage agreed to teach him a secret technique. Kazuma spent the rest of the month training with the Hokage, and when it was concluded he seemed sure that he would be able to use his new technique.

With the final part of the Chunin Exams beginning, the matches were set, Kazuma would face Daisuke Mizushima, while Takeshi Himura would face Honoka Uchiha. During his fight with Daisuke, Kazuma was surprised by his opponent's abilities causing Kazuma to begin to fall behind. While slowly losing ground against the Ice Release, Kazuma decided the only way to win was to use the Flying Thunder God Technique, marking one of his Shuriken and using the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique to unleash a large amount of marked shuriken that scattered around the battlefield, giving Kazuma all he needed for a blind sided attack with his Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet which caught his opponent off guard, confusing him due to Kazuma jumping to different shuriken and releasing the Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Bullet Technique which hit Daisuke directly knocking him unconscious, winning Kazuma the match.

Making it to the final match with Honoka, the two began to clash matching Fire Release techniques against each other, it was obvious this was going to be a match of skill over power. Using the Honoka's own Fire Release to blind her, Kazuma threw a shuriken which was deflected into the air by Honoka, Kazuma created a clone which began to fight her as he used the Flying Thunder God Technique to jump to a Kunai he had thrown at her moments before, appearing above her. Deciding to focus on the real one, Honoka again unleashed a Fire Release technique at the Kazuma in the air, which when hit exploded into a torrent of lightning paralyzing Honoka. The Kazuma that was running at her finally standing in front of her with a kunai to her neck revealed that he used his Flying Thunder God Technique to send his clone above her, while he ran at her like the clone. Victorious Kazuma was promoted to Chūnin along with Honoka and Daisuke, all three gaining the approval of the Mizukage and Hideo Sarutobi.

Creating the Star Release

After becoming Chūnin and mastering his Nature Transformation's Kazuma heard of Iwagakure's Dust Release. He began traveling to through the Land of Earth hoping to gain inside information on the release, during his travels he encountered a shinobi who was learning the exact release he had set out to find. Hiding his intentions from the fellow teen he became friends with him, spending his days helping him work on the Dust Release while in secret working the mechanics of it out. After the two had trained with each other for a month, Kazuma finally admitted that he was attempting to create his own advanced nature Kekkei Tōta, his friend laughing at the thought of someone aside from his ancestor being able to create one. Now knowing Kazuma's intent the friend encouraged Kazuma's work and even helped him with learning ratios of natures. It was then that Kazuma began a trial and error period of mixing his Chakra Natures into one. One of Kazuma's first successful attempts to mix his natures went completely awry when the monster sleeping inside of him awoke. Kazuma flooded with Dark Energy for the first time screamed in pain, collapsing on the ground for days, but waking up reinforced with the energy he had absorbed. Deciding to leave his friend after their nearly three months of training Kazuma realized that there was something in him and whatever it was, it was dangerous.

During his travel back to his village he attempted once again to merge his natures resulting in another influx of the strange energy, prepared this time, Kazuma forced the energy back and managed to create his first bit of energy, incomplete as it may be was a step in the right direction.

Becoming a Jōnin



Kazuma's rage

During his childhood Kazuma struggled with the normal emotions the other children his age felt. It wasn't that he didn't have them at all, he simply struggled with feeling them as a normal child would, because of this he he would either not feel them at all or feel them so strongly that he was unable to control himself. Volatile at best his grandfather was able to teach him how to keep his raging emotions in check. Thanks to this Kazuma was able to live a semi normal life without losing control. Unrelenting even as a young boy, Kazuma was confident, competitive, and charismatic. A natural born leader which allowed itself to be shown to an extreme after learning to keep himself in check, always being chosen by his classmates to lead during events which required teams. His competitiveness knowing no bounds he refused to to lose at anything, spending hours or days perfecting strategies to win games that the other children played with him. Katsuo and Akari attributed his overly competitive and perfectionist like traits to a desire for his father's attention and approval.

After his father betrayed him and the village his personality became more rigid, closing himself off from the outside world completely. Kazuma became uncaring about others and decided that emotions were a weakness, a weakness he could no longer afford to have. After becoming friends with Honoka, Kazuma felt that she was the only one he could trust with his real feelings. Both children, suffering the loss of their parents would confide in each other about their feelings allowing Kazuma to finally reopen the steel door he placed in front of his raging emotions. As a genin, he was a cold logical thinker, who cared very little for his teammates only worrying about becoming stronger. Though he still had traits of competitiveness, never allowing himself to fall behind one of his teammates or allow one of then to overtake him in a challenge. Kazuma was well known for his sharp tongue through his entire childhood whether it be mocking an enemy or cornering his teachers with his words alone, Kazuma could dance around a conversation like it was a game.


Kazuma jumping to an injured Honoka to defend her.

As an adult Kazuma is aloof, sarcastic, cunning, calculating, and above all charismatic. His charisma led all those he met during his travels to join him in his very own village and makes it hard for most to dislike him, because of his calm aloofness, many young villagers believe him to be "cool" and idolize him for it. His silver tongue still present in adulthood allowing Kazuma to completely manipulate a conversation at will and even going as far as manipulating others with his own psychology, during conversations with those he dislikes he tends to mock their shortcomings and heavily rely on sarcasm and word play to cause them to trip over their own words. Fearing his own emotional instability he keeps his emotions closed off from the world, only Honoka is able to tell how he is truly feeling under his mask. Though he tends to keep his emotions under wraps he is still unable to completely ignore them, often showing comical annoyance with others and a deep sense of caring towards those in his village. Kazuma does not seem to show many negative emotions out of his own fear, only seen getting visibly angry when an innocent is killed, or Honoka's safety is threatened.

Though they have grown older Kazuma has not forgotten his vow with Honoka, with her being the only person Kazuma trusts completely. Kazuma and Honoka's bond is so strong that Kazuma has marked her with his Flying Thunder God Technique and seems to subconsciously keep a check on her Chakra signature while one of them is off on a mission. Though Honoka is grateful for Kazuma's friendship it comically seems to go to far at times, with Kazuma jumping to her location anytime he has a "bad feeling", which in turn causes Honoka to punch him.



Kazuma's armor

As a child Kazuma had short unkempt hair that fell over his forehead, he wore a vest with no shirt underneath and a large scarf around his neck. Children in his class believed Kazuma to look unapproachable or cool because of angry looking features and his piercing gray-blue eyes that reflected a vast icy tundra. Carrying a content look on his face through a portion of his childhood, his eyes would only truly light up when he was beating an enemy at a game. After the betrayal of his father Kazuma's face slowly became more emotionless his icy eyes finally matching his new personality.

As an adult Kazuma still carries his trademark gray-blue eyes, and short blueish-black hair. His hair always looks to be unkempt and spiky. Kazuma is normally seen wearing a fairly simple armor, that covers his chest and stomach, which has a long cloak with a high collar on it. There is also a front sash on the armor emblazoned with his his own personal crest. While under normal circumstances he does not wear a forehead protector as he finds them useless. When he does wear one however it is in the form of a happuri. Kazuma is typically known for his stoic and aloof nature, which normally leads to him having emotionless expressions most of the time. Though when smiling Honoka believes that his seemingly kind and happy face would be enough to convince nearly anyone to bend to his will. With his natural charm, Kazuma is able to exude an air of leadership at all times, because of this Hideo Sarutobi believed him perfect to take up the mantle of Arashikage.



Kazuma preparing his Star Release for battle.

Kazuma's speed

Kazuma's immense agility.

Kazuma is a prodigy of the Senju Clan as well as the sole user of the Star Release. Kazuma's greatest strength is noted as his ability to adapt to his opponent, as stated by Takeo Hajime. Kazuma is naturally gifted with immense speed and reflexes, during close range combat he prefers to always keep his enemy on their toes and unaware at what he is going to do next. Thanks to him being rivals with Honoka a master user of the Sharingan he has learned how to senselessly move to allow him to keep even the Sharingan guessing as to where he will strike from next. Kazuma's agility is great enough for him to face many Taijutsu masters in close range combat and be able to avoid their every attack, even master swordsmen with their extended reach have trouble touching Kazuma. Since his youth he has shown an unnatural prowess in the field of Ninjutsu, known to be able to use a technique to its utmost potential. As a testament to his prowess in Ninjutsu he was able to master three different nature transformations by the age of seventeen and went as far as creating his own Kekkei Tōta the Star Release. After becoming chūnin, Kazuma was taught the Flying Thunder God Technique, notably being naturally gifted in the technique he mastered it by the time he became jōnin. His mastery over the Flying Thunder God Technique and creation of the Heavenly Transfer System coupled with his immense speed and reflexes as well as his usage of the Star Release: Meteor has garnered him praise as the fastest shinobi in the world.

Jinchūriki Powers

Even though Kazuma has the yin half of Amatsu-Mikaboshi's chakra, he is unable to preform any Jinchūriki Transformations. This is due to the fact that Amatsu-Mikaboshi's chakra is so potent that Kazuma would be devoured by the shroud it would create. After subduing the beast he was granted the ability to passively absorb Dark Energy making him a conduit for the energy itself much like Amatsu-Mikaboshi is. This energy causes a corrosive effect on all matter that has or has been touched by chakra, once touched they become a host for the viral properties of the energy transferring it to any medium with chakra instantly. Kazuma has learned how to enhance his techniques by including the Dark Energy in their composition without making them "True Star Release" techniques by withholding the Yin-Yang Release which also dilutes the purity of the energy with it losing its viral like properties.


Kazuma, being a member of the famed Senju Clan possesses, incredible life force, as well as enormous chakra reserves. His charkra reserves are noted to be great enough to compare to that of a Tailed Beast in size. Due to the extreme potency of his chakra Kazuma can be sensed from kilometers away, with many sensors believing a new mountain had formed in the distance. When exposed directly to his chakra's pressure those weaker than him will begin to perspire in their own fear, become anxious, and have a growing sense of impending doom. Due to his chakra being so large it would normally be impossible to hide, but because Kazuma himself is a master sensor, he has learned to conceal it so well that when needed he is nearly impossible to sense through normal means, only being able to be found by focused senors.


Arashi's Presence

Kazuma's Presence


Kazuma's Command, forces his opponents to kneel to him.

Due his extreme power of will, Kazuma began to materialize Presence, while at first the presence was nothing more than gathered willpower with no definitive shape, it began to take form as Kazuma's Killing Intent began to fuse with it. When he begins to force his presence out, it forms into a giant black humanoid mass around him, becoming mountainous and dwarfing the battlefield. When facing a large number of opponents, many of them began to believe that Kazuma was a Shinigami and would take their souls. Kazuma's presence is beyond that of simple fear, causing all those subjected to it to listen to him out of a primordial respect to one greater than they are. Through this he is able to use the Command a skill in which those caught in his presence will obey his every order. Whether it be one or many, all those to weak to fight off his presence will be forced to obey him, taking away their movement, breathing, and other bodily functions. Using this ability Kazuma was able to completely kill a horde of bandits that looted a small village and killed a child in the Land of Fire, angrily taking away their ability to breathe, and not giving them permission to ever breathe in his presence again. When facing stronger foes who can break free of his presence, Kazuma is able to exert all of his presence at them at one time, momentarily paralyzing them and leaving them open to an attack.

Sensory Perception

Kazuma has always had particularly strong ties to his normal five senses, able to focus them to varying degrees, so it did not come as a surprise to him when he learned that he could sense others chakra. Like his predecessors before him he is able to simply touch the ground to read the chakra of those close to him. He has the ability to sense others chakra within a thirty kilometer range of himself, and when in close proximity of around one hundred meters he is able to read the movements and colors of a persons chakra, giving him details about their Chakra Natures as well as being able to sense if they're lying and is able to sense the type of person they are through the feel of their chakra. As a teammate of Ruka Yamanaka he was able to learn certain techniques associated with the Yamanaka Clan. Through training of his sensory abilities he is able to overcome his sense of sight by instead relying on his ability to perceive the chakra in his surroundings, natural or otherwise, by doing so he creates a real-time perception of the battlefield in his head which allows him to use techniques such as Star Release: Meteor at full speed without afflicting tunnel vision on himself, While in Sage Mode this is unneeded as his perception is enhanced to an amazing degree, allowing him to view the world as it looks as chakra, completely eliminating any speed afflicted harm to his senses. While in Sage Mode Kazuma can extent his sensory range across oceans to pinpoint chakra, though doing this require him to be completely still so he can completely focus all of his sage chakra into sensing.


  • Kazuma punching his opponent.
  • Aftermath of the punch.

Kazuma's Taijutsu style is completely based around his immense speed and reflexes. Kazuma prefers to use misdirection in combination with his speed to confuse his target of his next move. Kazuma has been noted to look like a blur during his fights as he moves so fast it is nearly impossible to tell which is an afterimage and which is the real thing even Sharingan masters have trouble keeping pace with his speed. Kazuma often employs a use of hit and run tactics, assaulting his target with a blur of attacks and proceeding into a defensive stance to await for an opening to exploit. His Taijutsu prowess is further enhanced to monstrous levels when using the Star Release: Meteor which increases his speed and reflexes allowing him to match even masters of Lightning Release Armour, his strength is also enhanced giving him inhuman strength. Combining his prowess with the use of his Flying Thunder God Technique and the Star Release: Meteor makes approaching Kazuma near impossible for most shinobi.



One of Kazuma's original Lightning Releases.

Known as a master of Ninjutsu, Kazuma has tirelessly spent years honing his abilities in the field. With most of his arsenal being elemental Ninjutsu. Kazuma seems to use techniques that have speed and power behind them, much like his own Taijutsu style. He is a master of Space–Time Ninjutsu, creating many techniques that manipulate the fabric of space. Early on his fighting style seemed to rely more on deception, using techniques such as Shadow Clone Technique and the Clone Great Explosion, to replace himself with a clone then detonating it to injure and disorient his opponents. After learning the Flying Thunder God Technique his fighting style evolved further from using deception to focusing more on speed and power. As a true testament to his prowess in Ninjutsu, Kazuma was able to create the Kekkei Tōta, Star Release, a combination of his Lightning, Fire, and Yang Releases, which he further enhanced with Amatsu-Mikaboshi's ability to use the Yin-Yang Release allowing him use of what he has dubbed the "True Star Release". He is also the creator of a number of Lightning Release techniques and created what he calls a ""perfected Flying Thunder God Technique". After learning Senjutsu and becoming a Sage, Kazuma is able to enter Sage Mode. Kazuma's Sage Mode allows him to absorb Dark Energy from the heavens instead of Natural Energy from the earth.

Nature Transformation


Kazuma releasing one of his Star Release techniques.

Kazuma's skill in Nature Transfomation is thought to be second to none. His mastery over this form of ninjutsu is so great that he was able to master his natural affinty by the time he became a chunin and mastered two other releases before he became a jōnin. His aptitude in Nature Transformation is so great that he was able to craft the Star Release by combining his existing elements at the age of nineteen and create all the techniques associated with it.

Kazuma is a master of Lightning Release with it being his original nature affinity. He often uses his Lightning Release Techniques to throw off his opponents neural systems through electrocution or to paralyze them long enough to set up a finishing attack. While it is no longer his main form of offense he has created techniques such as Lightning Release: Thunder God's Wrath which are strong enough to completely vaporize foes caught inside of the blast. He also created the Lightning Release: Breath of the Thunder God Technique to fend of multitudes of foes with large beams of lightning that he fires out of his mouth. For pinpoint attacks from a distance he will fall back on his Lightning Release: Sniper Rail to neutralize any foes who are not aware of him. While mostly fallen out of practice due to his newer abilities Kazuma can create clones which he uses to confuse his opponent further on his whereabouts and to allow the clone to get close enough to explode releasing large discharges of electricity. Kazuma is also a master of Fire Release with him mainly using it to distract foes with large clouds of burning ash. His mastery of the Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet is great enough for him to turn the flames white turning anything caught inside it to turn to ash in a matter of seconds. During his years with Honoka Uchiha he was taught many Uchiha Clan Fire Release techniques, like the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation and the Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction which he tends to use for crowd controlling his enemies.

Being his own creation his Star Release is his main form of combat which he has successfully melded with his own physical abilities and Space–Time Ninjutsu. His main form of combat with the Star Release is to use his Star Release: Heavenly Jeweled Spear to create blades of energy that can slice through the toughest of defenses. He also combines it with his Star Release: Meteor to enhance his already immense speed to another level, and increase his swinging strength. Through the use of his Flying Thunder God Technique he is able to substitute a physical blade with his energy blade to use the Flying Thunder God Slash. Though he excels at close range combat with the Star Release he is equally competent at mid range through combinations of his various techniques. His preferred method to fight at mid range is to use the Star Release: Comet to create beams off of his punches and kicks that are great enough to fell giant trees and buildings. Through the use of his Star Release: Seven Star Sword he fires pillars of energy down on his opponent with enough force to mortally wound them. His Star Release: Eight Shaku Curved Jewel is his fastest Star Release with the widest range and power, which can level the entire area that the technique is fired upon. While not used as much since his mastery of the Flying Thunder God Technique, his Star Release: Eight Span Mirror allowed him near instantaneous movement to anywhere the light could touch. The Star Release: Dark Paradise has always been noted to be the darkest of all of Kazuma's Star Release techniques, it is later found that this is due to him unconsciously using Dark Energy in the techniques composition, it being the first technique in his arsenal to use the unique power. After learning of this ability Kazuma created another keystone in his release this time creating black orbs that he can use for a variety of objectives.

True Star Release

According to Kazuma, the Star Release he originally created was flawed, this was due to there being an imbalance of Yang in the release. After studying the Yin Release and the Yin-Yang Release which was granted to him by Amatsu-Mikaboshi he found that balancing the nature out with Yin-Yang Release would bolster it's abilities and allow him to create new ones. The "True Star Release" has the nullification abilities of the Yin-Yang Release but also has the viral effect of Dark Energy making it a power of pure destruction.

By expending the Dark Energy his body naturally absorbs he is able to enhance all of his techniques at will by altering their composition to that of Yin-Yang Release instead of Yang Release, at times this does nothing more but increase the power of the attack and grants it the nullification and destructive abilities of the Yin-Yang Release and Dark Energy respectively there are times when the technique's composition is changed like the Star Release: Heavenly Jeweled Spear. The viral like properties cause chain reactions in biological mediums that not only cause decomposition in the objects in question but anything that was making physical contact with said object at the time of initial infection making the "True Star Release" an instrument of widespread ruin. As with the Yin-Yang Release ninjutsu abilities become useless as it nullifies them. This forces the targets to rely on Senjutsu or Taijutsu to combat Kazuma.

After completing his new found ability Kazuma created a number new techniques that take advantage of the new found properties. The True Star Release: Morning Star creates numerous enhanced Star Release: Heavenly Jeweled Spear's that he then arranges for different patterns of attacks, either forcing the blades to slash at an opponent close up leaving them to fend of a sheer number of blades that can cut through ninjutsu or by arranging them in the air and causing them to shatter and rain down on his opponents shredding them as the blades fall to the ground. He also has his two trump cards; the True Star Release: Supernova which allows him to either fire a dense orb of energy from his person or create it in the sky to drop down on a targeted area completely obliterating everything in its field of effect which rivals that of a Tailed Beast Ball, and finally his most powerful technique True Star Release: Amatsu-Mikaboshi which overloads the Star Release with Dark Energy and releases an enormous mass of black energy that turns anything caught inside its massive power into nothing.

Space–Time Ninjutsu


Kazuma using the Flying Thunder God Technique

Kazuma was taught the Flying Thunder God Technique at the age of fourteen after saving the village from Takeshi's momentary loss of control. He was also taught the Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder an ability which allows him to send any attack to a different location that he has marked off, he can further manipulate the barrier into many smaller barriers or a larger singular barrier that can stretch the entirety of Arashigakure during attacks. He is also able to combine it with his Star Release and Sage Mode to create the Sage Art: Star Release Meteor Shower which allows him to form numerous spears out of the Space–Time Barrier and then fire them at great speeds, by using a multitude of smaller barriers he is also able to create omnidirectional attacks with the spears. The Flying Thunder God Technique quickly became a core piece of Kazuma's fighting style, so much so that it has become embedded into his fight or flight response, subconsciously jumping to the last place he marked the instant he senses danger and an unknown force touches skin, because of this assassination attempts or anti-sensory abilities become much less effective against him. Another advancement he has made to to the technique is the unique ability to use an extremely small portion of his Dark Energy to create what he calls an infective mark, which will place itself on anything that makes physical contact with the mark. When utilizing the technique in battle, Kazuma uses it as a key part of his strategy either by marking his target so he can jump to them to land an enhanced blow or by using the Flying Thunder God Slash combined with his Star Release: Heavenly Jeweled Spear to mortally wound a target leaving them unsure of what has happened.

His ability with the Flying Thunder God Technique eventually allowed him to create the Heavenly Transfer System and the Space–Time Rift two techniques which he considers the pinnacle of their parent technique. The Heavenly Transfer System allows him instantly transmute himself or anything he touches or marks off with his chakra into Dark Energy which he can then instantly warp to another point of Natural Energy or Dark Energy. A technique which would overtake his use of the Flying Thunder God Technique thanks to its ability to bypass the use of seals, Kazuma tirelessly worked on its mechanics to perfect it. The execution speed of the technique rivals that of his original Flying Thunder God Technique allowing him to utilize his previous strategies without marking his enemies. through the use of this ability he is able to traverse across the world as long as he is able to sense the energy in the area, he is able to send chunks of land to different areas by marking them off with his own chakra. The only downsides to this new technique are that the amount of chakra required to warp is directly proportionate to the size and distance of whatever he is warping and to transport another person he must first physical make contact with them, once this is done he can then send them anywhere that has natural or dark energy. He is known for using this technique to send his opponents into the upper atmosphere and proceed to let them fall to their deaths as he believes it gives them time to repent on their sins and grants them a quick death. Through the use of the Space–Time Rift Kazuma is able to completely control battlefields, the technique allows him to create rifts in space that he can then send people or objects into, allowing them to exit at another point within Kazuma's sensory field. Through this he is able to mount instantaneous collaboration assaults by moving people in and out of the rifts, through the same principle Kazuma can also create rifts around his enemies attacks reflecting them at other targets, he has even shown the ability to transport entire mountains onto enemy forces. Kazuma is also able to use the dimension connected to his rifts to escape, trap his opponents, or to use for a storage system that no one can find.



Kazuma in his Sage Mode

Like his predecessor Kazuma also trained in the art of Senjutsu and is able to enter it near instantaneously. Kazuma's Sage Mode has been noted by many to be different from many other practitioners of the technique. Instead of gathering Natural Energy Kazuma instead gathers Dark Energy, this is due to him having the yin hald of Amatsu-Mikaboshi's chakra sealed inside of him. When the Dark Energy is balanced inside of him is takes an outwardly appearance in the form of different markings and black Chakra flowing off of his person. While in Sage Mode Kazuma's power is drastically enhanced giving his already immense speed and reflexes a boost to allow him to match those using techniques such as Lightning Release Armour. Kazuma's senses are enhanced to allow him to view the world as if it were made up of energy, also enhancing his synapses which allows him to move as fast as he likes without inducing tunnel vision on himself. Due to Dark Energy working much like Natural Energy Kazuma can use Senjutsu like the Sage Art: Star Release Starry Sky which creates numerous spears of dark matter above his targets head which is then dropped on them with devastating force or techniques that envelop large areas with lightning.

Way of the Gods Sage Technique


Kazuma's usage of the Way of the Gods Sage Technique.

After learning to utilize Amatsu-Mikaboshi's chakra sealed within him, Kazuma was able to gain access to the Way of the Gods Sage Technique which draws in massive amounts of Dark Energy and combines it with not only his own Chakra but also Amatsu-Mikaboshi's. When entering this form Sage Art: Star Release Star System is automatically activated, which creates numerous black stars which orbit around Kazuma, anything that closes within ten meters of his person will automatically be struck down by the stars, while its defensive power is amazing, he is also able to fire them at a target creating devastating damage. While in this form Kazuma's abilities are drastically improved allowing him to destroy entire mountains. His physical capabilities are drastically enhanced allowing him to take down the Four-Tails with physical force alone. Though the technique gives him power comparable to many other legends, it is not without its drawbacks, as currently Kazuma only holds the yin half of Amatsu-Mikaboshi severely limiting the physical energy needed for the technique causing him to only keep it stabilized for around five minutes before becoming exhausted. He also seems to be limited to using Star Release while this mode is active.


Kazuma is a very shrewd man, known when he was younger to rely on his deceiving qualities to win battles. He is also adept in strategy and tactics. During the Forest of Death his team was easily able to make it through without a hitch because of a strategy he made to trap another team as to get their scroll. In battle it is known that his battle strategies are some of the best, while not being at the level of the Nara Clan he has shown great deductive reasoning, quick thinking, and the ability to always be two steps ahead of his opponent. His knowledge also extends to his Ninjutsu abilities, having great intuition when it comes to combining his techniques into more powerful ones, bringing out a techniques full potential and finding subtle weaknesses in techniques to exploit.

He was shown to outsmart the upper brass of Konoha who would allow him to go on expeditions into the Land of Wolves, where he would eventually found his own village. Using his own cunning mind and charming personality he was able to convince a multitude of fellow shinobi to join him in his new village.

His intellect is truly shown when it comes to crafting and perfecting abilities, not only was he able to create a Kekkei Tōta but was also able to enhance its abilities through the use of Yin-Yang Release. He perfected his Flying Thunder God Technique making two original techniques which he considers perfected versions of their parent technique. With his knowledge of ninjutsu as well as his ingenuity he was able to create a brand new version of his grandfather's ability even though Kazuma himself cannot use the technique.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Overall 5 5 3.5 4.5 3 5 5 4 35


  • If Kazuma had a page in the databook it would say:
    • Kazuma's hobby is Training.
    • Kazuma wishes to fight his father and have a rematch with Dan Inuzuka.
    • Kazuma's favourite foods are Gyūdon (牛丼) and Kushiyaki (串焼き), while his least favourites are anything with seafood.
    • Kazuma has completed 222 official missions in total: 56 D-rank, 68 C-rank, 32 B-rank, 45 A-rank, 21 S-rank.
    • Kazuma's favourite word is Growth (成長 Seichō).
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