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editKebukai Yajuu
Kebukai Yajuu
(毛深い野獣, Yajuu Kebukai)

  • Monkey (サル, Saru)
  • Monster (怪獣, Kaijuu)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Patrick Seitz Icon - Search
Japanese Kazuhiko Inoue Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 18
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 45-52 (Deceased)
Kekkei Genkai Ōzaru(Kekkei Genkai)
Occupation Leader of the Yajuu Clan
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Clan Yajuu Clan
Nature Type

Kebukai Yajuu'(毛深い野獣,Yajuu Kebukai) was the founder and leader of the Yajuu Clan.


Kebukai was born to two rouge shinobi they loved and cared for there child. One night he lost control and transformed into Ōzaru and killed his parents, making him an orphan. Over the next few months he lived alone in the wilderness of the Land of Woods. He later met Tousan. The ape took the child under his wing and raised him and taught him how to live and survive, he also taught him how to control his Kekkei Genkai. When Tousan died Kebukai later travelled the country and found what would later be the Yajuu Clan he taught them how to also control the Ōzaru and he became the clans first leader.


Kebukai was a tall and muscular man with shoulder-length reddish orange hair, which is kept slicked back, and some stubble around his mouth and on his chin. His attire is simple and practical, consisting of a dark, tattered cape over his bare chest, with a high collar and armored plates on the shoulders, held closed by a belt and usually covering his whole figure, and loose dark pants, complete with an armored waist-guard with plates similar to the ones on his shoulders, tucked inside simple boots, he also carried a Gunbai with him on his back.


Kebukai was a very kind hearted man, he hated seeing conflict and liked resolving it in a calm and peaceful manner. Kebukai was also very loving of children as he would normally be seen playing with them and training them as he saw that the children were the true key to survival as they would be the next generation.


Moster shroud

Kebukai's monster shroud.

Despite his calm and peaceful life, Kebukai was known for being very dangerous in battle. Because of of this he was admired as Monster(怪獣, Kaijuu). He was a very dangerous opponent and which is why no other clan members tried to take his place for clan head.

Nature Transformation

Yajuu Clan Techniques

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