Keenan Kaguya

Age: 15

Blood type: A

Gender: Male

Village: Kobarutogakure

Country: Kinzoku no Kuni

Village of Origin: Kirigakure

Rank: Genin


Keenan looks very similiar to Naruto in many ways. He has spiky white hair, blue eyes, and is like Zugumaru Enziegne always seen smiling.


Originating from Kirigakure he went to the Blood Bath Academy until Zugumaru Enziegne found him crying outside in front of the Mizukage's manor. Zugumaru made him feel better and as he got to know Zugumaru and his brother he ranaway with them to find a purpose during that trip he was kidnapped by his thought-to-be deceased brother Kimimaro Kaguya and he forced his brother to learn the ways of the Shikotsumyaku (lit. "Dead Bone Pulse") and soon J.R. Enziegne killed Kimimaro and Keenan was reunited with Zugumaru. He has a big crush on Kegawa Inuzuka's sister Ago Inuzuka.