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Major Character

"I've always been in the shadows of others. One of my teammates was an Uchiha, skilled in Flying Thunder God and white fire, and the other was the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails, who eventually became Raikage. Even my sensei was renowned in his own right. That left me to light my own way. I turned to my affinity, and it provided. Lightning is a powerful force, one that can take you down in an instant. Don't you dare count me out. You'll shockingly regret it."
— Kei.

"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work."
— Mark Twain

Kei "K" Yotsuki
Name Kei "K" Yotsuki
Kanji 夜月明い
Romanji Yotsuki, Kei
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo August 7
Age 40
Gender Gender Male Male
Blood Type B
Hometown Kumogakure (Serksie) Symbol Kumogakure's Ruins
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Lightning Country
Clan Yotsuki Symbol Yotsuki Clan
Kōdzuki Symbol Kōdzuki Clan
Family C (Father)
J (Uncle)
Kinkaku (Paternal Ancestor)
Ginkaku (Maternal Ancestor)
N (Daughter)
Omoi (God Father)
Darui (Foster Uncle)
Kiyoshi Yuri (Godson)
Partner Mamoru
Previous Partner Yoru
Occupation Head Ninja
Kinkaku and ANBU Leader
Affiliation Kumogakure (Serksie) Symbol Kumogakure
Team Kinkaku Force (Chix) Symbol Kinkaku Force

M & K Combo
Spark Duo

Previous Team Team Omoi
Rank S-Rank
Classification Sage


Ninja Registration 203933
Academy Prom. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 20
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Electromagnetism Electromagnetism
Tailed Beast Essence of Kiba (swords)
Hiden Techniques Purple Lightning
Black Lightning
White Lightning
Silver Lightning
Unique Trait Will Lightning
Shield of Sand
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release (Affinity)

Nature Icon Magnet Magnet Release (Denji)
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release

Jutsu All Basic Techniques

Adrenal Technique
Arashinomichi (And Derived)
Ball of Light Technique
Black LRCM
Body Controlling Technique
Body Fluid Shedding Technique
Body Pathway Derangement
Chain Lightning Technique
Chakra Absorption Technique
Chakra Scalpel
Concealed Sand Picture Cat
Disturbance Taijutsu
Dual Hell Stab
EM Avatar Mode (And Derived)
Flash of Lightning Pillar
Flight Technique
Flying Golden God Technique
Focused Bee
Genesis of Changing Charges
Great Yang Method
Heavenly Transfer Technique
Heavens Thunder
Hell Stab
Hell Stab Art: Side Swipe
Hell Stab Art: Sky Drop
Hell Stab Art: Super Strikes
Hiding in Chakra Technique
Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Lightning Clone Technique
Lightning Fūinjutsu Transcription
Lightning Gold Self
Lightning Gun Technique
Lightning Gun: Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
Lightning Release: Lightning Trap
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release Armour
Lightning Release: Soul Hunter
Lightning Release: Thunder
Lightning Release: Transformation Technique
Lightning Transmission
Lightning Tornado: Magnetic Demon
Magnet Ninja Art
Mental Barricades
Midnight Thunder
Movement Masking
Orbs of Light
Palmed Lightning Ball
Plasma Ball
Playing With Light Technique
Quintessence: Scintillant Lightning
Repulsion Technique
Sand Lightning Needles
Shadow Clone Technique
Silent Killing
Static Embrace
Storm Dragon Sage Technique
Summoning (Jellyfish, Thunderbird)
Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Super Mini-Lightning
Surging Stages
Tailed Beast Lariat
Third Eye
Thunder School: Full Body Strike
Thunder School: Wild Dance
Thunder Splitting
Thunders Sword
Vector Technique
Wave Transmission Technique
Will Materialisation
Wind School: Penetration

Weapons His Equipment

Kei Yotsuki (Light of the Night Moon, 夜月明い, Yotsuki Kei) codenamed the infamous letters K and B, is the Head Ninja (忍頭, Shinobigashira) and one of the best Shugokage (守護影, Safeguard of the Shadows) of the Hidden Cloud. He is not only revered as one of five Gorosei, a name coined to the strongest shinobi of his time but as one of the nine Wakusei as well, a secretive organization dating back to the origin of the Shinobi Organisational System. The son of the legendary C, he is also the jinchūriki of the Storm Dragon and the mastermind behind the elite forces of Kumogakure: the Kinkaku and ANBU forces. Proof of his high ranks, he takes charge of Tropical Kumogakure and his position as an elite of Kumo, the unison of the noble Yotsuki and Kōdzuki Clans and a direct descendant of both of the Gold and Silver Brothers. A part of the M-K Combo, Kei serves as the elite tag team partner to the Raikage and Eight Tails jinchūriki, as well as the partner of various Kumogakure ninja as the shinobi known as B. As the second highest ranking shinobi of Kumogakure, second only to the Raikage himself, Mamoru (A), Kei represents the village on various occasions and has proved invaluable to the shinobi of the Kumo name.

Dedicated to Cloud and Lightning Country, he is a war veteran, having fought to stabilize the country into its current state. Known as a general of Kumogakure, Kei is a great leader, who is on the forefront of bringing Kumogakure into a new age, one of technology, and one deemed to be better than ever before.

Renowned as the Lord of Striking Thunder, a master of the Lightning Release, he has evolved it into the fundamental force, electromagnetism, and minor control over another, weak force. Master of Kumogakure's most elite techniques, such as Lightning Release Chakra Mode, Hell Stab, and Black Lightning, he has long since expanded on them massively. Having derived many styles from basic Lightning, he is noted to be very skilled. His prowess not stopping there, Kei is known to be great in other fields. Wielding many famous swords, such as the Kiba and Nuibari, alongside many Swords of the Thunder God, Kei establishes himself as one of the best shinobi Kumogakure has ever produced. A spy by many names, he is believed to have infiltrated the very fabric of the criminal underground, and of the pirate trade, among other things.

Having been prominent in the Shinobi Union due to his status in Kumogakure, he became employed by them when necessary. And after abandoning certain viewpoints, they trusted him more and more. After meeting with Seika and Hagoromo, Kei became dedicated to not only the Cloud but also to the Union and by extension the world. He became the representative to the Union from Kumogakure, having been passed on the title from his sensei. Using his skills, he began to uncover Black Zetsu's plot shortly before it started but he could not fully understand what was to come. With the fall of Hoshigakure, the Shinobi Union eventually became divided and fell. Kei viewed this as a failure he had to fix as Black Zetsu's attacks had begun because he and others had failed to truly see him coming.

Setting his sights on Black Zetsu's Empire and the clan he represents, he aims to establish a world where Kumogakure and the Union can prosper. A world he can leave behind for the next generation of Kumogakure shinobi, as well as Union shinobi to protect and maintain, especially for his daughter Nikukei and godson Kiyoshi. He finds himself at odds with Black Zetsu, as the latter tries to achieve his goals. Kei goes head to head with the being, creating a rebel faction to save not only Kumogakure from Black Zetsu, but the world. Enlisting help from every survivor of the start of war, from shinobi, to samurai, to animal and others, Kei finds himself in a mix of yet another complex struggle, one that will change the course of the world's fate forever.


Early Life

The Land of the Lightning was probably the worst off in the aftermath of a War between Gods. Plagued by natural disasters, it made living life in that country almost a living hell. But the people of the Land of Lightning were tough, brave, prideful. Some even called them arrogant. But no, truly they are just proud people, loyal to their home until the very end.

This is where the story of Kei begins. The son of the renowned C, bodyguard to A, he was born during a time of strife for the Lightning Country. When most wouldn't recommend having a child. But C, the-ever-loyal Hidden Cloud shinobi, did. It was to help the Lightning Country, who had begun to fall short of great shinobi after the war. Ones of amazing caliber had died in the war, or were stuck rebuilding what could in the Lightning. Terrorized every day by the memories of their fallen comrades. This experience made C realize he was mortal, and could die any day. Upon returning to his home, he quickly went back to his dark-skinned Kōdzuki Clan fiancee, and soon fathered a child by her. This child, would come to be named Kei, the unison of the Yotsuki (where C hailed from) and Kōdzuki Clans.

Kei grew up under the care of his mother; as his father was soon called by his friend Darui to take care of the son of Killer B. So at first, Kei came to loathe his father at times, as he barely got to see him. He spent most of his time protecting Mamoru, from those who might hurt him. However, as he grew, he came to respect him, as he was doing what he needed for the village. This was explained to him by his mother, who was his teacher in his early years. This led to Kei being one of the few to know of Mamoru’s existence, and who he truly was at such an early stage of the jinchūriki’s life. Of course, he couldn’t make sense of it at the time.

Kei’s early life was also pestered by constant storms, as a result of the natural energy overload in Lightning Country. He never really had a single home. It was only a matter of time with each house he lived in before he had to move yet again. However wherever he was, he felt at home, under his mother’s care.

It was under that care, and C’s recommendation, more of urging, that brought Kei to the academy. His mother helped him through his studies, and by his own work ethic, Kei began to train on his own, honing his body in order to keep up with the academy’s tests. Kumogakure’s Academy does have a lot of physical work in it. This allowed him to excel in the Academy during his stay.

As Mamoru had begun to stay at the academy as well now, Kei got to spend more time with his father. This allowed for them to bond at least for a short time. He influenced Kei, and Kei became determined to help Kumogakure however he could. He also helped Kei discover his lightning affinity. This can be traced as the source as Kei’s repeated dedication to his studies and to his training. He bonded with his mother during study, and his dad during training, become a powerful and smart child. He made a bunch of friends, including Enkyo, a fellow clansmen, who he helped out with his expertise.

In the academy, Kei begun to see Mamoru up close and even befriended him. The day Mamoru’s secret was out; he had even forgotten what his parents had told him about him. He really began to question if Mamoru was capable of what they said, the people of Kumogakure. As the graduation exams drew nearer, more and more did the Land of the Lightning’s people oppose to Mamoru’s staying in the academy. So he was taken out. Kei soon had to study and focus on graduating, and with Mamoru’s withdrawal, soon Kei’s time with his father became less and less.

However, he was thankful for the time he had with him, as he had taught him many things. With this, he was able to pass Kumogakure’s academy graduation exams with ease. He was soon put onto a genin team, where he would be pushed to his very limits.

Pushing Himself, A New Team

Team Omoi.

Assigned to a team under the care of the master jonin, Omoi, Kei’s training as a genin started off with a bang. Omoi, a hero from the war against Gods, was a tough teacher, pushing the genin to their limits physically at first, everyday, as it was the norm for Kumogakure to have physical pushing tests.

After tests of the body, Omoi began to teach them. Of ninjutsu, of genjutsu, of improving taijutsu. This is where Kei began to learn and become comfortable with the basics of shinobi combat. Progressing well enough, he was not the best of the best; the title belonging to one of his teammates, a prodigy.

Kei met his first rival, Yoru Uchiha while on this team. The child in question was indeed a member of the famed Uchiha Clan, and as a result, was a true prodigy, graduating from the academy a year younger than Kei.

Yoru already showed tremendous progress as a ninja, with some skill already shown in the Fire Release. As an Uchiha, he was truly just well-rounded shinobi, even for a genin. He was easily above Kei and the other genin of the team. Whenever the team went on missions, Yoru was in the lead out of the trio, and soon, it looked like he’d be recommended to the exams, at least to Kei. Team Omoi became known for Yoru only, the other two in his shadow.

Kei sought to change this. Asking for private lessons under his sensei, he would be trained in the art of the sword, and his lightning nature, for the next two years. This is where Kei learned the Cloud Style basics, from the sword master, who gave him his first sword. Omoi also helped Kei master some basic lightning techniques, including the Thunderbolt and the Stream.

For two years, Kei, Yoru and the other genin trained under the legendary war hero Omoi, who helped them become skilled, for genin at least. Wanting them to all go to the exams at once, he didn’t send them the first year after their graduation, due to Kei and the other genin not being ready yet. A year later, he then took them all there after Darui, the Fifth Raikage’s approval, as he was sure then that all would pass. At the age of 12, Kei and his Team set out from Kumogakure in sight of the Land of Iron, as it was where the exams were being held that year, 12 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

Chūnin Exams

The cold, unforgiving Iron Country.

Laden in white, wherever Team Omoi went was covered with snow and ice. A trademark of the home of the samurai. Ever since the Fourth War, the Land of Iron had begun to mingle with the shinobi lands. The shinobi managed to grow on them per se, and the samurai and shinobi began to coexist together. The Land of Iron was thus brought into the rotation for the exams, and by the time Kei was entering, it was their time to organize the exams.

But this also meant a more physically demanding exam for the Kumogakure ninja, a more grueling one. The samurai are a people who learn by doing, who give trust and respect based on action. So it was obvious that an exam hosted by them would test the body physically, and the mind on the field of battle and survival.

After Team Omoi arrived in the Country, they settled into huts at the edge of the border, not comfortable at all. However, the best of warriors need to work hard, even in the least favorable conditions.

The first test? Sword proficiency. Early in the morning, the genin were aroused and gathered. Kei being among them of course, they were each given a set of two wooden swords, used for the first part of the exams. These involved sparing one to one, with these swords alone. Pairs were made, and Kei soon found himself up against a huge Iwagakure genin, one of massive strength. Nervous at first, he soon put aside his fear when given a speech by Yoru, inspiring him to try his best for Kumogakure and the Lightning Country.

Doing just that, he stepped onto the arena, where the pairs faced off. A ring of sorts, it was more of a boxing ring than anything else; closed off, with an audience all around, and a proctor samurai up above, announcing the start.

As the battle begun, the Rock’s genin came out swinging. It was Kei could do to block the huge guy’s swipes at his face. As this sword fight continued, it was easily seen that Kei wouldn’t prevail as long as he continued to stay on the defensive. And as some strikes of the Iwagakure genin began to get past his defenses and actually hit the Kumogakure ninja, it was clear Kei needed a change of strategy. And soon. So Kei got to thinking, as he analyzed the movements of the shinobi. Kumogakure’s Academy had not only taught him physical domination; for what if your opponent is just stronger than you? You analyze their fighting style, and use their weak points as places to hit with your own physical strength.

Doing just that, Kei realized that between strikes, the genin’s neck was open. So, instead of blocking the next strike that came towards him, he dodged and rolled closer to the genin. Getting up, as he had surprised the genin by getting behind his defenses so easily, he swiftly struck the neck of his opponent with his wooden sword, taking him down and winning the match. The neck is usually a weak spot.

Congratulated by shinobi and samurai alike for his victory, it was noted by the samurai proctors that he was a potential candidate for becoming a chunin. However, even among all this good cheer, he was still stared at with vengeful looks by the Iwagakure genin’s teammates. Disregarding them at the time, he went to celebrate with Omoi, Yoru, and U (ユー, Yuu), his last teammate. Yoru and U had passed as well, with the former doing it through sheer skill, and the latter more thinking on his feet, like Kei did.

The first test continued till the end of the first day. With the day’s conclusion, it was shown which of those had moved on. In the dire times, not a lot of participants had formed this year, leading to only 60 genin at the start of the exam, and at the end of the first, half had moved on, the half that won their duels. This left the winning 30 to face the second and third trials.

The second trial was simple in a way. At the start of the second day, the 30 succeeding candidates had been transported to the Three Wolves, at the base. The task? The genin had a week to survive and climb to the top of the three mountains. Reaching one of four points would signify success; the center peak of the three, or if it came down to it, the peaks of any of the three mountains that made up the Three Wolves. There would be units of samurai set up here, in huts, ready to welcome the winners. The winners would then be taken to the central location, where the finals would begin sometime afterwards. However, there was a condition. Even though the climb of the mountains would be hard enough, especially in a week for the genin, it was also made so that only six teams (or only 18 genin) that had gathered at the base could advance. As soon as 18 had made it to one for the four checkpoints, everyone else would be eliminated; this forced getting to the checkpoints as quick as possible, a priority.

So as soon as the exam started, Team Omoi went straight to work scaling the mountains. The going was tough, and it was all they could do to keep their focus in the cold, and use their chakra to stay attached to the surface of the mountains. Within the first day, they barely made progress up the mountain, but thankfully hadn’t seen any opposing teams. Other candidates could serve as obstacles on this exam; they were also things to overcome, as they may try to sabotage your chances of getting up to the top- to lower down the competition so to speak.

Without seeing anyone the first day, the team had gotten the hang of their adhesive chakra technique basics, in order to do it without consciously focusing on it. This also allowed them to hunt for the little game on the mountain, and collect mountain grass without opposition. This allowed them to survive the first day.

With the second day, now relaxed, with vigor, Team Omoi attempted climbing again. Making progress, this day was much different from the first. Around noon, they came around another camped team; a group of Sunagakure shinobi, not really adjusting to the cold. Team Omoi was lucky to have Yoru on their squad, with his heating capabilities. Kei was not willing at first to take out this team, but Yoru insisted it would be effective in progressing. They stalked around the Sand shinobi, awaiting a time to sneak up on them, and disable the whole team. However, this chance never happened. Sunagakure shinobi were not stupid. They had tricked the Team Omoi into gathering, using a mirage like genjutsu, much like mirages in the desert. But here, it was a mirage in the tundra instead. By falling for this genjutsu, Team Omoi had fallen straight into the Suna trap.

The Sunagakure shinobi attacked from behind and only Yoru had snapped out of the mirage genjutsu fast enough, realizing it was one through his Sharingan. He managed to hold them back, as he aroused Kei and U from it as well with the commotion. With the whole team disgruntled, but on the offensive, the Kumogakure shinobi faced off against the Sunagakure shinobi. As Yoru used heat to control the battlefield, so his friends had places easier to use chakra to “stick” to, U used his bukijutsu mastery to drive the Sunagakure shinobi back. Kei finished them off with a Lightning Release Stream, literally blasting the opposing team down the mountain.

Successful in taking down a team, or at least, slowing them down, Team Omoi raided the team’s camp, taking essentials and then proceeding up the mountains again. As the second day came to a close, bells had sounded. This confused the Kumogakure shinobi at first at their camp, but then U remembered something the proctor had said. Bell ringing signifies the arrival of a team. Once this had happened six times, (usually), it’d mean game over for the other teams as 18 would’ve arrived by then. Of course, if individuals had arrived, they’d send off a different bell sign. But this was definitely the sign the first team had arrived at one of the checkpoints. Astounded, Team Omoi realized had little time they might have till 15 more arrived, and it would be game over for them. They resolved that within three more days, they should get up to the checkpoint at the center of the mountains.

However, this plan was somewhat stalled. With the addition of the third day, a blizzard soon hit. While not severe, it still chilled the genin, and it was all they could do to keep warm. This delayed progress, and so did another encounter with another rival team. This encounter led to Kei being separated from the group.

As he wandered in the cold, he soon realized he was hungry, and tried to hunt down a goat. This was one of the first times he had done this alone, hunting. Usually Yoru did this for them, as Kei’s only hunting experience had been with his father. But Kei, being alone, needed food. So he’d have to do this on his own.

Managing to track down a goat, he only scared it off as he approached, forcing him to chase after it. He managed to get his act together though, and carefully and quietly stalk it down, killing it with his sword, and lightning release chakra flowing through it.

He cooked it best he could; using the heat generated from his lightning and ate. As he ate, he would be found by his other teammates, and his makeshift hut he had constructed out of rocks, and a mini-cave, to keep warm in the cold. In the blizzard, warmth was detected a mile away, joked Yoru as they walked in on him. The team made camp in the cave that day, with barely any progress, sadly, as Kei getting lost and the blizzard hindered them. They still resolved to get to a checkpoint soon however. They could all attest to that. They made a pack that night, they’d they make it to a checkpoint in time. Even with whatever the mountains threw at them.

So with the fourth day, Team Omoi got serious. They only focused on getting closer to the top, only stopped for minor rest breaks, and once for a full meal. This proved very effective, as the blizzard had settled down, and they didn’t encounter any of the other teams that day, though two more and three independent individuals also arrived at a check point during that day. This left only two more sets of three, before game over.

But Team Omoi was getting there. And with the fifth day, afternoon time wise, they could even see the checkpoint in the center of the mountains. They had made it, mostly…

As they neared, they encountered another enemy team, just as another bell rung. Which meant only one team could pass on. This meant an all out brawl between Team Omoi, and the band of Sunagakure genin they had encountered early in the phase. This brawl did in fact occur, but the Sunagakure shinobi were smarter than before. They were beginning to win the tide of this battle, and soon, Team Omoi would’ve been overcome by this band of three Sand shinobi. However, Kei wasn’t about to let this go down, as he and his team had come so far. They weren’t about to just lose to a group they had already beaten.

Recalling a technique that his father had used on several occasions during hunting, Kei made the Ram, Horse, Snake and Tiger hand seals, to execute an advanced genjutsu, the Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar. Determined, he succeeded in using the flash of light to blind the Sunagakure shinobi, for an even longer period of time, using the snow to reflect the flash’s brightness. This also worked on his teammates as well, though not as much as it did on the enemy- a side-effect of not mastering the jutsu.

But still, it proved as a good enough distraction for Kei to half-pull, and half-lead U and Yoru to the checkpoint, and outright beat the Sunagakure team there. A final bell sounded, and a game over notice boomed across the mountain for any of the remaining teams. Soon, as it was told to the Team, that helicopters would swoop in and collect those who’d had yet to make it, saving them from the cold.

As for Kei and the rest of his team though, they had succeeded in making it to the final phase, as told to them in the central hut. They were rounded up, along with some individuals who had made it to the final phase as well, to be taking to the more centralized location in the Three Wolves Mountain, where the final phase would be held- a tournament. But not one limited to wooden swords, and physical strength…

As they gathered in the more central location, they were shown to dorms, and told that within a week, the final exam would start. A tournament, not unlike those of the Chunin Exams soon in the series, but done in this centralized arena, which was down below in the building. A week for all the village leaders judging to arrive and a week for the candidates that had passed to this stage, to rest and prepare as much as they could; to be judged, and see which of the 18 had the aptitude to become chunin. With this in mind, Kei spent the next week in the place honing his skills, with the personal help of Omoi. He had been the only one who had requested their sensei’s help. (Note, all the jonin teachers of the succeeding genin had been gathered at the central location, before the winning genin had arrived themselves). With the help of Omoi, he had begun to get the hang of his lightning genjutsu, and honed his kenjutsu skill somewhat more.

Seven days past more quickly than Kei had expected. On the day of, the remaining 18 were gathered. The four individuals, one among them being Kakezan, a promising Frost Country candidate, a Konoha Team, Team Sai, including Hayazumo, and the Iwagakure Team was amongst them, along with 8 others, two more individuals and two Teams, one from Sunagakure (two teams had gone from there), and one from Otogakure. The tournament was soon to begin, at noon that very day. Each genin was given a chart, with who’d they have to face throughout the tournament. Yoru and Hayazumo were facing off first, followed by Kei and a Sunagakure ninja, and U and an Iwagakure ninja. And so on, and so on.

The genin were escorted down the building’s levels, to the arena where the judging leaders had gathered in the stands. To the sides resided the places where the genin would wait for their battles. In the center was a battlefield. Plain of sorts made of metallic ground, with pipes interlocking above, not much different from the past appearance of a building of the Hidden Rain.

For the first battle, Yoru and Hayazumo were to face off. Hayazumo’s team, Team Sai had been the first team to reach a checkpoint, the one that succeeded within two days. So it was safe to assume that Hayazumo was strong. However, Kei believed Yoru could take him anyway.

However, he was somewhat wrong. He watched as Hayazumo’s innovation skill soon overcame Yoru’s skill. Hayazumo actually managed to pull off a standstill against the two, using his quick thinking. To combat Yoru’s fire, he slashed the pipes above to drop down water, etc. This ended in the eventually tie between the two. This shocked Kei, as he had previously thought the Uchiha’s power couldn’t be matched. With that battle’s conclusion, came Kei’s with the Sunagakure genin. This one possessed the Wind affinity, a perfect foil for Kei. As his powers insulated Kei’s lightning, he was forced to attempt getting close to the Suna Genin. But obviously, it was difficult as gusts of wind were generated to hold Kei back. He’d need a new idea if he was going to prevail against this shinobi.

Using kunai, and his sword as distractions, he threw them at the shinobi. This preoccupied him, as he attempted to blow them away. This left Kei able to use his Lightning Pillar effectively on the genin, binding the guy long enough for Kei to charge Lightning Release: Thunderbolt. As he fired, the Sunagakure shinobi tried to recreate a shield of wind, as he begun to gain back his sight, he was too late as the amount of wind’s insulation was not enough against the high frequency used to create the Thunderbolt technique. The Sunagakure genin hadn’t enough time to mount a proper defense, so the attack blasted through the wind, and ended in a swift defeat for the Sunagakure ninja, and victory for Kei Yotsuki.

Cheers erupted from the crowds, as Kei was able to come out on top. Kei retreated back to where the genin had gathered, to continue watching the battles. Kei witnessed as his teammate U was pitted against an Iwagakure genin. U had been training with Yoru; his bukijutsu specialty had become enhanced with chakra. But even this wasn’t enough against the aspiring Earth master of a genin, and his brute strength. The Iwagakure genin managed to defeat U with some ease it seemed.

While this didn’t trouble Kei, though he was saddened that U had tried his hardest and lost, the Iwagakure genin insulted U where he lay. The Rock was still angered by their earlier loss to the Cloud it seemed. But insulting a man who had gave it his all in battle was not okay to Kei. He swore to make him pay.

His chance soon came, in the second rounds. After the first round, one of the participants, Kakezan, had been promoted to chunin instantly, for his incredible talent, skill and thinking capability. This left eight, to finish out the tournament. While Kei was able to defeat the Iwagakure genin in his battle, using the power of his lightning over earth, Kei was still eventually eliminated both the end of the tournament. The winner of the tournament wasn’t really well-known, and whoever it was, it didn’t matter to Kei.

After the tournament, within 4 hours, the results of who had made it had been posted. Kei, Yoru, and U were amongst them, much to the latter two’s surprised. Kei was elated; it was the newest step into becoming the best he could be.

After the results and the next few days of recovery from the battles, Kei and his team were leaving the borders of the Iron. But before they could leave they were approached by the Iwagakure jonin, who had taught the genin team that the team had gotten into altercations with. The Iwagakure woman wanted to talk, to Kei out of all of them. She had a proposal, she had said, as she had taken “interest” in him.

At first Kei was wary, but Omoi urged him to talk with the jonin. The Exams are all about improving relations with the other countries. So Kei heard the Iwagakure kunoichi out, and she surprised him with an offer to visit the Land of Earth! Her genin had respected him, and looked at him somewhat as a rival now. They had personally made her asked if he’d go with them to their homeland, to train alongside, and become stronger together, for an unspecified amount of time.

Kei told Omoi, and after mulling it over, he allowed Kei to go. Though some Cloud shinobi would be sent to supervise, Kei would be allowed to go to the Earth Country, for training, and improving the relations between the Lightning and the Earth. So Kei said his goodbyes, and he departed a different way with the Iwagakure shinobi to go to the Land of Earth, where he’d stay for three and a half years at least.

Pursuing Lightning & Further Training

Arriving in Earth country, it took no time at all for Kei to get used to his surroundings. The Land of the Earth had more cliffs and rocky structures than the Lightning, but still, it didn’t take long for Kei to feel at home. The people of the Earth quickly warmed to Kei, as he showed a sign of hope to them, though he didn’t know it at the time. Kei meant to them that there was hope in at least one village, Kumo, siding with their Fourth, in their times of isolation from the other Great Nations, in terms of their “problems”.

But Kei was of course oblivious to this picture, as being a genin at the time; he was not involved in the world’s politics. And no Earth person cared to really detail it to him. So instead, Kei’s focus was on training, and honing his skills, with his Iwagakure genin comrades, who had become chunin as well.

Kei’s training consisted of a lot of rock climbing, scaling cliffs to strength his body. This improved his upper body strength, while a ton of other activities raised the strength of his legs and overall his whole body. His endurance went up, and basically over the years, Kei grew into a teenager of peak physical condition, better condition than most other shinobi. This led to the start of his yang-natured chakra increasing. As he developed the body, he gained more yang energy. However, he never managed to incorporate the energy, until sometime later in his life.

Regardless, Kei still trained his body, to gain a high durability as well. As he had training battles with the huge genin, and other men of Iwa, his physical tolerance grew, and so did his body’s resistance to physical force. This resulted in the type of body the Raikages possess. Kei’s body became hard, and defensive, capable of travelling at the speed of light, without injury.

The training with the Iwagakure genin was all in all, very physically demanding. It led to Kei being able to face men of great size and stature, or users of the first few gates, with his taijutsu alone and prove to be effective against them. It pushed his body to its physical extreme, something he maintains even to the current day. His taijutsu took on the Strong Fist style, his blows and strikes easily being more powerful than the hits of others. This also gave Kei a high physical tolerance, one he has since then trained to become somewhat supernatural, being able to stand up to the first three of the Eight Gates with no problem, in terms of dealing with the damage, which is usually non-existent, due to his high durability levels. During this time, he also improved on his kenjutsu skills, a secondary thing, coupled with his physical training.

In addition to taijutsu, and a powerful and quick body, while in Iwagakure, Kei began to pursue his lightning affinity even more. With information and training from the few Kumogakure shinobi supervising him, and the Earth country people about lightning and lightning release, he began to study the aspects of lightning, refining his old lightning techniques, and inventing new ones. This is where he perfected the basics of using lightning-natured chakra, and its chakra flow. This is also noted to be the time; he invented the Cloud-Style Electric Beheading,[1] along with what he calls now the basic uses of the Pseudo Lightning Release Armor he invented- the shocking touch, made from coursing lightning chakra throughout the body. During this time, he learned of the greatest lightning techniques, and gained the desire to master them, especially the ones invented by Kumogakure shinobi, such as the Lightning Release Armor, and the Hell Stab. The Pseudo Lightning Release Armor was created, and thought to be mastered at this time, along with its basic uses, as one of his attempts to recreate the Lightning Armor himself.[2]

With this tremendous progress in the skills of Kei over three years, he would soon have to leave Iwagakure, as the city turned to turmoil. The Fourth Tsuchikage’s rule had begun to get opposed, and the people of Iwagakure showed signs of rebellion. The rebellion wasn’t in full swing yet, but the Cloud shinobi with Kei could notice the signs of the civil war in Iwagakure and the Land of Earth growing. Notifying Darui, he requested for Kei and the others to return, and as such, Kei was forced to say goodbye to his Iwagakure friends. Just 16 now, Kei would return to a Kumogakure he hadn’t known before in his whole life of almost two decades.

Kei’s friend, Mamoru, had returned to Kumogakure.

Warning Signs

Before Kei had departed for the exams, Mamoru was on the Island Turtle, taken there under orders from the Raikage himself to master Gyuki, and for his own protection. But now, Mamoru had returned, and Kumogakure was in some disarray, being forced to accept Mamoru due to Darui, their leader. One of the reasons Darui had called Kei back was to help with this situation, as the shinobi did not think it was wise to keep various shinobi out in different lands, when he feared their own would become somewhat unstable as well. And sadly, he would be right in time.

But in the meantime, after being welcomed back by friends and family, Kei began to spend time with Mamoru, along with Yoru, U and only a few others of his friends. Mamoru would be thankful for this friendship, and would eventually play a part in helping Kei’s dream. Mamoru would be the one to convince A in his old, retired age, to teach Kei Lightning Release Armor. Though Kei couldn’t get the handle on it at the time, he was very grateful to his friend for assisting him in his effort to learn all lightning techniques.

Kei and the few others proved to be some of Mamoru’s true friends, besides his tailed beast and Darui and the elite. As the friends trained and lived together, they would start to become close, and form true relationships. It would be because of this that the citizens of the Land of Lightning, well at least some of them, would begin to warm towards Mamoru.

With Mamoru’s return, bandit legions began to grow in opposition, wanting the jinchuriki’s head for something he did in his past. At times, Kei would be the only friend around to help Mamoru deal with this, all weighing on his head. And soon, over two years, the bandits would grow enough to form an army, preparing to invade Kumogakure unless the jinchuuriki surrendered to them. Kei would help his father, Darui and his friends in persuading the people of Kumogakure that this shouldn’t happen. As such, within months, Kumogakure rallied behind the jinchuuriki, and refused the bandit demands. Darui would gather the people to protect Mamoru, and Kei would be one of those in the forefront of this, now 18. As they prepared to defeat the bandits and stop their plans, Mamoru would halt these efforts, telling the defensive groups only to watch as he took the burden on himself to defeat the hundreds of bandits which had then gathered at Kumogakure’s gates, demanding the Gyuki host.

Kei of course, was one of those greatly opposed to this, as he wanted to protect his friend personally. However, on Darui’s command, he stood down, with the reassurance that he along with the defensive force would be watching closely, ready to step in if needed. Kei didn’t completely agree, but in Kumogakure, it was natural to let the one who caused the problem, fix it if they take it upon themselves to do so.

And fix the problem, Mamoru did; at least, somewhat…

In an altercation that would become known as the ‘’’Battle of the Titan’’’, Mamoru would summon legions of ink creatures from his scroll using the monstrous chakra of the Ox. These ink creatures, along with Mamoru himself, would kill every single bandit, and rogue, except one survivor of the whole thing. Kei was taken aback by Mamoru’s power, along with some of his friends as well. Kei was powerful in his own right, but taking on hundreds of people, some of which were minor shinobi? Something like that was almost unimaginable for Kei at the time.

Kei and his friends were best off though, meaning they reacted the best to this. Sure Kumogakure was free from the bandits yet again, but what of Mamoru? Many of the people who had witnessed Mamoru’s massacre began to question the jinchuuriki, and his stability. Was he even fit to be a jinchuuriki, with that ruthless nature of his? As more and more shinobi would come to fear and question the master jinchuuriki, the single survivor of the massacre also began stirring the people of the Land of Lightning to the “Anti-Mamoru” side. As these sides were drawn, they would soon escalate to war sides. Those who supported Darui and Mamoru, and those who wanted to see a newer, more capable jinchuuriki and the fall of Darui, who supported such a “monster” in their eyes. Kei of course, knew his friend well, and knew he wasn’t a monster. But even though Kei, his friends, Darui, C and the others tried to convince them of this, it was all in vain. The seeds of doubt had grown, and the roots unmovable. The single survivor had basically sealed the deal, crafting a side of the Land of Lightning and Kumogakure that would not rest till Mamoru was dead. This would cause a short period of civil war over the jinchuuriki of the Cloud. However, while short, it would be nothing to scoff at. Darui realizing this pulled those on his side, those in the shinobi force of course, into mandatory training to prepare for the inevitable war.

Kei, now 19, would begin to prepare for war, something he had escaped years before in the Earth Country.

Nearing Warfare & the Start

As Kumogakure grew divided, many assassination attempts on Mamoru began again, and while Darui and his tag team partner C tried to quell these, the conspirators, eventually fled the village, to join the growing opposing faction. As such, Darui would then call for the mandatory training, as those still on his side prepped for war.

Kei would find himself training with the elites of the village themselves, among Mamoru, Yoru, U, C, Darui, Omoi, Karui and a few other famed Kumogakure shinobi, still on the side of Darui. This would be because of C’s personal recommendation for his son to receive the best training possible before the war. It would be because of this that C would teach Kei the Mystical Palm Technique during this period. A way to help those he would be leading; as he was training with the elites, he’d definitely have a leading role in the times to come. He also perfected Lightning Release Armor within this time and its derived techniques (as A would help him from time to time during training), along with other lightning techniques, such as Lightning Shower, Lightning Strike, Lightning Weaving among others. He would spend the time mostly refining his lightning techniques, and perfecting his chakra control, which would eventually allow him to master the medical ninjutsu his father taught him. He also had some time to practice hand to hand combat, and bukijutsu with U, among refining other techniques.

Darui would also personally train Kei during this time, and teach him how to use Black Lightning, a highly yin-based technique. As Kei was a more active Lightning Release master, Darui would teach him as a way to make sure the legacy of the black lightning would be properly upheld; Kei would use it more often than Darui did. It would also help the force, if there were two users of the midnight colored lightning. So during this time, Kei worked on his spiritual energy increasing training with Darui, which included a lot of meditation, reading to expand his knowledge (usually on the principles of lightning) and daydreaming. This would eventually pay off, and shortly before the war’s start, he tamed the powers of Black Lightning as well, truly becoming one of Darui’s successors of the legendary lightning.

Shortly before the war, Kei would develop White Lightning, based on his high physical energy, using the concept of black lightning being highly yin based- white lightning would be highly yang based. However, he didn’t get to master it, before the act that would cause the declaration of war.

It would be the death of an important figure that would start it all. One that Darui had taken extra precautions to keep safe as well…


The legendary Fourth Raikage would be killed at the dead of night one day, due to the attack of a rebellious Kaguya, and a certain Uchiha involved in the Blood Bound Apostle, a movement in Kiri. However, Kumogakure did not know this, and Darui instead made the connection of A’s assassination to the rebelling faction. A ploy for them to weaken Mamoru and the forces for him, as they lost an important figure in a symbolic sense, and in a quite real sense, as the retired Raikage was close to a number of those in the pro-Mamoru forces, including Kei (through the years of learning and mastering Lightning Release Armor under him).

The true killers of A entered & escaped in the night, and with no evidence against another cause, as there were no survivors among the guards who were protecting A, Darui had no other reason to assume any other cause of death for the late Raikage. Because of this, he officially declared war on the rebelling faction and deployed forces to find their base, and end them once and for all. According to him, in his inspiring speech send-off to varying divisions, “People who’d stoop low enough to take away an important village elder don’t deserve to live.” Kei would stand by this, and would grow eager to get on the battlefield, as they began to engage the enemy, getting closer and closer to the enemy base.

His chance soon came, as soon as the war started, Darui and C gathered him, Mamoru, Yoru, U, Karui and Omoi in the Raikage Office- the pro-Mamoru HQ, and delegated them to be leaders of the First Division.

Kei was ready for this. For the village of Kumogakure, for A, and for his dear friend Mamoru, he’d enter the war. Given three days to prepare, Kei along with his partners in leadership gathered the large First Division of many Kumogakure and Lightning Shinobi, to deploy them into the fray that was unfolding about the Land of Lightning. Darui’s forces were hoping to end this as soon as possible, by finding and destroying the enemy base. As such, the First Division would split up into two, with three leading each half. Omoi, Karui and U would lead one, while Mamoru, Kei and Yoru would lead the other. These regiments would deploy in different directions to engage the enemy, and attempt to find the enemy base, which they did immediately after splitting. Kei’s group soon met their first enemy band of soldiers.

For Kei, the war had officially begun.

Civil War


Kei, looking down the cliff at their opponents.

Yoru would grow into a natural leader, leading the trio through everything. For this one battle, they had assembled on cliffs, over-looking the opposition. Yoru begun to speak, to his partners and the army behind them, before they entered into battle. Inspiring to say the least, the Uchiha instilled hope into the hearts of the Kumogakure men and women. United as one, and hopeful for victory, their half of the First Division engaged into battle, the trio in the lead.

Kei, clad in his Lightning Release Armor, would come to be known as the fastest man in that division, as he utilized it to lay waste to the battlefield with lightning-related techniques, in mere moments. Only Yoru was quicker, employing the Flying Thunder God technique he had learned sometime after the exams, searing the enemy with his white flames. Of course, Mamoru also was there, using his ink creations en masse, with Gyuki’s chakra reserves as the massive fuel. Together, along with the help of the division, the enemy army was no match for the hopeful group. They won that day, their spirits ignited hotter than the flames of Yoru.

For more than a week this continued. The famed trio would lead their forces day after day, and at night, Kei would assist in healing the wounded. Their half would make great progress, in the pursuit of finding the capitol. One day, a survivor of the battle from the enemy side was captured, and interrogated by Mamoru. The jinchuriki was able to get him to cough up the location of the Capital, the enemy’s base. Located far north in the Lightning, where the cold was a natural defense. The prisoner was killed soon afterwards, and the trio continued to lead their army towards victory. HQ was signaled by Kei, using his Lightning Release: Lightning Signal Fire, along with their communication chains. This allowed for C and Darui to get the other divisions, and the other half of the First Division to regroup and follow Yoru, Kei and Mamoru, on their path to the base.

However, not all on this path would be good, as the enemy had begun to attempt to divide and conquer the army. Though the army managed the regroup and move towards the capital, they still weren’t completely safe. On the fifteenth day, the army, large as it was, would find itself in trouble against the enemy. The enemy, desperate to keep the opposing force away from the Capital, used bombers to attack the forces. Dropping bombs, shinobi of the Explosion Release, kamikaze-diving like planes, etc. These explosions decimated the forces of Darui greatly, and caused mass causalities to the forces as well. This would eventually cause C to come to the scene, after the attack and carnage had ceased, with the force of Darui retreating. Father and son would reunite, and help in healing and moving soldiers away from the battlefield, to regroup and such. However, the rebels in secret were not done, and dropped one last bomb on the unsuspecting Kumogakure forces.

C sensed the bomb before Kei, and violently pushed Kei out of the way, saving only his son and not him. Kei could only scream before his father, the legendary C, was blown up, in the massive explosion that followed. C had managed to get him out of the range, but only barely, as he himself had been trapped within the blast radius.

Kei would grieve for his father, who would eventually be regarded as a hero of war, healing those in need and saving his son at the very end. With the death of his close friend and partner, Darui personally ordered a four-day break before continuing to advance. Kei would spend those four days mourning for his father, his idol in life. But in this time of war, Kei would accept that he died for his village, and for his son. He would resolve to protect the village and what was important, and what else he deemed important, like his friends. C’s death strengthened Kei’s resolve for Kumogakure and would bring about Kei’s mastery of White Lightning with the days that followed as he attacked the enemy forces with renewed vigor after the break, avenging his father. He would bring out the more vitalized electricity in order to burn his victims alive in his anger, and as a result, he would on accident learn how to fully execute the powerful, hot and intense electricity of the technique he invented. With the help of Kei and the others, with Darui leading the way, they would find their way to the Capital on the twenty-fifth day, with the help of Yoru teleporting the remaining army the rest of the way there.

Forcing the enemy to go on the retreat again, into the Capital, the forces of Darui faced one more obstacle, the wall.

Almost impenetrable, the Capital in the north was surrounded by a huge wall, made of materials such as steel and diamond, and infused with chakra to become extra hard and almost impossible to break. Even with the sheer scale of people the Kumogakure forces had, they still could not get through the walls.

Thus began the three day siege, as the forces attempted aerial assaults of the wall, as in attacking up into the sky, and hoping to take out the guards at the top of the wall, and cause damage within. Kei himself would take apart in this attack, clad in his Lightning Release Armor, shooting the Lightning Gun Technique into the sky multiple times, to assist in the attack. However, this would be tiring and go on for days, before thunder clouds had begun to form, from the heat in the atmosphere left from Kei’s many, many lightning bolts into the sky, before they came down on the enemy. As the storm grew, it became dangerous to be out in the open attacking the gate, as lightning strikes became frequent around them. Taking cover, the division was forced to sparingly attack the walls, to avoid getting fully blasted by a bolt of lightning, or blown away by the wind, or pelted by the rain. However, even in the dangerous storm, even in the cold, Kei saw his chance to be great. With all the lightning strikes, he began to muse if he could tame the lightning, and use it to destroy the wall. A wild gamble, but it could work. And with Kei’s prowess in the lightning, it was not impossible, or improbable. So he gave it a shot; to help Kumogakure into the final phase of the war, and for himself, for the prestige of lightning mastery.

Kei run out from cover, despite what others yelled, to where a bolt of lightning was to strike. In the heat of the moment, and on a half baked idea, he focused Lightning Release chakra around his right hand, which he lifted into the sky. A concentrated part of his Lightning Armor, he hoped the focused chakra would be able to direct the strike. As the lightning struck, he had no time to readjust his hand, and Kei braced himself for the deed he was about to do. All he had to do was direct its flow, towards the wall…

This is exactly what he did. The focused chakra around his hand acting like a Chidori, it allowed him to almost flawlessly direct the lightning bolt at the wall, as he discharged the focused blast at the wall, with the lightning bolt, at full force. Suffering minor burns for his not perfect execution, with his perfect chakra control and expertise with lightning current, he managed to do it well enough. And thus, Kei utilized Kirin that day, blowing apart the wall at the seams, and gaining them entrance to the city, the enemy base. Kei would come to be known as the Electro Bringer for this, as he tamed natural lightning and used it to his advantage. This would make him legendary, in terms of the Lightning Release.

Omoi, along with Kei, Yoru and Mamoru led the way through the enemy base, after Kei broke through the defenses. Directed by Darui through communications, they travelled on the main street, and managed to get to the center in record time, to destroy the leader orchestrating the whole rebel faction.

Expecting an easy kill among the four of them, as they entered the building, the four were shocked at what they found.

The leader, a member of the extinct Tsuchigumo clan (土蜘蛛一族, Tsuchigumo Ichizoku), was shirtless, baring a seal on his back. He had organized a barrier, he told them, which prevented the use of ninjutsu within the walls, well creating new chakra, except for his. He would unleash Fury on the whole city, in a last ditch effort to kill the jinchuuriki once and for all, along with vaporizing the city entirely. Team Omoi quickly turned tail and ran out of the building, and warned the masses, only to find a blockade the way they came, of various objects, and the remaining rebels, dedicated to the cause.

So the Darui forced had only one option, which was totally unpractical; escape via climbing the walls, as attacking the blockade head on would take far too long. But climbing would take just as long, and they were running out of time. But in order to save the most people possible, Yoru devised an idea to save them.

Except for him.

He left this part out of his plan, to use a modified Flying Thunder God Technique to teleport everyone out of the city, to his previous mark made before; he would be so out of chakra, he’d have to teleport everyone but himself. But he kept this secret, as they initiated the plan for mass teleportation, via a barrier that encompassed the whole army, with the help of Mamoru (who used ink birds from Gyuki’s chakra, which overrided the barrier, as the Tailed Beast’s chakra is somewhat different from the chakra the barrier was preventing from forming) and Yoru’s kunai. It was a success, leading to everyone being out of the city, of course except for Yoru himself, who had chosen this fate to die in the city alone. The barrier had even transported the remaining rebels outside to the plains beyond the city.

Kei had begun to cheer alongside Mamoru, till Darui and Gyuki brought it to the attention of them, and the leaders of the army, that Yoru wasn’t among them. Panic and fear chilled Kei’s bones instead of the cold, as he and the others realized he left himself in the city, to protect himself from dying of chakra exhaustion.

Meanwhile, in the city, Yoru laid out on a building, smiling at the thought of his friends. He smirked as he realized he thwarted the rebel plans, and succeeded in saving everyone, besides himself. He laid there, too weak to move, proud of himself actually. Though he was on death’s door, he had succeeded on a spiritual level; he had won the game of life. He had beaten the Curse of Hatred, a curse that had caused problems for the Land of Lightning via two Uchiha, and had been sparked in him by his older brother Itami doubting Darui, and the Kumogakure leadership before defecting from the village. However in the end, Yoru didn’t let the Curse win, and let his final act be for the good of Kumogakure. As he counted down to his death, he hoped that his last act would help his Country for times to come. And then, he looked up into the sky, and wished it so. And then, he was gone.

Fury had flashed, and Kei and the others could see it from here. Mamoru could sense that Yoru was gone. Their close friend had sacrificed his life for Mamoru and for the good of Kumogakure, which saddened them greatly. However, it did give Mamoru and Kei hope and a new resolve. Much like C’s death, Yoru’s heroic sacrifice gave Kei a determination to do better for Kumogakure. His close friend would rub off on him, the honorable Uchiha. And to this day, Kei remains inspired by his true friend and rival, as he works to help Kumogakure grow and prosper.

After the unleashing of Fury, the remaining rebels surrendered, as they were very much outnumbered and without resources. A truce was called and the civil war was over. Both sides agreed to unite, and honor Yoru for his heroic sacrifice. In a surprise twist, Darui decided to stand down, and retire, giving the position of Raikage to the very object of the Civil War itself, Mamoru.

Kei was seeing change in his grand village, for the better as well.

Aftermath, Becoming a Leader and Teacher

After the war ended, Darui would soon appoint the 20 year old Mamoru the Sixth Raikage of the village, and Mamoru would assign Kei to be his tag team partner, and serve an important part in Kumogakure’s government. After honoring the hero Yoru, who came to be known as the Guardian of Kumogakure, Mamoru and Kei went right to work building up Kumogakure, especially their military force. The climates stabilized around the Land, resulting in four long standing ones, instead of multiple changing climates in various places. These climates were also somewhat more peaceful, instead of natural disasters, though those still happen from time to time. It really showed Kumogakure was changing.

Kei would do his part in building Kumogakure, by leading the ANBU, with his old friends from the Academy, Enkyo and U. He would also resurrect the Kinkaku Force, which would serve many purposes, but indeed one major one that they all fall under, supporting the Lightning Country. With this Kei took the codename K, and began to go hard at work raising the numbers of the ANBU and their strength. They would become a powerful force, and some would join the Kinkaku Force.

Kei would also train to where he is in the lightning release today. Having perfect the aspects of lightning, he would do other things with it such as: get around the basic weaknesses of lightning, magnetism, radiation, plasma and heat, as well as travel various places to expand his prowess. He would even travel to Konohagakure at one time, and become mentored by the legendary Kakashi Hatake, helping the Shinobi Union bond. He would learn Purple Lightning from him, which he would find out was related to black lightning. He would spend time refining all his techniques for over ten years, becoming the maven of electricity he is today, among other things. He would interact with many in this time, and become famed outside Kumogakure as well for his prowess in the Civil War. In Kumogakure, he’d become known as Raisenshi, and Raijin, for his prowess. He’d even learn and expand on Hell Stab, after learning the basics from Gyuki sometime during this time period and then using his knowledge of Lightning, perfecting it and improving on it. Along with Black Lightning and White Lightning, Kei would truly master lightning and other trades during this period of stability for Kumogakure. This would also be the time period he receives Kiba, the legendary swords from Omoi, and during this time period he uses his clones to train and expand his skills into what they are today, and expand his knowledge as well. Kei essentially took the time of peace to expand himself into a better shinobi and leader.

With all this, Kei became a perfect leader for Lightning and the Cloud, handling the village affairs somewhat, along with leading the ANBU and Kinkaku Force. He also helped with the Shinobi Union. Alongside Mamoru and his other friends, and the village Elder Darui, he hoped to make it into a nation which both Yoru and his father would be proud of. The Shinobi Union would begin to employ Kei and the Kinkaku Force during this time, when he wasn't sharpening his skills or making Kumo a better place. He would become a Shugokage that served them, as well as Head Ninja of the Cloud.

Sage and Contracts

About a year after everything settled down, Kei decided he wanted to seek out the power of Senjutsu to empower himself to protect Kumogakure. Leaving a majority of Head Ninja duties to Isagiyo at the time, Kei departed from his village into the countryside, in pursuit of Jellyfishes on the beaches to learn their version of senjutsu.

This was no easy quest however. The wilderness of post-mutation Lightning Country was no joke. Kei found himself relying on his various abilities to get by. Getting to the shores was quite hard and challenging and just getting to the shores didn't guarantee he would learn senjutsu, or even find the intelligent Jellyfishes.

He was able to draw them out though, using some hunting tactics he had studied after his exams long ago. After drawing them out, he approached the Jellyfish requesting to be taken to train in senjutsu. However, he was not originally accepted, as the Jellyfish don't just accept anyone in training.

He would have to prove his mettle, and the time soon came.

The waters of the Jellyfish had found themselves under attack. A group of hunters had come to capture them and forcibly create contracts and learn senjutsu from them. Kei had succeeded in drawing the aquatic life out and the hunters took advantage of this.

Kei had camped out on the beaches, devising a way to gain the Jellyfishes trust. As the poachers came, Kei awoke and defended the species from the attack. Utilizing the Kiba swords, Kei easily slew and chased away the bandits in a short scuffle, saving the Jellyfish in the process.

After being asked by a Jellyfish why he did that, he said it wasn't to gain their trust, rather he just wanted to protect everything in the Lightning Country from harm. Seeing his noble and truthful goals, Kei would be led under the ocean to the Jellyfish lair (after one of the Jellyfish performed a jutsu for aquatic breathing and survival on him).

There, Kei met with the Great Jellyfish Elder and created a contract with them. This was also the time Kei would learn senjutsu from the greatest of Jellyfish warriors, among other techniques of theirs, much like a version of the Body Fluid Shedding Technique to increase his durability and combine it with lightning to make his body stronger. He would eventually combine this with Lightning Release: Transformation Technique to increase its power, becoming made of electro-liquid that is very amorphous. Within some time, Kei was able to succeed in becoming a Sage Master much to the Jellyfishes surprise. With the knowledge of Jellyfish Sage Mode and their secret arts, Kei was able to return to Kumogakure, vowing to use his new powers to continue his noble path.

Taming the Dragon

Sometime after the gift of Kiba swords to Kei, Kei began to feel a potent untapped energy within them. Normally the swords were powerful enough, but he could feel Tailed Beast levels of chakra emanating from them. Wondering how no one could of ever felt this before, Kei tried to draw it out unsuccessfully. Rather than draw it out, the source of the power contacted him of its own accord.

In a dream, he was met with a dragon, the source of Kiba swords. Having witnessed Kei's heroics in the event with the Jellyfish as well as his lightning prowess, the dragon manifested to Kei. Telling him of untapped power within the swords, his own power, Kei asked how he could learn of the swords and of the dragon, who said he was once a Lightning Country resident.

And such, over many years, he proved himself to the dragon and in return the dragon gradually gave him Lightning Dragon powers. He would eventually learn how the dragon came to be, and befriend it. After this, he would become its jinchūriki. In order to master such a powerful beast, he was helped by Mamoru and Isagiyo, eventually become a skilled jinchūriki. From this, he was able to learn how to mix jinchūriki and Sage power together to strength himself.

Reorganizing the ANBU and Kinkaku

During this time period after the Civil War, Kei went to work with the ANBU and Kinkaku Forces, his main project during the time besides training. He revived the latter, and reorganized the ANBU. With his leadership, the two organizations grew stronger and reputable once more. The Kinkaku Force served as the top team of the ANBU, with Kei beng its leader. Many of Kei's partners reside in the Kinkaku Force's ranks.

He also broadened the role of the Golden Horn Force, giving them positions all over the Land of Lightning. He would also connect these groups to the service of the Shinobi Union when necessary.

Circus Incident

It is known that during this time period, Sakasudan no Panem, the circus had performed in the Land of Lightning. Kei would be dispatched, along with others, to stop any Lightning citizens from stowing away in the circus. Kei would stumble upon the circus escaping as the Kumogakure unit stopped the show. Among the group, he would see an Uchiha and his sister-figure, Kiyoko Izumi. The latter a Kumogakure runaway, Kei would quickly overpower the Earth Release woman, and quickly kill her, in the name of the village. Leaving Yoshida left, he chose to spare the Uchiha, despite the new rules imposed on killing all Uchiha. The young one reminded Kei of Yoru basically, and he grew fond of him. Speaking in his favor to Mamoru, Kei would watch over Yoshida while becoming a friend and teacher of his. Many would even consider him a brother-figure to the Uchiha. After befriending the Uchiha, it is known that the young one shared his Will Flame with Kei, allowing for Kei’s own Will Lightning and Sage Mode. It is hinted Yoshida may be the one Kei picked as the successor of the Black Lightning, but this is unknown. This circus incident happened around 27 years after the Fourth war.

Pursuit of Change

Around 28 years after the Fourth Great War, Kei has returned to the village, helping Enkyo in a mission the Cloud had been doing for the last three years with his clones and the ANBU and Kinkaku Forces. Kumogakure had become interested in new technology that Yukigakure had held in its vaults. Having studied it with many spies from the Kinkaku Force and Kumogakure's ANBU, they had managed to get it isolated and protected by a few brave Yukigakure ninja. With this, Kei set out himself to finish them off, and obtain the prize within. However, once there, he found himself face to face with Hei Ōtsutsuki, who had began guarding this in the Snow Shinobi's stead.[3]

Battling her, he manages to overwhelm her with speed alone. Obtaining his objective, he proceeds to erase evidence from the island. Overall, he manages to stall her long enough to merge with the clouds, and use his Thunderbird as a medium so he could use his chakra to unleash multiple Kirin lightning bolts, destroying the whole island, winning the skirmish with She Who Ends Chakra. He would then return to Enkyo, having achieved the mission and gaining new monikers such as, The One Who Brings Forth Thunder and The Electromagnetist.

He would then oversee the use of the technology to further the village's technology. Though this act was looked down upon by the Shinobi Union, it was done to strengthen Kumogakure. In doing so, he would get himself his own version of this armor.

As a Kumogakure shinobi, he also would possess hatred towards the Uchiha clan. Targeting a few members, he eventually would set his eyes on the Orphanage where many stayed. However after facing Seika and Hagoromo in the fields of Grass Country (about 29 years after FW), he would begin to lose this hatred. And then as a result, begin helping the world as a whole as well as Kumogakure, hoping that would bring his home up. Essentially he decided it wasn't right to put other lands down to assert their dominance.

Making amends with the Snow and other nations, the Shinobi Union was strengthened and fully at peace once more. Kumogakure was as well.



Kei's determination, and will; dedication to Kumogakure.

Duty and wanting of recognition.

These are the two personality traits he has the most. From his father, he gained the sense of loyalty to the Cloud name. Dedicated to the Cloud, he strives to establish Kumogakure is a splendid village. One not to be taken lightly. One that is truly safe. With this sense of obligation to the village, he'd almost anything for the village. He has this innate sense of of duty to Kumo to make the Cloud the best it can be. This extends to his position in the village, as head of its ANBU, and the position he took in the Civil War, in order to protect Mamoru for the better of Kumogakure.

Kei is also a capable leader. As seen during the war, he is capable of making decisions on his feet. He always acts in what he thinks is best for the force, and doesn't risk others without cause. Many in Kumo come to follow him,as they notice his sense to take charge for the better. In the middle of a dire situation, Kei can be known as one of those who keeps his cool, in order to lead a pack. He often keeps a calm and cool, collective nature in most situations. Having been through a war, nothing startles him except the most dire of situations. This unmovable calmness makes him capable of doing the most secret missions, keeping his composure at all times, being a great leader as well able to assess situations and make appropriate solutions.

From his mother, Kei has inherited the feeling of wanting to be known. He aspires to not be overshadowed by those with talent, or reasons to be well-known. He isn't jealous of anyone, he just doesn't like to be taken lightly, or be unrecognized, when he himself does have talent. This trait of his caused him to pursue a Lightning Master career, to be known alongside his childhood friend, one that could've easily overshadowed him. His pursuit to be well-known also caused him to follow his parents wishes and become a high ranking shinobi, that surpasses his father. Seeking recognition is somewhat his drive, and helped him discover his passion for Lightning Release.

He loves the Lightning Release. He gained the affinity for the nature from his father, and in an effort to become well-known besides future heroes and martyrs, he pursued a career in mastering the nature to its fullest. Lightning to Kei could be described as one of his friends. Kei is one of those people, who may observe thunderstorms, because he enjoys the sight of lightning, and also electricity. He understands it, like the back of his hand.

Kei has also been seen to like physical fitness and meditation. In an effort to become stronger, Kei honed his body to the best it could be, matching A and the Third in durability. Having done this in order to be in peak condition (to be the best shinobi possible for the Cloud), he loves to exercise as a pastime. He also likes to mediate on things, and thinks about life often. Because of this, he is very creative, however not as much as Mamoru. He just thinks freely, and many ideas form in his head because of it. As a result of his Black Lightning training with Darui, it is not uncommon to watch him meditating, or thinking about a variety of things, constantly building spiritual energy. And constantly thinking about what's best for his home, the Hidden Cloud.

Kei also seems to share some ideals with his late friend Yoru. He is an active believer of justice and honor, equality and freedom. He is an idealist in that regard, holding those virtues close to his heart. Also, Kei has a very high maturity, in conducting himself, as he tries to set the standard for Kumogakure. He is shown as kind at times, and serious when needed. Compassionate, he also understands when its time for a shinobi to be real.

He has also been shown to be very analytical, in combat, and in conduct.

The Capable Fighter, the Cold General, the Calculator

Kumogakure is known for its hard faced people. The ones who fight tall, and kill all in their way without a care. Leaders like the Raikages, and famed ninja like C and Toroi all followed this example during war and battle in their life. A nature where they don't care what happens, as long as they succeed with the least possible damage. But if they have to lose some men on the way? It is what it is. Confident in their abilities, Kumogakure's shinobi stern, hard leadership gets the job done.

Kei also possesses this mentality on the battlefield. He is not scared to fight, he comes at the opponent with everything he has from the start. A warlord of sorts, when Kei starts to battle, he becomes a god on the battlefield. Fearless, and not scared to get his hands dirty. Being able to go at it for long periods of time with exhaustion.

Despondent, he never responds or divulges his move names or workings. Constantly on the attack, constantly calculating, constantly on alert. It is said he could face death in the face and not get scared.

In this phase of his personality, generic genjutsu of the lower tiers don't phase him. He is too in the zone, too fighting capable to get swayed by simple illusions. In this phase, he seems cold, and analytical, noting his opponent's every move, and providing a counter with his large skill-set.

When Kei faces off against most Uchiha, or Kumogakure Rogue ninja, or enemies of the Cloud, he refuses to even talk to them, as he takes them to be the ultimate offense. They'd only see this side of him, the capable military leader, about to absolutely destroy them.

Cutting off all other emotions for this immense battle prowess is key. Fear, happiness, pleasure, all are erased as he adopts the persona of the fearless warrior. The warrior who's only intentions are to win, and succeed, survive to fight another day. He becomes attuned to the battle, noticing every small detail he can, calculating responses to the opponent's every move.

Stern, he is also a capable leader when he acts this way. With his attention to detail, he directs his people in the best ways possible, for total and quick victory. On missions, he is usually equipped with this mindset, determined to achieve the objective and nothing more.



Kei's Two Standard Appearances.

Crystals of blue.

Words used to describe Kei's eyes, which pale out in direct intense light. Complimenting Kei's light white gray mop-head locks of hair, they go along with his youthful face, which framed by his hair's bangs. With a complexion of light milky brown, a combo of his parents skin tones, Kei fits the look of a normal Kumogakure resident, on the contrary with his father. Kei has a strong, youthful build to fit his extreme durability, and the peak he has trained his body into.

As for attire, Kei sports a variety of clothes, unique as a shinobi. He usually wears some collared long sleeve shirt, either yellow, or dark blue in nature. Resembling the shirts that go under suit coats, one could say Kei has a sense of dressing nicely and presentably. However, at times, it can be noted to be untucked, or partially unbuttoned. Kei usually sports the opposite tie color, in relation with his shirt. Yellow tie on blue shirt, and blue tie on yellow. Though his tie can be black or reddish pink as well. This makes his ties stand out, and shows more prominently his good dressing style.

Over the dress shirts, Kei also has two kinds of jackets. One hooded, one not. The hooded one is dark blue in color and made of a light but durable fabric, denim, extending down when worn almost to Kei's knees. Outlined at the shoulders, around the hood and down the zipper lines with dark gold, make it pleasing to Kei. The zipper seems to made out of metal, plates that lay together and are zipped to connect. He commonly can be seen with it, especially when with the ANBU. His other jacket is white in color, and is collared much like his dress shirts. Outlined with yellow, black and blue lines, it shines in the light. Also pleasing the Kumogakure shinobi, he uses it casually usually to not compromise stealth during missions.


Kei, after Heavenly Transfer, sword ready for battle.

Kei wears darker pants, with many pockets. In the rungs at the top, a belt loops around, however, this is only for show, as it isn't very practical in combat. The belt is an unnecessary accessory for the shinobi. Chains also loop from the pockets, and the belt, which are suspected to be used in Kei's battling style. He seems to sport blue sneakers for footwear, especially efficient and capable for running hard, and hard terrain.

Other accessories of the Kumo ANBU head include his fingerless gloves, blue or black in color. Excellent conductors for lightning as well, the fabric they're made out of. A red ring, solid in nature, is sported on his wrist. Actually a vambrace, unique to Kei, he uses it for forceful strikes, and to focus lightning and electricity. Kei can be seen wielding swords, including his giant sword, which he compares to Darui's Cleaver Sword, among with the other famed blades he has, such as Kiba. On his ties, he can be seen with clips of metal on them. Kei is noted to have the kanji for lightning (雷), tattooed on his right shoulder, a symbol he is a indeed a true successor to Darui in usage of Black Lightning. His coat bears the emblem as well, across the back, carrying on the distinctive tradition.[4]

Natural Skills

Affinity and Enhanced Body

Due to the harsh climates Kumogakure was in after the war, Kei was born with a slight mutation almost, that made him better fit to survive in the environment. This would cause his capabilities physically to surpass standard shinobi, allowing for his reaction time to be faster than others. This has accelerated his LRA usage, and allows him to surpass master users such as him, like the Raikages, in terms of speed. And then, with the Body Flicker, he is almost untraceable. He is not to be compared to normal LRA users in this regard, instead to Sage Mode users.

Kei is naturally strong, and is considered very powerful. His strength is noted to surpass A's and Killer B's, despite the man being younger than them. His durability, while matching the Third Raikage's durability now, is noted to surpass that in the future. With the Thunder and Wind Schools, and Chakra Enhanced Strength amplifying his power further, his strength explodes to immeasurable levels.

Kei is naturally fast, a sprinter of sorts. He has high reserves of speed endurance and stamina, and easily considered a quick human, even without lightning assisting him. He can keep pace with most shinobi, and is known as the fastest shinobi in Kumogakure (without chakra enhancement). His speed spreads to his handsigns and jutsu execution, he can do those faster than a normal shinobi. He is also quick to recover from attacks, or blows. His speed as a child can be compared to the natural speed of Might Guy, a result of his mutation and physical promise. With training, now he stands to rival A in the LRA state, or surpass. Note, this is even before Kei equips the Lightning Release Armor, then his speed boosts tremendously, to rival that of Sage Mode users. Kei is also very nimble and agile, as he has fought at high speeds all his life, and is capable of fighting and dodging, as well as countering attacks at very high speed.

Due to developing around storms, specifically the thunderstorms in the tropics, Kei is noted to have his affinity augmented from that.

Natural Adaptions & Survival Skills

Kei is able to hunt, and well at that, due to growing up in the changing Kumogakure, and forced to Hunt by himself in the Exams. Ever since, he has sharpened his skills at that, and survival overall, in various situations.

Due to growing up in the Tropical, stormy Kumo, Kei has immunity to the natural poisons that develop there. And the poisons Jellyfish near Kumo create. This allows him to no longer fear these, and he uses these in battle instead of other forms of poison, knowing he is immune to it. Posing no danger if its used against him.

Eyesight and Senses

Through usage of the eye scope, his eyes, while not naturally able to see through thick fog, or far distances, have adapted to do so, similar to Deidara. However, both his eyes share this ability. Many have mistaken his good vision for the vision provided by a Dōjutsu, meaning he might be able to see through solid objects as well, though this is unconfirmed.

Kei also often trains in the Valley of Clouds and Lightning, and with the deep mist produced by thunderbirds. With his enhanced eyesight with years of wearing the Scoping Glasses he has, he can see further through this mist than most, allowing for him to see through dust, and fog and the like. But before this effect, it also allowed him to focus on his other senses, furthering his ability to fight while blind.

Intelligence and Perception and Knowledge

Kei is often referred to as a very smart individual, or at least a very knowledgeable one and strong willed one, that is capable of coming up with his own plans, even under pressure. The son of C, it is noted Kei shares his knowledge of foreign abilities, especially those regarding the powers of dōjutsu, especially the Sharingan, and secondly, the Byakugan. Having been taught their abilities when they were younger by his father, and have aptly studied them since, Kei is better equipped to fight these dōjutsu than most.

After battling Hei, he would make sure to refine his knowledge on the White Eye, so he could think of a way to counter its ability to see through his light-illusions. But more importantly, Kei knows the Sharingan like the palm of his hand, at least, its basics. He understands its predictive abilities for one, but he also understands its trouble with predicting a Lightning Release Armor master, such as A. Having surpassed the Fourth Raikage in his mastery already, he is able to combat its predictive power, and keep those with blessed red eyes on their toes anyway. And more than aware of its eyesight genjutsu, his trained eyes help him combat it on sight, much like Deidara, thanks to his late father, C. Also, thanks to his father, Kei can recognize the Mangekyō Sharingan on sight, and possesses an understanding of its three base techniques, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo, along with even Kamui. This allows him to dodge the black hellfire because he understands it ignites on eye contact, using his deadly speed to keep moving when facing the Mangekyō Sharingan. He also has electric techniques, and magnetic techniques capable of fighting a Susanoo or breaking through it, and has a way to combat Tsukuyomi with his eyes, and using his internal chakra flow if necessary (if caught). His trained eyes also weaken the great genjutsu's effect. He also understands how Blaze Release works, as in which eyes do what in order for it to work properly. With this knowledge, Kei can fight Uchiha pretty well. He can even avoid Kamui, by avoiding the user's eyesight completely.

Kei is also very knowledgeable on other techniques. Having researched many foreign techniques in order to better his own, he has studied a lot in depth with his shadow clones. He is mostly knowledgeable on techniques from Sunagakure, such as ones involving sand, wind, or puppets, as well as ones from Konoha, and most techniques used in the Fourth War. Having studied many of these techniques helps him combat almost any technique, especially if they are similar to the ones he knows. He is also very knowledgeable about the techniques of the Three Great Dōjutsu, among others, such as Dust Release's power, and the various powers of Chakra Control. He even has knowledge of Gaara's specialized sand techniques he used in the war, as long as his other powers. Kei has studied up on the Gold Dust and Iron Sand as well. This also helps him use his own powers better, such as the Gold and Iron sand he utilizes. He has studied wind release, and insulating techniques in depth (not for mastery, but to be wary of). He has studied forms of lightning release the most, extensively. Having knowledge on its various powers and weaknesses, and its overall properties, allowing for his various aspects and mastery over the lightning nature.[5] He also has knowledge over the many capabilities of electricity and lightning, and how to generate them, along with natural conductors and insulators, to further manipulate and/or counter. Kei also has in depth knowledge about the Samurai's techniques (having learned partially from them), and Flying Thunder God.

Kei also possesses quite a bit of historical knowledge. Having heard a lot from he is father, Kei has also studied up on the world, even after his father's death. He is very knowledgeable on the powers of the world's Kage, and their various histories. He is most knowledgeable with Kumogakure's Kage history, though he knows the ones of the Five Great Nations and the rising nations as well. He is also one of the few individuals who know of the Treasured Tools and their capabilities, having learned from Darui and studied the Gold and Silver Brothers.

Kei is also very perceptive, and studies the opponent's moves as he fights, or watches. This was seen as he took notes on Sayuri Senju's entire fighting style as a member of the Kinkaku Force distracted her from her true mission, completed the mission by thinking ahead and deceiving her and at the same time getting valuable data on Swift Release, Flying Thunder God (though he was already knowledgeable from Yoru's usage), and Sannoto's Metal Release, among other techniques.[6] With his Lightning Release Armor, his perception increases, allowing Kei to pick up on subtle details, or faster opponents, even those with Swift Release.

Kei is very tech savvy; knowledgeable on a lot about that run on electricity. He often works with electronics in the village in his free time. This allows for his nanite powers to work better, with his knowledge.

Medical knowledge, elemental knowledge (how to break bonds of water (electrolysis), his own cell make up, etc). Due to his usage of clones, he has studied up on many things, and can use this with his electricity or other skills in combat and life.

Kei is also overall, very intelligent, at least regarded that way. His intelligence allows him to invent techniques, molded after others, such as the Chakra Shockwave, or a technique based off the Tailed Beast balls and its ratios.



Controlling a thunderstorm to his whims.

Kei is a powerful shinobi, who is strong enough to serve as a bodyguard to the Raikage, and to be entrusted with watching over Kumo in his stead. A master of lightning, he has come to tame the powers of Hell Stab, and make them his own. Many fear facing him just because he has mastered the Third Raikage's greatest technique, and on top of that, improved it. Also, Kei has great skill in taijutsu and kenjutsu and is a perfect jinchūriki and Sage Master. He also has powerful reserves of chakra (along with another pool from Denji) which assist him in dealing out powerful techniques, lightning or otherwise. Kei's mind also helps him put to together battle plans and how to use his chakra efficiently in battle, so he can bring out the many capabilities of his.

Kei’s prowess has been rumored to mirror that of the First & Third Raikages, which is a testament to the powers of Kei as well. The First & Third were revered as Gods of Shinobi, as the First five Kage were (most afterwards), and his Lightning prowess was much like Kei’s. Basically saying Kei is his second coming is proof of Kei’s power, cunning and talent. Many have said Kei has surpassed the Kages before him, and could stand equal with the one who conquered all of the Land of Lightning, the First Raikage, along with the greatest Raikage the village ever had, the Third.

Kei has been said to be the man next in line to be Raikage if Mamoru ever had to step down; if the Kage position was not Mamoru, it would most likely be given to Kei, said by Mamoru himself. Kei is a Kage-level shinobi, and serves as an amazing tag-team partner to a Kage and jinchūriki, Mamoru, because he can match his power. Kei is skilled in many fields, and revered as a god of the lightning nature for his complex mastery of it. This makes Kei someone not easily taken down, and someone who should never be doubted or underestimated. As said by Kei himself, the opponent could shockingly regret doubting the powers of Kei Yotsuki, though he at first was not the most notable of his allies. He has made himself very notable through skill and hard work, and has surpassed and matched legends, making himself one as well.

Kei is also a very high ranking amongst shinobi, and has high political power. The second in command of Kumogakure, he also leads its ANBU and Kinkaku Forces. His word holds power, and so do his skills. He is a very influential figure, and one of legendary prestige. His prowess seems to be supported by being a shinobi in the next generation and being directly descended from the Gold and Silver Brothers, which by extension makes him a descendant of the Sage of Six Paths himself.


Kei employs this style of ninja combat as one of his main ninja styles. Using his chakra directly is his major way of attacking on the battlefield. By focusing on the aspects of shape and nature transformation, along with chakra control, and output and flow, it allows for Kei to use ninjutsu effectively, while on the battlefield, or for everyday things. He is noted to have mastered many more techniques than the average shinobi.

Kei has great skill in basic techniques, due to his continued practice of them, and his chakra control. In terms of chakra cost, the lowest amount necessary is needed for Kei to implement these basics. This allows for Kei to simply execute these techniques without much focus, basically like second nature to him. This allows him to focus on higher tier techniques, without worrying about the basics that enable him to do this. And the same go for his lightning principles, as with mastery over the basics, he is able to do spectacular feats without much effort. This is all based on his good ninjutsu basic foundation.

This skill in basics includes mastery over the Transformation Technique, Chakra Flow, Body Flicker, Body Replacement, Generic Sealing, Tree and Water Walking practices, Hiding with Camouflage Technique, Chakra Suspension, Killing Intent, Enlargement Technique and Chakra Enhanced Speed, among others. With good basics, this allows good combination techniques using basics and another technique. For example, Kei is particularly skilled in the usage of Lightning Release Armor and Body Flicker (or Enhanced Speed) at the same time. Kei is also skilled in nintaijutsu and Nin-Kenjutsu as well, utilizing his mastery over chakra flow and ninjutsu to do so.

Kei also displays the efficient use of Shadow Clones, along with the sensing ability. The Summoning Technique and the Mystical Palm Technique are also techniques under his repertoire, all used effectively and uniquely by his perfect chakra control and efficient mind.

Kei is also a master of nature transformation, in the forms of lightning and electromagnetism, heat, radiation, sound, among other things, the next steps of the nature. He has displayed adept skill over the nature in battle, and can even use Light to hide his presence, among other things. With his natures, the capabilities Kei can do are almost endless.

These things allow for Kei’s talented ninjutsu usage. His control over yin and yang is tremendous, allowing for him to use things like Black and White Lightning, applying their concept to other things. His usage allowed him to form a modified Tailed Beast Ball, using yin-yang to form them, and adding White and Black Lightning to form things such as Lightning Burst Bomb, and Lightning.

Summoning Technique

Having made a contract with the Jellyfish sometime after the Civil War, he can summon them to the battlefield to fulfill his will. He is not limited to the type of jellyfish he can summon, as he picks which type of species and size suits the situation best. The jellyfish, being users of chakra, can also survive for much longer than regular Jellyfish outside of water, and fight in combat for over three hours with tire.

Normally, Kei employs these beasts for water travel, or for their lightning affinity. In a water battle, they could be very effective in sending stunning or numbing blows through the water, by generating lightning. Lightning-natured jellyfish are what he can summon, able to generate lightning at their tentacles, and utilize varying lightning techniques. They can easily assist Kei in a battle.

He can summon types of Jellyfish that suit him, from hard domed jellyfish, to ones with long tentacles. These jellyfish are somewhat super powered, allowing them to move and fight upon land. However, they are more effective in the water, their natural habitat.

Kei also gained a contract with the Thunderbirds, after merging with the essence of the Kiba swords, the Storm Dragon. Pulling them under his command, he gained the ability to summon them at will. They regard him as their leader. Being able to summon thunderbirds for their tremendous abilities along with Jellyfish, makes him a very capable battler with summoning alone.

Using thunderbirds can lead to easily maintained storms in battle, and more. Kei has developed many Thunderbird and Jellyfish based techniques, similar to Itachi's usage of crows.[7] Allowing for him to create clones from them, or use techniques such as Scattering Thousand Crows Technique with thunderbirds. By using Jellyfish as armor, Kei can increase his durability immensely. And by using Thunderbirds ability to generate clouds, Hiding in Mist Technique becomes second nature, allowing for Kei to use Silent Killing mimicking the Seven Swordsmen. By using the thunderbirds as armor, he can also produce varying effects.

It is known that Kei's summons can use summoning to summon others of their kind. Kei's personal summon is Shunrai.

Clone Mastery

Kei is known to be an adept user at using clone techniques, may it Shadow Clones, or afterimages or optical illusions. In fact, his clone prowess has allowed him to expand his skills so greatly in ten years. With his Shadow Clones studying and training in various trades, he could continue to become stronger why he trained physically, and a clone took care of his basic duties to the village.

Kei has various clone techniques, all equipped with memory transfer. Able to generate clones from pure lightning (or EMS energies), liquid (like body fluid) or pure sand, allowing highly versatile clones, capable of reforming upon hits. His clones are also capable of fighting independently of Kei, almost like a second him entirely, capable of regenerating chakra over time (as evident by using clones to train). Essentially a tag team partner at times, Kei generates clones with ease for varying purposes, and in varying numbers. His skill with clones is compared to Naruto Uzumaki at times, further explaining his clone capabilities. His clones can also explode and absorb chakra, depending on the tactic.

Kei is very skilled in clone usage, and is able to form a complete team using himself alone. He has also developed clones using his summons (similar to a Crow Clone). Clones are often used in his fighting style as needed. His clones are noted to be very durable depending on the situation, and are not easily defeated.

Electric Mastery


A rather simple and not taxing technique for Kei, with damning power and capability under his control and usage; the Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Bullet Technique.

Kei is reputed as one of the greatest users of Lightning Release, if the not the best, to ever live. He has taken his natural affinity for the element and turned it into a true mastery few will be ever able to match. His mastery makes him seem godly when he activates the element by vibrating his chakra. With his knowledge of the aspects of lightning, and his experience with it, he is able to actively control and shape electric chakra, into a variety of shapes and forms that can cause paralysis, numbing, and death quickly and efficiently.

This leads to expertise in manipulating and generating lightning on the battlefield, and allows for him to exert dominion over the type of chakra on the battlefield. Manipulating the flow of lightning, so if it is being used offensively against him, it can be redirected around him, nullifying the lightning chakra completely and much more are all possible with Kei’s complex mastery of lightning, which has been harnessed since his childhood. His mastery has achieved triumph over the basic weakness over Lightning, air’s natural insulator, by increasing lightning intensity, or manipulating charge. Lightning is his canvas, essentially, from which he create what he wants.

For Kei, hand seals don’t even have to be done for him to initiate using it. All he has to do is vibrate his lightning chakra in order to generate the electricity in the form he needs, or use his chakra to invoke his many aspects of lightning. These aspects allow Kei to technically cast any lightning release technique in his repertoire, or learn more lightning techniques by analyzing them and recreate how they work using the aspects. By using hand seals, he can create his most powerful lightning techniques, and cause mass destruction. Kei’s prowess with the Lightning Release mimics not only lightning, but other abilities such as Kekkei Genkai as well, that have lightning as a component.

Lightning Release is his main form of combat; however, it is not his only. Regardless, when using Lightning Release, many spectacular feats are easily done, as the Lightning Release takes the least amount of chakra for him to employ, second only to basic techniques. His Lightning is also much quicker than those of others, for he is truly a master of the chakra nature, and its varying forms. Essentially an extension of his wills when he uses it, he is truly one with the lightning nature, and his chakra is noted to be just about lightning-chakra at its normal state, due to its affinity, capable of shocking those who absorb it or touch it. This allows him to just vibrate it in order to generate the element.

These powers at their height, do relate to natural lightning as well. He can even control lightning from the heavens. Besides just basic lightning, Kei has taken a mastery of different variations of the skill as well, such as black and white lightning, and light, the pinnacle of the nature, along with magnetic powers, laser beams and natural current. All of this contributes to making his prowess with electricity one of a kind, and unsurpassed.

Kei is reputed to have gained a mastery of Lightning Release that matches and may even surpass those of the First, Third, Fourth Raikages, along with Raiga of the Seven Swordsmen using the Fang blades. With the power to call down Lightning strikes, and mimic the powers of the Fang Blades, Magnet Release, and Storm Release powers, Kei has proven himself to be one of the best when it comes to the lightning nature transformation. Capable of weaponizing natural electricity and lightning, he is extremely deadly, capable of one-shooting even the best without even moving a muscle. By using the hand signs of bird, dragon and/or tiger hand seals (or using his fingertips as a place to gather current), Kei can focus his lightning chakra for powerful damage indeed, or focus natural electric currents as well. Kei’s true prowess is his ability to match all lightning-based powers with only Lightning Release, and the power to use chakra to generate natural currents, or convert it into currents. These natural currents are very powerful, and prove Kei to be very capable of killing on the battlefield. Also capable of calling down lightning strikes, and generating thunderstorms, Kei is truly skilled in the electric nature.

  • Altering Form: This particular aspect refers to two things, instead of one like most. The first refers to more of its state, the state of the lightning formed. Lightning Release doesn’t always have to be generated bolts of lightning and electricity; it has some other forms as well. Though it has the same effect almost, Lightning Release can be generated as bolts, beams (lasers), flowing energy (much like the Lightning Armor), or quick pulse shockwaves of energy. Kei has mastered each form, and can generate each one at will. Along with the next part of this principle, this plays an important part in how Kei uses his nature transformation. The state it is in can have much to say about its abilities, such as the Lightning Armor, to a wave of electric energy like the Lightning Armor, or something like Lightning Release: Pulse Circuit Technique.
The second part of this aspect refers more to what form actually is, a three-dimensional shape. This relates to his understanding of current basically, to follow the lightning element into various shapes and forms for his usage. With mastery over chakra flow and control, he can flow the chakra needed perfectly to form anything out of electricity, of various sizes and powers with the least amount of chakra necessary. This allows for Kei to constantly shape things from the energy of Lightning Release Armor, such as Hell Stab, or constructs being formed from the hands, such as swords made from pure electrical energy. For him to extend his Lightning Armor into pinpoint spikes that expel from him, all it takes is some thought, and his chakra conforms to his imagination. Whatever fits the situation, Kei can shape his lightning states into. He most commonly does this through his LRA, his most commonly used technique.
With the power of form, he can create various things, from dragons of electricity, capable of breaking powerful walls like Rashōmon, to balls of electrical energy, packed with power. He can also form waves of energy, much like the flowing energy of the LRA, to shock opponents over wide ranges, or manipulate the bolts of lightning into pronged like shapes, for extended reach, or attacking more than one opponent at the same time.
He even has powerful control over this flow at long range. Remotely, he can shape his lightning balls into blades for his sword handles. Regardless of how big or drastic the form is, Kei can utilize lightning to create various forms for varying purposes. From subtle battle use, to large, destructive use without any effort at all really.
This principle works hand in hand with current, as the forms are all made with current.
  • Amperage, Flow, Current: Electricity flows in a current. With mastery of this, Kei can effortlessly move his constructs, and give them reach, or effectively cover an area in electrical energy. With control on how he wants the lightning-chakra to flow, he can guide the current into creating the form he wants. This aspect had to be mastered first, before anything else, as the current is a major part in even utilizing lightning transformation. If there is no current, there is no effective usage of the lightning element.
Kei understands how lightning and electricity flow, and this allows him to use utilize chakra flow to actually achieve that with his own lightning. With his mind, Kei’s electric power flows easily and freely, much like a performing bird. It has no bounds in regards about how it flows. To top this off, Kei can achieve this effortless flow simply with his mind, and not much thought is needed to effectively flow current into forms, or into an attack. When he actually does focus, he can manipulate the flow so it can keep up with even the fastest shinobi, those who share the ability of LRA. This shows Kei overall prowess in this principle, as he has no limit to what he can do, and how he can flow and conduct current to what he wants, in a variety of forms and states. Many have said that his Lightning flows akin to Storm Release; this shows Kei can mirror the flow of electricity through conductors, for smooth movement.
  • Cutting and Piercing: By focusing current, Kei can achieve these two abilities. By concentrating current, and forming it into constructs of various states, he can concentrate to a certain point, where the lightning serves to cut and slice through objects, much like a sword. This ability is increased with swords as a medium, allowing swords to cut through even the ribcage of Susanoo. However, using Lightning chakra to cut allows a wider range, and can still cut through various barriers based on the earth, steel, etc. To pierce, all Kei has to do is concentrate his lightning chakra more, in order to form piercing power, such as the Hell Stab. Kei can vary the concentration in order to cut ice, steel and earth, or to cut even fire clean through, or pierce straight through it, through the solidification and the lightning’s nature being close to a sword when he concentrates it. By giving it form, he has a variety of ways to achieve cutting or piercing lightning, whether lances with pinpoint tips, or lightning swords, or crescents of energy that have this property.
  • Frequency: By raising the frequency of his vibrating lightning chakra, he can make stronger, more powerful current. A rather simple, and obvious skill, it is how current becomes stronger.
  • Plasma Generation/Control: By ionizing the air, Kei can generate plasma. Using his skills with lightning, and chakra as a whole, he can shape this plasma into various things. Using this, and infusing it with air, allows him to negate air's natural insulating properties as well.
  • Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder: A technique Kei can use without the use of hand signs. But by using the Dragon hand sign, he can make it a bit stronger. From whatever medium, usually the hands or LRA, the user unleashes a wave of electricity. The strength, from a small shocking surge, to a powerful stream capable of breaking through rock, and barriers, is determined by the user. When Kei uses the Dragon hand sign, it is capable of breaking through barriers made from chakra. But the main power of this technique is in the name. It has high magnetism powers, allowing for Kei too home the lightning bolts on metal, or people with metal on them. This allows him to attract things to the bolt, including enemies, or repel incoming, unwanted attacks against his. Also, it should be noted if this technique is cast from a ferrous object, such as a sword with concentrated lightning chakra, its power goes up, along with its magnetic force.
  • Lightning Release: Magnetizing Blast: A technique that takes advantage of the magnetic capabilities of electricity. Kei uses a coin to implement this technique. Concentrating electrical energy in the hand, or in another medium, he releases it, shooting off a ferrous object, such as the coin, or sword. This releases a beam of power and electrical energy, capable of slicing straight through a man, and solid rock, along with robust chakra defenses, and even malleable ones. It also has very powerful magnetic fields Kei can invoke, to help it home in on its targets, etc. When launching a sword, its piercing power goes up, while with a coin, its overall power just increases. There are also bolts of lightning produced by this technique that Kei can manipulate further, and shape-shift them, alter their magnetic fields, etc for optimal usage of this technique, which is simple but powerful.

  • Intensity: Another aspect, this refers to the strength of the current Kei creates. He can easily mandate and regulate how strong the current flows, for a variety of effects. This is one of the more important aspects, because depending on how much Kei resonates his chakra frequency in preparation to generate lightning, determines how strong the current generated will. With the more vibration of his chakra, the strong the current is. By increasing current strength per se, Kei can have his electric energy serve a variety of purposes. This means Kei can strike to kill with overload of electric current (shocking, burning), or strike to disable through numbing and paralyzing intensities. For his base lightning, it fluctuates from being harmless, and the current being used as a sensory medium, to the burning and shocking. The intensity is determined how much Kei increases high frequency vibrations of his chakra, (how lightning release is created), with the stronger effects requiring higher frequencies. Kei’s mastery over this aspect allows him to create various currents of varying intensities at the same time, all the while adding the other aspects and concepts as well. Kei can commonly employ this to dispatch his opponent quickly, either killing them, or paralyzing them and leaving them unable to finish the fight. Kei’s max intensity has also grown to produce destructive blasts capable of destroying small buildings, and lesser things, etc.
  • Discharge: This refers to the rate of generation, and how fast it is. Kei can generate gentle intensities quick or soft intensities slow (vice versa as well, as well as in between). Not really a major aspect, but something else he has mastery over. With control over how current flows, he can control the speed of how intense the currents flow out. Even with multiple currents going, Kei can control the speed it happens, and how long the lightning technique(s) last, for optimal control, conservation, and power.
  • Charge: Charge is an important part in electrical energy. Depending if an atom has more electrons or protons, its charge is negative or positive respectively. Kei’s true skill with lightning release is here, as he understands how natural lightning is generated. As oppositely charged atoms are split from each other, they generate an electric current (a field) between them. Uniting them results in lightning bolts (or small electrical discharges), the power of which depends on how far separated the atoms were before unison. And using chakra to enhance this, Kei can generate powerful lightning bolts that move almost akin to that of normal lightning from the sky. Making his even harder to dodge, and faster than average lightning techniques, though not as fast as actual lightning. By combining this with his understanding of current and intensity, Kei can generate powerful things of electrical energy that move very fast, and are extremely hard to dodge. One must be equipped with Lightning Release Armor, or at least match that speed to do so.
Kei manipulates charge by using his chakra to manipulate atoms, and manipulate, create and destroy electrons, protons, neutrinos & positrons (converting them into chakra, by using breaking them down further, and using the material as a medium to transform into chakra). By moving electrons or positrons, he can actually mimic the process in which positive and negative charges occur, by their movement. He can literally move electrons from atom to atom, to leave some with positive charges, and add more electrons to others for negative charges. Also, he can do this by literally molding his chakra into moveable electrons. By doing this, he can get his lightning to flow even in insulators. Insulators don’t allow electrons to move, but by generating electrons to move in an insulator instead, he can still generate electric current easily enough (or by using chakra flow as well, he can cause the electrons to move, using chakra to move them, disabling the hold the atoms have on them). He can also use his electron generation, to balance out the atoms he has moved electrons from. Also, by destroying electrons, he can give atoms positive charges compared to the ones around them. By using positrons, he can get through insulators as well.
After creating different charges, Kei’s chakra can move the atoms apart, and then sling them back together, to generate powerful lightning streams. This allows Kei to generate lightning that is closer to natural lightning, without generating it from his chakra itself. This allows him to conserve even more chakra then he normally does, as he uses the atoms as a medium to create electricity naturally, rather than through his chakra. Though at times, he can connect the aspect of charge to his own chakra-based lightning, which can cause for different results. This also serves as a way for Kei to regenerate his chakra supply, by literally turning electrons into chakra. While to most that would not be substantial, with Kei the amount of chakra most techniques take for him are around that same amount.
  • Static Electricity: Static electricity is simply the imbalance of charge, and serves as really a sub-skill that comes with charge mastery. With his skill over electrons, positrons and atoms themselves, he generates imbalances for electrical currents in the air. This would mean he has a mastery over static electricity, and he uses static electricity in two major applications in battle because of this. These are the Static Hit, and Adhesion.
  • Static Hit: A skill that involves taijutsu, this involves changing the charge of something, usually that of the opponent or their composition, though it can also be used on things the opponent uses. By making contact with his own chakra, Kei can change the charge of that specific thing, to positive or negative, via his charge control. He then changes his own charge to the extreme opposite, causing a powerful surge of electrical energy to materialize at the speed of lightning itself. This is because Kei doesn’t have to control this electrical discharge, as it literally happens to connect the two extremes. All he does is increase its intensity to pure shocking power, as it is already locked on. Also, he can change the intensity to blast to destroy and kill substances, and what he targets with the static hit. Once contact is made, and the charge change done, there is no turning back.
  • Adhesion: Also known as Static Cling, Kei uses charge difference and the electrical fields generated to attack “stick” to surfaces, as he manages the intensities to do so, keeping them much lower than normal. By doing this, he can literally use static electricity to stick to anything, and allows his agility to go up tremendously. Combined with his speed and reflexes, his mastery over charge and static cling allows him to be highly maneuverable, even at high speeds, able to even cling to the air if needed. Essentially anything with normal atoms is fair game for Kei to cling to. He can even use this to stick to others. By utilizing chakra flow, he can literally flow lightning chakra into weapons and apply static cling to them. This means he can stab an opponent and then keep the sword lodged in with a powerful electric current that he has absolute control over, and could just let loose at any second to shock the victim (of course, by increasing intensities). Kei’s chakra keeps the fields stable, and alters them at Kei’s command. This leads to extraordinary combat from Kei Yotsuki.
  • Charge Negation and Charge Reversal: A simple way to negate lightning in Kei’s mastery of charge. This works to disrupt even natural lightning, as he neutralizes charges back to equality by reversing the negatively charged ones, to positive, or vice versa. By neutralizing this, or changing all charges to a single charge, he can stop an electric attack from forming all together. Though with chakra-based lightning, the chakra is converted through vibrations into electrical energy that is conducting by causing heat to move electrons so their path is made. But stopping this path, Kei stops even lightning jutsu from being used directly against him, or cast against him. Coupled with his mastery of chakra flow and control & reserves, Kei can generate his chakra in many ways, including one that resembles the Mechanical Light Shield Block technique’s chakra shield, in a dome like fashion. Using these chakra defensive methods, Kei can implement his control over charge to negate lightning completely.
  • Lightning Counters: A set of defensive measures, used against fellow lightning masters such as himself. Kei is not stupid; he understands that even with his prowess with lightning release, he is not necessarily invincible against it in battle. This is why he developed these counters in order to defend against what he specializes most in. So he can fight against a master of his own style, and/or make sure his own techniques are not used against him. By implementing the Lightning Counters, he can effectively defend against his own specialty if need be. EMP generation to disrupt magnetic fields, and disable electric current (even chakra based ones), along with charge change are some of these counters, among others. These counters serve as shields to the lightning style, and as such, Kei usually applies them to himself.
  • Lightning Conversion: A skill of Kei’s to turn lightning into chakra, by destroying electrons and converting them into his own chakra. By doing this, he can stop most if not all lightning techniques used against him by using his chakra to covert the necessary electrons from it into his own chakra, and neutralize the flow of current. By using his Will Lightning as a medium, he can transfer his chakra to it in order to start this process. This allows him as stated before, to turn lightning into chakra. Even natural lightning, his own, from thunderstorms, Kirin, etc, are affected, and converting into more energy for the Lightning Master to use. This can also be done by other chakra methods, usually by using the Lightning Release Armor as a medium, which he has equipped in basically every battle. However, the Will Lightning is also capable of doing this, even when not in battle.
  • Lightning Redirection & Manipulation: Kei also possesses the ability to redirect lightning, by coursing it through his body and sending it elsewhere. Lightning Weaving being a prime example of a technique he can use to redirect lightning bolts elsewhere. With his master chakra control, and internal flow of lightning release chakra (much like current), he can deal with the chakra-based lightning that is used against him, by controlling how it enters his body, and then sending it out. With his understanding of lightning, and having its base chakra flow through his network, along with having transformed into it many times, Kei can manage to flow the dangerous energy around him without harm, and then send it elsewhere with much skill and precision, as if it was his own. Also, he can use his own Lightning as a medium to redirect Lightning, such as using the Will Lightning or LRA to do lightning weaving without ever touching the lightning, by using his mastery of chakra flow and form to shape them into “redirecting” form.
The manipulation part is derived from Kei’s control of charge. By changing the charges of the air, Kei can direct, and freely manipulate an opponent’s electrical attack, causing it to flow a certain way, mandated by how Kei changes the charge. He commonly uses this against lightning bolts and beams, causing them to miss as they seem to move against the user’s own accord, following the path of charge Kei made instead, away from his person, ensuring his safety.
  • Lightning Absorption: This skill allows Kei to absorb lightning, if he is clad in his own Lightning- Lightning Release Armor, Will Lightning, etc. These mediums serve as ways to absorb all lightning used against Kei provided they are of lesser intensity, as they only feed the intensity of the other electrical energy. Usually, this requires conscious effort, to match his electrical protection’s intensity to the outside force, but since the Will Lightning shocks in White Lightning intensity, it doesn’t require conscious effort, as White Lightning is more power than regular lightning intensity, so Kei doesn’t have to focus to absorb when Will Lightning activates by either his own accord, or by a protecting nature. Also, Kei can also easily change his regular Lightning Release Armor intensity however he wishes, or just turn it into the White Lightning Armor, to absorb all the Lightning combining at him; except, the Lightning of thunderstorms of course. This is a valuable skill, as the chakra absorbed from this method is added to Kei’s own massive reserves.
  • Lightning Nullification and Other Defenses: Similar to Lightning Fortification technique, a skill taught by Kei’s friend Zato, he can use his high intensity lightning to simply become immune to lightning-based attacks, instead of consciously absorbing them. Kei can apply this nullification to his Lightning Release Armor and Will Lightning as well. As noted before, Kei can also change charge and send out EMPs to nullify electric current energy as well. With these defenses, he can even stop natural lightning itself, a feat unseen.
  • Brightness & Sound: A minor skill of Kei’s, this includes altering the brightness and sound of the electricity he produces. By using his chakra, he can dull the luminosity of his lightning based strikes, hiding them from the unfocused eye. Also, he can make his electrical energy attacks nearly silent, unable to be heard by normal ears until it’s too late.
  • Lightning Release Shadow Clone: Kei possesses a mastery over this technique, using his altering form aspect. As he shapes electrical energy (from the air; or from his body) into a humanoid shape, he uses his chakra to refine this electrical energy into a clone, one tangible enough to attack. With Kei’s mastery over lightning, he can further manipulate them into very capable and corporeal clones. These clones are given an ample amount of chakra, and can take a variety of shapes and sizes; meaning Kei could create giants, or mini versions of him, the two extremes of this clone creation. These clones serve as real copies of Kei, acting on and of his accord. Wherever they go, they will act like Kei. This makes them excellent and capable ambassadors, and expendable spies, decoys or allies in battle. These clones can cast lightning based techniques very easily, but normally resort to the use of Pseudo LRA and magnetism, as their body is technically already electrified (they are basically focused electricity transformed), and their lightning-based chakra is already very focused. When these tangible clones are destroyed, the focused electricity used to create them expands out, discharging a wild intensity. Usually, these clones are made with White Lightning, so when they disperse, they can kill the person who does beyond a shadow of a doubt due to the intensity of the White Lightning Style. Kei has also been noted to let them use the Clone Great Explosion technique, to launch their killing discharge around them in a long-range for optimal killing potential of the opponent.
  • Lightning Release: Lightning Rod: A skill that involves the aspect as charge, as well as current. Usually using natural electricity to do this technique, Kei raises his hand and spreads his chakra throughout the air, manipulating charge to generate an electric current, that he then manipulates using his body as a guideline. Capable of using this technique without even touching the opponent, Kei then focuses this current on the tips of his index and middle fingers of the other hand, and fires it. Manipulating its intensity and magnetic properties this way, Kei can create the dangerous blast like intensity, and manipulate and increase the magnetic fields present to attract metal, and even the unsuspecting shinobi to the blast to kill. In the case he does make physical contact, Kei can generate this current much quicker, using the Static Hit aspect, to direct the charge of lightning right at the opponent, shocking them to death quickly within 3-5 seconds. Kei can also use his chakra to generate lightning, and use the aspects to direct and manipulate it for similar results.
  • Lightning Rat Violent Quake: A case of the altering form aspect, as he generates electrical energy without the need for hand seals (either based on chakra, or through natural currents), not in the form of lightning bolts, at least not alone. He applies shape transformation and alters the electric energy generated into disks of energy. These disks have powerful cutting capabilities, capable of severing steel, and cutting straight through a normal human body. This is not the only way of using this, as Kei can instead use them as compressed disks of great shocking power. Doing this, he dulls the cutting power, and instead aims to hit objects and usually the opponent with the disks, over-flooding them with current, shocking them. Kei can also manipulate the lightning bolts discharged from this technique, and concentrate them at the tips for powerful piercing power, or have them serve as just bolts of electrical shock. Kei can manipulate a lot of disks and bolts at the same time, showing his true prowess with the technique. By manipulating these disks and bolts, Kei homes them in on the target. It is also possible for Kei to attract metal (and unsuspecting people) to them, by manipulating and enhancing the magnetic fields generated by the focused disks of electric energy.

One of Kei's Lightning Beasts.

  • Lightning Beast Running Technique: A technique that allows the user to shape lightning into a new form. Clearly apart of Kei’s altering form principle, Kei can either: generate a bolt of lightning from the air, or his chakra and proceed to shape it into a beast, usually a hound, or do the technique the original way, by concentrating lightning release chakra in the hand and then releasing and shaping it into a form. But with Kei’s altering form aspect, he can literally form any beast shape to fire at the opponent, for a variety of reasons- meaning Kei could form birds, bears, etc, whatever suits his need. This beast of shaped electricity is released outward, and Kei uses his mastery of chakra control, to control it even when it is not connected to his hand. This ensures the beast(s) make it to its target almost always, delivering either a huge shock, or electrical blast. This technique, when done by his Lightning Clones can be a deadly technique, sending electrical charge from many directions at once, faster than the opponent may be able to comprehend. And by relinquishing control over the beast, Kei makes it attack faster, almost akin to normal lightning strikes themselves. However, the drawback of this is that they can only follow the direction Kei designates before dispatching them, and cannot change to adjust to the opponent’s movements, unless Kei begins to control it, and it loses its deadly speed. When Kei controls it, he can change its direction pretty quickly, and is efficient at maneuvering the beast around the enemy and to changes in the target’s location and movement. Kei also retains a control around this beast to discharge the focused electrical current used to form it, at any time. This releases a pulse of electricity that Kei can manipulate up to a mid-range away from the discharge, to attack even those who dodge the initial beast strike. It should be noted Kei can also use this technique as a way to confuse the opponent, making the beast(s) move every which way, making the opponent unsure of how they will attack, or from where. This can lead to disorientation, and a way for Kei to implement genjutsu, as he turns these beasts into black lightning and releases yin energy into the air... Kei can also take advantage of its magnetic fields and enhance them, allowing for it to attract metal, repel it, or home in on it.
  • Lightning Ball: A rather simple technique, but in Kei’s skillset, a deadly weapon. Usually done with the Fang blades, Kei can simply use his hands as mediums, flowing chakra between them and forming a ball of lightning. Key to his altering form aspect, he condenses powerful electrical energy into a sphere shape that can be launched to do varying intensities of damage. It can serve to completely paralyze by releasing a shock of energy upon impact, or shock someone completely. Or, with the compressed energy, he could intentionally upgrade it to blast intensity, capable of destroying the body. These balls can also produce bolts of lightning Kei can exhibit control over for optimal usage. These concentrated balls would also have magnetic fields Kei could manipulate, allowing for metal attraction & repulsion to it, or for it to home in on metal. Also with the magnetic fields, Kei generates several balls at once, and uses a magnetic field he generates to keep them in orbit around himself, whipping them out when deemed fit. These can also be made from the Lightning Release Armor directly, simply emerging from it. Kei can also concentrate natural current as well. Kei can generate these balls of varying sizes, even sizes comparable to the Big Ball Rasengan, and even combine them together to multiply the power. Kei can also shape-shift this ball into various things, depending on the situation. This can also be used with Palmed Lightning Ball or Lightning Burst Bomb, or the concept used with Lightning. Kei often combines this technique, with hsi Ball of Light Technique usage.
  • Lightning Needles and Whips: By concentrating natural current or lightning chakra, Kei can generate needles, by shaping it into a senbon-like shape. These lightning needles have magnetic fields Kei can play with, and also have great piercing power. He usually combines this together, inducing powerful magnetic fields to attract an opponent to a thrown lightning senbon. Like the balls, Kei can also rotate these around himself. He can also combine them, making a longer, more powerful senbon with stronger piercing effects.
Whips are simply formed from manipulation of these longer senbon, as Kei applies the altering form aspect to change it into a whip-like form. This form can be “whipped” remotely at the opponent to shock them at varying intensities. Or manipulating its shape yet again, Kei can make it a powerful cutter and slicer. Kei can also make these needles and whips in varying sizes, and can generate and manipulate these at quite astounding speeds, quickly changing them from one form to the next.
Kei can also make these needles and whips in varying sizes, and can generate and manipulate these at quite astounding speeds, quickly changing them from one form to the next.
  • Lightning Release: False Darkness & Blades: By either generating current out of his mouth via chakra, or forming it from natural current, his Lightning Release Armor, his hands, etc Kei can release a lightning bolt that is spear-like in shape. These spears are great at their piercing power, capable of shattering rock and killing men. Kei can generate multiple bolts at once for optimal usage of varying sizes. This lightning has a quick rate of discharge as well, making it hard to avoid, and very hard if used with natural current. These spears can only be counterbalanced by something equal to the Lightning Cutter when used by Kei in battle and his electric mastery. Kei is also capable of condensing the bolt into a beam of electricity, strengthening its power and killing potential. There are also magnetic fields for Kei to manipulate when the lightning is focused like that, to attract metals or repel them (or do the same to humans), or home in on metals and humans alike. In the hands of Kei, this technique can do great damage, due to being cast in great number, size or quick succession or all mentioned, due to Kei’s expertise in the lightning nature. Also, similar to lightning spears, Kei can form blades out of electrical energy, for powerful cutting and piercing. These blades can be manipulated similarly to the False Darkness, and are sharp even to touch.
  • Laser Circus: Normally seen in Storm Release users alone, Kei has taken his lightning mastery to a level where he can produce laser beams, by creating lightning in (or manipulating into) a beam like state. By doing this, he can cast this technique used by the legendary Fifth Raikage Darui. Kei has such skill with this technique that the sheer number of lasers he can create is immense. Without the use of hand signs, Kei can weaponize natural current into powerful beams that he can alter the direction of at will. These beams can also be generated from his Lightning Release Armor. These beams have a very capable piercing ability, capable of breaking through high rank defensive techniques, such as Rubber Wall, Ice Dome, and Rashōmon. These beams have a very far range, and can hit multiple targets even with hostages in the way, with Kei’s expertise at maneuvering the beams. Kei can also generate the halo of energy made before the lasers as a ball of focused electricity that burns what comes close. He can also use Lightning Release: Death Circus, a technique similar to this as well.

  • Lightning Release: Blitzkrieg Technique, Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation & Shadow Shuriken: A set of three techniques, and sometimes four, that Kei employs together in an incredibly powerful combination, that happens literally in a flash. This technique requires preparation, though it is very simple and done before a battle. Kei seals ten lightning infused shuriken into his vambrace and/or gloves, with the kanji for Blade. This is usually done by Kei as a standard, a set of weapons he always has on him. By thrusting his hands out, and activating the seals, usually ten shuriken emerge from them, at the speed of lightning themselves, quicker than the body flicker. But at the same time, Kei implements the Shadow Shuriken Technique, Multiple Phantom Shuriken and Shadow Shuriken techniques in a blink of an eye. This makes essentially 30,000 shuriken or more, all lightning-imbued and enhanced cutting potential, attack the enemy. Kei can control some of their direction with the powerful magnetic fields they produce. This is where the technique’s sheer effect comes in. The sheer number which could mean death for most shinobi is its greatest asset. As most could not hope of dodging ever single shuriken, they would have to result to other methods to prevent damage and usually death. If this involves contact, they become magnetized as Kei also implements magnet shuriken with this. In a similar way to Magnet Ninja Art: Electromagnetic Vision as the sheer amount of shuriken go by at lightning speed, literally, giant waves of magnetism wash over the opponent, that Kei manipulates to stop their brainwaves, rendering unable to think or move, and therefore, unable to do jutsu consciously. He could also play with the body, in a similar way to Body Pathway Derangement, if he chooses to discharge the electric current from the shuriken to attack the opponent surrounded by them. Kei can also choose to make this current black, using black lightning instead to induce genjutsu. With all the excess yin energy in the air from the black electricity, it washes over the opponent, who by then should of hand their brain waves stopped, and traps them in a genjutsu they can’t even think to get out of, because Kei has disabled that. This makes this a very powerful combination, and can be done very quickly with damning results to Kei’s adversary. These shuriken can be used just for their sheer number and incredible sharpness, and used in succession. Kei has multiple seals prepared, and can also control how much shuriken he wants to expel from each one. He can also use the magnetic fields to attract and repel nearby ferrous objects, including others of the multitude of shuriken for a vast array of effects and tactics. It should be noted he isn't limited to shuriken to multiply, he can use any standard weapon for this technique, such as kunai, spikes, senbon, etc. They all work, and have deadly results.
  • Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration: A simple technique usually generated from the hands, that allows the user to generate a powerful stream of electricity, similar to Electromagnetic Murder. This wave, while can be manipulated magnetically, is used with conductors to strengthen its destructive power. When this is used, Kei will most likely make conductors via his Charge Aspect in order to strengthen its power. He can also flow it through ferrous objects to increase power as well. Also, it should be noted he can cast this technique as a wave of energy, similar to a Water Wave, of varying size and such. This electrical energy is akin to LRA’s cloak of energy.
  • Lightning Release Stream: This is a basic technique where one expels a stream of electricity from their mouth. Kei with his mastery of the lightning nature can make great use of it. For one, Kei can use the aspect of intensity to manipulate how powerful it is, or act on the magnetic effects that could be done with most concentrated lightning techniques. In addition to that, he can control where he emits this stream: he can expel it from gathering chakra in the hands, via Lightning Release Armor, etc, in great number and varying intensity. Kei can also control its direction, and the individual bolts, to make some powerful piercers, or others powerful shockers. He can maintain this stream for up to a long range, and control and alter it for just as long. He has also been seen using the ground, water, or other nearby conductors to increase its potential, by hitting the ground with the stream, and manipulating the conductive stream. He can also make conductor to perform this, via his Charge Aspect, for the best possible applications of this basic, made advanced, technique.

The Giant Lightning Ball.

  • Lightning Discharging Ball of Doom: A tech derived from the Lightning Ball technique, it is basically it on a larger, deadlier scale. By generating a large scale lightning ball, Kei can use this concentrated mass to achieve different effects. He can use this to attract metals, and depending on the size, even people with strong magnetic fields he uses selectively; the bigger the ball, the stronger the pull. And by using the bolts created, he could cause large scale destruction via blasting intensity, or piercing power via manipulation. Kei can also cause electrical and magnetic discharges from the ball via a dragon hand seal. These fields can be lethal, and/or could be used to stop the brainwaves of certain things in multiple areas. These techniques can be done in quick succession, or with multiple balls of varying sizes to wreak havoc on the battlefield. It is noted he can also use this giant ball to implement Kirin. This can also be used with Palmed Lightning Ball or Lightning Burst Bomb, or the concept used with Lightning.
Kei Armour

Kei's Lightning Release Armor, when visible at least.

  • Lightning Release Armor: LRA. One of Kei’s most used techniques, and one of the ones that take the least amount of chakra from him, as he commonly employs it. He is very skilled at using this technique, to its full abilities. LRA is a two-fold technique, as Kei likes to call it. There is the lightning chakra used inside the body, to stimulate the nervous system and push physical prowess. But then there is the outward part, the defensive Lightning cloak that serves as true armor, the powerful surge. Kei’s mastery of both of these allows for his careful prowess and precision while using the LRA in combat.
First off, Kei uses this to raise his speed to tremendous levels. His body is abnormally more capable of achieving advanced physical prowess, and as such, possesses levels of levels of physical prowess beyond the average man (a subtle mutation of his physical body in the natural energy saturated environment he lived in). This causes his speed to surpass normal users of LRA’s physical prowess pushed to the limit. This means, even if Kei faces another LRA user, he is usually still faster than they are. Kei can also change the intensity of current stimulating his nervous system internally, for a variation of speed and physical capability. Kei’s physical power is already immense, and by combining it with LRA, he can perform amazing feats of strength, such as breaking earthen defensive techniques. Already able to break rock structures with his bare hands, the power to break those made of earth & chakra comes into his capabilities. Also in this state, Kei’s reflexes, thinking speed and reaction time are very impressive, allowing for him to comprehend many attacks at once, and properly defend against them quick enough. With Kei’s thoughts speed up, he can also develop many attacks and chain them together, faster than others could comprehend. Many have said he equals and maybe even surpasses the Raikage’s prowess with this technique, being actually comparable to Minato Namikaze’s usage of his reflexes and Flying Thunder God with his physical prowess.
One might wonder how Kei moves so elegantly, when he activates Lightning Armor. This is because he uses basic techniques, along with magnetism to augment his movements. The Chakra Suspension Technique allows the user to hover on air. Kei’s mastery of basics allows him to constantly employ this technique and LRA at the same time, creating a skating effect on the air. Though he has no talent for wind release, his chakra control is impeccable. Using it, he can maintain propulsion needed with minor air currents and the Chakra Suspension in order to skate, for more efficient and adaptable movement, which would be quicker as well. However, Kei doesn’t need to skate. Instead, he can use a combination of the Water Surface and Tree Climbing Practices, along with Chakra Suspension, in order to walk on the air. This allows him to turn while other LRA users may not be able to. This allows for fast combat, and adaptable combat as well with his fast reflexes, and movement capabilities. By combining this with Static Cling (usually to stick to the air), and the possibility of using magnetism to fly similar to the Flight Technique (or attract and repel himself around), Kei is overall highly capable of facing off with fast moving shinobi, and well equipped to beat them as well. Kei can also utilize the Body Flicker Technique with his speed of LRA, to move faster than most can perceive, even those with blessed crimson eyes. At this speed, he is capable of dodging Amaterasu, and attacks at point-blank range, even techniques from LRA users using Body Flicker as well, or Swift Release users. He even noted that his speed was comparable to that of the Sayuri Senju herself, a Swift and FTG user. It should be noted Kei can also use chakra to slow his movements as well, just as fast and adept as he moves.

Kei expanding LRA into a protective dome, who's magnetic force is repelling objects away from him. This is just one thing he can do with it.

LRA isn’t all about speed however. As stated before, it is two-fold, having a cloak of lightning that is literally armor for the user, through Kei’s Altering Form Aspect. This cloak of armor can be manipulated and maintained by Kei’s other aspects and principles, and allows for diverse combat. Kei can use chakra control and chakra flow to shape it into what he needs, and focus it into attacks. He can use it as a medium for many lightning attacks, in quick succession. Kei can change the size and scope of this armor, and manipulate it as a weapon, such as the Hell Stab Arts. As well as, discharge it at varying intensities, producing shockwaves of varying intensities. It should be noted Kei could even paralyze high caliber opponents such as Madara with this. He can also use the discharges to defend against melee combat, and weapons, and also other ninjutsu attacks. By turning up the intensity, the outer armor, which manifests away from Kei’s body, can defend and burn/shock anything that attempts to attack Kei. This allows for Kei to battle those who may be able to counter his Hell Stab, able to manipulate his armor into defensive and offensive measures for those who could get around his impressive speed and agility, along with his reaction time, and reflexes, which allow him to slow down as well. Kei can use techniques like the Lightning Gun Technique and Hell Stab by using his aspects, along with Kirin, among others. Kei can also use the armor’s magnetizing properties. A focused mass of electricity, he can use it to home in on ferrous objects, or use it as a medium for other magnetism powers; such as, using it to repel an incoming attack or attacker, though he could also simply employ a discharge for that as well. He can also attract many things with his magnetic waves, especially those imbued with one via the Magnet Shuriken.
Kei is also skilled in using flow with this armor, in order to discharge electric current. And by using his Charge Aspects, he can conduct even through insulators, and even better through natural conductors. Kei’s LRA also has amazing defensive properties as well, capable of even stopping Chidori from piercing him, or Hell Stab, by increasing its intensity. He could destroy swords by doing this as well, nullifying any piercing effect they may have. He can also use LRA as a medium for flowing lightning natured chakra into swords, and/or his other equipment for a variety of uses.
Able to employ his mastery of both folds at the same time due to his heightened state of being while LRA is being used, Kei is truly formidable with LRA alone, something that costs next to nothing for him to maintain and manipulate. With him being able to change its scope and size next to instantly for most shinobi, he is very powerful and adept at using this one technique. Kei is also skilled in using its derived ninjutsu and nintaijutsu techniques, and has even crafted new ones.
  • Pseudo Lightning Current Armor: By charging the body with electricity, and his internal chakra system with lightning chakra, Kei becomes able to do two major things. Internally, as his chakra is kneaded and focused within, much like electric current focused and coiled, he gains the power of using his chakra magnetically, and therefore, empowers all of his magnetism based powers. The Electromagnetism applications, such as the Aura- telekinesis, become possible and much more doable. With his magnetism based powers heightened, Kei is formidable and very capable with that alone.
Secondly, it charges the body directly somewhat. Leaving a faint static charge around the individual, and leaving them capable of shocking and sending current through anything they touch. Essentially, this is more of a focus on the first fold of LRA, developing it a bit more. He can flow this static charge into other things using chakra flow, or simply changing the charge of what he touches; he can also flow powerful currents into what he makes contact with. This also provides the heightened physical prowess of regular LRA, since it is internal. This can be used instead if LRA cannot be used, etc. Using magnetism for movement is common when this form is active. It should be noted that Kei’s clones uses this at will, as they are essentially concentrated current transformed.
  • Lightning Release: Lightning Rods: By using his metal rods, strings, coins, needles, sand, etc, Kei throws them around the opponent at astounding speeds. Then, clad in Lightning Armor, he electrifies each one. These electrical fields connect, forming a structure that traps the opponent inside, usually a dome, or large electric wall on all sides. This then bursts in a discharge of electricity, frying what is inside its limits. This is very hard to avoid, as Kei usually does this at top speed, completing the deadly sequence in less than five seconds.
  • Lightning Release: Hell Stab: A powerful technique that Kei can cast very easily through Lightning Release Armor manipulation. Capable of permanently damaging a Bijuu, Hell Stab isn’t something to be played with. By concentrating a considerable amount of LRA around his hands, he forms the base mass for Hell Stab, something which he uses similarly to a Chidori or Lightning Cutter. But then, he continues to shape it, into the four points over the fingers known as Hell Stab. By changing the intensity of LRA, he can increase their piercing power, or by reducing fingers. This causes each nukite, as the number of fingers goes down, and the intensity goes up, to be very powerful, more so than ever seen before. While the technique was made famous under the Third Raikage, his Four Finger Nukite, was capable of only breaking through robust defenses, such as earth and metal, and his Three Finger Nukite capable of breaking through materials with some bend in them. With Kei’s mastery, he can break through the malleable materials by simply increasing intensity with the Four Finger Nukites. The Three and Two Finger Nukites Kei creates can break through chakra barriers and defenses, the latter being used for the densest of them. The Two Finger Nukite can also break through the durable body of a Raikage, and be used to slice off the tails off a tailed beast. That is another thing: the sides of the points have a powerful slicing nature, along with piercing. The Strongest Spear version of this technique can break through even the best of defenses, and is said to be able to pierce straight through a tailed beast at full intensity, leaving permanent wounds on them, unless healed. It should be noted that as the piercing power grows, its cutting power does as well. The One Finger Nukite & Two Finger Nukites has also been seen piercing/cutting through pure energy, such as Fire, Lightning or the Energy Releases, along with natural lightning as well.
Kei can alter the size and intensity of these points almost instantly. He can do this fairly quickly, so if Hell Stab was ever used against him, he could counterbalance it with the LRA by weakening the attack just a little and strengthening the LRA. He can also extend the points outward, and enlarge them as well. He could very well transform the one finger nukite into a giant lance if he wished. This manipulation of the Hell Stab is called the Hell Stab Arts.
It should be noted Kei is not limited to using Hell Stab on one hand. He also is skilled with, and is most likely to be seen using the Dual Hell Stab. And since Hell Stab is just an extension of Kei’s aspects, more specifically, Altering Form, Current, and Intensity combined, it isn’t chakra taxing for him to maintain, much like the LRA itself. Hell Stab also has magnetic properties that Kei can use to his advantage, honing in on forehead protectors, or users with swords, etc. Or repel certain attacks aimed at his hands, etc.
Hell Stab’s basics were taught to Kei by Gyūki through Mamoru. But it should be noted that through hsis own skill he mastered it into a level such as this six years afterwards.
  • Hell Stab Arts (地獄突き芸, Jigokuzuki Gei): Many have compared this to Chidori manipulation. This is when Kei applies the Altering Form aspect further to Hell Stab, shaping it into what he needs. Essentially shape transformation on a bigger scale to the Hell Stab, allowing for it to be used in different new ways, as different new techniques. This is what Kei refers to as “taming the Hell Stab.” Like his other manipulations, Kei has honed himself to enact these changes at will, and very quickly, using the Current and Altering Form Aspects to reshape it into a new form. These new forms are changed in the blink of an eye, allowing for Kei to use them in quick succession, coupled with his enhanced powers granted by LRA. Kei has manipulated the Hell Stab not only in form, but in effect, as seen in Hell Stab Art: Super Strikes (地獄突き芸• 超伐, Jigokuzuki Gei: Chō Batsu).
  • Lightning Release: Hell Drill: A rather simple transformation of Hell Stab, adding rotation to it as well. By combining the four points into a giant tip, the tip rotates like a drill. This gives even more piercing and cutting power, and can be increased even more by Kei physically spinning, making himself like a drill even more. With self-sustaining rotation like the Rasengan, this requires the upmost chakra control along with shape transformation in order to be truly effective. But by using this technique, he can pierce through things without even a thrust or running start.
  • Lightning Release: Hell Spear: Essentially similar to the drill, it is basically the same without the added self-sustaining rotation. It allows Kei to focus more energy over the hand, instead of a single finger, like the one hand Nukite. Essentially a way to get down to One Hand Nukite power without dropping hands, all by just increasing intensity and moving his arm. This can work better in a quick moment, when Kei has little time to react. This can also refer to the giant lances that Kei makes by enlarging, and lengthening Hell Stab or this technique.
  • Lightning Release: Hell Sword: Similar to the Hell Spear and/or the One Finger Nukite, the chakra from Hell Stab extends long past the body, much like a blade. This is essentially the same technique A used to permanently cut off Gyuki’s horn, and the one the Third used to slice off the Eight Tails’ tails. It serves as something he can use in melee combat, to slice through other swords on contact, just like lightning imbued swords. And also transfer electric current into conductors Kei makes, or natural ones.
  • Lightning Release: Hell's Lightning Cutter: The Hell Stab with less shape transformation. Essentially a mass of concentrated lightning, its piercing power can still cut through people, much like the Chidori and Lightning Cutter, and even energy at its most intense. Coupled with Kei’s speed, it can be truly damning, and manipulated much like Chidori. Kei can also alter the size of this technique, either to pierce through large material, or simply shock in a large range. Some report sizes around the Big Ball Rasengan size, if not bigger. This is also the technique Kei uses to implement Kirin, which means he can also discharge it like a blast. This also has more powerful magnetic properties then the rest of the Arts.
  • Lightning Release: Dark Lightning Thunderclap Fists: Instead of using the concentration of Lightning chakra like a lightning blade, or simply to shock, it can also be used to destroy. By striking forth with his hands, he can release the concentrated chakra and deliver powerful damage, capable of shattering chakra barriers, objects, trees, etc. at full power, breaking them in half. Using this in tadem with taijutsu, especially Thunder School Training could blow apart a human body quite easily, leaving nothing behind. Also, by releasing the chakra into the air, he can discharge shockwaves in the air coupled with powerful electricity, capable of the same force. At full power, Kei can blast through capable defenses Hell Stab is capable of, with a simple thrust of destructive force. This is capable of creating shockwaves of electrical energy of varying sizes, even to the likes of the produced by Demonic Piercing Light.
  • Lightning Release: Hell Chain & Beam: Two techniques that stem from the Lightning Cutter technique. By manipulating the mass into a stream of energy, Kei can flow the current much like Storm Release, and shape it into a chain of lightning chakra. This chain provides Kei with reach, as anything the long thing touches is instantly shocked, numbed, paralyzed, etc. Kei can manipulate its direction, as long as it stays connected to him, much like the Lightning Beast Running Technique. He can also change its shape to fit the situation. Also like the Lightning Beast Running, Kei can also discharge it at astounding speeds, catching opponents off guard. Also, like an extension of the Hell Spear and Hell Cutter, much like the Chidori Sharp Spear, Kei can discharge a piercing beam of energy at the opponent. This beam can be controlled, and its flow & direction changed, much like the Laser Circus. It can also create multiple beams at multiple angles, all of which can be manipulated like in the Sharp Spear technique, or the Circus of Lasers. These beams can be condensed into wide slicing thin beams as well, and when that happens, their piercing potential goes up, comparable to Hell Stab’s. These beams are capable of bisecting people.
  • Lightning Release: Hell’s Needles: Much like the Chidori Senbon, an extension of the Hell Lightning Cutter, it uses shape transformation to discharge countless senbon of lightning at the opponent, with incredible piercing power. These things can damage the body immensely, and can kill if they hit vital points. These senbon spread out over a wide, long range, and move incredible fast, much like the Body Flicker in speed. These can be controlled (directional wise) by moving the hand back and forth. Their length and size is determined by Kei.

The Royal Villa Dome.

  • Lightning Release: Royal Villa Storm Technique: In lieu of an actual thunderstorm, Kei uses this technique instead. Creating a flat disk of electrical energy, whether from his hands, LRA, manipulation of another technique, natural current, etc, he throws it up into the air. Controlling it where it stops, and suspending it via chakra control prowess, Kei can then expand it as he chooses to go over the whole battlefield area’s sky.
This mobile dome allows Kei to, at will, discharge thunderbolts from its energy, at the opponent. These thunderbolts are capable of being manipulated by Kei to increase their piercing potential. He can also fork them into smaller bolts, for longer reach. While not as powerful as natural lightning bolts, they can still kill instantly; though they also move slower that actual lightning, however, faster than Body Flicker as well. These bolts can be further manipulated through Kei’s Aspects. These aspects can also help him deliver the attack; such as the Static Hit Application of the Charge Aspect being used to direct these bolts to people. That is another thing Kei can direct these bolts wherever he wants through charge manipulation as they go through the air. Kei can also generate and maintain this dome high in the air long enough for a real thunderstorm to manifest.
  • Lightning Release: Demonic Piercing Light: Essentially very similar to the technique of the Dark Lightning Thunderclap Fists, this involves creating powerful bolts of energy, and a giant wave of electrical energy, carried by a shockwave of air. This can decimate large defenses with ease, even the Summoning: Triple Rashōmon would have trouble stopping it, though it can. However this means it can easily blow through a single Rashōmon. This is proof of its devastating power, which only grows, if run through a conductor, or a material made conductor. It could also have powerful magnetic powers, as well.
  • Lightning Dragon Tornado: Similar to the technique used by the Swordsmen of the swords called Fang; Kei can manifest a Dragon Avatar, made from lightning and electricity. This can be done through the Will Lightning, but also it can be done through LRA or Kei’s manipulation of lightning. Through the latter, Kei literally generates a large Dragon, similar to Susanoo size around himself. This Dragon, complete with arms, legs and wings, is essentially carefully done Shape Transformation. Once done, this powerful monster can lash out and attack Kei’s command, and can even fly, through its use of wings, and Kei’s manual magnetic repulsion. Its size can be manipulated by Kei, and used to his advantage, much like the LRA and Hell Stab on a large scale. Kei can also employ parts of this Dragon, such as manifesting an arm in battle, or its torso for a shocking defense. The intensity of this Dragon is always on highest, allowing for the deadliest results.
By generating electrical energy around himself, he can achieve the same results. Also, by wrapping around natural current around himself, and applying shape to it, he can form a Dragon Tornado, much like Raiga’s. This one can rotate self-substantially as well, much like a true tornado. Kei can manipulate it from there, using his Aspects to bring this justu out to its full effectiveness.
Kei can manifest these auras either partially or completely, or only their upper half, etc.
  • Lightning Dragon Bullet Technique: Much like the Water Dragon Bullet, Kei generates a large amount of electrical energy that he alters into a dragon form. Its size is dependent on what he wishes. This large Dragon is created after the Bird and Dragon seals, for more power. Essentially a large stream (beam) of current, with shape transformation, it becomes an imposing monster on the battlefield.
This stream is manipulated by Kei, much like the Storm lasers. With his mastery over current flow, he directs this dragon at the enemy, which would definitely shock them, and kill them if contact is made. Its intensity is turned up high. This dragon has powerful piercing capabilities, able to go through energy, and barrier ninjutsu, through a pointed concentrated snout. Kei can also manipulate its form in the heat of battle for optimal results, and can even generate multiple at the same time. He still exerts powerful control and manipulation of each one, as he delivers them to their target.
  • Lightning Release: Uprising: By flowing current into the ground, he essentially charges the ground with electricity. By placing his palms on it, this happens faster. However, he can perform it quickly enough by transferring chakra from the LRA into the ground. Activating it by will, or with a hand sign for a stronger intensity, it erupts into a powerful shockwave of electrical energy, lightning bolts shooting forth upwards. These would incinerate whoever touched the ground, if Kei decided for it to burn White Lightning hot. Even if it wasn’t, it could easily shock and kill whoever stood on the ground, or leave them to the effects of Black Lightning. The lightning bolts that go upwards can be further manipulated to Kei’s whims. As well as, Kei can use the concentration of lightning chakra under the area, to pull enemies to it, dragging them down their doom, with powerful magnetic fields. She could also use these powerful magnetic fields to stop brainwaves, etc, immobilizing the target(s).
  • Fangs of Lightning & Kirin: Kei can unleash Kirin multiple times by utilizing Fangs of Lightning and other similar techniques. This can give him quite an edge in battle and can allow him to finish battles quickly.
  • Raisenshi Mode (戦士雷光, Lightning Warrior Mode): This is the form Kei takes the most. It isn’t anything special though. It is literally the LRA and Pseudo LRA combined as one technique. This gives Kei his powerful electric mastery of the LRA, and enhanced physical state, along with his magnetism based powers. This heightened state allows for Kei to use most of his powers all at once, and use them very effectively. He is commonly always equipped in this mode during battle, and it doesn’t take much for him to maintain.

Kei's taijutsu combos.

  • Lightning Transformation: An extension of the Transformation Technique, along with Kei’s Aspects, and lightning natured chakra concentration while in Lightning Warrior Mode. Acting upon his concentration of lightning-chakra, the LRA, he activates the Transformation Technique allowing him to change his form into lightning itself. With his understanding of the aspects, Kei transforms himself into real lightning/electricity. Either partially, or completely, allowing him intangibility and speed of lightning itself; natural lightning strikes become his speed. Kei takes on the actual properties of lightning in this form, and uses it in tandem with his Aspects for amazing capabilities. For one, using the Charge Aspect allows Kei to direct himself while in this form as he moves. Kei transforms into bolts, or partial bolts of lightning when he needs, to create powerful taijutsu combos that are unavoidable even by his legendary speed. As well as dodge attacks by letting them pass through his body of energy, especially attacks of energy. Usually, if it is a full transformation, he turns into White Lightning, capable of burning and vaporizing whatever touches him. Also, by transforming into lightning, he can absorb any lightning based attack thrown at him, adding it to his massive reserves.

Kei's Speed as a thunderbolt, escaping from view and attacking swiftly, before most have time to react.

Kei has trained himself to enter this instantly and exit it instantly, in order to avoid incoming damage. Even while in motion, he can enter this form to dodge an attack. Also, he has trained his transformation to be instantly because it works more fluidly with his taijutsu style. By striking then changing form, and then striking again, he can attack with ease, before the opponent has time to react. Kei can also manipulate this lightning form, and stay conscious as he transforms. This means he can direct himself, or generate more electric current to shock an opponent, forking off bolts of electricity and aiming them at his targets. Also, in this form he can control his magnetic nature even more, attracting swords, and weapons that his opponents possess (if they are metallic based), essentially pulling them away from their grasp, and disabling them. It has been shown that if he nears an opponent, he can use magnetic fields to halt their brainwaves, at least halting them for mere moments, which is all he needs as he travels at the speed of unhindered natural lightning. His control over magnetism is immense in this state, allowing for him to use all of its powers to the extreme. He is able to generate crushing magnetic fields that break and crush anything in their path.
Kei's true deadliness while in this form is his ability to consciously change from White, Black or regular lightning in this form, as well as control his magnetic powers. His ability to mimic actual electricity via applying his Aspects to himself is impressive to say the least. And for him to actually weaponize his form by creating extra lightning bolts, or controlling the waves of magnetism generated by him shows proof of his amazing chakra control and prowess & understanding of the Lightning nature he has studied for so long. However, this form is usually quick and fast, allowing for devastating damage. Kei also has another form, where he stabilizes his form into Lightning, becoming essentially an elemental of electricity.

The LRA Coalescing into the Lightning Transformation, as an Lightning Elemental.

  • Stabilized Lightning Elemental: A technique where Kei stabilizes his form of electricity into a humanoid shape. Usually, Kei quickly employs the Transformation Technique in order for quick movement, absorption, escape, etc, but quickly reverts back. In this, he turns his form completely into electricity, but instead of a bolt, he gives himself shape, into his human form.
Essentially using the Transformation Technique to fuse the LRA, and his enhanced lightning chakra concentration into one thing, like his base lightning technique, he transforms and applies shape transformation to himself and stabilizes it, by giving a constant output of chakra to maintain his form. This form is essentially lightning chakra in a conscious human shape. This allows Kei to apply his principles to himself, and achieve a variety of effects.
Like before, his magnetism powers grow, and he can change what “kind” of lightning he is. All his powers from the base lightning transformation are transferred over, and are actually enhanced somewhat more. With control over the Altering Form, and Current, Kei can shape-shift his form into what he pleases of varying sizes, either partially, or as a whole. He can shape himself into a dragon for example, or make his hand Hell Stab-esque in nature. In this form, he can easily generate a slicing ax on his arm, much like the Destroying Axe Fist, made completely from manipulating his body to his aspects. He could change his arm into a bolt of lightning, capable of cutting through swords, and other materials, as well as pierce defenses. These transformations are very quick, as they happen at Kei’s will, as he is manipulating his own form. Also, he can fire electrical discharges (or bolts of electricity) at the opponent, at varying intensities. He can also alter his own intensity, to whatever he chooses, either partially or completely. He can also handle natural lightning easier, as he has no worry about hurting himself in this form.
Another thing he can do in this form is generate lightning clones with ease, creating them from a part of him. He can also absorb lightning clones back into his body this way, allowing no extra chakra to be lost, as they return to him. This also means that he could also create other things from his form, similar to clones, such as other Thunderbirds.
In this form, he can also cast lightning techniques, and flow himself like a current through conductive materials for fast transport. Essentially, he can do this through anything, as his manipulation of charge allows him to make anything a conductor. When Kei moves in this form, he transforms into a bolt for quicker movement towards the opponent. He still travels at lightning speed, and can be very effective while in this form, where he is literally one with electricity.
As one with lightning, Kei’s sensory perception relating to electricity is enhanced as well, allowing for enhanced tracking while in this form. It is also suspected, he could take over people’s minds by changing their electrical brain signals, though this has yet to be confirmed, and would have to be done after genjutsu had taken hold, and magnetism waves had immobilized the targets thoughts. In this form, Kei is provided with lightning movement and intangibility as well as still being able to cast jutsu. He can form tools by shaping natural current around him, generating it with the Charge Aspect. Kei can maintain this transformation for quite some time.
  • Thunderbird (雷鳥, Raitori): A transformation that Kei undertakes when in his Lightning Elemental form. With his free manipulation over his form as an “elemental”, Kei can transform himself into a bird-like shape, essentially a thunderbird. This bird form is more nimble, and somewhat faster than his regular elemental form, via less air resistance. By flapping his wings, he can direct lightning bolts at the enemy, generating them from his wing collisions. He can also further shape shift this form for his needs as well. And this form particularly allows Kei to fly without the use of magnetic forces.
Kei particularly uses this to activate Kirin at times. By generating a small thunderbird form from his elemental body, he can hide it in the clouds, controlling it remotely. Allowing for it to grow in the clouds, it can form the heat necessary for the technique to begin, without Kei having to worry about firing lightning techniques into the sky to manifest Kirin. The thunderbird essentially does the work for him. A thunderbird is just one of the many forms Kei can make by detaching part of his form, and shape-shifting it how he chooses.
Thunderbird can also refer to Kei’s manipulation of the Lightning Dragon Bullet, as Kei shape-shifts it from a dragon, into a majestic bird like shape, which many confirm looks like a Thunderbird as well.

Will Lightning

Kei's Will Lightning Manifested.

A form of Kei’s will, it is a form made of spiritual energy made solid and dense. After sharing in the Will Flame of Yoshida Uchiha, Kei would develop an aura similar to that of the young Uchiha. His spiritual energy solidified with just a tint of yang and the natural energy Kei himself produces (little as it is), it isn’t really a chakra form, but rather the force of Kei’s life, and will manifested and is therefore powered by it.

Akin to the LRA, a sheet of lightning forms around Kei, sparking with bolts; this is the Will Lightning. However, it doesn’t electrify his nervous system, and serves basically as an armor of Lightning, without the speed effects of LRA. This form allows Kei to gather natural energy, and enter Sage mode, using his own natural energy as a medium in the sheet. The sheet manifests both consciously and passively.

Passive Effects: A manifestation of Kei’s will, it acts almost as an everlasting defense. Always there, materializing when Kei is endangered. This means, even if Kei is caught off guard, the Will Lightning will manifest (at the speed of natural lightning itself- due to the natural energy within) in a blue-yellow-white color, white lightning, and vaporize whatever threatens to harm Kei. Kei lives to protect and serve Kumogakure. The Will Lightning protects him so he can continue to do so. This happens without Kei even having to think about it. When the Will Lightning comes in contact with energy, it absorbs the spiritual energy of it, usually of a jutsu, causing the yin-to-yang ratios to collapse and the technique to disperse and the energy be converted into the Will Lightning itself (this can work similarly with genjutsu, weakening the illusion or breaking it). Also, instead of vaporizing (in the case of energy), it can also produce a field of repulsion, knocking back the attacking energies and objects. This is revealed to be enhanced magnetism, magnetizing anything within close to semi-mid range. This magnetism is also responsible for Kei's Shield of Sand, but with gold dust/iron sand. This with the respond time of will lightning due to the effect, makes it an absolute defense, similar to Gaara's, able to outpace Amaterasu and not be burned or melted and usage of LRA as well.[8]

Conscious Effects: The Will Lightning is stronger when Kei manifests it consciously. When made by Kei’s thought, it is still white and serves as armor protection. But it also takes on the easy to shape properties of Black Lightning. The conscious abilities do take chakra, but not much with Kei’s understandings of the many aspects of lightning release mastery. He can then proceed to mix his chakra into the Will Lightning and apply shape transformation, much like his usage of Lightning Release Armor. These constructs hold natural energy within them as well, allowing for minor senjutsu attacks that can do more damage than regular LRA manipulation. Kei can also hide the Will Lightning altogether, using his Light Release techniques to hide it from view. Kei can also change the intensity of Will Lightning if he chooses, and can share it with others if he wishes. Also through the Will Lightning, he can detect the electromagnetic fields he creates more easily, as it serves as a sensory medium for Electrolocation. He can also strengthen its field of repulsion, and even give it attraction force power as well (from its magnetism).

Natural Energy & Sage Mode: While normally just tinted with natural energy, in order to perform amazing feats, the Will Lightning must gather natural energy. As long as Kei doesn’t manipulate it, it is possible for it do so, as it stays still. This allows Kei to actually manipulate natural energy, without actually entering Sage Mode, through his Will Lightning. This allows for Sage Arts done with Lightning, through the Will Lightning, with Kei ever having to enter Sage Mode. Things such as Sage Art: Yin Release Lightning Dispatch can be done without Sage Mode, though only when Kei enters Sage Mode will it be at full power.
To enter Sage Mode, Kei must absorb the Senjutsu chakra gathered by the Will Lightning, and merge it with his own. This process is rather quick, as the chakra is already melded. When Kei enters Sage Mode, sparks are more prominent, and the Will Lightning radiates with life. The Sage techniques it performs are enhanced with much more natural energy from Kei and therefore are at full power.
Electric Avatar: A power unique to Kei, it is his Will Lightning given massive form. Similar to a Susanoo, Kei can manifest his Will Lightning into a huge titan of equal size. This possesses powerful destructive force, just by size alone. Also, by being a giant elemental construct made from spiritual energy, it has powerful force using its huge currents it possesses. And like its original form, the Electric Avatar can be manipulated much like regular lightning. However, Kei rarely uses the full form, as it would tire him out mentally and would expend notable chakra. Instead, he manifests parts with his Will Lightning, manifesting arms, legs, etc of the giant being. It also allows for widespread Lightning Release techniques, by simply manifesting an arm. It makes Kei’s widespread techniques quicker, and could potentially make them more powerful with the huge medium. When in Sage Mode, the Electric Titan’s power is enhanced by natural energy and senjutsu chakra (like the regular Will Lightning), making it truly formidable.

A use of Electromganetism, that can turn the ground, and objects into a weapon.

  • Electromagnetism/Electromagnetic Lightning: Focused current, coiled current. By doing those two things to the extreme, Kei can generate the power of electromagnetism, and Electromagnetic Lightning, the latter being easier done, requiring only very focused current. By focusing his chakra, he can form lightning transformation with high magnetic properties. Allowing the lightning to attract metal based materials, and things not metal based, such as people with the magnetic fields generated, however the metal based objects are attracted more easily, with less chakra. This trait can also be applied to concentrated constructs of lightning, allowing Kei to form for example, concentrated swords of lightning energy that can attract and repel things at his command.
By concentrated, and coiling lightning chakra within himself, Kei summons forth his manipulation of electromagnetism. With the concentrated energy within, Kei can control and generate electromagnetism itself, giving him the full powers lightning provides, as well as magnetism. This allows him control of many metal based objects, as he can easily generate magnetic fields that attract them, and cause them to orbit him, as he utilizes them as weapons. He can do this with his swords, to rotate them around himself, and fling them at the opponent like deadly needles. He can also magnetize anything he touches, and some could compare his mastery to the Magnet Ninja Art, at least, somewhat. His prowess proved able to magnetize snow, and a Kamui block.[9]
He can also generate electromagnetism as powerful energy that can be fired in the form of beams of energy at the enemy. These beams have varying intensities, based on what Kei desires. They do pack a lot of force, and can electrocute or numb his targets.
With complete control over magnetism, Kei can utilize repulsion on the ground to achieve flight, and combine this with his Lightning Release Armor, to become even faster. With this power over electromagnetism, Kei can also generate fields of magnetism, and electricity at will (that he can constantly shape and flow around to shape his needs), and even release pulses of energy (EMPs) that cancels out electrical current and magnetic fields (he can also use this on himself as well), and therefore, nullifies Lightning Release & Storm (as it is lightning-based beams that flow like water; still uses electric current) attacks, and even Magnet Release used on Kei. This is one of his many ways of dealing with enemy lightning, and lightning based Kekkei Genkais and unique skills based on lightning. Kei can also invoke magnetic fields from concentration of lightning chakra in techniques which is makes up a plethora of his skills, and gives his many ways to utilize magnetism in battle; through his techniques, or through his own power via concentrated lightning chakra within himself.
  • Electromagnetic Aura: Electromagnetic Telekinesis. Just really an application of his control over electromagnetism, it allows him to control the electromagnetic forces affecting everything in the world, and generate, and strengthen so he can literally use electromagnetic force. By pulling on this force, he can attract things to him and repel them with ease, allowing for him to achieve telekinesis. This also allows him to use the fields generated to crush objects with magnetic force if needed, to weaponize, or destroy them. Kei can also control the pull, and how powerful the push is, without much effort. He could easily crush solid metals and people, or reverse the motion of moving, thrown boulders. His magnetic field power has a wide range.
  • Pull to the Blazing Field: A magnetic skill Kei commonly employs. By generating a barrier of lightning around himself, a dome if you will, he can then pull an opponent towards the construct. This pull is almost unresistable, and almost ensures the opponent meets a terrible end. Only those skilled enough can escape this simple, but deadly technique.
  • Magnet Shuriken: A technique of the famed Toroi, Kei has studied within Kumogakure’s records and Magnet Release shinobi to master. With his magnetic capabilities, Kei can apply magnetic fields to weapons, that he can toss, magnetizing anything it touches, even parts of the air. If this is touched by the opponent, they are binded by essentially inescapable magnetic fields that pull them in to Kei’s next attack. Kei is capable of generating magnetic fields that can attract people, but by binding one to them via contact, it makes next to impossible to escape. Kei can also do magnetic shuriken by focusing lightning chakra into any tool, or hitting the opponent himself to magnetize them, almost in a similar way to the Static Hit application. By magnetizing the opponent, Kei can simply manipulate a strong magnetic field around them, and throw metal-based objects at them to home in for the kill. Also, if something hits Kei, he can magnetize it by transferring his chakra to it. Even if the opponent manages to touch him, they can still get magnetized.
  • Magnetic Fields: Kei can generate, manipulate and enhance these by electromagnetism. This section refers to more of what he can do with fields, than just attract and repel, and cause impending doom. Most importantly, he can use magnetic fields to disrupt current, and disable the use of lightning release. He can also cancel out these fields at will it seems. He can also turn off the rest of his magnetic fields at will with his improved chakra control. Kei has also shown the ability to disrupt brainwaves, electric neural signals, by washing over magnetic waves over an opponent, rendering them incapable of thought or motion. Kei can do this in the Magnet Shuriken technique as well, using the magnetic fields to pin down an opponent, or just stop their nervous system from functioning. Kei suggests that in theory, he maybe be able to control the electrical impulses of the brain with magnetism, and in fact, controlling the brain's nervous system electric waves is one of Kei's genjutsu in his skill-set. Kei has also been seen using the attracting and repel abilities of magnetism on himself, attracting himself to things to avoid attacks, or repelling himself for faster speed, as well as extra dodging capabilities as well.
  • Polarization, Charge Fields: Kei can utilize magnetism to polarize objects and magnetize them as well as produce fields of charge changing energy.
  • Attraction and Repulsion, Flight: By using the attraction and repulsion abilities of magnetism Kei can achieve Flight.

Kei's Iron Gold Sand.

  • Sand, Iron Sand & Gold Dust: Iron Gold Sand: With his magnetic and charge control, Kei can magnetize these three types of particles, silica, gold and iron, utilize them in similar ways to the Kazekages, and Shukaku's sand manipulation. Able to fight users of water with it, he has managed to be able to shape it into capable defenses, and offenses, by studying the Sand's famous styles. With his magnetic prowess, he is been able to mimic this flawlessly to his advantage. Summoning his storage of these particles from scrolls, and gourds, he is able to turn these sands into weapons quickly. He is also aware of the capabilities of silica, iron and gold, the sharp piercing powers, and the weight powers of gold. He has utilized this to slow down others to a point where they had to use Body Flicker to move, by putting only a few on their clothes, and holding them down with magnetic charge. In fact, they couldn't move, until the Iron Sand was removed and Body Flicker used.[10] Kei has also been able to use these sands in combination with his lightning for various magnetic effects, or for something called "Sandy Lightning", hiding these particles from within. It is noted with his White Lightning, he can turn these particles into a gas, manipulating their state with his chakra, for poisonous effects. With his magnetism and mastery of the basic Enlargement Technique, Kei can make vast amounts of these quickly, and utilize them to his advantage. Single, or together, iron and gold in Kei's hand's are deadly. Having studied the Kazekages intensely over the years (at least one of his clones has), he can utilize most of their techniques with Gold and Dust and Iron Sand, even those of the famed Gaara. He puts these to use in battle, and it is noted his sand is much like Gaara's, in a sense, that it takes heat higher than Amaterasu's to melt it, requiring the White Lightning to turn it into a gas. Kei is noted for his use of "Iron Gold Sand", combining the three materials together. By doing this, and coating it in various poisons and infusing his magnetic/shocking chakra into it, he can produce a capable weapon. Kei has limited control over this, not on par with the Kazekages (not with the same ease), but his skill with magnetism is nothing to scoff at.
Shaping: Using his magnetic powers, Kei can shape his iron gold sand into various shapes, and by using the Enlargement Technique, multiply its size exponentially. He's not good at shaping large amounts, and thus relies on this method.
Shield: Kei can amass varying shields of large amounts of his iron gold sand. These prove very effective, along with his Shield of Sand, produced by his Will Lightning.
Waterfall Flow: Kei can produce a general flow of his sand.
Bullets: By flinging various sand particles at varying speeds by repelling them, Kei can generate bullets and smalling piercing spears, similar to that of the Iron Sand Drizzle.
Hammer and Spear, Other Weapons: Similar to the gathering Assault of Sasori, Kei can use it the same way. But with his skill, he can shape the sand for the situation at hand, even with his limited control. Usually the more detailed, the smaller, and the more blunt, the bigger.
World Method: Similar to the technique used by Sasori, Kei can manipulate the sand in such a way to cover the whole battlefield, dipping the the sand in poison as well. This plays well for Kei, as the spikes allow for start points of Genesis of Changing Charges and Chakra Exertion Technique, among other things.
State: Kei can change the state of his sand, for varying purposes. This is done by using his lightning's heat. Utilizing sand in different states allows for different techniques to be used.
  • Sword Play: Through the use of magnetism, creative sword play can be at work.
  • Crushing: He can also use magnetism to crush objects.
  • Electrical Telekinesis: By using the force of electromagnetism has over matter as a fundamental force of the universe, Kei can use chakra to achieve telekinesis to a degree. Allowing him to uproot trees, and magnetize them for further use, fling them at the opponent, upon other things.

Using's Light's power to crush an opponent.

  • EMS Release/Light Release: A fundamental part of the pinnacle of Lightning Release, Electromagnetism, electromagnetic radiation of the EM spectrum goes hand in hand with Kei’s skills. Thus, he sought to control it, to refine his usage of it to the highest degree. In doing so, he managed to master the visible, infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum, along with gamma. Much on his way to retaining control and individual usage of each part, Kei shows his skill in Lightning even further.

By vibrating his chakra to highest degree in Lightning Warrior Mode, Kei gains the chakra necessary for this EMS ninjutsu. By tiny, exact changes in the vibrations he gets the different energies of the spectrum. So far, as stated earlier, he has gained the powers of light and gamma, and the fluctuations needed to activate them.

Adept in what he knows thus far, Kei possesses skill in utilizing those types of light to his full advantage. From light-speed movement and transformation, to using light as an element, Kei proves yet again why he is a maven of the lightning, having completely mastered the Light nature as well.

Kei has also shown skill in using microwaves, and radio waves, but not to the same extent as the other types of light. Many have compared his prowess to Ray Release, meaning he can supposedly use those techniques at minimal cost as well.

  • Light Manipulation: The ability allowed by the powers of Light Release, Kei gains access to control and generation of light. Very useful in its own right, Kei uses many aspects to produce absolute dominance over this as well, with no need for hands signs. This proves very effective in battle, and can go in tandem with his Lightning Release. He could make his lightning radiate in the infrared spectrum, hidden from the naked eye, or refract light so it cannot be seen. Infrared, Visible, and Ultraviolet Light fall under this manipulation, which helps Kei bring out his prowess with lightning and the EMS to the fullest. Light retains the cutting and piercing prowess of lightning, and is even quicker than it.
  • Brightness: A great aspect, this refers to how luminescent the light energy is. With mastery over this, Kei can change its brightness and even color at will. With control over this, he can generate bright flashes that hurt the eyes, or dim flashes hidden from view. He can create every color of light, from red to violet. This can be applied to his lightning as well, confusing the opponent with multi-colored lightning, with no other purpose but to bewilder them to each of their capabilities, when in actuality, there are none. This Aspect, while sort of minor, is very effective and useful. It goes hand-in-hand with Kei’s other techniques, providing Kei a unique skill set manipulating Brightness and Color. Kei can normally do this to confuse and/or hurt the eyes, and or the opponent. He can mix this in with White and Black Lightning as well, making changes in brightness and color to confuse the opponent. He could maybe even disguise those two (Black and White) as another color, so the opponent does not know what they even do till it’s too late. He can also use this on his forms of light as well, for many different results. Brightness and color, while simple, can work wonders for Kei.
  • Direction: Akin to flow, this refers to Kei’s control over light-waves and their flow. How he can effective manipulate them to show different types of light shows, or refract light, and redirect it elsewhere to make something disappear completely. Adept at this, he possesses the capabilities to change their exact flow, and how they refract and move. He can control what light-wave goes where in a sense, or what “light construct” goes where. With this, he can alter how the enemy perceives his attacks, and what they can see of it. This makes Hiding with Camouflage Technique a breeze for Kei, and allows him to disguise many things by refracting the flow of light-waves, or produce many illusions by manipulating them. This also allows for capable shaping of light waves, and creating the constructs. This effortless, quick control over the light-waves and its shaping, concentration, and direction allows Kei to be very effective during battle.
  • Playing With Light Technique: This allows the use of light to create illusions on the battlefield. To normal and unsuspecting eyes, this can be very effective as light governs what most see.
  • Hiding with Camouflage Technique: A technique where the user manipulates how light hits them, to mask them from ordinary view. Kei has displayed a mastery of this technique, comparable to the Kage, Muu. At first stemming from his Light Release mastery and from his younger years, he has improved it, and reached a level comparable to that of a Kage Level shinobi- being able to use this technique partially or for the whole body, or being able to apply this to his whole body. Though an A-rank move, Kei’s mastery over this technique makes it second nature in chakra cost. With his quiet battle style as well, it makes even harder than normal to detect him while he uses this. Able to erase his presence (physical form) completely, along with chakra, and make reappear in an instant, allows for Kei to use this to the best degree possible. Capable of using it to suppress his chakra so traditional sensors can’t even detect his presence, and even his scent is gone completely. Ideal for offensive strikes and covert operations with his level of mastery make it very powerful and useful indeed. This along with the Playing With Light Technique, would earn him the moniker of the Deceiver of the Blessed Eyes (福目の落賺, Fukume no Rakutan), he would even use this to stay hidden from a wielder of the Sharingan, Sayuri Senju, and one of the Byakugan, Jōju Hankai (Hei). They could never tell his exact location, even with their blessed eyes.[11][12]
  • Light Camouflage Technique: A technique he employs to effectively hide his lightning. Derived from his Hiding with Camouflage mastery, he can hide the appearance of his own chakra, until it is too late. This allows him to mask his attacks from the eyes.

Light into a Sword.

  • Form and Shape, Concentration: Kei can also use light offensively and defensively, along with using it to supplement his lightning arts. He can shape it into various things quickly and efficiently for its best usage. Light waves are very flexible, according to Kei, and can be manipulating into many forms via concentrating and shaping them. Besides basic shapes such as swords, spikes, Beams and Chains, light can be manipulated or generated into more advanced and complex ones as well, all with ease when in use by Kei. This shaping mastery can be done with any form of light from infrared to UV with the same prowess. His control over light is akin to his adept skill at shaping the energies of electricity and lightning, only limited by his imagination. Flowing his chakra and controlling it effortless is key to his flawless shaping of light-forms. With it, he can concentrate light into powerful barriers, piercing beams, and weapons made from light itself. He can even perform this same control with natural light, akin to natural currents. With his mastery over direction as well, this makes this art very useful for Kei. As the light conforms to his mind, Kei can shape it to fit any situation, using light’s burning, blinding, piercing, and cutting powers to his advantage as he shapes constructs to amplify them, and more. By concentrating and shaping light with such prowess (into the light armor, among other things) Kei shows again and again his mastery with the lightning nature’s extension. These constructs have varying sizes, from gigantic to minute, all in a day’s work for the lightning master. Light can also be manipulated to solidify, to form a powerful, solid defense, or set of attacks.

Light into a whip.

  • Intensity: This refers to the power of his light, when Kei uses it. His power to alter his light’s intensity, allows for its different effects on the battlefield. It can be used to generate heat, to gradually melt something, or to deliver varying burns depending on intensities. It could also deal out UV-radiation as well, with Kei’s manipulation of UV rays. Light’s intensity, besides becoming varying shades of hot, can also become hot enough to produce fire as well. It could burn through humans, steel alloy, and other things at its many intensities allowing for light to be very useful when chakra enhanced, natural or not. This can allow for many effects on the field of battle. This can also work in tandem with brightness, creating bright, searing flashes that can also work with form and shape for optimal usage. Just like the other aspects of light, this aspect shows its true capabilities while working together with the others for the fullest of effects.
  • Frequency: A rather simple aspect, it is also very important as well. By changing the vibrations of his chakra fluctuations in his light release chakra very subtly, Kei can achieve the different kinds of light. This is how he achieves different visible light colors, as well as the infrared and UV light. Kei’s prowess with this is that he can cause these changes quickly and effectively to be most effective in battle. He can also do this to produce multiple effects with his light on the field of battle. With his manipulation of each type of light through his light manipulation, he can hide his attacks in the infrared spectrum, or produce the negative effects of UV-Light’s radiation such as sunburns, premature skin aging, skin cancer, eye damage, and weakening of the immune system, or do both at once. Kei can also utilize infrared light for its radiation effects as well, such as quicker skin aging.


An advanced and offensive usage of Ball of Light.

  • Ball of Light Technique: A rather simple technique, using ninjutsu to create a ball of light for vision even in the dark. However, in the hands of a light release master, it can do much more. Concentrated light, almost as a lantern, Kei has complete control over this ball. Meaning similar to the lightning ball, he can shape it, and alter its size and light color. He can also generate many more of them, for offensive maneuvers and defensive. He can quickly shape them with ease, creating barriers in the nick of time, or beams, swords, spears, etc of light to hurl at the enemy. Kei can also alter their intensity and brightness, and use them to burn through many things, or blind enemies, using it as a start for genjutsu. The radiation provided from these balls can also be manipulated to help effect the opponent for preferred damage. Frequency plays quite well with this technique (radiation wise, along with Kei’s other aspects) Kei’s manipulation of these balls is very impressive, especially in their number. He can manipulate them in various different forms for various effects. He can hurl a few at the opponent to burn them, and shape others, while making a defense for an earlier attack as well. His skill at manipulating them in various succession and number for various effects is his true skill with this technique. He can also form this from natural light waves as well. It serves as an effective flashlight as well, and Kei can dim the brightness to where he cannot be seen from afar with it active. He can craft it from any existing light waves, even the limited ones at night if he has too. All the while making this technique more capable and powerful in Kei’s hands, while extremely basic to make standardly- this is an example of Kei’s mastery of a basic technique.
  • Light Barriers: By manipulating Light Waves, Kei can make barriers of light solidify around him. These transform the light energy into a solid object, of powerful defense capabilities. These light barriers are also capable of retaining their heat, to burn whatever comes in contact with them along with being solid. The Light Barrier is renowned for its strength, being able to rival other famed defenses in power. These can also be used to transmit heat through the air, providing an offensive as well. It can also be used from chakra in the air to turn light waves into quick, capable defense.
  • Light Release Armor: By manipulating light into solid material, it can be used as a solid malleable defense, even against physical blows. By manipulating photons and light itself, he can cause flashes and bright altercations in his usage of light. He can also make his LRA radiate different kinds of light, including UV, resulting in harmful radiation. He can also make it radiate powerful heat.
Light Transformation and Light Elemental: Similar to his prowess in using the Transformation Technique to transform into lightning, he can utilize his power to transform into light. This renders him intangible to most attacks, rendering them useless at least physical attacks. He can also transform into an elemental of pure light, much like Lightning. Allowing him to travel and appear in light at the speed o light. My merging with natural light, he can essentially materialize anywhere in his vicinity. But by reflecting chakra light, he can get to places at true light speed. He normally manipulates light in the form of his electric elemental.

One of the ways to use Light to quickly teleport.

Light Speed Movement and Heavenly Transfer Technique: Having learned Heavenly Transfer through his Yotsuki Clan heritage, he developed a way to use it in combat. In addition to his light speed movement by transformation already, but climbing onto his flying disk, he can use it in lieu of a platform, and by picking his destination, turn into a bolt of lightning with all his materials, including the disk, and appear there at the speed of light, much like the technique Mabui uses, given capable use. With his durability, Kei can use this in multiple succession even without hand signs.
  • Light Release Clones: Similar to his Lightning Clones, Kei can make either shadow clones or clones made of light from his chakra to serve with the prowess of Lightning Release Clones. These clones have memory transfer as well, and can help Kei analyze an enemies ability. When destroyed, they explode in a flash of blinding, burning light. This has been revealed to be able to be used in tandem with his Lightning Release Clones, allowing for them to produce both effects when destroyed.
  • Other Abilities: By using chakra, Kei is noted to enhance and utilize the heat and radiation generated by his lightning and electromagnetism powers, especially his White Lightning ones. By flowing lightning chakra throughout his body, he can generate heat, or radiation to a degree. This allows for hot touch, or burning things by generating waves of heat, or damage things with waves of radiation. Radiation can also decay chakra form, similar to radiation's effect on real things. Destroying the form of chakra, it can even bring down things like Susanoo. The radiation has seen to be corrosive, to chakra, and people, similar to Acid and Boil Release, and can cause complete decomposition, of living or chakra things.
Purple and Black Lightning

Black Lightning's effect on a physical defense.

The legendary lightning of Kumogakure, created by the Third Raikage (one of Kei’s idols) and an art Kei has mastered as well as well through training with Darui and his lightning mastery. As his Lightning darkens into a midnight hue, it signifies Kei has activated the technique, the art. Black Lightning is lightning flowing with black yin release energy, which gives it its black shade when activated. This gives it a wider range of abilities than just standard lightning.

The first is animate and inanimate shaping of form, of essentially the instantaneous nature. Already skilled with changing the form and shape of his lightning, with black lightning, he can do in an instant, as if on the fly. This allows him to manipulate things even at very high speeds effectively, in response to other fast paced opponents. Black Lightning has been seen to be able to shape into panthers, and under Kei’s usage, many other animals and shapes. That is just the beginning anyway, of its powerful shape transformation capabilities. Using Black Lightning, one can form one thing, and then use it to manipulate a secondary form as well. This allows for effective combat in battle. Coupled with its speed in changing form with literally Kei’s thoughts in command, this allows Kei to fight and adapt his lightning even at high speeds. It only takes an instant for the lightning to become black, as excess yin release follows through quickly. This also allows for large scale shape transformation, as the shaping and uses of black lightning takes barely any chakra at all. Kei can easily enough make giant black panthers, and then change them into a bunch of smaller birds. This instantaneous change can also refer to size, as well as new form. This is also especially useful when he turns his Lightning Elemental form dark with black lightning.

Black Lightning, due to excess of yin energy, can be very effective in employing Genjutsu as well. By generating around the enemy, the excess spiritual energies spread through the air, allowing for Kei to manipulate its flow, and induce illusions and hypnosis on whoever it flows over. The closer the opponent is to Black Lightning, the easier it is to generate generic genjutsu from it. And by landing a hit with Black Lightning, it is ensured that the genjutsu will land, as it over-floods the body with the yin energy needed to exact the genjutsu. Kei normally casts generic genjutsu, giving him a plethora of styles to induce the target with genjutsu. Kei’s genjutsus, once his excess yin energy washes over the target, usually try to blind, hypnotize, disorientate, or invoke fear into the opponent. His genjutsu styles are as broad as his imagination; it takes the form of whatever he wants essentially on the field of battle, usually to fit the situation. Usually, these are lightning based genjutsu, and Kei can control how the waves of yin energy flow, and how strong they are; he more concentrated the Black Lightning current, the more energy to invoke.

Destruction of form through absorption of yin energy is also something Black Lightning can do, more of a manual application, unlike genjutsu induction and similar to its instantaneous shaping powers. By attracting more yin energy to the technique to empower it, Kei can literally decompose form around the lightning site, as his lightning grows even more yin dominant. This would eventually empower the lightning’s genjutsu capabilities. This can allow Kei to overload and overpower other techniques, by making them have yin imbalances, un-stabilizing them. This can also (if the lightning hits its intended target), lead to the targets death, as the lightning puts them in a stronger genjutsu with more and more yin energy as it absorbs it from the one hit; all the while, the person would be losing form, and dying, as a pile of goo, formless.

Consumption of yang, life-force & life-energy is another thing Black Lightning can do. Normally, Kei controls and stabilizes the technique, ensuring it stays yin dominant and consistent. But Kei can also allow the midnight shade lightning to absorb the yang energies around it, to achieve balance. This can lead to the decomposition of techniques that Black Lightning nears or collides with, as it unstabilizes the technique and destroys it. Of course, this requires Kei’s concentration, as he must control and stabilize his own technique to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. He can make this absorption process continuous by generating continuous yin energy for the technique. By absorbing yang energy, Black Lightning can literally sap life-force from those around it as well, weakening Kei’s adversaries. By hitting someone with Black Lightning, Kei can essentially kill someone instantly or weaken them, regardless of intensity.

Black Lightning also attacks the physical form, since it is yin-based. Allowing for it to pierce through, or cut through anything physical, even mighty physical defenses.

This is what makes Black Lightning so famed and powerful. It should be noted he can also turn natural current black by adding yin based chakra to it, instead of regular based chakra.

  • Black Lightning Panther: By generating black lightning and shaping it into a Panther very quickly, it can become very effective on the field of battle. Similar to Kei’s usage of Lightning Beast Running, many times his beast is indeed a panther. By sending this panther at the enemy, he can manipulate the flow much like a storm technique. This panther has high genjutsu capabilities, as even being near it can be enough for the invisible yin energies to seize a hold of the enemy’s mind (as it is concentrated current). Kei can apply his many aspects to the technique as well, and isn’t limited to 1-2 panthers, or panther shape in general. He could in theory create birds, crocs, or other animals for various places, and or through natural current. Kei can make various versions of Storm Release: Black Hunting through his electric mastery. Increasing the number of panthers, or other beasts. The more beasts, the more capability for genjutsu.
Kei Black Armour

Kei's Black Lightning Release Armor, when visible.

  • Black Lightning Release Armor: This refers to the cloak of LRA, not the internal part of it. By changing the lightning cloak to midnight shade, it allows for Kei to implement genjutsu just by nearing the opponent. Also, if he uses waves of magnetism as well, he can stop the brain waves, or halt/alter them long enough for a genjutsu to take hold if he nears the opponent as well. This also allows for Kei to shape his LRA in the heat of battle, by turning his lightning black, and then into something anew. If an opponent dodges a construct, he can instantly shape it to counter this change in movement, if he turns his LRA black. Using Black LRA can mean Kei is planning to use large-scale, multi attacks very quickly. Black LRA lets him execute combos and changes of his attacks in quick succession as he manipulates LRA with his faster brain reactions due to LRA’s internal aspect. It should also be noted that Kei can change part of his LRA black, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the whole cloak. The cloak can also be used as a shield to deconstruct techniques, even larger techniques, as Kei can alter Black LRA’s shape even more than he can base LRA. The scope of Black Lightning’s shape transformation is more capable than the base. This can also allow Kei to make LRA’s cloak as large as Susanoo or Tailed Beast, or craft parts of it to that size.
It is rumored by using black lightning for the internal part of LRA, Kei could put himself in genjutsu and counteract another’s genjutsu.
  • Black Lightning Release: Hell Stab: With Black LRA’s amazing shape transformation capabilities, Kei can create Hell Stab from Black LRA very easily, and even a Dual Hell Stab without much effort. This allows Kei to use this technique with even more ease, if that was possible. This kind of Hell Stab can be altered during the heat of battle, during a thrust for example. If someone dodges the point, Kei can turn his Hell Stab black, and generate spiked beams like the Chidori Sharp Spear, if they stay near his hand (like how Naruto attempted to hit the Raikage’s arm, after dodging Hell Stab). With his great manipulation capabilities enhanced with Black Lightning, even in motion and instants, Hell Stab can be altered to fit the situation. By changing Hell Stab black, Kei can alter it to large, large proportions capable of combating large constructs. An instant is all Kei needs, to turn it into a large hammer, spear, orb, among other shapes, to combat something. This also has the power to induce genjutsu, especially by getting close to a shinobi. Once stabbed or hit, Kei can flow genjutsu through immediately, which can seal the deal, by absorbing form or life-energy. Black Lightning Hell Stab can also deconstruct techniques that hit it.
  • Black Lightning Current Barrier: By generating essentially a dome barrier of black lightning, akin to LRA in form, around Kei, of varying size, he can essentially create an effective shield. Either for lightning counters or as a shield for deconstructing and absorbing attacks (the residual energy from each deconstructed technique can be added and given to Kei, in any black lightning form, but more evident here). It also serves as a genjutsu inducer for those who stray too close to it. It can also serve as a medium for magnetism waves as well, and can be a medium for instantaneous shaping and attacking closer to the opponent. He can also attract people to this barrier, trying to stop their brainwaves and put them under a spell.

Kei also learned Lightning Release: Purple Electricity at one time, from Kakashi Hatake himself. In truth he would find out it was actually a imperfect variation of Black Lightning. Once the Third Raikage had mastered it and created Black Lightning, its creation was deemed unimportant, until Kei found out the use of the imperfection.

In truth, it is not imperfect, just less yin based then black lightning but still more yin based than regular lightning. At the particular composition Kakashi taught Kei to use, it made it easy for range attacks and even less consuming than Black Lightning. Taking an interest to this, Kei learned how to use this to combat forces far away. Allowing for sniping feats. Also, due to being used for range, Purple Lightning has a wide area of effect and can be very fast. Using this combination into Silver Lightning can create something even more impressive.

White Lightning

A type of lightning Kei developed himself that is the exact opposite of Black Lightning, its counterpart. With his high physical energy, Kei pushes his high yang levels into his lightning, causing a yang imbalance, turning it completely white. This is to increase the Lightning’s “vitality,” raising its intensities to the extreme, overcoming natural insulation, and giving it a whole new set of powers.

With the extreme intensities, White Lightning is more powerful than basic lightning, overpowering always. Also, White Lightning gives Kei a wider range of intensities to choose from. The basic ones, including burning, to ones capable of burning solid metal and other solids, or ones capable of disintegration of those things. It is said white lightning’s intensity could match natural lightning’s power as well, and its full capabilities have yet to be known. This yang dominant lightning is powerful indeed, and is very deadly. At some intensities the very heat from it can burn an opponent, meaning direct is not needed for White Lightning to hurt an opponent.

White Lightning can generate those intensities needed to overcome natural insulators instantly as nothing is the perfect insulator & it generates in the extreme voltages that cannot be insulated, as well as burn chakra in its upper intensities. White Lightning is generated when more yang energy is added to vibrating chakra, making vibrate at the highest frequencies, the most powerful ones. Its destructive force is unprecedented, as blasting intensity is usually the norm of White Lightning generated. It can also vaporize, incinerate, and disintegrate, among other things. It is very destructive, but is noted that it can have life giving qualities as well.

Consumption of form is something that White Lightning can obviously do. Being yang dominant, Kei can let it absorb the yin energies of the area, form, in the area in an attempt to reach yin-yang equilibrium. This also allows White Lightning to deconstruct techniques, making them lose their form and yin-yang balance. Of course this requires concentration from Kei to maintain white lightning’s own balance as well, and will need to supply it with more yang energy to keep it constant. But when he does this, techniques fall apart against his lightning techniques and things need to be carefully around it, as they could lose their form to it, dying quickly, shapeless. Kei can also control what yin it absorbs, and what yin energy it doesn’t.

Consumption of life-energy is also something White Lightning can do. It can kill in many ways, but this refers to mostly to its power to strengthen itself by absorbing more yang energy. Similar to the yin absorption method, it can collect yang energy to itself in order to raise its intensities higher and higher. This makes it deadlier and deadlier, making it more capable to kill. However, this requires more effort than yin energy absorption, because Kei has to attract yang energy to it, something which isn’t normal for the technique, along with making sure it stays constantly stabilized with the changes in energy flow. Still, this can be very powerful, and this (along with its yin absorption) can allow Kei to kill people who are near to the White Lightning’s effects, by trying to attract their respective energies (depending on the method) to the technique, which is extremely hard to notice, until it’s too late. White Lightning (along with Black Lightning) can theoretically kill those near it, without ever making contact.

Kei White Armour

Kei's White Lightning Release Armor when visible.

  • White Lightning Release Armor: Again, referring to the cloak of LRA and not the internal part, as White Lightning would be dangerous to use internally. By turning the cloak into White Lightning, it becomes a capable shield for absorbing other lightning techniques, or burning those near it. Using White Lightning’s varying intensities, this can serve as a capable shield for many things, vaporizing them or worse as Kei usually as capable armor, which can also deconstruct techniques. This armor would make Kei even more dangerous, as he could burn those in a certain radius around him, heating up the air to be unbearable and burn inducing. This armor would be more power-based, and not really shaped with shape transformation. However, nothing stops Kei from shaping it first, then turning his techniques white. That is how he uses Hell Stab with White Lightning, and some other techniques.
It is suspected that by using White Lightning internally could potentially help heal Kei from the inside. It is theorized that the more yang over yin there is for white lightning generation could actually be helpful. By lowering the intensity of the lightning greatly, the yang energy could be used for healing purposes.
  • White Lightning Release: Hell Stab: By shaping the LRA into Hell Stab shape and then turning it white, he can create a deadly form. Usually capable of permanently damaging a Tailed Beast at normal power, enhanced with White Lightning allows it to take on all its properties. It could deconstruct techniques, and burn or vaporize things just by being close. By stabbing or cutting something with Hell Stab, then turning it White, Kei can leave searing wounds, or vaporize what is left. This definitely will make damage on a Tailed Beast that cannot be healed. This makes this technique very powerful, as the intensities of the focused white lightning energy are immense. It is very deadly indeed. Magnetism can also be manipulated with this, in order to attract enemies to heat zones, etc.
  • White Lightning Current Barrier: Generating a dome barrier of White Lightning, similar to the Black Lightning counterpart, of varying sizes, Kei can use it for a variety of different purposes according to white lightning. Mostly used for its heat waves (based on the intensity), and its magnetic properties, it is usually used in the “Pull of the Blazing Field” application of his aspects, in order to pull an enemy to their heat-related doom. This dome can also serve as a shield for deconstructing techniques as well, and can be very effective.
  • Fire Generation: White Lightning’s intensities can reach very hot temperatures, even the ones capable of generating fire on contact with objects. This can work extremely in Kei’s favor, as he can use his lightning to set his opponents ablaze, or cause a forest fire. He can use fire to create a trap for the opponent, by setting off various things. However, lacking prowess in utilizing the fire nature he cannot use this fire to its full potential. However, he can still use his chakra to manipulate this fire (the heat of which determined when generated) for optimal results.
Thunder Release

Power of Thunder Release, a basic application.

Not really a release, but the term used for his mastery of Sound-Based Ninjutsu. Lightning produces sound, thunder, crackling. At first an annoying byproduct of his mastery, Kei found a way to turn it into a strength, instead of silencing it at times (using a chakra barrier to prevent it from escaping). By using chakra to enhance sound waves, he would begin to utilize it like he does with heat, radiation and magnetism. Bringing it to untold heights. This would eventually extend to him being able to produce sound even without using lightning. But Kei would be able to manipulate sound with great skill, resulting in a plethora of powers that take minimal chakra as well to add to his skillset.


By using vibrations/sound, Kei can use Thunder with his amazing strength to kill a giant opponent with a palm strike, augmenting his taijutsu prowess.

A plethora of frequencies to choose from, he can alter them at will. Using his chakra to hit the air at different speeds, and power, creating various vibrations that she can freely manipulate, and even shape, solidify. He can manipulate sound into a working drill, that can shred through trees, and stone. He can freely shape it, and give it "life", allowing the sound to do different things. Such a shockwave punch, kick, etc. Or using sound to boost her up (sonic boom; like rocket feet), shape sound into various constructs. This makes things like Resonating Echo Drill possible for Kei, using his body, or other things as a medium.

Which brings this to the next part of his sound powers, mediums. Using his body mostly, he can utilize his body to use sound for a variety of effects. Building up vibrations in he throat, he can shoot out a Sonic Scream, a scream at a high amplitude, that he can use to hurt the ears, distort a living beings senses, etc. He can also use a more advanced version of this, firing sound blasts from his mouth, powerful enough to destroy trees, disrupt water, etc. Sonic Breath if you will. Another more amplified version of his Sonic Scream can destroy an area of ten meters of trees around him, or maybe even 5 meters of buildings.


By transmitting thunder through the ground, Kei can upturn an establishment.

Kei can use sound to propel himself at varying speeds, and even to fly. He is quite agile and adept at doing this, dodging things rapidly. He can also project his sound, against surfaces for sonar and echolocation like sensory, or to strengthen a coming blow. He can also transmit sound waves through many different natural mediums beside his body, such as the land or water, or air. Along with a varying amount of tools, which he can also use to channel and focus sound attacks. Also, he can use his body to transmit sound into other things he touches in combat, such as other beings, to distort their balance, insert massive vibrations into them, etc.

Kei can also focus sound waves, into trees and different objects, causing them to combust. This would generate either a fire or explosion, the scale of which depending on the chakra put into it, and the object used. He can also use it to shatter solids at molecular levels, and even the human body. He can use it against Earth Release, or to disrupt wind.

His sound can also be used in a hypnotic way, inducing Genjutsu, or maybe even sleep, depending on the song she sings. By singing, he can induce a generic genjutsu, that makes the living creature think they are constantly falling, into an abyss of no return. The genjutsu changes on the frequency. Other genjutsu Kei can perform with sound is Illusion Bell Needles, an effective one at that.

It is clear Kei has a good understanding of sound and sound waves, along with vibrations, thunder, etc, much like Dosu Kinata. This allows him to produce a plethora of skills with sound, using his thoughts alone. This makes him very deadly when it comes to sound, allowing him to go from almost fatal low frequencies, to very high frequencies that can destroy many things.


Sound Wall Defense.

Kei's sound can also be used defensively. By shouting at an incoming attack, he can reflect it. Or disrupt it with vibrations. It can also be used to push something back with powerful vibrations, or just be used on Kei to help him move faster to avoid an attack.

Being adept with sound, Kei has a keen sense of hearing, able to hear frequencies inaudible to most. When reinforced with his chakra, he can protect his ears and body from his dangerous sound lengths, or hear things even lower, or higher than deemed ever possible. Kei can also communicate through creating waves to his teammates.

  • Sonic Screech/Breath: By shaping sound, he can shoot it out of his mouth for varying effects.
  • Sound Wall: By creating something similar to an outward vibration, Kei can repel attacks against him, in a general area. The scope of which depending on Kei's thoughts. Almost in a way akin to Shinra Tensei and the Repulsion Technique. This can also be duplicated by using vibrations through the air to propel someone inward, or some attacks as well.
Dark Lightning

By speeding up electrons to very high speeds, Kei can generate dark lightning, lightning formed from gamma ray radiation, and quicker than normal lightning, and more powerful. A style all on its own, if Black or White lightning are infused with dark lightning instead of normal lightning, they would be much stronger, further proving dark lightning is in a class of its own. Dark Lightning can be manipulated in similar ways to normal, and positive lightning.

Positive Lightning

A type of lightning in a class of its own, similar to Dark Lightning. This is lightning with a positive charge, either made from protons, or positrons. Stronger than regular electron based lightning, it can be used to outclass those made by basic lightning release users. While weaker than dark lightning, it is assumed if Kei moved protons/positrons at high speeds, he would produce a "Dark Positive Lightning", stronger than regular dark lightning. Positive Lightning and its dark counterpart can be manipulated like normal lightning, and can become stronger if they are used to make Black or White Lightning.

Lustre Release

As a member of the Kōdzuki Clan along with the Yotsuki Clan, Kei would normally have this as a Kekkei Genkai. But instead, he was born without this gift, but was able to recreate it. By combining his Lightning and electromagnetic radiation styles, mostly light, Kei can produce the lustre nature, as that's essentially what it is. Able to manipulate this with such mastery due to his lightning and light skill, he can use this with great dexterity, and with low chakra cost. Many usages can come from this, such as heating, and brightness manipulation and more. It is noted he could create clones of himself this way, form various constructs, among other things. He can even use Light Speed to increase his speed to a degree, without access to the parent jutsu even.

Silver Lightning

Perhaps his strongest Lightning type, Silver Lightning has broken the boundaries of lightning release (and its expansion) as Kei knew it, opening new possibilities and heights of his mastery. Known for its silver or gray coloration, though it can take on any color, Silver Lightning is known as the fusion of Kei's Black and White Lightning (occasionally Purple instead of the former) that gives the lightning a new set of properties. When Yin-Yang Release is mixed into lightning, he can alter the attributes of the technique according to his will.[13]

This allows him to bypass the boundaries he previously had with lightning release. For example, no matter how far he had expanded lightning thus far, he could never get lightning to freeze or seal anything. Those were simply not attributes lightning and byproducts had. But by infusing yin-yang, Kei gained the ability to craft lightning that froze like ice, hit like earth and water, stuck like glue, etc. He also gained the ability to use the Lightning Fūinjutsu Transcription. With his tremendous prowess in lightning, adding these various effects allowed for quite an edge. Most didn't suspect that Kei could seal upon contact with his lightning, or freeze them either.

Casting lightning on a large scale, the new changes to his lightning can spread over a wide area. Upon any situation, Kei can alter his lightning to be effective. This has furthered Kei's adaptability in a fight. This also allows for better Cooperation Ninjutsu as well, as Kei can change his lightning to better go with someone else's techniques. Kei can apply this to not only lightning, but its byproducts as well as their natural counterparts. This allows Kei numerous angles and methods for applying his change of properties. This keeps opponents on their toes as its not just lightning they have to look out for.

While physical altercations are easier, Kei can also alter his lightning based on concepts as well. Albeit at a greater chakra cost, this really emphasizes the ideal that he can alter his lightning based on his imagination...

Cooperation Techniques

Kei is skilled in these kind of techniques, often tag teaming with his partner Mamoru. He often tag teams with Jellyfish and Thunderbirds to augment each others strengths, along with his tailed beast. He is described as a good partner.

The idea of his ability to work well with others is due to his innate nature to combine many effects into one thing. Such as utilizing his Lightning byproducts, trying to convey multiple effects to affect the opponent with. They may expect one or two, but they may not expect 7 or more kinds of attacks coming from the one attack, allowing to strike people down with the unknown. He can also combine his skills in other ways, with other fields he has specialized in.

This knack allows him to combine things with others as well. As a leader who has seen many different situations, he is used to working with all different kinds of people. It doesn't take him long in order to think up of a way to get the max effectiveness out of the abilities of himself or others.

Lightning Dragon


Kei creating a thunderstorm, calling down a lightning strike.

After mastering the Fang blades, Kei is known to have tamed the Storm Dragon spirit from which they originated. By becoming the host of this dragon, he would gain the powers the Kiba swords offer at their full capabilities for a true master, Kei. But without the use of even wielding the swords (or accessing Denji's chakra directly), these abilities are prominent, able to be activated and transferable to his clothes, weapons, and others, among other things.

The first ability this allows him to absorb all electrical energies, rendering him immune to it. This has been seen with Raiga, a previous wielder of the Kiba swords, to continue fighting endlessly. In similar effect, Kei has the same prowess, but has surpassed Raiga's previous usage of it. No need for the use of the swords to absorb electrical energy and recharge his body. Kei can also absorb all electromagnetic energies to, including the powers of the EM spectrum and the magnet release KG's magnetic fields to recharge as well. This also extends to his healing, allowing for him to use those energies as a basis of regenerating or forcing poison out of his body. Essentially this allows him to fight and heal in the daytime, and tame electrical storms and magnetic energies. With access to any electromagnetic energy, he can recharge, and heal as well. Kei also gained a high resistance to vibrations and sound, allowing for him to absorb them for energy as well, along with heat and radiation (EMS radiation). The heat needed to actually damage Kei would be much more than lava could produce, needing it to surpass the heat that Lightning (natural or artificial, even in megavolts he could absorb) can produce, or else he could take it in to recharge.

Communing with the Dragon also allowed for Kei's lightning and electromagnetic transformations to become almost second nature, meaning they did not take as much chakra to maintain as they would have.


Dark Lightning produced.

The second ability allows him to shoot lightning up into the sky, much like the Fangs of Lightning, and produce thunderstorms like the Kiba swords, even without their aid. These thunderstorms are composed partially (not wholly) of his chakra, allowing for him to call lightning strikes, and even dark lightning strikes but not to the scale and power if he was in Sage Mode instead. These lightning bolts, also follow Kei's Charge Aspect, proving it impossible for it to be insulated by normal means at least. These powers also allow him to use lightning to a degree where it cannot burn him, allowing for him to touch it even, and redirect it at a fast target. This allows for Kirin to be used easily enough and in multiple succession.

The Dragon also gave him an affinity for summoning Thunderbirds, the beings the dragon once commanded.

The Dragon spirit, would also allow him to attack the soul, using something dubbed spiritual lightning, pure spiritual energy molded into electromagnetic energy, capable of attacking the soul of an opponent directly, ignoring physical attacks. Allowing him to magnetize the soul, or for his Presence to embody the dragon he communed with and its power to shock the soul. The dragon is also supposedly helping strengthen his "Will Lightning", and its magnetic Gold Dust/Iron Sand Sand Shield, and increase its reaction time.

Great Yang Method

As a master of electromagnetism, Kei has always been versed in its radiation. The sun has always been a source of some kinds, such as all kinds of light (from infrared to ultraviolet). And to top it off, it literally shined with natural energy. In fact it was the greatest source of the power.

Kei sought to utilize this ample source of natural energy and radiation. Essentially, connect himself with the sun's power, making it second nature to him. This would increase his own prowess, which he is constantly refining. And using what was already around, Kei could save chakra and use the most powerful effects nature had to offer.

Drawing on his Sage Mode training along with his training with Denji, he would be able to draw energy from the sun, even when its not in the sky. As well as utilize the energy it produces around, much like Denji. His connection became very fast, as it took literally seconds or less for him to gain its energy. Of course, this energy was limited to the energies he had under his control, but that was a lot.

Radiation types and heat, from the world around him, became Kei's to control. He could manipulate, enhance and utilize it to great effect. He could deconstruct even techniques made from senjutsu with deadly natural radiation, enhanced by chakra of course. Change the temperature in the air to blistering heights, confusing those around to thinking he was a master of fire. Increasing the amount of radiation to damage others bodies. His refined mastery would eventually reach his control over charges, natural ones.

He could utilize the light around him for construct and technique creation, such as creating strong barriers, that can produce other effects. Using heat to melt through bonds. With his flexibility over the sun's products, he could flow his senjutsu power into other sources of light, granting him limited control over those as well. Light especially became a great source of power for Kei. Along with the Playing With Light Technique, he could easily confuse the opponent by messing with light alone. He could even perhaps make them slightly delusional due to a heat increase.

Electromagnetic radiation wave control from the sun became easier. Allowing him to create light figures that, while illusions, are dangerous to get near due to the radiation levels they emitted. Kei also transferred this to his techniques, using natural and/or chakra radiation to give them a certain deadliness. Assisting him in attacking in multiple ways than one, especially in many subtler ways.

Sensory was impressively enhanced. By connecting with the Sun for senjutsu, Kei could view things in its radiation types, similar to Electromagnetic Vision. As well as sense its radiation, allowing him to sense the heat of others.

Kei also possesses the powerful ability, while drawing on the power of Denji, to draw solar flares, similar to the ability of other legends to draw down or create meteors and planetary bodies. While not a specialist in fire, instead Kei tugs on the massive radiation from such a flare to bring it down. While being draining, it is very useful in its use and can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly it can just be dropped and create an inferno. However it can be suspended and manipulated by Kei and Denji through its radiation to serve different purposes, such as a swarm of smaller deadly radiation fireballs.


Illuminating Kirin Flare.

Kei has also combined this solar flare ability with his ability to call down lightning strikes. Combining a solar flare with a or multiple lightning strikes, causing such a thing to be very quick and very destructive, being able to lay whole battlefields and armies to waste.

In Electromagnetic Avatar Mode, Kei can draw on the sun's energy to utilize the more powerful senjutsu techniques due to its powerful radiation or use it to enter his Storm Dragon variation of Tailed Beast Senjutsu.

Jinchūriki Forms

Kei is regarded as a perfect jinchūriki due to having had years of practice and even wars to strengthen his skill. Having bonded with Denji for over a decade, he has formed a partnership that has never been achieved before with the Kiba swords source. Allowing to access his chakra for more reserves or having Denji instruct him on the battlefield or anywhere. Or have him help dispel genjutsu as an aid, among other things. Utilizing Denji's power has enhanced his own and has become as easy as using his own prowess. Allowing him to access things about Denji in his base form, such as the Lightning Dragon abilities. A famous way Kei has done this is to create Denji's claws in his base form to assist with Hell Stab, making it more powerful. Kei is able to use most of his jinchūriki abilities in base form and able to jump to any mode from base form. Due to being very compatible and in favor with Denji, Kei's chakra is very mixable with Denji's, allowing for taxing technique usage without strain and melding of reserves more easily if necessary. This also boosts Kei's power as well as his ability to use Denji's power in his base form.

While drawing on Denji Ryū's chakra initially, Kei gets a glow of purplish chakra around him according to others. His eyes follow, as they darken to a sapphire blue when utilizing Denji's chakra. The initial state allows for different effects. Kei gains an accelerated healing factor, allowing him to survive fatal attacks. His strength and speed are also enhanced, giving him even more of an edge than he already had. Harnessing Denji's raw chakra, he can use it for different things, similar to a nature transformation. Such as creating blasts and shockwaves, along with constructs. Accessing Denji enhances his Lightning Dragon abilities.

Version one allows for Kei to access more of Denji's chakra and allows Denji to assist him physically, using the chakra to attack a threat Kei may not be able to detect. The chakra becomes way easier to control for Kei as well, and also has some chakra of his in the mix, combined with Denji's. While gaining a boost in physical abilities similar to a jinchūriki of Gyūki in version one, Kei gains the ability to form constructs from the shroud, purplish in color, that conforms to his shape in a dragon-like humanoid form. Such as the ability to create chakra arms for various purposes, as well as any number of tails or any appendage. The chakra can also be used in other ways and is dangerous for others to come into contact with, unless Kei nullifies its effects for any ally. The chakra is dense enough to repel against chakra as powerful as Amaterasu.[14]

Version 2 allows for full conversion of Denji's chakra into a humanoid state, giving Kei an edge in battle. Dark purple, almost black chakra of Denji's conforms to Kei's form, using it as an endoskeleton. Denji's features become more clear in this form, while being vaguer in Version one. Kei essentially becomes a smaller representation of Denji's form. Physical and chakra enhancements go up in this form again. Entering this form creates a powerful deal of energy that Kei can harness, such as creating craters when used. The chakra becomes a viable defense against many forms of attacks, even nature transformation and taijutsu, even those of the lower end Eight Gates. Combined with Kei's Strongest Shield durability, this defense is even stronger. Previous abilities also are available while in use. Kei also gains the ability to create bones and protein (for claws) from chakra, to assist in taijutsu (such as the Lariat) as well as other things. He can also form a skeletal structure around his person for defense as an exoskeleton. The chakra is still dangerous to those Kei has deemed a foe. Kei retains his mind and does not suffer body damage in this form.

Kei can partially manifest Denji's characteristics in his base form. Such as a tail, or his scales for defense. Bones, as well as other body parts can be used for a variety of things as long as Kei wills it. Kei can also manifest Denji's wings, as well as any forms of Denji in energy types. He can also focus this power into a single place of the body.

Tailed Beast Mode is a form Kei possesses as well. Kei can fully transform into Denji in a matter of ways and can fully control his size enhancement through the Enlargement and even Shrinking Techniques, and with the latter retain his strength. While being able to use it in other forms, as well as his base, the full power of the Tailed Beast Ball can be used in this form with Denji's full power. Kei can also use Denji's unique lightning, magnetism and combo tailed beast balls, as well as use his own prowess to combine with Denji's. As a master host, Kei can create a full scale replica of Denji and use all of Denji's powers and switch control with the more experienced beast. Kei can maintain this form for an extended time due to his mastery and partnership. Kei can also change his mode from chakra (like Naruto and Minato's) to solid (like other hosts) in a matter of seconds for the situation.

Another thing Denji's power allows for is an enhancement of Kei's techniques, such as boosting the Self-Heavenly Transfer Technique to cover oceans and some countries. He can also use the Radioactive Poisoning Technique, producing (or enhancing) different forms of natural and/or chakra radiation, as well as providing a method for hiding. Kei can also manifest Denji outside of his body, similar to Naruto. Accessing Denji's chakra allows Kei to utilize Denji's other techniques (even Midnight and Heavens Thunder, enhanced forms of Black and White Lightning), as well as the "Bashōsen" Coil of Lightning energy, which is rumored to be lightning chakra from Hagoromo himself. Kei has also created forms of Silver Lightning (as well as other lightning sub-types) enhanced by Denji's power. Kei can also use Denji's power to manipulate Tailed beast balls with the same prowess he can manipulate lightning and Denji's raw chakra, as well as form them in various sizes and places. He can control a tailed beast balls form, allowing for armor and other constructs. He can also combine tailed beast ball energy with other techniques. Denji's power can neutralize and/or absorb other forms of chakra (similar to when Saiken's power was able to stop Fury), as well as be used for flight and keeping it active.

As a partner, Denji can also assist Kei of his own free will, and commonly helps him in gathering natural energy, especially from em radiation. Kei has also studied famous jinchūriki to assist his prowess and work better with Denji, such as Naruto, Gaara and Killer B.

Denji's power also can be enhanced by natural energy and it also allows Kei better control over it, such as with the Great Yang Method. This can be seen easily with the Electromagnetic Avatar Mode, which increases Kei's prowess with only small portions of natural energy and Denji's chakra through the Lightning Dragon abilities. Fully balancing all three allows for perfect Storm Dragon Senjutsu in the form of the Storm Dragon Sage Technique. Both forms increase Kei's senjutsu prowess with tailed beast power. Kei's usage of Denji allows for a variety of effects.

Enhanced Electromagnetism

After mastering Denji Ryū, Kei was able to draw upon and mix the Tailed Beast chakra with that of his own. That allowed for the mixing of the Lightning and Magnet Release chakra natures, to create electromagnetism, a kekkei tōta. This electromagnetism nature is on a whole other level that Kei's basic electromagnetism as now he can actually create it with the power of a Tailed Beast, rather than manipulating existing forces. This allows for enhancement of Kei's abilities and the utilization of many powerful techniques as a result.

The scale and scope of his powers goes up tremendously... destructive capabilities

Acute magnetism control, like a master magnet release user...

Radiation prowess is upped..

Enhancing this with other techniques, he can...

Physical Prowess

Rough, powerful and durable.

Kei doesn't look pretty huge, but he sure packs a mighty punch. His taijutsu style revolves around dominating the opponent, with his honed physical strength. After training in the Cliffs of the Land of Earth for so long, his physical ability has increased immensely, using the Thunders Sword fighting style as well as Muay Thai.

A single punch from Kei seems to be able to shatter rock on average, a testament to his strength, along with his ability to pick up grown men with a single hand, similar to Gari.[15] His speed and agility are tremendous, able to keep up with most fast paced animals, even cheetahs. This is even more augmented by his Lightning Release Armor, which brings him to a new peak of those things, capable of keeping up with the legendary Fourth Raikage, A, and land his powerful strikes in a flash, a streak of lightning. His kicks seem to be enough to break bones.

Kei is also very durable, capable of taking direct beatings from a person enhanced by the first five Gates, and still continue to fight like usual. He is capable enough to keep up with them at his natural honed speed, and with Lightning Release Armor, even surpass them in speed, and power. Kei is also resistant to pain, refusing to be deterred from say a broken arm. Kei is also noted to have a high tolerance to pain, and is highly disciplined to it. As a result, he can keep fighting, when most would fall over from the unbearable pain (he has been compared to A, in tolerance to pain). His amazing physical strength, also translates to his levels of emotional strengths. He would continue to fight even then, while most wouldn't. This is also a testament to his stamina in a fight, and emotional and physical endurance levels. He can also withstand sword strikes as well, as many physical blows. His durability has essentially the same to the "strongest shield" durability of the bodies of the Raikages and Killer B. Many say he has reformed the Third's own legendary durability, making him very resistant to techniques, heat and electricity, even enhanced by water, and even water and earth's various forces. Many things that would normally kill or damage a person, he can survive unscathed, or with minor wounds, going hand in hand with his physical strength. Even a Rasenshuriken & other high level cutting wind techniques would fail to phase him, much like the Third Raikage's own body shield.[16] Techniques that normally main a person, fail to phase him, much like Hidan,[17] the Jashinist Kei has been referred to equaling in durability, stamina and endurance. Kei's durability has even been compared to Gyūki and Katsuyu, a tailed beast and legendary summon.

Kei combines his taijutsu with Lightning Release Armor, and other lightning jutsu. This allows him to fight in the unique Lightning Release Nin-Taijutsu, where he seamlessly puts together Lightning Techniques like Hell Stab into the battle, along with his own physical ability. He can quickly follow up a punch with a Lightning Release Stream, or a lightning construct. He could integrate his constructs of lightning into melee combat, such as fashioning a blade of lightning, to fight with during combat.

Kei's timing for taijutsu is precise, and when he works with lightning, he is one and the same with it. Lightning Strikes done by Kei are quickly followed up by blows, like lightning is his partner during a battle. Kei also uses lightning as an extension of himself really, with Lightning Release Armor, Hell Stab, and their manipulations, converting their shape into various constructs he can weave into combat with himself. They can serve an extra reach for a strike, or to stop an opponent if they ever got behind his speed. Kei's taijutsu is electrified with lightning chakra, and is powerful, with or without it.

Kei is known to be very fast, agile and nimble, matching the speeds of the faster shinobi in history, such as Minato, A, or Shisui, or the adaptable Hidan. He is especially compared to the latter, along with the Raikages in terms of agility, speed and nimble capabilities.

Kei's powerful body seems to be directly related to his lightning affinity, and his pituitary gland. Many have compared Kei's physical prowess to that of the Raikages, which leads to belief Kei can destroy cliffs, and shatter swords with his phsyical strength and power, of one hand. This also means, even Chidori can barely pierce his body, if it manages to touch it at all. Many have compared his physical prowess to be like that of the Third and Fourth Raikages' themselves.

But in fact, his normal physical prowess surpasses theirs, and is closer to Minato's and Tsunade's themselves (in terms of strength and reflexes), even without Lightning Release Armor. This is due to his stronger body, born from the state Kumogakure was left in after the Ten-Tails attack, his body born with a mutation better equipped to survive in this world. Thus, he has obtained ordinary prowess that rivals the Raikages and Tsunade, but enhanced with LRA, he may even surpass the greatest shinobi in history in physical prowess (without usage of Eight Gates). With his mastery of Silent Killing, Kei is a very physically equipped shinobi. With his usage of the Thunder and Wind Schools and Chakra Enhanced Strength, Kei's power in strength grows immensely. Able to lift Rashōmons with his bare hands or the weapons of summons or giant summons themselves. He can even break through Susanoo with this level of physical strength. His fingers could create shockwaves and fissures as well. Through use of the Surging Stages, his physical abilities can be multiplied.

  • Iron Cannon Headbutt: One of the techniques Kei has studied, it seems to be truly dangerous to get hit by Kei's head due to his level of prowess.

Eye Enhancement

After his own father, C, had fallen for the genjutsu of the Sharingan from Sasuke, he began to devise ways around it (falling for generic genjutsu, especially the Sharingan's) so he wouldnt fall for it again. Training his own eyes to see through Sharingan genjutsu by putting himself under genjutsu constantly, he would begin to achieve what Deidara did to counter Sharingans genjutsu, managing to do this with both eyes. He would later teach this to Kei, during training with him, and helping him perfect it before the Civil War. This helps Kei a lot on the battlefield, as it makes generic genjutsu and some specific ones useless, he can see through it. This helps him combat Uchiha, as staring into their eyes does not put him under a spell. He has trained himself to counter one of his enemies' best weapons, and works wonders. This, and his Will Lightning, help solidify his high genjutsu resistance levels. Just like Deidara, when he sees through genjutsu, his pupils narrow, then enlarge after successfully seeing through. Having perfected this, it is very useful on the field of battle for Kei.

Wind and Thunder School Mastery

Kei possesses a mastery over two physical natures schools. Akin to him becoming literally thunder and lightning, he likens it to this as he uses this styles in battle. With mastery over the Wind and Thunder Schools, Kei is believed to have the power to control, generate and manipulate his internal energy for various effects. Allowing for fatal blows with only a simple touch or a shockwave from afar just by poking his finger into the air.

With mastery of the Thunder School, Kei can confront threats on all fronts without even moving, for destructive effects. By using his extreme speed, Kei can generate attacks from various directions. He can also unleash compressed force in different shapes, for different effects, even explosive ones. It requires a mastery over his internal energies, which govern his physical prowess. Having refined this energy control in Iwagakure and post-Civil War era for many years, the use of this energy has become very fast and easier, allowing him to do multiple effects or switch between effects quickly.

With mastery over the Wind School, Kei has taken his skill with vibrations to a new level, able to bypass the greatest of defenses to deliver great internal damage to bring it down. Similar to Thunder School, it doesn't focus on extreme force, projected or not but rather the destructive power to vibrations, allowing for things like Wind School: Twin Palm Penetration, to kill a person or destroy things from within. He seems to use his mastery over Thunder Release to assist with the concept of Wind School's taijutsu.

By combining these schools together, he is capable of utilizing them in an explosive wave type fashion for more destructive forces, dubbed the Blast School. With his mastery over both, Blast School as well became easier. Many sometimes think Kei is a user of explosions when he uses taijutsu, due to the explosions generated from his attacks using this style.

Surging Stages

A taijutsu style Kei invented, the Surging Stages technique allows him to control the output of his muscle usage. Having mastered it to such a level he can use it to change his muscle capability from 0% to 100% in a matter of seconds. By harnessing his own bio-electricity, he can manipulate the power the brain has over his muscle capability.

With 20% capability, Kei already possesses amazing strength and other physical capabilities. Strength that may rival even Tsunade, the strongest shield durability of Kumogakure, capable of withstanding most techniques, even a Rasenshuriken. His capabilities are very impressive and to mark it all off, Kei still only uses 20% of what his muscles could truly do. Using this technique allows him to put his typical physical prowess to shame.

With 40%, his own power is doubled. Easily surpassing the level of the great Tsunade herself, Kei enters a level of strength previously only found by perhaps Tailed beasts and Eight Gates users. This continues with the other percentages. 60% triples his 20% capabilities, and 80% would actually quadruple it.

Kei has mastered it to such a level to where he can activate the technique for periods of time with little strain, which he has trained to overcome and reduce on the field of battle. And in addition to his durability, using this technique doesn't necessarily strain his body too much unless it is used for too long at one time. However, too long has been increased exponentially by Kei.

Kei can also enter what is known as the Supercharged Condition (超諭, Chōyū Kyō) by releasing the Fourth Stage. This is essentially achieved by opening the First Gate fully, allowing what the gate allows: 100% muscle output. With this, Kei's own capabilities go literally through the roof. The possibilities are beyond what most, if all, have done before. It is rumored that it would be enough to cause full scale earthquakes or be enough to physically damage jinchūriki. Through training, Kei has been working on maintaining this state and minimizing the damage done by it, much like an Eight Gates user. This allows him, if necessary, to enter the Supercharged Condition for extended periods of time due to his mastery. This allows for nearly boundless strength to be unleashed on the battlefield if required, allowing him to break through or utilize strength in ways not thought to be possible even for most shinobi.

Kei however can increase the capabilities of this technique even further. By opening the Fifth Stage, he can access the his own adrenaline reserves. Through mastery and control over the Surging Stages technique which he invented, Kei can utilize the Adrenal Manipulation Technique to its fullest extent, erasing fatigue from his taijutsu capabilities. Creating more adrenaline if needed, Kei is no longer held back by some bounds of physical ability. With his other recovering abilities (such as through the Lightning Dragon), Kei truly becomes capable of fighting infinitely if he has too.

Kei commonly uses this with his Lightning Release Chakra Mode. Allowing for the states enhanced capabilities to assist with his use of increasing muscle output. This also allows him to open the Sixth Stage. This allows Kei to use Lightning Release: Quick Flash: By using LRA's cloak as a field, he is capable of transmitting all electrical impulses from their brain in a straight line directly to the part of the body they want to use, completely bypassing their nervous system. Allowing for them to react literally at lightning speed, as all it takes for lightning fast currents to get to their body parts. Due to the enhanced capabilities of the body in these stages, the body can handle this stage of prowess. This increases Kei's fighting capabilities with the Stages and the Chakra Mode even more and truly makes him formidable to even those who solely focus on taijutsu.

A real possibility with this technique, is that with many of Kei's techniques, Kei can combine the possibilities of this technique with others. Having already used the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, Kei can also perhaps use senjutsu and tailed beast power to increase his power even more. And with his prowess in those fields as well, Kei becomes capable of truly achieving muscle capability that knows no bounds. Also, if Kei trains so, it has been theorized that Kei could use this to open the other gates, and with training, truly use even the Eight Gates to increase his power even more to levels unknown, with the drawbacks included. It seems his body truly is enhanced to begin with, allowing him to go leaps and bounds past what was known.


Kei has proven himself to be a capable user of weapons. While not necessarily comparable to users such as Tenten in her prime, Kei is accomplished in the usage of his own equipment and his various weapons at his disposal. He displays quite a mastery over kenjutsu and marksmanship on the field of battle.



Kei wielding his unique cleaver.

Kei, while a master of Lightning Release, is also quite able in the field of swordsmanship, a sign of a true Kumogakure ninja. Skilled with standard Kumogakure swords, Kei’s power and strength, while being speed, and agile and maneuverable, allows for a varied style for Kei, usually depending on the sword he wields. Kei’s power while speedy allows for a quick, blazing style, that it is also packed with power. Having trained in the art of the sword under the great Omoi himself, Kei’s prowess with swords is also not to be underestimated, even with his large lightning capabilities. He is noted to be quite skilled, by other sword masters, having prowess over many sword grips, and utilizing swords to attack at many different angles at once, and even use the sword as a mid and long range weapon. He has also mastered unique fighting styles, such as the Seven Swords.


Kei wielding a large sword, despite its size and uncommonness, quickly and effectively.

Kei has multiple swords that he can wield with great and capable dexterity. This dexterity allows him to fight on par with kenjutsu masters such as Samurai (he was taught by them at a time, in Kumo) and other Kumogakure ninja (such as Killer B), along with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He is noted to possess standard katanas and chokutō, a large sword similar to the Cleaver, as well as supervibrato lightning swords, among others. He is currently the wielder of the legendary thunderswords as well, as well as sword handles that allow him to recreate the Sword of the Thunder God en mass, adding to his sword repertoire. With many of these swords at his disposal, Kei’s style is quite varied, but just as effective. Kei has adapted many samurai kenjutsu into his own style, mainly the ones utilizing chakra. Allowing him to attack shinobi and give little opening for the utilization of ninjutsu, similar to Mifune,[18] using his natural speed or LRA, and his dedication to training in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu if he so pleases.

Kei is known for utilizing kenjutsu along with his extensive Lightning mastery. This allows him to utilize sword reflection and the brightness of their shine to his advantage as well. Skilled in utilizing lightning chakra flow to strengthen his swords, he is noted to be able to cut through all substances, even chakra based ones, especially with White Lightning chakra flow. He can even utilize kenjutsu as a way to implement genjutsu, by working it hand in hand with Black Lightning chakra flow. He can give his swords a burning effect as well, and manipulate and enhance radiation from them for better use. With magnetism, he can exert unique control over them, and be very effective with them by using them as a medium for his magnetic fields. This makes Kei very powerful, as utilizing his mastery with swords has many options. Kei is known for his Lightning prowess, and being able to combine it with kenjutsu skill, shows Kei’s overall capabilities with the art form of swordsmanship.

Kei is also known for utilizing the Kiba and Nuibari swords, the latter of which he received only recently. A testament to his prowess, Kei learned how to masterfully wield the sword in a few months and continued to wield it for a couple years until the Shinobi Union was formed, allowing the sword to go to a shinobi who could use it better than he.

  • Vibrato Swords Art and Cloud Style: Kei is skilled at using the Cloud Style, having trained under the famous Omoi, and studied Killer B. He can also utilize the Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords on a master expert level.
  • Acrobat: After studying Killer B's kenjutsu style, he was able to gleam this technique. While not perhaps being as skilled with it as Killer B was, Kei has become adept enough in his usage and in combination with his other abilities, he has managed to combat foes easily with it. He has also taken note to be unpredictable through this technique and has applied the concept of being unpredictable to other things he does.
  • Cloud-Style Electric Beheading: By using his understanding of chakra flow, he can flow lightning-natured chakra through one of his blades. By then slashing out into the air, the chakra vibrates and produces lightning beams, and shocking energy that follows the direction of the arc made with the word by Kei. He can use this in quick succession to issue out waves of electricity at the opponent. If he flows a lot of lightning chakra into a sword at one time, he can literally form a defensive ring of electric energy, a wall of lightning, vibrating chakra, that electrocutes all who tread to close to Kei.
  • Cloud-Style Flame Beheading: By using lightning's extreme heat, he can ignite nearly any surface, and utilize this to generate flames. These flames, while Kei is not a fire master, can be manipulated into a ring or dome to help for extra defense, using hsi chakra as a medium to guide the flames.

Wielding a Kiba sword.

  • Art of the Thunderswords: Kei is skilled in utilizing the twinswords, so much so he has been mentioned to even surpass Raiga and Ameyuri, two master wielders of the swords. Maybe its because they failed to open up their true nature, like he did. Able to mimic each of their prowesses, it is noted the swords have granted him many powers, even without wielding them.[19] He is able to use all the techniques the swords have used throughout the series, as well as many new ones.

Manipulating a Sword of the Thunder God to huge size, Kei can use it to his whim.

  • Thunder God Kenjutsu: Kei is skilled in using sword handles to form blades of electricity, and even sometimes pure light. He can alter their apearance to his liking, due to his mastery over Lightning and Light.
  • Chakra Cutting and Piercing: Using his lightning and/or the thunder god sword, Kei can utilize lightning to cut through chakra, or pierce through it as well. This comes very handy in battle, against elemental ninjutsu, or anything else.
  • Arashinomichi: Based on the samurai techniques he has looked at, Kei was able of combining it with his Black Lightning. This allows him to use this style, due to the flexibility of the technique. This allows him to use the techniques Arashinomichi: Reign of Hadad, Fervor and A Thousand Blades. He can also use Arashinomichi through Purple Lightning, an offshot of Black Lightning, allowing for true range attacks inspired through kenjutsu. It is theorized that he would be able to use this technique with the number of swords he has at his disposal.



After protecting the Jellyfish from the hunters, Kei was deemed worthy to learn senjutsu from them. For a period, he remained in their lair underneath the ocean, learning how to harness natural energy to push his limits. It did not take long for Kei to master the concept, allowing him to enter Sage Mode quickly and for extended periods of time. Kei also learned how to control natural energy with his chakra, allowing him to utilize it even without entering Sage Mode. Using this skill, he can mix techniques with natural energy, by drawing the energy into them. Having already used it through his lightning prowess, completely mastering that concept was not hard.

After taming Denji and contracting thunderbirds as well, he learned of their own senjutsu and learned to refine his styles. By learning from two types of animals, he was able to create a style all on his own. Learning of the Jellyfishes and Thunderbirds secret arts. Kei learned to manipulate clouds, utilize a liquid form and more. Learning to become a true thundercloud, Kei became able to combine his cloud and liquid forms, with his Lightning Release: Transformation Technique as well as electromagnetic variations. These forms become enhanced by natural energy, allowing for skillful transformation techniques. Kei essentially gained access to the anatomy of thunderbirds and jellyfish and can use their bodies characteristics to his advantage.

Along with these arts and more, Kei learned how to harness natural energy. One way he uses it is to increase range. Allowing him to utilize something similar to Frog Kata, with his taijutsu and his techniques. Kei often allows people to dodge a lightning bolt he fired only to find out its natural energy enhanced range still made contact with them, shocking them regardless. Kei also learned the ability to convert pure natural energy itself into an electrical energy form for him to manipulate.

Kei is known as one of the, if not the fastest of Sage Mode users. Due to his naturally enhanced body and use of Lightning Release Chakra Mode, using Sage Mode brings his speed up to levels thought to be achieved only with tailed beast chakra. But Kei can reach it without even invoking Denji through his Senjutsu boost of speed. Sage Mode of course also boosts his other physical attributes (physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, perception, and durability) to similar levels untold., especially durability.

Manipulating natural energy to create thunderstorms, allows him to create them even stronger than before. Putting even those created with storm release to shame. His storms become comparable to natural disasters that can decimate villages and other foundations. His Sage Mode has been coined the name Raijin Mode for this thunderstorm creation. Along with creation, Kei can also control these thunderstorms as an extension of himself. This also extends to lightning bolts, allowing him to use techniques like Kirin multiple times without strain or major loss of chakra. This has been done to take down hideouts of enemy forces without wasting shinobi power.

Ninjutsu, Sensory, Genjutsu range and power grow unbelievably with his mastery of senjutsu as well. As mentioned before, senjutsu increases chakra power and as a result, his techniques become more powerful with the inclusion of natural energy and can allow them to become surprisingly destructive, similar to the natural of Limelight. He also gains the ability to sense attacks without having to see them and his regular sensory, chakra and natural, increase in range and capability. The use of senjutsu can empower yin and yang release as well as his byproducts of lightning release, such as magnetism, radiation, heat, etc. Of course it can enhance his lightning and lightning subtypes.

Kei can also maintain Sage Mode indefinitely if need be. By using his Will Lightning, granted by Yoshida, it can collect natural energy for him, even while moving. Extended battles needing Sage power become easy this way. After mastering Denji, he became able to use him to gather energy for him, as well as his summons. Denji's tailed beast power eventually allowed for a new avenue of senjutsu for Kei: Storm Dragon Senjutsu.

  • Sage Art: Yin Release Lightning Dispatch: A powerful Sage Technique, it does not have to be used as so. With Kei’s mastery over Lightning Release, he can do this easily enough just it won’t be as powerful or as long-ranged without senjutsu. Flowing lightning-chakra to the palms quickly and effectively, lightning sprout from the user’s hands at the opponent. It has a very wide range, even without senjutsu, reaching mid-range, and with Kei’s mastery senjutsu added, long range. This dispatch can be manipulated to be Black Lightning or White Lightning, and can be hidden from view with Light Release, usually done with the LRA as well as a medium. Its power and intensity can be determined by Kei and his electric prowess, as well as the shape of each individual bolt. He can manipulate the magnetic forces of each bolt, or their shape and form, altering them into maybe many lightning beasts or many lightning spears. If formed of White Lightning, there is also the immense heat to work with, and with Black, there are also increased capabilities of putting the target under a genjutsu with all the yin waves. Their direction can also be manipulated as long as they stay connected to Kei, and Kei can create bolts that fork off the originals. Their power is enhanced with senjutsu (maybe from will lightning), which could make them strong enough to break through Truth-Seeking Balls or set them ablaze. This makes this technique very versatile, and very powerful, even without senjutsu and sage chakra. It is usually dubbed Lightning Release Dispatch if not sage enhanced.
  • Sage Art: White Rage Technique:
  • Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang: Usually a Storm Technique, Kei can simply recreate it with his lightning release prowess. Flowing Lightning chakra up to his mouth, he can spit out a thin stream of lightning that has powerful piercing capabilities. It can pierce through most defenses and a human body, skewering it. When enhanced by senjutsu, it can even break through a Truth Seeking Ball, making this technique very powerful. Kei usually uses this with his LRA or Will Lightning as a medium to produce many of these piercing streams at once, from all directions for devastating effects. He can even alter the size of these streams, magnetism, lightning type, shapes, etc, and most importantly their flow for the most optimal results. This technique can end a battle quickly. Kei normally uses it in a similar way to the Iron Sand World Method, making a series of chains and streams around an area, making it dangerous to traverse as you could get shocked or pierced by electricity as Kei manipulates it. Kei can also make other streams fork off the original ones. It is usually dubbed Lightning Light Fang if not Sage enhanced.

Storm Dragon Senjutsu

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Chakra Reserves, Prowess & Control


An example of Kei releasing chakra.

Kei is noted to be one of the few individuals who stand in the shinobi world as masters of chakra control. Not the standard chakra control of the regular shinobi, but a level matching the great Tsunade and Sakura. His skill over Shape Transformation and Chakra Flow and the Chakra Transfer Technique is immense. This is due to him having a shadow clone dedicated to chakra control back in Kumogakure, providing him with years training in chakra handling, which led to his creation of a technique using the same principles as the Rasengan to do, the Palmed Lightning Ball, meaning he has reached the highest point of shaping chakra, and can shape his chakra into various forms, similar to his lightning prowess. Allowing for him to do things like use Chakra Fists as Tailed Beast Chakra Arms, and create decent clones.

This pays off, especially after training with Dan Inuzuka himself. He is now able to form multiple Strength of a Hundred Seals of various reserves and release them fully or partially. His chakra control and shaping is so refined to the point where he can flow chakra into the air from the smallest points, say a finger, effectively. His control is noted to be on par with Tsunade and Sakura, along with other elemental masters such as Fuyuki and Fuurin. Able to shape and generate large amounts of chakra at will into various forms, doing various things without hand signs and have perfect control over them. His chakra control allows him to have such control over his element, and gain the abilities of KG that contain it. Great at the basics, Kei is very capable of enlarging, enhancing, or manipulating things with ease, the least chakra possible, with none wasted. Things like this allow him to control charges in the air effectively at will. The fact that Kei doesn't need hand seals for a majority of his techniques is a testament to it as well, making him one of the most chakra savvy shinobi in Kumo history. This allows him to utilize his chakra easily, via the Chakra Exertion Techique, allowing for telekinesis, only amplified with lightning chakra, able to pick up trees without losing a lot of chakra. His chakra exertion in a blast is noted to be very repulsive, and cause shockwaves in the air, repelling techniques, even those made of wind. He could very well collapse a building by releasing some of his massive reserves alone.

Kei's reserves are noted to be Kage-level, that is on par with a Tailed Beast. Having achieved this at 30 comes from his usage of shadow clones to train and gain chakra over time that adds to his reserves as he dispels them, and his usage of the Military Ration Pills during the Civil War, and his body adjusting to their usage, along with his additional . He is noted that his reserves allow him to fight for days on end, just like the Third Raikage, or at least a day when evenly matched (like Hashirama and Madara). Not only this, he possesses at least four seals containing pits of chakra for him to regenerate his reserves, allowing for Kei to fight for more than three days at a time, even against the strongest of opponents. A battle of stamina is not usually the way to go with him because of this. His reserves also allow him to utilize Limelight by himself essentially, though weaker, it can still destroy a minor village. His reserves are coupled his long stamina and endurance in battle, and allows him to fight Tailed Beasts singlehandedly, and use the Treasured Tools more than once effectively and continue to fight, much like Darui.[20]

Kei's prowess includes being able to flow chakra into various mediums, such as his special swords, revealed to be made of the same substance as Chakra Blades, or through the air, ground etc. This allows for him to produce techniques without hand signs, and generate techniques wherever. Kei's refined control allows him to enhance magnetism waves and heat waves to the point where they incinerate things on contact, even without White Lightning, like in Limelight.

Kei also possesses the chakra control great enough to utilize medical ninjutsu and sensory well and effectively, resulting in his respectable usage of both. His control over chakra extends over yin and yang as well, allowing him to flawless maintain his Black and White Lightnings even when their various effects are in order. This also allows him to utilize yin and yang to attack spirits for example, or unbalance other's techniques who don't have his control over their techniques, or the unsuspecting.

Kei's overall mastery over chakra allows him to use it in unique ways and expand on basic techniques greatly. Kei's usage of chakra absorption comes from this, a basic move turned extraordinary. Allowing him to flow the chakra absorption ability into many things. His chakra attacks usually contain it, allowing for them to face down any chakra technique, becoming stronger with contact. His skill with the absorption has allowed him to mimic his lightning techniques (Black and White), and absorb yin/yang, destabilizing a technique and dispersing it into nothingness. By applying chakra absorption to his sword, and LRA shroud, and chakra filter, he is essentially protecting himself from chakra based attacks all together, and allows for him to destabilize them all together. As well as seemly "cut" chakra, without lightning release, similar to Samehaha.[21]

Kei's prowess with chakra also extends to his energies in general. He possesses great skill in using physical energy in taijutsu, in the form of the Physical Natures Schools, most prominently, wind and thunder. He can also use spiritual energy to attack the soul, and is known to have great prowess over yin and yang, to create and stabilize Black and White Lightning, among others. This also allows him to destabilize techniques, by flowing yin chakra in a general area, or its opposite.

Chakra filter barrier. A barrier of chakra invisible to the naked eye that surrounds Kei tightly, does not have offensive use passively, but instead supplementary. The chakra filter allows for regulation inside it, allowing for Kei to stabilize his body temperature in the event of fighting a fire style or ice style user, or someone capable of superheating or super cooling in any way. By using Electrolysis, this barrier allows him to create breathable space anywhere, underwater, in dust, etc.

Magnetic and conductive electric chakra. This is Kei's natural chakra conditions, allowing for him to conduct charge across another person's chakra. Or allowing his chakra to magnetize whatever he wants, even another's charka. Kei is adept enough with his chakra so he can choose what he wants to magnetize.

There are alot of things that showcase Kei's wonderful control over his chakra such as using Lightning to emulate KG (Storm and Magnet Release). His sheer speed of manipulation outpaces standard lightning users. Kei is capable of using a lot of techniques, and at the same time even as well. He is also able to stabilize his lightning as it steals energies to turn his lightning white or black, or destabilize ninjutsu. The swiftness between lightning color changes is also great.

  • Secret Technique Stone Needles:
  • Chakra Shockwaves and Magnetic Repulsion:
  • Chakra Exertion Technique:
  • Lightning Release: Heavenly Prison: Based off of Fire Release: Heavenly Prison. It works extremely similar to it, only with Lightning Release. He can do the derived techniques from this as well, carefully dubbed with Lightning names: Lightning Release: Great Lightning Heavenly Prison and Heavenly Prison Lightning Sword. This is very effective to put down adversaries, and it can also absorb Sage Mode energies, and prevent Senjutsu from being utilized.

Sensory Perception Mastery

Kei is noted to be a master sensor, gaining the ability from his father C. Noted to be very gifted, he can be compared to Ao, Madara and Tobirama in his skill with Sensing, making him able to sense natural energy as well. He possesses the ability to hide his chakra as well, making it unsensible. Kei, after sensing someone's chakra signature for a time, like Mamoru, or U, could sense it a country away. Kei is able to fight using sensory alone, and in Sage Mode, his sensory range only increases. He also has mastery over many contact sensory methods as well, making him truly powerful in this field. Using this, he is able to mind read as well. He is noted to be able to use his finger, feigning Tobirama's usage, detecting the reserves of a target, and how many enemies there are nearby. He is able to sense natural transformations, as well as residue chakra as well, along with things on ionic or nano or atomic levels or the like.

  • Contact Sensing: Electromagnetic Field of the World: Using this contact sensory, similar to Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique, he can sense the magnetic fields of the world. With this, he can determine where he is, and where the opponent is, as everything comes in contact with these forces, no matter how small. He is able to feel anything that disturbs it, and how they are moving, as well as their forms. He is particularly adept at sensing metals with this, and even humans, through the iron in their blood.
  • Electromagnetic Vision: By sending chakra to his eyes, Kei can see in other parts of the EM spectrum. As of right now, he can see most of the spectrum.
  • Sand Sensing and Third Eye: Similar to Gaara, he can spread sand around him, and into the air, making it gaseous as well, using even the smallest bits to sense those within its range. By making a Third Eye of Sand, Kei can give himself a wide range of visibility with ease, similar to the styles used by the Kazekage used.
Mist Sensory: A variation of Sand Sensing, he can detect things that move within various gases, such as mist and water vapor, produced by Thunderbirds, yet again another contact sensory form.
Electrical Signal Sense
  • Electromagnetic-ception and Echolocation: By detecting vibrations, and all the bio-electric fields in the environment, Kei can sense living things, and what species they are. As well as anything disturbing the air, water or ground, through vibrations. By generating his own electromagnetic fields, Kei can also detect distortions in these, effectively detecting everything around him, even energy, and none living things. He can also do the same thing with sound, generating them to detect more things, rendering invisible targets, visible. Also called, Electrical Telepathy he can essentially predict movements by how electrical signals move within the body, similar to the Sharingan.

Medical Ninjutsu

Kei is a proficient user of medical ninjutsu. While his capabilities are not on par with users such as Tsunade, Sakura, Ino or even his own father, K has studied into this art for his late father's sake. In fact, it was C who taught him a few medical techniques before passing and Kei made a vow to practice them in honor of him.

  • Mystical Palm Technique: A master of this technique, due to his great chakra control, and learning it from his father as well, Kei has infused this with lightning release to speed up the healing. He is also capable of applying this to himself as well.
  • Body Pathway Derangement: Knowledgable on the electrical fields of the body, Kei is able to use this with ease. He has expanded this in order to rewire the body under his control as well. He can also make it so, by entering his chakra fields, he can rewrite your electrical fields to his whim.
  • Electro Healing: Kei is very knowledgeable in the healing capabilities of lightning itself. He can use his current to reduce his fatigue during battle, while already small, as well as use it to restart an organ manually. By generating and manipulating electrons to him, he can stimulate his cells and molecules, renewing damaged cells. As well as use his chakra to craft new cells as well (not through replication; chakra generation). This helps heal injuries at accelerated fast rates during the battle, healing damaged cells in seconds. This can be done through LRA’s constant usage, allowing for constant healing. Black LRA is more capable of healing, as Kei shapes the excess yin energy into new cells, and tries to balance their yin-yang ratios to stabilize his healing. This happens at an incredibly fast rate, and is powerful healing.
  • Chakra Scalpel: Kei uses this as an extension of Hell Stab and has developed a fighting style called Hell Cutting Fist (地獄斷拳, Jigoku Danken), which uses properties similar to Getntle Fist to cut and pierce foes on contact.

Bio-Electricity Mastery

Kei possesses an indepth knowledge about the bio-electrical systems of the body, and how they work. This allows him to use LRA partially, and waste less chakra, by simply using regular chakra to tap into his bio-nervous system, and increase his reactions to the highest degree. This can allow him to rewire an opponent's brain under his control, and knock them unconscious. This can work on corpses, bringing them under his control. White Lightning: Revival of the Dead is a technique that uses this knowledge and mastery.

Killing Intent & Presence


Kei's Killing Intent and Presence when mainfested, a Dragon that shoots lightning, whose roar shocks the soul.

Kei is noted to have very powerful willpower, being able to utilize the power of Presence.[22] A rare power on his own. His Killing Intent, while not powerful enough to fully make a Tailed Beast submit to him, it can at least affect them somewhat.

Kei's presence involves spiritual electricity, the electricity of will. His presence manifests as a dragon, the thunder dragon of legend he has tamed. Electrical spiritual energy surges, invisible to most as it isn't chakra. Thunder clouds appear as well around the area, all produced from mere exertion of willpower and Killing Intent. These clouds roar of loud thunder, and bright flashes that fool the opponent into thinking they have been blinded appear. Even dōjutsu cannot see through this, as it is not chakra. Thunderbirds fly around, making the crackling sounds of electricity. All still mere Killer Intent enhanced to the fullest, it's true power is then known.

The dragon emerges, easily dwarfing the foe, the size of a Tailed Beast. Lightning and thunder continue to rage on, hurting the ears of the opponent's soul, and the eyes. Lightning can even strike the opponent, stunning their soul.

The thunderbirds circle the the target as the dragon moves in for the final "attack." An exertion of willpower yet again, the dragon from legend Kei has tamed fires spiritual lightning that paralyzes the soul, removing most's ability to will their body to move or perform techniques. This can be very effective against those below his caliber, and even those even equal in will power are effected, feeling stunned, and weakened, spiritual and physically. This in turn lowers the amount of chakra they can mould for the duration of the battle. Their ears also seem sore, and nothing can sooth their soul from the roaring thunder of the roar and the storm. They can also become blind from the light, for long-term effects (at least during the battle), or their soul harmed from spiritual radiation.

Kei's killer intent presence can also delve into the central nervous system as well, scaring the body into changing its signals, confusing the foe on how to move their bodies.

As Killing Intent is not ignorable (for most), this is very effective, and can end a battle before Kei even uses chakra. Intimidation is very powerful indeed.

Taikonokodō Style

Other Skills

Image Gallery


Kei is noted to have a lot of equipment, stored in scrolls and generic seals. Many of them are composed a material that enhance Kei's own chakra and take on its abilities, much like Asuma's chakra blades or the Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords.

  • Basic Ninja Tools: Kei possesses the everyday materials of a shinobi, also a lot of metal ones to use in his techniques.
  • Coins, Rods: These coins and rods, are sealed away in a scroll, but he usually has some on hand. These small coins and rods are made of various metals. Gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, platinum, to name a few and the most common. These coins serve various purposes, each imbued with lightning chakra or pre-molded chakra for an attack. This can be used to extend Kei's range of attacks, or focus them. Or imbue them with a clone in order to create a clone in any area he wants. These can be used as mediums to transfer chakra to as well, akin to chakra receivers. These coins and rods can be manipulated with lightning chakra, similar to smelting to change form. They can be duplicated or enlarged as well, for a variety of uses.
  • Bells: It is known, Kei has Bells, that can generally do the same as Coins and rods. Also, he can amplify their sound for genjutsu, or just harmful effects to the opponent.
  • Smelting Staff: A staff of gold (or some other metals) stored in a different scroll, by running electrical current into it, he can change its shape by smelting. By running current into this, he can use it for a variety of purposes, including to burn or magnetize people, or discharge chakra.
  • Sunglasses/Googles and Eye Scope: Similar to J's own sunglasses, it is full of hidden features. Allowing the user to store chakra into them. These glasses, "glued" on by static cling, serve as eye scopes, allowing for long distance, and piercing vision. These also are noted to protect him from his own bright lights, being white in color, reflecting all light back when its harmful.
  • Swords: Kei has (or has had) a multitude of swords at his disposal. Most notably, two Seven Swords, the Cleaver Saw Sword and Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords.
  • Sword Handles: Kei also has a multitude sword hands for the formation of many Swords of the Thunder God.
  • Kiba, the Twinswords: Kei wields and can create the Kiba.
  • Nuibari, the Longsword: Kei also acquired the Longsword from a fallen swordsmen, also being able to wield it.
  • Cleaver Saw Sword: Kei's own special sword, it has the abilities of the Cleaver Sword along with a few of his own. Enhanced by the advanced technology in the current age, it can create an edge for Kei in battle due to its own capabilities. Outifitted with mechanisms just for him.
  • Prisms, Mirrors, Crystal Balls: Kei possesses many reflective materials for his various lightning and light based techniques and abilities.
  • Pills: Kei possesses military pills to enhance his amazing capabilities if need be.
  • Iron Gold Sand: Kei keeps pouches of sand that is made of gold dust, iron sand and regular sand laced with poison and unlaced for various purposes. He can also use Magnet Ninja Art: Electromagnetic Vision through uses it.
  • Vambrace, Watch, Magnetizing Medium, Metal Gauntlet, Melody Arm: As its name suggests, Kei has red vambraces on his wrists that serve many purposes, such as a magnetizing medium and a metal gauntlet like the Demon Brothers have utilized.
  • Metal Disk: This metal disk, acts in lieu of the platform of Heavenly Transfer, allowing for him to magnetize it, and use that and sound to fly.It is equipped with multiple compartments, similar to a puppet, for various effects. It can also produce its own electric fields, and vector fields of vibration, powered by Kei himself.
  • Poison: Kei gets his poison from the environment in Kumo and from Jellyfish, the ones he's immune to. Allowing for him to use them, without fear of them being turned against him, he coast many things in it, including his sand.
  • Wire Strings: Kei is shown to have these in high amount, using them in various ways (including those shown in the series), including to conduct his electricity, and slice through steal, and other defenses.
  • Lightning Barrel: Kei possesses a lightning barrel that can transform into a cannon similar to Bando's chakra lightning cannon.
  • Light-Radiation Protection Clothes: Kei wears clothes, with his resistances, help protect from radiation and harmful heat. They can be transformed into his personal armor.
  • Chakra Charge Armor: Activating a generic seal, Kei's clothes can transform into this lightweight armor to enhance his powers greatly. Later on, Kumogakure's technology advances to the point where his clothes gain the properties of this armor in base form.


Golden Darkness

Black Zetsu's Conquest

The shinobi world had been at peace for 35 years, relatively/in general since the Fourth Great War. Kei had finally drawn Kumogakure into a new age, fashioning the Chakra Charge Armor as a major military enhancement. However, this enhancement would be put to the test much sooner than he thought. The peace would be broken after Naruto and Sasuke disappeared from the world, after the deaths.

It wasn't an immediate change. The conflicts began to emerge in earnest. Over protecting the bodies, over the stability of the Union against terror threats, which seemed to be strangely growing. Things were turbulent but the Union had made it through many of those times in the few decades it had existed. Kei, now a representative from Kumogakure there, assumed that it would withstand. He had learned more about the Union from Omoi, who had been waiting for his narrow-mindedness about Uchiha to pass beforehand. With Kei interested in helping Kumogakure, as well as the world at large after his meeting with Hagoromo, Kei earned Omoi's trust that he would be a great representative to the Union, and with his acts against Uchiha and their supporters dismissed, Kei was able to join the Union.

Kei looked up to the institution because Kumogakure had seen it fit to join under his idol A the IV. And Darui, A the V and Mamoru, A the VI saw it necessary to stay within it. He saw it as something that could not fall, just like his village. It came back from everything that fate threw at it. From the moon, to Shin, to other outbreaks and terrorist organizations.

However, the Union's bonds did not last forever as he thought.

One day, the Union assembled for an emergence meeting.

Kei teleported to there, and wondered what the problem was. It seemed the Land of Bears was being overrun. But by what? Terrorists seemed the obvious answer.

But a surviving scout from the attack who was present at the meeting said otherwise. Terrorists wouldn't have been "this" hard to defeat, according to the Shinobi.

It was Zetsu, a being that instrumental in Kaguya's revival. He had returned.

Soon, the world fell into chaos. Zetsu had begun his strikes in earnest, using multiple allies from across the ages to strike the Union multiple places at once. Eventually more and more states left the Union, until it was dissolved completely due to not being able to stay together.

With the Union in shambles, Kei took it upon himself to fight against the Zetsu's attacks. Some places he was lucky in helping repel them.

But in most, he wasn't.

While there were a lot that tried to help, Zetsu's army was just too big for the Shinobi world to handle. Whenever they thought they had landed a huge blow, Zetsu came back even stronger than ever.

It was nearly pointless to fight back. The smaller nations would go first and eventually Kei would force himself to go back home and defend Kumogakure from falling.

Teaming up with Mamoru once more, he was able to repel a powerful invasion from the Lightning Country. This kept Mamoru as Raikage and the Lightning Country leader alive.

While Kumogakure held, not many villages followed with it. With the numbers of strongholds (places that had not fallen) being able to be counted with hands only once, it was easy to see that Zetsu had the upper hand.

In fact, who was to say he hadn't won already?

Rallying Survivors

Black Zetsu's attacks left the Shinobi world in chaos and confusion. Every village had returned to its natural instinct, which was to fight for themselves and due to that, most villages could not stand against Black Zetsu's threat. As Black Zetsu grew stronger over the years, more and more villages fell.

Kei knew it was time to act...

Prelude Before The Storm

Catching Fire

Melting Pot of Realms

Creation and Conception


  • Appearance comes from Soma, from the God Eater series.
  • Kei's name was developed by Kazeyo before his creation, with a play on Japanese words.
  • Please note the techniques used created by other users such as User:Kazeyo, User:Davidchola2, User:Wolfthorn, etc. have been asked for and I have gained permission to use them.
  • Thanks to User:LongPatrol35 who helped me with White Lightning's secondary effect.
  • The 17th hexagram fits Kei as a character. "Hexagram 17 is named 隨 (suí), "Following". Its inner trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder, and its outer trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp." (Wikipedia). Kei is open to the people of Kumogakure, and the Land of Lightning, and contains an internal passion for Lightning Release, and for his land as well. Kei also desires to make the Cloud the best it can be, following in his predecessors' footsteps, the Raikages and dedicated Kumogakure shinobi before him. But he also uses sand and is open to the world later on in his life.
  • Kei is one of the author's most original works, as he has complied many concepts onto the character, to make him truly unique, and not just any Kumogakure Shinobi Lightning Master. He pulls inspiration from many lightning and magnetism things, such Enel from One Piece, or Static, Surge, Storm, Black Lightning, etc. Also, credits to One Piece, for some images and inspiration from the Devil Fruits, including the vibration one (for sound/thunder), the electric one, sand one and light one as well. One of his monikers comes from Yugioh, the card "Hamon." All rights reserved.
  • In the Change of Heart roleplay, Kei uses the soul attacking powers of Nuibari to attack Seika, despite technically not actually having Nuibari at the time in his storyline nor did the sword have soul abilities. This is revealed to be a "blooper", as Kei's life was retconned and his storyline changed after the rp. The author suggests to consider that rp he was in canon, but perhaps the battle didn't necessarily go down the way it details due to retconning errors. Kei actually gains Nuibari after Black Zetsu attacks in his own main storyline. Later he offers it up to the Union.
  • In previous stories, Kei possessed a soul stabbing Nuibari from the Fanon Canon Rebirth. Before that rp was adapted into Kei's central storyline (which was also adapted), Kei's nuibari was actually used for that purpose.
  • Kei is one of Chix's only characters to be featured in a storyline centering around them, the other being Gamma Temma, the author's very first character.
  • Kei however is the only character with two storylines, one the continuation of the other, as well as have a storyline that became a fanon canon.


  • (To Kinkaku Force) "I haven't been any more proud in my life. Surrounded by the best Kumo has to offer, I feel like the Cloud has a chance. I have hope for a better future for us, where we're all on Cloud Nine up high. Let's strive for that, agreed? And protect and improve our home however we can."
  • (To C) "Thanks father, for you have made me who I am today."
  • (About Yoru, after his death) "He's probably one of the bravest men I ever knew. I consider him a brother."
  • (To Shinzo, going to test the man to see if he could enter the Golden Horn) ""Your skill, your dedication, the force of your Will of Lightning... These are what makes a Kinkaku Force member. Someone who without a shadow of a doubt, will be the Flash that leads Kumo into a new age. The guiding Sun, who provides life for all. A shinobi who will train the Clouds prosperity to glow forever more. That's what a Kinkaku Force Member must do."


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