Keifuku first form

Keifuku older

(敬服, Keifuku)

  • Keifuku of the Water and Fire Release (水と火災の解放の慶福, Mizu to kasai no kaihō no keifuku)
    Seventh Mizukage (第七代目水影, Nanadaime Mizukage)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo August 13
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Fox
Age 6,230
Weight 156.943 kg
346 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Clear Clear Release
Clan Arctic Symbol Arctic Foxes
Nature Type


Keifuku is wise, compassionate and well mannered. her personality in its full form is confusing and odd for a elder sage of her caliber Even being brash, obnoxious and extremely aggressive and cold-blooded in nature also possess a eccentric personality and very dangerous to deal with. She has a strict policy only letting her kin to kill any intruders that enters the land of brine but when it comes to those close to her heart or what she considers as her "family" she is caring and gentle to those she looks after, she would go to many lengths to protect those she care about even if it means sacrificing herself for the greater good. she shows great knowledge of Senjutsu and is greatly knowledgeable in its meaning and power as she taught the sage how to use senjutsu and Sage Mode showing she's very patient and composed individual when teaching her students.


keifuku is a tall beautiful, slender woman with fair skin with heterochromia. for both her eyes and hair. One side of her hair is white, while the other half is black. but they both possess no pupil in them, she wears black tights under her expensive kimono she always seem to wear no sandles showing she walks around barefoot. she also have nine rare violet purple tipped tails that reach pass her feet but its littered with curse marks.
Keifuku's sadistic joy

Keifuku's Sadistic Side

Keifuku amused

Keifuku Amused

Keifuku has various of forms she can choose to take but in her true form she is large white fox about nearly the same height as a tailed beast much bigger then the sage (Husband) but her sheer size is still easily dwarfed by the Nine Tailed Fox Demon, her eyes are violet purple with crimson red slit pupils unlike any fox in the Land of brine. Her head is medium size with jaws filled with rows of canine teeth, her large slender fox body is covered in thick coat of white and purple patterns that can shoot hair needles at incoming enemies with her much larger nine tails she can swatt away any Technique or withstand stronger attacks. this form has been seen as something of legends with many people wanting to capture and subdue the great fox sage with her enormous chakra reserves she was once called the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (九尾の妖狐, Kyūbi no Yōko, English TV: Nine-Tailed Fox) believing the tailed beast can change genders but that is most likely untrue.

  • Keifuku's True Form
  • Keifuku's smaller form

but she can take a form suitable for her partner to either ride or fight side by side, her smaller form allows her to close corners much easier, she is quicker, more agile then before with her snow white coat of with the tine of blue of each paw, her eyes showing her regular heterochromia eye colors but with slit pupils in them. her tails are littered with curse mark seals allowing her to add curse marks into techniques.


Being the oldest and most ancient fox sage of cave hyoukai, she is very wise and has immense knowledge and is greatly respected by her fellow foxes. keifuku is shown to have immense longevity, her chakra reserves is incredibly large showing Keifuku possess near Unrivalled powers long before the hidden villages. She can subdue people into sleeping, hypnotise them, unleash a powerful shock-wave from either angered or in battle, which is able to repel genjutsu or people from touching her, keifuku is capable of performing fūinjutsu by using natural cursed seal markings spread over her tails.

Keifuku's relentless training given her unrivalled power that she was able to hold her off against much stronger foes much like herself, The Sage, being a powerful figure himself, praised his wife's might as superior to all others. Keifuku's unique ability is to read thoughts and feelings of a person.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Keifuku's physical prowess and enormous chakra reserves were the result of her extreme training over the thousands of years prior to founding of her species, this given her knowledgeable skill, speed, strength and vast amount of techniques she have mastered alone and with her husband making them the best duo in the hidden village since, Her chakra control is advanced enough to perform various complex and large-scale techniques to no hand seals at all.

Keifuku's proficiency in taijutsu is near decent to near godly unmatched, this resulted in her being the 4th strongest figure in the country displaying great strength and speed in battle that many feared her at the same time respected her out of her talent and title as a sage. Her speed enables her to suddenly approach enemies from behind, unnoticed by even other like many other shinobi's of legends that not many can match this powerful fox when it came to endurance, only the sage, Kenryokuyoku's daughter and many kage rank shinobi's with any advance training can catch up but due to her chakra being so large its hard for her to keep herself undetected when she is infiltrating enemy territories such as Takigakure that been invading their home for years.

Keifuku's ongoing competitions with Kenryokuyoku make her just as comfortable attacking from the front, striking with debilitating precision to quickly defeat multiple enemies utilizing her hands, feet, claws even her tails as weapons she can use in fights creating a dangerous being at large, Other skills include:her near endless physical strength is great enough to wield many heavy to light-weighted weapons all at once with her hands, feet and her nine tails giving her an advantage to strike from multiple angles.


Keifuku possess the near endless affinities of all five nature transformations including Yin-Yang Release. Keifuku is famous using mostly senjutsu based techniques But she is fond of fire release and water release techniques allowing the elder sage to continuously use multiple or the same techniques at a time earning her the Moniker Keifuku of the Water and Fire Release (水と火災の解放の慶福, Mizu to kasai no kaihō no keifuku) mastering the arts of many elemental Ninjutsu making her a rival of the Second Hokage:Tobirama Senju. Due to her enormous chakra reserve she can perform much more powerful techniques even Time-Space Ninjutsu; she can enter a Realm that keeps others and herself from detection.


Keifuku is well known to be the deadliest opponent when wielding weapons of her choosing from Nunchaku, Senbons and the hidden mists even Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist powerful sword the Kubikiribōchō she could easily wield in battle but chose to return the blade back to kirigakure in respect. she is much skilled taking on many foes wielding weapons within her grasp or in tails reach making her nearly impossible to stop but only a few clan head members and animals sages together can stop keifuku. she also displays the power to seal weapons on her body from her wrist, to her back and stomach she is also seen spitting out large objects of her choosing to wield.


Keifuku's natural curse marks of Juinjutsu has given her somewhat a ability to seal human beings, restricting them of any movement or she can enhance a person's abilities using her curse marks which in return she can emerge from the users curse mark or manipulate them to her will. many mysteries surround around keifuku's curse mark patterns on her tails which is pointed out by the makazekage's assistant Ningyou Uzumaki who said "her curse seals are unique much like the One Tail Bijū.


Keifuku is a powerful master of Senjutsu extremely skilled and experienced in using its abilities but already had a deep understanding and control of natural energy. displaying a wide range of skills in senjutsu, she can utilize her sensory abilities she can create a field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person and draw it inside them, then blending it with their own chakra to create senjutsu chakra. This natural energy-empowered state grants the practitioner a high amount of a type of chakra which is stronger than other types of chakra but for a fox sage of her caliber she is granted keen sensing by ears alone, her strength with senjutsu is powerful enough to hold a building from falling or she can fight against other large creatures but her speed is never enhanced for she feels no need to. her knowledge and skill was so great that she personally trained her husband in Hyōkai Cave but she knew it would take years for him to achieve sage transformation.

Sage Transformation

Keifuku possess the ability to use Sage Transformation, which she has shown to be able to activate with ease without any assistance or weaving seals at all. Unique among the Arctic Foxes, she gains a cyan chakra shroud that forms into ethereal Hikizuri kimono around her with her tails changing as well into ethereal shaped tails with her curse marks still present to aid in her attack range allowing her to attacks to reach her enemies in a instant, and she possess a single kanji on her forehead "will" (志,Kokorozashi).

Kekkei Tōta

Frostbite Release

Keifuku mastery in frostbite has given a wide variety of original techniques she and the foxes created over the years. she can create flames that can assist her in either defensive, offensive and supporting in combat although the flames burns and freezes upon contact the flames can be altered to create structures that can or cannot harm the people within it although the user is immune to their own flames they can still be harmed by others icy flames.

Keifuku's Kekkei Tōta is strong enough to counter a great fireball even can overpower Fire Release: Majestic Blaze but since she's a sage she can create flames that equal the size of the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation.

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