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(けむり, Kemuri)
Voice Actors
English Elle Varner
Japanese Ryōka Yuzuki Icon - Search
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 47 (Deceased)
Blood type B
Classification Medical-nin
Occupation Botanist
Affiliation Yōkōgakure
Nature Type

Kemuri(けむり,Kemuri) was a kunoichi from Yōkōgakure.


Kemuri was born into Yōkōgakure, as she grew up she started to go up in the ninja ranks and became a Jonin in less than a year. Sometime in her life she met Isamu Youta the two fell in love and had a child. Kemuri soon grew ill and later died, she however before her death taught Nanami the Wind Release Armour.


Kemuri was a slim and tall elderly woman with pink hair, tied in a bun on the back of her head by two large pins with crescent moon-shaped edges, and with two bangs of hair left framing her face. She has reddish eyes, and a beauty mark located below her mouth, on the left side of her face.

Her attire consists of a dark green blouse with a tie around the collar, paired with a long matching skirt and simple shoes. Over this, she sports a crimson-colored cape, with a wide collar decorated by massive dragon horn-like decorations protruding outwards, and edges adorned by white, arch-like motifs.


Kemuri is a calm and seemingly level-headed person. She is also a woman of honour as seen when she became outraged when Kohaku tells the The Third Division to give up as there was no hope in beating theme. She is also a very proud and caring individual who will readily use herself as a shield or "go-between" to protect her comrades.



Nature Transformation

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