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Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai.png
Kanji 顕明連
Rōmaji Kenmyōren
Literal English Divine Metamorphosis of the Demon God
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel
Classification Kekkei Mōra
  • [[Shōtōren|Shōtōren]]

Kenmyōren is a kekkei mōra (血継網羅, Literally meaning: Bloodline Encompassing) unique to Ōtakeshiki Ōtsutsuki and his successor. It is the predecessor of the Jūgo Clan's Kekkei Genkai.


By passively absorbing natural energy and combining it with his special bodily fluids, the user is able to mold senjutsu chakra in order to undergo various stages of Sage Transformation, an empowered form that drastically increase their overall ability. It grants them the ability create weapon-like appendages as well as other bodily alterations, an accelerated healing factor, and bolstered power of their techniques.

Unlike this kekkei mōra's diluted successor, the wielder is not subject to uncontrollable fits of rage and is in full control of their gargantuan power. However, while they are able to absorb flesh, they are unable to transfer flesh, which seems to be an evolutionary idiosyncrasy of the kekkei genkai.


  • This technique is named after Ōtakemaru's, one of the Great Three Evil Yōkai of Japan, holy sword of great power: Kenmyōren. It is said in legend that his swords are what granted him his many abilities; in this case, Kenmyōren, his greatest weapon, granted him the ability undergo Sage Transformation - his true demonic form.