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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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"Good and evil are simply points of view. Various deeds committed by the great powers of the shinobi world have been labeled as "Right" and "Wrong" by the governing authorities. But when you leave it up to men to decide what is right and what is wrong, you'll find that the determining factor of what they decide is how the final decision will affect them. I've seen time and time again this cycle of corruption repeat itself - elaborate coverups, murders in the name of 'political stability', and simple abuses of power to gain something one thought they deserved. The conclusion I've come to is this; there is no light - no darkness, and there is no wrong or right. In this world, all humans struggle for themselves and nothing else. Acts of chivalry and kindness often boil down to underlying selfish intent. Yin and Yang are false ideas generated by desperate human beings who want to believe there's more to life. We live and die. We create and destroy. No light - no dark; only us, for this is all we have. Nothing more."
— Keshin speaking on the world

Nature Icon Yin-Yang.svg Keshin Amanojaku Nature Icon Yin-Yang.svg
Keshin - Ascended1.jpg
Kanji 天邪鬼ケシン
Romaji Amanojaku Keshin
Title(s) Tamagui (魂食い, Soul Eater)
Chaos Hunter (渾沌狩人, Konton Shujin)
Carnage of the Prophecy (預言の修羅, Yogen no Shura)
Walker of Heaven and Earth (天地歩み, Tenchi Ayumi)
Infinity Swordsman (無限の剣士, Mugen no Kenshi)
Fierce God of Kenjutsu (---, Kishin no Kenjutsu)
Keshin of the Abyss (深淵のケシン, Shinen no Keshin)
Keshin of the Six Swords (六刀のケシン, Rokutō no Keshin)
Keshin of Yin-Yang Release (陰陽遁のケシン, Onmyōton no Keshin)
Shinigami of Iyoku (意欲の死神, Iyoku no Shinigami)
Fallen Iyoku (堕ちた意欲, Ochita Iyoku)
Sixth God (六人目の神, Rokuninme no Kami)
Sixth Shinigami (六人目の死神, Rokuninme no Shinigami)
Age 107
Gender Male
Height 211.18 cm
Weight 92.11 kg
Professional Status
Byakkodo Symbol.png
Hometown ???
Team Samsara wheel.png Hoīru
Personal Status
Byakkodo Symbol.png
Clan Amanojaku2.png Amanojaku Clan
Iyoku Clan Symbol.svg Iyoku Clan
Ōtsutsuki Clan Symbol.svg Ōtsutsuki Clan (Descendant)
Byakkodo Symbol.png
Rank Leader of Hoīru
Classification Dharmapala Symbol.png Dharmapala (Ascended Kirawa)
Byakkodo Symbol.png
Keshin Stats.png
Unique Traits Pseudo-Immortal
Can see Souls and Konkaku
Passively absorbs Konkaku from living things
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang.svg Yin-Yang Release (Affinity)



Creation of All Things Technique
Deep Crimson Spiral
Yomotsu Hirasaka


Fuma Shuriken
Six Jiganemaru

"It is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour."
— 1 John 2:18

Chaos Hunter

Keshin Amanojaku (天邪鬼ケシン, Amanojaku Keshin) is the founder and leader of an organization known as Hoīru (ホイル, Wheel). Once a member of the Amanojaku Clan secluded within the natural mountain fortress that can be found in the northern regions of the Land of Frost, Keshin would defect from the clan as a result of their past transgressions against both his father and other clans. After fleeing the clan’s stronghold, he would begin his travels across the shinobi world, as well as some unfamiliar ones, always searching for the runes left behind by the extraterrestrial inhabitants of the skies above - the Ōtsutsuki Clan. His parents, both having slain members of the clan’s Main Family, would fall prey to the sacred seal that these fallen beings would bestow upon their killers - the Kāma. As a result, a fragment of the power such beings possessed was transferred to Keshin - the child of these vessels. However, with the death of his father before the birth of his son, along with the child’s mother passing away during a complication involving Kāma, the boy was left in the care of his aunt, and was raised by this Iyoku woman in the Amanojaku’s compound. As he grew, the elders of the clan would grow wary of Keshin’s potential as a future leader of the clan. Haunted by the same nature that possessed his father, his nature is that of a Kirawa — the supposed descendants of the Dharmapala who are void of the binding force that is chakra, and are capable of only wielding Konkaku, the essence of the soul. In the eyes of the clan’s higher-ups, this made him the perfect contestant to one day become leader. However, rather than follow the path set before him by such men, Keshin decided to forge his own in the ways of both life and combat. His ingenuity and versatility of mind and body has allowed him to become one of the greatest men to ever pick up a sword to the point where he became known as the Fierce God of Kenjutsu (—, KIshin no Kenjutsu). He created his own style of kenjutsu that he dubbed Rōkutōryū — the practice of an unorthodox manner of sword combat involving simultaneous usage of six swords.

Over the course of his travels, Keshin would learn more about both the history of the Kirawa and Dharmapala, as well as many truths behind the Ōtsutsuki Clan and his lineage as a whole. As a result, he would come to terms with the powers he possessed. Abilities that many considered to be otherworldly were readily accessible to the likes of him. In essence, Keshin was a full-blooded Ōtsutsuki trapped in a human body. The extent of his prowess was not simply inhuman kenjutsu, but would allow him to encompass within himself everything the Ōtsutsuki before him had left behind for the taking, such as the use of Puppets, the divine gate that is Yomotsu Hirasaka, as well as different uses for his affinity. In the field of techniques, Keshin would master his natural talent for Yin-Yang Release, and would develop different applications for its composite natures. His mastery of such power allowed him access to an ability thought to have been lost to time - the Creation of All Things Technique. The power he had compiled caused him to gain the attention of the celestial beings who are, in part, responsible for the raising up of the Sixth God (六人目の神, Rokuninme no Kami). When he finally made contact with a few select members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, they would coerce Keshin into creating an organization that sought to dissolve the structure that the shinobi was built upon, and would revolutionize the way everything worked. After gathering members who were comprised of Ōtsutsuki descendants like himself, he would create Hoīru (ホイル, Wheel) To bring the shinobi world to its knees, and completely eradicate the villages that caused so much war; bringing them under the subjugation of heavenly powers - this was Hoīru’s grandiose ideal. Keshin, as the leader of this organization, would be the one to fuel the progression of their plan. To further this scheme, members were tasked with the capture and creation of various Yōkai to be stored within another dimension. The assimilation of this army would be used to bring down the shinobi world once Hoīru had established a sort of empire.

It is said that after a certain incident Hoīru was disbanded, and their leader disappeared. However, this is only partly true. While the Hoīru that intended to recreate society is in stasis, the organization still exists, and Keshin still maintains the formal title of leader. While the majority of the army that had been amassed was destroyed, the most powerful of these Yōkai have lived on, Keshin’s reborn Hoīru now watches over mankind and the shinobi world. At this point in time, interaction between members is scarce. Despite this, the organization is still firmly within Keshin’s control, and waits for an opportunity to emerge once again. For now, Keshin simply wanders the world, honing his powers. At this time, he has gained an infamous reputation among the shinobi nations as the ex-leader of a radical group, the greatest kenjutsu user in the shinobi world, an infamous puppet master, and many other things that seem to be attributed to his lineage. Despite the Ōtsutsuki being known for their vast amount of techniques and dōjutsu, Keshin was born without their holy eyes, and has learned a number of techniques one can count with their hands alone. Keshin’s true power lies in his usage of the tools he possesses; swords, shuriken, and puppets. In these three fields is where he excels the most. His Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Releases simply serve as supplementary abilities to support his strengths.

After his involvement with Hoīru and the Ōtsutsuki, with his organization on hold, he would journey back to his homeland and meet up with his clan. He had received word from his aunt that the Shōtoku Clan - a family that opposed the Amanojaku, and the clan his father had defended in their persecution by his own clan - was about to attack the Amanojaku. When Keshin learned of this, he was forced to make a choice. In the end, however, despite how much he despised the clan that brought his father such shame, he would stand by their side against their enemies. Their Amanojaku brother would defend them against their foe, and lead them in the battle against the Shōtoku. In the end, when all was settled, Keshin and his family were the ones who emerged victorious. When their opposition’s leader had fallen, so did their morale, and they fled. Once the battle was over, Keshin would leave the Amanojaku to themselves, and will never enter their compound again. Nowadays, he continues his wanderings and still remains loyal to his research of the Ōtsutsuki. When he postponed Hoīru’s goal of seizing control of the shinobi world, he opened up the opportunity for him to pursue his personal desires. However, while the members he has assimilated, along with their resources is enough to perhaps take on an entire nation, if not several, Keshin is unsure of what to do with what he has created. Thus, he simply remains in the shadows on the shinobi world, working out his next moves as he learns more about this world, and those beyond.



"It is said that the Celestial Beings of the Otsutsuki Clan have an ancient law code that orders all members of the Main Family to pass on their powers in death to a more suitable host - what better way to ensure that power is kept in the hands of the strong than to give the one who killed you power?"
— Daitengu to Keshin

Since before the concept of shinobi, ninjutsu, and the great nations that now rule the world, various beings beyond the human realm have been working behind the scenes. Away from the prying eyes of mankind, demons, gods, and extraterrestrial presences influence the everyday world and manipulate things to their liking. The most noteworthy of these examples would be the Otsutsuki Clan - a mysterious group of alien beings that hail from worlds unknown. Creatures such as these often possess a great amount of power. Those who possess power are afraid to lose it, meaning that there must be those who would desire to take it. More often than not, when the Otsutsuki of old would come into contact with mankind, one of two things would occur. Either humans would covet the power of these great beings, or they would come to fear it. When one becomes envious of another, it becomes noticeable through their actions. The way that person treats the object of their jealousy can be broken down to either coercive kindness, or blunt disdain. Man is corrupt, but so is nearly every other intelligent entity. Demons act on their own accord for selfish reasons, and the Otsutsuki are not exempt from this. Everything that applies to man can be applied to the celestial inhabitants of the infinite skies above, for everyone sins, and no one is capable of escaping this. And yet, no matter how many times man sins, and no matter how many times this infallible truth is laid out in history, man still attempts to grasp at the power of the gods. Because man is jealous; because man is corrupt - man sins, this is the inescapable truth that we must all come to terms with. As long as one struggles against this, they are bound to their human nature. To admit defeat at the hands of one's own nature, and to readily accept divine rebuke, that is the first step in advancing beyond one's limitations as a human, and to ascend to the level of something greater.

As a result of man's jealousy and striving for power, selfish wars fought over territory and personal tussles were waged across the vast continent that makes up the shinobi world. Even after one had already transpired with little outcome aside from a gargantuan death toll, man was nearing another war. The Second Great Shinobi War was easily more bloody than the previous; bodies on all sides, and even from the neutral territories piled up. The biggest powers in this war were, of course, the five shinobi nations. Specifically, the Land of Fire, and the Land of Lightning - these two seemed to be at the center of every major battle. Eventually, they would come to terms with each other, as they did with nearly every other village, but for the time being they were opposed. Kumogakure waged many great battles against Konohagakure, and one such decisive fight would take place deep within the Land of Frost - near Shimogakure. For the most part, Shimo was actually against Konoha, and usually stood alongside Kumogakure and Iwagakure in their battles with Konoha. However, Shimo was not thrilled with the larger nations who used their territory as a battlefront. So, Shimogakure would enlist the help of the elusive Amanojaku Clan - a group of masked warriors who made their homes in the mountains. These tribal people were looked at by some as primitive, but they were feared for their mask-oriented rituals and power. Rumors had it that human sacrifices took place within the clan in order to create more powerful masks - masks with great abilities. Their reputation was exactly why Shimogakure wanted them on their side. On top of that, the Amanojaku Clan was massive - totaling up to nearly a thousand men, not including women and children.

It is said that when Kumogakure arrived in the Land of Frost, they were attacked by the Amanojaku Clan. While only a portion of their forces had been sent to Shimo beforehand by Kumo, the Amanojaku Clan in its entirety showed up to greet them. They slaughtered Kumo's troops without a second thought, and then disappeared back into the mountains, never to make another public appearance. Nonetheless, this did make a dent in Kumogakure's forces, and unfortunately resulted in their war efforts decline. The details of this massacre are for the most part shrouded in mystery, not a single man from the mission would ever report back to Kumo again. There was, however, a single survivor of that slaughter - a young woman who had been part of the Iyoku Clan housed in Kumogakure. She had sustained damage from the encounter, but managed to escape amidst all the chaos. However, she did not elude the Amanojaku Clan completely, for one man had discovered the survivor's body in the snow. Seeing that she was on the brink of death, this man would have compassion upon the woman. He would bring her back to his own home along the borders of Shimogakure's walls. Once she awoke, he would reveal himself as Kaz Amanojaku, a defector from the clan, and a self-proclaimed "vigilante for justice". He would learn the name of the woman - Surotiku Iyoku - and continue tending to her wounds.

The two found that they got along rather well, and would engage in all sorts of small talk about the world and shinobi. Eventually, the two kindered souls would grow much more accustomed to each other's company, and would discuss much more trivial things such as the favorite colors of the other, or about various fairy tales and folklores. Despite the fact that the world was at war, two people who should have been fighting on opposite sides could sit around a stove and speak with the other kindly. Even though all other men around them were giving into their selfish nature and killed selfishly, these two looked at each other with love and respect. Of course, as what usually took place when a man and woman lived together, they developed feelings for each other. It was not long before Kaz would become wed to Surotiku, and the two would begin their new life together. For the most part, their shinobi abilities were hidden away from the rest of the world. Kaz, at one point, was the very best among the Amanojaku Clan. Due to his brethren trying to force the burden of clan head onto the young man, he would leave the Amanojaku altogether. He possessed a Kirawa nature, and was bound to a bloodlust that would never cease to haunt him. Furthermore, he possessed no chakra, but did wield Konkaku. Surotiku, on the other hand, utilized her clan's Yin-Yang Release to create various tools to assist in combat. Although the two of them were quite powerful, neither of them made their powers known to the shinobi nations. However, despite their attempt at secrecy, someone still found out about their power; the beings who always seem to change history for the worse. A pair of Otsutsuki who had descended from their divine planet had come to the world of man. Looking for powerful chakra to consume, they would be quite curious as to why this woman they had been watching possessed great amounts of celestial energy. On top of that, her lover seemed to be capable of using ninjutsu, but had no visible chakra. This lead to the Otsutsuki seeking to take action to acquire these powers - the cycle of jealousy and envy repeated itself once more.

Since Kaz and Surotiku lived outside the walls of Shimogakure, this meant they had to walk a good ways to get food from the stores within the shinobi village. Surotiku was, more often than not, the one responsible for the grocery shopping - though, Kaz insisted that he be the one to cook. On one such occasion that Surotiku would venture within Shimo in order to buy food for the two of them, she was abducted by this enigmatic pair of alien beings. While the two were most definitely not the greatest among the Main Family of the Otsutsuki, the two were not a pair anyone could trifle with. One of them had taken the liberty of dragging her to their dimension, while the other confronted Kaz. But alas, the aliens had underestimated their human opponents, and found themselves being defeated by the ones they had attempted to strip of their power. Kaz quickly dispatched the first of the Otsutsuki using his swordsmanship and speed alone - one of the reasons he was considered the Amanojaku's best. Awestruck by his human adversary's strength and tenacity, the dying Otsutsuki admitted defeat. On the other end, however, Surotiku was still battling against the other. As though her opponent sensed the defeat of the other Otsutsuki, they attempted to escape from the woman by means of a portal. But more concerned about their companion, they were not cautious enough to prevent the pursuit of Surotiku. Now, with the Otsutsuki returning to Kaz and Surotiku's home dimension, they would see the other dead at Kaz's feet. In a last effort to defeat the humans, the Otsutsuki went all out, but was defeated by the lovers' combined power. In the end, though, it was Surotiku who struck the final blow. The climax of these events, however, was not the end of the pair's troubles, but only the beginning. For although they had emerged victorious, they would carry with them for the rest of their days a reminder of that day - a mark in the form of a diamond. For Kaz, his was located on the back of his neck; Surotiku's under her chest. It is said that when one does a certain deed, it affects the karma of that individual. For these two, it was all the more literal. They were bound to the endless cycle of envy that resulted in bloodshed. In this shedding of blood, however, there would result the birth of Karma. Karma would follow them for the rest of their lives - a much shorter time than they anticipated.

Apparently, Karma is a seal all members of the Otsutsuki Main Family are capable of and required to make by their law. It is a way to preserve their consciousness and power throughout the generations - guaranteeing that they will be reborn through that is vessel of their power. The metamorphosis is not instant; Kaz and Surotiku did not experience any of the signs of Karma's growing influence until after the second war - when the two were soon to have a baby. Nothing could have made the two happier than to raise their own child, but unfortunately, that day would never come. Despite the signs of Karma's growing influence having been rather delayed, the Otsutsuki essences within them had already began going to work. Little did the pair know that their little baby would be born with the power of the Otsutsuki.

Time continued to pass, and Surotiku was nearing the time of her child's birth. It would be within the next week or two that she would bring forth her firstborn. Of course, as any first-time mother would have, she had countless worries about the details of delivery, child-rearing, and so on. Kaz, being the much more relaxed of the two, always did everything he could to ensure his wife's wellbeing. In fact, he even went off to the distant Land of Fire on one occasion to pick up his lover's favorite kind of dango, just so she could take her mind off of upcoming things. On his way back from a small town on the border, Kaz came across a young shinobi battling several hooligans - most likely late-night pickpockets who were ex-shinobi. Being the kind man that he was, Kaz did not hesitate to spring into action and defeat the men. However, in the process, he inadvertently released the power of Karma, and since he had no chakra, he was much more susceptible to its effects. He was under the control of the Otsutsuki he had slain years ago for a short time. As he battled for control and regained a reign over himself, it was too late. The man he had saved murdered him under the pale moonlight. Kaz Amanojaku - the best among his clan - went down at the hands of a weak, manipulative shinobi. By the time news had reached Surotiku by means of the Amanojaku Clan itself, - the clan had been watching Kaz ever since he left - she was ready to give birth. Surotiku's sister had been staying with her while Kaz had been away, and aided in delivering the child. But right after the birth of her dark haired, and even darker eyed child, Surotiku's Karma began to take over the exhausted woman's body. Horns began to sprout from her head, and it was apparent there would be no coming back from this sudden escalation. Even though she had just given birth, the child's mother got up and went to the door. Declaring to her sister that she could not raise her child like this, she made her swear to take care of Keshin (---,---) - the. name of her son. With that, she disappeared into the night, and was not found until several days later when a man brought the frozen corpses of a "horned demon woman" to Shimogakure for inspection. Apparently, he had fished it out of a nearby frozen river when he went on his usual rounds. Both of Keshin's parents died in the process of trying to give. For Kaz, he perished at the hands of the one he saved; Surotiku died to give her son life.

With both of Keshin's parents dead, his aunt decided it would be best to raise her sister's son as an Amanojaku, just as his father had been. Thus, she would bring him to the Amanojaku's compound within the mountains, and would live among them with her sister's boy. She proved to be an excellent parent for him, and showered him with love while raising him to the best of her ability. As he grew in both stature and mind, Keshin learned about the history of the world, his clan, and most importantly, his parents. By the age of six, he had began to train with the elders of the clan, and learned of he various forms of shinobi hand-to-hand combat. For the most part, he was trained by Daitengu, who was essentially the closest thing he had to a father at this time. Like his father and the current clan head, Keshin was a Kirawa. And while Daitengu possessed both chakra and Konkaku, Keshin was born like his father with only Konkaku. The reality was, all humans had Konkaku, as it is the energy within one's soul. However, only Kirawa and a select few who have been influenced by the metaphysical have ever been able to even view, let alone wield Konkaku. In short, Daitengu was the perfect mentor for Keshin, and wasted no time in teaching the young boy how to utilize his souls reserves of Konkaku. By the age of nine, Keshin had learned the basics of Konkaku, and began to experiment with different usages of his power.

Through Konkaku, Keshin could still use techniques that would normally be used through chakra in the form of ninjutsu. Furthermore, nature types that applied to chakra still existed within Konkaku. It did not take Keshin very long to discover he had an affinity for Yin-Yang Release, just as his mother before him had. In part, yes, this was due to the genes he inherited from his mother - a pure blooded Iyoku, but this was also because of the effects of Karma on both of his parents. Keshin had strongly inherited the power of the Otsutsuki. Through his father and mother's sacrifice, he attained great power; power that would preserve him throughout the rest of his life.

Flowering Shoot

As time passed, Keshin's abilities would only continue to grow. Seeing that the boy had the potential to surpass even his father, Daitengu decided that he should put the child's abilities to the test. One day, while Keshin was doing laundry with his aunt, the clan head would pay the boy a visit. After informing his aunt that Keshin would not return home until dark, he left with Keshin and took him outside of their compound. Together, they would ascend the highest mountain in the Land of Frost. Daitengu, who also possessed chakra, would simply use his chakra to walk up the slopes. Keshin, however, had to climb as any normal person would. For the most part, Daitengu left him on his own and refused to offer up help. Keshin struggled to climb up the craggy series of precipices. The majority of the day was not spent in training on how to use Konkaku, but rather, it was a test of Keshin's endurance. Daitengu wanted to make Keshin the next clan head of the Amanojaku, and needed to test his strength. While his methods were indeed harsh, not to mention Keshin was simply a child, he deemed it necessary for the boy to complete the task. But still, forcing a twelve year old boy to scale the highest peak in the land was nothing short of overkill.

When the day finally reached its climax, Keshin was about halfway at the top. He had exhausted all his strength and simply could not go on. His master seemingly took pity on the child, and told the boy they would camp here for the time being. As the two set up a fire with what little wood they could find, along with Daitengu's fire ninjutsu, Keshin finally mustered up the strength to ask why he even needed to climb the mountain in the first place. He did not receive an answer immediately, but after a minute or so passed, Daitengu simply said that he needed to show Keshin something. The two made a peculiar pair; a master and his apprentice sitting around a small fire. Although the child tried to engage in small talk with the older man, he was always shut down by a grunt or one-word answer. Eventually, after an awkward silence, the two laid down on opposite sides of the fire to sleep.

The next day, the two continued their trek of the dangerous slopes of the mountain. Around sunset, they would arrive at the summit. At the top, Daitengu showed Keshin what appeared to be some sort of ancient cylindrical construct. It was a tall, stone brick structure that reached about five or so meters into the sky. Despite its height, the simple observatory's entrance required Daitengu to stoop down as he entered it. As he motioned for Keshin to follow him inside, he began explaining that Keshin's parents had been branded by a pair of Otsutsuki scouting out the earth. He went on to inform him about the fact that since his parents were going to be reborn as Otsutsuki, when they conceived him, he inherited a great deal of power from not only their already strong genetics, but also the power stored within the Karma marks they bore. In short, it was to be expected that Keshin himself should be able to wield the power of the Otsutsuki in time. As Keshin looked around, he noticed the furnishings were very minimal, aside from an extravagant dresser who's drawers were overflowing with scrolls - ancient Otsutsuki texts. Daitengu went on to explain that the scrolls possessed information on various Otsutsuki techniques, along with a general overview of ninjutsu and other techniques as a whole. Seizing a chair, Daitengu sat his apprentice down and handed him one of the scrolls - one that explained Yin-Yang Release more thoroughly. In Keshin's instance, he simply knew of Yin and Yang energies, and knew how to channel them to an extent. However, he had been unable to execute any actual techniques - he had not been taught any, anyways. But when he looked at the scroll before him, he gained a deeper understanding of Yin and Yang. Yin was said to be the energy behind all form - everything we can see and touch. Yang, on the other hand, governed over vitality and life.

When Keshin returned home, he had brought many of the scrolls from the observatory home. He began practicing with Yin first, and decided that since he could actually see what was made of Yin, it would be better to start there. He began his training with a simple piece of wood - a splinter, and was attempting to make it grow in size. The goal here was to cause a physical item to expand in size - this principle would later be applied to his Yin Blade Technique, something he would create to support his kenjutsu. Every day, after Keshin trained with the Amanojaku elders and aided his aunt with various chores, he would confine himself to his room and practice expanding these splinters. This routine went on for about six days before he produced any substantial results. Once he mastered this, he could move on to shrinking objects - this ability only applied to non-sentient objects.

Keshin's progress impressed Daitengu, he witnessed this twelve year old child pick up a large boulder with just the usage of his Yin Release. The clan was realizing just how much potential he had, and that it might not be too long before he could be made into the Amanojaku Clan head. Daitengu wished to step down as soon as possible, for he had already extended his leadership due to Kaz Amanojaku leaving the clan and going his own way. But in Daitengu's eyes, Keshin would be able to surpass Kaz, and every other Amanojaku before him. He was the pride of their people, and under no circumstances could they lose yet another heir. If Daitengu had to lead for too long, he felt as though the clan would cease to make progress, for the Amanojaku Clan was always finding new ways use their clan's hiden - a technique only used by the clan head to seal a soul into a mask. This technique could only be used by a Kirawa, so in the clan, the leader had to wait for a child with these traits to be born into their family. More often than not, Kirawa skipped generations, meaning that each clan head would serve for roughly fifty or sixty years. However, Daitengu had already served eighty, and he wanted to live as a follower rather than a leader.

Daitengu had already explained to Keshin his destiny as the next leader of the prestigious Amanojaku Clan. He made sure that the boy knew that once he had made his decision to lead the clan, he would never be able to go back on it. To solidify one's status as clan leader, there would be a ceremony conducted by the current leader of the clan for all the clan's body to see. It was more of a formality, as it had no special rituals or anything, it was simply another tradition the clan followed. During the ceremony, the current head of the clan would bring the heir before the entire clan at the highest point in the compound - the sundial. After reciting a line from the ancient Amanojaku texts and offering up a prayer, the leader and heir would descend a flight of stairs that lead to a hidden room behind the tower that the sundial occupied. This room was used as a sort of smithy, where all swords used by the Amanojaku Clan were forged. With the clan head's assistance, the new leader would create a katana blade from the metal found within the surrounding mountains. Once the pieces had cooled, the clan leader would cast an advanced genjutsu that would result in the heir's consciousness being whisked away to commune with the deceased leaders of the clan. Using Konkaku, it was possible for this to take place, as it was a genjutsu that connected the souls of the dead with the world of the living for a short amount of time. Once initiated, the new leader would have a few duties to fulfill. Each clan head was charged with having as many children as possible by any means necessary, and would often result in the leader having offspring through multiple women within the clan - the main reason Kaz refused the title of leader. Daitengu himself had only two children - both of which perished, so Keshin being born with the Kirawa nature his father had was all too convenient. No matter what, Daitengu would not let Keshin back out of his duty, and would force the boy to become the leader if necessary.

His Father's Path

Three years passed since Keshin had been brought to the Otsutsuki observatory by Daitengu, and now, that was where he spent most of his time. He was about fifteen years old at this point, and had already developed several techniques using the Yin and Yang natures. On top of this, he had begun training with kenjutsu nearly two years ago. His first lessons with the sword resulted in him making quick progression, and he soon was able to duel with the best in the clan. However, Keshin deemed the use of one sword too straightforward and predictable. So, using the Yin and Yang natures that made up his affinity, he created various techniques he could use to enhance his sword prowess. With Yin Release, he would create the Yin Blade Technique using the same principles he had applied to a splinter of wood years ago. This allowed him to bend and expand his blade in nearly infinite ways. As for Yang, he would manifest raw Yang energy in the form of an unstable red glow all over his blade - the Yang Blade Technique. But for someone as Keshin, this did not satisfy him. So, when he had finished up his chores and mandatory training, he would venture to his spot on the mountain next to the observatory. Up there, he would practice different ways of drawing and sheathing his blades - he had accumulated a total of six now, and attempted to incorporate all six katana into his moves. It was indeed difficult, and he had not quite figured it out yet, but that was why he kept at it.

For Keshin, being at a tactical advantage was everything. Just recently, after an attack on the Amanojaku Clan by the Shotoku Clan, - a group hailing from the other side of the Land of Frost - Keshin lost one of his arms during the scuffle. Although the Amanojaku Clan nearly wiped out all of the Shotoku, it resulted in a loss for him. The medical specialists within the clan were able to create a prosthetic arm for Keshin. This was not enough to satisfy the young heir. Along with the prosthetic for his left forearm, Keshin requested they amputate his right arm as well. Furthermore, underneath the arms, he wanted there to be a long, katana blade concealed by the prosthetic forearms. That way, he could remove the artificial limbs at any point and reveal a blade. It did not take Keshin long to become accustomed to the prosthetics, as they had been created to respond to his Konkaku - a feature added by Daitengu. Up on top of this mountain was when Keshin would experiment in different usages of the prosthetics and test new kenjutsu techniques.

One such day as this, when Keshin was training alone, Daitengu would approach him. He informed Keshin that it was time for the ceremony - he was finally to be inaugurated as the leader of the Amanojaku. Keshin had more than proven himself in combat, and had already shown he was capable of defending the people of his family. It had taken Daitengu a good two or so hours to reach Keshin's position. For Keshin, it had taken one and a half days the first time. Now, he could do it in about five or so seconds, thanks to a technique he had unearthed known as Yomotsu Hirasaka - a Kekkei Mōra technique that he inadvertently activated during the Shotoku's attack on his clan. As he created a portal for the two them to descend the mountain through, Daitengu informed Keshin that once he became the clan leader, there was no going back. But before Keshin even entered the portal, he had one question to ask - without a truthful answer, he would not agree to becoming the next leader. Skeptical, Daitengu agreed to listen.

For the past fifteen years of his life, Keshin had been living how the clan had wanted him to live. He had diligently spent his time training to become the leader everyone wanted him to be. He never questioned anything, or put much out of his own input. His entire life up to this point could be summarized by a monotonous quiet submission to the clan's will. His life had not been bad by any means, but even he had to admit it had been a bit dull. What Keshin really wanted to know was what had become of his father - why would he turn his back on their family? What was it that drove him to say no? He had been told it was because of the fact that he would be required to have a set of concubines, meaning he could not be with the woman of his choosing. Keshin didn't believe that. There had to be another reason. Looking Keshin in the eyes, Daitengu saw that there was no avoiding the truth. Keshin wouldn't let it go. So with a sigh, he began to recount the tale of Kaz Amanojaku.

As a boy, like Keshin, Kaz showed amazing talent and had been selected by the elders to become the next heir to the clan. Strong and smart, he was the pride of the Amanojaku. Whenever the Shotoku attacked, it is said that Kaz fought the leader on his own and won - his head taken as proof. Kaz was feared by the Shotoku Clan, Shimogakure, and even his own people as the Chaos Hunter. By outsiders, he was looked on as a heartless killer, although it was quite the opposite. Kaz had the biggest heart of any member of the clan, he was the kindest boy within the compound. When Keshin heard Daitengu utter such nice words about his father, he couldn't help but smile. But Daitengu wasn't smiling. Kaz betrayed the clan because he did not agree with their oppression of the Shotoku Clan. Once Kaz defeated the leader, members of the Amanojaku wanted to take women from the Shotoku Clan as concubines for the current and next clan leader. This was to ensure that the clan would continue to evolve by constantly taking in new bloodlines and various genetics. When the Amanojaku attempted to kidnap these women during a raid on the Shotoku's compound, it was said that Kaz turned on the Amanojaku after seeing the distress on the face of these women. However, no one else was swayed by their conscience - only Kaz. When a group of men tried to molest the women they would carry off, Kaz was unable to tolerate it. He killed several members of the clan that night, and after taking the women somewhere safe, he disappeared.

This, however, was not the end of Kaz's story, and here Keshin would learn of the Amanojaku's darkest secret - one that Daitengu realized might sway the boy away from becoming the clan leader.

Ever since the Amanojaku Clan's founding, the clan leader had always been in touch with a member of the Otsutsuki Clan's Main Family. This was not true now, for the one Daitengu had been communicating with had disappeared. The last time Daitengu had spoken to him, he had enlisted the aid of this extraterrestrial visitor in order to kill Kaz - the creature had taken an interest in the boy and his lover. It had been Daitengu himself who had instigated the Otsutsuki to move against Keshin's father, and although he failed, the Karma placed on Kaz was what had caused his death in the end. The same could be said about his mother, who committed suicide in order to kill the Otsutsuki within her psyche, and in order to save her son. Daitengu plainly said this in front of the child of these two whom the world had wronged. Keshin couldn't stand it. Just now, after fifteen years of humble submission to the clan's rules, he was learning of the corruption and deceit that went on within the inner circles of the clan. Keshin's dark eyes glared at the masked face of Daitengu. Closing the portal behind the man in front of him, he inadvertently released an insane amount of Konkaku. This was the first time that his Kirawa bloodlust had surfaced, and that was when Daitengu realized he had messed up. When Keshin charged him, screaming randomly and leaking Konkaku all into the surrounding air, Daitengu jumped off the side of the mountain to escape the boy. If he was the son of Kaz, he doubted he could equal him in raw strength. If Keshin wasn't holding back, his best bet was to run.

When Daitengu disappeared into the snowstorm below, Keshin's chaotic fit subsided. However, he knew that after making such a move against the leader of the Amanojaku, there was no way he could return to the clan. And after hearing what he had, there was no reason for him to want to go back. He had no reason to balk - his clan had already proved how pitiful they were. Men that had to resort to abusing women were nothing short of weak. Keshin hated his clan; he hated the men who cost his father his reputation. Most of all, he hated Daitengu - the man who essentially cost his father his life. While time was of the essence, Keshin wasn't exactly in his right mind as of now. With his Kirawa nature having taken over him for the first time, his mind had checked out, and instinct moved in. Standing at the top of the mountain, Keshin roared out into the blizzard. He vented all of his anger out on the freezing snow. The monstrous noise would echo throughout the mountains and resonate all the way down to the Amanojaku's compound. As the noise screamed through the air, down the side of the mountain, past Daitengu, and into the ears of the entire clan, Keshin also cried. Frozen tears fell from his face and shattered onto the snowy the ground. Keshin would depart and become a wanderer, but not before completely ransacking the Otsutsuki observatory. Keshin didn't plan on aimlessly traveling around the world with no plan - he was going to learn the secrets of the Otsutsuki and use their power to tear down the clan as it was now. If Keshin was to become the leader of the Amanojaku, it would be on his own terms. One day, he would return. That day would be the day that the Amanojaku Clan would be reformed - reformed as his father would have wanted it. With the future weighing down upon his heart, Keshin departed from the Land of Frost to search for the key to unlocking his power.




"Ohhhh bruhhh, he really trippin' if he think he can square up on me with that type of kenjutsu."
— Keshin's aloof and arrogant persona

One of the Sixth God’s most defining traits would be the aloof position he assumes. Keshin, for the most part, takes on the role of a disinterested, slightly rude individual who seems to only show a sense of concern when something could directly affect his wellbeing. This disposition he maintains has often resulted in him being branded as repulsive — a sort of complex that seems to stem from his own pride. When speaking, he rarely averts his attention from what’s occupying him, and tends to try to ward off the one addressing him with a hasty one word answer. When he deems something unworthy of his worry, he simply ignores it. However, Keshin is much more complicated than this. This state of mind is the result of his upbringing. As a child, being a candidate to one day lead his clan to glory, it was only natural that he be brought up alongside other potential successors to the clan’s name. However, once he had a firm grasp on the art of combat, Keshin discovered that he could, rather than build upon existing principles and simply come up with some sort of “new” fighting style that encompassed many of the same moves and applications as the base style everyone learns, he should develop something completely his own. Ever since he was a boy, he has been independent, and was often seen taking care of things both around the house with his aunt, and among his fellow clansmen - assuming a type of leadership role in his day-to-day life. This was not out of the kindness of his heart, but simply because that was how Keshin believed it should be — kindness was an afterthought. He took pride in what he could do that others couldn’t. However, despite this, he does indeed have a sense of morals, and rarely uses deprecating language to those who are less suited to completing tasks that he himself has no problem handling. Rather, he prefers to let his actions speak for themselves. This trait is perhaps what has earned him such respect among the members of Hoīru, and is what has allowed him to keep his reign over his subordinates. In short, his seemingly arrogant, apathetic persona is possibly an extension of his indomitable will.

When spoken to in a disrespectful manner, or when challenged on a certain point, Keshin rarely responds in a similar respect. Most snarky comments are simply put off with a dry chuckle, as if he didn’t believe what he heard. This is because he holds others to the same standard that he holds himself to — if you wish to challenge someone, take them down instead of boosting your own ego with empty words. The only time Keshin has ever been seen to go off on someone with his words is when his swordsmanship has been challenged. Before rebutting, he tends to laugh for a while. At heart, in his very soul, Keshin is a swordsman — he always has been. A shot fired at his kenjutsu is like pointing a weapon at his neck and expecting him not to react — which on some occasions, he actually hasn’t. It isn’t as though it makes him feel insecure, but it’s because Keshin knows he is the best at kenjutsu. To this day, no challenger that has one-on-one fought him has been able to equal him on his turf. The moniker “Fierce God of Kenjutsu” was not given to him without basis - Keshin is the god of kenjutsu. However, when he is challenged, he hangs on to the hope that there might be someone out there such as himself. He longs to find an opponent who can go toe-to-toe with him in sword combat. Tireless battles with ninjutsu bore him. To Keshin, deciding a battle with the mere firing off of techniques isn’t an honorable way to battle. Powers such as those are inherited - passed down through families. Keshin picked up all six of his blades on his own and pioneered a style that no one else has been to replicate. When one looks at the Sixth God in this light, his arrogance begins to make sense. However, one cannot simply justify one’s flaws with a simple reasoning such as this. Even if one is truly better than another, such thinking can result in incorrect reasoning, and has the potential to cloud one’s judgement. Despite his pride, Keshin does keep his wits about him when fighting an opponent, even if he deems them totally unworthy.

Though, in many cases, when fighting someone weaker than himself, he purposefully seems to restrain himself from going all-out in a battle. For example, when battling the samurai that have made their home within the Land of Iron, he will actually refuse to utilize techniques that enhance the cutting power of his blades. When he believes that he can completely outdo his enemy, he sees no reason to rub it in their face with extra abilities - surprisingly, this does come from a softer side Keshin possesses. In his own way, this is his how Keshin shows kindness, in order to preserve his foe’s self-esteem. Secretly, however, this too is also just another way his selfish intent takes over, as he hopes the humiliating defeat they suffer at his hands will result in them bettering themselves as a warrior - all so he can mold them into the perfect rival. Perhaps this is all Keshin needs, someone he can fight on equal terms in his select field. While there have been many worthy opponents who have fought against the Sixth God, none have been equals with him in kenjutsu. His kenjutsu prowess is the source of his pride, and is where all the arrogance stored up in his heart comes from. This pride affects his outlook on the world — how he views his own existence and the way he gauges other people. Something Keshin had to conquer shortly after he left the stronghold of the Amanojaku — his cage. If he could do it, he believed anyone else could. Anyone who wasn’t capable of doing what he could was considered inferior, and shouldn’t even be bothered with. At the same time, people such as his aunt who weren’t accustomed to fighting weren’t viewed as lowly. This callous mindset only applied to those who boasted in their own abilities, claiming to be shinobi and acting as though they were special. Keshin hates people who talk big while being unable to back up their words with actions. Those who are prideful hate others who are prideful — Keshin is living proof of this. However, over the years, he has undergone many changes in regard to the insensitive ego that he bears within his being. It was during his time within the Cult of Jashin that he really began to see others for who they were, and when he discovered the truth about himself. When he saw firsthand a gathering of so many different people, each and every one of them being different from the rest, he would learn that every one of these people had a pride to swallow. Keshin himself would follow suite in order to serve this god. While his time as a Jashinist was indeed dark, it showed him that his pride was a means of trying to fill the hole in his heart. In short, it was a humbling experience for Keshin, and in actuality, becoming a follower of such a dark religion saved him from his own darkness. Such experiences within the cult such as losing his right eye have lowered him in his own sight, and have allowed him to overcome the wall of his pride.

By nature, Keshin is a rather curious individual. Throughout all of his travels — which are, in part, due to his curiosity on extraterrestrial subjects — his pursuit of knowledge on various subjects is insatiable. When something, or someone, happens to pique his curiosity, he will do everything he can in order to satisfy his personal interests. However, rather than try to force himself into an unpleasant situation, he tends to watch from afar. To a man such as himself, results are everything — should his meddling mess something up and change the outcome in a negative way, he will keep his nose out of things for the time being. However, when it comes to the Ōtsutsuki and their parasitical activities, Keshin is more than ready to meddle. As he travels in and out of various worlds, scouring every corner of every country, sector, and dimension that he has decided to explore, he watches out for any signs of their past, present, or possible future activity. While doing so, however, he tends to become distracted, and is often overtaken by his own personal desire to learn more about the Ōtsutsuki, other worlds, their connection to modern-day shinobi, religion, and most importantly, his own lineage. Keshin believes that all of these things are connected in no small way, and that his own power will play a larger role in the grand scheme of things. While not seeing himself as some sort of grandiose hero, or the protagonist of some apocalyptic story, he does not take his own gifts and his own destiny lightly.

When Keshin was taken into the Jashinist Cult overseen by Jinpachi Budo, he learned a great deal about the infinite loyalty the members of the brotherhood had for both each other, and their god. His whole reasoning behind joining the cult was to try and find something other than himself to fill his heart with. Doing something for another rather than for one’s self interest always proves to be a much more satisfying pursuit. Even though the Jashinists way of life heavily relied on building upon the suffering of others, it opened his eyes to a greater existence. After departing from the Jashinist hideout and continuing his wanderings, Keshin became a kinder person. His experiences within the repulsive cult had caused him to become more open-minded, and had allowed him to evolve as an individual. Such thinking is what lead him to grow past the selfish attitude that he held onto for so long — in part anyways, as Keshin is still quite arrogant. This arrogance is perhaps what caused him to separate himself from the Jashinist cult, and even his own clan. Oddly enough, it was the mindset that he himself could do better what those groups did wrong. Even when seemingly doing something righteous in the eyes of others, such as breaking off from a sect of people for their wrongdoings, there are still these selfish motives that guide him. To further fuel the pride that, perhaps while channeled differently now, still very much existed, Keshin would gather information about the Ōtsutsuki Clan and their abilities through his own interdimensional travels — a rather tedious journey in search of greater power.

The greatest influence in Keshin’s life, however, would be the effects his clan’s corruption had on his father. To the Sixth God, no mortal, or immortal for that matter, could stand on equal ground with his father. While having never met his old man — or either of his parents, as Kāma seemed to have taken them both away from him — Keshin still holds him in the highest respects. The legacy his father left behind, dying saving someone who hated those from other countries, then dying by the one whom he saved’s own hand; something such as this is an act that Keshin readily admits he could never follow through with. For the Amanojaku Clan to have scorned Kaz during the fiasco that took place when the clan made a move on the now-weakened Shōtoku Clan, as defending the innocent women of the clan was a type of “betrayal” on his part…Keshin simply has no words for the honor he has for his father, and the hatred he harbors for his own clan. To him, the Amanojaku are a bunch of egotistical, mediocre fools wound up in a senseless traditional practices. This is, in part, what has fueled Keshin’s desire of self-elevation — a goal he pursues in order to show up the rest of his clan. To ascend beyond anything anyone in his family has ever become, and to rise to the status of something that overlooks the rest of his clan — this is one of Keshin’s ambitions.

Despite his desire to gain their power and to learn the secrets of their clan, Keshin’s opinion on the Ōtsutsuki Clan doesn’t quite ride along the lines of admiration. If anything, he is cautious of them and their abilities, recognizing them as a potential threat to the world and its people. The powers that were forced upon him as a young child, the abilities of an Ōtsutsuki, are both revered and maligned by the Sixth God. His overall impression of the Ōtsutsuki is that they are a bunch of fools who don’t know how to keep to their own business. Ironically enough, he himself goes around exploring the ruins they have scattered across seemingly all of time-space itself — justifying this through the excuse of “preparation for the inevitable”. Though, while always eager to investigate the mystical aspects of the extraterrestrial clan that lives up in the star above him, Keshin cannot help but fear his own connections to the people of the stars. His own powers and affinities all come from the meddling of these creatures. Thinking very little of humans, they came and tried to take away his parents, seeking nothing but their power. However, with his parents being too much for them to handle, they would slay a pair of these beings. Even in death, these loathsome aliens still managed to take away his parents from him. And in their death, he was born with powers that stemmed from the very beings who took his family from him. This has caused many insecurities within Keshin’s mind, and has caused him to lose sight of himself more than once. Such crisis are what guided him to join up with the Jashinists in the first place. This loss of self and twisting of his own identity shows just how vulnerable Keshin is; a man who is lost between his nature as either a god, or a man.

Vulnerability in and of itself is one of the most defining things that characterizes the Sixth God. As one who is still a man, Keshin has many weaknesses — a great deal of mental weaknesses. On the outside, Keshin comes off as an egotistical, nonchalant, aloof jerk who doesn’t seem to care about the wellbeing of others. However, this is, i part, just an act. Perhaps it could be said that he cares too much about the greater good; so much that he cannot help but fake disinterest. When he sees someone who needs help, his heart will begin to ache, and he can’t help but want to assist them. If he has the ability to help someone, well, why not? Nowadays, he finds himself meddling with things he normally would have wanted no part in. As he goes helping people, in these times of mercy, he often curses himself for being so soft. Maybe this sudden sense of sympathy he has recently developed is the product of his own suffering at the hands of his own shortcomings.



Keshin's abilities are the product of his close ties to the Otsutsuki Clan - his distant celestial heritage became much more intimate due to his parents being vessels for a pair of Otsutsuki beings. His superiors within the Amanojaku Clan were well aware of everything that had transpired with his parents, and had hypothesized that Keshin himself had inherited the power of the Otsutsuki. This resulted in him receiving personal training from many different members of the Amanojaku Clan, and allowed him to observe and practice many different fighting styles used by other members in the clan. When he watched, Keshin would always try to break down the moves of his mentor(s) down into simple actions within his mind - usually asking himself "how could I make that quicker?" Or "maybe I could skip that move?" Even from a young age, it was obvious that Keshin had a very tactical mind. Rather than simply accepting what he was being taught, he always put it to the test in scenarios within his mind, and artificial scenes recreated in the physical world. Keshin wanted to be sure he could take down an enemy with as little effort as possible, and was always trying to find ways to simplify things. Efficiency is his friend.

This mindset he had while looking at various taijutsu styles trickled over to the kenjutsu he was being taught by the clan. Eventually, he completely abandoned everything he had been taught by his teachers and decided it would be best to learn on his own. The issue in Keshin's mind with formal lessons in a subject was that everyone was being taught similar, if not the same principles as everyone else. He was confused as to how he would surprise an enemy if he applied the same sword techniques they did. This is why Keshin created his own kenjutsu style - the Rokutoryu - a style that incorporates the simultaneous use of six blades during combat. Anyone could take on someone using one blade, and anyone could wield one blade - maybe even two. But how would one defend against six, or more importantly, how would Keshin even wield six? Perhaps this is what gained him the moniker Sixth God - the fact that he could surpass the expectations of everyone and establish his own status quote.

His ingenuity did not stop with kenjutsu and taijutsu, for Keshin would approach ninjutsu with a similar mindset. With no one within his clan to teach him, it was up to him to create his own arsenal of Yin and Yang techniques. By the time he was twelve, he had developed a form of psychokinesis that made use of Yin energy. By thirteen he had created a technique that allowed him to spawn highly destructive, explosive flames composed of raw Yang power. But Keshin wasn't one to simply go and learn a large amount of standalone techniques. Rather, he blended his Yin and Yang Releases with his kenjutsu, and developed techniques that allowed him to support one with the other - specifically, his Yin Blade and Yang Blade techniques. Through these, his blades become much more than mere swords, as he can freely manipulate its path and sharpen its edge to cut through nearly any substance.

But perhaps his greatest achievement is the melding of Yin and Yang to manifest the Yin-Yang Release. After studying many ancient Otsutsuki documents and traveling between many dimensions through the usage of his Yomotsu Hirasaka, Keshin was able to unlock a technique first used by the original God of Shinobi himself - the Creation of All Things Technique. With the aid of this power, he can freely control both Yin and Yang, granting him dominion over many aspects of the surrounding areas and reality itself. Keshin, still not satisfied, would go on to steal secrets from an organization known as Sargon - one attempting world domination. While he wasn't interested in their idealism, their developments in Yin-Yang Release piqued his curiosity. After observing a few of their agents, he would go to replicate the techniques categorized under "Very Hiden". Once he applied some of his own shape transformation to Sargon's Nonself Concealing Calamity, Keshin created his own Manifested Sealing Calamity - an ability allowing him to imbue existing objects with the darkness of Sargon, making the technique easier to use and more subtle.

Even after all this, Keshin still went on to study the Otsutsuki secrets, and would develop many other uses for Yomotsu Hirasaka, the creation of Black Rods that work similarly in function to the shadows of the Nonself Concealing Calamity, and a technique wielded by the Otsutsuki of old known as the Deep Crimson Spiral. Powers usually accessible only to the Otsutsuki with the most noble blood sit within Keshin's grasp. But aside from his celestial abilities, he possesses a great deal of power that is said to have originated from worlds unknown. Powers associated with dominion over the human soul and the energy within it - Konkaku. A great deal of power has made its home within the Sixth God, but there are many unknowns about the truth behind his abilities. Some things still remain in the dark about his true power.

Physical Prowess and Kenjutsu

When the Amanojaku Clan decided that Keshin was to be the heir to the leader's seat, the first thing to be done was to evaluate the boy's potential. Since mental power begins with the body, Keshin was made to rigorously train every day in order to ensure that he would be ready to lead the clan. Sessions included push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and long runs in the snow. Starting when he was about ten years old, the clan decided that if this constant exercise wore Keshin out, then perhaps he wasn't fit to become the heir. On top of this, he was to participate in extensive hand-to-hand combat matches against the best in the clan. He was not made to do this so that he could defeat them, but to show how much he learned from his losses. Proving that he could learn from failure was the first vital step in his training. Over and over, he was made to battle men and women he stood no chance against, and this would continue for the remainder of his time within the clan. Keshin did learn, for after eight days of losses to the same opponent, - a boy of about seventeen years of age - Keshin defeated him by adjusting his tactics to counter his opponent. He learned that everyone fights using a different style, but certain forms do indeed counter others. If Keshin could develop a form of combat that allowed him to create a response to everything, then he could bring about a quick end to his battles.

Members within the Amanojaku Clan watched over Keshin as he trained, and more often than not, showed him new things he could incorporate into his own fighting style. He learned different kinds of throws in order to send his opponent flying, such as an overhead type of throw - one that requires Keshin to flip over his opponent and grab them by their arm; slinging his weight forwards once he lands in order to yank them off their feet and send them sprawling across the ground. He learned different kinds of grappling techniques for once he got an opponent onto the ground, and how to lock them in different holds that put their arms, legs, or neck at danger - an example being a chokehold, a move used to force the enemy to pass out due to a cutoff of blood and oxygen to the brain. The type of taijutsu combat Keshin employs is always very physically demanding, and requires him to maintain a precise control over his body.

Acrobatics play a major role in the way Keshin fights, and allows him to become a difficult target for attacks. Reducing his target zone through bringing his body closer together, combined with the spinning moves of the flips he uses in combat makes him extremely slick. Though, no movement made by Keshin is a wasted movement. The momentum he gains by leaping and flipping into the air is more often than not put to use in the form of a punch or kick, allowing him to deliver an especially hard body blow to his foe. If he's flipping around, most of Keshin's hits will most likely be aimed at the opponent's face. Spinning kicks executed midair are a favorite, as he can use them to sever the foe's connective tissues and bones within the neck. The amount of raw strength within a kick from Keshin is enough to create a small crater in the earth - as though he were applying some sort of enhanced strength technique. The power alone that lies behind his movements is often enough to overwhelm an opponent. When combined with the speed at which the hits are delivered, they become all the more deadly. Blows from either his hands or feet are brought down swiftly and accurately on their targets, and if not evaded properly, will result in massive collateral damage to the victim's bones and nervous system. Even when blocked, one can sustain damage from the sheer force from these hits.

Like the wind, Keshin's moves are fluid and brisk. There is no roughness in the way he carries himself in a battle, and no difficulty between transitions. Swift, crisp moves make up his fighting style. When combined with the aforementioned acrobatics and quick blows, you get a form of combat that rarely leaves openings while being able to pummel a foe with a series of blows before they can react. When the elders of the Amanojaku Clan saw just how far Keshin had progressed, they introduced him to the art of bōjutsu - a method of fighting using a wooden staff as a weapon. The usage of the bō staff as a boy helped Keshin evolve his moves into what they are today. He would develop an extraordinary sense of hand-eye coordination, and created a very acrobatic, aggressive style of bōjutsu combat as opposed to the traditional, patient variants. The bō could be used to both offense and defense, as the complex spinning movements of the staff could be applied to deflect a barrage of incoming projectiles, or to use the edges of the weapon to beat down an opponent with a flurry of strikes.

Another thing the bōjutsu training helped Keshin develop was his footwork. Different stances were used before and after combos, and within these complex attack patterns, one needed to know how to position their feet in order to keep the chain moving effective ly. Pivots were frequently used in between strikes in order to help gain momentum behind the weapon, and to allow Keshin to suddenly switch to the other side of his opponent. Furthermore, he would change the way he held the staff many times during a single combo. Perhaps he'd begin at the center, using his wrists to guide how the bō would move - when holding a staff in the center with one's hands spread slightly apart, a slight move of the wrists can alter the path of weapon dramatically, allowing quick hits to be executed with minimal effort. Keshin would often move his hands closer to one of the ends of the staff in order to use it in similar fashion to that of a greatsword. When swung in this way, all the force gathers at the end of the stick, and while using the staff this way is a bit slower than the previous method, it is still an effective form. Keshin usually waits to employ this once he has landed a few blows with his staff already, then he will switch to the more brute variant of bōjutsu combat once his opponent is disoriented. Even to this day, he still makes use of this art, however, he replaced the traditional wooden pole with a long, black rod created by one of his own techniques - a much more practical weapon to use against shinobi and the like.

His taijutsu and bōjutsu, while capable of standing alone, were, in actuality, to serve as foundations on which Keshin would build his own form of kenjutsu combat. His swordsmanship is most assuredly the core of his abilities, and is indisputably his deadliest feature. When Daitengu and other members of the Amanojaku tried to instruct Keshin in the way of the sword, he completely abandoned their teachings, and decided that it would be better for him to develop his own personal style of kenjutsu combat. His reasoning behind this was not because he was struggling to grasp what he was being taught, but simply because he believed that learning what everyone else learned was futile. If Keshin were to be the best, he would indeed need the basics, however, with those basics he must find his own way. Every day atop the tallest mountain in the Land of Frost, Keshin trained himself in the art of the sword. He had six blades in his name - having inherited what was left of his father's massive collection of identical katana blades. All six of these were brought with him to the top of this mountain. After fastening one to his waist, he first began to repeatedly unsheathe and sheathe his sword. This was not only to gain a sense of muscle memory, but to also get an overall feel for how a sword exits and enters the scabbard. Over and over, Keshin would repeat this same action, some days would be spent sheathing and unsheathing a sword from sun up to sundown. He needed to become one with his blade if he were to master it - that was the key.

Once he moved past this, Keshin would study the six marks of contact laid out by the swordsman of old. These six marks were: head, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and waist. Hitting one of these marks with your blade almost always resulted in an instant victory. A battle between swordsman was simply a competition to see who could hit one of these points first; nothing more. If that were the case, hitting one of these marks on the draw - before your opponent could even set up a countermeasure - pretty much always resulted in an instant win. Once again, Keshin returned to unsheathing and sheathing his blade. This time, rather than repeating one single movement, he would formulate different patterns as to how he would remove and return his sword. One hand always remained on the scabbard, while the other on the sword. Keshin taught himself to draw his blade six different ways by positioning the sheathe differently on his waist each time using his left hand, while his right hand pulled the blade out. The idea was, every time he drew his sword, he should be able to bring his blade across one of the marks of contact. He learned to draw the blade at a one-hundred and eighth degree angle to slash the waist, diagonally to hit the arms and/or neck, and even in a style and resulted in the blade moving downward, cutting off either of the legs and grazing the ground.

As Keshin continued to repeat these moves, he realized that one blade, no matter how fast it moved, was relatively easy to block. If his opponent put a blade of equal power in the way of his own, there wasn't a very high chance of his attack going through and connecting. Noting that he had six swords, he moved on to another exercise. Similar to how he had drawn and sheathed one blade, Keshin began to do the same with two. With a frame that was much bigger than most, he had very large hands. He could comfortably fit the hilts from a pair of katana within his hand. Once he could comfortably draw two swords - still hitting the marks of contact when he unsheathed them - he moved on to three. What Keshin noticed when he drew them is that if he allowed the handles of the two outer katana to cross over the middle hilt - one on the underside, and one over it - the blades would cover a wide range. Essentially, he could hit multiple marks with a single move by fanning out the swords once he drew them. It did not take Keshin long to master this technique with both hands.

This, however, was not the end of the development of this new fighting style. Keshin still had to master slashing and creating combos while wielding six swords at once. During a slash, he realized he could reposition each blade separately in his hand if he used a finger or two to do so. For example, while holding two blades upright and swinging across, Keshin could flip one of he blades upside down, allowing him to bring the repositioned sword back in for another slash while his opponent is still reeling from the first. Furthermore, he could trap a foe's blade between a pair of his own before bringing around his other hand and it's three blades for a blow. Despite all the advantages Keshin was seeing from fighting this way, he did notice that wielding six blades could be clunky sometimes. This resulted in him repeating yet another motion from sunrise until sunset - the apparent secret to Keshin's prowess. He would practice sheathing a blade or two with one hand, while holding the remaining sword(s) in the opposite direction, slashing at a target while returning his sword(s). That way, he could return a blade or three if he needed to, while still keeping the same offensive abilities he needed. The name of this patchwork style of kenjutsu combat is Rokutoryu - a form developed by a man void of any extensive formal kenjutsu training.

Rokutoryu, while applying all of the aforementioned offensive tactics, can actually be practiced defensively, as well. Keshin always seems to have his guard up, whether he's drawing, sheathing, or slashing with his blades. This absolute form of offense is also the greatest defense kenjutsu can provide. Without a doubt, Keshin's skill in this branch of combat seems to have no peer. Having fought far and wide against various swordsman, and even the samurai holed up in the Land of Iron's natural mountain fortress, he has proven that he is the best in kenjutsu. Despite this, Keshin is still looking for an opponent who can equal his power in the art of the sword, and longs to have some sort of rival he can battle. Between the Amanojaku Clan's best, the shinobi of the Hisakawa Clan within Konohagakure, and the Land of Iron's samurai, no one has been able to come close to Keshin's prowess in the art of the sword.

One thing Keshin did realize is that on top of having his own personal fighting style - being Rokutoryu - he could actually break down all existing kenjutsu forms in order to make them easier for himself to grasp. While the exact execution of each particular style differs from person to person, Keshin sought to briefly summarize seven different forms of kenjutsu, which although they were his own creation, did apply to many existing forms of kenjutsu combat. For Keshin himself, these forms applied to how he used Rokutoryu, rather than solely using one of them.

  • Kettei (決定, lit. Determination) is the first and most basic of his seven forms. It includes various "ready" stances, parrying, and finding marks of contact. The six marks of contact are the neck, waistline, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. Kettei is the fundamental for the other six of Keshin's forms. When using it, Keshin simply remains in a defensive position and awaits his opponent's move. When they have closed in on him and have begun their attack, he will counter with his blade, and deliver a swift blow to one of the six target zones. Keshin will choose a zone after studying his opponent and verifying which mark of contact is the easiest to sever.
  • Shuchō (主張, lit. Contention) is a formal style of kenjutsu combat that consists of classical and elegant moves. It is a calm form of kenjutsu that enlists the usage of various spins and flicks of the sword to catch an opponent off guard. A skilled user of this style like Keshin can disarm a foe with ease by using their own sword's leverage to send the enemy's blade flying out of their hands. Keshin seems to be able to slip through just about any defense and deliver a critical cut to one of the target zones established in his first form: Kettei.
  • Kaifuku-Ryoku (回復力, lit. Resilience) is the third of Keshin's kenjutsu forms. Perhaps the most passive of the six, Kaifuku-Ryoku focuses on defense through efficient body movements. This includes various ways of reducing one's target area's size. Kaifuku-Ryoku is well suited for blocking incoming projectiles and countering basic attacks to open ways of escape from complex or extremely fast assaults.
  • Shinryaku (侵略, lit. Aggression) is the fourth, and perhaps the most difficult to master of his seven forms. It employs an extensive use of acrobatic assaults to overwhelm an opponent and aims to catch them off guard by quickly delivering attacks from all sides. Shinryaku could involve flips over an enemy to attack them from above, powerful slashes in conjunction with leaps and spins, and other various elements.
  • Konki (根気, lit. Perseverance) is the fifth form, and an offshoot, or rather, continuation of the third form; Kaifuku-Ryoku. Rather than reducing one's target area and trying to find ways of escape through various counters and parries, one will use these means of defense in offensive manners. Such as the use of defensive parries to force and opponent to drop their guard, or the skillful disarming of a foe by catching their sword with one's own blade.
  • Setsudo (節度, lit. Moderation) is the sixth of Keshin's forms. It seeks to balance out the strengths of the previous five to create a single, solid form. Setsudo is said to be the pinnacle of kenjutsu mastery, for a skilled wielder will be able to deliver swift, deadly blows, penetrate even the most solid of defenses, and show great overall abilities with the sword. However, while Setsudo does not focus on raw strength or power, a true Setsudo master will wield their sword with amazing tenacity.
  • Dōmō (獰猛, lit. Ferocity) is the seventh of the seven forms, and easily the most powerful, yet most dangerous. This style consists of using one's inner emotions and the emotions of others to fuel their own aggressive style. One must enjoy combat to the fullest in order to truly be a skilled practitioner of Dōmō; they must love the sights, sounds, and perhaps even the taste of blood. Thus, Dōmō is much more than a fighting style; it is a way of life and a state of mind. One has to be willing to give into their darkness, accept the fury of their opponent, and glory in the death of the enemy.

On top of the employment of the forms listed above in conjunction with Rokutoryu, Keshin realized that with so many blades, he could afford to utilize some for more than just close range, melee weapons. By attaching chains to the handles of two of his katana, he could let go of his sword's hilt, and direct its moves with the chain. Keshin is skilled enough to deflect incoming kunai and other projectiles with the taut chain, and has been seen to use it to wrap up opponent's hands with it. The chains are there to make sure that his weapons are always within reach, but are also used to bind or throw off an enemy. Keshin will also swing these swords like kusarigama - usually sheathing the other four blades when he does. Possessing training in a multitude of different weapons, he noted that swords could be used in all sorts of different ways. Improvisation is the secret to his success as a swordsman, and has allowed him to make these developments in modern kenjutsu.

Keshin's prowess and ingenuity in kenjutsu is so far beyond anything that anyone before him could have ever had, that in the shinobi world, he has become known as the Fierce God of Kenjutsu - a title rightfully earned by the Sixth God. The speed at which Keshin can swing his blade, combined with the complex combos he seems to execute so easily - a result of repetition and perfect footwork - makes him an absolute monster in combat. Keshin has become so accustomed to wielding his swords and the pressure of combat, that he can even deflect incoming projectiles such as shuriken with his swords - giving him some sort of relief at range. At close range, there is nearly no way to overcome him. One's best bet at defeating the Fierce God of Kenjutsu would be to engage him using something other than kenjutsu. Should one be foolish enough as to point their own blade at the Sixth God, they will meet a swift end.

Because of the vast amount of knowledge that Keshin possesses on the subject of kenjutsu, he was able to develop a style of kenjutsu combat that made up for any other style's weaknesses. Using the constant drawing and sheathing of multiple blades while simultaneously slashing while he put away his sword. The overall fluidity of his movements would already compensate should he choose to utilize a traditional style such as Iaido - a technique Keshin passionately hates, as he considers it to be too generic. Due to the inferiority of most other styles of kenjutsu, he will actually refuse to draw his swords for most swordsmen that he faces. Rather, he employs a type of kenjutsu style that he created in order to completely counter kenjutsu. While it utilizes much of the same footwork his kenjutsu does, it involves more movement of the hands and torso.

The goal of this form is to effectively disarm an opponent of their weapon. At first, Keshin would employ different variants of the tachi-dori technique - a type of grab that pushes the opponent down with one hand, while yanking their weapon with the other. This, however, was not an ideal way to remove a weapon from the wielder. Rather, he decided to create his own form, just as he had with kenjutsu. Keshin began to experiment with sideways movements such as sidesteps. The key was to make sure none of his limbs were outstretched for long - that way, he could reduce his target area and force his opponent to try and land direct hits. The other thing Keshin needed to ensure he did was keep his hands flat, as if he were practicing the Hyuga Clan's Gentle Fist technique. He'd often test the viability of his movements with various members of the clan, having them attack him with shinai - long, bamboo swords used it sparring matches. During these mock battles, Keshin tested how accurately he could hit the flat of his opponent's sword during combat. With the precognitive abilities granted by his complete mastery of Konkaku, watching a foe's soul helps him predict moves and adjust his body accordingly - an ability achieved through supernatural instinct. This made it easier to land his blows to the sword, and let's him consistently knock away the blade of the aggressor.

However, simply knocking away an opponent's sword isn't necessarily the most effective way to end a fight. Hitting the flat of the blade with his hand was almost like a way to get a feel for the blade before he progressed. More often than not, Keshin will bring both of his hands down on either side of his enemy's sword, restricting their movements. Using the force between his hands, with one hand positioned slightly above the other, he will snap the opponent's sword with his hands alone. If one cannot even get past the defensive maneuvers of Keshin's hands, there is almost no hope once he draws his swords.

While Keshin does indeed prefer to wield the six blades he carries called Jiganemaru, he is not limited to the employment of Rokutoryu. During his years as a wanderer, he would experiment with many different types of swords and knives. His personal favorite among all other types of weapons that he wielded was a greatsword he forged through the powers of his Creation of All Things Technique - he named it Kogarusumaru (---,---, Little Crow). Weighing about the same as the Kubikiribocho kept within Kirigakure as one of its seven treasured blades, the Kogarusumaru is a much heavier blade than any other sword Keshin possesses, and requires much more skill to effectively use in combat. When one uses katana, the sword is mainly directed with the swinging of the arms, tilting of the wrists, and a bit of footwork. Keshin, however, quickly discovered that if one approaches wielding a larger weapon such as this with the same mindset as he'd have when using a katana, he would fail to create the most efficient style of combat.

To his surprise, Keshin actually found a lot of information within Otsutsuki observatories on earth and various ruins in different dimensions concerning the creation of weapons through a peculiar technique. More often than not, the tools created through this method were heavier by nature. In addition to how to create these ethereal weapons via the Tool Creation Technique - a technique Keshin was actually unable to use - there were various techniques listed in the scrolls he located on how to wield heavier weapons. Most of these tactics applied to halberds and battle axes, but Keshin was able to create a style that allowed him to wield his blade effectively. For the most part, a greatsword was used to quickly end battles through sheer force and power. The downside to this form of combat was that it had the potential to be very tiring, and required immense upper body strength and stamina to allow a practitioner to use it for an extended period of time.

Keshin found out that by keeping his arms close to his body, he could swing the blade by using not just his arms, but by using his whole body as a fulcrum. Strong, circular movements are employed in order to make sure that his arms are not tired out. By spinning on one foot and using the other as a guide, Keshin can pivot rather quickly - this does, however, result in most of his strikes being horizontal in nature. His greatsword combos usually consists of several quick spins that bring the blade through the air at blinding speeds. As he slashes across the opponent's own sword - assuming it does not shatter from the weight and speed of Keshin's attack - he will wear down their defense with many blistering attacks. Even though he wields a heavy weapon, this does not mean he cannot create powerful barrages of heavy kenjutsu techniques. Following the onslaught usually comes an overhead attack in the form of a flip. By doing a somersault forwards toward the enemy, Keshin makes it difficult to target him once he commences the attack by keeping his knees and arms close to his body. As he does this, he will bring the sword close to his chest while he spins midair, resulting in the blade coming crashing down upon the opponent. If such an attack collides with the ground, a large crater forms underneath the weight and magnitude of the blow.

On top of being excellent on the offensive side, Keshin's use of Kogarusumaru is actually quite effective as a defensive tool. Due to the weight of the blade, combined with the width, it could serve as a literal shield to many physical attacks. By leaning his greatsword against his back, Keshin is able to use his own body as a means by which to support the large blade of the sword as it intercepts opponent's blows. Another way he has been seen using his blade as a shield is by planting the tip in the ground and hiding behind it. On some occasions, Keshin has actually been seen summoning Kogarusumaru with the sole intention of using it to block an attack, or to drop it on an enemy like a heavy weight. When parrying with the massive blade, he tends to use it to shove an opponent's sword out of the way, then proceed with attacks with his feet - Keshin uses the Kogarusumaru as a point of leverage by which to push himself off of; possibly planted in the ground. By implementing more acrobatics into his maneuvers, he can flip around with the blade close to his body and create devastating parries even while airborne, allowing him to formulate openings in an opponent's defense. Once doing so, he has to be quick about exploiting them. One of the most difficult things about wielding a massive sword is that one cannot always make the necessary move as quickly as necessary, due to the need to recover from throwing the weight of a gargantuan blade around. This is why Keshin always tries to keep the sword close, so it simply feels like it's adding to his own weight, rather than swinging something heavy around.

Body Modifications

When Keshin waged a fierce battle against the Shotoku Clan of the north, he would lose one of his arms during the conflict. This did not stop him from taking dozens of lives among their ranks, but made him come to a realization that he needed to totally become a weapon in order to further his likelihood of victory. To replace the arm he lost, certain members among the clan would manufacture a prosthetic arm that would respond to Keshin's Konkaku, allowing him to use it just as he had his past arm. However, not satisfied with this, he would ask that they go ahead and remove his other arm as well. In addition, he asked that a katana blade be melded to his arms in place of the bones within his forearm. This way, he could remove the prosthetics at any time and reveal a pair of slightly shorter blades. On top of possessing phenomenal kenjutsu, Keshin wanted to add another element of surprise to his unorthodox manner of fighting.

Aside from him being able to suddenly manifest a pair of blades in place of his forearms, the hands themselves give him an advantage. Similar to the appendages of a puppet, his arms are much more hard than human limbs. The strength in his hands is enough to actually crush bones. They can endure much more stress than his previous hands could, and allow him to deliver much more devastating blows with punches and other attacks. Another pro to having artificial limbs is that they are not easily destroyed, and are durable enough to intercept attacks from swords and the like. This means Keshin can add a certain degree of recklessness to his fighting style, and gives him a resistance to attacks that target hands - a common practice in sword fights. However, there have been times where Keshin will purposefully put his hands in jeopardy in order to break them, allowing him to quickly access his blades while keeping the element of surprise.


As a basic art every shinobi practices, shurikenjutsu is often one of the first things one thinks of when they think of the shinobi way of combat. Though, when used by most, shuriken tends to serve as a minor distraction rather than end battles with decisive hits. As Keshin always does when he learns, he began to experiment with different ways of how to make shurikenjutsu more viable during combat. The elders in the Amanojaku Clan, and even Keshin's aunt, would often watch over him as he threw shuriken at a target. Like every other trainee, he began by trying to hit a bullseye with his weapon. It didn't take to long for him to master this, but simply throwing a pointed weapon at someone wouldn't likely help him win a fight. Shuriken are relatively easy to dodge - it was as simple as that. What Keshin needed to learn to do was make his shuriken fly erratically. Once he had mastered hitting a target that he had placed straight in front of him, he would constantly move them back until he could at least reach targets more than ninety meters away - he would usually clip the sides of it, and could rarely come near the bullseye at such range. Still, reaching a target at that length is quite the accomplishment for a boy training at thirteen years of age.

When he became satisfied with these achievements, he decided that the next step was to bend the shuriken. He would arrange targets at different angles away from him so that he could become accustomed to hitting objects at different points from one point. He would bring the targets up to the mountain that he and Daitengu had found the Otsutsuki observatory before, and would mount targets at different points at the summit. His training would teach him how to bend the path of a shuriken. Doing so involved various wrist movements, and requires one to be fluid rather than rugged. Keshin can hit a target at near a one-hundred and eighth degree angle through bending the path of the shuriken with his hands alone. Keshin has mastered curving shuriken to make a far left, a wide right, or suddenly drop down or fly upwards. Some shuriken that he has wielded seem to almost wobble while flying, then suddenly break to the left or right, depending on how Keshin has read his opponent.

Another method of manipulating their path that he trained rigorously to master was hitting one shuriken with another. On one occasion, it was said that the Sixth God redirected hundreds of shuriken and kunai thrown in a volley above him by redirecting two of them with one of his own. Not only does such a feat require an immense amount of practice and consistency, but this also makes use of a knowledge of physics and how things work. While if he were presented with a problem in a textbook he would most definitely fail, Keshin is a master when it comes to applying physical principles in the real world. If he were not, Rōkutoryu would have never came about. Observing how things move and how they react when coming into contact with other things is one of the few things to actually pique Keshin's interest. As a child, to entertain himself, he would often collide his shuriken midair to try and see if he could make them split in opposite directions.

Fooling around in such a manner eventually resulted in him practicing in ways that required him to bounce shuriken off of each other in order to hit a target - exercises such as these are what allowed him to accomplish such feats as the one mentioned above. Keshin became a master of chaining shuriken together, and has been seen combining as many as six in order to repeatedly alter the direction of his projectiles. This has also allowed him to - as already mentioned - redirect an opponent's shuriken or kunai as well. He has shown his ability to manipulate the paths of these weapons in insane ways. With just three shuriken, if he bends them appropriately and chains them together, he could nail himself in the back of the head if he desired. He can create circles of flying shuriken around him and maintain them by mixing in more shuriken, and can even create zig-zag patterns and other unpredictable formations with his flying projectiles. Running out of tools during combat is never an issue for Keshin, as he can simply create more with his Yin-Yang Release. This allows him to go on and on without exhausting his arsenal in a shootout, always giving him the upper hand.

His shurikenjutsu, however, does not simply stop with the basic tools used in this art. Keshin is also quite accomplished with his use of Fūma shuriken - manufactured and sold by the Fūma Clan. These shuriken are capable of folding their four blades together to create a sword of hook or claw, making them easier to carry. With the press of a button, a mechanism triggers their transformation, making them manifest their four blades. Much larger in nature than a standard shuriken, Fūma shuriken are more difficult to wield than normal ninja tools. They are heavier, bulkier, and cannot be thrown as easily. And yet somehow, the Sixth God seems to wield them just as easily as he does his regular shuriken. Just as he can with standard projectiles, Keshin has been seen bending the path of even the Fūma shuriken. Upwards, down, to the left or right, he can do it. While chaining two of these large projectiles is rather difficult and less practical, - though, he has been seen doing it; Keshin knows it's less practical from experience - he has been seen using the largest shuriken as a means to direct the smaller ones.

After throwing a Fūma shuriken, possibly straight up towards the sky, Keshin will launch a horde of standard shuriken at the larger one. Using the momentum of the Fūma to direct the smaller ones, they will all bounce off of the large one in the direction it is spinning. While it is ultimately up to chance, the idea behind this attack is to simply bombard opponents with a massive amount of shuriken. Though, using the Fūma as a sort of mediator for other shuriken has seen more effective usages, such as launching one straight out and using smaller ones to bounce off the sides. This allows him to land hits on targets adjacent to the path of the Fūma shuriken. Furthermore, of Keshin wishes to create a massive attack comprised of shuriken, he can simply utilize his Yin-Yang Release once he has launched them into the air. This allows him to generate hundreds of shuriken within mere moments. It has been said before that the Sixth God can block out the sky with the amount of shuriken he can create - this may not be an exaggeration of his abilities. One way Keshin elevates his Shurikenjutsu past the supposed limitations of this field’s usefulness is through the application Yang Release. By combining multiple techniques into his shuriken assaults, he can overwhelm a foe with the intricacy of his attack. Just as he does with his blades in his kenjutsu, Keshin can coat his flying projectiles in a radiant red aura that takes on a form similar to that of fire. By concentrating his Yang energy into his shuriken, he can achieve this result. Much more powerful than standard shinobi tools, they are capable of penetrating nearly any defense, as they inherit the celestial cutting edges of the blades influenced by this technique - this is simply another use of Keshin’s Yang Blade Technique. The shuriken affected become much more efficient than even the flame-coated shuriken of the Uchiha Clan.

Mental Prowess

As one who grew up not attending anything like the shinobi academy that are found within all of the shinobi villages of the world, Keshin was not necessarily less intelligent than others who did attend such functions. At a young age, he was taught to read and write by his aunt, who made sure the boy was learning how to use the appropriate kanji in his sentences - something he struggles with to this day. Right after he learned to read, he would discover that one of his favorite pastimes was to read. When he and his aunt would leave the mountain stronghold the Amanojaku called home, it was not a rarity for Keshin to come home with a new book. His love of reading would bring him to spend many hours in the vault of Amanojaku historical texts. Since before the beginning of shinobi, the clan had always documented everything that went on in the world. There were detailed accounts of wars fought between the feudal lords of old, incidents involving extraterrestrial visitors from the Otsutsuki Clan, and even battles between legendary shinobi had all been recorded and stored within the extensive records of the Amanojaku's library of sorts.

By reading much about history, Keshin would come to realize that there lies an inherent cycle that has yet to be broken. Humans want something, then war begins, and both sides lose something. Because both sides have lost something of their own, hatred is born. This hatred results in one side seeking to take something from the other, and a whole new war will ensue. In short, men are selfish. In order to be successful, Keshin realized that he would have to remain outside of this cycle. He would have to soar up above while everyone else was grounded to the earth below. But rather than spend his time trying to think how he could better the world, Keshin believed that in order to overcome the predestined course that history was speeding down, he would need power. An atypical power that stemmed from his own thinking and philosophy. This type of thinking that he has - the kind that doesn't follow the crowd, but goes against it just for the thrill - is what lead him to creating the advanced fighting styles such as Rokutoryu that Keshin is so renowned for having created.

His intelligence in the field of combat is truly impeccable, and allows him to always remain a step ahead of his opponent. On top of all the historical texts that were consumed by the boy's lust for knowledge, Keshin had read many books acquired by his aunt from the Five Shinobi Nations pertaining to typical shinobi combat. He read up on tactics that consisted of operating as a four, three, or two man cell - since shinobi were rarely deployed alone - in order to gain an understanding of how his opponents among the shinobi nations would maneuver. He also gained an understanding on the subject of ninjutsu and chakra, despite possessing no chakra of his own. Keshin believed that to be the best, he would need to come to understand all forms of combat, so that he could properly prepare himself using the branches he knew how to use best. This is seen clearly in his kenjutsu, which can be used to deal with nearly any opponent when applied, no matter what kind of fighting style they use.

Further testaments to Keshin's genius would include the fact that he learned and developed every technique in his arsenal aside from the inherited techniques that are a result of his celestial lineage - examples being Yomotsu Hirasaka and the like - on his own. Due to his unique situation, the elders in the Amanojaku Clan were unable to teach Keshin much, and it was all up to himself to learn how to use his affinity for Yin and Yang. Through his own diligent training and studies of Otsutsuki texts, he was able to create his own form of telekinesis through Yin Release, ways to enhance his kenjutsu using both Yin and Yang, and even master a long lost technique known as the Creation of All Things through a mere explanation through an ancient scroll. It should be dually noted that Keshin actually pioneered many ideas that lead to his astounding developments in Yin-Yang Release, such as that one of the composite natures can be used to attract the other, and that the two can even be substituted for each other for unique results. His tenacity in this field and overall intelligence has earned him quite the reputation, and he continues to experiment with new uses for Yin and Yang, as well as different fighting styles.


Keshin is a Kirawa, and surprisingly, possesses no chakra at all. Just as his father before him, he was born a Kirawa without the energy said to be standard among all humans. However, unlike all humans, what he does have access to is the energy that lies within the souls of all - Konkaku. As a Kirawa, Keshin is one of the very few who can even visualize, let alone manipulate this energy. Konkaku is said to be visible to those with the Rinnegan when clustered together in the form of a soul, but only those like Keshin can actively see it and use it outside of that form. The Rinnegan's interaction with Konkaku is like a shovel to sand. One can scoop up large, concentrated bunches of sand - the soul - with the instrument, but picking out a few select grains - individual clusters of Konkaku - is nearly impossible. Keshin has the ability to make out the faintest of Konkaku traces, and can easily absorb the surrounding auras of souls. He is constantly feeding off of this energy, and always seems to be taking in the Konkaku of those around him. Though indirectly, he can leech the energy off a soul that is still intact to the body of the host, leaving them unharmed as he absorbs the extraneous Konkaku.

As for his natural reserves, they are rather massive. At the beginning of his training, his mentors couldn't help but note that the amount of Konkaku that Keshin possessed was far beyond anything they had ever seen in previous Kirawa. When one looks at his soul, it appears to be far larger than his body, as it seems to be poorly contained within the fleshy vessel. The seemingly boundless well of Konkaku that Keshin possesses is absolutely mind-boggling to look at. While comparing Konkaku and chakra is difficult, Keshin has so much Konkaku that he can fire off two large-scale uses of his Creation of All Things Technique per day. To put this in perspective, the Sage of Six Paths in his old age could use the technique once before exhausting himself and nearly draining his entire reserves. Though, Keshin's most expansive application doesn't exactly near the scale of the creation of Nine Tailed Beasts - he tends to use the technique to split incoming attacks and generate weapons rather than actually create living things.

The Konkaku possesses - the essence of his very soul - is stated to be insanely foul. The aura that always emanates from his being can be felt by all living things, although Konkaku is - in its normal state - unable to be sensed by humans. The unique properties within his Konkaku are said to be a product of a prolonged devouring of souls. The constant merging of Konkaku within Keshin’s being causes it to become impure, and instigates unusual developments and transformations within him. On top of being strange in its composition, Keshin’s Konkaku is insanely potent, and when bestowed upon others, seems to quickly rejuvenate them. Ironically enough, it does not seem to grant him any unusual regenerative abilities aside from the form of pseudo-immortality he naturally possesses - a byproduct of consuming souls. The sheer power of his Konkaku upon release is enough to intimidate some, and seems to thicken the air around him, as if it were weighing down upon the surrounding area. The potency of his Konkaku is why when it is used to fuel techniques, it serves as a most efficient fuel - he can fire off several techniques that would be quite taxing on one’s chakra while expending less Konkaku in the process.



Having been born with the curious affinity for techniques made up of Yin, Yang, or both natures, Keshin wasn't able to receive any training in ninjutsu from any of the members in his clan. Once Daitengu taught him how to wield his Konkaku, he was on his own. Keshin was forced to create his own original techniques and learn everything by himself. Even as a small child, he began to experiment with different uses of Yin and Yang energies, independent of any help from anyone. Like he did with his kenjutsu, Keshin learned that by creating his own techniques, he would be able to always keep his enemies guessing. If he possessed a few techniques that no one else had seen before, it would be better than learning multiple techniques that many people already possessed. In addition to the techniques he developed, Keshin mastered several arts developed by the Otsutsuki of old, and after amassing an immense amount of knowledge on his ancestors and their powers, he would master techniques such as the Yomotsu Hirasaka, - a doorway to other worlds - and a technique dubbed the Deep Crimson Spiral.

Yin Release

The first nature transformation Keshin began to use was the Yin Release. Seeing that it ruled over all types of physical energies, the first thing Keshin wanted to be able to do was freely manipulate form. In order to accomplish this, Keshin would practice with a wooden splinter and attempt to cause it to expand. Channeling his Yin energy in just the right way was quite difficult, and the whole process of learning to do so took Keshin about a week. By the end of this period, he could cause the splinter to not only expand, but shrink as well. This technique, once applied to Keshin's kenjutsu, was dubbed the Jiseijin. Using this principle on the blades of his swords, Keshin is able to bend, expand, and contract his blades in any fashion he chooses. In the middle of combat, he has been seen to lengthen his swords in order to extend their reach. In actuality, there isn't really a limit to how far the blade can reach, as long as Keshin continues to pour Yin energy into his sword, it will continue to grow. This was the main solution to the weakness of his fighting style: creating a way to pressure opponents who fought at range. Since Keshin's main way to defeat an enemy was kenjutsu, he needed some sort of ranged attack that could allow him to keep an opponent busy as he closed in. By extending the reach of his sword(s), he can easily accomplish this.

Through the same technique, Keshin can also shorten his blade, allowing him to easily escape a bladelock- though, since he practices Rokutoryu, this rarely occurs. If an opponent's sword presses against his own, Keshin can partially retract his blade in order to slip underneath them. Another practice use would be the ability to widen his swords, allowing him to deflect projectiles even more effectively. Furthermore, he can completely change the overall shape of his blades, and create complex structures through this method. An example of this would be an application of Yin Blade based off of the Dance of the Branching Ginkgo - a technique used by the Kaguya Clan. By simply charging his blade with massive amounts of Yin energy, Keshin's sword will suddenly begin to recreate itself over and over from various points on the blade as it extends forwards. This results in an infinitely expansive blade with dozens of hundreds more blades branching off the original, piercing whatever they may come into contact with. The free manipulation of his own swords just adds to the unpredictability of the Sixth God's unique fighting style, and allows him to constantly take his opponents by surprise. However, sudden surprises aren't always the way to win a fight. Sometimes, one needs to make subtle alterations to an existing strategy on order to claim victory. An example of this would be the curving of the end of his blade, creating a hook in order to pierce and pull and opponent, or simply manipulate the path of their sword.

What Keshin soon discovered concerning Yin Release was that he could not only manipulate the physical aspects and characteristics of existing objects, but that the forces around them and himself could also be moved through this release. The first time Keshin used this ability was to simply flick pebbles off the side of a large mountain. As he watched the rocks fall down towards the precipice below, he would then try to reach out and stop them from falling. This method of training took quite a while to bear its fruit - dropping objects was one thing, but overcoming the forces of gravity through an application of a technique was much more difficult. After several days of this, Keshin was able to actually prevent the pebbles from hitting the rocky ground below, and even bring them back to his hand. This development in his Yin Release's usage opened up an entirely new aspect of his fighting style, and allowed him to compensate for many preexisting weaknesses that lied in previous strategies and fighting styles. Soon, this technique would evolve far beyond anything else he had developed so far. Keshin dubbed the technique Shogyōmujō, as it allowed him to manipulate nearly anything he desired.

Keshin's psychokinesis grants him the ability to manipulate situations to better suite himself. The most straightforward application of the technique would be the ability to freely move surrounding objects with Yin energies alone. Unbeknownst to his younger self, he had created something that would, in most cases, prevent simple ranged assaults from even reaching him - this allows Keshin to stick to the close-range combat that he has become so proficient at. Projectiles such as shuriken, kunai, or any other tool used by shinobi are quite easy to stop through this technique, and are usually redirected at the perpetrator in classic "return-to-sender" format. While contrary to popular belief, the psychokinesis granted by this ability is not affected by the size of the object - any singular thing can be easily moved about by Keshin's Yin Release. This astounding power makes extensive use of the surrounding environment, and makes it easier to set up shields against enemy attacks - as any large object Keshin sees will usually wind up being a meat-shield. In addition to all of this, the taking up of his enemies is not beyond the grasp of this metaphysical hand of his. By seizing an opponent, Keshin can fling them around and slam their bodies into whatever is nearby: the ground, rocks, walls, and anything else he can use to break bones. However, a much more efficient application of the technique would be to simply choke a victim to death. By focusing on the enemy's neck, Keshin is actually able to press down on it from all sides, allowing him to cut off the blood to the brain, and ultimately kill a foe through a deprivation of oxygen. While this method is indeed quick, and not to mention, quite brutal, an even quicker way of dealing with his foes is to simply snap the neck of the victim. By severing the connection of the spine to the skull, he can paralyze the opponent, and basically ensure their death. Despite these tactics seeming nearly too effective, Keshin can only really ever make use of them if he's either dealing with a weakened opponent, or if he's caught the enemy by surprise. Catching a moving target is actually rather difficult, and normally requires them to be moving straight towards him.

While telekinesis is indeed a splendid power, applications of this technique are not limited to simply moving objects to and fro. Through further development, Keshin was able to further focus the Yin energy applied in order to create concentrated blasts of kinetic force. Spiraling waves of energy can be sent at an opponent in order to knock them or an attack back. Similar in fashion to the Rinnegan's Shinra Tensei, this use of the technique is often activated through a movement of the hands. The sheer power of the blast is able to actually instigate a pseudo-necrosis of the opponent's cells, as they are literally shaken apart in the mark of contact - usually only if they take the full force of the blast. Various tools and nearly all ranged ninjutsu can be completely neutralized by the force coming from the wave.

If Keshin can afford to destroy the surrounding area, then he will normally resort to a much more destructive and less usage. Rather than release the energy in a single blast towards a target - be it a foe or tool - it is sometimes more effective to simply blow everything away. By focusing a massive amount of Yin energy around himself, as if he were cloaking himself in a sphere of Yin, the space around Keshin will normally become distorted. Usually, he will come up off the ground a meter or so, and tighten his limbs - almost creating a pose similar to someone cannonballing into a lake. After gathering a sufficient amount of energy, Keshin will force his arms and legs out. By doing so, he will suddenly force the accumulated energy out in a massive, ever expanding wave. The spherical concentration of kinetic force will tear apart anything in its path, be it people, landscapes, or even giant trees. On this scale, however, the pseudo-necrosis that would occur in one location on the opponent's body now becomes a sudden erasure of the foe from the face of the planet - as if God himself blotted the name of the victim from the Book of Life. The almighty surge of energy is said to leave no survivors - this ability does not discriminate from friend or foe. Luckily for Keshin, he more often than not fights battles where he is vastly outnumbered. Such a power allows him to always maintain the upper hand; an ability that allows him to deal with either a multitude of foes, or a singular large threat.

Despite the great power of this technique, it is not without its downsides. In order for him to maintain a control of the ability, Keshin actually has to constantly meditate to keep this surreal power under control. After he created the technique, he began to experience sudden outbreaks of the Yin energy within his body, resulting in his own body dislocating different parts, and literally attempting to rip itself apart. Keshin realized that this was due to the unbalanced nature of Yin and Yang within his body. What this meant was this: when Keshin made extensive use of his Yin Release: Psychokinesis, he was utilizing a massive amount of his own Yin energy to activate this powerful form of telekinesis. Applications like the massive repulsive wave, or the manipulation of the space around various objects in order to guide them were very stressful on the Yin that made up his being. Most likely, if he refused to undergo a daily mediation, he would die a terrible death - Keshin doesn't want to die to his own technique. This resulted in him meditating to act as a counterbalance: the daily restoration of his Yin energy through an absorption of the Yin from the surrounding area. When Keshin does this, it usually does cause the partial breakdown of the area around him - an expected result from the absorption of Yin. Keshin's meditation, however, does show that he possesses the ability to completely manipulate the Yin and Yang of nearly anything - an ability that emphasizes his already absolute dominion over Yin and Yang.

Yin, in and of itself, is an extremely broad nature that has many collective usages. Limiting himself to the manipulation of his weapons and environment would have been quite foolish on the Sixth God’s part. Thus, Keshin would go on to study genjutsu — one of the most well-known uses for Yin Release. Briefly summarized; genjutsu is using one’s own Yin to manipulate someone else’s senses through their Yin, allowing the caster of the technique to freely enforce any scenario upon their victim. Genjutsu, in order to be successfully executed against more experienced foes needed to be quite subtle; as if the false scene pushed onto the target completely blended in with the current situation. This seamless connection of true and false events would potentially allow Keshin to weave something extra into his opponent’s mind. A fallacy of some sort. As a child, he practiced on animals, such as the arctic foxes that roamed the snowy country he lived within. Within his mind, he would paint the picture of a large, bear-like creature; it was restraining the fox. If the technique were successfully cast, the small fox would become immobilized. Keshin would then approach the creature, releasing the genjutsu and watching it run off.

Having created yet another use for his Yin Release, Keshin would wield one of the most powerful genjutsu techniques in all of existence. Unlike the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and Rinnegan’s genjutsu, the technique was not activated through the crossing of two visual axis. And unlike the Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai, the technique did not break the barrier between reality and genjutsu. Keshin’s genjutsu, having a different means of activation and a somewhat unique effect upon the target, is activated through the expulsion of raw Yin energy from his own body into the air. In a wave fashion, it pulsates throughout the entire area until it has captured its victim. Once the Yin of Keshin’s technique has come into contact with the Yin of another, their mind will be given over to the Yin their body has come into contact with. When that happens, their mind will fall prey to the immense and infinite darkness that is bound within the technique. Having been created to be able to capture even the most advanced of human minds, the genjutsu created by Keshin cannot be so easily undone. Normally, a genjutsu can simply be extinguished through some sort of other Yin technique; a type of release that works as a generic antidote to genjutsu techniques. However, the technique that Keshin wields cannot be vanquished through any application of Yin Release, no matter how advanced in nature. This is an extremely problematic factor for any master of genjutsu, as they may engage in a battle of Yin with the Sixth God nonchalantly. Not the members of the Kurama Clan, the warriors of the Uchiha, nor the Ōtsutsuki Clan themselves have discovered the secret to Keshin’s incredibly potent genjutsu. Due to the extensive and absolute knowledge he possesses on the subject of both Yin and Yang, the techniques he can create with these two natures tend to borderline the power of gods. His genjutsu employs tactics that no other genjutsu does, and can only be undone through one method. The other detail that makes his genjutsu so very difficult to deal with is the fact it cannot be negated or predicted with any type of genjutsu. The crimson eyes of the Uchiha, nor the white gaze of the Byakugan is capable of countering, comprehending, or even visualizing the genjutsu cast by Keshin; until they themselves have had their psyches whisked away by the technique. With those wielding genjutsu being unable to vanquish the illusionary world created by Keshin, it makes a perfect tool to use against the Ōtsutsuki, or anyone else who has inherited their power.

When utilized, his genjutsu is usually brought into play in — surprisingly enough — close combat. During a clash of blades, fists, or whatever type of war Keshin is waging, a sudden change of pace for the target is often devastating. It is when he battles a foe up close, when the two are locked in a deadly exchange of blows that he chooses to employ his genjutsu. By suddenly releasing a wave of Yin when so close, he has practically ensured that his target will be trapped within the technique. Once the technique has afflicted a target, there are a wide variety of options and endings Keshin can choose. More often than not, rather than create some grandiose illusionary world, he will simply create the current scenario within the opponent’s psyche. This causes the victim to not realize they have been caught up in a genjutsu. Once this has been accomplished, he will create situations that will keep the target’s mind occupied within this fake realm, while he himself deals with their real self. Thus, the technique often ends in the target losing their life in a helpless manner. While the victim continues to battle an illusionary Keshin, they will die in the real world.

However, while this is indeed the usual application of the technique, it is used for much more than distracting an opponent’s mind. The power of Keshin’s technique far exceeds such limitations. For when the technique touches the Yin of another, not only do they fall prey to the genjutsu, but something happens to Keshin as well. He will gain a view of their mind, allowing him to visualize their hopes, dreams, thoughts, and most importantly; fears. Fear plays a major part in genjutsu. By exploiting his target’s worst fears, he can create a scenario that will play to their weaknesses, and will cause them to bend to his will. Some usages of the technique aren’t in the least bit subtle, as they may result in the victim’s mind being whisked away to some other plane of existence. In such a place, the Sixth God is totally in control, and will do whatever he sees fit. In most cases, he will torture his opponent somehow, forcing their mind to ride along the breaking point. Usually, Keshin will attempt to desecrate their psyche, break their mind, and completely crush their will. The experiencing of the more torturous uses of the technique is more than enough to inflict extreme cases of post-traumatic stress disorder upon a victim. Some have even been known to completely break under the stress of the technique; death is a possible side effect. In many cases, Keshin has either caused his target to break down, or completely shut down their body — being unable to bear the stress — as a result of his torture. There is but one counter to Keshin’s genjutsu; one that is overlooked by many, and inaccessible to some. Through an equally powerful application of Yang Release can one disable Keshin’s Yin Release. Once one has bathed themselves in the vivacious energy of Yang, they can vanquish the effects of the technique. While dōjutsu, genjutsu “releases”, and any other such cure-alls for genjutsu cannot override the technique, a simple usage of Yang Release can. This well-hidden secret can completely negate the effects of Keshin’s technique. Furthermore, if the target is currently using some sort of chakra cloak or technique that surrounds them in a type of Yang energy, they will be impervious to his genjutsu. While being a rather obscure weakness, the knowledge of such an antidote could indeed be the deciding factor between one’s life and death; assuming they do not fall some other way.

Yang Release

To everything's darkness, there must be a light. In order for Keshin to maintain the balance within him, he must show a control over both Yin and Yang that balances out, resulting in a perfect and harmonious union between the two. So, as Keshin possesses a Jiseijin, he also created an opposing Jiseijin - one that would only amplify the absolutely monstrous kenjutsu prowess he possessed. With Yin governing the form of his blade, the Sixth God would come to realize that it didn't really matter if he could bend his blade to do all sorts of things; that did nothing for the stability and sharpness. If Keshin stretched his sword out across the battlefield at a blinding speed to stab an opponent, they could easily put up a defense and neutralize the attack. However, just as Yang completes Yin, the Tenseijin would provide a solution to the problem at hand.

Yin, as an energy, rules over the form of objects. This has been fleshed out through Keshin's aforementioned abilities. Yang, however, takes a more straightforward role than his Yin. Yang Release rules over vitality and life - in Keshin's case, the burning red energy that coats his blade. Through the Tenseijin, Keshin will focus a very concentrated amount of Yang energie into his katana blades. When he does this, the steel is bathed in a majestic red inferno of unadulterated vitality. A tongue of vivacious flares that dance off the red turn pink before fading away into nothingness. Perhaps the burning red blades of Keshin's enhanced swords are like a trademark of his; you would never see another swordsman such as him - someone who wield six swords at the same time, all with the ability to cut through nearly any substance while keeping all of his appendages intact. These blades created through this advanced application of Yang energy are rumored to be able to cut through anything, as mentioned before, and are said to be able to dissipate even chakra itself when touched by an opponent's ninjutsu. The sheer power of the Yang Blade Technique makes fighting Keshin with a sword all the more foolish than it normally would be, as now, the foe's sword would simply be reduced to mere fragments.

Despite its appearance being similar to fire, and many likening the blade to the sun, the gleaming beams that overtake Keshin's swords are actually not hot at all. Quite the opposite, they are apparently cold to the touch. How the blades cut through substances has nothing to do with sharpness or melting through the atoms, but rather, is a result of a form of necrosis. When the blade comes into contact with its target, it actually begins to overload and draw out the Yang energy of the molecules within whatever it has come into contact with, and causes them to rapidly decay. This creates the illusion of an extremely sharp sword that cuts through any and every substance with a single slash, but in reality, it instantaneously divides and destroys the molecules making up the area it comes into contact with. It has been proven that there is nearly no defense capable of withstanding a blow from the magnificent crimson blades created by Keshin. Though, it is theorized that another structure containing an equal amount of Yang energy could cancel out the affects of the Yang Blade Technique. However, when combined with Keshin's Yin Blade Technique, it usually results in an insane bombardment of thousands of katana blades that cut through nearly anything they come into contact with. While using Yin Release to cause several of his blades to branch off, the Yang Blade Technique usually comes into play, creating thousands of blazingly cold red blades. Keshin can cover a massive amount of ground with this combination, and can wipe out a horse of enemies, or oppress one massive one through this advanced tactic. Combo attacks like this that make use of both Yin and Yang is what earned Keshin the moniker the Chaos Swordsman (---,---).

Yin-Yang Release

Keshin's mastery of the Yin and Yang Releases is quite terrifying. Independently, they are sufficient to defeat some opponents and have earned him many victories. But one thing that he learned about these two releases is that they resonate with one another. Aside from the simultaneous employment of each release, Keshin has created unnamed applications of each nature that corresponds with the other. Perhaps the first discovery Keshin made concerning Yin-Yang Release is that Yin can be used to attract Yang, and vice versa. For example, by using an amount of Yin energy that mirrors the amount of Yang energy within a target, he can actually extract all of the Yang energy from the said object or person. Basically, it will result in the graduate absorption of all vitality within a person, draining them of their energy and leaving only their body and soul. Or, with Yang used to remove the Yin, it can be used to destroy problematic structures within an area, or slowly erode an opponent's body as long as he can maintain a point of contact - similar to, but much weaker than a Kekkei Mōra technique called All-Killing Ash Bones. This phenomenon can easily be explained through an existing law: opposites attract, likes repel. If one is perceptive enough to gauge the amount of Yin or Yang energy within a technique or object, they could easily negate it through a use of the opposite nature.

Another such ability Keshin developed through creative usages of Yin and Yang is a bit more complicated, but has been built on a similar principle. Through this seemingly magnetic chemistry with Yin and Yang, he has actually found a way to instantly remove all Yin or Yang within a construct, then replace it with the opposite energy. For example, if Keshin were to apply this to a boulder while using Yang energy, he would infuse the correct amount of Yang that corresponds to the Yin. When he does so, he will force the Yang into the position that the Yin lies, resulting in the creation of an unstable energy cluster that would readily explode. Rather than fusing, or canceling each other out, he will use a small amount of the same energy to push the Yin out, allowing him to absorb it. This example of Keshin's use of Yin and Yang is like taking two magnets and shoving their like poles into each other. Doing so causes them to force each other away. But as one was being pushed, one magnet was flipped to make the poles opposites, suddenly drawing the other one in. This analogy accurately sums up the aforementioned ability. Keshin uses Yin to push more Yin energy, then puts the Yang were the Yin was located. By absorbing the Yin he removed, the process completes without any interference from the problematic energy. Furthermore, absorbing the energy makes sure none goes to waste, and while it is impossible to be one-hundred percent efficient, Keshin will always shoot for the ninety-nine point nine.

During Keshin's travels all across the shinobi world, he became rather accomplished at using his Yomotsu Hirasaka - a technique that allowed him to use portals to get to any location he could envision. He would make various stops at different Otsutsuki relics and ruins that were littered all across the continent, and even those that required him to cross the ocean. At each one of these stops, Keshin would lift the scrolls and documents of each and every one. He would make use of any and all information that he could to further his studies of Yin and Yang. While he had indeed made a ton of progress, there was no reason to stop and be satisfied. This resulted in him traveling around for nearly five straight years - not settling down anywhere as he did. For the most part, Keshin wouldn't come across any groundbreaking Otsutsuki texts. Various notes on things like the Main Family's law codes, scrolls pertaining to Karma, and maps that blended dimensions together in order to make one big display. However, one of the last ruins that he would investigate had a scroll that would pique Keshin's interest. Tossing aside most of the useless things he came across, he would take the scroll and go to his spot atop the tallest mountain within the Land of Frost - the Amanojaku Clan at this point knew better than to try Keshin.

The scroll explained the union between Yin and Yang, and went into detail about many of the things that Keshin was already putting into practice. For example, the seemingly magnetic relation between the two energies, and how one could be used to draw out the other. Information such as this wasn't anything Keshin needed, it only proved that what he was already putting into practice was viable. But what lied past all of the useless information that he already knew was something far greater: a way to combine Yin and Yang to create something incredible. A simultaneous use of both Yin and Yang, not isolating one from the other in the form of separate techniques. An application of both meant that Keshin could govern Yin to create form from nothing, while manipulating Yang to spawn life and vitality where it would be void. A power that had been long lost around the age of the Sage of the Six Paths. He had actually recreated the Creation of All Things Technique through his own power. The very technique that was used to create the Nine Tailed Beasts all that time ago, it has a great deal of applications beyond creating life.

The principle behind the Creation of All Things Technique is comprised of a complex usage of Yin and Yang simultaneously. This stimulates the creation of form and vitality all at once. For example, if Keshin were to create a sword, he would use Yin to put out a sort of stencil from his mind, then apply Yang energies to fill the void. In the middle of combat, he has been seen spawning a variety of weapons from this technique. Since Keshin can wield a large amount of different shinobi tools, he has been seen summoning weapons such as tantō, chokutō swords, Fūma shuriken, sai knives, chains, kusarigama, a ball and chain, scythes, and even a bow and arrow. While he cannot wield all of these weapons with the same efficiency as he can his swords, his skill with other tools should not be taken lightly. Even more than creating weapons, Keshin can also create other things. Any object in existence instantly becomes up for grabs with this power, assuming Keshin has the appropriate Konkaku needed to create said object. Anything from giant shields to massive stakes, he can create it all.

Perhaps the most common use for Keshin's Creation of All Things would be the tampering with existing things rather than summoning something new. With this power, he can manipulate the surrounding environment and elements with the power of Yin and Yang. The ground, the trees, and the air all become subjugated to Keshin's will. Through him infusing the environment with this technique, he gains the ability to freely manipulate it. In this case, his Creation of All Things is used to instantly build something up or break it down until it fits his purpose. In many instances, it will involve him weaponizing the area around him. Massive spikes of earthen rock emerging to attack a foe. Or maybe ripping open a canyon below an opposing force in order to drop the one against him into the abysmal precipice below. Trees can suddenly splinter and pierce enemies, severing limbs and reaming through flesh and bone. In essence, Keshin actually controls all of the elements through Yin and Yang. Yin-Yang Release is said to be able to negate the effects of all other natures. But just as Creation and Destruction go hand in hand, Yin and Yang do more than cancel the other natures. Together, they can actually replicate them. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning can all be freely manipulated through the powers of this technique.

These preexisting elements are completely under the control of Keshin's power. The most well-known usage of this would be the breaking down of incoming ninjutsu. By using an advanced application of his Creation of All Things, he can actually subjugate basic elemental attacks to his manipulative abilities. By bending the elements to his will, he can send ninjutsu back at his opponents. Essentially, Keshin is a bender of the five nature types, but cannot simply use ninjutsu of those natures. He has been seen to suddenly manifest a blast of fire through an application of Creation of All Things, but he very rarely employs such a use. What Keshin prefers to do is toy with an opponent's techniques, like reverting Kekkei-Genkai and Kekkei Tōta techniques back to their composite natures. This is Keshin's way of ridiculing those who rely too much on their bloodlines, and allows him to turn the tide of a battle with one chaotic attack. For example, if someone were to launch a Dust Release attack at the Sixth God, he could revert it to fire, lightning, and earth. Then, by using his Creation of All Things Technique, he would create more of the existing nature and send it back at the original caster. However, this is very taxing on Keshin's Konkaku and Yin-Yang energies. He can only break down a handful of techniques a day, and only does so in the most dire of situations. His Creation of All Things is indeed a powerful technique, but he rarely makes use of it - Keshin either doesn't need to use it, or it would simply be too much trouble to use in the first place.

Celestial Abilities

The ancient members of Keshin's lineage descends from the Otsutsuki that resides on their home planet - a result of his mother being a purebred Iyoku. Both of his parents, however, were hosts for Otsutsuki beings through Karma. This would result in the manifestation of Otsutsuki traits in the two of them, as the lingering consciousness' of both remained through the seal. Karma is a type of extremely advanced fūinjutsu that appears to implant the consciousness of an Otsutsuki into the body of the one who killed them. Apparently, it is the beginning of a magnificent process of rebirth that results in the birth of an entirely new being. According to ancient law codes devised by the extraterrestrials of old, passing on power in death is mandatory of all Otsutsuki within the Main Family. That way, the great powers of the clan are never lost, no matter how close to extinction they may be. The powers that should have been gifted to Keshin's parents were passed on to him - with both of them being vessels, their combined DNA would make their child nearly seventy-five percent Otsutsuki. This allowed Keshin to awaken many abilities that to some, may be considered otherworldly.

The first of these powers that would surface was the ability to transfer himself across any alternate space-time dimension - a power known as Yomotsu Hirasaka. This ability was seemingly first used by the supposed Mother of Chakra, but its true origins are unknown. It is the progenitor to all other space-time techniques, and can actually be applied in similar ways to nearly every space-time technique in existence. The most basic application of this would be the creation of portals. Originally, the wormholes created by the Yomotsu Hirasaka were used to connect the dimensions created by the Rabbit Goddess, however, they can actually be utilized to invade nearly any time-space. For the most part, Keshin sticks to these dimensions that had been formulated by the power of the Branch Family's Matriarch, and has found much use for the ability. Each one of the dimensions connected through the Yomotsu Hirasaka is different from the others, and each one can give Keshin a different advantage depending on when he and an opponent enter them. An endless frozen plain, a world comprised of lava, a scorching desert, a sea of acid, a time-space that God himself seems to be pressing down upon, and a core dimension where the original truth-seeking ball was created.

When inside of one of the dimensions, Keshin has realized that he can influence the elements within his current dimension in order to help him. For example, when he has transferred himself to the desert time-space, he can whip up massive sandstorms and waves of sand to wipe out an opponent. If he is within one of the dimensions of fire or ice, he can create waves of lava or spears of ice to launch at the enemy. Furthermore, when he inhabits the ice dimension, he can suddenly freeze the air around an opponent to trap them within a frigid construct, allowing him to restrict their moves. A dimension like the sea of acid is normally used to suddenly drop a massive quantity of burning liquid on an opponent trapped within another dimension. The core dimension, while the Rabbit Goddess used it to gather chakra, has seemingly rejected Keshin's presence, and seems to have been locked away during her absence. Keshin himself has no idea why it was severed from the Yomotsu Hirasaka, or why he himself cannot visit the place, but he has theorized that it has to do with his inability to wield chakra.

However, despite not being able to inhabit such a place, he can breach nearly every other time-space in existence. What Keshin noticed about shinobi who utilize such techniques - a prime example being Kamui - is that they will use their dimension as a safe haven from attacks, while keeping an image of themselves in the other. When he realized that Yomotsu Hirasaka can influence any dimension, he found out a way to focus its influence in a different manner. Rather than simply manifest a giant portal, he can isolate the effects of the technique to an object, like a sword. This allows whatever he has subjugated to his power to breach any dimension. For example, if an opponent were to retreat into Kamui during a battle, Keshin could channel the abilities of Yomotsu Hirasaka into his blade and still cut through them. This is simply another testament to why the Otsutsuki's power in the hands of the Sixth God becomes all the more terrifying. With something such as this, no one is safe from his hands. In , addition to breaching the dimensions others may be inhabiting, Keshin realized that he could also use his Yomotsu Hirasaka to blend in with any of the dimensions that are naturally connected to this technique. Similar in principle to the Kamui, it allows him to phase out of existence within one particular dimension and into another. However, rather than simply fade as the users of Kamui do, the part of his body that comes into contact with the opponent seemingly vanishes, and is replaced by a portal in the shape of the distorted space.

Further research of Otsutsuki texts would lead to the discovery of a technique that had been developed by the Otsutsuki of old who had completely mastered a technique that showed their advancements in shape transformation and the like. By focusing a large amount of chakra into a vortex contained by their hand, they would manifest bright red spiral of chakra that swirled around a stagnant core - a type of precursor to modern techniques like the Rasengan. Konkaku, in some instances, actually works better than chakra. The energy comprising one's soul is much easier to mold than something such as chakra or natural energy. Keshin can effortlessly and instantaneously create a sphere of swirling red energy. The powerful whirlpool-esque nature of the technique is enough to completely tear through flesh and bone when slammed into a target. It should be further noted that at any point after activating the technique, Keshin can expand shrink the sphere of blowing energy. Enveloping a foe in such an energy usually results in the total breakdown of the enemy's body, ripping them apart completely.

Kirawa Abilities

But just as Keshin wields powers stemming from the heavens, his arsenal also comprises of techniques that came about from the influence of dark, otherworldly presences. The origin stories about how beings such as Kirawa and Oni came to exist predate the era of the Rabbit Goddess and the Sage of the Six Paths. Thousands of years ago, during times of endless war and destruction, chakra had not yet been cultivated on earth. Legends say that during this time, ancient Kami lived alongside humans and were worshipped by them. However, when the gods saw that men were evil, the story says they left to make their home in Takamagahara, a distant land said to lie past the skies. Shortly after, the Dharmapala would descend from heaven in order to constantly moderate and judge mankind. These "gods of wrath" would bear children, and it is said that Kirawa came from the pure blood of the Dharmapala being defiled by humans. This resulted in the birth of impure children, creating various lineages contaminated with foul blood.

Apparently, some Kirawa have the potential to become a Dharmapala - a supposed perfect Kirawa that has broken free from the bloodlust holding them back. Keshin has ascended to this state, and can wield every power granted to this race with perfect control. His mastery of Konkaku allows him to access several abilities exclusive to Kirawa. With all of his Kirawa powers relating to the human soul, he can visualize the souls of all people. The level of observation and influence this grants him far exceeds the power of the Rinnegan's ability to see souls. Keshin can see them on such a level to where he can make out the individual clusters of Konkaku that make up and emanate from the soul. As a Kirawa, he can, of course, absorb this energy from living people by ripping their soul from their body. Or, he can simply leech off the Konkaku that floats off the soul - this is often a tactic employed during combat, as it allows Keshin to constantly resupply his reserves in the midst of combat by taking from his opponents'.

After many years of learning to better visualize and manipulate Konkaku, Keshin discovered that he could watch his opponent's soul in order to utilize a type of precognitive ability. By watching the soul's energy, he can accurately read his enemy's next move. One of the reasons his kenjutsu is so powerful is because he can completely see through an opponent's patterns and habits in order to create his own counterattack. Or, he can predict their next attack and deflect/parry it with his blade. Apparently, this ability is said to be some form of "godly sight" wielded exclusively by the Dharmapala of old. These wrathful deities said to have one day wandered the earth would enact judgement upon the enemies of the gods. Legends say that this ability was bestowed upon them by the Shinto known as Tenjin - the kami of knowledge. With Keshin being the only remaining Dharmapala, he is the sole wielded of this ability he dubs "Ectoplasmic Reading".

Perhaps the most straightforward of the powers granted to him through his Kirawa nature would be the form of pseudo-immortality that has kept Keshin alive for so long. This stems from the principle of Konkaku absorption. When he was first learning to take in the Konkaku that emanates from the souls of others, Keshin's body began to adjust to the constant taking in of others' Konkaku during practice. However, it was almost like his body became lazy, and decided to cease to produce Konkaku under normal circumstances, only ever daring to create its own when Keshin is in dire need of energy. Thus, he has become quite accustomed to drawing in the Konkaku of others. Because of this, his body is always being replenished by the Konkaku he absorbs, revitalizing his soul and strengthening his body. More often than not, Keshin's body does this subconsciously, and seems to have a programmed response to sensing Konkaku - to devour it. In the past, before he had ascended to the level of Dharmapala, this drove him insane. More often than not, it resulted in him consuming the souls of others to satisfy the ever-growing hunger for Konkaku. The longer he lives, the worse this longing becomes, and the more Konkaku he must consume. Even now, Keshin must occasionally devour souls in order to keep this thirst in check.

The result from taking in hundreds, if not a thousand entire souls within his body was the compilation of many beings within himself. It seemed as though every time he consumed a new soul, his persona would alter slightly. Although he would rarely experience a drastic change in his behavior, it were as though the thoughts and personalities of whoever he devoured would become trapped within him, allowing Keshin to see the world from a different point of view. This ability has is perhaps in part responsible for why Keshin is so intelligent. He possesses the thinking of hundreds of men with the brain of one man. In a way, this speeds up the rate at which he can process information, his reaction speeds, and his overall mental performance. Keshin began to try and solve problems in ways that his old self would have never considered. It has become as though he were blessed with some sort of divine intelligence, but rather, this is a product of demonic powers. WIP