Keshin Amanojaku
Keshin Amanojaku Unmasked
Kanji 天邪鬼ケシン
Romaji Amanojaku Keshin
Title(s) Breath of Hell (地獄のブレス,

Jigoku no Buresu)
Broken One (割れた者, Wareta Mono)
Enigmatic Mask Salesman (謎のマスクセールスマン Nazo no Masukusērusuman)
Hell's Time Warden (地獄の時間ウォーデン Jigoku no jikan u~ōden)
Masked Terror (仮面の恐怖, Kamen no Kyōfu)
The Wraith Who Rides The Wind (風に乗るレイス, Kaze Ni Noru Reisu)

Age 62
Gender Male
Height 185.42 cm
Weight 77.11 kg
Professional Status
Hometown ???
Affiliation Order of Keshin Akuzura Empire
Tanigakure Symbol Tanigakure
Previous Affiliation Shimogakure Symbol Shimogakure
Personal Status
Family Sōka Kojimo (Wife)
Sōsekiun Kurama (Daughter through Makigumo)
Surotiku (Adoptive-Daughter)
Nangatsumasen (Elder Sister)
Clan Amanojaku2 Amanojaku Clan

Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan

Rank Kage (Formerly)

ANBU Captain

Classification Kirawa
Academy Graduation 10
Keshin Stats3
Kekkei Genkai Keshin Sharingan Sharingan
Keshin Mangekyō Sharingan Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

Hiden Mask: Sealing
Unique Traits Pseudo-Immortal
Can see Souls

Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Zephyr Zephyr Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release (Affinity)


Blade of Wind
Cloak of Souls
Cursed Nightmare: All Goes Down
Cursed Nightmare: Crucifixion
Cursed Nightmare: Mutilation of Self
Evocation of Dismantling Wind
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Shadow Rogation: Blueprint
Shadow Rogation: Dark Void
Shadow Rogation: Karma
Shadow Rogation: Projection
Slashing Bandages
Soul Shackle
Summoning Technique (Masked Beasts)
Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity
Yin Release: Psychokinesis
Zephyr Release: Air Bullets
Zephyr Release: Air Current Wild Dance
Zephyr Release: Ame-no-Koyane
Zephyr Release: Black Wind Senbon
Zephyr Release: Body Flicker Technique
Zephyr Release: Vacuum Blade
Zephyr Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
Zephyr Release: Vacuum Sphere
Zephyr Release: Void Sphere

Amamehagi Mask

Fuma Shuriken
Wire Strings

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"There is nothing more brave than a lonely candle persisting to live in the wind. But there is a fine line between bravery, and recklessness. If you throw your life in the midst of my wind, I'll blow it away."
-Keshin Amanojaku

1 John 2:18 "It is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”

Keshin Zephyr The Wraith Who Rides The Wind Keshin Zephyr

Keshin Amanojaku (天邪鬼ケシン, Amanojaku Keshin) is one of the last Kirawa in existence after their purge. Keshin has an ancient lineage that consists of members from both the Uchiha and Amanojaku Clans. Thus, he bears the Dojutsu of the Uchiha Clan and one of the masks of the Amanojaku. In his youth, he was considered to be an extremely talented child, and was made a shinobi of Shimogakure. However, his career was cut short after an incident where he killed a hostage, and was discovered to be a Kirawa. Keshin then spent four years in prison, but these four years were not spent in idle loneliness. He would use this time to create his own signature form of telekinesis, such a power would set him free from the dungeon he was sentenced to spend eternity in. He would then flee Shimogakure, and come across a secret ninja village in the Land of Iron, one called Kuraigakure. After overthrowing the dictator of a kage, Keshin would unite the village under his rule. But only for a time would he remain there. For one day, Keshin would leave, and return several years later to destroy the village he once ruled. Keshin is now the retainer of two spirits. One he was born with, while the other he consumed after a catastrophic battle in the limbo known as The Yomi. However, the quick consumption of such a large amount of dark chakra would cause his body to enter a form of suspended animation deep within this limbo, and he would remain in a coma-like state for five years. After awakening, he reunited with Surotiku, a girl whom he had taken into his care. Their time together would be short, for one day she was taken away by Jashinists. When Keshin pursued them, he was taken by surprise, and delivered to their citadel. There, he would be beaten, tortured, and ultimately nailed to a cross of wood. But not even this would stop him from protecting his daughter. The men who had done this would then proceed to beat and prepare to sacrifice her in front of Keshin, and would then watch in horror as the boards that were supposed to be holding him back would be turned against them in the form of lethal weapons. Keshin would massacre everyone there that day with the wood from the cross he had been joined to. In the end, Surotiku would succumb to her previous injuries inflicted from the harsh beatings that the men had given her prior to her abuse. This day changed Keshin forever, not only had Surotiku died, but her soul had not crossed over to The Yomi (the world he believed to be the afterlife), but was taken away by some unknown force. This resulted in Keshin making an oath to find her, and help her find her way to the afterlife. But at some point during his wanderings, Keshin would stumble upon a village known as Tanigakure, a village he would come to know as his home. It was here that he would meet Kakeya Iyoku, the current leader of the village. It was not long before she would notice his skill in the shinobi arts. Sometime after arriving in Tani, he was made the ANBU Captain of Tanigakure, and would be responsible for handling various threats to the village's peace. He has gained quite the reputation, and will not hesitate to mercilessly slaughter anyone who dares interfere with the peace of his home.


Early Life

Keshin was born to a normal family in a small, remote village deep within the Land of Frost. Nothing was special about his parents, or the way he grew up. He was simply another child in another mountain village who lived with his normal family. Everyone in Keshin's family was happy together. His parents loved eachother, and loved their children too. They had one other child besides Keshin, an older girl named Nangatsumasen. Keshin grew to look up to his sister, seeing her as a type of role model. However, their happiness together was short. For when Keshin was only seven years old, and his sister nine years old, two men broke into their home kidnapped her. Keshin's father tried to protect her, but was struck down in cold blood. Keshin, horrified at the death of his father, and at the abduction of his sister, was overcome by his emotions. As his sister was carried off, his mother broke down next to her husband's corpse and began to cry. The combined trauma from watching two grown men run off with his screaming sister, then turning around to find his mother wailing over his dead father, caused Keshin to awaken his Sharingan. On top of this, a malignant chakra began to swirl around his tiny body, and he let out a scream that frightened his mother out of her mourning. Keshin then passed out. He would remain unconscious for several days. When he awoke, his mother seemed to be going about her daily life. She continued to smile, as if nothing had happened. Keshin decided he would do his best to keep his mother happy, and would go on to help her with whatever he could.

Shinobi Career in Shimogakure

Keshin's Sharingan was not seen after the incident involving his father's death. It had seemingly awakened for a moment, but then returned to its dormant in the young boy's eyes. His mother, having seen the eyes her son possessed, along with his curious chakra, had decided to enroll him in Shimogakure's Shinobi Academy. She and Keshin had recently moved to the Village Hidden in Frost. She wanted something better for her son, and she also wanted him to learn how to protect both himself and others from the fates that his father and sister had met. Keshin's mother taught him something invaluable: she taught him to protect those who could not protect themselves. Every day, Keshin would go to school with this on his mind. He made it his drive to grow strong so he could do what his mother had advised, and he showed off that determination in the form of strength. Although Keshin was not considered a genius in the school's academic branches, Keshin was all but average in fields of combat. No matter the test, Keshin completed it with amazing scores. Anything and everything to do with the shinobi way of combat could be considered a sort of specialty of his. After being at the Shimogakure Ninja Academy for four years, his instructor's saw no need to keep him from graduating along with their senior classes. After giving him a few special tests, he was allowed to become a full-fledged shinobi of genin ranking. He was assigned to a team of two girls and his jōnin leader.

Keshin and his squad undertook several D-Ranked missions during the first few weeks of their shinobi career. However, they were soon undertaking C and even a few B rank missions. Shimogakure was low on staff, and they were assigned one particular mission. At this time, Keshin was about eleven years old. He and his squad had been instructed to investigate a recent robbery that had taken place in Shimogakure's treasury. They were given the location of the bandits base, and instructed to bring them back alive. The mission was given the rank of C, due to the men they were supposed to capture being nothing more than a ragtag group of thieves. After Keshin and his squad departed from Shimo, he started to feel uneasy. As he looked at his sensei, and then his teammates, he started to feel like a hungry animal stalking its prey. His animalistic thoughts, however, were suddenly interrupted by the voice of his sensei. Instructing his squad to "lay low" as he scouted the snowy forest ahead. According to their sources, the bandits' base of operations was supposedly in a cave just inside of this very forest. His sensei made his way to the tree line, and then disappeared out of sight. After a minute or so, Keshin and his squad were growing antsy. But they wouldn't be left out of the action for long. Keshin's sensei jumped back out into the open field, and commanded his squad to take evasive action. One of the bandits, the leader, was a capable shinobi. He proved this by utilizing a powerful Fire Release technique to drive the shinobi team back. As Keshin and his teammates made a backwards retreat from the spreading flames, Keshin joined up with his sensei. The leader of the bandits then engaged Keshin in combat. The two exchanged powerful Taijutsu blows, each one being skillfully countered by the other. Despite the older man knowing some Ninjutsu, his skills matched that of a prodigious genin. However, Keshin was overcome by his opponent, for a skillfully aimed kick to the gut sent him flying. Keshin's sensei could have easily ended the encounter with his intervention, however, he wished to see how Keshin would handle the situation at hand. As the boy picked himself up, he revealed a pair of eyes shining with a bloody hue. Rushing the man before him, Keshin once again engaged him in combat. But now, his movements were much more fluid, and he fought with a tenacity he had not shown before. It wasn't long before Keshin had defeated his opponent. Afterwards, he was instructed to bind the man so that he and his squad could bring him back to Shimo. But something stirred within the boy, and the air was filled with an unnerving bloodlust. Keshin began to pant like a mad dog, drool hung from his watering mouth. And suddenly, he found himself standing over a wide-eyed man. Keshin's hand was now sticking through the man's chest, and his arm was covered in blood. Confused, Keshin pulled his arm out of the man. As he went to turn around, and ask what had happened, he suddenly found himself flat against the ground with both arms pinned behind his back. His sensei, after seeing the sudden aggression shown by his student, had subdued Keshin. Instructing one of the shocked girls in his squad to bring him the rope they had brought, he bound Keshin and led him back to Shimogakure.

A Terrible Discovery and Imprisonment

After several tests had been run on the crazed boy, it was determined that Keshin was a Kirawa. This would explain why he had suddenly killed the man who he had fought earlier that day. Keshin was then taken to Shimogakure's prison and locked up in his own cell. He was considered too dangerous to be set free. Thus, he was left alone. Keshin's mind began to rot away during his time in prison. He often went insane in his cell, slamming himself against the walls while his chakra spiraled all over. But despite this, he was left to himself, with no interaction at all. Not even Keshin's mother even thought of coming to see her son in jail. He quickly sank into depression, and lost all hope he had for himself. But one night, as Keshin began to drift off to sleep on the hard, stone floor, Keshin remembered something: his mother. How could he protect people while locked away in a cage? His mother's words resonated through his head. Suddenly motivated, Keshin picked himself up off of the ground, and began to train. He had a small cell, but he could still do basic exercises. He practiced punches, kicks, and all sorts of fighting techniques he had learned during his time as a shinobi. Keshin would train in his cell everyday. Not only training his body, but his mind, and soul as well. He would meditate during the early hours of the morning, practice his physical exercises, and once again meditate late into the night. During his meditation, Keshin would work on focusing his Yin chakra around old utensils or shards of a broken plate that had been left in his cell. At first, nothing would happen. But after several weeks of training and meditation, the fork would begin to convulse, and Keshin was able to make it move across the floor through a usage of chakra alone. After four years, Keshin's power was far too great to be contained. He developed and perfected this form of psychokinesis without anyone else in the prison knowing. Now, with his new power, Keshin knew it was time to leave.

By concentrating all of his telekinetic power into a single, focal point between his hands, Keshin was able to fire a blast of psychokinetic energy at his cell's back wall. As he obliterated the one thing standing between him and freedom, he was blinded by something he hadn't seen in years: light. Keshin then ran out into the streets of Shimogakure. He was finally free. He continued to run through the roads until he came across a modest, quaint little cottage. He anxiously opened the door, and exclaimed that he was home to whoever might be listening. His mother, having heard the voice of a young man, ran out from the kitchen to see who it was who had come barging into her home. But after seeing Keshin, she broke down into tears and hugged her son. All seemed well, but alas, nothing seemed to be able to go right with Keshin. Not even ten minutes later would several shinobi arrive at his home. Keshin's mother would beg the men to leave her son alone, but her plea would fall know deaf ears. Shoving her aside, they entered her home in search of Keshin. They, however, would not have to search for long. For Keshin, armed with nothing, came bursting out from the kitchen to engage the shinobi. As one man charged him with a sword, he fell prey to one of Keshin's wind blades. Kicking the corpse to the side, he severed the head of a second shinobi with the same attack. A third man, to Keshin's dismay, would land a blow with a kunai. Leaving the knife lodged in Keshin's shoulder, he then kicked Keshin in his stomach. He flew through the air for a moment, and slammed into the kitchen cabinets. It would seem like the men had won, even if they suffered a few casualties. But it was far from over. For a demonic energy began to materialize around Keshin, yes, the same energy that accompanied him the day his father died. Keshin stood up, the force from his chakra driving the men back. Then, in the blink of an eye, Keshin appeared before the first of the four remaining ninja. After bisecting him with the force of his arm alone, his chakra spiraled out of control. For a moment, Keshin's vision was obscured by a bright red spiral of energy that had completed surrounded him. He couldn't hear anything except for the howling of his chakra. But after a few moments, all was still. The power of Keshin's soul energy combined with his chakra had killed the men who were all cramped together in the small home. But not only his aggressors had died, for his mother also laid on the ground; lifeless. Horrified, Keshin let out a scream. Why did this have to happen? Why did he have to be the way he was? What he wouldn't give to not be this way. Keshin didn't know what he was, or why his chakra acted the way it did, but he knew one thing: he had to leave. Not wasting any time, he ran. He ran from Shimogakure, crying the whole way. The unbearable sorrow that he felt resulted in something awakening inside of him. Keshin was granted a new power: the Mangekyō Sharingan.

His Streak of Joy

After fleeing Shimogakure, he began to wander aimlessly around the shinobi world. But then, for some unknown reason, Keshin would begin to experience spontaneous lusts for death and slaughter. Unable to control himself, he ravaged an entire village. In the leftovers of a lonely shack, he heard a soft wailing. As he entered the house, he saw a baby wrapped in a linen cloth. Feeling pity on the child, he took her into his care and named her Surotiku. Not knowing what to do with such a helpless creature, he soon found that he made a poor parent. Although, no matter how much he screwed up, the child never resented him. And as she grew up, he began to notice her resilience, causing him to train her in the shinobi arts.

Darkness and a New Shadow

At the age of fifteen, Keshin had started to wander around the Land of Iron. As he did one day, Keshin stumbled upon a man with a black cloak. The man, realizing he had been discovered, took off towards a snowy grotto. Following the specter, Keshin chased him. However, his target faded through a stone and disappeared. Upon seeing this, Keshin began to investigate the stone. He reached out to touch it, and was suddenly pulled through. It appeared to be some sort of clever Genjutsu, that created this "stone". Keshin then found himself in a dimly lit hallway, torches neatly sitting in racks that were bolted to the earthen walls. As he walked down the passageway, Keshin began to feel uneasy. After several minutes of walking, he came across a double doorway. Two massive iron doors lied open, revealing an entire village hidden from the rest of the world. Keshin ventured out into the village, and noticed the banners that read "Kuraigakure". Apparently, he had discovered some sort of "Village Hidden in Darkness". It was an old-fashioned, quiet village. Not much seemed to be happening. Only a few villagers, going about their daily errands signified that life actually existed here. Keshin had lost sight of the one he was pursuing, he could not sense his chakra either. He wanted to know who he was, natural curiosity was the reason he had chased this man here. As he walked around, he took notice of the shinobi of the village. All of them carried whips, and he would soon see why. As a young child, most likely around the age of ten, seemingly tried to sneak by the group of shinobi, one spun around and caught his backside with the tip of his whip. Screaming in pain, the boy fell to the ground. Keshin stood by and watched for a moment, listening to the man as he lectured the boy about "sneaking away from his job in the mines". After hearing this, Keshin appeared behind the man and attempted to deliver a quick chop to his neck. But he was skillfully evaded. The man's attention now turned away from the boy, he faced Keshin, brandishing his whip. With his eyes now active, he ducked and weaved his way around several strikes from the leather weapon. The man had now drawn his sword, irritated at the fact that the intruder had evaded his barrage of attacks. He charged Keshin, who skillfully caught the man's arm and relieved him of his sword. But only for a moment would the shinobi not have his weapon, for Keshin gave it back to him. As he kicked the man aside (who now had a sword shoved down his throat and sticking out from his back), he moved towards the frightened boy. Keshin then asked the child why the man had beaten him. The boy then explained that the entire non-shinobi population of Kuraigakure was forced to work in the mines. When Keshin asked why, the boy was unable to provide a clear answer. He wasn't entirely sure. Keshin then asked where he could find their leader. The boy instructed Keshin to follow the central roadway, and in the end he would find a large mansion. The boy also warned Keshin that their "Yamikage" didn't like outsiders. Thanking the boy for his cooperation, Keshin started off down the road he was told to follow. Eventually, he reached the Yamikage's Mansion. There, on the front patio, stood the man he had encountered earlier. The robed man introduced himself as Assei-sha, the Eighth Yamikage of Kuraigakure. The man removed a large scythe from his back, and told Keshin that he wouldn't live to see the sun again. Keshin drew his own weapon, a single, unnamed blade, and charged at the same time that his opponent did. The two locked blades, Keshin's katana against Asei-sha's scythe. After seeing that pursuing the battle any further with their weapons would be futile, Keshin gained some distance, and activated his Mangekyō Sharingan. Assei-sha then summoned a barrage of crows to attack Keshin, but they were skillfully warded off through a few clever maneuvers. Assei-sha then summoned a mighty dragon to devour Keshin. As the mighty beast roared, Keshin realized that he may have bitten off more than he could chew. The beast was not only massive, but fast as well. Keshin found this out after it evaded several of his Fūma Shuriken. The creature than formed an attack of its own: a massive fireball. As it launched the fiery projectile his way, he knew it was too fast for him to dodge. But something awoke within him, and his eyes burned. Suddenly, the fireball ceased to move. Keshin's eyes blazed in fury, and he began to walk towards Assei-sha. Seeing that Keshin had completely halted his attack's progression, Assei-sha suddenly realized who it was that he had been facing. Assei-sha then cried out, begging his "Lord" that he have mercy. But Keshin's soul was stirring inside of him. His nature was taking over. A malignant chakra filled the area, and even the no non-shinobi onlookers knew that other than the massive dragon, something was wrong. Keshin now moved at a speed that the naked eyes of the spectators couldn't dream of keeping up with, and appeared atop the dragon's head. Keshin plunged his sword deep into the reptilian behemoth's face, and after an enraged roar of pain, it vanished into a puff of white smoke as it hit the ground. As Keshin turned to face Assei-sha, the man prostrated himself before him. He once again begged for mercy, only to be kicked in the face. Assei-sha was beyond terrified, but terrified didn't mean stagnant. As Keshin brought his sword up to bring it down on Assei-sha's head only a moment later, Assei-sha vanished into a thousand jet-black feathers, and rode the north wind. Dissatisfied with the outcome of the fight, Keshin sighed, but the people's response was all but melancholy. Shouts and praises were heard in Kuraigakure that day, for a great burden had been lifted from the people's shoulders. Villagers gathered from all over to thank their savior. Even the village elders came to greet the man who had delivered them from their harsh dictator. Not even a day had passed, and Keshin was dubbed the Ninth Yamikage. Keshin finally had a purpose, a purpose to protect this people who had suddenly grown to respect him.

During the next two years of his life, Keshin would grow quite fond of his people in Kuraigakure. But there was a problem: his Kirawa nature. Keshin wasn't exactly sure of what had been happening to him. All he knew was that there was something drastically wrong. To keep himself composed in front of his village, Keshin would have to kill off smaller, non-shinobi villages that were populated by simple families trying to make a decent living. There was also his baby, Surotiku to take care of. But that was rarely a problem. The girls in Kuraigakure were quite content babysitting her. On one such day, Keshin had left Surotiku with a young woman in Kuraigakure and had gone out to vent his bloodlust on a nearby village. As soon as the first man came into view, his chakra began to spiral around him in large, red streaks. After releasing a demonic warcry, pre found himself in the midst of the village. Screams and cries came from all around. No one expected such a massacre to take place that day. Houses were ravaged, entire families were killed together, and no survivors were left. Only the corpses of the innocent people, and the debris from their destroyed homes gave any hint of life, for all was still. As Keshin looked around, and actually took in what he had done, he started to cry. He couldn't possibly understand what was going on inside of him. The still, unwelcoming atmosphere soon disappeared, and footsteps were suddenly heard from behind Keshin. As he spun around, Keshin's Mangekyō Sharingan suddenly flared to life. A robed figure stood there just in front of him. It was none other than Assei-sha, who suddenly apologized for being so hostile towards his "master". Keshin's Dōjutsu vanished, and he grew less hostile. But he didn't understand what the man before him had meant by referring to Keshin as his master. When Keshin asked Assei-sha what he meant by master. Assei-sha sighed after hearing this, and said he was disappointed to hear that his Lord Izanagi had forgotten about his disciple. He then started to explain that Keshin was the reincarnation of Izanagi: a warrior without peer amongst mere mortals. He continued to go into detail about how Izanagi had gotten to a fragment of the Earth's chakra fruit, and how he had gained some power from it. Keshin then asked Assei-sha if this Izanagi had anything to do with his rampages, only to hear that he "Didn't know". But Assei-sha did know that Keshin would need to begin searching for the relics of Izanagi that had been scattered across both this world, and The Yomi. He told Keshin that he would regain his lost power if he sought them out and brought judgement to Izanagi's enemies, he would have the true power of Izanagi. Keshin, not at all against the thought of having more power, demanded to know where such a thing could be found. Assei-sha simply told Keshin that only he could find them, and that Izanagi would show him the way. After their brief exchange, Assei-sha left Keshin, and rode the northern winds in the form of a thousand crow feathers. Keshin then returned to his home in Kuraigakure, and laid down to sleep.

As Keshin slept, he entered the world of his dreams. In his mind's eye, he saw himself sitting on the summit of a mountain that scraped the sky. Keshin sat on a rock, and took shelter from the ongoing blizzard under a wide tree. As he looked around, he saw no one. He was completely alone. Only the howling winds and the shaking of the tree above him could be heard. But then, another sound was heard. Loud, heavy footsteps, and a dragging of some sort of chain. As Keshin suddenly looked up, he saw a mysterious figure before him. It almost looked like himself, but more evil. His features were disfigured, the man's eyes burned through Keshin's very soul. He looked crazed, his eyes looked as though they did not belong in the body of a human. When Keshin addressed the man, and asked him who he was, he replied with one word: Izanagi. He then went on to tell Keshin that a terrible fate had befallen him. Izanagi told Keshin that the reason he would be taken over by a murderous bloodlust was because he was a Kirawa. This was why his village, Shimogakure, had rejected him and locked him away for so many years. But he also told Keshin that his nature could be used as his greatest strength. If Keshin trained to master his Konkaku, or rather, "Soul Energy", then he would achieve a power no man could have dreamed of possessing. He instructed Keshin to seek out the Amanojaku Clan head: Daitengu Amanojaku. He would teach Keshin to master his Konkaku and reveal to him the secrets of Tamashijutsu. After this brief exchange, Izanagi's spirit vanished and Keshin awoke from his sleep. And that very same day, Keshin informed the village elders of his departure, stating that he had to go on a personal training journey. After instructing them to watch over the people while he was away, he left Kuraigakure and begun his search for Daitengu.

Training with The Master of Masks

Izanagi had told Keshin that Daitengu resided in a small village on the border of the Land of Earth. So of course, Keshin followed Izanagi's instructions and made the trek to the Land of Earth. After arriving in a small, run-down town, Keshin started to ask around town to see if anyone was familiar with a "Daitengu". Most of the citizens of the town had never heard such a name. However, when Keshin entered a mask shop on the southern side of the village, the man behind the counter knew Daitengu, and instructed Keshin to follow him into his shop's basement. When the two went downstairs, the masked man said that he indeed was Daitengu Amanojaku. He then asked Keshin how he knew of him, and what it was that he needed. Keshin replied saying that he had a dream about him, and that he was hoping he could help him master his Konkaku. He also told Daitengu that he too was a member of the Amanojaku Clan and knew of their connections with the Masked Beasts. This convinced Daitengu to take Keshin under his tutelage. The two began right away with Keshin's training.

For the next few weeks, Keshin would learn to master his Konkaku. His Kirawa nature allowed him to manipulate and use Konkaku as an alternative to chakra; something no human could hope to achieve. Daitengu would have Keshin undergo rigorous training that bordered torture. He would lock Keshin in a chamber underneath his mask shop's basement and would isolate him for days, and even weeks at a time. He was given no food to eat, and barely any water was granted to him. Daitengu had told Keshin that he could find sustenance in Konkaku. The first step was to sense the souls of others, and visualize them. Keshin remained in darkness for two months before making any progress in his training. Two whole months of solitude before Keshin could feel a delectable energy above him. As he sharpened what little focus he had left, he felt as though he could reach out with his soul and take the energy in. It was here that Keshin learned to siphon the Konkaku of others. When Daitengu felt Keshin's soul connect with his own for a moment, he hurried downstairs and release him. He fed Keshin, and explained to him that if he could apply that ability to feed off of another's soul energy, he would barely have to rely on chakra as a means to fuel techniques. Daitengu then told Keshin that their next exercise would begin the next day.

And as Daitengu said, they began Keshin's next training session early the next morning. Daitengu took Keshin to the summit of one of the mountains near the village. Now that Keshin had learned to absorb Konkaku, he would now have to learn how to wield it properly. Daitengu instructed Keshin to utilize one of his Wind Release techniques. But rather than using chakra, to use Konkaku. Inhaling air after he wove a few signs, Keshin prepared to create several projectiles created from the surrounding wind. But when Keshin exhaled, no air bullets came out. Daitengu then told Keshin to sit down, and plopped down in front of the sitting boy. He showed him the way to sit, and told him to close his eyes. He instructed him to reach deep inside of himself, and to find balance. After attempting to center himself, Keshin tried again. But nothing had changed. Sitting down once more, he asked Daitengu what he was doing wrong. The man before him simply told him that he was unbalanced, and that he was not at ease. Daitengu told Keshin to stand as he took hold of a nearby stick. Ordering Keshin to balance himself on one foot, he positioned Keshin's arms to where they stood out at his sides. He then poked Keshin's chest with his stick. This caused a loss of balance and made Keshin fall backwards onto his rear-end. Smiling, Daitengu repeated what he had said before and told Keshin he had no balance. Before he could balance his mind and spirit, he must bring balance to his body as well. He had Keshin sit down again, and watched as he meditated for the next three hours. When Keshin was told to try and use his technique again, he sprang up and wove the proper signs. Taking in air, he prepared to use his attack. But alas, once more nothing happened. Daitengu sighed, just before summoning an Amefurikōzo. He told Keshin to defeat this creature. Somewhat confused as to how this would help, Keshin created a series of air bullets and launched them at the creature. He then watched in horror as the Masked Beast devoured the chakra in his technique. Daitengu explained that Keshin would be unable to defeat this creature with chakra, and would have to use Konkaku if he wanted to land a technique. As the beast charged him, he repelled it with a kick to its masked face and tried to use his Konkaku for his air bullets. Nothing happened once again, and he resorted to another kick to drive the creature back. Keshin sharpened his focus, and allowed the creature to come at him once more. He skillfully evaded a few slashes of the beast's claws, and flipped backwards to gain some distance. Watching the creature dance about and slash wildly at him, he focused his mind and concentrated on balancing himself. As the battle ensued, Keshin's moves became more fluid. He wove several signs after driving the creature back with a quick Taijutsu assault, and launched several wind bullets at it. They were not consumed, and pierced the beast's flesh. He watched the beast disappear into a puff of white smoke and turned to face the smiling Daitengu. Keshin had successfully learned to use Konkaku rather than chakra. He was one step closer to mastering his power.

Keshin continued to show great promise in the field of Tamashijutsu. Daitengu noticed this, and decided to make Keshin his successor and teach him their clan's hiden technique. Daitengu had Keshin kill several Iwagakure shinobi and bring him their souls. When he returned with the spirits of the men, he found Daitengu sitting at a table with several blank masks laid across it. Daitengu absorbed the souls of the men, and showed Keshin the seals for the seal. He then slammed both palms onto a mask, and watched as a design started to form. Daitengu explained to Keshin that depending on the soul that was sealed into the mask, the powers would be different. He then released one of the souls and told Keshin to try. Weaving the same signs he had viewed earlier, he placed both hands on the mask before him. After a faint whisper from the soul, he successfully bound it to the mask. Daitengu smiled and patted Keshin's back. He told him that he had mastered his Konkaku and the usage of Tamashijutsu much quicker than he had expected. He then pulled a mask out from under his cloak, and handed it to Keshin. It was called the Amamehagi. This mask would allow Keshin to summon the Masked Beasts. The Amanojaku's ties to these creatures dated back thousands of years. Smiling at Keshin with his mask-like face, he congratulated him and told him there was nothing left for him to teach. However, there was one last thing he had to tell Keshin before he left: to find Izanagi's Blade. Daitengu said it would be hidden deep within The Yomi. Supposedly, The Yomi was the land of the dead. Or, at least that's what the Amanojaku Clan had been taught to believe. Daitengu himself had started to question this. Daitengu told Keshin that he could open a wormhole to The Yomi by shaping his Konkaku into a circle directly in front of him. After thanking his mentor, he left Daitengu's shop and started off towards the mountain that Daitengu had trained him atop of. Sitting down in the spot he had learned to meditate, he began to focus his Konkaku into a circle as he had been instructed. Slowly but surely, a hole opened in front of him. When Keshin opened his eyes, a dark portal to another world lied before him. As Keshin slowly rose from his spot, and the portal began to close. Keshin quickly dove into the rapidly closing wormhole. When he came out in the other side, he landed flat on his stomach. Getting up and dusting himself off, he saw nothing. But only for a second. His eyes changed, and he suddenly saw souls. Thousands and thousands of souls. His irises shined red, but not like that of the Sharingan. His sclerae turned black, black like the midnight sky. His Kirawa eyes had finally shown themselves. With the aid of his new vision, he would traverse the limbo known as Yomi, and begin the search for this blade.

Izanagi's Sword

For hours, Keshin would wander this vast world in search of this blade Daitengu had told him about, but he would find nothing. He himself was not exactly sure what the blade would look like, or what it was he should be looking out for. Would the sword simply be out in the open? Would such an artifact of that value at least have some sort of protection? Keshin was unsure, but continued his search. Along the way, he could not help but notice these souls that aimlessly floated around in The Yomi. Perhaps the scrolls he had read were right, maybe this indeed was the afterlife. Though, such trivial things were of little matter, his main objective was to find this weapon. Several more hours of simple wandering and observance of the surrounding area would transpire before Keshin finally found something. A simple altar in the middle of nowhere. Atop this altar was a double-bladed sword. It was truly a unique and remarkable weapon. Surely this had to be the sword he was looking for. But when Keshin made a move to run to the altar, several giant demons, each with a single bulbous eye would suddenly appear between him and his prize. A ready Keshin would activate his Mangekyō Sharingan, and prepare for whatever could happen next. The largest of the demons would attempt to crush him with one of its giant hands, but Keshin would evade this, and proceed to rip the monster apart with his dark wind. Curiously, this would be a technique that newly awoke in his right Kaleidoscope Eye. But how could this be? It was common knowledge that each respective eye could only possess one ability. This was a mystery to Keshin, one of very little concern. The large beast would succumb to the relentless winds of the Shinatsuhikō, and found itself in pieces. The other demons tried to defeat Keshin, and found themselves ripped wide open like their other friend. With these creatures out of the way, Keshin was free to take the prize. When he walked over to the altar, and picked up the blade, he found an inscription where the sword rested.

"He who lives by the sword, will die by the sword. Do not merely wield this weapon, become its master."

Unsure of the meaning of this, Keshin would examine the blade before fastening it to his back. He was not exactly positive of what his next move would be, but he soon found the answer. His eyes started to burn from the usage of his Mangekyo Sharingan. The whiplash would be so great that it would bring Keshin down upon his knees. Daitengu had told him that in the Uchiha Clan, members who had awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan would more often than not steal the eyes of their sibling to that they could manifest the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. But Keshin had only one sibling, and he was not sure if she was even alive. But since they were indeed siblings, Keshin could track her Konkaku since it was very similar, if not identical to his own. He would sit down to meditate after considering what he must do. Then, by focusing his Konkaku, he would create a portal in front of him with much less effort than he had used before. But not only would he focus his energy into the rift, he would reach out with his soul, and search desperately for his sibling. Suddenly, the wormhole would be painted a faint white, signifying the connection between he and his sibling's Konkaku. This would cause the portal to bring him near the location of his long-lost sister. Similarly to what happened earlier, when Keshin got up the portal began to close. In response, he made a mad dive into its center, and when he picked himself up off of the ground he had landed upon, he found himself in a run-down village.

New Eyes

After taking in his surroundings, Keshin began to wander around town. He could feel his sister's Konkaku, for she was close. He felt her aura emanating from a nearby compound. It was old; seemingly abandoned, and rather run-down. Keshin began to close in on the building, this was definitely where his sister was. As he opened the old wooden door, a telltale creak would alert those who were inside of his presence. Several individuals wearing ragged cloaks would turn to face the specter, and inquire of his business here. Keshin, not responding, would bring his right hand up and make a sort of grip-like gesture with his hand by bringing his thumb and index finger close together. When he did this, he would channel his psychokinetic powers around the men's necks, and began to choke the life from them. After a few moments of unruly gags and coughs, they would fall to the ground; lifeless. Keshin would trample the corpses underfoot as he made his way to the door behind them. His sister was close, very close. Opening the iron door, he entered the corridor. The long, narrow passageway would lead to a flight of spiral stairs. This stairway would lead down into the depths of this building, which by the looks of it, seemed to be some sort of entrance to the black market. Keshin would descend these stairs, and soon enough, found himself midst the foul atmosphere of such a place.

He would continue his search for his sister, passing by various salesmen of illegal merchandise and whatnot. The smell of smoke and illicit drugs filled the air, along with he unruly moans of those participating in other sinister activities. Several men and women would try to stop him, and attempt to persuade the man to buy what they had to offer, but their pleas would be futile. Rather, Keshin would ask them if they knew a woman by the name of Nangatsumasen; for that was the name his sister bore. The first few would not know, but one woman knew exactly who Keshin was referring to, and pointed him to a small shack in their underground labyrinth. He would enter the building to find a young woman with dark hair unpackaging shipments of some sort of drug. A smiling Keshin would mouth her name, and it would only be a split second before she recognized her brother. After the initial shock, she would suddenly find herself pinned against the wall of the small home. Her brother's psychokinetic powers were too much for her, and she found herself powerless against his attack. Bringing his index finger and thumb close together as he had done before, he would start to strangle her like he did to the men he encountered earlier. A wave of sinister pleasure would contort his facial expressions as he watched the woman desperately gasp for air. But alas, she would reieve none, that is until Keshin released her from his grip. Even then, however, the pain would not cease. For her brother would take both of her eyes, and simply let the blind woman fall to the ground. Nangatsumasen would then ask Keshin if he had awakened the Kaleidoscope Eyes of the Uchiha. He would respond and confirm her hypothesis to be correct. Keshin would simply spin on his heels to leave, as he had what he needed, and there was no reason to kill the woman, but he would come to a halt as he heard the words of his sister behind him.

"Even without my eyes, I can still see you. I can see the kind boy that you once were. I can see the man you are now. And I can see the monster you will become."
— Nangatsumasen

These words, inwardly anyways, would sink into Keshin. Outwardly, however, he remained silent and stoic. With his sister's eyes in his hands, he would place them into a jar filled with some sort of preservative before exiting the building. The minor skirmish between the two had been seemingly not been noticed by the rest of those who were currently in the area. Keshin would silently make his way out of the black market, and return to his home in Kuraigakure. There, he would have one of the village elders surgically implant his sister's eyes. After the surgery, his eyes would be bound, hindering him from seeing. Apparently, it would take him a bit to adjust to the new eyes. Keshin would be unable to use his Dōjutsu for about two weeks, or at least that was the elder's prediction. With the thought of having the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan in mind, Keshin would lie down to sleep.

The Destruction of Kuraigakure

"You are still weak; bound by your own emotions and the people in that pathetic village. You must prove your total allegiance to me, and destroy what you love. Sever all ties to your past; no one must know where you came from. Spare no one, and only take the girl. I don't expect you to survive this encounter; the people of Kuraigakure are strong. But if you survive, you will be one step closer to your destiny"
— Izanagi

That very night, Keshin would be visited by Izanagi in his sleep. Once again, they met atop the snowy mountain. At first, all was dark. Then, the area around him gradually faded away. First, the falling snow would come into view. Then, the summit where he had first met the spirit would take form under his feet. Why they always met here, he did not know, but somehow, he felt as if he knew the area. Of course, he had been here before in his previous vision, but he felt as if he had some deeper connection to this plane of existence that resided deep within his own mind. When he looked around, he would catch a glimpse of Izanagi, who had situated himself on a rock directly behind Keshin. Spinning around to face his "master", he would be greeted with a cryptic "hello". In the world of his dreams, Keshin's eyes were not bandaged, and he was able to clearly see the mischievous grin on Izanagi's face. Why was he smiling? While he had gotten the impression that Izanagi was insane from their first meeting, this somehow felt different. It was like he was looking forward to something. Keshin would then go to question Izanagi on his reason for coming to him. With the same smile, Izanagi would happily reply that he had come to instruct him on his next move. Keshin's heart would skip a beat as he heard what Izanagi said next. He was told to completely destroy Kuraigakure, and to leave no survivors. When Keshin, now choked with emotion, asked him why he had to do this, Izanagi simply stated that he must sever all ties to his past to fulfill his destiny. The specter would get up, and begin to fade away. But before he did, he told Keshin to let Surotiku live, as she was all part of his master plan. With that, Izanagi would disappear, leaving Keshin alone with much to think about. He was conflicted; unsure of what to do. He indeed had grown close to Kuraigakure and its inhabitants, but he had a responsibilty. He was the reincarnation of Izanagi; which made him Izanagi himself. A respected warlord who had gained a nefarious reputation. In the end, Keshin would steel his will and ready himself for what he knew he must do. He would destroy Kuraigakure as he had been instructed, and would fulfill the will of Izanagi.

For the next two weeks, Keshin would not leave his home. He remained in solitude and cut himself off from the rest of the village. He spoke to no one; only leaving his bedchambers for food, water, and other necessities. His eyes, slowly but surely, we healing and gaining strength. He could feel the power returning to his eyes; it would not be long before he could take the bandages off. It had been a week and a half since he had his sister's eyes transplanted into his own sockets. Nangatsumasen; his sister. Her words were fresh on his mind. Keshin couldn't help but think about her prophecy. She had said he would become a monster; what did she mean? Perhaps this is what she was referring to. The mindless slaughter of his own people; his blind obedience to Izanagi. Why was it that he even listened to that ghost of a man? Keshin didn't know why, but he felt bound. As if it were his duty. More and more, he felt like he was not only being ordered around by this Izanagi, but that he was Izanagi. This was his purpose; he had been given a meaning by this; by himself. He was Izanagi, and Izanagi was him. They were one and the same. This was why Keshin had to do what he would. After destroying Kuraigakure, Keshin decided that he would find out the truth about Izanagi. He would discover just what he was, and how he would complete Izanagi's will, and just what that was. For the next few days, he would both physically and mentally prepare for what was to come. With his new eyes, he would mar this village. Nothing would stop him from fulfilling his destiny.

On the day Keshin was scheduled to remove his bandages, he woke up at the break of dawn. As he took off the blindfolds, he blinked a few times at the sudden flood of light to his eyes. He could see; he could see what he was going to destroy, what he had grown to love. As he got up from his spot, he would make his way into the living room to see a small girl sleeping on the couch. Before going out into the village, he would kiss her forehead. Now, he would go back into his room, fasten Muramasa to his back, and leave his home.

"What I remember about that day, was...was how quiet it was. I discreetly exited my home and looked out on the village. I knew what was happening; what I was about to do. But I didn't complain. Did I have doubts? Silent treacherous thoughts? Maybe, but did I hesitate to do what I was told? No...I killed them all. Not a word was said that day; not from me, the villagers, or anyone. We all knew what was happening, and who would come out on top; there was no need for words."
— Keshin Amanojaku

As Keshin stepped out into the village, he took a good look at it. This would be the last time we would lay eyes on this place; the place he had grown to love. However, he was not one to sit and reminisce; it was time to take action. He would methodically work his way through the village; starting with the house closest to his. It would not be long before the entire village knew something was wrong. By the time he had reached the third house, the shinobi of Kuraigakure had already come to confront their leader. However, despite their brave attempts, none could stand up to the former Yamikage of Kuraigakure. His psychokinetic powers, combined with the immense strength of his ocular powers proved to be too much. But even with these powers, a few shinobi had managed to stab Keshin with various weapons. He had killed most of the residents, but a few were bravely fighting him in the center of the village. With a sudden surge of power, Keshin would awaken another power in his eyes, which were now a dark purple rather than a deep crimson. Suddenly, he would be enveloped in the black winds of Shinatsuhikō, which began to take the shape of a massive warrior. Keshin, now supported by the power of his massive ethereal warrior would easily tower over the rest of the village. Thus, with his unrestrained power, Keshin would completely massacre those who opposed him; no one was left. An exhausted Keshin would collapse onto the ground, but only for a moment before making his way back to his home. There, he would find a frightened Surotiku, crying in the sofa. When Keshin came to comfort her, assuming she had caught on to what was going on, he would be swiftly knocked out from behind by the last of the village elders. While it seemed that Keshin were to die, something saved both him, and Surotiku from certain doom. A wormhole would materialize beneath both of them, and they would be whisked away to another location.

A New Objective: The Five Gates

Keshin would awake in a massive bed; one fit for a king. The scarlet coverings lined with a gold trimming made it look as if it belonged to royalty. Looming over him was a shadowy figure with a crazy smile. Next to him was Surotiku, who was seemingly ok. The creature would welcome Keshin to his home, and did not hesitate to cut right to the chase. It introduced itself as Kowaremashita, and told Keshin that he had lived here in The Yomi for centuries. While he had made do with his time in the dimension, having created a giant castle and accumulating every physical possession one could want, he wanted more. Kowaremashita went on to say that he wanted to take over the human world. Leaning up on one elbow, Keshin would ask why Kowaremashita had saved him, since neither even knew each other. The shadow would respond by saying that he indeed did know him, for he was Izanagi. Kowaremashita went on to say that now that he was back, they could complete their plan. When Keshin asked what this plan might be, he would receive an answer that would give him an idea of what his next goal would be. Kowaremashita said that he and Izanagi, several thousand years ago, had planned to use the souls inside of The Yomi to take over the world of the living. This was to be accomplished by breaking five seals within The Yomi itself; that was where Keshin came in. Kowaremashita said that since Keshin was a Kirawa, he felt the pain and suffering of both worlds, and yet belonged to neither. This made Keshin the only one who could break the seals. Only Muramasa, with its true wielder, could destroy the five seals that kept the souls of The Yomi from crossing back over into the world of the living and reclaiming their bodies. While Keshin questioned Kowaremashita's goal, he believed this would help him fulfill his destiny. He would then ask Kowaremashita where the first seal was. The specter then gave Keshin an old map; one that showed five large "X"s, each signifying a seal's location. Kowaremashita would then begin to make his way towards the door, and would say that Keshin's mission started tomorrow. After this, he left Keshin and Surotiku alone.

That night, he was once again visited by Izanagi. The mountain came into view, and the snow would begin to fall. This time, however, Keshin was on the rock, and it was Izanagi who came to him. Congratulating him on the successful massacre of Kuraigakure, Izanagi would flap his robe as he sat down on a nearby stump. Keshin would then ask for guidance, and inquire Izanagi about his thoughts on the matter of Kowaremashita's plan. Scratching his chin, Izanagi said that it was indeed true that he had agreed to help Kowaremashita all those years ago, but was unable to. Despite Kowaremashita's beliefs, Izanagi was human, and did not possess the power to break the first seal. In fact, that was how he had died. When he attempted to shatter the first seal with Muramasa, he was rejected, and was utterly destroyed. But now, he was a Kirawa, which would allow him to break the seals. After this exchange, Izanagi stood up, and told Keshin that he should prepare for his new mission. With that, Keshin was left alone, and would wake up. It was morning, and it was time for him to strike out.

The First Gate

That morning, Keshin did not see Kowaremashita. It didn't really matter to him; he knew where he was going. Having taken a look at the map, he learned that the first seal was inside the altar that he had found Muramasa on. As Kowaremashita's castle was a good ways away from the altar, he had decided to start his journey early that morning. Not trusting Kowaremashita, he took Surotiku with him. The little girl was riding on his back; arms wrapped around Keshin. She seemed to be enjoying the ride, and had grown quite talkative. Despite being only four years of age, she was a very proficient talker, and did not cease to ask Keshin questions about their surroundings. "Papa" was a sound he had grown quite used to hearing over the course of their trip; one he had actually become fond of hearing. As the two made their way through the desolate limbo, they would see souls; aimlessly wandering through The Yomi. Daitengu's words came back to Keshin as he watched them. His sensei, unlike the rest of the Amanojaku Clan, did not believe that The Yomi was the true afterlife, and rather, thought of it as a limbo of sorts. This explanation did not explain the thousands of souls littering the place, but it was of no matter now. Keshin's train of thought would be interrupted by the sight of an altar; the same one he had plucked Muramasa from. He started at a brisk jog, and would set Surotiku down as he neared it. He would gently slide his hand across its glassy surface, and would uncover an ancient text.

"Dear Broken One, why do you suffer?"

It was as if the one who had wrote this indeed knew of Keshin; as if they had met him and knew of what he would do. He was indeed suffering; suffering from the loss of his people. He was the one who killed them; he, the Broken One. After guiding Surotiku a healthy ways away from the altar, he would draw his sword. Raising Muramasa above his head, he would bring it down upon the surface of the altar. The sacred place that the sword once rested upon was now split in two, and with that, a massive stream of Konkaku was released. Flashing a bright red for a moment, it would disappear as quick as it came. The first seal had been broken, and now, only four remained. Picking up his child, he would begin the long trek once more, and began his search for the second seal.

The Second Gate

The second seal was much closer to he and Surotiku's location then the first had been, and was said to be in one of the catacombs underneath the altar. The entrance would supposedly be in a shrine of sorts. Keshin and Surotiku traveled for several hours, yet found nothing. All that could be seen was the souls that littered the limbo, which got Keshin thinking again. Why were there so many souls there? If what his master had said was true, it would seem like the souls would make their way to Heaven or Hell, rather then end up here. What if someone guided them here? To Keshin, it didn't seem completely impossible; perhaps that was it. Or, maybe the Amanojaku Clan scrolls were truthful, and the rest of the world had been tricked into believing in a single, omnipotent god. Once again, his thoughts were all put to the side when he came upon the second seal's location. A small shrine, the doorway barely tall enough for fit into, stood before them. Ducking a bit, he would enter the small stone building and have a look around. There was not much to see, as it was a very small structure. Keshin could cross the entire floor with only four steps. Stooping down and gliding his hand across the floor, he noticed one of the four, large tiles was loose. Sliding it to the side, he would reveal a large shaft with a ladder leading down to the deeper parts of The Yomi. With Surotiku on his back, he slowly climbed down. The shaft was dimly lit by a pair of torches at the bottom, and did not provide much light. It would take Keshin nearly five minutes of climbing to reach the bottom; there, he would find another altar just like the first. Setting Surotiku down, he would make his way over to it. This altar's text was already in plain view.

"Dear Broken One, whom do you serve?"

Keshin was a bit confused by this. The seals were not guarded, much to his surprise, but they always asked him these questions. It seemed that whoever had created these altars, rather than guarding these altars with some sort of defense, they had decided to cause the one who broke the seal to question their very existence. Who did he serve? Izanagi; the one who gave him a, this was not his master. He did not merely serve Izanagi as a slave would his master, he was Izanagi. He had been reincarnated in the flesh. Taking up Muramasa for the second time, he would chop the altar clean in half. His sword sliced through the obsidian that made up the artifact like butter. With that, the second seal was broken, and a massive amount of bright red Konkaku flashed forth for a moment before disappearing; just like it had with the first seal. Despite this only being the second seal, Keshin was already starting to question what he was doing. What would happen to the world when Kowaremashita took over? Whether or not he should be helping move such a cause forwards was beyond him. Kowaremashita had saved him, but did that really mean he should be helping such a being? With all these questions in mind, he would scoop up his daughter, and exit the shrine.

The Third Gate: Not the Right Path?

For the next few days, Keshin and Surotiku would search for the next altar that would contain the seal. During this time, they would run out of food, and would have to make a trip into the living realm to purchase something to eat. Thus, Keshin would open a rift that would lead to a small village somewhere in the Land of Lightning. When the two would exit the wormhole, they found themselves just outside of the village. Surotiku, who had become excited, got down from Keshin's back and would grab his hand. Tugging hard, he would be dragged into the small town by the likes of his three year-old daughter. Soon enough, the two of them had mingled with the rest of those in the streets, and had already begun wandering around in hopes of finding food. It did not take long for them to find a fruit stand, where Keshin would purchase a healthy amount of various fruits and toss them into a potato sack. However, rather than leaving the village, Keshin decided that he and Surotiku would spend the night in a small inn on the northern side of the town. Taking their food, he would walk with Surotiku at his side, and make his way towards the motel. After purchasing a room, the two of them would share a brief meal, and fall asleep.

The next morning, the two would wake up with full stomachs. After the two got ready, and Surotiku was given a brief bath, they would depart from the inn, and set out to find the third seal. After returning to the point in The Yomi that would reflect where they had just been, Keshin would study the map for the third seal's location. Conveniently enough, it was not too far from the village. According to the map, it would only be a few miles east from their current location. Thus, the two once again prepare to walk to their destination; just before Keshin had an idea. He attempted to warp them to their location by creating a wormhole, and while he was able to create the portal, he was unable to enter it. Whoever had created these altars didn't seem to be interested in making Keshin's life any easier. With a slightly agitated sigh, he would situate Surotiku on his back before starting the long walk. Supposedly, the third seal would be inside of a cave infested with Satsujinki; the same demons he had fought against for the right to wield Muramasa. He would have to do his best to protect Surotiku from harm, for he wasn't willing to leave her with Kowaremashita.

As it began to get dark, for the sun had begun to go down, Keshin would begin to wonder how The Yomi even had a sun. Was it the same one that would shine down on the world of the living? He did not know, however, he did know that the third altar was near. The cave that supposedly contained the next seal would come into view as he came halt at the top of a hill. With a renewed sense of vitality, he would start off at a brisk pace towards the cave, and would come to a halt at its mouth. Peering down into the inky depths, his Kaleidoscope Eyes would shine with a purply glint. Then, he would instruct Surotiku to hold on tight to him before entering the cave. As he looked around, he didn't see how such creatures such as the Satsujinki could even fit within the cave. This, however, would come to light as he rounded a corner, and came across a massive underground room. All the way on the other side was the third altar, and in between him and his goal were dozens of Satsujinki. Upon sensing the foulness of Keshin's Konkaku, they would all turn to face him, and would emit their eerie battlecries before charging him. Behind him, he could hear Surotiku whimpering with fear into his back. Once again, he told her to hold on tight as he prepared to attack. Then, with unrivaled speed, he would charge the first demon. It swiped at him with its hand, but Keshin was too fast. He would evade the attack, then jump onto the monstrous hand before launching himself into the air and plunging his blade into the demon's single, bulbous eye. Surotiku would have fallen off of his back, but Keshin had fastened her to him by making a makeshift carrier with the potato sack and the straps from his satchel. Now, bringing his gaze to the next creature, he bisected the creature with his Shinatsuhikō. After the two halves of the demon hit the ground, he broke off into a sprint towards the altar. But before he could reach it, several Satsujinki cut him off. And as he turned to go back, he realized he was completely surrounded. Thus, he prepared a counterattack. Drawing in the surrounding aura with his psychokinetic energy, he began to levitate. Now, releasing it all in a single, focused blast, he shot a powerful wave of psychokinetic energy in all directions. The Satsujinki were slammed into the walls of the cave, and rocks would fall from the ceiling and crush the demons. Finally relaxing, Keshin would walk over to the altar. This one, like the previous ones, had an inscription on its surface.

"Dear Broken One, the path you are walking is a dangerous and dark path. Can you protect the one you love and pursue this dark ideal?"

This text would cause Keshin to truly question what he was doing, but only for a moment. He had just shown he was obviously strong enough to protect Surotiku from harm; he killed every demon here. But even as he brought his sword up over his head, he still had doubts about what he was doing. While he wasn't used to doing the right thing, and it had never bothered him before, he felt like he had become a part of something he shouldn't have. With a mighty downward swing of his blade, he would bisect the altar. Out came the bright pulse of Konkaku, as it had with the last two altars. When it died down, he would turn around, and prepare to find the fourth altar.

The Fourth Gate

As it had begun to grow dark out, Keshin and Surotiku set up camp on the top of the hill that he had first seen the cave from. Having started a small fire, he sat with Surotiku in his lap while she ate her apple. He couldn't help but smile at the little girl as she smeared bits of fruit onto her face with each bite. Why was it that he loved her so? Perhaps it was the company she provided; the way she always made him feel special. No matter how bad of a parent he could be, she showered him with unconditional love. The warm smile on his face would grow as he ran his hands through her long black locks. The sudden touch of his hands would cause her to crane her neck back and look up at him; her eyes wide as she gave him a curious look. Her facial expression, combined with the mess on her face was enough to make Keshin laugh. The still confused little girl would smile, and continue eating her food. As he went on stroking her hair, his thoughts drifted back to the inscription he had read earlier. What if he couldn't protect Surotiku? And what did Kowaremashita have planned for the world? Keshin had begun to consider simply not coming back to the castle that Kowaremashita resided in, and just disappearing with his daughter. But as much as he wanted to just flee with Surotiku and create a safe haven for both of them to live, he had a duty. When he looked down, he realized that Surotiku had fallen asleep in his lap. With a contented sigh, he would lay back, and attempt to follow her example and go to sleep.

The next morning, Keshin would fasten a still sleeping Surotiku to his back via the carrier he had made. With his daughter making light snoring noises behind him, he couldn't help but chuckle as he began walking in the direction that his map indicated he should go. The fourth seal was atop a large mountain, one covered with snow. While it was not very far from his current location, scaling such a giant mountain with a small child could be dangerous. Nevertheless, he continued his journey and strengthened his will. For the next two hours, Keshin would make his way across The Yomi until a large mountain came into view. After another thirty or so minutes of traveling, he arrive at its foot. It was truly magnificent; awe-inspiring with its sheer size alone. With a few well-timed leaps, Keshin would begin to scale its rocky face. He could already feel the cold air rushing down its side; the chilly wind woke Surotiku up from her sleep. A small yawn would then be followed by a scream as she realized her father was climbing a mountain. Reaching back to comfort her, Keshin assured her all was well. Not one to argue, Surotiku simply snuggled Keshin's back, hoping that her father was right. The two would slowly, yet surely make their way up the face of the mountain. Keshin, rather than risking the sudden leaps causing Surotiku to fall, decided that climbing the mountain manually would be much safer. It took him nearly the entire day to reach solid ground. When he was finally able to walk rather than climb, it had already grown dark out once again. Steeling himself, he began to follow the treacherous mountain path to the top of the mountain. Snow was falling, and it was freezing cold. Keshin removed his own scarf, and wrapped Surotiku (who was already shivering) with the warm article of clothing. It would take the entire night for Keshin to finally reach the top of the mountain. There, just before him, was the fourth seal. Keshin, with his sword in his hand, would prepare to break the seal. But as he lifted Muramasa, his eye would catch the inscription.

"Dear Broken One, this is your last seal."

When Keshin sliced the altar into two, and watched the Konkaku burst forth like a flood, he was confused. This was the fourth of five seals. Why did it say this was the last one? Maybe he did them out of order. Whatever it was, it didn't matter; he only had to break one more. One more, and the grand plan of Izanagi and Kowaremashita would bear its fruit. Rather than making the treacherous journey down the mountain, he simply created a wormhole, and reappeared with Surotiku back inside of the room that had been set aside for them in Kowaremashita's castle. The last seal was underneath the castle; Kowaremashita had told him that he would take him to see it when he had broken the other four. Laying Surotiku onto the bed, he kissed her forehead before promising he would be right back. With these words, he would exit the room. Keshin then began his search for the shadow who had sent him on this mission in the first place, but he didn't have to go very far. Kowaremashita was grinning from ear to ear in the hall right outside Keshin's room. He would motion for Keshin to follow him before disappearing down the corridor. Keshin, knowing that it was time, would do so; Muramasa in hand.

The Fifth Gate: Betrayal

While following Kowaremashita, even though he had not known him long, he could tell that he was immensely happy. The shadow was literally skipping down the hall, mumbling about what he was going to do to the world. Keshin himself really didn't care what became of the world, it didn't mean much to him. He wasn't sure what Kowaremashita really planned to do, but it didn't concern him. All that mattered was that he could live with Surotiku, and protect her. As he and the shadow neared the end of the corridor, they came across a spiral staircase. Kowaremashita began to descend them, and once again told Keshin to follow. When the two had made it down the stairs, Kowaremashita happily pointed to the altar in the center of the room. Jumping up and down, he began to laugh in an insane manner as he told Keshin to hurry and break the seal. As calm as ever, he slowly made his way over to it. Muramasa was already drawn, and he was ready to strike. When all was said and done, Kowaremashita could have whatever it was that he wanted, and Keshin could live in peace with Surotiku and protect her.


That was the word his mother had used all those years ago. It was what she wanted her boy to do throughout his life; to protect those who could not protect themselves. As Keshin continued to think, he neared the altar, but even as he stopped, his thoughts continued. Surotiku was indeed unable to protect herself; she was weak, helpless, and needed someone to love and take care of her. It was the least Keshin could do after he murdered her family. He was doing just what his mother said; protecting. Or was he? His entire outlook on life would change as he read what was inscribed on the ancient altar.

"My son, you are growing up to be such a strong boy; you are the very likeness of your father. As you already know, there are people who use their strength for good, and those who use it for evil. Those men who took your father and sister out of our lives were evil; they were cowards; many of the people in our world are. You will encounter many people who will fear you because of your nature, and you will also find those who may try to abuse that power. You are unique, Keshin, don't use your gifts for evil; use them for the benefit of all people. There will come a time in your life when you will be tested; when you will be tempted to follow after the wishes of someone else. Keshin, stand strong in this time of testing, and be the man I raised you to be. You are not a destroyer as some might think; you are a protector.

You, Keshin, were born to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

These were the very words Keshin's mother had spoken to him all those years ago. When he read the inscription, tears started to stream down his face. How his mother's words had taken root in such an evil place was beyond him, but there was one thing he knew; he couldn't do this. His mother had entrusted him with her will, to protect all who are unable to protect themselves. This was his purpose, and breaking the final seal would not help him achieve her dream. A defiant Keshin would turn to face Kowaremashita, his eyes shining purple as the pattern of his Mangekyō Sharingan came into view. He was done being a vessel for wrath; Izanagi and Kowaremashita meant nothing now. Gripping Muramasa, he pointed the blade at the shadow before him, and would say the words that changed his life forever.

"I'm not your pawn anymore, and I'm walking my own path now."

Consumption of a Shadow

The shadow was trembling with rage; and began to frantically ask why he was betraying him. Keshin simply replied with the fact that his mother had entrusted him with her will; to protect. He would be unable to protect if Kowaremashita flooded with world with the souls of the dead and instilled chaos upon its entirety. Brandishing Muramasa, he told the shadow that the time for talk was over; for now, only actions would speak. A now mad Kowaremashita would release a violent wave of dark energy in all directions. The surrounding walls would begin to crumble, and the force would have been enough to completely bisect Keshin. However, with a skilled usage of his psychokinesis, he was able to redirect the portion of the blast that neared him into the ceiling above them. Then, as the ceiling began to crumble from the impact, he would use his power to throw the rock at Kowaremashita. The shadow was much too fast for such a crude attack, however, and would appear behind Keshin in an attempt to cut him in two. The attack would be useless as Keshin caused his lower half to fade into dark wind, causing the demon's attack to go right through him. Keshin then made a swipe with his blade to decapitate the phantom, but he slipped under Keshin, who was still half wind, and made his way out of the crumbling room, and up the spiral stairs; laughing all the way. For a moment, Keshin thought nothing of it, but then realized that Surotiku was upstairs. As quickly as he could, he raced out of the chamber and up the stairs, only to find Kowaremashita behind the child with his claws at her throat. The crying child pleads for her father to rescue her, but was silenced by the shadow. He went on to say that if Keshin did not break the seal, Surotiku would die. Now, Keshin's anger would peak as he made a gripping gesture with his right hand. Kowaremashita would be lifted from the ground, and would find himself unable to breathe. Despite his unusual appearance, he still needed air, and started to choke as Keshin's grip tightened. But once again, he was able to escape as he released a second wave of dark energy. Keshin would quickly grab his daughter, and reappeared outside of the once magnificent castle. However, the sheer power of Kowaremashita's attack had caused the upper half to completely crumble, leaving a vastly incomplete building. Setting Surotiku onto the ground, Keshin would use the power of both his eyes to manifest his massive ethereal warrior created from the black wind of Shinatsuhikō. Kowaremashita made a mad leap towards the massive being, but was brought down by the massive blade that belonged to Keshin. Smashed amongst the rubble, he lay there; defeated. Keshin, dissipating his warrior, landed next to the shadow. However, he was different now; his eyes shined an eerie red as his Kirawa Eyes showed themselves. Suddenly, he would open his mouth, and surprisingly, take a bite out of the mass of dark chakra. Slowly but surely, he would consume the Konkaku and chakra in the shadow in the most unruly manner. The screams of the terrified victim would fill the area, but only until he was completely consumed. However, the quick absorption of such a concentrated dark chakra would have negative side effects on Keshin. After absorbing Kowaremashita in his entirety, Keshin would fall to the ground; lifeless it may seem. The sudden taking in of so much evil chakra forced his body into prolonged suspended animation. For five years, he would remain in the limbo; trapped within the darkness of his own mind.

Coma Within The Yomi and Awakening

Keshin's was rendered immobile, and unconscious after the climactic battle between he and Kowaremashita. All that remained was his subconscious mind. He was trapped in the darkness within his mind and soul; completely alone in the dark. Constantly, he would battle with Izanagi in this realm of darkness. Not a day would go by without the two crossing swords. Their souls battled within Keshin's body for what seemed like an eternity. Within his mind, thousands of years had gone by. Both Izanagi and Keshin were slowly breaking, their souls were growing weary of the prolonged conflict. But they continued, on and on through the ages their battle would go. Neither one could overcome the other, or at least it seemed that way. But during one such encounter, Keshin's soul proved to be too much for Izanagi. His soul would devour the soul of his foe, and Izanagi's consciousness would be erased from his being. Thus, Izanagi was no more, and only Keshin remained.

Suddenly, Keshin felt a tremor within the darkness. And like rushing water, the light flooded in. His eyes were open, and Keshin Amanojaku lived again. There he laid, rubble and broken stones all around him. He had awoke in the very spot he had fallen; Kowaremashita's Castle. It was at this wretched place Keshin had fought the demon to the death. He, of course, emerged victorious after consuming his enemy, but at the price of five years of stasis. Now, he was back. Picking himself up, he struggled to walk. Like a newborn, he tested his legs, and soon regained full mobility. After wandering around the premises of the destroyed structure, he came across a broken window. In this window, he saw a broken man. The reflection of himself cascaded across several shards, revealing his now spiky, silky white hair. Apparently, the dark chakra had also affected his physiology. Keshin as he saw his hair, asking himself what Surotiku would think...Surotiku; where was she? He then descended into a panic. Keshin began to spastically call out the child's name, but received no answer. He was alone, just as he had been before. He didn't want to accept this, however, and decided to search the human world for the lost girl.


He decided to venture back to the shinobi empire and continue what Izanagi had started. He ravaged the villages that had been marked as enemies of Izanagi. And once again, shinobi began to notice him. He was constantly on the run from mercenary shinobi. After killing his pursuers, he would drag their bodies into The Yomi and destroy them. Leaving no traces. After one such occasion, he jumped out of a wormhole created by his mysterious left eye and found himself standing in front of Surotiku. Flooded with various emotions, he embraced her. And after the two cried together, Keshin finally smiled at the only person he ever truly loved. Putting his arm around her, he walked down the mountain he had once called home. But Keshin's happiness wouldn't last. For one dreadful day, Surotiku was abducted by a group of Jashinists. Keshin ruthlessly pursued them to their capital in the Land of Wind and arrived at the citadel this particular group called home. But the man did exactly as they had anticipated, for they had been lying in wait with shackles in hand. As they ambushed Keshin, he was overcome by the sheer number of them. After being subdued, he was quickly blindfolded and beaten. The men nailed Keshin's hands to a wooden cross and placed it in the center of their majestic fortress. As they removed the blindfolds, Keshin caught sight of his beloved Surotiku. He was then forced to watch as she was violently abused by the many men. Keshin's rage was at its peak, dark chakra began to pour from him in massive quantities. A bloodlust coated the entire area. Keshin snapped the board he had been nailed to. Coming down from the cross, he used the boards still attached to his hands via the nails as a means of beating down each and every man that was there. No longer immortal due to Keshin reversing the state of their bodies, Keshin killed each and every man present. Covered in blood, he jerked the nails from his hands. Keshin then scooped up Surotiku in his arms, and watched as she died. As she breathed her last, Keshin started to cry. And watched as her soul began to drift into The Yomi. However, it was mysteriously lost in the realm of the living as it attempted to reach the afterlife. Heartbroken, Keshin now wanders the earth in search of her soul. Surotiku's body has been restored, preserving her vessel until he finds it.

Pursuit of Assei-sha

The Akuzura Empire

Silent Rule and Arrival in Tanigakure



Keshin's unmasked appearance.

In the past, Keshin was a handsome young man with messy black hair. He had a fair complexion that contrasted nicely with his dark mop. His bright blue eyes were the color of ice, and his gaze seemed to pierce the very soul of the one he cast his sights on. He had a soft face with attractive features. Keshin had a lean, yet muscular build that has been a constant theme throughout his entire life. He had a pair of strong arms that came about as a result of constant Taijutsu training. Keshin's body was basically an example of physical perfection. Having a rather toned figure and all, he has been called handsome by various women he has encountered on his travels. But despite this, Keshin has never stood out in a crowd. Though, being a Kirawa, he is easily distinguished from an ordinary person thanks to his malignant chakra.

Of course, throughout his long, complicated life, Keshin's wardrobe has undergone many changes. His attire as an acolyte of the Amanojaku Clan's head was made up of a simple, blood red shirt. The boy's arms were kept tightly wrapped in bandages; perhaps injured from the constant training he did. Daitengu's training exercises very much borderlined torture, and would often leave Keshin deathly tired or exhausted. These bandages, however, did not simply serve medical purposes, but could also be weaponized. In the hands of Keshin, even the basic components of his outfit could be turned into weapons. Aside from the shirt with the bloody hue, and the white bandages, he also sported a pair of khaki shorts. These shorts were a tad bit longer than most, as they came down to the area just below his knees. His feet were, like his hands and arms, bound in medical wrappings. Once again, possibly a result of his extensive training taking its toll on his body. Dark shinobi sandals would fasten the bandages in place, and keep them from slipping off as he walked. Occasionally, matching wrappings would bind his face in order to hide his identity.

Keshin Amanojaku Masked

Keshin's masked appearance.

Nowadays, both Keshin's physical appearance and his attire have underwent quite a few changes. However, he is rarely seen without a hefty black robe covering his still muscular figure. Despite his old age, Keshin's body is kept in pristine shape. Thanks to the countless victims that have fallen prey to his Mangekyō Sharingan's ability. His hair has changed in both style and color. It is now as white as snow thanks to the toll that the initial absorption of Kowaremashita took on his body. It sticks out in a very messy fashion and is rather spiky. Though, Keshin has been seen to allow his hair to grow down to his waistline. When he was younger and was training with Daitengu, he had long, black hair that reached his abdomen. Keshin would often tie it back to keep it out of the way. But more often than not, he allowed it to go unrestrained and flow free. Keshin's current attire consists of a curious steel mask that conceals his face from the eyes of the outside world. The mask is cold to the touch, and has some sort of engraving on its surface that are shaped like fangs and are a deep red in color. Two, slit-like eyeholes have been cut into its face to allow him to see from under the metallic shield. This white steel mask is shaped like a skull of some sort and has a dark line that seemingly shows where the two halves come together. To accommodate this ominous mask, Keshin wears black functional robes. Complete with a hood, it is ideal for stealth and is surprisingly light and breathable. Underneath his cloak, he usually has some sort of dark undergarment, complete with matching pants. Finally, he sports a pair of black shinobi sandals to complete his dark outfit.


Cold is the first word that comes to mind when one attempts to describe Keshin. Throughout his long life, he has been a man who lives by his sword. Keshin was able to strike down any opponent in cold blood, a second thought about their life never crossed his mind. This was the way Keshin lived for the first thirty or so years of his life. However, after the death of his adopted child, Surotiku, and his own failed crucifixion, Keshin was broken. The thing he cherished more than anything else was gone. With her death, Keshin made a vow to find her soul, who had not crossed over to The Yomi, which at the time he believed to be the afterlife. He was a hardened atheist, refusing to believe that there was a god. In his mind, no God who had the power to stop the death of an innocent child would let them die. This, along with the atheistic teachings of his clan's scrolls influenced him greatly.

However, over the course of time, Keshin began to question the very existence of The Yomi. He would constantly be troubled by what his old mentor had said. "What if there is some sort of existence beyond The Yomi?" He would say. Daitengu had no faith in such a monotonous afterlife. He believed that the universe was orderly, and that a good man could not possibly be tossed in amongst all the sinners of the world. Keshin began to think about his master's words and take them to heart. One such day, the answer to his question would come to him in a vision. He saw a shadow, Kowaremashita, shaping a world of his own. A limbo that would be used to gather souls in preparation to one day conquer the realm of the living. It was here that Keshin realized that The Yomi was nothing more than a limbo. He would go on to slay every Satsujinki inside of the dimension to cause it to simply fade away. Keshin forsook what he had read from his clan's scrolls all those years ago, and decided that rather than trying to bring his little one's soul to The Yomi, he should have been working towards guiding her to the Pure Lands. Now, Keshin has a new outlook on life, and has become a better man.

Nowadays, Keshin resides in Tanigakure, a village he has grown to love. He has developed a great sense of responsibility for both the people, and the village as a whole. He is the first to admit he is not a good person, but Keshin strives to do what is right for the people of Tanigakure. He seeks change, and does his best to help around the village in any way he can. Occasionally, he will even be found working in the mines along with the miners. He sees his devotion to his new home as a sort of atonement for the crimes he has committed over the years. But even now, Keshin is still unable to control his nature as a Kirawa. No matter how hard he tries to maintain control over his savage bloodlust, he always tends to give in to his murderous nature. Keshin, however, does leave Tanigakure when these crazed fits seem to be creeping up on him. He will vent his bloodlust out on the Jashinists that make their home in the Land of Rivers, or, much to his own disapproval, will occasionally desolate small villages. Keshin hates being bound to his nature, and wishes he could be free from the burden of his carnage.

Not only does he suffer from his nature as a Kirawa, but Keshin also has an unsatiable hunger for souls, and more specifically, Konkaku. This peculiar condition started when Keshin first absorbed the Konkaku that emanated from his mentor, Daitengu's soul. Ever since that day, he would constantly feed off of the soul energy of others. This need, or rather lust for new Konkaku can sometimes cause Keshin's atention to deviate from the task at hand. While on his crazed killing sprees that stem from his Kirawa nature, Keshin will usually devour the souls of the fallen men and women he has slain. But with every soul he devours, he gains a temporary boost in his Kokaku reserves. Though, Keshin can satisfy this hunger through much less violent means. Simply being around people allows Keshin to siphon the loose Konkaku that emanates from their very being. No harm is done to those whose Konkaku has been absorbed, even if Keshin took it straight from their soul. This hunger is a constant reminder to Keshin that he will never fit in amongst regular people, and that he will always be some sort of outcast. He longs to feel accepted by the people around him, and while the citizens of Tanigakure are indeed kind to him, Keshin feels unwanted. One day, he hopes to control both this hunger, and his nature as a Kirawa, and become like every other normal person.

While Keshin usually seems quite reserved or cold-hearted to others, his true nature is always seen by his lover, Sōka. Ever since he found her in the streets of Shimogakure, he felt a strange connection with the girl. Both had nothing, so they clung to each other. Only a day had passed before they had confessed their feeling for each other. Although their love seemed rushed, and even awkward perhaps, their bond has stood the test of time. When around Sōka, Keshin has been seen to be rather cheery; always flirting with his lover. One of his favorite ways to annoy her is to touch her horns, a trait she possesses due to her curious origins. He always pokes fun at her about different things, and seemingly never ceases to make jokes with her. Furthermore, he is also rather perverted when around her; something they both share together. But with this leniency comes a flipside; Keshin is also very protective of Sōka, not because she is unable to handle herself in combat, but this simply stems from love and the fear of losing her. He does not want Sōka to die as Surotiku did.

One of the greatest contributions to Keshin's slow, yet progressive stabilization of mind, is surprisingly, his knack to play music. Specifically, the ocarina. As a young boy in the village he grew up in, an elderly woman that resided in the town had seen him skipping and whistling in the streets. That woman would confront Keshin, and teach him how to play music. She gifted him a twelve-hole ocarina; its shiny wooden surface would reflect the light as he played. To Keshin, his music is his getaway; a means of escape from his nature. The loud, beautiful tones created by the resonating of his breath inside of the instrument forms the deep notes that make up his songs. In Tanigakure, citizens will often hear the soothing melodies played by Keshin during his free time. Even now, he remembers the lessons that woman had given him all those years ago; something that would stay with him his whole life. As a young boy, he learned how to play basic melodies and scales; not knowing much. However, after the death of his father, Keshin began to learn more from the old woman. She taught him how to read music, and even encouraged Keshin to write his own songs. During his career as a shinobi in Shimogakure, he learned several complex songs, and was by then a very talented musician. By the age of nine, he could be seen playing on the street corners in Shimo, hoping he would have money to bring to his mother back home. Of course, during his imprisonment, he was unable to play his instrument. But after his escape, even in the frantic fleeing from Shimogakure, he took his ocarina from his room at his old home, and has it even today. How the instrument remains intact is unknown. He is rarely seen without his ocarina, even when traveling abroad, it is kept close by.

Thanks to his longevity, Keshin has accumulated a great deal of wisdom throughout his life. Having viewed countless organizations and cults rise and fall; each one of them with a similar goal. Many believe in an ideal known as "world peace", but how many have succeeded in creating a serene environment for the people of the world to live in? None have, which is why Keshin himself does not attempt to fulfill this dream many before him have had. Rather, he chooses to pursue the will of his deceased mother as a way of redemption for her accidental murder at his own hands. He has become a guardian; a protector to those who need protection. Be it the people of Tanigakure, those in the Akuzura Empire, or simply someone he has encountered, Keshin has made it his duty to protect. Through this ideal, he has instilled upon himself a new set of morals. But even though he has a righteous goal, he is not free from his lust for blood, and will use it to his advantage when one threatens to harm someone from his empire, village, or anywhere for that matter.

Another thing Keshin gained thanks to his long life was his intelligence. While not being book-smart, as one might say, he is a tactical genius in the midst of combat. His ability to completely analyze an opponent over the course of an encounter, understand their fighting style, find the weakest area in their defense, and exploit it is without peer. This skill is further enhanced by his Dōjutsu, the Sharingan. Keshin's eyes allow him to see right through most flukes and feints an opponent may use to attempt to throw him off. Furthermore, he can foresee his enemy's next move, and prepare a counterattack accordingly. His mid-battle intelligence also allows him to formulate devastating combos through the skilled usage of his techniques. By combining several of his own techniques, Keshin causes destruction of mass scale. Also, he has been seen to create his own techniques. One such example was a technique that granted him a nearly perfect form of telekinesis. Keshin gained access to this technique after mastering the principles of chakra control, and using his Yin chakra as the means of manifesting this unique form of telekinesis. This is only one of the many examples of Keshin's genius applications of his chakra; many more techniques have been born as a result of his intelligent uses of his skillset.


While not possessing an extensive background as a shinobi, Keshin is still a force to be reckoned with. With his long life came extensive traveling. During Keshin's journeys, he took part in countless battles. By the age of fourteen, he had developed his first technique: one that gave him access to psychokinesis. From a young age, he has been seen to be rather tenacious in the field of developing and perfecting techniques. Be it new ways to apply his chakra, styles of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, or simply mental strategies to aid in overcoming an opponent. With a heap of knowledge and talent on his side, Keshin is able to overcome most opponents with minimum effort. He has a mastery of Wind Release; a nature he learned to use for supplementary means, and possesses an affinity for Yin. These two natures make up the core of Keshin's fighting style. Yet, he also has access to the unique powers granted to him by his Mangekyō Sharingan. While he does indeed possess the two standard abilities all wielders of the eyes gain, he has awoken a third; one that was a result of Izanagi's chakra melding with his own. Furthermore, his abilities also entail a curious branch of techniques known as Tamashijutsu. This branch makes use of the energy within one's soul known as Konkaku. Only Kirawa, and truly skilled ones at that, are able to even dream of mastering this branch. After learning to use Konkaku, Keshin found a way to compensate for his naturally low reserve of chakra. Now, he rarely, if ever, uses chakra, and chooses to make use of his soul energy instead. This makes his techniques completely immune to the Rinnegan's absorptive powers, and causes them to take on a semi-intangible property. Truly a master of the soul and its secrets, Keshin is a master of his skillset.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

While not having the largest of chakra reserves, Keshin still possesses a decently sized reserve of energy. When he releases his chakra, it will usually take on the appearance of a spiralling column of dark purple energy that spins around Keshin. His chakra alone is enough to cancel out most Genjutsu, and even repel weaker Ninjutsu. While Keshin's chakra, is indeed, oppressive, his main source of energy is not his chakra. Rather, he tends to rely on his powerful soul energy to power his techniques. There are several reasons for this, the first being that Keshin, being a Kirawa, has a natural talent for the usage of soul energy and Tamashijutsu. He can control his soul energy, or officially known as Konkaku, with flawless precision. Another factor that plays into this is that Keshin has the ability to siphon the Konkaku of others. All souls have Konkaku, and usually, vast amounts. This means that Keshin will constantly have a source of energy, and can outlast most opponents in a long battle. He will occasionally draw out an encounter with the purposeful intention of tiring his opponent, and exhausting their reserves. Even for a Kirawa, Keshin's control over his Konkaku is nothing short of marvelous. When it manifests, it tends to take on the form of a gray, wispy sort of energy that is barely visible to the human eyes. Only Kirawa, and those with the Heavenly Eyes can see such energy.


Keshin countering his opponent's attack.

Taijutsu is perhaps the branch of combat Keshin possesses the most background with. During his time in Shimogakure, he would train himself physically to the point of breaking himself. His moves consist of swift blows that are meant to incapacitate a foe as quickly as possible. He can skillfully counter most physical attacks with simple moves of his arms and legs. Along with his blistering speed, and powerful blows, he is a force to be reckoned with in the art of Taijutsu. Keshin is fast on his feet, able to leave most foes in the dust with his swift moves. His speed can become so great through this technique, that he can rival even users of Swift Release and become nearly impossible to keep track off even to users of the Sharingan. When fighting opponents, Keshin tends to use the same tactic two or three times to see if he can overcome them with his enhanced speed and Taijutsu alone. He will appear behind them, and make a slash for their neck after manifesting a pair of claws via Insaidoauto. If countered two or three times, even after further enhancing his speed, he will switch his tactics and engage the opponent through a different method. Keshin's favorite branch of shinobi combat is indeed Taijutsu. In fact, Keshin has actually developed several styles of Taijutsu combat. One he developed to tire an opponent and create an opening for him to deliver a decisive blow, while the other was created to defeat stronger, armed opponents.

Blowing Wind

The first of Keshin's signature Taijutsu fighting styles, Blowing Wind consists of small, quick movements of the body to evade incoming blows while exhausting as little energy as possible. It is especially effective during long exchanges of blows that could result in a deadlock. Over the course of Keshin's many years of wandering the shinobi world, he fought many foes. And during these battles, he learned something. Keshin realized that most physical attacks can be completely evaded by slight movements of the head, torso, and the occasional hop. Thus, he learned he could allow his opponent to tire themselves while he used little energy. But Blowing Wind does not only consist of evasive actions, but also has an offensive usage. While dodging an opponent's blows, Keshin will watch and wait for an opening. As soon as the chance comes, he will deliver a swift, upward kick to the enemy and send them flying into the air. Keshin then pursues his opponent, and proceeds to execute a combo of deadly kicks. This will end in a falling axe kick that sends his foe flying downwards. Blowing Wind is Keshin's way of taking down opponents in a long, drawn out fight. The passive movements used to evade attacks, combined with the devastating kicks creates a lethal style of combat.

Passing Breeze

While traveling around the world and facing many opponents, Keshin came across countless swordsmen. Normally, one armed with a sword or a club would have an advantage over an unarmed man. However, Keshin developed the Passing Breeze fighting style. Passing Breeze employs various tactics to turn one's own strength against him. A noteworthy example of such moves is the Tachi-dori (太刀取り, Sword-taking). A move that requires both patience and concentration. Keshin will allow his opponent to make their move with their weapon. As they near him and swing their blade, Keshin will seize part of the hilt. Then, Keshin will deliver a quick thrust to the opponent's neck to force them downwards onto the ground. This will then allow him to take command over their weapon. Other uses of Passing Breeze include various choke holds used to strangle a reckless opponent who has allowed themself to slip into Keshin's grip. He will sidestep an enemy's attack, which could result in them momentarily stumbling past him due to their attack's momentum. Keshin will then position himself to the side of his foe, and proceed to bring his enemy into a choke hold. Other tactics may include throws, which can be performed in various manners.


Keshin Kikin

Keshin with Kikin.

After killing Assei-sha and claiming the Akuzura Empire for himself, Keshin would take the scythe of the former emperor. Being fascinated with the weapon, he set aside time to learn to use this new weapon, and began to study the art of Gaijutsu. Like his sword, Muramasa, he was able to wield it in a similar manner to that of a staff. He is shown to be a very skilled practitioner of Gaijutsu, as he has actually been seen to defeat multitudes of Jashinists who were powerful Gaijutsu users themselves. His style consists of quick, powerful movements to the opponent's most vulnerable spot. The scythe, being a rather long weapon, has a considerable reach. Keshin uses the weapons ability to get around an opponent's defense to its fullest potential. The blade, being curved, can hook a foe's weapon and force the enemy into a vulnerable position. Furthermore, it can reach around a weapon that has been brought up to prevent it from reaching its target. While the blade does indeed have many uses and versatile applications, Keshin can also turn the staff of the weapon into a lethal weapon. In the hands of a skilled user, anything can become a tool of murder. Having trained in Bōjutsu before he ever had a sword or scythe, the principles learned from Daitengu in the art of using a staff have spilled over into both his Gaijutsu and Kenjutsu. With his scythe, he can spin it as he would a rudimentary stick, but with the blade on the end, it becomes a much more lethal weapon. The sheer speed of his spinning attacks are enough to overwhelm most opponents, and can also dislodge a weapon from their hands if they aren't careful. Furthermore, he can use the butt-end of the scythe to prod at his enemy; catching them off guard and forcing them to lose their balance. Also, he can use the staff portion of the blade to smack and opponent to prepare them for a blow from his blade.

Keshin's control over his weapon is truly impeccable. He is shown to be able to simultaneously wield both Muramasa and his scythe without one interfering with the other. Even with both of them being long weapons, neither will cross the other's path unless Keshin wishes for it to be so. He is able to combo the usage of his sword and scythe in such a way, that his relentless attacks are nearly unavoidable. When wielding both, his fighting style changes to that of a crazed berserker; going for broke at all times, and seemingly never tiring. Even the most skilled of shinobi will fall in the path of his skilled usage of Gaijutsu; their bloody corpses being yet another testament to his brutality.


During his long life, Keshin has grown accustomed to wielding all sorts of weapons. But perhaps the most frequently used is his Muramasa. Keshin found this ancient blade deep within The Yomi. He had some training with a sword during his time in Shimogakure, but it was not until after the loss of his daughter that Keshin really began to truly sharpen his sword skills. He is a skilled swordsman who has created seven forms of Kenjutsu combat.


Kettei (決定, lit. Determination) is the first and most basic of his seven forms. It includes various "ready" stances, parrying, and finding marks of contact. The six marks of contact are the neck, waistline, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. Kettei is the fundamental for the other six of Keshin's forms. When using it, Keshin simply remains in a defensive position and awaits his opponent's move. When they have closed in on him and have begun their attack, he will counter with his blade, and deliver a swift blow to one of the six target zones. Keshin will choose a zone after studying his opponent and verifying which mark of contact is the easiest to sever.


Shuchō (主張, lit. Contention) is a formal style of Kenjutsu combat that consists of classical and elegant moves. It is a calm form of Kenjutsu that enlists the usage of various spins and flicks of the sword to catch an opponent off guard. A skilled user of this style like Keshin can disarm a foe with ease by using their own sword's leverage to send the enemy's blade flying out of their hands. Keshin seems to be able to slip through just about any defense and deliver a critical cut to one of the target zones established in his first form: Kettei.


Kaifuku-Ryoku (回復力, lit. Resilience) is the third of Keshin's Kenjutsu forms. Perhaps the most passive of the six, Kaifuku-Ryoku focuses on defense through efficient body movements. This includes various ways of reducing one's target area's size. Kaifuku-Ryoku is well suited for blocking incoming projectiles and countering basic attacks to open ways of escape from complex or extremely fast assaults.


Shinryaku (侵略, lit. Aggression) is the fourth, and perhaps the most difficult to master of his seven forms. It employs an extensive use of acrobatic assaults to overwhelm an opponent and aims to catch them off guard by quickly delivering attacks from all sides. Shinryaku could involve flips over an enemy to attack them from above, powerful slashes in conjunction with leaps and spins, and other various elements.


Konki (根気, lit. Perseverance) is the fifth form, and an offshoot, or rather, continuation of the third form; Kaifuku-Ryoku. Rather than reducing one's target area and trying to find ways of escape through various counters and parries, one will use these means of defense in offensive manners. Such as the use of defensive parries to force and opponent to drop their guard, or the skillful disarming of a foe by catching their sword with one's own blade.


Setsudo (節度, lit. Moderation) is the sixth of Keshin's forms. It seeks to balance out the strengths of the previous five to create a single, solid form. Setsudo is said to be the pinnacle of Kenjutsu mastery, for a skilled wielder will be able to deliver swift, deadly blows, penetrate even the most solid of defenses, and show great overall abilities with the sword. However, while Setsudo does not focus on raw strength or power, a true Setsudo master will wield their sword with amazing tenacity.


Dōmō (獰猛, lit. Ferocity) is the seventh of the seven forms, and easily the most powerful, yet most dangerous. This style consists of using one's inner emotions and the emotions of others to fuel their own aggressive style. One must enjoy combat to the fullest in order to truly be a skilled practitioner of Dōmō; they must love the sights, sounds, and perhaps even the taste of blood. Thus, Dōmō is much more than a fighting style; it is a way of life and a state of mind. One has to be willing to give into their darkness, accept the fury of their opponent, and glory in the death of the enemy.


During his time with Daitengu, Keshin learned to wield a bō staff. He has learned to disarm foes with this weapon, and can use it quite skillfully in battle. Quick, concise movements make up his Bōjutsu style, which often involves the skillful spinning of his simple weapon to create complex attacks to catch his opponent off guard. However, now that Keshin possesses Muramasa, usage of his bō is rather limited. Instead, his Bōjutsu is seen to trickle over into his Kenjutsu style. Muramasa is shaped similarly to a bō, and thus, can be wielded in a nearly identical fashion. Keshin's Bōjutsu simply serves as a foundation for his Kenjutsu.


While perhaps not his preferred field, Keshin is actually quite skilled in the art of Genjutsu. While he is indeed able to cast the Genjutsu: Sharingan, Keshin's favorite way to initiate these illusionary techniques is to incorporate the usage of the Genjutsu: Sharingan into various Wind Release techniques. He actually developed several Genjutsu techniques that trap the target in a powerful illusion after they have felt the wind from the technique; these techniques are called his Cursed Nightmare Genjutsu. The first one of these techniques that Keshin created, and perhaps the most noteable is the Cursed Nightmare: Crucifixion. Having had experience with crucifixion, Keshin knew all too well the helplessness one feels while nailed to a cross. He would create a Genjutsu that would cause the target to feel the pain he felt on that dreadful day he had been nailed to a cross by Jashinists. The Genjutsu is of the highest tier; the combination of the excruciating pain that is inflicted onto the target along with the helpless point of view will usually be enough to result in the target's conciousness leaving them once released. The technique is cast through a wave of wind that shoots out in all directions, allowing Keshin to capture an entire crowd in this technique.

Keshin actually possesses several techniques that work similarly to this one; another excellent example of the Genjutsu-imbued wind is his Cursed Nightmare: Mutilation of Self. To start the technique off, Keshin will summon multiple wind senbon. He can either materialize them in midair and launch them forwards, or simply manifest them in his hands and throw them manually. These windy projectiles travel at blinding speeds, making them extremely difficult to evade. On top of this, they are very small and transparent; nearly impossible to see without a means of visualizing chakra. Though, even this will not usually help, as Keshin tends to use Konkaku to power his techniques; a substance that even the Rinnegan is unable to visualize unless in the form of a soul. When the senbon hit a target, even if barely grazing them, they will commence a powerful illusion that causes the target to view their own gruesome death. According to Keshin, he can have the target visualize any type of death he wants; be it bisection, decapitation, or simply them being torn apart limb from limb. The illusions created by this Genjutsu are so powerful, that some victims sustain permanent damage within their psyche

While the other two Genjutsu are meant to completely break an opponent, Keshin possesses a third, much more passive technique. The Cursed Nightmare: All Goes Down takes on the form of a gentle breeze. As soon as the opponent has felt the soft brushing of the wind, they will find themselves falling through an eternal sky; they never hit anything, and simply fall for ages. The emptiness in the technique is said to be able to cause insanity over time, and prolonged exposure can result in the target's brain temporarily shutting down from inactivity. However, this is not the true purpose of the technique, rather, Keshin uses it as a means to plug in other Genjutsu. Since the technique is rather empty, he is able to use basic applications of the Genjutsu: Sharingan to create a virtual world that the opponent will find themselves trapped in. Such an illusion completely immerses all five of the opponent's senses, making it nearly impossible to break free from.


Wind Release

Keshin's skill in making use of Wind Release's versatility has earned him the moniker The Wraith Who Rides The Wind (風に乗るレイス, Kaze Ni Noru Reisu); a title which was well-earned. One must not underestimate his usage of Wind Release. Keshin has a wide array of wind techniques at his disposal, but his favorite is Blade of Wind. With the wind under the control of his hands, Keshin will turn it into a lethal weapon. Yes, the same force that gives one relief on a hot day is turned into the most dangerous of blades when under Keshin's influence. His mastery of the Blade of Wind technique has been described as being without peer. He will kill an enemy before they even sense any danger; they find themselves leaving this world with the last thing in their recollection being a soft breeze. That same soft breeze then turns into a blade of unrivaled sharpness.

While it is true that Keshin's wind provides an excellent means of slicing an opponent, Keshin can use it defensively as well. Over the years, he has witnessed all sorts of defensive techniques. He has also seen many of these techniques fall in the path of stronger ones. He noticed that simply creating an obstacle between the attack and its target usually would not be enough. For surely the opponent would discover a way to either destroy or get around such a crude defense. It was not long before Keshin had created his very own defensive technique by combining the data he had gathered with a skillful application of Wind Release. He made a technique that would actually let him attack the very chakra in another technique. This would be done by using the wind in Keshin's technique to disperse the chakra in the opponent's. The sheer speed and power of this technique causes the chakra to suddenly scatter and destroys the technique from the inside out. Keshin named his new creation Evocation of Dismantling Wind. His wind provides him with the proper means to attack and defend; such power should not be taken lightly.

Yin Release

While Keshin is amazingly skilled in the art of Wind Release, perhaps his true strength lies in the Yin Release. When Keshin was locked up in the Shimogakure Prison, he discovered that Yin chakra can be used as an extension of his mind so to say. Only through extreme focus and extensive meditation did Keshin ever witness just what Yin could really do. By focusing both his mind and Yin chakra, he caused a fork in his cell to tremble on the floor. Thus, Yin Release: Psychokinesis was born. Through even more meditation, Keshin found that he was able to move multiple objects at once. According to Keshin, the size of the object means nothing. He has proved this on several occasions. One such occurrence was him stopping a meteor through application of his Psychokinetic powers alone. He has been seen to be able to uproot nearby trees, stop falling rocks, and once even control a bolt of lightning. But his Psychokinetic power is not limited to simply lifting objects and throwing them around, Keshin can applying his power in several different ways. A great example of this is his ability to choke an opponent by cutting off the airflow by means of Psychokinesis. This is accomplished by crushing the victim's throat with Psychokinetic power. Keshin can also use this application of the Yin Release: Psychokinesis to break an opponent's neck. This can be done by twisting or compressing their neck to the point where it is forced to snap. Keshin can commence choking a foe with a grip sort of gesture with his hand. Most usages of his Pychokinesis make use of hand gestures. Keshin is seen flicking his arm to the side of he intends to throw an already caught victim.

Aside from choking a foe, he has shown many other ways of dealing with an opponent. When Keshin first began using the Yin Release: Psychokinesis, he learned that in order to use it to its fullest potential, one must center themselves. Keshin learned to completely balance himself and sharpen his focus through meditation. This resulted in Keshin learning how to applying his Psychokinetic powers in a devastating way. Through sheer focus, Keshin will channel his Psychokinetic energy into the space around him. Then, he will draw it all in as he begins to levitate. Suddenly, he will release it in all directions. This results in a massive wave of energy that blows away everything in its path. Keshin can use it to throw back opponents if he has been surrounded, or to drive away incoming Ninjutsu assaults. And by using a similar principle, he can create a blast of repulsive energy from his hands. Keshin can simply throw one of his arms out and release a concentrated blast of Psychokinetic power. He can also create a much more powerful blast that can send incoming Ninjutsu or projectiles flying back at an enemy. By concentrating the energy between his hands, Keshin will create tremendous buildup of pressure. Then, by pushing his hands out towards the target, he can release that pressure in a single column of energy. Despite having flashy ways such as these to finish off an opponent, Keshin's favorite method of defeating an enemy with his psychokinesis is rather simple. He enjoys seizing his opponents with his power, and throwing them about. One cannot so easily break his grip. Absorbing the chakra used in this technique is nearly impossible, but if one manages to do so, it could make it worse on them. For the Yin chakra used in this technique is completely subjugated to Keshin's influence. Meaning, that once inside of a victim, Keshin could potentially attack their organs and kill them from the inside. Attempting to scatter the chakra in the technique is useless as well. For the chakra is under Keshin's nearly flawless control. For many long years, Keshin learned to gain an absolute command of his Psychokinetic powers. Through many hours of meditation, he continues to strengthen his powers, not satisfied with his current command of his technique.

Keshin does not only use Yin Release to gain Psychokinetic abilities, but for many other things as well. One such ability he gained is the power to take command over the shadows of himself and his surroundings. This allows him to create various constructs comprised of darkness. A basic usage of this technique consists of forming various weapons from his own shadow. He can form a sword, a bow and shadowy arrows to go with it, small projectiles that resemble a knife, and many, many more things. Another usage allows Keshin to shield himself from incoming attacks by using his own shadow to form a dome-like structure. The dome can shield him from various Ninjutsu that consist of one of the five basic elements. Taijutsu is completely useless against such a construct. Keshin can create shadowy spikes or tendrils to skewer or ensnare a nearby enemy. Keshin can also create shadowy spikes from the shadows of an opponent or the surrounding terrain to run an enemy through from all sides. Aside from this, he can also form thousands of shadow arms to restrict an opponent. These arms can also intercept an enemy's projectile attacks. Keshin's shadows are used for much more than just forming constructs, he can also create blasts of shadowy energy. In fact, one of his most powerful techniques is the Shadow Rogation: Karma. By forming a single rod of shadowy energy, Keshin will focus a tremendous amount of energy into it. Through a combination of both Konkaku and chakra, he will gather the surrounding aura and create a devastating explosion of concentrated shadows. The entire surrounding area will be caught in the blast. Even the strongest of defenses will fall in the wake of his technique.

A rather new and much more effective usage of Keshin's Shadow Rogation is the Shadow Rogation: Dark Void. This allows Keshin to directly connect to the Shadow Dimension. The applications of this technique are seemingly limitless. It enables him to envelop foes in their own shadow, and bring them to this realm of darkness. Not only does this usually end an encounter, but it also allows him to completely drain them of both their chakra, and Konkaku. Keshin can then circulate both energies simultaneously to himself. Thus, he has yet another mean to replenish his exhausted reserves mid combat.

Another usage lets him open portals within these shadows to intercept incoming attacks. When he does, he can then absorb the energy within it, or redirect it with another shadow. This principle is similar to the Shadow Rogation: Projection, a technique that allows him to project techniques through shadows. Also, the technique can let him store items within this dimension. Curiously, when Keshin opens a portal within a shadow to retrieve a stored item, it always seems to be right next to the portal. This could mean that the Shadow Dimension is indeed a small pocket dimension that exists within individual shadows, and not a world connected to all shadows as some may be lead to suspect. Either way, Keshin has learned to use this technique to its fullest potential.


A variation of the form Insaidoauto grants.

After Keshin absorbed the very essence of Kowaremashita, his body was filled with a malignant chakra. Such energy is said to have tremendous power when tapped into. But despite this, Keshin was unable to do much with this dark chakra besides fuel techniques. So in order to tap into this power, Keshin developed a technique known as Insaidoauto. When one uses the Insaidoauto, it allows one to call on the power deep inside of oneself. For Keshin, it's the darkness of Kowaremashita. When he activates this technique, he can take on the form of a shadowy warrior. Keshin tends to only matierlize the claws that Insaidoauto grants. With these, Keshin can inflict deep cuts on an opponent. He can also create shadowy wings that grant him the power of flight. If Keshin enters his full transformation, he will struggle to remain in control of himself. Both the crazed bloodlust that is standard in all Kirawa, and Kowaremashita will begin to take control. This is why Keshin rarely enters the full transformation that can be achieved with Insaidoauto.

Masks and Summoning Techniques

Being a member of the Amanojaku Clan, Keshin has one of the treasured masks of the clan in his possession; given to him by Daitengu Amanojaku. This mask is the Amamehagi; one that allows the wearer to summon and control each and every one of the Masked Beasts. These creatures' power varies from beast to beast; each having a specific set of skills with the sole purpose of benefitting their master.

  • Aosagihohi is perhaps the most well-known of Keshin's summons, for he is often seen on the creature's back. It is a large, dragonic creature that flies like a wyvern. Its large, webbed wings whip up strong winds as it takes off. The face of Aosagihohi is like that of a mask; a flat, disc-shaped mask with asymmetrical red lines running all over its surface. The cries of this creature are said to be capable of frightening even the bravest of heroes with the high screeching sound it makes. From its mask, it can fire highly concentrated blasts of highly destructive chakra that is capable of mass destruction. It has been said that a dozen Aosagihohi could take even the most protected of strongholds; attacking from all directions and firing off chakra beams on those below.
  • Amefurikōzo is a creature that any member of the Amanojaku Clan can easily summon with their mask. It is a monkey-like creature that feeds off of chakra itself. With this peculiar hunger, it is able to devour just about any chakra-based construct or technique; drawing the energy into its cold, steel mask-like face. On top of its absorptive powers, it sports a pair of sharp claws that are used to slash opponents. It is also rather quick and able to keep up with most foes. Amefurikōzo are usually summoned in swarms, as one Amefurikōzo would be rather useless by itself.
  • Furutsubaki-no-Rei, the largest of the Masked Beasts, and easily the most powerful, is Keshin's resort when all else fails. This monstrous summon looks similar to a massive boar, and actually fights in a similar manner. Its attacks consist of wild charges at the opponent. Such moves result in the opponent being trampled, gored, or both. The sheer size and power of Furutsubaki-no-Rei is enough to easily overcome most enemies; it has even been seen to be able to wrestle with a completed Susanoo, and can take a few blows from the swords of the mighty ethereal warrior with its tough hide. However, while it is indeed powerful with its raw strength alone, it does have another means of attack. Furutsubaki-no-Rei can create massive spheres of dense, red chakra that work similarly to the Tailed Beast Balls that Tailed Beasts and their Jinchuriki can make. Upon contact, they will explode into giant blasts of chakra. These explosions are capable of mass destruction and can penetrate most defenses with ease.
  • Namahage is quite an unusual specimen even for the Masked Beasts. Standing at about six feet tall, it is humanoid in appearance and seems to be an intelligent creature. Yet, its only means of communication is a loud screech that can potentially bust the eardrums of anyone nearby; Keshin himself has to be wary of Namahage's cries. However, its main means of attack is the usage of the sharp tendril-like appendages on its sleeves. With quick, concise moves, it can slash a nearby opponent with ease.


While possessing a variety of powerful techniques utilized through normal means, Keshin is widely known for his ocular powers. Having been the spawn of a man from the Amanojaku Clan, and a woman with an ancient Uchiha lineage, Keshin inherited the Sharingan from his mother's side of the family. The holy eyes of the Uchiha Clan would be put to excellent use in the more than capable hands of Keshin. Much to the dismay of his opponents, however, his eyes would eventually evolve into the Kaleidoscope Eyes wielded by those who have the Sharingan, and have witnessed the death of a loved one and experienced a great sense of loss. This, along with the fusion of he and Izanagi's chakra, would allow him to awaken several unique techniques.

Due to the naturally dark and malignant nature of Keshin's Konkaku, and now, the transformation of his chakra after absorbing Kowaremashita, his Dōjutsu would stray away from the tradition of the crimson eyes of the Uchiha, and rather, take on a dark purple hue. His eyes are said to represent the state of his soul; dark.


Keshin's Sharingan
When Keshin witnessed his father's death and the kidnapping of his sister, Keshin awakened the very thing that the men who caused these occurrences sought: the Uchiha's Sharingan. However, after this, it returned to its dormant state until it was reawakened during the heat of combat. With his crimson eyes, Keshin can completely read an opponent's moves and make accurate predictions of their next ones. This is because Keshin's Sharingan is the "Eye of Insight" (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan): one of the two broad abilities of the Sharingan. Keshin is not limited to making predictions about his opponent's actions, he can also copy an opponent's moves and words with such accuracy, that it would seem that he were able to read his opponent's mind. But this is actually accomplished by studying a foe's muscle twitches and other indications of an opponent's actions. Keshin is also able to copy just about any technique that to he has witnessed with his dojutsu. Of course, Kekkei Genkai and some hiden techniques are exceptions.

Aside from the copycat abilities granted by the Sharingan, it has other usages. Keshin's Sharingan is not only the "Eye of Insight", but has another distinct ability called the "The Eye of Hypnotism" (催眠眼, Saimingan). Through his eyes, Keshin is able to cast powerful Genjutsu. His crimson eyes allow him to paint pictures in his mind's eye, and force them onto the target with his physical eyes. These Genjutsu are able to break most opponent's with ease.

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

When Keshin unintentionally killed his own mother, he experienced immense sadness. This sorrow was enough to awaken his own Mangekyō Sharingan. For an entire year, his eyes lacked any abilities, and were void of any unique techniques.

After finding his Muramasa, when the Satsujinki in the area confronted him, Keshin simultaneously awakened the two powers that lay dormant in his eyes. With his right eye, he could create the legendary winds of Shinatsuhikō. Keshin already possessed a great deal of knowledge and skill in the field of Wind Release, but with Shinatsuhikō, he could create blades of wind that were faster, stronger, and sharper than his normal techniques. With his left eye, he would manifest an ability known as Zephyr Release. Zephyr Release works similarly to its counterpart Blaze Release, and allows the user to manipulate the blades of wind that can be formed with the Shinatsuhikō. This allow some Imm to form various constructs and weapons comprised of dark wind. However, he is not limited to just creating these constructs, but Keshin is also able to utilizing various techniques like that of the standard Wind Release. He is quite skilled at creating large, shockwave-like blades of wind. He can do this through the Zephyr Release: Vacuum Wave technique. Keshin's blades, however, are not always shaped like the typical arc-like appearance that this technique usually takes on. Keshin can also create blades that resemble spearheads. This allows the technique to travel much faster than it normally would.

Other uses of Zephyr Release include Keshin creating dozens of wind bullets capable of tearing through his opponent's flesh. An even more lethal usage of Zephyr Release is Keshin's Zephyr Release: Vacuum Sphere. With this technique, Keshin can cover a large vicinity with sharp wind blades. This makes it extremely difficult to avoid and especially effective against fast opponents. Such range and speed makes a truly lethal technique. Zephyr Release techniques are of a much higher caliber than standard Wind Release techniques. And aside from the standard recreation of Wind Release techniques through Shinatsuhikō and Zephyr Release, Keshin created a few of his own techniques. One of these is his Zephyr Release: Body Flicker Technique. Unlike the standard version, this technique allows Keshin to instantaneously dissipate into a current of wind, and reappear somewhere else. In the initial transporting phase, Keshin can shape the windy form he has taken on into several wind blades like that of a technique he might use. This allows him to slice an opponent while remaining in an intangible state. But besides a useful means of transportation, Keshin also developed a technique known as Zephyr Release: Void Sphere. This peculiar technique creates a medium-sized sphere of dark wind that has an unusual effect on its surroundings. As if it had a sort of void at its center, the sphere will pull any nearby objects or techniques into it, causing them to coat or orbit it. Keshin uses this property to either divert an opponent's attack from its course, or to create a deadlier technique by combining it with more of his own.

Keshin's Shinatobe

Keshin's Final Shinatobe.

Keshin's greatest usage of Zephyr Release is only accessible through the usage of both eyes. It is a technique known as Shinatobe. This ability creates a massive, dark ethereal warrior from the black winds of the Shinatsuhikō. Keshin's Shinatobe, like its brother technique, Susanoo, has several developmental stages. Keshin can first manifest a simple spiraling coil of wind around him to deflect incoming attacks. This would be the first phase, or commonly called the "ribcage". Though, unlike Susanoo's variant, it does not take on the form of an actual ribcage. The second phase is simply a massive warrior that looks similar to the Completed variant of the Susanoo. It can sport up to two pairs of arms, each with its respective swords. This form of Shinatobe can be enlarged by means of Zephyr Release to easily tower over all other opponents and cause mass destruction. This is not where the potential of Shinatobe ends, however, for there is a third stage developed by Keshin himself. Often referred to as his "Final Shinatobe", he will cause the limbs of his ethereal warrior to transform into massive cyclones. Like users of the standard Complete Susanoo, he is able to fly when in this state and can continue to expand his warrior to better accommodate his goal.

Kirawa Abilities

As a Kirawa, Keshin is cursed with an insatiable bloodlust that will haunt him throughout his entire life. However, he is also granted a wide array of abilities to aid him in his quest for blood. Specifically, he has a power connected to the very souls of humans, and can draw energy from the souls of others, and himself.

Tamashijutsu and Ectoplasmic Manipulation

Keshin Konkaku1

Keshin releasing his Konkaku from his hand.

Keshin is able to access a nearly forgotten branch of techniques known as Tamashijutsu. With his mastery over this ancient division of arts, he is able to draw upon, manipulate, and absorb a substance known as Konkaku, or more commonly referred to as Soul Energy. Keshin prefers to use his Konkaku over chakra, as his reserves of Konkaku are much larger than his shallow well of chakra. When using techniques through his Konkaku, as it can be used as an alternate fuel for techniques, non-Kirawa will be unable to sense the attack. This is because only Kirawa can learn to sense and devour this energy. While some users of the Rinnegan have been seen to take chakra from the souls they absorb, none are able to access this energy. A true master of Konkaku can devour the soul of another, absorb and utilize all of the Konkaku in that soul, and release it in the form of Konkaku-powered Ninjutsu or in unique Tamashijutsu techniques. Only the most skilled users of Tamashijutsu are actually able to use techniques that are unique to this branch, as most simply use the absorptive abilities granted by a basic mastery over Tamashijutsu. Keshin was actually develop a technique that has yet to be recreated, one known as Soul Shackle. This technique creates long, white chains comprised of pure, compressed Konkaku. If the chains have been formed using Keshin's own, they can be manifested directly from the body in a similar manner to the Uzumaki Clan's Adamantine Sealing Chains. They can be used to constrict an opponent, or simply impale them. Keshin can also cause the chains to sprout up and out of the ground by focusing his Konkaku into his feet and sending them through the ground, though, the same end goal can be accomplished through the use of his hands by applying the same basic principles. However, when Keshin siphons an opponent's Konkaku to create the attack, the chains will be drawn to the opponent, and will try to make their way to the foe's soul. This will either result in the unrelentless chasing and eventual impaling of the opponent, or them simply being constricted to death.

Perhaps one of Keshin's most well-known usages of Tamashijutsu, and Konkaku in general is his Cloak of Souls; a truly impeccable application of Tamashijutsu. By manipulating his own soul and the Konkaku within, he can create a type of barrier that causes anything within it to become invisible. However, since Konkaku has mass, the technique is not absolute, and small distortions in the air where the technique is cast may be seen. Though, these may be dismissed as hallucinations, as no chakra can be felt from anything within this space thanks to the curious nature of Konkaku. Silent like the grim reaper himself, Keshin can sneak behind an opponent and whisk them away into the next world with a swift attack. His extensive usage of this technique has earned him the reputation as a silent wraith who watches his prey; waiting for the right moment to strike. To take his stealth abilities a step further, Keshin can combine this with his Zephyr Release: Body Flicker Technique; allowing him to travel in the form of the dark wind of Shinatsuhikō, and remain unseen. Thus, creating an attack that is almost undetectable. Furthermore, he can combine the technique with nearly every technique he has. This means he can use the technique to hide any of his techniques, and not only himself.

Aside from techniques that have been specifically named, Keshin can use Konkaku in other ways. One such way is through the creation of Konkaku spheres that can be hurled at an opponent. Unlike the Truth-Seeking Balls used by sages, the spheres Keshin creates are not dense, and rather, take on a wavy sort of appearance. These wispy balls of Konkaku can actually be used to consume the Konkaku of whatever it has come into contact with. Potentially, it could drain an opponent of all their Konkaku, and actually devour their very soul. While the attack is very effective when used against those who have no mastery over their Konkaku, the spheres will have little use against a fellow Kirawa, who will simply consume the attack and use the newly acquired Konkaku against the one who used the attack.

Soul Visage

Soul Visage Keshin

Keshin's Soul Visage.

Unlike most Kirawa, Keshin did not manifest his Soul Visage until he first entered The Yomi in search of Muramasa. This trait seen in all Kirawa allows them to see the souls of all people, as the name suggests. Without the Soul Visage, Kirawa would be unable to visualize Konkaku and souls. When this phenomenon is active, the user's irides will take on a blood red hue, and their sclerae will be dyed as black as midnight. While Keshin seems to be able to activate this peculiar trait at will, it is much more common for it to simply manifest when his Kirawa bloodlusts get the best of him. The eyes of a Kirawa are said to reflect the darkness in their soul and are able to strike fear into even the most courageous of foes.


"You shouldn't be worried about who lets me do it; worry about who's gonna stop me when I do it."

"I think the best feeling in life is doing something everyone says you can't do."

"I don't need to interfere; you'll fuck yourself on your own."

"If you don't kill me, start running."

"In case you're wondering what the hell just happened; I did. I happened."

"There is great beauty in darkness. In it, we can conceal ourselves in an impenetrable veil that swallows our deepest sadnesses and sorrows."

"For the time being, I'll cope with my brokenness. I'll make this Hell into home."

"Without blackness, we would be unable to define the other beautiful colors. Without darkness, we wouldn't truly appreciate the light. People take for granted the goodness they have in their lives; so I will walk in darkness, so you may see the light."

"You do not truly love someone unless you've seen their darkness, and accepted it."

"Let's see how long your light shines in my darkness. Shining in the light is easy, but only the brightest can illuminate the dark."

"If you try and get inside my head, you'll get lost in the dark."

"Do you know how fast light travels? One-hundred eighth-six thousand two-hundred eighty-two miles a second. That's pretty fast, but no matter how fast light travels, the darkness is always there first; waiting with open arms."

"Not even all the darkness in the world can put out the light of a single candle, but that's not the point. My darkness is meant to show others to the light; one can't even see the tiny flame of the candle without an abundance of darkness; I provide that abundance."

"Oh, immortal, eh? Let's see how long you think so."

"True heroes aren't what you think; they are those who have been to the darkest part of their mind, conquered it, and accepted who they really are."