Knight Keshin

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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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"There's no point in trying to save me now; I've crossed over to the point of no return. Sinners such as myself are beyond salvation...just how it is. But that's ok. To me it is better to walk with a friend in the dark than to walk in the light alone. To me...the darkness is where I belong. I will be a specter in the shadows; a lurker in the night; a watcher in the dark. This is my purpose: to walk in the darkness with that thousands will see the light."
— Keshin speaking to Kusari

Nature Icon Yin-Yang Keshin Amanojaku Nature Icon Yin-Yang
Byakkō | Tamagui
Keshin Formal
Kanji 天邪鬼ケシン
Romaji Amanojaku Keshin
Title(s) Byakkō (白虎, White Tiger)
Tamagui (魂食い, Soul Eater)
Chaos Hunter (渾沌狩人, Konton Shujin)
Carnage of the Prophecy (預言の修羅, Yogen no Shura)
Walker of Heaven and Earth (天地歩み, Tenchi Ayumi)
Infinity Swordsman (無限の剣士, Mugen no Kenshi)
Wind Riding Swordsman (風乗り剣士, Kazenori Kenshi)
Fierce God of Kenjutsu (鬼剣術の神, Ki Kenjutsu no Kami)
Keshin of the Abyss (深淵のケシン, Shinen no Keshin)
Keshin of the Six Swords (六刀のケシン, Rokutō no Keshin)
Keshin of Yin-Yang Release (陰陽遁のケシン, Onmyōton no Keshin)
Shinigami of Iyoku (意欲の死神, Iyoku no Shinigami)
Fallen Iyoku (堕ちた意欲, Ochita Iyoku)
Sixth God (六人目の神, Rokuninme no Kami)
Sixth Shinigami (六人目の死神, Rokuninme no Shinigami)
Age 107
Gender Male
Height 201.18 cm
Weight 87.11 kg
Professional Status
Byakkodo Symbol
Hometown ???
Previous Affiliation Shimogakure Symbol Shimogakure
Partner Kusari Inuzuka
Personal Status
Byakkodo Symbol
Family Kusari Inuzuka (Lover)
Daitengu Amanojaku (Adoptive Brother)
Clan Amanojaku2 Amanojaku Clan
Iyoku Clan Symbol Iyoku Clan
Ōtsutsuki Clan Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan (Descendant)
Byakkodo Symbol
Rank Chunin (Formally)

Clan Head

Classification Kirawa
Academy Graduation 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Byakkodo Symbol
Keshin Stats3
Kekkei Mōra Nature Icon Byakkodō Byakkodō
Unique Traits Pseudo-Immortal
Can see Souls and Konkaku
Passively absorbs Konkaku from living things
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin-Yang Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release

Iyoku Style: Quasar
Iyoku Style: Infinity Blade


Cloak of Souls
Evocation of Dismantling Wind
Evocation of Wave Guiding Wind
Evocation of Wind
Slashing Bandages
Soul Shackle
Very Hiden: Ame-no-Koyane
Very Hiden: Oneness With Wind
Very Hiden: Heavenly Division of the Twin Boundaries
Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity
Very Hiden: Nonself Manifested Calamity
Yang Blade Technique
Yang Cutter
Yang Release: Phantasm
Yin Blade Technique
Yin Blotting
Yin Release: Psychokinesis
Yin-Yang Release: Spatial Decree
Yin-Yang Release: Spatial Dominance


Fuma Shuriken
Six Jiganemaru
Wire Strings

Keshin Tamagui Quote

"It is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour."
— 1 John 2:18

Chaos Hunter

Keshin Amanojaku (天邪鬼ケシン, Amanojaku Keshin) is one of the last members of the elusive Amanojaku Clan and the sole candidate to one day lead the clan. Born in an impoverished village south of Shimogakure, Keshin grew up to know very little of his Amanojaku heritage. The only hints to his celestial origins was the mysterious affinity he possessed, and his unique bloodline. This along with his natural shinobi instincts lead to Keshin becoming a ninja within the nearby Shimogakure. It was not long before the boy rose through the shinobi ranks and gained recognition from his peers and village leaders. Within a few months after becoming a genin, Keshin had already become a chunin. By this time, he had become the village's pride. He was the light that shined in the people's darkest hour. Some believed he would grow up to become the next Shimokage, others the leader of the ANBU Black Ops. These expectations, however, were crushed when Keshin's true nature was revealed. He was no human, but a Kirawa; a humanoid demon that feeds on bloodshed. Spontaneous switches of personality are common among these beings; Keshin murdered a fellow villager during his first switch. For this crime, the fifteen year old boy would be forced to accompany his sensei, Daitengu Amanojaku, and would find refuge in his Mask Shop east of Iwagakure and fled Shimogakure as a Missing-Nin. Shortly after he met up with Kusari Inuzuka, someone he had encountered and befriended during the Chunin Exams held in Konohagakure. From then on, he became a wanderer, aimlessly roaming the shinobi world. But no matter how far he ran, his Kirawa nature kept up with him, always causing the death of innocents. During one such incident, Keshin desecrated an entire village. The sole survivor being a small child. In an attempt to repent for his crime, he took the child in and named her Surotiku. Thus, he struggled against his nature, and sought to become somewhat human in the least.

As time passed on, Keshin gained the attention of a specter who wanted to abuse the boy's powers. Luring Keshin to his lair within The Yomi, he convinced Keshin that this limbo was the afterlife. Then he proceeded to twist the young boy's thinking and persuaded him to work towards his cause; flooding the world with the souls gathered in The Yomi. For a while Keshin served under Kowaremashita. It was not until he was ready to destroy the Fifth Gate that would cause the barrier between The Yomi and the realm of the living to be dissolved that the inscription of his mother's words melted his heart of stone. This caused Keshin to hesitate and ultimately refuse to work with Kowaremashita any longer. After a brief spat between the two, Keshin would engage the monster and defeat him. Now enraged and power-hungry, Keshin's nature took control of him as it had many times before. Driving him into a sadistic rage, he began to bite and devour the shadow. This incident caused him to gain the moniker Shinigami of Iyoku (意欲の死神, Iyoku no Shinigami) - pointing to his heritage from another clan - from his clansmen.

Consuming so much dark chakra at once took a toll on Keshin's body; he spent five years of suspended animation within The Yomi. Once he awoke from his dormancy, he would seek out both his child and Kusari, both of which had disappeared. For a week, he was unable to locate either, that is, until he stumbled upon a Jashinist citadel. As he attempted to break through and make it to the bowels of the stronghold, he was ultimately overwhelmed by the sheer number of Jashinists that had come to meet him. He was defeated, tortured, and ultimately crucified. Overjoyed by the fact that they had defeated the famed Byakkō, the Jashinists prepared to sacrifice his daughter before they offered him up to their god. It seemed as though Keshin had finally been broken. He hung his head in defeat and prepared to accept death. But just before the reaper could swing his sickle, Keshin seized him by the throat. The cries for help from his daughter caused him to manage a final surge of strength. Using the power of gods through a forbidden technique, he broke the cross he had been nailed to over his own back. His precious child, however, had suffered too much and had succumbed to her injuries. He was unable to reach her in time. That night, over two hundred men lost their lives, and the ones who had achieved immortality wished they were dead. All that remained of the once mighty church dedicated to worshipping Jashin was the bodies of the dead men who once served him, and the mangled severed appendages of the ones who were beyond death.

Surotiku's death had a huge impact on Keshin's life. After her death, he began to aimlessly wander around the world. Broken by his failure to protect the child, he became a wandering mercenary. From then on he was known as Tamagui (魂食い, lit. Soul Eater). Donning a suit of dark armor, Keshin would wander the world, killing off evildoers as he went. During these travels he was reunited with Kusari Inuzuka, the girl he had traveled with for so long. Upon arriving at an arena hidden away within the Land of Ravines, he would storm the Colosseum to find a bound Kusari at its center. All those years ago she had declared Keshin her "alpha" after he defeated her sensei in single combat. But when he was rendered unconcious in the conclusion of he and Kowaremashita's final battle, she rejected him and ran. Keshin, however, had not forgotten about her. Massacring everyone present except Kusari, he would remove the mask that concealed his face from view. Upon seeing Keshin - the man she had abandoned several years ago - save her, she was moved to tears. It was there and then that the girl who was always void of emotion learned to love. Thus, Keshin finally felt redeemed, and was freed from the burden he carried. After this incident, Tamagui was no more, and a new persona arose: Byakkō (白虎, White Tiger). While Tamagui represented the darkness within Keshin's mind and the initiation of a new beginning, Byakkō is a figure of his newly redeemed self; one that has found both love and a purpose. Now, Keshin lives with his lover, Kusari, in the Land of Ravines. He has made it his responsibility to protect his clan and family, and lead those around him to the right path, even if he must walk in the dark. As an alpha, lover, and soulmate to Kusari; as a father, teacher, and protector to his children; as a leader, guardian, and king of his people, Keshin walks in the darkness, so that all may see the light. This is his Nindō.


Early Life

On a cool spring morning, a baby was born to a widow in a remote village on the mountainous border of the Land of Frost. When the little boy entered the world, he neither cried nor laughed, but remained completely silent. This, of course, surprised his mother, who expected a child to be rather difficult to keep content. Her baby, however, was easy to care for. Being reminded of her now deceased husband having joked about wanting a child who needed little from his parents, she became depressed that he was not there to see the child he dreamed of having. This prompted her to name the boy Keshin (ケシン, Despair); a strange name for a boy who was seemingly a blessing. For the next nine years he spent with his mother all day at home, Keshin showed just how much of a blessing he really was. As if he were a gift from heaven itself, he was always there to help his mother no matter the task. Be it chores, shopping, or anything that he could assist her with, Keshin was ready to help. His mother grew to adore her son, and placed his well-being over her own; this reflected the way Keshin felt about her. Even though he was small, his mother had already began to teach him how to be a man. She always repeated that Keshin would "grow up to be a man who protects those who cannot protect themselves; the man his father would've wanted him to be". These words took root in Keshin's tiny heart and would shape the person he would become.

By the age of nine, Keshin had demonstrated his ability to use the scarcely used Yin and Yang Releases. When his mother learned of her son's prowess, she was ecstatic. Excited to have birthed a prodigy, she wasted no time to enroll Keshin in the nearby Shimogakure's shinobi academy. There, he learned the basics of ninja combat and protocol. It was not long before he realized that this was his calling. Keshin's skill in combat caused even the best in the class to seem insignificant. This gained the attention of other students, his instructors, the village head himself, but most importantly, his mother. While he received praise from shinobi and commoner alike, the only one of these that mattered to him was his mother. Every day after school he would come home to a warm embrace. His mother would then ruffle his hair and call him her "little prodigy". Aceing all of his classes and being praised for it; this was Keshin's daily routine. But after two months of this, Keshin's instructors prepared a test for Keshin to take. The results would determine if he would be allowed to graduate from the academy now or later. Passing with perfect scores in all fields except the written portion, Keshin was allowed to become a full-fledged Genin and was presented with his papers by the village head in the center of the village. It had been a long time since Shimogakure had seen any exceptional shinobi rise from their own village. Keshin gave the people hope that their village could be one that would have influence on the shinobi world on a larger scale.

To Protect...

"What good is it to become a shinobi when you can't even be a man? It isn't about whether you were able to protect your friends or not; don't get me wrong, protect them with all your might. But what I'm trying to say is you just left; you didn't try. Things got rough and you chickened out. That's not what a real man does; that's not what my son will do. So swear to me that no matter what, you will never, EVER run away again!"
— Keshin's mother

After being assigned to a three-man squad under the watchful eye of a Jōnin leader, Keshin would prove his worth to Shimogakure on various missions. His sensei and teammates happily accepted Keshin and the squad soon became close with one another. They were like their own little family. But as many families do, this closely-knit group was ultimately split up by destiny itself. On a rather dangerous mission that involved entering enemy territory; that on the Land of Earth's, Keshin and his squad were ambushed near the border. While they fought hard, one by one the members of Shimogakure's fourth team fell in battle. Nameless shinobi that died without a funeral. Fearing for his life the ten year-old Keshin ran. He had the head start since he had hung back during the conflict. He was terrified beyond anything he had ever felt before. The boy who Shimogakure had become so proud of left the battle crying like a small girl; he was ashamed to come home to his village. But the inner pain he felt would only be magnified when his mother learned of the incident.

Keshin's mother consoled her son and told him he would be fine. Then, after he calmed down a bit, slapped him right across the face and scolded him for not being a man. She proceeded to berate him about leaving his squad and letting them all die. The crying boy simply responded by saying he could not have done anything against multiple shinobi, but his mother would not hear it. She then explained that in order to be a man, a true shinobi, Keshin would have to fight for his friends no matter the situation. It was not about the chance of success, it was the mindset her son had. Even if Keshin had died he would have died a hero, and his mother could not have asked for more. Although traumatized by the death of his comrades, the boy got up and tried to look as strong as possible. Keshin then swore to his mother that he would never run away again, and that no matter the situation he would make her proud by fighting for what's right. Satisfied, his mother hugged him. Then, as if nothing had happened, she began to comfort him about his loss.

Chūnin Exams: To Konoha!


Rivalry: Kusari vs Keshin



"I will never, ever, EVER run away! What you're doing to Kusari is wrong - whether she knows it or not! She isn't a tool, she's a human being! I won't let you touch her! You'll never be her alpha! Someone such as yourself deserves to die!"
— Keshin's rage

Keshin Comforting Kusari

After defeating her sensei, Keshin comforts Kusari.

After the exams commenced, Keshin had taken a liking to Kusari; the girl he had fought in the semifinal match of the tournament. Because of this, he had visited Konoha once or twice after the exam to visit her. On one such occasion, however, Keshin would stumble upon the girl's sensei, Raizo, attempting to rape her. Fueled by rage, Keshin would break the man's grip around her hair and create a distance between the two. Kusari, although scared, had not been abused by her sensei just yet; Keshin was just in time. Raizo, stating he was her alpha, had told Kusari that it was her duty to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. In short, she was a tool. This philosophy angered Keshin, who simply stated to a frightened and shocked Kusari that she had no reason to show any sort of respect or affection towards someone such as this - regardless of their strength. After these words, Keshin would engage Raizo. His first two attempts at landing a hit with his Yang Cutter would be stopped by the cheap tactics of Raizo. The man was no better than a mere Chunin, but despite this, was able to rise up to the rank of Jonin due to his use of his team. Now, he used his three-man squad as an extension of his own senses, and would substitute them into battle to fight for himself.

This ultimately made no difference to Keshin, as he had already defeated the entirety of Raizo's squad in the Chunin Exams, as Raizo had rigged the brackets in order to make sure all three of his students would face the Amanojaku boy. The cowardice fighting style Raizo employed proved to be annoying, but not too difficult for Keshin to overcome. However, it was during their battle that Keshin grew reckless. Leaving an opening, he allowed Raizo to break his arm. The older man thought he had won already, and began to berate Keshin; calling him weak as his father before him was. It was there that Keshin would learn the truth about his father's disappearance; Raizo killed him.

The rage Keshin experienced now was without peer in this realm, let alone the next. Bringing himself to his feet, he braced his broken arm with bandages and a supplementary usages of Yang Release; this allowed him to grip his sword. With another onslought, he engaged Raizo again. Screaming as his blades made contact with his adversary's kunai, he roared at the top of his lungs that he would never touch Kusari. Raizo wasn't nearly as skilled as Keshin when it came to combat - he was having difficulty keeping up. He finally thought he had a break, as he was in a bladelock with Keshin, but the boy would activate his Yang Blade Technique. This allowd him to slice clean through Raizo's kunai. Right after doing so, he severed both of the man's forearms. When Raizo screamed in pain, Keshin would seize the man's long hair - just as Raizo had done to Kusari moments before - and issue a single command.


Forcing Raizo to his knees, the boy's eyes met the victims. The tear-stained cheeks of his opponent entertained him. Seeing the one who had tried to rape felt good. Gripping Raizo's hair, - threatening to rip it from his scalp - Keshin would hold him in place as he jabbed him with his knee. Over and over, he did this. He wanted the man to see who was in charge; who the omega was; who was who's bitch.

After Raizo was rendered unconscious from the repeated blows, Keshin would collapse from pain and stress. Then, several ANBU shinobi would arrive to the scene. Raizo was arrested for admitting to murder and attempting to molest a child; one of the ANBU had witnessed these actions. He had also seen Keshin stand up for the girl. During the actual fight, however, he had left to get reinforcements. By the time they came back, Keshin hadwrapped things up. With Raizo gone, Kusari would be safe, and she'd begin to question the automatic trust she had for anyone strong. She was still young, and didn't want to be as close to a man as her sensei had wanted her to. Furthermore, she couldn't help but be curious about Keshin - her new alpha, as she put it. Daitengu had taken him away from Konoha; back to Shimogakure. She'd have to ask him some other time; why had he helped her?


"Why do you struggle so much to please these people? You've always been...different anyways..."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out soon...I can already feel your soul stirring inside of you"
— Kowaremashita and Keshin's brief exchange

Upon returning to Shimogakure and having his wounds tended to by his mother, - leading to his recovery - Keshin would present the village head with the results of his endeavors. Despite being the one and only shinobi from Shimo sent to the exam, he did very well; only losing during the final round against Kusari Inuzuka. Pleased with Keshin's performance, he congratulated the boy on his excellent work and presented him with a standard Chūnin vest. Keshin was ecstatic, and showed it visually as he danced around the room for a moment before running out into the village and hurrying home to his house outside Shimogakure. Arriving home, he showed his mother the vest he had just recieved from the village head. Feigning excitement, she got up and stroked its surface before asking what exactly it was. Screaming much louder than he intended to, Keshin responded that this was proof of his promotion from Genin to Chūnin. This allowed his mother to be genuinely excited and resulted in her hugging him tight. She was unable to contain her happiness and released a happy scream. In unison, the two filled their small abode with yells of joy. The older woman then grew serious and looked Keshin right in the eyes. She told him this meant he had to work times as hard as he worked when he was a Genin and that absolutely NO skipping on training. As soon as her son saluted and replied with a hearty "Yes ma'am!", she kicked him out the house and instructed to work on his Ninjutsu before slamming the door. As he walked away from their little shack he would hear his mother's happy squeals from behind the door. He could not help but smile as he looked down at the vest he carried. Undoing the packaging, he slipped it on. He felt much more "manly" now than he did before. Keshin then picked up his pace and went off into the nearby forest.

Upon arriving at his favorite spot Keshin began to train. He cycled through several different Taijutsu conditioning methods that had been recommended by his deceased sensei all those years ago. Even then, he still did the push-up, sit-up and other excercises he had been instructed to do. This diligence was fueled by the will to please both his mother and the village. But this same diligence had caught the eye of an unwelcome spectator. While going about his own business Keshin heard the voice of the specter. He mocked Keshin for trying to "fit in" with "normal people" and laughed. A startled Keshin would spin around and try to locate the source of the voice, but to no avail. The eerie laughter resonated through the trees of the forest and echoed through the midst of the grotto. When Keshin asked who was there he received a most curious response. "No one but you." Agitated, Keshin demanded for an answer. But the specter had already left; Keshin was alone now. Although disturbed he had a relatively light-hearted nature and did not think much of it. Thus, Keshin continued his training as if nothing had happened.

An hour had passed since the specter's unnerving words. Although he acted as if he was not worried, Keshin had concerns about what the creature had said. What did it mean that he "Wasn't like them"? It had him dumbstruck. Due to his worry he became unable to focus. After packing up a few things, Keshin left for his home. On the way back he began to feel lightheaded. His pace slowly digressed until he came to a complete halt. He didn't feel good. he sat down and leaned back against a tree, not sure of what was going on. He looked at his hands; sweaty. Not from training earlier, for this was fresh sweat. Why? He felt a warm feeling in his chest. Then, a sudden lurch. He heard voices in his head; his voice. Encouraging him to destroy. Keshin made a move to get up and tried to hurry home, but his headache worsened and he was forced back down. For the first time in his life his true nature showed itself. The dark eyes of a Kirawa shined with a malignant light. Keshin had lost himself. Now someone else seemed to be present. The conflicted boy sprung up from his place under the tree and took off towards his town. A crazed smile slowly spread across his face as a man came into view. At this point, all sanity within him had faded away. Only the mind of a demon remained. One that enjoyed sadistic killing. He closed in on his prey, reducing the space between them to nothing in mere seconds. Then as if his hand were a blade, he pierced him through the chest. Blood flew from the confused man and splattered onto Keshin's face. After convulsing in small seizures, the man died without the slightest clue of who had killed him. Keshin's eyes then returned to normal, and he beheld the gruesome scene before him. He had never killed before; never in his life. Falling to his knees he let out a terrified scream. He had no idea what was happening. His mother had heard him and had exited their home to find her son crying next to a corpse. With the man's blood on his arm, it did not take long for his mother to deduce what had happened. Covering her mouth in horror, she said nothing. Keshin begged his mother for help as he cried next to his first victim; screaming he didn't know what happened. He was a boy with nowhere to hide. No one was there to comfort him. Now, he was a disgrace to both his mother and his village. To them, no matter how he pleaded, he would be seen as one thing: a monster.

Shinobi from Shimogakure would be heading his way soon, and Keshin needed to run. He took off as fast as his trembling legs would carry him. He didn't now where he was going, but for all he cared, it didn't matter. Faster and faster, he bolted through the snowy fields. Soon, he began to teleport, seeking to get as far away as possible. For nearly an hour, he fled his village, and would wind up at the Land of Frost's border. Now, he was alone; finally.

At least, he thought so...

His sensei - self-proclaimed, anyways - Daitengu was right behind him. Stating that it was about "that time" for Keshin's supernatural hunting instincts to surface. Now confused, Keshin asked about what he was. With a heavy sigh, Daitengu explained that Keshin was a Kirawa - like himself. Kirawa being creatures that are humanoid in appearance, yet possess demonic characteristics. Their human minds and bodies are not enough to contain the evil within, which results in similar incidents to the one that just occurred. A disheartened Keshin would go one to ask Daitengu why he hid this from him, and only got a smile. WIP

Escape to What's Beyond


An Old Friend


Keeper of the Balance


The Gates


Shadow's Influence


He Who is Called Tamagui

Keshin Abysswalker 3

The Fall of Keshin; the Rise of Tamagui.

The Arena


Byakkō, newly redeemed, carves his lover's path to salvation.



"For the last hair is white, not gray. Stop calling me "old man"

"Whatever you say, you sexy old man."

You're sleeping on the couch."
— Keshin and Kusari

Young Keshin 2

A teenage Keshin; Shimogakure's pride.

As a young man flowering into manhood, Keshin was often referred to as very handsome. He had a head of dark brown hair that was never kept. Despite his attempts to tame his mop, it always seemed to rebel against his wishes and remained messy. In some places, such as the back of his head, his hair would curl a bit. For the most part, however, his hair would sit straight on his head, possibly sticking up or out in some places. In addition to a head full of "pretty" - noted by Kusari - hair, he had a goatee, distinguishing him from his peers. He had a pair of beautiful ice blue eyes that could melt the heart of anyone he looked at. In some lights, however, they would appear to be a pale pink - the cause of this phenomenon is unknown. When accompanied with his goofy, carefree grin, he was irresistible. A shining beacon of hopeful youth energy, Keshin was a person anyone felt like they could approach and talk to - assuming they weren't intimidated by his height. Keshin stood, and still remains, at the height of six foot four inches; something that makes him stand out more than he already does. He had a lean figure, but was not without muscle. His arms and legs were especially well-toned, as were his chest and abdominals. In short, Keshin was a physical specimen, one that many girls his age yearned for.


Keshin's unmasked appearance.

Following the time Keshin absorbed Kowaremashita, his physiology changed a bit. For five years, he remained in stasis within the depths of The Yomi. During this time, his hair changed to a snow white - not the gray of an elderly man, but the blank color of a paper on which the final chapter will be written. His eyes remained much the same, as did his smile - assuming he still did smile. His hair's style became a bit more extreme, as it began to grow rather spiky overall. It is soft to the touch - enticing - like a lamb's wool. Many have said that the way his hair is now compliments his face and figure much better than before - Kusari included. His figure has become a bit more masculine than before, as he is an adult. While he does look more mature, Keshin will not age any further. This is due to the regenerative and healing properties of his hunger for Konkaku. As he takes more in, his body is rejuvenated. Furthermore, the sheer amount he has already accumulated makes it impossible for him to grow old - his lover possessing a similar ability. Rather than donning the clothes of his youth, such as various hoodies combined with khaki shorts, Keshin usually sports some sort of combination between black robes and functional body armor. Be it arm guards, chest plates, or shoulder pads, he is usually seen wearing on of the three in unison with a cape or cloak of some sort.

Keshin Abysswalker 4

Tamagui, the Eater of Souls.

After losing his daughter to the destructive ways of the Jashinist cult, Keshin became known as Tamagui (魂食い, lit. Soul Eater) and sank into deep cover. It would be dangerous if anyone bearing a grudge against him or Akuzura were to identify him. Thus, Keshin was forced to take on a separate identity. Straying away from the typical shinobi's attire, he donned a suit of dark armor. During his time in Akuzura he had enlisted the aid of the master blacksmith situated there. He instructed her to forge armor fitted to meet his specific requirements. After several weeks of trial and error, she was successful in creating a final product that met Keshin's expectations. The armor is somewhat flexible and not too heavy, yet is durable and can withstand blows from swords. It has a dark gray shade and is rather reflective of light. This gives it a glossy appearance when seen in the dark. Various bends and distortions in the surface of the plates give it a multi-faceted look. The armor plates on his shins, arms, and hands differ from the armor worn on his waist, however. On his torso he simply sports a less elusive scale-mail armor seen to be worn by all sorts of warriors. Around his waist and slung over his left shoulder is a pair of buckles. Each one serves a purpose; one secures his belt while the other holds a strap that is used to keep his sword, Kogarusumaru, fastened in place. Around his neck and over his chest is a tattered blue scarf that has definitely seen better days. It covers the bottom of his helmet piece that has been shaped to, in some sense, resemble a dragon. The most curious part of the helm is the fact that although it remains open, Keshin's face is invisible to an onlooker. This is due to the woman who crafted the armor imbuing a bit of her Konkaku into the helmet. The energy remains lodged inside and cannot be removed by external means. This seal placed on the helm reacts when in contact with another's Konkaku and activates a sort of Cloak of Souls. So in short, as long as the helm remains on Keshin it conceals his face from view. Later on, however, the helmet would be discarded. After he rescued Kusari from a Jashinist Colosseum he abandoned the helm at the site of the battle. At some unknown point it was retrieved by a nostalgic Keshin. It currently sits on a shelf in the home of he and his family.

Keshin Byakko

The Yang to Tamagui's Yin; Byakkō.

Once Keshin was reunited with his lover, Kusari, he was rarely seen wearing the armor he once wore as Tamagui. For now, he was much purer than he had been before. On the path to righteousness, Keshin would now don clothing that fitted his new mindset. His hair - white and messy - remained much the same. On his forehead was a headband; a blank one. This symbolized his belief in the Amanojaku Clan Creed; that his actions and powers will be known by the world, but that his affiliation will be with no one. A blank, light colored headband - its tails dancing behind him as he moves. His wardrobe consists of a white haori that is, more often than not, not bound by his belt. It, in fact, also flows freely, and functions more like a jacket rather than an actual garment. Its sleeves are a bit longer than his arms, making them invisible when they are at rest. Keshin - when his haori is tied - tends to remove his arms from the sleeves of his haori, and place them in the long, drooping v-neck of the garment. This allows the sleeves to flap about in the wind when he moves. Underneath the haori is a sleeveless black shirt, which only serves the purpose of covering the see-through mesh undershirt that it conceals. The edges of the ninja undergarment are visible when Keshin raises his arms - when the sleeves of his haori slide down. Around his waist is a bright white obi. Like the one he tied around his head, this one is also blank. It serves the purpose of keeping the six Jiganemaru he uses in combat fastened in place. Keshin also wears a pair of baggy gray pants. The edges of these pant sleeves are tucked into a pair of long black socks. Finishing off the outfit, Keshin wears a pair of sandals - something his lover, Kusari, ridicules him for wearing in conjunction with socks.

Keshin Glasses

A more sophisticated look; capable of driving Kusari crazy.

Although Keshin isn't seen wearing them all of the time, he actually owns a pair of black, wide-framed glasses. Only on certain instances throughout his life - usually when Kusari begs him to, as she loves them on him - has he wore them for others to see. The nicely shaped frames exaggerate his eyes; sometimes pink, sometimes blue, still unknown what their true color may be. The way they frame his beautiful eyes, along with the nice contrast in color to his hair often induces whimpery fits from his lover. For Kusari, he's been seen a few times wearing a suit - something he would never do if left to his own devices. He only owns one; a black jacket with white stripes running across. To accomodate this, he wears a matching pair of pants - minus the stripes - and a white button-up shirt underneath the jacket. Picked out by Kusari herself, he sports a bright red tie, the least favorite addition to the outfit. When he has allowed his facial hair to grow, his beard compliments his noticeable, but not overwhelming cheekbones and jawline. Keshin's face is the perfect middle-ground between an overly masculine face of some ruffian and the softer face of royalty; perfect - as Kusari says. Neither repulsive nor feminine, he bears a handsome face and build, capable of taming even his lover with simple smiles and glances.


"Shadows don't die unless their light is removed. So as long as you remain, so shall I."
— Keshin to Kusari

Cold is the first word that comes to mind when one attempts to describe Keshin. Throughout his long life, he has been a man who lives by his sword. Keshin was able to strike down any opponent in cold blood, a second thought about their life never crossed his mind. This was the way Keshin lived for the first thirty or so years of his life. However, after the death of his adopted child, Surotiku, and his own failed crucifixion, Keshin was broken. The thing he cherished more than anything else was gone. With her death, Keshin made a vow to find her soul which had failed to cross over to The Yomi. At the time he believed this limbo created by Kowaremashita to be the afterlife. He was a hardened atheist who refused to believe that there was a god. In his mind no God who had the power to stop the death of an innocent child would let them die. This along with the atheistic teachings of his clan's scrolls influenced him greatly.

However, over the course of time, Keshin began to question the very existence of The Yomi. He would constantly be troubled by what his old mentor had said. "What if there is some sort of existence beyond The Yomi?" He would say. Daitengu had no faith in such a monotonous afterlife. He believed that the universe was orderly, and that a good man could not possibly be tossed in amongst all the sinners of the world. Keshin began to think about his master's words and take them to heart. One such day, the answer to his question would come to him in a vision. He saw a shadow, Kowaremashita, shaping a world of his own. A limbo that would be used to gather souls in preparation to one day conquer the realm of the living. It was here that Keshin realized that The Yomi was nothing more than a limbo. He would go on to slay every Satsujinki inside of the dimension to cause it to simply fade away. Keshin forsook what he had read from his clan's scrolls all those years ago, and decided that rather than trying to bring his little one's soul to The Yomi, he should have been working towards guiding her to the Pure Lands. Now, Keshin has a new outlook on life, and has become a better man.

Not only does he suffer from his nature as a Kirawa, but Keshin also has an unsatiable hunger for souls, and more specifically, Konkaku. This peculiar condition started when Keshin first absorbed the Konkaku that emanated from his mentor, Daitengu's soul. Ever since that day, he would constantly feed off of the soul energy of others. This need, or rather lust for new Konkaku can sometimes cause Keshin's atention to deviate from the task at hand. While on his crazed killing sprees that stem from his Kirawa nature, Keshin will usually devour the souls of the fallen men and women he has slain. But with every soul he devours, he gains a temporary boost in his Kokaku reserves. Though, Keshin can satisfy this hunger through much less violent means. Simply being around people allows Keshin to siphon the loose Konkaku that emanates from their very being. No harm is done to those whose Konkaku has been absorbed, even if Keshin took it straight from their soul. This hunger is a constant reminder to Keshin that he will never fit in amongst regular people, and that he will always be some sort of outcast. He longs to feel accepted by the people around him, and while the citizens of Tanigakure are indeed kind to him, Keshin feels unwanted. One day, he hopes to control both this hunger, and his nature as a Kirawa, and become like every other normal person.

"We become victims to our evil intention,
Once indulged, the vile imagination,
Vile imagination, erroneous acquisition,
Swinging in the direction of eternal damnation..."
— Keshin Amanojaku

Keshin Abysswalker 12

Tamagui, an iteration of Keshin's darkness.

During his time as Tamagui, Keshin was encased within a suit of malefic armor; never to be seen without it. It was during this time that he almost lost himself to the darkness in his mind. He had lost the only thing that was important to him: his only child. There was no one to console him; no one to lift the burden he carried on his shoulders. All he could do was wander. Tamagui became more than a name for him to go by; it was a state of mind. Tamagui was the part of him that descended so far into the dark that nothing could reach him. This was Keshin now: a man broken ten thousand times by his own darkness. There seemed to be no hope for him, but something occurred that would, rather than drive the darkness away, teach him to embrace it. He was out in a field one day, simply wandering about when he heard a child's scream. Going to investigate, he discovered that several wolves had the little boy cornered in a grotto. Doing what he knew to be right, Keshin slew the beasts that threatened the child. The little boy, awestruck at the power of his savior, asked for the man's name. Keshin simply responded that who he was or what he had been known as did not matter, only what he did. This quote was what molded Tamagui into a better man. No longer did he channel his demonic bloodlust towards innocents. From that moment on it was channeled against thieves, murderers, black market dealers, and all sorts of criminal scum. It was during this time in his life Tamagui became known as Chaos Hunter (渾沌狩人, Konton Shujin) by those who witnessed his heroic deeds. Through this he learned that he did not need to be human to do good, he only needed the will to do good. Even demons can do what is right; this became Keshin's favorite saying.

While under the guise Tamagui, Keshin devoured countless souls - hence, his name. When he did so, he would not only gain a boost in his Konkaku reserves, but also a piece of each one's consciousness. In the moment he consumed the life force of his prey, Keshin saw their entire life, along with their emotions, ambitions, likes, dislikes, and all other aspects of each respective person. He has a part of everyone within him, whether he likes it or not. All these spirits accumulated over the course of Keshin's travels have been fused into one entity: Keshin himself. This allows him to see the world through the eyes of many, and gives him a perspective others are unable to comprehend. The new way of looking at situations and the world around him has allowed Keshin to make the strategies of past foes and fallen comrades his own. The intelligence of the ones he has devoured now belongs to him, but the wills of these fallen warriors have been destroyed, and replaced with Keshin's.

Keshin Byakko1

The White Tiger, Byakkō

Once Keshin was reconciled with his lover, Kusari, Tamagui was no more. Now, a new entity in its place: Byakkō (白虎, White Tiger). This other persona represents the realization Keshin had as Tamagui - that he is indeed capable of change - but in a much more human form. As Byakkō, Keshin has come to terms with himself. He has accepted the darkness of the demonic nature he carries. Bloodshed is inevitable with this curse, but how he directs it - how he channels this drive - is completely up to him. Keshin is his own man. Bound to nothing. He bows the knee to no one and will not be defeated by his bloodlust. He is the first to acknowledge that he is far from good, but he is the last to give up on trying to do good. The redemption he felt when he rescued Kusari, the caring disposition he showed her as a child, the pride he took as a shinobi of Shimogakure, the rage he felt when he discovered Raizo's intentions for Kusari and that he had murdered Keshin's father, the sorrow he felt when he murdered a fellow vilager, and the love he recieved from his clan, mother, children, and Kusari; all of these things - along with the associated emotions - brought together make up Byakkō. An accummulation of Keshin's entire life, its ups and downs, is what formed Keshin into the White Tiger he is today. He loses in order for others to win. He gives so that others will not take. He kills so that others may live. He loves so that others will not hate; this is Byakkō, the selfless persona within Keshin that was brought out by those he loves.

While Keshin usually seems quite reserved or cold-hearted to others, his lover, Kusari Inuzuka, always sees his true nature. When around her, he is seen to be much more relaxed and open about his thoughts. To him, Kusari is his everything, and Keshin considers her to be his greatest responsibility and treasure. As children who underwent the Chunin Exams together, Kusari - who considered her sensei as her "alpha male" - despite developing some sort of attachment to the boy, didn't confront him about it due to her "responsibility" to her sensei. On the other hand, Keshin simply viewed Kusari as a friend. However, this would begin to change after the tournament. Kusari had been hospitalized after her final bout in the exams; one against Keshin. Feeling bad for hurting her, the boy would visit her in her room daily, bringing treats, flowers, and a stuffed bear to the young woman as a peace offering. His kind demeanor, along with his generic appeal, allowed Keshin to slowly worm his way into the usually emotionless girl's heart. She would smile when around him, something rare from Kusari.

Keshin Smiling

A smile; only for Kusari.

However, Kusari's sensei, Raizo, had sinister intentions behind his behavior towards both Kusari and Keshin. The man had actually rigged a portion of the Chunin Exams, making sure all three of his students would fight Keshin. Unbeknownst to anyone, Raizo was, in fact, the man who murdered Keshin's father. After being saved by one of the outsiders whom he despised so much, Raizo was unable to contain his rage, resulting in him striking down the innocent man. As for Kusari, she was also a pawn for his own self gain. She played a major role in his development of an elite sensory team, but also was going to be used in selfish, lustful manners. Keshin, being her friend, had come to Konoha in order to spend time with Kusari. It was then, when he arrived at the training field they usually met at, he discovered the truth behind Raizo's actions towards the girl. Fueled by rage, Keshin, after preventing Raizo from raping her - having arrived before anything happened - would tell Kusari her ways - simply willing to be a tool of pleasure for someone strong - was wrong. Alas, for the poor girl had her clan's disillusioned philosophy drilled so far into her head, while wanting to be saved by Keshin, simply sat in shock. In response, Keshin declared he would become her alpha in order to protect her from people such as Raizo, causing Kusari to become curious about the boy's feelings for her. And after barely defeating her sensei in combat, he became such.

While Kusari had since this point developed some sort of love for Keshin, she would not outwardly manifest these feelings until she was kidnapped by Assei-sha. When he had fallen after consuming Kowaremashita. The crazed reaper had made her suffer in his mountain citadel for five years. Once this time was up, she would be brought to another of Assei-sha's strongholds in order to summon a massive inugami from another world. Before she could be cut open, - this would be done to spread her scent quickly - however, Keshin would save her from the hellish fate she was destined to take on herself. Although Kusari had loved him for quite some time, the pack dynamics that her mother and father taught her to abide by still remained. This is why she left him when he was incapacitated by Kowaremashita. She would yell at him for losing, and simultaneously cried about leaving him. To her, he was the perfect alpha; he was not replaceable. But since he lost, it meant he was not up to the standards drilled into her by her parents. During her time in solitude, Kusari realized just how much Keshin meant to her. Moments they had shared over the years would flood back. In reality, she had loved him for a long time, but was unable to understand her feelings. When everyone had left Kusari, when her village, her clan, and even her mother and father abandoned her, Keshin stayed next to her. When she constantly bore the burden of being an outcast, or when she discovered the manipulative and evil ways of her sensei, Raizo, Keshin was always supporting her. To her, he was everything. Being saved by the one she admired so much, and being chosen over the resurrection of his daughter when the inugami attempted to get Kusari by bribing him with Surotiku's soul; these things brought her to tears; tears of realization.

Now, Kusari and Keshin live together in (---). They are rarely seen apart, as Keshin tends to get rather lonely without her; her situation being much the same. To both of them, he is her lover, soulmate, and alpha, as she calls him. He is her lover, as he provides her with an undying love at all times. He is her soulmate, because the souls of the two have been knitted into one. And he is her alpha, for he protects and watches over her as a pack leader would. He is the first, and only, man that she has experienced intimacy with - he saved her from Raizo when he attempted to rape her. The only woman he has ever loved, Kusari means the world to Keshin. After their children grew up - he loves his children, as well; he was a kind and doting father - it was just the two of them. It had been that way before they had children, and with their inability to age, the two were destined to spend eternity bound to this world. For Keshin, it was to pay for the crimes he commited while under the influence of his bloodlust; cursed to forever starve for Konkaku. For Kusari, it was for the murder of two innocent dogs, causing them to become a single inugami and take refuge in her body. The two were made for each other, and they both see this. To them, their counterpart holds the very will to live of the other in the palm of their hand. Unable to die naturally, yes, but capable of losing all value in their life. Scarcely seen without each other, Keshin and Kusari's love knows no bounds.

One of the greatest contributions to Keshin's slow, yet progressive stabilization of mind, is surprisingly, his knack to play music. Specifically, the ocarina. As a young boy in the village he grew up in, an elderly woman that resided in the town had seen him skipping and whistling in the streets. That woman would confront Keshin, and teach him how to play music. She gifted him a twelve-hole ocarina; its shiny wooden surface would reflect the light as he played. To Keshin, his music is his getaway; a means of escape from his nature. The loud, beautiful tones created by the resonating of his breath inside of the instrument forms the deep notes that make up his songs. In Tanigakure, citizens will often hear the soothing melodies played by Keshin during his free time. Even now, he remembers the lessons that woman had given him all those years ago; something that would stay with him his whole life. As a young boy, he learned how to play basic melodies and scales; not knowing much. However, after the death of his father, Keshin began to learn more from the old woman. She taught him how to read music, and even encouraged Keshin to write his own songs. During his career as a shinobi in Shimogakure, he learned several complex songs, and was by then a very talented musician. By the age of nine, he could be seen playing on the street corners in Shimo, hoping he would have money to bring to his mother back home. Of course, during his imprisonment, he was unable to play his instrument. But after his escape, even in the frantic fleeing from Shimogakure, he took his ocarina from his room at his old home, and has it even today. How the instrument remains intact is unknown. He is rarely seen without his ocarina, even when traveling abroad, it is kept close by.

Thanks to his longevity, Keshin has accumulated a great deal of wisdom throughout his life. Having viewed countless organizations and cults rise and fall; each one of them with a similar goal. Many believe in an ideal known as "world peace", but how many have succeeded in creating a serene environment for the people of the world to live in? None have, which is why Keshin himself does not attempt to fulfill this dream many before him have had. Rather, he chooses to pursue the will of his deceased mother as a way of redemption for her accidental murder at his own hands. He has become a guardian; a protector to those who need protection. Be it the people of Tanigakure, those in the Akuzura Empire, or simply someone he has encountered, Keshin has made it his duty to protect. Through this ideal, he has instilled upon himself a new set of morals. But even though he has a righteous goal, he is not free from his lust for blood, and will use it to his advantage when one threatens to harm someone from his empire, village, or anywhere for that matter.

Another thing Keshin gained thanks to his long life was his intelligence. While not being book-smart, as one might say, he is a tactical genius in the midst of combat. His ability to completely analyze an opponent over the course of an encounter, understand their fighting style, find the weakest area in their defense, and exploit it is without peer. His mid-battle intelligence also allows him to formulate devastating combos through the skilled usage of his techniques. By combining several of his own techniques, Keshin causes destruction of mass scale. Also, he has been seen to create his own techniques. One such example was a technique that granted him a nearly perfect form of telekinesis. Keshin gained access to this technique after mastering the principles of chakra control and using his Yin chakra as the means of manifesting this unique form of telekinesis. This is only one of the many examples of Keshin's genius applications of his chakra; many more techniques have been born as a result of his intelligent uses of his individual arsenal.


While not possessing an extensive background as a shinobi, Keshin is still a force to be reckoned with. With his long life came extensive traveling. During Keshin's journeys, he took part in countless battles. By the age of fourteen, he had developed his first technique: one that gave him access to psychokinesis. From a young age, he has been seen to be rather tenacious in the field of developing and perfecting techniques. Be it new ways to apply his chakra, styles of taijutsu and kenjutsu, or simply mental strategies to aid in overcoming an opponent. With a heap of knowledge and talent on his side, Keshin is able to overcome most opponents with minimum effort. He has a mastery of and affinity for Yin-Yang, the nature that makes up the core of Keshin's fighting style. He also has shown mastery of its composite natures: Yin and Yang. Through skillful applications of the aforementioned natures in conjunction with his clan's Kekkei Mōra Byakkodō, Keshin is a force to be reckoned with - always has been.

Keshin's Unrestrained Power

With the wind as his will, his unrestrained power summons massive storms.

Even as a boy Keshin was seen to have an amazing amount of talent. This was not due to him possessing strong natural abilities, but due to his undominable will. While later on in life he would awaken his Kekkei Mōra, his entire shinobi career was characterised by his unwavering determination. With his own two hands, Keshin would make changes to what he believed needed to be changed. He overcame his fears as a young boy and learned to stand up for his comrades; not run away as he had done before. He would rescue Kusari from her sensei Raizo who had attempted to rape her, but failed in doing so because of Keshin's timely arrival. He rescued his own mind from the darkness of Kowaremashita's false philosophies about the afterlife, and joined the right side to decide the fate of thousands of souls. He even taught one who did not believe in love to feel the very emotion she was so sure did not exist. All these things Keshin accomplished through his own power; his own abilities. Now, as a result of the path he has walked so far, he is a driving force in this world. His power speaks for itself, for even the wind bows to its lord. Everything he has worked for he has achieved, and to Keshin, nothing is beyond his grasp. If he has a goal; an ambition, he will not stop until it is realized. Wielding the power he has created within himself, Keshin is a living example of what those who work tirelessly towards their goal can accomplish.



Keshin countering his opponent's attack.

Taijutsu is perhaps the branch of combat Keshin possesses the most background with. During his time in Shimogakure, he would train himself physically to the point of breaking himself. His moves consist of swift blows that are meant to incapacitate a foe as quickly as possible. He can skillfully counter most physical attacks with simple moves of his arms and legs. Along with his blistering speed, and powerful blows, he is a force to be reckoned with in the art of taijutsu. Keshin is fast on his feet, able to leave most foes in the dust with his swift moves. When fighting opponents, Keshin tends to use the same tactic two or three times to see if he can overcome them with his enhanced speed and taijutsu alone. Keshin's favorite branch of shinobi combat is indeed taijutsu. In fact, Keshin has actually developed several styles of taijutsu combat. One he developed to tire an opponent and create openings for him to deliver a decisive blow, while the other was created to defeat stronger, armed opponents.
  • Blowing Wind: The first of Keshin's signature taijutsu fighting styles, Blowing Wind consists of small, quick movements of the body to evade incoming blows while exhausting as little energy as possible. It is especially effective during long exchanges of blows that could result in a deadlock. Over the course of Keshin's many years of wandering the shinobi world, he fought many foes. It was during these battles that he learned something. Keshin realized that most physical attacks can be completely evaded by slight movements of the head, torso, and the occasional hop. Thus, he learned he could allow his opponent to tire themselves while he used little energy.

But Blowing Wind does not only consist of evasive actions, but also has an offensive usage. While dodging an opponent's blows, Keshin will watch and wait for an opening. As soon as the chance comes, he will deliver a swift, upward kick to the enemy and send them flying into the air. Keshin then pursues his opponent, and proceeds to execute a combo of deadly kicks. This will end in a falling axe kick that sends his foe flying downwards. Blowing Wind is Keshin's way of taking down opponents in a long, drawn out fight. The passive movements used to evade attacks, combined with the devastating kicks creates a lethal style of combat.

  • Passing Breeze: While traveling around the world and facing many opponents, Keshin came across countless swordsmen. Normally, one armed with a sword or a club would have an advantage over an unarmed man. However, Keshin developed the Passing Breeze fighting style. Passing Breeze employs various tactics to turn one's own strength against him. A noteworthy example of such moves is the Tachi-dori (太刀取り, Sword-taking). A move that requires both patience and concentration. Keshin will allow his opponent to make their move with their weapon. As they near him and swing their blade, Keshin will seize part of the hilt. Then, Keshin will deliver a quick thrust to the opponent's neck to force them downwards onto the ground. This will then allow him to take command over their weapon. Other uses of Passing Breeze include various choke holds used to strangle a reckless opponent who has allowed themself to slip into Keshin's grip. He will sidestep an enemy's attack, which could result in them momentarily stumbling past him due to their attack's momentum. Keshin will then position himself to the side of his foe, and proceed to bring his enemy into a choke hold. Other tactics may include throws, which can be performed in various manners.

After assuming the guise of Tamagui, Keshin's taijutsu became much more unorthodox, and seemed to be centered on simply beating an opponent down. It became much more focused on the breaking of limbs and destroying the body. On some occasions, even, Keshin would use his hand like a blade, jabbing the opponent through their chest with the power of his arm alone. He took to a much more gruesome approach, and would usually engage his foe head-on. While still keeping in mind the principles he learned and making use of the styles he developed, his taijutsu was now a means to completely devastate his opponent. Even on some occasions, he has sacrificed his own safety to reach a foe. An example of this would be Keshin breaking his own arm in order to land a hit with his other. His fighting style is like that of a crazed berserker, and when unrestrained, causes mass destruction.


Ever since he was a child, Keshin was known to be extremely fast. As one of the only capable shinobi in a dwindling Shimogakure, the boy had to learn to excel in combat; usually being the one to carry his team through dangerous missions. It was during such a task that he realized he had to be swift in order to protect his comrades and succeed in completing his objective. So, every day, Keshin would run laps around Shimogakure; one-hundred, to be exact. Although the village was not particularly large, it was still exhausting, and put quite the strain on Keshin's young legs. But in time, he gained the strength and stamina necessary to complete it. And in addition, he became quite fast. As a genin in Shimogakure and during the Chunin Exams, Keshin could move at speeds akin to the Body Flicker Technique without tapping into his chakra. In the blink of an eye, the boy could go from being right in front of you, to threatening your neck with a kunai.

This was without the use of any techniques. Once he created and mastered his Yin-Yang Release: Spatial Dominance, Keshin could instantaneously transport himself through space. Seamlessly and effortlessly, his essence would pass through his current dimension with utmost efficiency. Traveling at speeds rivaling that of the Flying Thunder God Technique, his blistering swiftness would overwhelm even the most skilled of shinobi. Users of the Sharingan - who could see his move before he even made it - were unable to deny the sheer difficulty in countering his moves after reading them. In the middle of combat, he could activate the technique in order to evade normally fatal blows; creating an opening in the opponent's defense and allowing him to prepare his own attack.

With the constant traversing of rough terrains and difficult areas, Keshin has learned to move at maximum speeds even in the most unfavorable circumstances. He can move naturally in the mountainous regions within the Land of Frost. When he moves, he moves as one with his surroundings, and whether he is in the tops of a forest or running over the hundreds of rocky crags within a narrow cave, Keshin passes through the terrain with minimum effort with utmost efficiency. On the battlefield, nothing is out of his reach; no one is safe.


As far as general intelligence goes - book knowledge, subjects pertaining to academics, etc. - Keshin is not the wisest as he lacked much formal education growing up. However, on the battlefield he has an analytical mind that allows him to decode and exploit all sorts of situations. While confident in his abilities as a warrior, Keshin has learned that a cautious approach allows him to learn about his opponent. When first engaging a foe, he tends to hang back and bait them with long ranged attacks such as his Shōryōkaze - waiting for them to demonstrate their own abilities. he has always been like this, even as a boy in the Chunin Exams he was a tencious fighter who always made use of the tactical abilities of his arsenal.

The greatest example of Keshin's intellect would be his skillset itself. For years he has been accumulating and creating techniques as many shinobi do. However, the difference between Keshin's arsenal and the arsenal of others is that ever since he was a boy, Keshin has been planning what techniques to learn, and what techniques to overlook. Keshin understands that he should have different techniques for different situations. To accompany this, he also understands that no two techniques that he has learned should overlap. In short, each and every one of Keshin's techniques was carefully evaluated and guaged against others. Furthermore, he realizes that battles are not won through sheer power and the mindless stacking of similar abilities, but the crisp combination of powers that make up for each other's weaknesses and build upon one another's strengths. He is a master of his skillset, and while individually most of his techniques seem obselete, when combined correctly, like a chemical reaction, they will respond to one another in ways that can create openings in the defenses of a seemingly inexploitable foe.

As mentioned, perhaps Keshin's true strength is seen in his tactical thinking. Through an advanced use of his Very Hiden: Oneness With Wind, he can study his opponent from a multitude of angles and through various senses all at once. With the technique active, the wind becomes an extension of Keshin. In short, he can see, feel, hear, and even smell opponents through this ability. Keshin can examine the target in several aspects. Through a single image is he able to analyze the foe in several different angles more than the average person. Furthermore, his technique can aid in examining techniques, as it allows Keshin to get a close up point of view on something that would be - under normal circumstances - impossible to approach. This allows Keshin to uncover weaknesses in seemingly impenetrable defenses and flaws in powerful attacks. but even after doing so, Keshin does not become reckless, and still approaches the situation with the cool, analytical disposition he has maintained during the early phases of the battle.

If one strategy fails, Keshin will simply revert to gathering information via long range attacks and observation. He is able to adapt to any situation, and is capable of reforming plans and making up for lost time. Keshin learns from his mistakes, on and off the battlefield, and makes sure to identify what it was that caused him to fail. Once he has done that, he never repeats the same mistake. To him, making wrong decisions is acceptable; making them again is not. He has learned that if he is unable to alter the situation to his liking, then he should alter his perspective in order to look at the problem from a new angle. Changing the point of view - in a way - changes how he percieves the problem; as if he were looking at something completely different. It is through this mindset he has overcome many intimidating foes with basic abilities used by all shinobi. He won simply through a superior application of the basics - something rarely seen, yet an admirable trait.

Even now, Keshin continues to expand his tactical knowledge through his day-to-day combat experiences. He is a seasoned warrior who knows that his mind requires regular upkeep in order to function at full capacity - like a weapon, for his mind is. Where there is wisdom, there is a way. By having an open mind to all options, never shooting down an idea due to the possible stupidity of it, his strategies and mental prowess only grow as time passes. His mind is a labyrinth of complex ideas and the means to take down nearly any opponent. A compendium for not battle strategies and the arts of war, but also psychology. In order to take down a human foe, Keshin believes he must understand them first. The way their mind works, how they respond to stress, how his opponent will adjust to various situations; these are the things he will exploit in combat. he knows the right things to say and when to say them. How to mislead his enemy into misinterpreting his moves and motives; he is a master of it all. And while it is true Keshin has accumulated a vast amount of data and tactical knowledge, he knows that he is still learning and always will be; the true mark of a prodigy; a genius.


Something Keshin has always had a knack for his the art of shurikenjutsu. Even as a boy he was seen to excel in this branch, leaving the rest of his class in the academy in the dust. He has been seen to be able to throw a massive barrage at once, and is also capable of creating clones of these projectiles in order to swarm an opponent with dozens of sharp stars. Not limited to this, Keshin has been seen to bend the angle of shuriken he has thrown to such an extent that a target at a near ninety degree angle is well within his grasp. Keshin tends to attach wire strings to his ninja tools, allowing them to be further manipulated. He is also well-versed in wielding Fūma Shuriken, and can accomplish similar feats with these weapons, as well.

Once he mastered use of his clan's Kekkei Mōra, Byakkodō, Keshin's already astounding abilities in shurikenjutsu would only be magnified. With the wind on his side, he could speed up his own projectiles. The shuriken backed by the winds of Byakkodō travel at speeds that even users of the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan have trouble discerning from a blur. In conjunction with the sheer speed of these projectiles, their sharpness is elevated beyond the scope of a regular tool. Blades moving at such speeds - with the wind as their engine - are capable of tearing through even the trunks of trees, leaving gaping holes in their wakes.

In addition, the paths of his shuriken could be manipulated even more so than they had before. He has shown the ability to completely change the direction of a shuriken - keeping the same speed and momentum as it had when flying the other way - to make it fly the opposite way. In the hands of Keshin - a master of the wind and ninja tools - something as insignificant as a shuriken will gain the ability to kill the greatest of shinobi. Others, however, will find it impossible to touch Keshin with their own ninja tools; they will find that their tools, before him, are nothing.


Keshin Swinging Sword

The Fierce God of Kenjutsu: Keshin Amanojaku.

Revered for his unrivaled skill in the art of kenjutsu, Keshin is known far and wide as the infamous Wind Riding Swordsman (風乗り剣士, Kazenori Kenshi). While perhaps his styles not being the most orthodox, they are nothing short of marvelous. His skill with a blade, his graceful moves, and the sheer talent he has for wielding the widely romanticized weapon; this is what has earned him the titles associated with his god-like prowess in the art of the sword. Tales of Tamagui's brave acts slaying massive creatures and rotten villainy in order to save others; stories of Byakkō enacting revenge on the enemies of the Amanojaku Clan and saving his lover by boldly carving his path through four hundred warriors; yarns of Keshin destroying the "Keeper of the Balance" while his Konkaku remained sealed; all these contribute to the monikers he has been awarded throughout the ages. Keshin knows no equalin kenjutsu. Even the samurai of the Land of Iron have no choice but to admire his amazing tenacity and abilities in swordplay. Looked up to by all, and trodden upon by none, Keshin has earned the title Fierce God of Kenjutsu (鬼剣術の神, Ki Kenjutsu no Kami).
  • Kettei (決定, lit. Determination) is the first and most basic of his seven forms. It includes various "ready" stances, parrying, and finding marks of contact. The six marks of contact are the neck, waistline, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. Kettei is the fundamental for the other six of Keshin's forms. When using it, Keshin simply remains in a defensive position and awaits his opponent's move. When they have closed in on him and have begun their attack, he will counter with his blade, and deliver a swift blow to one of the six target zones. Keshin will choose a zone after studying his opponent and verifying which mark of contact is the easiest to sever.
  • Shuchō (主張, lit. Contention) is a formal style of kenjutsu combat that consists of classical and elegant moves. It is a calm form of kenjutsu that enlists the usage of various spins and flicks of the sword to catch an opponent off guard. A skilled user of this style like Keshin can disarm a foe with ease by using their own sword's leverage to send the enemy's blade flying out of their hands. Keshin seems to be able to slip through just about any defense and deliver a critical cut to one of the target zones established in his first form: Kettei.
  • Kaifuku-Ryoku (回復力, lit. Resilience) is the third of Keshin's kenjutsu forms. Perhaps the most passive of the six, Kaifuku-Ryoku focuses on defense through efficient body movements. This includes various ways of reducing one's target area's size. Kaifuku-Ryoku is well suited for blocking incoming projectiles and countering basic attacks to open ways of escape from complex or extremely fast assaults.
  • Shinryaku (侵略, lit. Aggression) is the fourth, and perhaps the most difficult to master of his seven forms. It employs an extensive use of acrobatic assaults to overwhelm an opponent and aims to catch them off guard by quickly delivering attacks from all sides. Shinryaku could involve flips over an enemy to attack them from above, powerful slashes in conjunction with leaps and spins, and other various elements.
  • Konki (根気, lit. Perseverance) is the fifth form, and an offshoot, or rather, continuation of the third form; Kaifuku-Ryoku. Rather than reducing one's target area and trying to find ways of escape through various counters and parries, one will use these means of defense in offensive manners. Such as the use of defensive parries to force and opponent to drop their guard, or the skillful disarming of a foe by catching their sword with one's own blade.
  • Setsudo (節度, lit. Moderation) is the sixth of Keshin's forms. It seeks to balance out the strengths of the previous five to create a single, solid form. Setsudo is said to be the pinnacle of kenjutsu mastery, for a skilled wielder will be able to deliver swift, deadly blows, penetrate even the most solid of defenses, and show great overall abilities with the sword. However, while Setsudo does not focus on raw strength or power, a true Setsudo master will wield their sword with amazing tenacity.
  • Dōmō (獰猛, lit. Ferocity) is the seventh of the seven forms, and easily the most powerful, yet most dangerous. This style consists of using one's inner emotions and the emotions of others to fuel their own aggressive style. One must enjoy combat to the fullest in order to truly be a skilled practitioner of Dōmō; they must love the sights, sounds, and perhaps even the taste of blood. Thus, Dōmō is much more than a fighting style; it is a way of life and a state of mind. One has to be willing to give into their darkness, accept the fury of their opponent, and glory in the death of the enemy.

Keshin Kenjutsu

Keshin with Kogarusumaru.

These seven forms of kenjutsu quickly summarize Keshin's fighting style as a whole. Partial to none, he is an expert practitioner of all seven and employs various usages of each of these in combat. Later on in his life after he retrieved Kogarusumaru from one of Assei-sha's citadels within the Land of Demons, Keshin would find it difficult to wield it in the same fashion he did Muramasa. Having become used to the lightweight double-bladed weapon he had used for so long, he struggled to remaster this new weapon. After several years of training he finally learned to wield it efficiently and succeeded in applying his seven forms with Kogarusumaru. At this point he is able to wield essentially any blade with proficiency equal to any of the Land of Iron's Samurai leaders. This is due to both the intense kenjutsu training he has underwent nearly all of his life, and the rigorous physical excercises he has committed himself to undergoing every day. The fact that Keshin can swing Kogarusumaru, a solid metal greatsword that overtakes Kubikiribōchō in regards to weight is absolutely astounding. Not to mention the fact he can maneuver normally in the midst of combat with it. Keshin tends to wield Kogarusumaru through a series of flips and spins, keeping his arms close to his body as he does. This is to ensure that he does not expend unnecessary energy during combat and ensures he does not tire out his arms too quickly. While being used to swinging the sword around, he still prefers to use as little energy as possible and makes use of his whole body when wielding the greatsword.

Keshin Six Swords

Keshin's Rokutōryū.

As a result of having little formal training, a young Keshin would go to develop a style of kenjutsu combat that had no predecessor in the shinobi world. He taught himself over the course of four years how to wield six swords at once - three in each hand. Such an unorthodox manner of fighting had never been seen, let alone attempted, before. Keshin named this style Rokutōryū (六刀流, Six Sword Style) One might ask what the benefits are gained when using six blades over one, and even Keshin himself would question the usefulness of this style. However, as strange as it may seem, it is a dangerous form to engage, and must not be taken lightly. Rokutōryū encompasses the simultaneous usage of six blades. Basic moves include slashes, parries, and fanning out the swords in one's hand. With an enemy having to worry about six swords at once, they will have trouble predicting the exact path of all of them, allowing Keshin to reveal the weaknesses in their defense. To further accommodate the confusion factor, he will move about in unpredictable, dance-like patterns - his feet and arms moving in graceful manners. By doing this, Keshin puts himself in a sort of trance, making his moves not only difficult to counter, but challenging to read. Even wielders of the Sharingan find it nearly impossible to foresee his next move. This forces Keshin's opponent to rely on their battle instincts alone, and not the powers they were born with.

Another thing Rokutōryū makes use of is the manipulation of a blade's path while in the air. Examples of this would be Keshin tossing a sword or two up before hitting it with his hand, foot, or another sword in order to direct it to a target. Or - an even more masterful example of his skill - the changing of direction via wire strings. All of six of Keshin's Jiganemaru are equipped with a coil of wire string, allowing him to swing them by the line, or simply redirect them. This not only extends the range of his attacks, but allows for extra tactical extension; something Keshin loves. In conjunction with this style, he will apply various usages of his seven forms. By combining styles of kenjutsu and cycling through various branches and arts, Keshin fights with a patchwork sort of style. He employs uses of his seven forms, Rokutoryū, the Iaidō used by samurai, and the sacred techniques of his mother's clan; the Iyoku Clan.

  • Iyoku Style: Infinity Blade: A technique with great tactical potential, Keshin uses this technique to create ethereal slashes with his blade. This is accomplished by swinging his sword - imbued with Yin-Yang Release - and materializing the slashes at any given point. He can use this to strike an opponent from afar, or to redirect incoming projectiles.
  • Iyoku Style: Quasar: Based off of similar principles that are applied in another member of the Iyoku Clan's Yin-Yang Release: Blackbird technique, Quasar channels both Yin and Yang energies through Keshin's blade. When it comes into contact with an enemy, it will instantaneously split their Yin and Yang halfs. This results in their life force and body being completely separated - an easy kill.


During his time with Daitengu, Keshin learned to wield a bō staff. He has learned to disarm foes with this weapon and can use it quite skillfully in battle. Quick, concise movements make up his bōjutsu style, which often involves the skillful spinning of his simple weapon to create complex attacks to catch his opponent off guard. However, now that Keshin possesses Muramasa, usage of his bō is rather limited. Instead, his bōjutsu is seen to trickle over into his kenjutsu style. Muramasa is shaped similarly to a bō, and thus, can be wielded in a nearly identical fashion. Keshin's bōjutsu simply serves as a foundation for his kenjutsu.


As a boy, Keshin was known in Shimogakure for being a practitioner of a wide array of Yin and Yang Release techniques, along with a few Wind ones for supplementary purposes. Living up to the expectations everyone had for him, Keshin would go on to develop and perfect nearly twenty unique techniques and employs a masterful usage of his arsenal in the midst of combat. While he had shallow chakra reserves, he would carefully use techniques - wary not to expend toomuch energy. This limited his potential as a shinobi, although he was still exceptional. However, once Daitengu taught him - in between the preleminary and first rounds of the chunin exams - to wield Konkaku, his ninjutsu capabilities would skyrocket. Now, Keshin can overwhelm opponents with complex combinations of various techniques made to work together. The amount of synergy between each ability - the way they compliment each other and work together - combined with the tactical, analytical mind of Keshin proves just how much of a master he is of this art.

Wind Release

Keshin's first Wind Release technique serves a single purpose: to be an ultimate defense against ninjutsu. Over the years, he has witnessed all sorts of defensive techniques. He has also seen many of these techniques fall in the path of stronger ones. He noticed that simply creating an obstacle between the attack and its target usually would not be enough. For surely the opponent would discover a way to either destroy or get around such a crude defense. It was not long before Keshin had created his very own defensive technique by combining the data he had gathered with a skillful application of Wind Release. He made a technique that would actually let him attack the very chakra in another technique. This would be done by using the wind in Keshin's technique to disperse the chakra in the opponent's. The sheer speed and power of this technique causes the chakra to suddenly scatter and destroys the technique from the inside out. Keshin named his new creation Evocation of Dismantling Wind - the offspring of Evocation of Wind. His wind provides him with the proper means to negate ninjutsu, but also serves as a foundation for techniques he later developed through the use of his Kekkei Mōra, the Byakkodō.

Yin Release

While Keshin is amazingly skilled in Yin-Yang Release, as it is his affinity, perhaps his true strength lies in the Yin Release. During his time in Shimogakure, Keshin developed several Yin-based techniques that he still uses to this day. One of these being the Yin Blade Technique. The purpose of this technique was to give Keshin an edge in kenjutsu combat. Something he had noticed in his various encounters with other swordsmen was that, in a bladelock, it was difficult to overcome the other shinobi without leaving himself over to a parry or counterattack. So, rather then do something that may lead to his injury, Keshin would go to create a technique that allowed him to suddenly shorten, lengthen, widen, or decrease the width of his blade at a moment's notice. In short, Keshin has complete control of the shape and size of his sword. This ability proved to be very useful in several encounters with opposing swordsmen and various shinobi alike. Having a sword that could suddenly disappear into the handle, only to return several times as long was definitely something not many individuals had encountered before. This element of surprise was often the cause of his victory, especially against swordsmen.

When Keshin was out in the snowy fields near Shimogakure, he discovered that Yin chakra can be used as an extension of his mind so to say. Only through extreme focus and extensive meditation did Keshin ever witness just what Yin could really do. By focusing both his mind and Yin chakra, he caused a falling leaf to rise and float about the area. Thus, Yin Release: Psychokinesis was born. Through even more meditation, Keshin found that he was able to move multiple objects at once. According to Keshin, the size of the object means nothing. He has proved this on several occasions. One such occurrence was him stopping a meteor through application of his Psychokinetic powers alone. He has been seen to be able to uproot nearby trees, stop falling rocks, and once even control a bolt of lightning. But his psychokinetic power is not limited to simply lifting objects and throwing them around, Keshin can applying his power in several different ways. One method of execution is the choking of a foe via psychokinetic power. To do this, he will focus the energy around the target's throat. At this point, it become absurdly difficult to evade this, as one is already within his grasp. It should be further noted that the attack will be nearly impossible to sense thanks to his use of Konkaku rather than chakra. With a simple grip-like gesture with one of his hands, Keshin can begin to crush the neck of a victim. Pressure builds up on all sides, and the one within his clutches will find it impossible to breathe. To speed up the death of his opponent, he can use this same principle to break their neck. By twisting or snapping their spinal cord he can render his foe completely immobile, allowing him to deliver the final blow - assuming they have not already died.

Aside from choking a foe, he has shown many other ways of dealing with an opponent. When Keshin first began using the Yin Release: Psychokinesis, he learned that in order to use it to its fullest potential, one must center themselves. Keshin learned to completely balance himself and sharpen his focus through meditation. This resulted in Keshin learning how to applying his psychokinetic powers in a devastating way. Through sheer focus, Keshin will channel his psychokinetic energy into the space around him. Then, he will draw it all in as he begins to levitate. Suddenly, he will release it in all directions. This results in a massive wave of energy that blows away everything in its path. Keshin can use it to throw back opponents if he has been surrounded, or to drive away incoming ninjutsu assaults. And by using a similar principle, he can create a blast of repulsive energy from his hands. Keshin can simply throw one of his arms out and release a concentrated blast of Psychokinetic power. He can also create a much more powerful blast that can send incoming ninjutsu or projectiles flying back at an enemy. By concentrating the energy between his hands, Keshin will create tremendous buildup of pressure. Then, by pushing his hands out towards the target, he can release that pressure in a single column of energy. Despite having flashy ways such as these to finish off an opponent, Keshin's favorite method of defeating an enemy with his psychokinesis is rather simple. He enjoys seizing his opponents with his power, and throwing them about. One cannot so easily break his grip. Absorbing the chakra used in this technique is nearly impossible, but if one manages to do so, it could make it worse on them. For the Yin chakra used in this technique is completely subjugated to Keshin's influence. Meaning, that once inside of a victim, Keshin could potentially attack their organs and kill them from the inside. Attempting to scatter the chakra in the technique is useless as well. For the chakra is under Keshin's nearly flawless control. For many long years, Keshin learned to gain an absolute command of his psychokinetic powers.

If it is not apparent yet, Keshin's psychokinesis is both the ultimate attack and defense. As a weapon, he can set up complicated multilayered assualts that are composed of a compendium of parts. An example of this would be a use of his six Jiganemaru. His psychokinesis allows him to position the blades in various ways while they remain in the air. When under his control, the swords - or anything for that matter - is like a body part; something he can flawlessly manipulate to benefit himself and accomplish his goal. He can fight with all six swords at once through a masterful use of this technique, and has been seen to do so on multiple occasions. In addition, when he has thrown one of his blades he can cause it to jump back to his hand. The precise control of his Konkaku used to manipulate any object's path to the way he likes it is absolutely astounding. The raw skill and unrivaled mastery with Yin Release is apparent through the many versatile uses of Keshin's psychokinesis.

Yang Release

Despite Keshin being more skilled in the area of Yin Release, his employment of his Yang Release arsenal is nothing short of masterful. Like with Yin he has developed multiple techniques that encompass the power of this nature. The first of such as these was created during his boyhood after recieving a lesson from Shimogakure's village head himself about Yin/Yang chakras and how they interact with one another. With Yin reigning over form and the manipulation of it Keshin realized that he could extract this energy from any living thing he chose. How would he do this? Through Yang Release. By influencing the Yin with the Yang he created the Yin Blotting technique. Easily summarized, Yin Blotting removes any Yin within a target, resulting in their disintegration. The eroding away of tissues and form instigated by the forceful extraction of Yin from a target is excruciatingly painful. Furthermore, any regenerative abilities the victim may possess will be slowed by a considerable deal. This is because form and matter itself has been sucked right out of that area, resulting in some of the means to regenerate said limb would have been destroyed, thus slowing the process.

Applications of this technique are not limited to disintegrating enemies. Any technique or construct containing Yin's energies are suscpetible to the devastating effects of Yin Blotting. In theory the technique would work against genjutsu as it is cast through primarily an employment of Yin. Simply by focusing the technique around himself, not destroying his own flesh, the technique can be used as a shield of sorts against Yin based attacks.


One of the phantasmal humanoids spawned from Keshin's technique.

Through further study and application of Yang's energies Keshin learned how to spontaneously generate large amounts of energy. This began with Keshin simply creating unstable eruptions of pure Yang energy; something that in and of itself can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Not satisfied with simply creating explosions, however, he began to experiment with spawning life itself. At first his labors bore no fruit, but after several years of training and studying Yang's nature and characteristics, he was able to create a Yang Release technique said to be of the highest caliber. His Yang Release: Phantasm succeeds in generating an, although unstable, sentient being. With this technique Keshin can manifest his own will in the form of several phantom-like humanoids. These creatures have neither a will nor a mind of their own. Their only drive is one they are generated with: to please their maker. As expected the technique's spawn are very capable fighters in their own right and can cause trouble for even the most experienced shinobi if their numbers are allowed to grow. Absorbing these creatures is difficult as the Yang energy they are comprised of is extremely dense and difficult to soak up, if you will. They are known to be susceptible to genjutsu, which is perhaps their greatest weakness. The creatures have no mind of their own meaning they are not strong enough to cope with powerful illusions. Such techniques tend to overpower them and causes their essence to disperse.

Yang Blade

The appearance of Keshin's swords when under the influence of his Yang Blade Technique.

To further enhance the deadliness of his kenjutsu, Keshin created the Yang Blade Technique. Rather simple in concept and execution, he will simply focus Yang energy through one of his swords. When he does, the blade will take on an ethereal appearance, and shines with an ominous red light. Keshin tends to activate this technique while engaged in a bladelock, allowing him to surprise an opponent by slicing through their blade and land a blow. This technique's basic principle was later applied to create another of Keshin's abilities: Yang Cutter. Keshin channels the same red energy he does through his blade, only now, it coats his hands. This grants a form of protection - like energy gauntlets - and a means of attack. It should also be noted that Keshin - with both of the aforementioned techniques - can fire blasts of concentrated Yang energy. These blasts create rather large explosions, and can be quite detrimental to both an opponent and the surrounding area.

Yin-Yang Release

Once Keshin had developed a firm grasp on the concepts of both Yin and Yang, these powers began to form something new inside of him. He gained access to Yin-Yang Release as a result of the initial mastery of both Yin and Yang, but also in part due to his mother hailing from Kumogakure's Iyoku Clan. Having this celestial heritage on his side, he was able to quickly understand the aforementioned nature. While he does not have access to a wide variety of techniques in this particular branch, some of these are arguably his most powerful.

After witnessing Kisui's Yin-Yang Release: Complete Weapon Summoning as a boy, Keshin began to understand the phenomenal power of Yin-Yang Release. Shortly after, he would go to work on his own technique. But rather then teleporting items to his hands, Keshin wanted to teleport himself and others to nearby spaces. However, it would not be until a year later that he would perfect this technique shortly after participating in Konohagakure's Chūnin Exam. In truth, the technique was scarcely used in battle, and was mostly utilized by Keshin in order to get to Konoha quicker than usual so he could see Kusari. It was not until during the battle with her sensei - after he had learned of his motives behind getting close to the girl - that he would demonstrate its mid-battle abilities.

With this technique Keshin can teleport himself anywhere within one-hundred and twenty yards of himself. This range, at the time of his battle with Kusari's teacher Raizo, was only thirty yards. Since then, he has multiplied the distance by four. He is not limited to teleporting himself, however, but can teleport objects he has marked with a seal, as well. Keshin has been seen to use this technique in conjunction with a marked weapon, giving it an execution similar to that of the Flying Thunder God Technique. It should be dually noted that he is also capable of shifting spaces with said objects, like that of Amenotejikara. With one technique functioning in a manner similar to several others, it was given the name Yin-Yang Release: Spatial Dominance (陰陽遁・空間覇業, Onmyōton: Kūkan Hagyō) - as it granted the user a seemingly complete dominance over their own space. Keshin can set up multi-faceted attacks with this technique. With the ability to freely manipulate the paths of himself and his weapons, on top of being able to shift spaces with said objects, is an astounding power that is not easily overcome.

Through the same basic principle, Keshin developed the Yin-Yang Release: Spatial Decree - meant to be a safeword against generic Space–Time Ninjutsu. It allows Keshin to create waves of destructive energy in either a pure form, or used through a medium such as his sword, capable of pooling through dimensions. An example of this would be Keshin's ability to hit Yoshitsune's Limbo Clones with standard attacks. With the power to imbue his wind, sword, or even body with this technique, those who attempt to find refuge in techniques such as Kamui wil fall before the blade of Keshin. He can release this energy in an ever-expanding current of energy - passing through this dimension to the next. When it comes into contact with a target such as a Limbo Clone, it will slice through it as if it were in this world. However, the technique fails to affect anything in this realm; odd. To deliver quicker, more precise blows, Keshin can use his wind to carry the technique, giving the winds of Shōryōkaze the same properties as its parent technique. Same goes for his sword and Infinity Blade techniques.

As a result of his travels, Keshin has witnessed many powerful techniques. One in particular that stuck out to him was Sargon's Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity; one that was only to be wielded by the most elite agents of the organization. However, after lurking in the shadows of these officials, Keshin was able to recreate the famed testament to the brutality of its creators; making it his own. A dark manifestation of the user's will - originating from the user's own shadow - the technique creates a shadow that is said to consume even the light. As such, the surrounding area will slowly lose its light - as if it were the black of night. this darkness - more potent than most - will induce various hallucinations and dark illusions on those within this vicinity. Dōjutsu wielders cannot simply see through this, as it is not necessarily a genjutsu. Rather, it is the wielder's dark will incarnate; their most evil wishes and ambitions incarnate. Keshin's surroundings acknowledge this, and even they submit to the evil wishes of the one casting the technique. Anything within this darkness is at the mercy of Keshin; everything follows his every command.

The purpose of this technique is to connect Keshin's shadow with the one of the victim. He can either use his own, or spawn a separate shadow. When the two connect, his adversary's death is imminent. Once the technique catches its prey, it never lets go. First, the one ensnared in the shadow of Sargon will experience paralysis in its worst stage. They will be totally unable to move their bodies at all. If the shadow touches, it shuts down all bodily activities; chakra flow and mobility go first. At this point, victims usually experience sudden mental breakdowns, as the power of this technique is truly horrifying. This only speeds the process. If Keshin allows the technique to continue, then it will target the brain; an aneurysm being the target's call to the next world. If the technique was that nice, anyways. Even without any knowledge of Konkaku or Tamashijutsu, the original wielders of this technique were able to harvest the souls of those caught up in the technique via other means. Keshin, however, can simply absorb them as he normally would.

Very Hiden- Nonself Manifested Calamity - Keshin

Being imbued with his will, a kunai with the same lethal abilities as Sargon's Very Hiden.

Once a target has been killed, Keshin's will can be injected into the corpse. This allows him to use and manipulate them as if they were a puppet of some sort, allowing him to gain access to all of their powers and abilites through a use of their body. Yet, Keshin has never used this aspect of the technique, and rarely uses it as a means to kill an opponent as is. Rather, a much more commonly used application is another technique Keshin developed - stemming from the Nonself Concealing Calamity. After mastering this technique, he would develop his own variation: Very Hiden: Nonself Manifested Calamity. Keshin saw the substance created by this technique as one that could be put to greater use. To create weapons, cloaks, and other constructs. So, rather than simply coating in area in darkness and attempting to connect shadows, he would settle to form a wide variety of tools and objects that were created from the same malleable shadows used in the aforementioned technique. These constructs retain all of the abilities and traits of the Nonself Concealing Calamity. The items made have the capabilites to induce the paralysis the parent technique creates - this has encouraged Keshin to create a cloak formed from these shadows, making all close-quarters attacks practically useless - and will take on the form of the original technique once they have made contact with the target. From there, the technique is the same in function. However, the two techniques are quite different, and the use for either is rather situational. Keshin developed this second technique in order to give him an extra option should something go wrong. On the flipside, the original technique can succeed where the latter fails. The two work together in harmony while not overlapping in their uses.

Kekkei Mōra

The Byakkodō; the Amanojaku Clan's elusive and mysterious Kekkei Mōra. Such a power is rare amongst the clansmen, and is only seen once every few generations. For it to have found its place within Keshin, of all people, is truly astounding. As part of the Amanojaku Clan, Keshin had the potential to inherit their enigmatic Kekkei Mōra. Being one of their most powerful abilities, it has been said that those who inherit the bloodline are almost always garunteed to become the next clan chief. To Keshin, such status is meaningless. However, he is more than happy to have been born with such a powerful ability. His Byakkodō, is perhaps, his most powerful ability. the sheer mastery over its Shōryōkaze and the manipulation of wind he has shown over the course of time is nothing short of marvelous and terrifying.


"I am not the wind's god, but merely its prophet."
— Keshin Amanojaku

Shoryokaze Iteration

A manifestation of the dark winds called forth by Byakkodō.

The first ability granted by Byakkodō allows one to generate the black winds of Shōryōkaze. Malicious and unforgiving, the winds summoned by this technique are ruthless. They have the uncanny ability to slice through anything the blades come into contact with. This is due to the blades - thin as can be - slicing on a molecular level, allowing the winds of Shōryōkaze to seamlessly pass through an object as if it did not exist; leaving a perfect cut in its wake. A testament to Keshin's terrifying control of this technique would be when he sliced the massive projectile spawned from Yoshitsune's Chibaku Tensei; a feat very seldom performed by anyone.

It should be further noted that Keshin can bend these dark currents to his will. All wind is said to take the shape of a Byakkodō wielder's ambitions - Shōyrōkaze is not exempt from this. The black winds can be formed into blades to slice through an opponent or some substance. In addition, Keshin can cast the blades over an entire area, cutting anything within said vicinity. He can cause them to swirl about in the forms of zephyrs, or create massive cyclones capable of taking down a Susanoo. Nothing is safe from the ghost winds of Shōryōkaze; Keshin has proven that.

A much more broad ability, the second is the power to manipulate preexisting wind. Whether it was created from the technique of himself, an opponent, or is simply atmospheric in nature, Keshin can bend it to his will as if it were his own - it is. Through this broad ability, Keshin can essentially ustilize any technique that is based on an application of wind chakra. Anything from creating natural disasters to the precise manipulation of currents in order to change how one percieves sound - Keshin can do it all.

Keshin Static Wind

Using ultra fast streams, Keshin can create static electricity from the friction between air currents.

By bending the wind around him, Keshin can accomplish a multitude of tasks. He can whip up currents so fierce they are capable on blowing down massive walls and buildings. The sheer power of such attacks are able to level entire forests - nature bows to Keshin's power. As a result of the amount of friction and forces influenced by the power and speed of these currents, his techniques often generate massive amounts of static electricty. If Keshin wants to create some to use in conjunction with another attack, he can simply force two currents - going in opposite directions - to collide and rub against each other. the electrical energy created through this method, while not as potent as standard Lightning Release, when combined with his wind techniques, can be devestating to an opponent. He can carry these electrical currents across the air and make them flow through a foe's body - functioning similarly to some Lightning Release techniques.

Most of the techniques granted by Byakkodō stem from the Very Hiden: Oneness With Wind - the Amanojaku Clan's most sought after Hiden and kinjutsu. Mastery of this forbidden ability essentaially makes one a god of the wind and air; they will have an absolute mastery of the wind, even one that surpasses a regular wielder of Byakkodō. In all of history, only Keshin himself and the original Amanojaku Clan Head ever learned this technique. It covers wind in all of its aspects and makes use of its full potential. A prime example of being on with wind, Keshin can even turn himself into air currents - partially or completely. He can form himself into blades, disperse his conciousness over a wide area by suddenly shooting the wind in all directions, and even imbue the currents he has now become with the dark winds of Shōryōkaze. Furthermore, he is capable of entering other wind techniques while in this form - transferring his will to them in the process. In addition, Keshin can use the wind as an extension of himself. While in the form of air currents, or even in his regular state, Keshin will be able to see, feel, hear, and sense whatever the wind comes into contact with. He can project his air currents over a massive area, ensuring he is aware of every little thing that goes on - not even a single leaf could fall to the ground without him being aware of its moves. When using this ability, Keshin's eyes will be dyed a bright white - as if he were blind - to signify that he is using the wind to see and not his own eyes.

As an ability that uses some of the principles applied to create static electricity, Keshin can use his Evocation of Wave Guiding Wind to manipulate existing waves of energy. The most noteworthy, of course, is electrical energy. At any given moment, Keshin can guide waves of electrical energy and electrons within the air to any given point. The most commonly used application would be the ability to manifest powerful streams of electrical energy - electrons jumping from his fingertips to his foe's body at monstrous speed - in order to overwhelm the target with the sheer amount of volts coursing through them. This alone, if the opponent is exposed to such power for too long, is enough to overstimulate the heart of the one recieving the blast - death is imminent. Keshin has also used this technique as a method of torture, something useful for interrogation purposes. In accomodation to the creation of electrical blasts, Keshin can insulate the air around him to negate Lightning Release ninjutsu, making them completely useless against him.

Further usages of this ability include sound manipulation. Since the aforementioned energy needs a medium to travel through, Keshin can distort said medium - via wind manipulation - in order to change how he and others percieve sound. For example, by changing the paths of the sound waves emitted when he moves, Keshin can completely negate the sound coming off of him during travel. Combined with the fact he possesses no chakra, this makes it nearly impossible to sense him. Infiltration is one of his specialties. On the flipside, he can guide waves to his ears and the ears of others, having the opposite effect; he can listen in on others conversations - this makes him a stellar recon agent. If he wishes to amplify a certain sound, he can even influence the frequency of waves, escalating noises to points where he could potentially render others deaf while Keshin himself insulates the space around him.

Finally, Keshin can literally create cuts in the air by forcing all of the oxygen - once again, via the whipping up of strong currents - out of a certain area. This creates a temporary vacuum; he named this technique Very Hiden: Heavenly Division of the Twin Boundaries. Such a powerful technique shows just to what extent Keshin's wind mastery has gone to. There are a few things the opponent will have to keep in mind when this technique is active; firstly, an opponent will be unable to activate Fire Release in any benficial manner if this technique is activated. There are several reasons for this. the first would be that there would be no oxygen for their flames to burn; no fuel, no fire. Secondly - this applies to more than just fire - the flames would be drawn towards the space the air has fled from, as all surroudning air will rush to this focal point. This is the second benefit; the ability to draw all nearby objects and techniques to this center. However, the vacuum will not differentiate between Keshin and targets, meaning he will either have to get some distance, or simply use a precautionary barrier of insulated air to prevent him from being drawn in.

Kirawa Abilities

As a Kirawa, Keshin is cursed with an insatiable bloodlust that will haunt him throughout his entire life. However, he is also granted a wide array of abilities to aid him in his quest for blood. Specifically, he has a power connected to the very souls of humans, and can draw energy from the souls of others and himself. Thanks to the training he recieved from his clan's leader, Daitengu Amanojaku, Keshin was able to completely master his powers granted by the demonic nature he was cursed with.

Tamashijutsu and Ectoplasmic Manipulation

Keshin Abysswalker 5

Keshin releasing his Konkaku.

Keshin is able to access a nearly forgotten branch of techniques known as Tamashijutsu. With his mastery over this ancient division of arts, he is able to draw upon, manipulate and absorb a substance known as Konkaku, or more commonly referred to as Soul Energy. Keshin only possesses Konkaku, as his chakra was vanquished long ago once he mastered the use of his soul. Keshin is constantly feeding on the Konkaku that emanates from the souls of all. These feeding habits resulted in him developing a form of pseudo-immortality. As long as Keshin takes in the Konkaku of living things, he will be blessed with eternal youth. When using techniques through his Konkaku, as it can be used as an alternate fuel for techniques, non-Kirawa will be unable to sense the attack. This is because only Kirawa can learn to sense and devour this energy. While some users of the Rinnegan have been seen to take chakra from the souls they absorb, none are able to access this energy. A true master of Konkaku can devour the soul of another, absorb and utilize all of the Konkaku in that soul, and release it in the form of Konkaku-powered ninjutsu or in unique Tamashijutsu techniques. Only the most skilled users of Tamashijutsu are actually able to use techniques that are unique to this branch, as most simply use the absorptive abilities granted by a basic mastery over Tamashijutsu.

Keshin's Konkaku takes on a variety of appearances. Usually, it will simply remain invisible; the wispy white energy that always emanates from him in massive quantities. This eerie power is completely hidden from the powers of a sensor-nin, meaning that any techniques utilized through Konkaku can only be seen. So, if Keshin employs the use of a technique such as his Iyoku Style: Infinity Blade, the only thing eluding to him casting the technique is his initial swing. This is what sets Keshin apart from so many other shinobi. It isn't his sheer power, or god-like abilities, but simply his use of Konkaku that makes him so difficult to deal with. A technique powered by Konkaku, furthermore, cannot be tampered with through a use of chakra. Meaning that his ninjutsu is, in essence, impossible to absorb by those who cannot access Konkaku. Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, Keshin often tries to deal with his opponents in subtle manners. An example would be using the wind itself. It starts as a breeze; a zephyr. Then, slowly, it will build up in speed. he will gradually get the target used to the wind; allowing them to enjoy its presence. Once they seem oblivious enough, he will simply create a single large blade behind them. At that point, he will most likely already have bisected them before they can identify what has happened.

But on the flipside, his Konkaku isn't always so stealthy. When he experiences a strong emotion - excitement, joy, sadness, etc. - his soul energy will stir within him until it spirals out of control. The magnitude of this power is enough to silence even the demon dogs within his lover. Once the energy has taken on this much more aggressive form, it will usually become visible - a ghastly shade of purple. The air around him will begin to feel heavy. Like a waterlogged garment, it will weigh down on the entire area. Normally, it will project visions influenced by the natural Killing Intent all Kirawa have; leaving onlookers horrified. His unadulterated aura can be sensed by those who are completely worthless as shinobi - up to a five mile radius in all directions. When he use ninjutsu in conjunction with this demonic energy, his techniques become more powerful and much more destructive. Furthermore, he will have to use less Konkaku in order to use a technique, as it grows more potent in this state. However, his attacks will be able to be sensed, perhaps to a higher degree than a chakra-based technique.

Keshin was actually develop a technique that has yet to be recreated, one known as Soul Shackle. This technique creates long, white chains comprised of pure, compressed Konkaku. If the chains have been formed using Keshin's own, they can be manifested directly from the body in a similar manner to the Uzumaki Clan's Adamantine Sealing Chains. They can be used to constrict an opponent, or simply impale them. Keshin can also cause the chains to sprout up and out of the ground by focusing his Konkaku into his feet and sending them through the ground, though, the same end goal can be accomplished through the use of his hands by applying the same basic principles. However, when Keshin siphons an opponent's Konkaku to create the attack, the chains will be drawn to the opponent, and will try to make their way to the foe's soul. This will either result in the unrelentless chasing and eventual impaling of the opponent, or them simply being constricted to death.

Perhaps one of Keshin's most well-known usages of Tamashijutsu, and Konkaku in general is his Cloak of Souls; a truly impeccable application of Tamashijutsu. By manipulating his own soul and the Konkaku within, he can create a type of barrier that causes anything within it to become invisible. However, since Konkaku has mass, the technique is not absolute, and small distortions in the air where the technique is cast may be seen. Though, these may be dismissed as hallucinations, as no chakra can be felt from anything within this space thanks to the curious nature of Konkaku. Silent like the grim reaper himself, Keshin can sneak behind an opponent and whisk them away into the next world with a swift attack. His extensive usage of this technique has earned him the reputation as a silent wraith who watches his prey; waiting for the right moment to strike. To take his stealth abilities a step further, he can combine the technique with nearly every technique he has. This means he can use the technique to hide any of his techniques, and not only himself.

Aside from techniques that have been specifically named, Keshin can use Konkaku in other ways. One such way is through the creation of Konkaku spheres that can be hurled at an opponent. Unlike the Truth-Seeking Balls used by sages, the spheres Keshin creates are not dense, and rather, take on a wavy sort of appearance. These wispy balls of Konkaku can actually be used to consume the Konkaku of whatever it has come into contact with. Potentially, it could drain an opponent of all their Konkaku, and actually devour their very soul. While the attack is very effective when used against those who have no mastery over their Konkaku, the spheres will have little use against a fellow Kirawa, who will simply consume the attack and use the newly acquired Konkaku against the one who used the attack.

  • Ectoplasmic Reading: The most unusual and possibly useful ability granted to Keshin by his prowess for manipulating and using Konkaku is the ability to read a person based on how their Konkaku moves within them and interpreting its movements with his own. Through simple glances he is able to read one's emotional state. Keshin can easily discern truth from lies with this ability as well, a feat not so easily accomplished by most. Through mere observation one's true intentions are laid plain before him. but this ability is not limited to the scope of discerning the truth, but is actually capable of so much more. Keshin has been seen to use the principles of this ability in the midst of combat to foresee his opponent's next move. This helps him prepare himself and set up a response.
  • Transcendence: Through his absolute mastery over the soul and its energies, Keshin developed a means to transcend his physical form. By leaving his body behind, he will become a spirit. By doing this, he can escape from techniques meant to destroy the soul, such as techniques within the Naraka Path. While floating about as a soul, however, Keshin is unable to harm an opponent while in this form. Also, if Keshin's separated soul were to cross over to the afterlife, he would be unable to return. Thus, Keshin rarely uses this ability, and only employs its use during the most dire of situations.

Keshin's Soul Visage.

  • Soul Visage: Unlike most Kirawa, Keshin did not manifest his Soul Visage for a while; not until his first kill. This trait seen in all Kirawa allows them to see the souls of all people, as the name suggests. Without the Soul Visage, Kirawa would be unable to visualize Konkaku and souls. When this phenomenon is active, the user's irides will take on a blood red hue, and their sclerae will be dyed as black as midnight. While Keshin seems to be able to activate this peculiar trait at will, it is much more common for it to simply manifest when his Kirawa bloodlusts get the best of him. The eyes of a Kirawa are said to reflect the darkness in their soul; able to strike fear into even the most courageous of foes.


"You strive to understand my madness with a logical approach; is that not like searching for darkness with a torch?"


  • Keshin's hobbies include writing, reading, doting on Kusari, taking her on long walks, and creating new techniques.
  • Keshin's favorite food is red dragon sushi rolls, his least favorite is squash.
  • Keshin wishes to fight anyone able to rival his abilities in kenjutsu, Kazuhide being his most powerful opponent by far.
  • Keshin's theme is Dark Deeds.
  • Some of Keshin's powers - Yang Blade Technique, Yin Release: Psychokinesis, and the ability granted by Byakkodō to create electrical currents - were inspired by Sith Lords from Star Wars.

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