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320px-Ringo wields Kiba
Rōmaji Kiba
Literal English Fangs
Alternative names Thunderswords (雷刀, Raitō)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
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Sword of the Thunder God

Kiba (牙, Literally meaning: Fangs) is a set of twin swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. They each have been imbued with lightning, displaying enhanced cutting power in a manner similar to the high-frequency vibrations of lightning-based chakra flow. It is this capability that has resulted in these "thunderswords" (雷刀, raitō) being claimed as the sharpest swords in existence.

These weapons were first introduced in the anime, shown in the possession of Raiga Kurosuki. Ultimately, both were left behind at the bottom of a river in the Land of Rivers, after Raiga's death. The swords are later adapted into the manga, where they are summoned by a reincarnated Mangetsu Hōzuki with a scroll and then returned to a similarly reincarnated Ameyuri Ringo, both of whom are previous wielders of the blades.

In the anime, these blades could channel the user's own respective Lightning Release techniques and to conduct natural lightning. The swords could also be connected at the hilts to form a larger double-bladed sword. While the nature of their abilities are fundamentally the same in their manga début, it has yet to be seen if they can be connected or used to perform lightning based techniques.