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(きだち, Kidachi)

  • Konoha's Bookworm (このはどくしょか, Konoha no Dokushoka)
Voice Actors
English Vincent Corazza
Japanese Akira Ishida Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 10
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 15
Blood type B
Ninja Rank Chūnin
Nature Type

Kidachi(きだち,Kidachi) is a Chūnin-level shinobi from Konohagkure. He later became a doctor at the Hakkingakure Hospital. It was later reveled that he was a spy for Kuroiryuu.


Kidachi lost his parents to the Second Shinobi World War, After the conclusiioon of the war he along with many other children were placed in the Konoha Orphanage. There he was left in the care of Nanō Yakushi. Sometime in his days at the orphanage he befriended Kabuto Yakushi and Uchuu. After four years in the orphanage he became an academy student and graduated the following year. After the events of the Neo Akatsuki War He left Konoha and headed fro Hakkingakure.


As a child during, Kidqachi wears a white coat, with the sleeves folded back, over a black, V-neck top with a white collar. He also wears blue pants and navy blue shoes. He resembles his adult self, with a few minor changes such as shorter, lighter hair. His eyes also appear to be a lighter shade of blue. He also has a necklace given to him by his parents.

After joining Hakkin, Kidachi wears a long white lab coat, grey vest, white collared shirt, and a purple ascot. However, his hair is much better kept and darker in appearance.


When first introduced, Kidachi is shown to be a vary caring and kind person. After revealing himself as a spy, he is shown to be very cold and manipulating. He also shown little regard fro most life.



Medical Ninjutsu

Nature Transformation

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