(きん, Kin)

  • Ms.Ryōma (龍馬さん, Ryūma-san)
Appears in Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 17
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Human-Fox Hybrid
  • Part I: 16
  • Part II: 22
Height 178.8 cm
1.788 m
5.866 ft
70.394 in
Weight 62.0242 kg
136.74 lb
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai Ingaōhō
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Clear Clear Release
  • Book collecting (Hobby)
  • Foreign language learning (Hobby)
Team Team Delta 16
Clan Arctic Symbol Arctic Foxes
Ninja Registration 51849-77
Academy Grad. Age 13
Chūnin Prom. Age 16
Nature Type

Kin (きん, Kin) is a native artcic fox of Hyōkaidō and a Kunoichi of Yukishiogakure, raised by cultist parents and orphaned during a phenomenon that took her parents away. Kin spent most of her life training and practicing in the religious beliefs of Uchūshinjō, she is current a member of Team Delta 16.



Kin is a antisocial and distant individual that does not enjoy being near people when she appeared in Yukishiogakure's academy, she is a woman that doesn't like being center of attention nor does she like giving the people any satisfaction in it. In the academy she is sharp and perceptive to score the top in the academy but is also a loner even people believed her to be a freak which never mind being, spending most of her times reading in the academy and in the villages archives something she has a habit of doing instead of training, sowing impressive muscle memory noticing the difference between a genjutsu and a standard D-rank illusion, her skill in memorizing the hand seals the opponent used for the jutsu is able to copy it after watching once. Kin is a Kunoichi that values power and skill than teamwork since she grew up learning by herself with no one to train her how she grew up viewing everyone around her weaker and inferior than herself, accepting a challenge without hesitation and belittle those she beaten for how far they are than she is something that is utterly disturbing. She developed a mature, superiority complex commonly uses "san" (ミズ, Miss) when referring to herself — a sign of maturity and adulthood.


Kin is a average height woman with pale skin, blonde hair tied back and pale blue eyes. Like every other honourable fox in Hyōkaidō she bears the land of Arctic Fang symbol tattooed on her left arm and kanji "成桂" (Promoted knight, narikei) under her left eye, a kanji that represent her position in her tribe.

Kin's outfit consists of a black cloak Poncho Jacket, light-coloured pants, black summer dress tunic, complete with a white Yukishio forehead protector wrap around her neck in a scarf and black calf-length shinobi sandals. Her appearance stayed the same after several years in Yukishiogakure before and after joining Team Delta 16 minus her now curvaceous figure, her attire would also changed prior to her self discovery around Méihuā wearing blue long-sleeve shirt with several buttons, black pants and her scarf that has her forehead protector, her hair now let down stopping at her shoulders, a kanji "角行" (Bishop, kakugyō) located on her left eye and ankle-length shinobi sandals.

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