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Kireru Clan
Kireru Clan Symbol
(切れる, Kireru, Literally meaning: Sharp/Shrewd Clan)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Clan Data
  • Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
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Kekkei Genkai


The Kireru are clan that is said to go as far back as about 200 years before the start of the series (around the time Hoshigakure started) in the area that would eventually become the village of Kirigakure. Known for both their shrewdness and their Diamond Release, the clan was able to grow significantly during the early days of Kirigakure. They soon grew into one of Kiri's noble clans, and using their shrewd political abilities, were able to carve out a significant slice of the Kiri political pie for their clan. However, once the Sixth Mizukage Fuyuki came to power, they knew the game was up as he started to purge Kiri's land and village of kekkei genkai and kekkei tota users.

Travel to Shinri

With about half of the clan massacred while most were asleep in their beds, the clan fled Kiri and became nomads, wandering the land in search of work and permanent home were they could rebuild their clan and watch their children grow. It was then that they heard about the Shinjitsu, and the creation of a hidden village known as Shinri. When they found out it welcomed outsiders, the disgraced, and clans seeking safety and asylum, they made the effort to get there. Since they've arrived, they have grown back some of their numbers, and plan to eventually start their own hidden village on the Land of Destiny, one that would be allies with Shinri.


Diamond Release

They are known most for their Diamond Release, which allows them to manipulate diamonds to suit their needs. Many of the members who have this release also learn the lightning release, as diamonds are good conductors of electricity. Their diamond structures can also absorb chakra by making contact with a person or opponent. They also use their diamond release as a matter of defense as diamonds are hard substance that is resistant to most physical attacks.

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