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editKiyoko Uchiha
(うちはキヨコ, Uchiha Kiyoko)

  • Kiyoko of the Sharingan (写輪眼のキヨコ, Sharingan no Kiyoko)
  • Red Lotus Flame (レッドロタスフラム, Reddo Rotasu Furamu)
  • Sun Queen (スン クイーン, San Kuīn)
  • God (神, Kami)
  • Crystal Savior (クリスタルサビアー , Kurisutaru Sabiaa)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius.svg February 13
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
  • Part I: 18-22
  • Part II: 26-28
Height 165.116,510 cm <br />165.1 m <br />541.667 ft <br />6,500 in <br />
  • Part I: 57.1257.12 kg <br />125.928 lb <br />
  • Part II: 59.3559.35 kg <br />130.844 lb <br />
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
Classification "S Class Missing Ninja" is not in the list (ANBU, Celestial Beast, Chakravartin, Cooking-nin, Cyborg, Daimyō, Heavenly Sovereign, Hunter-nin, Jinchūriki, Legendary Creature, ...) of allowed values for the "Classification" property. S Class Missing Ninja
Occupation Village Guardian
Team Autumn Dragon Flowers
Clan Uchiha Symbol.svg Uchiha Clan
Ninja Registration 862109
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Chakra signature of tailed beasts
  • Does not age

"I think I've come to peace with my past, and it was only because of the people like you.

— Kiyoko about those of Tanigakure

Kiyoko Uchiha(うちはキヨコ, Uchiha Kiyoko) is a very powerful kunoichi whom originally resided in Konohagakure, and one of the few Uchiha Clan members who are still alive. After having her unwilling status of being a Red Lotus member uncovered, she was banished from Konohagakure by the Hokage, leaving nearly the entire world to presume she is dead.

Later in life, she comes to accept who she was and forgives herself and The Red Lotus for the atrocities that they committed.


Early Life

Kiyoko Uchiha was born to Kiyame Matsuda and Yaichi Uchiha in Konohagakure about 40 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War; a time considered wonderful thanks to the collaboration of the Kage to bring about world peace. This allowed Kiyoko to grow up with a seemingly loving family, and was the first born out of two. Around the age of 6, Kiyoko graduated the Academy with flying colors thanks to her Uchiha prowess. Shortly Afterwards she became friends with Idate Kuzuma whom would actually prove to be her first friend and also very powerful ally. Unfortunately not being able to produce fire to be considered a "real" Uchiha, Idate would often practice with Kiyoko. They would practice using Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique several times a night until she could produce the smallest spark of fire to attempt at impressing her father.

As a child, Kiyoko would often be cautious of fighting and even run away from battles, something her father and brother would often ridicule her of, something that would cause her to doubt herself and feel unimportant. Her mother, however, saw her in a different light and would continue to push her and take care of her until the one night her mother's true identity came to Kiyoko's attention.

However, after Kiyame started giving Kiyoko more attention, the family's false appearance began to shatter as Yaichi voiced his distaste about Kiyoko becoming a ninja, which ultimately lead to the two parents drifting apart.

Enter, Red Lotus

On June 16th, Kiyoko returned home from a D ranked mission involving finding a kitten near what was Kikyo Castle, only to see her father and young brother training relentlessly. It was to the point that her younger sibling, whom hasn't even graduated the academy yet, would easily be considered three times as strong as Kiyoko. Crying, she quickly ran up to her father to proclaim that she too wanted to have that special treatment that Tagami was getting. With disapproval, her father explained that she was far too weak to be considered for the training he was giving Tagami. He explained that her brother was being built to be the warrior of the family, something Kiyoko couldn't and shouldn't ever hope to be. Further crushed by her father's words and her brother's look of slight victory, she ran off crying in search of her mother. Feeling sorry for her, Kiyame promised to take her in and train her in ways Yaichi couldn't ever train Tagami. Moved by her mother's words, Kiyoko hugged her mother and was assured that their training would begin that night.

Leaving under the cover of darkness and the guise of going on a walk with her beloved daughter, Kiyame traveled through the heart of Konoha with her daughter in hand. After several minutes of walking in darkness down a rather thick forest, they came up to a rather broken down shrine that bolstered nothing but age and vegetation. However it emitted an eerie aura that would make Kiyoko question her mother's judgment, only to be greeted a voice that proved that she should be afraid. Out of pure darkness a figure cloaked in a burgundy overcoat proceeded to greet Kiyame and immediately reprimanded her for bringing along a "child." Much to her mother's despair, she explained that she brought Kiyoko as a form of formal invitation to the group and even went on to explain Kiyoko's hidden potential as an Uchiha who has yet to be fully realized. She continued by stating that she planned to train Kiyoko with hopes of her adding to the cause, which confused Kiyoko even further, yet she figured she was safe thanks to her mom's presence. Slightly nodding, the titan that was the hooded figure crouched down to the child and held out its hand as a form of invitation, pleased at the chance of getting a hold of a true Uchiha. "The Red Lotus will take care of her..."

Strained Relations

After the first night of meeting The Red Lotus, her mother proceeded to train her in various arts that was kept hidden from the family, including specialized taijutsu. Several nights a week she would sneak out with her mother to travel to same shrine a train, over the course of several months. Even that same member of The Lotus oversaw a small portion of her training and helped her specialize in the Fire Release, allowing her to grow adept at using Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique. To prove her place, she even performed the technique in front of her father's own eyes and so he reluctantly gave her his nod of approval; although he felt that her technique was still ordinary compared to Tagami's. After gaining her father's approval, therefore gaining the mark of an Uchiha, she ran to her mom to tell her the good news. Kiyame roared with excitement and offered to take the whole family out for dinner at Ichiraku.

That night, her father questioned about how Kiyoko could've learned such a technique, under the strict rule that she was supposed to learn how to be a humble woman instead of a kunoichi. He also felt as if Kiyoko's power would eventually match that of Tagami. Stressed, Kiyame began to say that she trained Kiyoko but was interrupted by the battle call of Tagami; he issued a challenge to his older sister. A challenge stating that he could best her in power and technique, in which their father seconded. It would've been a great learning experience for Tagami and a great lesson for Kiyoko. A reluctant Kiyame and Kiyoko agreed as Kiyame did want to see her daughter's growth in action. After the rest of the awkward dinner, Yaichi led let the family to Naka River before explaining to the two younger Uchihas that the river was ages old and that the river ran through what was once a very populated area that belonged to the Uchiha. Without a moment's passing, he instructed the two to spar on the cliff just above the river... to perhaps frighten Kiyoko. However fearless, the two walked over to the cliff and stood around 15 yards away from each other. With the word from their father, the two young Uchiha ran at each other as fast as they could and began throwing blows at each other using their physical strength. This continued for a couple of minutes until Yaichi noticed that Kiyoko's taijutsu was rather polished for her age, and that she was actually slightly overpowering her younger brother. Yaichi's dismay was made apparant once he stared silently at Kiyame. Eventually even Tagami noticed that he was being over powered by Kiyoko during their brief taijutsu match and decided to take it a different route. He quickly leaped away from his foe and weaved hand seals, and quickly executed the Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique in which a large ball of fire was released towards Kiyoko. In an attempt to show her might, she performed the same jutsu. Her own flame was a bit smaller than her brother's but she proved enough to her father whom yelled for the two to stop as the fiery titans collided in a bright orange explosion. The two combatants were exhausted, but Tagami was left disappointed.

Kiyame gleamed with excitement; she was proud of her underdog of a daughter. Kiyoko proved herself to both Yaichi and Tagami, which forced the former to question how Kiyoko was being trained. He even went as far as saying that Kiyame was a traitor to their family, making it an awkward walk home.

The following day Kiyame requested that she and Kiyoko left for the day, alone. Only for the father to burst into a fit of rage and explained that he should go as well or no one should go, fearing that his daughter was about to receive the high quality training that allowed her to fight on par with her brother, whom trained for many years to reach his current level. Kiyame disagreed and she left, leaving her husband steaming with anger. He was so upset that his Sharingan had activated, showing their immaturity as they had only 2 tomoe in each eye. Later that Kiyame had requested that her daughter finally be put in a 3 man cell, as in that age it was no longer required of genin to join a 3 man team complete with a jonin, however if they expected to gain more ranks and more abilities, it was recommended to be placed in such. Several hours later, she and her daughter went to the usual spot to train, only to be followed by Tagami who was jealous of his sister's growth. Luckily the training only consisted of Kiyoko and her mother that night.

Venture to the Land of Snow

Now at the age of 8, she was invited to join a three-man cell. This team consisted of Kiyoko, Idate Kazuma, and Hikari Matsumoto; they were all genin who were under the tutelage of a jonin named Mita Tetsuya. The invite took place just outside of the Academy. That day, Mita immediately took control of the gathering and expressed that they should've been genin long enough to do lower ranking missions such as find someone's cat and explained that the group, now known as team 6, would travel out to Yuki no Kuni. Inquiring as to why, Kiyoko seemed a bit worried about traveling out to other nations with confirmed issues with violence and war, something Hikari also agreed to. Nevertheless, the jonin dismissed their fears and alerted them that they had 3 days to prepare; this was a C rank mission that involved transporting small supplies to support Yuki no Kuni. Kiyoko was rather disappointed in the meeting in general as they didn't even get to introduce themselves, although she knew Idate already, she did want to get to know Hikari before facing frozen trials. Eager to get home and tell her mom, she bolted from the gathering to return home. Returning home to a meal with her family, she went forth and exclaimed that her team was to visit Yuki no Kuni is just 3 days as part of a transport mission. Her mother gave a faint smile while her father replied with silent anger that was visible through his dark eyes. His eyes were sharper than knives and could peer right into her. Again he was left out on a decision involving his seemingly rebelling daughter and she was going on a mission, something his beloved son had truly yet to experience. Seemingly annoyed, Kiyoko left the presence of her father and began packing for her first true adventure outside of home; underneath her rather nervous exterior was an excited girl. Her father then came into her room with rage in his eyes, attempting to persuade Kiyoko not to go on this adventure. She needed to stay home and attempt to learn something more useful, such as mild forms of medical ninjutsu in case anyone in the house were to need it. Attempting to be rather strong hearted, she declined her father's wishes and continued to pack until he erupted in pure anger and began throwing anything he could get his hands on, causing Kiyoko to step back out of fear. Within a few minutes the entire room was a mess, and next he planned to point his rage to Kiyoko. He began to explain that he never wanted a female child, as that would ruin his name. He wanted his son to be legendary, but instead his first born was a girl. He continued on to say that he always wanted her to amount to much less than her brother; she needed to do so to preserve Tagami's name. Angered, Kiyoko back lashed by saying that she was alive and there was nothing anyone could do about it now. She was truly disappointed in his words but always felt such from him anyway. Smiling, her father was plotting to actually prove her wrong until Kiyame entered the room with concern as well as anger upon seeing the disaster that was her supposed mate, iterating that his behavior was unacceptable and wished him to leave. Without a word, he did leave, only for Kiyoko to explain her father's physical wrath and that she felt that she was next.

Unfortunately their relationship had been strained ever since Kiyoko even went to the academy, but never as strained as it was that night.

Finally the day arrived that Kiyoko was to travel to Yuki no Kuni. She woke up early that day and immediately placed on some suitable clothing and ran out the door with her backpack; she was definitely excited to see that she was getting away from her failure father to join her newly appointed team. Within a short span of time, however, she managed to meet Idate, Hikari, and Mita, whom all were already waiting for them at the village gate. Within moments, the four of them departed only after checking to make sure that everyone had the needed supplies. On the way there, Mita explained how Yuki no Kuni actually used to be Haru no Kuni, and it was only until the land was invaded by mysterious ice-weilding warriors that threw the land of spring back into a winter wonderland, and the war between factions has existed for many years. She also explained how Yuki no Kuni was being suffocated by the enemy whom started blocking off trade routes, and that's why they were heading that way to help smuggle supplies to them. Kiyoko only listened as Idate raised questions, especially one concerning how this would be considered a C-rank even though they would be potentially going against fully fledged warriors whom are trained to kill them on sight. Mita then countered by calling the 10 year old smart, but, they would be escorted by ANBU and other high level ninja. She also continued by stating that the some of the ninja are already ahead, punching holes in their defenses so they could sneak right through with the animal that carried the supplies. Kiyoko quickly noted that they didn't have an animal with them whenever they left, only for Mita to counter by stating that the animal was already miles ahead and was waiting for them, along with the other ninja whom plan to help escort them. Cheering, Hikari quickly dashed beyond them as she was extremely excited to be apart of a real mission, which obviously caused Mita to yell at her as she dashed off behind Hikari; Kiyoko and Idate quickly followed suit.


As a young child, her personality was often cheery; she was not aware of much negativity around her and was even considered pure hearted by others. She rarely liked to hurt other's feelings but due to her weakness of heart at times, she found herself hurt emotionally in several aspects. Her father caused many of these emotional problems but she was strong enough to attempt to phase them out, while subconsciously pushing her problems to the center of her heart. This also forced her to value the friends she made, ultimately becoming cautious of whom she could befriend as she didn't see much value in everyone. Her favorite person was her mother; through her she could accomplish anything, or that's how she felt at least. She was very close to her and appreciative of her efforts, easily earning the top spot in Kiyoko's life. Learning from her mother also taught Kiyoko to be concerned for others around her, especially for those who were in the same situation as her about a failure, abusive, father. However after her mother and father finally separated, she found herself in a generally better mood in every day life.

She was considered a very intelligent young girl, passing every test and learning everything she could with ease, however many attributed this to her Uchiha bloodline but never the less her intelligence shined in her daily life. Even after receiving training from her mother and The Red Lotus, she was intelligent enough to hold back when fighting others; although this could be partially because the fact that she never liked hurting others, especially killing others, which lead to others classifying her battle skills as ordinary.

However it was until after the death of her mother that her attitude on life truly changed. Coupled with her mother's death and the efforts of The Red Lotus, her attitude in life became rather cold and bleak. She was then considered a loner, even though she was with a team. No matter how much her old friends would try to put through to her, she wouldn't budge. Later on she even proved that she didn't mind taking other people's lives if they went as far as crossing her, however these people were usually enemies to both her and the village as she stabbed someone through the heart with Chidori even though violence was only necessary if the situation called for it. Her certain personality change even warranted the attention of other jonin and nearly the current Hokage. Her only real feelings was towards The Red Lotus, as was her loyalty at the time as she honestly believed that they were there for her in her time of need. With her cold personality and her deadly intelligence, she was easily awarded the title of Chūnin. Even later on, she became rather battle hungry after her brother challenged her and was soundly defeated, choosing stay in secrecy to test her newly found optical power than to enjoy her time with her team.

Fortunately with the consistent attempts from her closest friends, she finally was able to understand that she was never alone in her life to begin with and ultimately changed her ways. By the time she was an ANBU, her personality closely mirrored her attitude as a child; she was much happier then. She allowed herself to immerse with different cultures. After years of growth, she also managed to develop a strong sense of justice, a feeling that further promoted her to the rank of ANBU. Her personality could only be described as truly mature, as she seemed like a warm, caring person. She even went to great lengths to attempt to repair the bond she had with her brother, which actually succeeded. Her persona was so bright that it nearly seemed that she alone made the entire ANBU a much happier team. In battle she was the type of person to hold back on her opponents, going only as far as necessary to defeat them. She also rarely used her Mangekyō Sharingan under belief that it's power would be too much under any occasion. However, on a more comical side, she would also be prone very comical outbursts of anger and annoyance, someone everything everyone around her knew to take as a joke. Even after becoming an ANBU, her sense of humanity would often often prevail over her duties as being the guardians soaked in darkness.

It was only after the universal calling of Red Lotus members to gather and become uncovered that Kiyoko returned to a more evil outlook on life, mainly thanks to the Mark of the Spider that was sealed onto her arm as a symbol of membership within The Lotus, which fully activated that night. Her personality quickly flipped and immediately she lost all emotional connection to Konoha, and even went as far defecting the nation while being an ANBU. Even when being chased down by fellow ANBU, she asserted her dominance over them by outright crushing them with Susanoo, showing her lack of both remorse and concern for her actions. At the same time she also displayed a bit of cunning as she knew that the fellow ANBU would be surprised by her technique as she's never showed it to others before, other than The Lotus.

After being a truly active member in The Lotus, she managed to gain a more subservient personality to her commanders while somehow maintaining a form of dominance among her immediate team, save for the one person she looked up to. Slowly but surely her persona degraded even further as she learned of one of The Lotus' motive, which involved the removing of souls from the bodies of people, and even found herself fighting for that cause; a cause that was easily classified as taboo. She even performed techniques to remove souls from countless amounts of people on numerous occasions. Throughout those heartless actions, she began relying more and more on the enhanced abilities of her Mangekyō Sharingan to point to where she even began boasting her techniques over others, which also developed a strong sense of confidence. She would even put her abilities to the test by attempting to capture tailed beasts, however by exhausting her powers so much, her sight began to degrade; the common effect of having the blessed eyes. She did manage to capture two by using her eyes, albeit being in a team of 5 each time.

Even though her persona was falling into a dark pit, her concern for her brother still existed in a weak form; within battle with him, she found herself unable to fully defeat him, although this could be contributed to both her degraded eyesight(while also fighting against another Mangekyō Sharingan user) and her hidden love for her younger sibling. This led their battle to be rather drawn out and even forced her to panic from the thought of losing and being deemed useless. After ultimately winning the battle against her brother, with unwanted help, and taking his eyes she regained much of her confidence back. Especially once she became accustomed to her new eyes. She boasted her new abilities to points where she nearly downplayed her enemies, considering them children whom aren't even worth the effort. This was very apparent once she met a newly appointed jonin from Konoha; he immediately attempted to fight her by showing the techniques he learned from Naruto Uzumaki, however she emotionally crushed him by performing the same technique onto him, but in a much more destructive manner. She's also confident enough to even talk down to the Kyuubi while having a smile on her face. Along with her unhealthy confidence, she gained a more demanding attitude among her peers and frequently even other divisions. While it may seem as if she lacked most moral code, her unwavering loyalty was something that everyone noticed. However it wasn't until after the climax of The Red Lotus that she realized that she was being manipulated for most of her life, in which she then saw them as her enemy. Her suppressed personality briefly allowed her to overpower the Mark of the Spider and regain a bit of her old self, in which she used to aid the nations by killing many members.

Many years after the events leading up to her banishment from Konoha(and many other large nations), she developed an attitude that consisted of not trusting other people. She even went as far as to condemn herself for her actions, secluding her from most of the world(even though most of the world was under the impression that she was executed for her crimes). To prove her guilt to herself even more, she vowed to herself to never use the Sharingan anymore, as it was a very strong reason why The Lotus had damaged the world. Ultimately this caused her to create a false identity as she wanted to be as far from the past as possible.

To keep people out of her heart, she developed "no nonsense attitude" that consisted of her constantly having a cold attitude towards others, also attributing to her loneliness. Her battle style changed as well; she'd often rely on the Crystal Release to control the outcome of her battles, if she had any. Her Crystal Release allowed her to apply only the force needed to subdue someone and it wasn't nearly as explosive as her other techniques. Others even saw her crystalline power as a beauty.

Overtime her willful solitude dissolved as others began entering her heart and showing her the path to peace; she ultimately let go of many of her old feelings from the village's constant effort to place hope into the person they described as their crystal rod of hope. Never forgetting her atrocities, she continued to uphold her fake identity long after her unofficial promotion to village guardian, yet it fit her because over time she started to love the village and those in it, vowing to protect them from anything. With the help of Tanigakure, she evolved into a better person. She was generally friendly to others and even had a light sense of humor, but could easily show that she didn't accept nonsense by the flip of her attitude. She was strong willed and even stayed true to herself, for the sake of the village and herself, by keeping the name Kiyoko Uchiha in the grave when other Konoha ninja, including her sibling, arrived nearby to perform a joint training mission. Another word that could describe her is "sharp", as this fits not only to describe her intellect, but also her mouth. She's not against putting people in their places, especially verbally. She's been shown to be serious with just about anything. She was easily considered a local hero.

After being free of the Red Lotus for nearly 5 decades, and due to the culmination of souls finally stabilized, her personal could be described as very sweet and caring as she learned how to adjust to life living with others whom depend on her. Due to wanting to blend in with other humans, she also learned how to solve issues without the use of violence, as normal people would have to find other ways to make do. This caused her to eventually view fighting something akin to tabu unless it was extremely warranted, such as when the other Red Lotus members whom participated in the feast of a thousand souls attempted to attack Konoha. She knew that she had to assist, but even then she held her powers back considerably due to not having the aim to kill, as well as becoming rusty from living a peaceful lifestyle. Her personality also can be described as somewhat soft-spoken, as of now, which often leads to others viewing her as an extremely kindhearted woman, espectwhen it is coupled with her sense of humor. On the same token, she now has extremely refined control over her temper, to points that she's rarely seen upset about anything. She also displays a strong sense of responsibility, which can sometimes overwhelm other parts of her personality, which often takes shape when she is doing chores.

While she is extremely friendly, she does keep a bit of her old way of life incorporated into who she is. She still lives in some solitude, such as living at home by herself and lacks a love interest, however, she does have one close friend, Sakae Katsumi, however it's likely due to the fact that the both of them are able to age extremely well and therefore they both can see how each generation of ninja compares to each other. Her companionship with Sakae is so strong that the two of them often fight each other's battles, albeit Kiyoko doing less of the physical fighting. In total, all she'd like to be is a normal woman, which is easily evident by her appearance.

It wasn't until Saiga Samosuke, the true persona behind the Red Lotus' infamous Will of the Spider appeared that she forced herself to take up her mantle of being one of the strongest fighters in Ninja history, and fight. However it was due to her compassion for others that she resumed fighting once again.


8 years old.

Kiyoko has the Uchiha trademark black hair as well as black eyes to match, however her hair does have a small hint of blue in it. Her hair is quite smooth and flows down past her back and nearly touches the waist. She also has bangs that fall past her chin as well as a few dropping around her nose. She also has a very strong smile that actually completes her facial features, making others actually become infatuated by her. Many call her pretty or cute, glowing is also another term that she was described as when she was this young. She usually wears a burgundy sleeveless shirt where the collar and outermost part of where sleeves would be are black. She also sports the Uchiha crest on her back well, but her hair covers most of it. Her shirt falls to underneath her bottom, only to have chain mail shorts on. She also wears typical blue sandals and black wristbands with the Uchiha crest on the front of them.

13 years old.

At the age of 13 she's grown considerably taller, but still was at the average height of females of her age. Her hair loses a bit of its blue tint as well as some of its length in the back, falling to just the end of her neck; her hair does however have longer bangs that reaches to her breasts. She keeps the bangs on separate sides of her face, showing her forehead. On her left shoulder rests a black marking that closely resembles a spider; this is called the Mark of the Spider, the mark that was sealed onto her the moment she officially joined The Lotus. At the time, the marking was just accommodating its new host which was proven by the fact that her skin lost a great deal of its pigment. Also proving that it was just then accommodating to the host was the fact that the mark was actually visible; once the marking reaches a certain point, it will vanish out of sight of the naked eye and many other devices or abilities. She usually sported a high collared, short, sleeveless, teal dress that was a gradient of a lighter shade of teal, which existed among the upper half of her body, then a dark teal that existed nearing the bottom of the dress. She also had an extremely light teal design etched into the right side of the dress that extended to the end of the dress. Her dress also had a slight opening, that was cross-stitched, that started from the left side of her waist and expanded as it reached the end of the dress, revealing a a more blue clothing underneath that covered her body just until an inch before the base rim of the dress. She wore black sleeves that started inches from her shoulder, giving enough clearance for her making to be visible to others(by the time she returned to Konoha, her marking would've faded). She also wore sandals that had a black cloth extending towards nearly the kneecap, while her feet were visible underneath. These sandals also were lifted with heels.

16 years old, Chunin

By the age of 16, she was described by others as simply "prime". At this point in time, her her maturity was showing quite well, as noted by her height and clothing, compared to younger iterations of herself. She also carried herself in a more mature manner, depending on what one would mean by mature. This allowed for this blade to be very light weight. Her hair has grown longer compared to the previous iterations of herself, as it straightly flows to her mid back. She also wears her hair in such a way that it's parted at her forehead, allowing for her standard forehead protector to be seen.

19 years old, ANBU.

At the age of 19, she's reached her maximum height, marking her age is a point where she's nearly done maturing. At this point in time her hair completely loses its blue tent and instead gains an exponential amount of length as her hair is long enough for it to fall smoothly past her bottom and nearly to the back of her kneecaps. She also keeps her hair swept to the sides of her face in the form of two bangs; one on the right side and one on the left, falling to lengths past her chin. She's also regained the pigment of her skin as her body has grown accustom to the Mark of the Spider which has left to the mark to fade from sight. She is also usually seen sporting the common ANBU uniform such as the gray, high collared, short-sleeved shirt, gray pants with a series of bandages covering them from the calves down to the actual ankle itself, with a stray series of bandages on her right thigh, gray sandals with exposed toes, gray gloves that extended until it was just inches short of touching the short sleeves of the shirt; the right glove also had the metallic piece of a forehead protector, with Konoha's insignia engraved in it, etched into it. It was completed with light gray arm guards and a light gray flak jacket. She also wore a white porcelain mask with fed marking on it so that the mask resembled a cat.

22 years old, EMS activated.

By the age of 22, Kiyoko has went through drastic physical changes. Her hair is now a shade similar to a light auburn, due to the Mark of the Spider's influence on her genetics, with her hair flowing just a bit past her waist. She also keeps several locks of hair flowing in front of her to rest on her shoulders and breasts, while she has her right eye covered by hair that she considers a large bang. Her clothing usually consists of a darker auburn, almost burgundy, skin-tight dress in which has no problems displaying her quite charming physique. This dress only goes to the beginning of her thighs, only for her to be wearing a similar color, heel-like sandal with cross-stitching going up through her calf muscles. She also wears sleeves, which also matches her color scheme, that only cover from the wrists to the humerus muscles.

27 years old.

By the age of 27, Kiyoko went through another series of drastic changes. Her hair color now reflects the sky perfectly, matching her eyebrows and optics as well. Her hair is also parted in the form of two large bangs that fall on each side of her face, falling past her shoulders to just above her breasts, with some rouge spikes of hair interrupting the smooth flow of hair. She also has her hair kept in a pony tail, which causes some of the hair to rise above her head before falling in between her shoulder blades. Her skin is also a bit more pale. This transformation was a side-effect having multiple souls within her; her body began to respond to the physical traits of the stronger souls and this is the end result. This also helped her live in exile; she appears to be a completely different looking person compared to her prior physique. She is also usually seen wearing a violet blouse with straps on her shoulders. This blouse also had pink trimming along the bottom and in the center, where one part of the blouse clips above the other; she wears a thick black belt over her stomach. She also wears a short violet skirt complete with violet sleeves that travel to just below her shoulders. At the top of the sleeves are pink ribbons that serve as a complimentary. Her legs are covered by a cloth similar to socks, leaving only her upper thigh to be revealed. Her outfit is completed with the trademark black ninja sandals.

Kiyoko Epilogue.jpg

Once Kiyoko was well into her eighties, the evidence of the plethora of souls that took refuge within her body was extremely apparent. Beginning with her hair, which is now an even brighter shade blue, cyan to be specific; it has also grown to Kiyoko's petite waist. Compared to herself two decades prior, her hair is much more full in comparison. The fullness of her hair greatly compliments the curles that she put in her hair. Her facial features speaks volumes; she doesn't look as if she's over the age of 30, even though she's well into her eighties. This is due to the life energy she has from the multitude of souls within her; she's near ageless at this point. Her optics also followed suit with her face, and remained blue just like the skies above, however she now sports a pair of thin framed glasses that only aid in portraying her sophistication. Usually she is also seen sporting a black tank top, which appears to be somewhat revealing as she tank top tends to reveal some of her bust, and bra included. It also reveals her thin figure. However she also wears sky blue haori that reaches down to her calves. She also wears blue pants that reach down to her ankles. She also is usually seen wearing a variety of necklaces.



In Kiyoko's young years, her taijutsu could've been considered average at best. At first she was able to contend with her brother on nearly even grounds, gaining the upper hand rather slowly in their battle until her brother was forced to perform ninjutsu to make up for his short comings. However after becoming a member of team 6, her taijutsu skills advanced quite a bit, especially with the added help from the Sharingan. During her fight against the Yuki no Kuni ninja, she showed that she could simply outright blitz several ninja at one time, albeit briefly, which gave Mita the chance to finish them off. During the Chūnin Exams, her taijutsu managed to improve even more under the tutelage of both Mita and The Lotus, allowing her to perform several long combos without succumbing to fatigue. By the time she returned from her 2 year hiatus with The Lotus, her taijutsu had increased by several stages; she was easily able to dispatch a rouge jonin ninja from Kirigakure by not only paralyzing them from excessive trauma to the spine, but ultimately forcing a Sharingan enhanced Chidori into their heart, killing them. By the time she reaches adulthood, both during her ANBU phase and afterwards, she is seen taking on at least several ninja at once using simply taijutsu alone and held her own easily. Even more-so after she became a fully active member of The Lotus, as she was seen taking on entire divisions of ninja at once without getting touched.

With her Sharingan aiding her in battle, her senses become deadly augmented; the Sharingan allows her to predict the movements of others extremely easily, coupled with the fact that her eyes can clearly see anything with utmost detail, she can think of extensive counter-attacks on the spot. Her eyes also give great clarity to how fast an object is traveling, enhancing her already great reflexes to extreme heights, especially during the Sharingan's adulthood. While her taijutsu is great, it's not her best line of attack.


Nature Transformation

Kiyoko can utilize all 5 basic nature types as well as the yang release. Being that she is an Uchiha, her talent with the Fire Release is amazingly frightening as she is easily able to conjure up flames hot enough to melt even steel. Although she was considered a late bloomer, she showed skill with fire based techniques at the age of 7. She is skilled enough to even combine her fire prowess with other techniques if the situation calls for it. She has great power and force in her fire power, going far above the Uchiha's standards. Her fire prowess even compared to Madara Uchiha's, with her being able to burn entire villages to nothing by her own efforts.

Kiyoko also has a natural affinity for the wind release as well, being able to release sharpened wind blades to her opponents with natural ease. She's also able to use the power of wind to propel her own techniques at the opponent by merely pointing her palm to the target; she would fire the technique at such a high rate of speed, the sheer force of the wind would keep the rasengan molded and even cause it to provide more damage to the target.

Her water release is also greatly refined; she's easily capable of creating multiple dragons, with barely any source of water, that explode on contact causing great damage. She's also known to create torrents of water and can even absorb nearby moisture to charge chakra if the situation calls for it.

Kekkei Genkai


Kiyoko's adult Sharingan

Kiyoko is one of the select members to awaken the Sharingan. She awakened it by the age of 8, however it wasn't until The Lotus had officially adopted her as a student that her Sharingan had fully matured. In earlier years, she would only activate it if the situation warranted its use; she opted to conserve its chakra usage in case of an emergency. The more she used it, the less chakra that was drained from her until ultimately she constantly kept it activated, such as when she was an adult. In its adult stage, this dōjutsu grants Kiyoko amazing clarity; this being merely one of multiple enhancements. She can observe the chakra flow of others with great detail, to points where she can see if one was under a genjutsu or not. Anything within her sight she can decipher and she can even predict the movements of others with near perfect accuracy. Being one of the most important abilities is the fact that she can even copy others' body movements and techniques with near perfect accuracy as well, save for kekkei genkai, provided that she is able to.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Kiyoko's Mangekyō Sharingan.

Kiyoko awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan after she learned of her mother's death. The tomoe of her Mangekyō Sharingan doubles, leaving her a total of 6 tomoe. Each tomoe is also facing the opposite direction of the tomoe of the standard Sharingan. The tomoe are connected via a black circle that overlays them, as well as a much smaller circle outline the pupil. With her left Mangekyō, she can manipulate the light within her vicinity, showing to have an effective radius of about 50 yards, anything outside of this radius she does not have the power to manipulate. However this does not apply if she uses the existing light within her radius to extend outside of it, such as creating chains of light and releasing them far outside of her normal range; she maintains the ability to control them. Fortunately, since light is a pre-existing source of energy, it does not expend much of her chakra, except in special circumstances. Her right Mangekyō gives her the ability to project extreme amounts of heat from her body, usually in the shape of dome that surrounds her. She can both extend the dome and increase its temperatures simply by providing more chakra, however this technique usually greatly expends her chakra with decent usage. She is known for having the technique so hot, that even sheer metal tends to melt immediately after entering her domain. She tends to use this against enemies who prefer close quarters, but she can also use this to reduce the effectiveness of techniques and weapons, by melting them away or even vaporizing them. If she were to combine the power of both eyes, she could coat herself in extreme amounts of light, capable of blinding others, and couple it with godly heat, she would resemble the sun. However she could only use this technique for a moment or two before becoming exhausted. With the Mangekyō being unlocked in both eyes, she gains access to Susanoo, with her negative emotions fueling its growth. She can manifest Susanoo in several different forms, yet she fails to have the ability to be able to conjure it as the full upper body, only stopping short at being able to manifest is complete skeleton with muscles. However she can use light to compensate for her short comings. Like most Mangekyō Sharingan, opting to use it will come with the consequence of losing sight. Kiyoko fell victim to this as well, only being able to see in a blur.

Kiyoko's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

After gaining her brother's eyes, her ocular techniques were enhanced exponentially; her Susanoo was the main ability that benefited from her ocular transplant. She was not only able to materialize it in its complete upper body form, but she was also able to completely materialize it in its complete full body, stabilized form. She can also materialize it in any form in between as well. Her Susanoo gains the use of swords, capable of cleaving nearly anything in two. She can also apply light to the swords, increasing its cutting power several fold. She can also perform Yasaka Magatama now. Its appearance changed drastically as well, starting with the tomoe; all 6 of them are facing the reverse direction as opposed to her Mangekyō Sharingan. The circle that once laced over the 6 tomoe are now under it, thickening to about twice its width, and growing 6 even-spaced crescent appendages that reach to the end of the iris. Underneath this black circle is a thin red circle with similar features, save its orientation is slightly off; the red crescents reaches in between the tomoe and where the black circle's crescents are ending.


Kiyoko's Meikogan

Ascended Meikogan

Ascended Meikogan

Meiko Sharingan

The natural combination between the base Sharingan and the Meikogan, a combination of nearly godly proportions. Considering that the Meikogan is manifestation of a nearly completely different origin, Kiyoko is physically capable of using both doujutsu at once to combine their effects. The user is able to use the basic techniques of the Sharingan to amplify the advanced techniques of the Meikogan, allowing for more precise techniques. However she is not able to advance the Sharingan any further because the physical strain on her eyes would be too great to continue. Fortunately with her body focusing on more of the Meikogan instead of the Sharingan, her body would not be able to provide the resources to advance the Sharingan under normal circumstances. This combination of the Sharingan and the Meikogan calls for extraordinary powers. Even the average genjutsu created by the Sharingan would be terribly enhanced. Enhanced to points where it could be more effective than Tsukuyomi.

Crystal Release

Kiyoko gained access to the Crystal Release through the 200 souls she absorbed in her time with The Red Lotus. She speculates that either there was a user of the Crystal Release among the souls, or due to the conglomeration of the souls melding together which aided in being able to use this specific release. While the origins of how she was able to use the release may come from different people, her skills with it easily make others believe that she was a natural born user, as she's been using it for a few years. To begin, her used of the Crystal Release can vary depending on battle styles and plans; in fact, on many occasions she is able to use the release as a form of both offense and defense, such as when she created a field of flowering crystals to cause hundreds of crystal pillars to erupt from the ground, with aims to both skewer her opponents from the ground and also shield herself from any rogue projectiles or techniques. She is also seen to be able control their size with ease, creating pillars small enough to cause a slight injury or create one large enough to split buildings into pieces. Along with size, she's also able to create these pillars at high rates of speed regardless of size, so she is easily able to surprise opponents with crystallized techniques. She now opts to use the Crystal Release because she feels it is the least destructive and natural of her powers, as she can create these crystals nearly anywhere get chakra is. She can also limit the amount of damage these crystals do based on the need of the situation by controlling their size and properties.

Chakra Prowess

As an Uchiha, Kiyoko's chakra is very strong. However that's not the only her chakra has going for it; the sheer amount of chakra she has is almost unbelievable. Thanks to obtaining a very small portion of tailed beasts one through seven, her chakra reserves increased as a natural result. Once she absorbed the 200 souls, her chakra reserves increased exponentially to compensate for the spirits within her body. At this point her raw chakra levels allow her to battle for days on end. However, before she was given the souls(and subsequently some of the tailed beasts' chakra), her reserves were about average; thus was noted in her usage of the Mangekyō Sharingan. She was able to her techniques both effectively and with a decent number of usages per day, per battle even. To assist with her above average chakra levels, she had decent levels of chakra control as she was able to successfully use ninjutsu in rapid succession only by using minimal chakra, which made her a very formidable foe.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals
First 3.5 3.5 0 3 3 2 3.5 3
Second 4 4 1 4 3 3 3.5 4
Third 5 4.5 2 4.5 4.5 3.5 4 5

Part 1

Konoha Betrayed

The night was just beginning to settle as the sun was no longer visible in the skies, yet its golden rays of illumination mixed in with the looming darkness that was night, causing the rays of illumination to become stained with hues ranging from gold to purple; such was reflected upon the skies, especially the clouds. The Uchiha, Kiyoko, was right in the middle of a verbal argument with a fellow ANBU; ironically, it was about Kiyoko's methods of being an ANBU member. The fellow ANBU, Aoi Matsuki immediately voiced his distaste of how she went about completing a recent mission, which consisted of Kiyoko allowing the assailant to live in exchange for the prize Konoha was seeking; something that was against the values of the the team. Showing her pure annoyance with them, she noted how she missed her old team, in which she was leader of, the Enigmatic Soldiers. She continued on by stating that she didn't know why Aoi and the rest of their current team, the Gray Towers, were so disliking to her. At this point, ranting at their apparent noncooperation with each other, the team leader, Hikari Matsumoto, Kiyoko's former teammate, appeared out of nowhere; something in which caused the two other ANBU to cease their argument and note the newcomer's appearance. Hikari quickly cut to the chase and alerted them that they will be performing a joint operation with another team later that night. Their mission would be to stand at predetermined points to stand watch over the secret Kage Summit that's being held in the Hokage Mansion, right in the center of Konoha. Walking to edge of the skyscraper she stood on, Kiyoko responded with her expressing how she thought that there couldn't be a bigger, more noticeable target for the summit. To which Hikari replied that it was something Sarada Uchiha, the lead military security officer, decided, which annoyed Kiyoko even more. After stating the objective, Hikari left without a word, only dropping two sheets of paper that held the names of Kiyoko and Aoi on them. Curious, Kiyoko picked up the paper designated by her name, only to see a location and time. She quickly assumed that it was for the Kage Summit and the location marked where she should be. Noting that the work was already planned before she was told anything, she remarked how she missed having more responsibility, before being interrupted by an insult from Aoi. He left afterwards, leaving Kiyoko to plan everything she needed. Eventually a few hours had past, and now the once-orange skies were now painted with darkness; the only light that existed for hours on end was to from the moon that hung over that fateful night. She and her teammates gathered together at the usual spot they meet at before every mission involving the team, only to briefly discuss their plans in cooperating with the other ANBU operatives. In the midst of the conversation, Kiyoko quickly noticed the seemingly crimson moon and alerted her team of a potential genjutsu given by the enemy as there was no reason as to why the moon would appear the way it did. In response, the team rebuffed her claim; Hikari even chimed in with some concern, stating that the Kiyoko would need to get her famous eyes checked after the mission and to quit kidding around at a time like this. Slightly annoyed, Kiyoko defended her position as she would know if she was under any impairments. Takeda Kinsei, another member of the team, noted that they should keep their conversation short as the ANBU who was escorting one of the Kage could be seen from below their current, elevated, location. As they were about to get in their predetermined positions, the aforementioned ANBU guarding the Kage stopped without warning, prompting the Kage to stop as well. Kiyoko immediately assumed a defensive stance, along with the rest of her team, only for their senses to be caught off guard by the ANBU exploding into a fiery storm that both consumed the Kage and began a war; noticing the explosion, Kiyoko attempted to jump out of harm's way, only for her body to be totally frozen as the Mark of the Spider activated. Going unnoticed, the other members of the ANBU operatives quickly ran towards the explosion that quickly spelled the beginning of a very complex betrayal. Once they arrived to the charred spot, they found the Kage alive and actually well, but surprised. The rest of the village soon notified other internal authorities, which all happened in the blink of an eye. The village was on high alert now, with the supposed ANBU nowhere to be found; the being that exploded was definitely a clone. Kiyoko was still frozen, but now in visible pain. The Mark of the Spider was also visible at this point, evident with its glowing array of reds and yellows that was so powerful that it illuminated through her clothing, catching the attention of a couple of members from her immediate team. As the two attempted to make a b-line for her location, they were halted by the sudden appearance of more than a dozen other ninja heading towards the scene and eventually passed them, only adding even more confusion to the uproar. Hikari, one of these members, attempted to show her leadership by leaping towards the seemingly incapacitated Kiyoko, only to be surprised by a swift kick to the right side of her jaw as another ninja was escaping Konoha; the kick was powered by the force of his entire body, which left Hikari not only writhing in pain but also falling a few stories worth onto the ground. The ninja quickly landed on a nearby clothes line and expressed that Kiyoko should hurry, as the time of calling was upon them. Takeda looked in awe as Hikari was blindsided and the supposed enemy was conversing with Kiyoko in a rather casual manner. His body language easily showed just how confused he was, in which Kiyoko picked up as she rose to her feet. The glowing of the mark ceased as she stood up, radiating an abundance of heat from her body that could be felt at least 20 feet away. Kiyoko responded to the mysterious man before he nodded and left, causing Takeda to leap in a similar manner to Hikari. Executing a quick chain of handseals, she inhaled as Takeda leaped for her... Only for her exhale without much warning, breathing to life one of the most powerful flames that she ever produced, as she used Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. This flame proceeded towards Takeda in a seemingly small stream, only to expand exponentially about a few feet away from her, threatening to not only burn Takeda but the inhabitants in her path as it traveled the earth around it in waves of unearthly heat, causing wide scale damage. This caused Takeda to change course, and gave Kiyoko the opening she needed to escape. Taking the opportunity, Kiyoko left as her flames began devouring that sector of the village, using this as a guise for her to escape safely. Takeda did not pursue since he had to maintain the order in the village no matter what, however, other ANBU members did pursue Kiyoko. A total of 5 people were chasing after Kiyoko through the surrounding forests at this point, each of them performing long ranged attacks with aims to injure her and keep her from escaping. Displaying a bit of cunning thought, Kiyoko stopped on a loan branch; the ANBU members each stopped on a branch around her, effectively circling around her in an entrapment and expected her to come without a fight as she committed a grave crime against Konoha. Afterwards, all 5 of them assumed their battle stances as they were dealing with a fellow ANBU and an Uchiha at the same time. In response, Kiyoko resumed her hot brigade; her body radiated so much heat that it caused each of her pursuers to jump back. The heat also melted the mask concealing her face and the top layer of her attire, leaving her wearing a crimson tank-top and black pants, and also her standard ANBU weapon. Her clothing fell to the ground, igniting themselves afire from being exposed to Kiyoko's technique, in which after opening her eyes, could be seen as a product of her Mangekyou Sharingan. Unware of her ocular growth, each opponent rushed her simultaneously with their bodies. Fortunately Kiyoko had to deactivate her abilities as it drained her chakra much faster than she could recuperate, even though she had fine control over the ability. In response, Kiyoko met each of them in physical combat, showing moves and strengths that she previously hid away from others under the idea that this power would be too much for any of her opponents. Knowing she was being expected, she attempted to flee from each of them by catching each of them off guard and running off... only for her plans to fail as a second platoon of people appeared in her way. Now she stood against 10 of her own team members, in which one included Hikari at this point. Stating that she was very surprised about Kiyoko's physical feats and apparent portrayal of her fire release, moved in for the murder of the Uchiha as she felt that Kiyoko was now a terrorist and should be put down, in which everyone else followed suit. Noting that it couldn't be helped, Kiyoko activated one of her most powerful Mangekyou Sharingan techniques; Susanoo. However at this point, she only manifested it as a pure white, flame-like entity that shielded her from the rather basic, yet destructive and precise techniques. Standing in shock yet again, each member took several strides back, only for Hikari to comment that Kiyoko was hiding special power. Confirming this, Kiyoko began manifesting the rest of Susanoo, only to fall short at creating the full upper body of Susanoo; she could only manifest its bone structure and muscle mass, but she easily made up for it by using her third ocular technique to manipulate the light around her to cover the Susanoo. At full power and little time to waste, she ethereal warrior quickly summoned its weapons and attacked the now panicking members of the elite task force. Once swipe of her appropriately sized sword sent trees and other vegetation into oblivion as complete energy escaped the blade's tip as an ample explosion, actually killing two opponents on the spot. Hikari, noting that she was now facing something that she couldn't dare compete with, charged into fray knowing that she could die, by using Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave. Tired of the fighting, Kiyoko channeled all light available into the left arm of Susanoo, robbing it of its protective light coating. Along with the light, she also condensed massive amounts of heat into the hand, and caused it to explode. The explosion easily overpowered the water and mostly evaporated it, causing massive amounts of steam to obscure the battlefield. Too weak to continue with her Mangekyou Sharingan, she downgraded it to its standard form, which pushed her to the limits of exerting herself but her opponents were either too weak to pursue or too scared of Kiyoko's powers. Besides, the fog also gave Kiyoko an ample amount of coverage to escape and catch up to everyone else. As the mist faded, the ANBU could see that the forestry around them had been lain waste, and deemed the Uchiha to much a threat to continue under those conditions; they expressed their sorrow, their surprise, and their fear of the Uchiha and her motives, as well as what happened to Konoha and the rest of the ninja whom left the nation. Kiyoko at this point was far ahead of the Konoha ANBU and was indifferent about the damage she caused, and also that she was now labeled a criminal. Within

Kiyoko after betraying Konoha.

moments of leaping from branch to branch, she reached some of the ninja whom left Konoha prior to the event. Included in this group was the lone, mysterious ninja from before, named Gorou Atsushi, whom immediately expressed his annoyance and joy about Kiyoko's late appearance. He continued on by stating that he and the few others that were standing along with him were contemplating back tracking in order to find her. Smiling, Kiyoko joined the group with her Sharingan activated, just to show that she too has power at her disposal and could handle herself. The entire group then mobilized and traveled towards their goal; as of now, all of them are now some sort of criminal as each of them had a part in the confusion within Konoha.

Welcome Home, Flowers

Light was gifted to them yet again, as the sun was held high in the skies with its golden illumination bathing everyone below. Unfortunately for the group's current location, light wasn't the only thing that they were bathing in. Kiyoko and her group traveled on foot for most of the night, only to rest nearing the outside of the border to the Land of Fire. As of now they were in the Land of Wind, which bathed them in excessive amounts of heat and very dry air. However through their persistence, they were conquering the harsh conditions. Ironically, due to these same conditions, the group was not pursued at all. However, it wasn't too much longer until the group made it to their destination; a fallen statue that was easily considered a titan in sheer size before it's fall, in which one within the group estimated that this statue was over three decades old. As of now, this titan was withered by the harsh conditions and time, as it was broken into pieces and visibly deteriorating. This statue did maintain a purpose though; within a few minutes, the statue responded to the seals that were imparted onto everyone's bodies, in which opened a corridor that apparently lead into underground. Understanding this event as an invitation, the group quickly entered the seemingly withered statue and disappeared into darkness. Once they all entered the corridor, the way of entry closed behind them. Kiyoko wondered how it was possible for them to cross this far in that extreme weather without any water or food, showing that she was visibly battered and tired; something that she was not alone in. Upon exiting the stair case, they found that there was an immensely large operation waiting on them, evident by what seems to be a few hundred other people standing in front of what seemed to be a large stage. Shocked, Kiyoko glanced at the scenery around her; the area was an extremely large auditorium that had other pathways extended from it, showing that the underground base continued for miles. This room alone could fit more than 2000 people. Upon immediate closer inspection, the noticed that there were seals in place around the auditorium; she guessed that these seals compressed chakra or sound, but she needed to rest very much. The group then joined the rest of the people who were there, scattering into different edges of the auditorium-like surroundings so they could get a better view, and not long after, the lone person on top of the stage began his agenda. He immediately began by noting that the harsh conditions that nearly everyone traveled through to get here primarily served as a test, and obviously everyone there passed within the time limit, and then welcome everyone. This slightly annoyed Kiyoko but she took pride in passing this test, but she was still very much weary afterwards. He then continued on about why they were there; to spark a revolution in the current age. The world was heading downhill because each nation became weak because of their need to use diplomacy instead of all out war and battle. He continued on by noting that there were alien threats out there that could very well destroy the planet and everyone on it, something that wouldn't happen if humans evolved. To show an example, he went on to tell the story about Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and her family, mainly going over the fact that Kaguya nearly destroyed the entire human race for a selfish goal, something in which made the crowd go wild. Kiyoko just rested in place, watching the entire spectacle. Ultimately, the being continued onto the structure of how the Lotus would operate; mainly they would separate into two main divisions of people, in which he likened this division of people to a main division of flowers; monocots and dicots. And then these two divisions would actually have 40 sub divisions, each having about 5 people within them whom would technically be their own base divisions. Each division, no matter where in the division tree, would have a leader. Then the male pointed out that he was the leader of the Red Lotus, and introduced himself as Yusuke Hyuga. He then continued on by pointing out two more people. Each respectively being next in line in the chain of command; one leading the Monocots and another leading the Dicots. Their names were Yuru Satsuma and Daisetsu Koto respectively. Yusuke then handed the torch to these two people, in which they began their part by raising their arms, only for the ground to begin shaking. Surprised, Kiyoko began to look around in a frantic way, only for her eyes to catch that part of ground was rising. After continuing to monitor the ground, she realize that the only part of the ground that was rising was a piece of earth that reached from the stage to the back of the auditorium like room. Although she was exhausted, it only took here a second to realize that the entire group was about to be divided. What she learned in just a moment, most others realized as it was too late. Within a minute the earth rose until it met with the ceiling, dividing the two groups...

Autumn Dragon Flowers

The with ceiling and the wall colliding, there was nowhere to look but towards the front, and for the side Kiyoko was on, Daisetsu was the man to look at. He stood with his arms crossed, almost as if he was unsatisfied, which rubbed Kiyoko the wrong way. Without warning, Daisetsu dropped from his side of the stage into the floor below. He then called upon 40 names as random, and all 40 people associated with their respective name responded. Kiyoko figured that it was as if this division of people was pre-planned. Daisetsu then told these 40 people that they were to pick 4 others that were going to be in their immediate team. Immediately these 40 people scattered, creating an uproar. The people scattered to find whom looked the strongest; in this case, those whom looked the best after the long trek through the Land of Wind. And as Kiyoko could tell, through the shouting and sounds of movement from the other side of the wall, that people were doing the same thing across the wall. However, after about 10 minutes of people trying to choose their teammates, someone tapped Kiyoko on the shoulder. She immediately looked behind her, only to see one of the chosen 40 standing there. He quickly expressed that she looked more exhausted than she should, but he was going to place her on his team anyway; his body expression, however, stated that he's only doing this because his pickings are very slim. Kiyoko responded to his body language, instead of his spoken language; she asked if he was underestimating her, only for him to shake his head and point to the other three members of the newly formed team. After nearly half an hour, each team had assembled, and was all standing a considerable distance between each other, at least for a room so confined as this. Immediately Daisetsu began walking to each of the 5-member squads, saying the same lines over and over. Eventually he reached the squad that contained Kiyoko, and he asked some seemingly simple questions. First, he asked if everyone felt as if the team had the power to do their tasks, and he stared at his chosen one. The team nodded slightly, only for some people to make cheeky jokes. Eventually Daisetsu inquired about the name of their squad to the team leader, whom introduced himself as Suigetsu Nohara. Suigetsu responded with Autumn Dragon Flower, something in which fit under the naming scheme Daisetsu suggested.

The next day, the plan was discussed. The 5 member squad was fully awake by the start of dawn, when Suigetsu immediately asserted his dominance over the squad. He was excited at the prospect of having a fine looking team. Suigetsu started their journey together by asking about the individual strengths each member had, in which he was particularly interested in Kiyoko once she stated that she had the obvious Sharingan and skill in ninjutsu. Afterwards, he immediately stated that the two branches of the Lotus had their own type of of goal to be met by a certain, yet unknown time. Their goal was to gather as much energy as possible so they could aid in overthrowing the world order, and in order to do so, they must meet with the Jashinists. He continued by stating that he already planned a date to meet, and it would be within a few days time, so they would begin travel today. He continued by stating that each division has their own means of attempting to gather this power, so do not share information between any other divisions... There is an image to upkeep. Like the rest of his subordinates, Kiyoko could only listen, however she did inquire as to why would they go to extremists such as the Jashinists, as they can likely become threats if Suigetsu was not careful. Suigetsu's response only frightened her, as he stated that their goal was to learn how to rip away the souls of others from their respective bodies, and contain them in devices, which are also made by the Jashinists, to eventually use them to power the doomsday weapon that Yusuke Hyuga was developing to throw the world into chaos using the massive power of souls... That was the idea at least. One of the other members of the team, Shiki Karuma, noted that his dependence on the Jashinists made her think that he was one himself. His response was simply walking off, motioning for the team to follow him, in which they did in an unorganized formation that consisted of noticeable gaps in between them all. After leaving the chamber, the team ran into Yusuke himself, whom was on his way to meet with the Autumn Dragon Flowers due to him catching word that they had a very special member, and he eyed Kiyoko, albeit smiling. He walked over to the team and insisted on shaking hands with all of them. For Kiyoko, however, he welcomed her personally to the Lotus and expressed his joy in having someone of her caliber to join in on the fun with them, and wished them all a safe trip, wherever they were heading. Yusuke actually annoyed the group, save for Suigetsu and Kiyoko, since she keeps getting attention from higher ups for being an Uchiha. Afterwards they all left the underground base, but as they were traveling up the stairs leading to the harsh nature of the Land of Wind, Suigetsu stopped them. Light was gleaming in, as well as the harsh heat that accompanied the illumination of the sun. Suigetsu quickly stated that each member of the team will have a specific job to do within the team... Which mostly accounts for battling and the safety of others. First, he stated that when they travel, they will travel in some order, with him always being first as he is leader and obviously knows where they are going. Kiyoko will be behind him and obviously can't be too far, but she doesn't have to be extremely close to him... Each member has to be within talking distance of one another, including for the leader to speak with the trailing member. He stated that Kiyoko's position will allow her to use her visual prowess the moment he gives the signal, which will be when he suspects something is going on. She's also there so she can act fast to targets that he himself can't attack. Next, it is Shiki, whom is a sensor-type kunoichi. He expressed that her skill will allow for a general coverage that will help detect if others are present. Next would be Eiji Yamato, due to his use of surveillance-like techniques, he can trail behind just a bit in case of an enemy attack. Finally, Hajime Katashi was last in the formation due to his use of escape jutsu, as well as genjutsu. He could easily remove the team's presence from trails or throw off trailing enemies by leaving planted genjutsu that could easily capture even the most focused enemies. After they settled on their formation, they left the base.

After a few days travel, Kiyoko found herself between the border of Amegakure and after stating she was hungry(everyone in the team agreed), they stopped at a shop dedicated for tourists to eat.

Part 2


Hidden Castle Above the Sky