Initials Rune

Kanji 降雨宝珠
Rōmaji Koūhōshu
Literal English Jewel in the Rain
Village Data
Leader Honrui
Symbol Koūhōshu Symbol
Population 3/5
Military 2/5
Economy 3/5

"Welcome to paradise, for all people alike."

Koūhōshu (降雨宝珠 Literally meaning: Jewel in the Rain), is the rebuilt and restructured vision of an old, broken down city in an unknown country. Once known as Atogakure (跡隠れの里, Atogakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden in Ruins) this village had been rebuilt thanks to the efforts of Honrui and Jitoku, who, with the aid of Amegakure, demolished the old foundation of the city and built it anew. Those who lead the village hold the title of Ōkaminokō (狼の侯, Ōkaminokō, Literally meaning: Lord of Wolves). Once renowned for its technological breakthroughs, the former village of Atogakure suffered from years of infighting, until eventually, the entirety of the city destroyed itself over a century ago. Those left within the ghost city were those who had run from the law to make the destitute wasteland their home. As a haven of thieves and kings on the run, crime was rampant throughout the city, and looting between citizens and looting outside the outskirts of the city were not uncommon. Many thieves had set up a strong organization within the city, using their influence to create a lawless zone where people took the law into their own hands. Using their superior numbers, thieves set up outside the city, forcing outsiders to pay exorbitant fees to get into the city, whether they wanted to enter the city or not. And further out, bandits staked out and attack caravans that frequent the route that connects to the city, using the close proximity as an easy way to get their loot back to the city.

But as the Jashin war came to a close, the people were left destitute and broken, with no way of their looting remaining a possibility. This had left its leader, Jitoku, with an extremely hard decision; she has to turn her people around, otherwise they will die from not being able to keep themselves fed. But thanks to efforts from Amegakure, their new ally, supplies came in droves that got her people back on their feet, after two years of suffering and watching her people slowly starve to death. It was during this time that Honrui, Jitoku's assistant, brought forth her plans of demolishing the structurally unstable buildings that surrounded Atogakure, and rebuild them anew. With the people of Atogakure back on their feet, and with the assistance of Amegakure, this proved to be a quick and efficient endeavor. As the city was built in the image Honrui envisioned so long ago, she gave it a fitting name; Koūhōshu, the Jewel in the Rain. With the city rebuilt from the ashes of two cities, the future is bright for Koūhōshu, the city Honrui had dreamed of building since she was a little girl. She thought it was nothing more than a mere pipe dream ever since she drew up the plans when she was six. But thanks to the efforts and aid from Amegakure, her dream was finally fulfilled. Deeply inspired by the efforts Honrui put forth in rebuilding the city, Jitoku named her the Second Ōkaminokō, seeing no one better to lead the city than the one who put the most blood, sweat, and tears into turning it into a paradise.

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