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Kage Kage by Fomle chan
(琥珀, Kohaku)

  • Eighth Hakkinkage Candidate
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English William Frederick Knight Icon - Search
Japanese Hidekatsu Shibata Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Pisces February 20
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 80 (Deceased)
Height 261.7
26,170 cm
261.7 m
858.596 ft
10,303.15 in
Weight 51.3kg
113.097 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
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Ninja Rank Kage
Nature Type

Kohaku(琥珀,Kohaku) also known as the King of Darkness is the Seventh Hakkinkage Candidate after Tsubasa Yuki fell into a coma.


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A young Kohaku.

Kohaku grew up in Konohagakure, his biggest dream was to become the Hokage, But when Hano Uchiha, his only and best freind left Konoha he set out to find him. After years had passed he gave up and his serach and joined the Akatsuki and became an underling for KIsame Hoshigaki.

Young adut

Kohaku as a young adult.

After the death of Pain Kohaku left the Akatsuki, He later found two children a brother and sister. After hering about Tsubasa Yuki's coma he set out for Hakkingakure and planed to become the Hakkinkage. Sometime however he maneged to kill Hano Uchiha, for leaving and abandoning him.


In his youth he had blonde hair and light green eyes. As he grew up his hair turned brown and he wore a black jacket with dark blue pants and a necklace given to him by his farther. Now in his 80's his hair has gotten shorter, he wares a purple kage robe. One of his most noticalbe appearances is that the left side of his body is burned, He received this form his fight with Hano Uchiha.


Ever sense his farther died Kohaku has always showed a sad and emotionless face, the only one he cared about was Hano Uchiha. The two were very good friends and always backed each other up. Until Hano left Konohagakure, Kohaku felt abandoned and filled with rage. Ever sense that day Kohaku has never cared for anyone not even the village or its people.



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