editKuroi Zetsu
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  • Good Zetsu
  • Black Zetsu
  • Hajikata's Son
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Artificial Human
Kekkei Genkai
Classification Sensor
  • Spy
  • Demon Hunter
Affiliation Kusagakure Symbol Kusagakure
Partner Baruto
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Doesn't Age
  • Doesn't Eat

Kuroi Zetsu' is an artificial human and partially the creation of Hajikata Uchiha. Kuroi is a member of Smite and and wishes to be Kusakage.


Kuroi appears to look very similar to the original black zetsu with the exception of having one white hand, which allows him to use white zetsu's abilities. He always wears a green hoodie and black pants.


Kuroi has a very chill demeanor, he is always relaxed no matter the situation and is loyal to Kusagakure and his allies.


During the 4th Great Shinobi War, Saito captured two Zetsu to preform experiments on. After the war was over and Saito and Hajikata returned to Kusa, they found out that the clones of Zetsu were made up of Hashirama Senju's cells and that they would be able to use wood release. They also learned that one can control a Zetsu by inserting their will into them. So Saito did and created Shiro Zetsu, and he had Hajikata Uchiha insert his will on the other Zetsu creating Kuroi Zetsu. However they went a step further and gave them free will and some of their own spiritual and physical energies as well as inserting them with a small amount of their cells. This resulted into two different Zetsu with their own emotions and personalities but the same abilities as their creators. Over a short amount of time both Zetsus developed their own values and physical characteristics.

Kuroi never really cared about competing with his brother, he only wanted to get stronger and one day become the Kusakage. Kuroi was mainly trained by Hajikata and Saito and was very gifted and learned things quickly. He was able to activate his sharingan very easily and awoke the rinnegan shortly after due to the mix of Senju and Uchiha cells. With him possessing the Rinnegan, Jin Hatake felt that his organization and Kusagakure could become much stronger with Kuroi. Kuroi was inducted into Smite and trained how to quickly kill a jashinist and slay demons. This made his brother, Shiro jealous but Kuroi could care less and continued to work towards his goal of protecting Kusa and becoming the leader of the village. As apart of Smite he was paired with Baruto, the 4 tails jinchuuriki. Together they go on missions and try to prevent Jashin from being revived.


Kuroi has all of the abilities of both Zetsu a sharingan and rinnegan.


He is well versed in taijutsu easily able to crush a large sized boulder with one punch. His sword skills are average.


Has a wide variety of ninjutsu at his disposal.


Is trying to find his borther.

Wants to become stronger than Hajikata.

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