The Kusabe Clan is a normal clan from the hidden grass village. Oni Kusabe is the only known member of this clan, and it seems like they are ost Genjutsu users. One of the part-clan were eventually kicked out for using Genjutsu in the sleep and giving everyone else nightmares. Oni left Kusa to enter Konohagakure, where she still is.


The founder of this clan, had so many nightmares, that he created Genjutsu's that is like his/her nightmares. After posessing the Genjutsu power through generations, one member of the clan, used his umbelivable Gen -and Ninjutsu skills to take over Kusagakure. He is still the ruler. He has been said to be a pervert and spends most of his own money on womens and liquid, to get the womens drunk.

The second founder of the Kusabe Clan, who was actually the first one, but the fake founder just took the ownership of it. His name was Morinane Kusabe, and was a god until he eventually was killed by an unknown stronger ninja/god.