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Land of Ancestors

The Land of Ancestors.

Land of Ancestors Symbol

The Land of Ancestors symbol from Kaguya's era.

The Land of Ancestors (祖の国, So no Kuni) was a small country that existed over a millennium ago before the start of the series. The country itself was comprised of numerous farming villages, that were surrounded by small forests. The country also contained a huge lake, which acted as main resource for villagers. Its leader was the emperor Tenji. This country was also the location from which the God Tree originated. When Kaguya Ōtsutsuki first arrived on Earth, the country was on the verge of war with the Land of That. Upon consuming the God Tree's chakra fruit, Kaguya activated the Infinite Tsukuyomi and trapped all those caught within it. The mountains that surrounded the God Tree became known as the "Peaks of Demise" (終焉の峠, Shūen no Tōge).

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