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==Garden of Eden==
==Garden of Eden==
The '''Garden of Eden''' is prominently known for it's beautiful flowers, ranging from the rarest and most dangerous flowers. People all around the world travel thousands of miles just to glance on the rich vegetation found in the garden. It's given its name as a comparison to the garden home to many gods. While not literally, a common metaphoric phrase of the garden is "It has the power to heal the most corrupt souls" this metaphor actually means that its beauty is enough to quell the hearts of people who have lost themselves. Despite its glaring beauty, the garden can be extremely deadly to those who are not guided by the people. Deep within the garden, a place where all residents know to avoid, lies the poisonous flowers created as a defense mechanism for the kingdom. The toxins reduced by the flowers are said to be capable of knocking someone out within the first thirty seconds and then kill them before they see day again. Despite its great beauty and enchanting smell, its true nature earned it the moniker '''Bewitching Garden''' by those who have narrowly escaped its doom.
The '''Garden of Eden''' is prominently known for it's beautiful flowers, ranging from the rarest and most dangerous flowers. People all around the world travel thousands of miles just to glance on the rich vegetation found in the garden. It's given its name as a comparison to the garden home to many gods. While not literally, a common metaphoric phrase of the garden is "It has the power to heal the most corrupt souls" this metaphor actually means that its beauty is enough to quell the hearts of people who have lost themselves. Despite its glaring beauty, the garden can be extremely deadly to those who are not guided by the people. Deep within the garden, a place where all residents know to avoid, lies the poisonous flowers created as a defense mechanism for the kingdom. The toxins reduced by the flowers are said to be capable of knocking someone out within the first thirty seconds and then kill them before they see day again. Despite its great beauty and enchanting smell, its true nature earned it the title '''Bewitching Garden''', it is called this by those who have narrowly escaped the fate of being caught in the carnivorous trap.

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I am watching you
Land of Equality
Kingdom by pyrogas artworks dck14q2-pre
Kanji 期日国
Literal English Land of Equality
Village Data
Symbol Continent
Population Slowly Growing ~ 4/5
Military Shogun, Samurai, Shinobi, Bloodlimit Corp., Kyoushou, Trihexa ~ 4.5/5
Economy Farming, Agricultural, Peaceful, Independant ~ Stable


The Land of Equality {期日国, Kinichi no Kuni), formerly known as the Land of Ancestors, is a country remote of any other nearby countries, often allowing them to properly make up their own functional ruling system. It is said to be created by the progenitor of the Kiritsu Clan. It is ruled by the aforementioned family, of course, they did not have absolute power like a dictator. The Kiritsu Family was often administered by seven trusted advisors, these advisors have the ability to punish those who break the rules of the contract. The advisors are also being watched by the Kiritsu Family. Under the advisors, are village leaders and the shōgun who watched over the Shinobi and Samurai respectively, these village leaders are also given the responsibility to manage all the powerful clans with their own specialized bloodline within their village, and try to groom them into warriors to join the military. Their system was carefully plotted, hoping in one where no ruling party had too much control over the lands. The Land of Equality also made several technological advances since their conception, highly regarded as the most advanced on the planet.

Their military prowess while being minuscule compared to the larger nations, has the power to fight alongside them. The main forces of the military consists of the intensely trained Shinobi & Samurai of the village who must meet a higher standard than the other nations' shinobi to be sent into the battlefield, hoping to cut down casualties and increase the overall technique of their platoons. Ruling over and commanding these people are the leading figures of the village and the shōgun. The bloodlimit corp. is oftentimes considered to be the strongest in the nation, a group of strong individuals trained for their entire life to use their blood limit to fight for the country, something that shook opposing nations. Their military also involved indirect conflict, a group of well-trained assassins often oversaw the execution of important figures in the opposing army. Their military is not only extremely skilled in brute strength, but they were also trained at a young age to think intensely in the battle and cooperate with one another no matter the circumstances. It was truly one of the strongest nations despite being of such little numbers.

Their brilliance and creativity were not limited to just fighting, they started to farm and produce food by nature instead of hunting every day. Of course, they still hunted for meat and other goods but instead of going outside their domain, they raised livestock in their own kingdom. The workers get compensated and taught by the higher class for their hard work. Their agricultural nature was not restricted to only land, not long after they got fish and other various sea creatures which they sold for a considerable amount of money. Fishing soon became extremely popular, it became one of the fastest ways to earn a living. Due to the success of their work, they continued advancing in agriculture and became the only country to purely rely on their surroundings without trading between other lands, further secluding them from the other nations and their laws.

Unlike other nations, religion played a major role in the lands' laws and beliefs. They followed Tsunami and his beliefs, and believed in Buddhism and Dualism. Whilst their religious belief is proudly stated, they do not shame those who believe in other things. Instead, they welcome them despite their religion. Those who discriminate against others' religion are often thrown in jail, as it is one of the many rules never to break in the kingdom. Due to their love of Tsunami and his beliefs, they praised his techniques and considered him a hero the world needed. Discrimination against anyone and anything they believe in, whatever it be is not legal within the nation as it is what it stands against. The name derives from their belief that all living things should be treated equally, despite race or religion. Their kingdom was one of the few where demons and human could co-exist peacefully among each other.


The government is made to be fair to everyone, regardless of the position or race. Even the Kiritsu Family are checked by several advisors to make sure they don't overuse their power and cause an uproar within the kingdom. The Kiritsu also keeps said advisors in check, although, the advisors have no control over the people or has much say in political matter other than what involves the Kiritsu Family. The Shogun and Ninja council rule over the Samurai and Ninja respectively. A Shogun's duty is to make sure to keep all the samurai in training and they have almost all the political power when it came to conflicts involving their samurai. There is rarely errors in the system, and it functions perfectly.

You might be wondering, why do they not give direct power to the Kiritsu? Do they not trust them? Well, that is not the case. Infact, it is considered extremely unlikely for the Kiritsu to do anything illegal or out of their boundaries. The reason for this is to prevent the possibility of someone corrupt being born into the clan and thrusting the kingdom into a downward spiral of depression. The Kiritsu are the ones who proposed this system, to begin with, they feared what was to come in the distant future. The peoples' support of the Kiritsu is eternal, they show great trust in the family. The advisors themselves doubt much to happen in their jobs, but it is the will and determination by their elders to uphold the peace and tranquil nature of the kingdom as well as it's people. Even if it meant being watched, the Kiritsu understood this and never complained about it. Even to the current era, despite the wicked nature of the 32nd princess. The prince had the trust and faith of his subordinates and people even during his younger ages, this allowed him to become the next heir despite his sister was rightfully supposed to take the throne. many claim that it was the best decision due to the uncertainty of what would become of the princess and her dark tendencies.

Kiritsu Family

The Kiritsu Family, the royal family of the nation. They can decide certain things that people can do and what they cannot do. Whilst not having immense power over the people, they still had enough to control and regulate the actions to what they deemed fit. The Kiritsu Family despite being known for their political prowess are well known for their great swordsmanship and among the brightest of minds in the entire kingdom. They have the ability to appoint and remove advisors from council with the support of the people. The Kiritsu Family despite being known to be royalty, interact quite often with the commoners of the kingdom, giving them gifts and showing them their vision. They are considered to be benevolent to their people and they gained immense trust among their people, to the point where the people would throw away their lives to protect their sovereign family. It is stated that nearly eighty percent of the kingdom comes for the birth of a new Kiritsu, marking it as a day of celebration for a new beginning. The Kiritsu Family often have leadership, swordsmanship, and multiple fighting styles drilled into them at a young age. They have been shown to be extremely religious and avid follows of Tsunami. Their dedication to the point where the 31st King neglected his daughter after his son has shown the ability to utilize the same abilities Tsunami based his ideals on.


The Advisors are several trusted and powerful figures that watch over the Kiritsu Family. The Advisors have little to no political power, and cannot control or have much part in a commoners' everyday life. During the situation of the Kiritsu Family breaking one of the laws placed upon their power, they are to use their prowess to take down the offender. Most of the members of the advisory are from the military, more specifically the Bloodlimit Corp. who ascended to the position due to their great leadership and overwhelming power. The Advisors in the current age is made up of four old and wise monks, who are on the brink of death. The youngest of the advisory being 32 and 21, despite being of young age the two have shown their great skill and they had all the qualities needed to become part of the advisory. The advisors, are often respected by the people and commended for their deeds before ascension. The advisors' became endangered after Yuri's growing darkness, she target and killed the seventh advisor not long after they tried to bring her back to the kingdom. The advisors currently oversee the growth of Yomi in hope of him being the next king to guide the kingdom into it's "golden days".


With the lowest amount of political power lies the council that rule over the Shinobi and Samurai. The two factions are regularly split, however the councils come together for war and other duties. The council is the one that oversee the training of the young generation, they pick what they deem the proper curriculum to groom the future warriors. The council rules over those who are under their wing, they are required to command & take care of them. The council are picked through voting by the members of said factions, there is normally two or more people in the running for election. To even participate in the election, one must be given one vouch from either the advisors or the Kiritsu. Normally these vouches are earned through feats they have done during their career, be it political or during combat. If they cannot uphold their responsibilities and obligations, they will be reported by the people and eventually reaches to the advisors. There, the advisors can strip them of their position. The councils' take direct order from the Kiritsu at times, doing what they request for their people. Despite this, with the held of the advisors they can overturn the Kiritsus' request. The council is normally run by the younger generation due to their more updated knowledge about combat and the current best tactical decisions in the current era.

Shōgun Council

The Shōgun Council is the council that rule over the Samurai of the country and are often the commander in a samurai battalion. Unlike in Japan, the Shōgun does not have much authority of the civilians of the kingdom. Instead, their power ruled over the Samurai Faction only. The Shōgun is composed of a dozen well-trained samurai who proved their worth during the lost war. Their might is respected among the samurai, most samurai aspire to be obtain this role. The Shogun as aforementioned, oversee the progression of the current age of samurai. Young royal family members, are often trained in sword styles known only to the Shōgun through their countless endeavors in perfecting their art. The Shōgun are often represented by Yin, they do what they must for the sake of their country, they go by the code Hammurabi's code and belief. They believe in revenge and they believe that one must pay for their sins to truly be reprimanded.

Ninja Council

The Ninja Council, like the Shōgun council rule over the Shinobi, however, the Ninja Council has little to no involvement during times of conflict. The Ninja Council normally stays back and protect oncoming invaders trying to break the capital, which they almost never manage to reach. The Ninja Council teaches aspiring Shinobi the virtues of life and more about their chakra. The Ninja Council are often picked if they are exceptional at a certain form of techniques. There are regularly nine heads specializing in their own art and are given titles based on their speciality: Elemental Head, Illusion Head, Physical Head, Restricting Head, Cursed Head, Forbidden Head, Replicating Head, Blossoming Head and the strongest head Rebirth Head. Each grooming skilled children in their arts, and helping them advance to become ninja capable of protecting their capital.


The Land of Equality is prided for its strong army despite being of small numbers. Their highly trained Samurai and Shinobi are noted to be some of the strongest in the world. Their army has been trained for multiple years in their intense military program. One must be at least 13 of age to enroll in this army, they despise the use of young children during battles caused by the adults. They also use the Shōgun, highly trained samurai, when invading other lands' capitals. Unlike Kirigakure the kingdom respects those who have bloodlines and they often join the Bloodlimit Corp. an organization that utilizes the Kekkei Genkai to their fullest extent. Be it interrogation, combat, or deciphering they use the bloodlines of others to accomplish things the regular human could never. The final part of the army, while seen as cowardice in other nations' eyes, the land prides themselves for their dangerous assassins that caused the death of multiple important figures throughout history. These assassins feared throughout the entire country also kill those who come into the land with ill intent quickly without involving the government or main army. Their final trump card the legendary demon Trihexa, a beast said to have close ties with the Kiritsu Family and plays a great role in the creation. The beast is said to be capable of fighting on the same playing field as Kurama who has quite the history with the beast. It has a deep connection with hell and is rumored to be in someway involved with the Maou.

Shogun&Bloodlimit Corp.

The Shōgun and Bloodlimit Corp. often are the main means of assault in war. They are the ones to try to push into the opponents' capital, and cause havoc, they have some of the highest levels of combat experience in the kingdom. The shōgun in specific normally slaughter the army of the opponents and then tries to invade the capital. Whereas, the bloodlimit corp. work as a group to defeat the higher ranking soldiers often leaving the samurai to deal with the army as they advance in conquest. The strategy behind this is among the best in the entire world, only falling apart due to the limited amount of people within the kingdom. Their cooperation is key to invasion, without one another it causes gaps which the enemy can use to overpower them. They do not engage in risky combat unless in groups as they are necessary for the nation to win and cannot fall in combat otherwise the entire army suffers. Their job often requires nerves of steel, and the will to go on. They are fundamental in the army for both their role and the support they give the Shinobi and Samurai. Those who are of this role are respected for their job. These roles are ones that require the ability to shed blood without a hint of remorse and it is one that the entire kingdom relies on during combat.


The Kyoushou are assassins that born and raised by the Land of Equality. It is feared for their natural ability to stay hidden in plain sight. They are responsible for the death of many high ranking officers and feudal lord of other countrys, earning them a feared reputation throughout the entire world. Even the people that reside in the kingdom are unsure who is apart of this group and how they do these crazy assassinations. The Kyoushou despite being a part of the government are not contracted for free, they often ask for money to the contractor it is normally a considerable amount of money. Their method of recruitment is brutal and scary to most. To join this elite force, one must pass a test of mental and stealth and prove their worth. They are emotionless, they kill because they must not because they want to. It is not the noblest role, but it is one that requires the utmost skill and stoic personality. Those who let their emotions overpower them are not capable of becoming a Kyoushou.


The final resort of the nation, only to be utilized when their backs are against the wall. The legendary beast Trihexa, a beast that resides in the Sugi Cove. Trihexa aids them if they offer human sacrifice, he consumes valuable assets to the nation in exchange for his help. He is a powerhouse able to drive an entire army off with his evil intent alone. The country hates to rely on Trihexa, but when necessary they have to call upon the beast to help guide them to victory. Trihexa does not get in the way of the other forces as long as they do not get in its way, it has been shown to kill multiple allies when they have got in the way without a care in the world. The presence of Trihexa changes the battlefield into once clouded by killing intent as they beasts' corrupt chakra consumes the battlefield. Trihexa is unable to cooperate with humans other than those who are apart of the Kiritsu Family, it despises most humans other than said family for an unknown reason. It is inferred that in the past Trihexa and an ancient ancestor of the Kiritsu Family had a close bond & could be considered the best of friends, despite the beasts' seemingly murderous personality. The Trihexa is a beast not to be played with, it has been shown to fight on par with the Nine-Tails to the point where they both retreated severely battered and bruised.



Long ago, not long after becoming shinobi spiked in popularity among both children and adults. Humans grew into beasts worse than the demons themselves, the humans thought they had the power to overwhelm the beasts. As expected, they attacked the demons, burned down their villages and captured them as slaves. Many of these demons attempted to fight back, however, the overwhelming power discovered by the men proved to be extremely hard to fight against. Eventually, humans enslaved the vast majority of the demons. The children fled from the land, hoping to avenge their lost fathers. The demons then encountered a wise man, they asked and pleaded for his help. The man refused to help them in their quest for revenge, but instead, he taught them the meaning of life & death and told them their vengeance would be for naught as it would continue the perpetual cycle of hatred. The beasts, understanding him followed suit in his ideals. They fought not for vengeance but for true peace. After completing extremely rigorous training and planning they managed to defeat the cruel shinobi, but they did not bear any ill intent to them. The beasts instead of claiming their lives took the throne to their land, they originally ruled with an iron fist almost segregating humans and beasts in favor of their own kind. But after many years, near his death the original king changed this law, showing his newfound trust in the humans who have grown extremely loyal to the kingdom. His newfound trust was demonstrated when he appointed a human to carry on his legacy as the king. The two races since then co-existed peacefully among each other, not as enemies but as comrades and allies. This story would then become famous in later generations. The trust their ancestors had for one another kept the country united for many centuries to come.

Previous Dictatorship

As the 1st King began segregating the races, the humans grew angrier each waking moment. Their hatred grew for decades, they refused to accept their position as mere dogs compared to the demons who were treated like kings. The previous rulers were planning a coup against the government. Many humans went against this but chose not to say anything, that is until a brave man named Goah Kiritsu openly showed his discontent with the idea. Goah instead of resorting to fighting, chose to give a speech that struck the hearts of his fellow humans.

"We cannot be mad at them for treating us as slaves. We are the ones who brought this cruel fate upon ourselves. We wronged them more than they have wronged us. We have slaughtered their families and took their land, we should be contempt with the life they spared us. It is this very same speciesism that we brought to their family, they have returned the favor. We may think of ourselves as a greater form of life to them, but they have souls just the same as we do. What we should seek is to live in harmony and prosperity. Not a never-ending cycle of blood and hatred. We will never know true peace if we continue the bloodshed here and now. Instead, let us rejoice that we have our loved ones. Let us rejoice for the mercy of the mighty king."

The speech alone allowed the humans to see how ruthless they have become, since then they have served the king with great loyalty. No matter how cruel he was to them, they chose not to fight back knowing what they have done to him. After the human race took the throne once more, they ended the segregation. They no longer saw the demons as beasts, they saw them as comrades. Naturally, the human race at first was still given fearful glances by the demons, who had remembered what had happened those decades ago. The human race and demon race since then slowly but surely grew closer together throughout the generations, allowing the two races to truly accept each other and cease the conflicts between them.

Great Lost War

After stabilizing as one country, the Land of Equality's resources was draining faster than anyone imagined, as the scientists tried to figure out a way for them to obtain more food without the hassle of going outside their gates, many people were starving and due to this extremely weak. The infamous Land of Malediction tried to take advantage of their struggle for resources, hoping to claim the land as their own. At first, the Land of Equality seemed to be getting overrun by the mass amount of artificial demons they were creating. The Land of Equality almost rarely went on the offensive during this raging assault by the wicked land. The grotesque scene of the dead bodies dropping one by one, piling atop each other. Chirangakure and two other villages were the only ones capable of withstanding the ongoing attack. As the Land of Malediction ran out of the corrupt energy needed to fuel their perpetual army, they proceeded to send in their shinobi and samurai hoping to finish the land off. This was when what was considered to be a miracle happened, all around the country the army of the Land of Equality was overwhelming their opponents. It was a scenery of blood and bones, scattered across the entire country. Both countries soon engaged in their final clash for power as the two emperors faced each other directly with their army backing them up. It was a clash worthy of note, many were unsure who was the true victor. This clash raged on for hours, both using strategy to try to outplay the other. At the end of the night the emperor of the Land of Equality took the head of his opponent off as it stood imbedded in the tip of his blade. The war was what helped the land expand their territory and assert an unspoken declaration that all who dare attacked them would die atop their mighty blade.

Current Era


The Land of Equality has shown to be extremely resourceful and technologically advanced compared to the other countrys around them. They were the first people to invent trains & subways which then got incorporated all over the world. They are still the only country that incorporates magnets to speed up the train and save resources. Since creation, developing and inventing technology has always been something few citizens have been good at doing in their free time. A man named Yushiru created a Mechanical Arm to replace the lost arm of the 29th King, the other nations were shaken by their discover and have been unable to replicate it, even with their brightest of ninja. The kingdom's advancement did not end there, they continued learning after the death of Yushiru and was able to use prosthesis to replace lost limbs. Although only the richest were able to afford the technology that they invented, it costed a near fortune to find the metal and someone who knew how to do this. Their advancing technology only recently went on hiatus after the resources became less abundant, and almost the entire nation needed the metal for their own uses. Science and crafting are ignored by the younger generation. It is assumed that within the next few generations will abandon the art and focus more on combat instead of learning the endless possibilities that science holds.


Excerpt from the Book of Laws:

What does it mean to be a citizen? You must fight for your country and cannot start a conflict with those around you unjustly. It is not in your right to segregate people of any race, gender, or religion despite your beliefs, one must respect another's opinion. This is a land of peace and prosperity, theft is not allowed, it is illegal to beg. One must either work for their money or someone must be generous to hand money over in free will, if one were to beg they would be reported and persecuted. Killing unjustifiably will result in your banishment. It is not about you, it is about the kingdom as a whole. We are one, we work and stand together. It is not just to cause disruption in everyday life, one must have a reason to take the life of another. What we seek is not conquest, we seek unity and prosperity. We fight to reunite the nations and become one powerful nation, fighting for yourself and sacrificing others to do so will lead to immediate death. We all may have different origins, different goals, and different views in life, but we are to tolerate the views of others. We will not allow those who seek to cause havoc live. Even if it means throwing away our lives, we are to fight for the kingdom and protect our friends, family, and even the people we haven't met. That is what it means to be a citizen in this sacred land

Even though we show remorse to our comrades. Betrayal of your country and duty will lead to your death. We uphold these laws to continue our way of life. We are not kin to the Shinobi, though we shed blood, we do it for a purpose. We have to shed the blood of enemies to return to our loved ones alive. Fighting for these lands doesn't have to be your top priority, but fight for your loved ones and kill those who oppose the happiness of your life. Do not waver when it comes to standing up and defending the nation that has protected you since birth, fight for what you believe in. These laws are not to limit your peace, it is to make an order so you can have said peace without others interfering you. Those who join officially as citizens are subjects of the royal family and as such much serve and protect them when necessary. This Land is one who rejects cowardice, it is one who adores the bold and strong with the pride to die for their nation.

Agricultural Advancement

The Land of Equality pride themselves in their ability to grow food in their own nation, instead of traveling around the world multiple times to get a specific item. They came up with the idea after a brilliant idea of one of their lead scientist. To obtain foreign crops and claim it as their own, they first tested their experiments with camelia flowers, something said to be only possible of growth in Kumo. Using the combined might of their science department, nothing became unobtainable when it came to flowers, food, and materials. As the need to increase the food supply of the nation rose royals began paying these scientists a mass amount of ryō for their work. Eventually, the scientists decided to cultivate a land over 72 acres. They roughly created 7 million flowers in this garden, it was renowned as the Garden of Eden. The scientists, despite their decreasing numbers, continued inventing new and useful resources for the nation. They decided to breed certain creatures to make the safest meat for the kingdom. During the reign of the 28th king, something new became popular, fishing. Fishing rose to great fame after the 28th king grew in love with seafood and paid well for rare and exclusive sea creatures. The nation was in an uproar, fishing soon became one of the best jobs for a civilian. Even in the current era, the nations' love for fish never died out. Instead, fish is often associated with the kingdom due to their love and the sheer quantity of fish they caught each year.

Royal Families

Kiritsu Family

Main article: Kiritsu Family

Clan symbol 21

The Kiritsu Family were the rulers of the reborn land. They are known to be extremely skilled in all traits of combat. They are one of the only major family that can be considered both Shinobi and Samurai. Their vast skill does not include combat alone, among their people they are regarded as great rulers. The prodigious family became dubbed as the Millenium Family after showing their might in the Lost War. Though being extremely secretive, they are extremely friendly to their subjects. They open banquets for both the poor and the rich to attend every month. They are feared throughout the world often being compared to the Senju Clan because of their common trait of being adept at multiple skills. The family is known for making prominent people recognized for their overwhelming prowess, such as: Yomi Kiritsu, Yuri Kiritsu, Chiyomi Kiritsu, and Yuno Kiritsu. Their name is mentioned time and time again in the history of shinobi.

Ninkyou Family

Main article: Ninkyou Family

Clan symbol43

The Ninkyou Family is a noble family primarily composed of powerful Shinobi. They specialize in illusions and are masters of the Flower Ninja Art. Most members of the Ninkyou Family tend to be women with the minority being men. They are an extremely secluded clan, they have little to no contact with the outside world. After the Lost War, the clan almost became extinct. Currently, they are slowly regaining their status under the leadership of Rin Ninkyou.

Geitou Family

Main article: Geitou Family

Hozuki Family

The Geitou Family is a part of the political front, they are recognized for their intelligence and undying will. They are said to be the light of the kingdom, they are those who bring light to those who have fallen into despair. They are noted to be extremely outgoing, boisterous, and exuberant. The Geitou are also known for their care for the people and fighting to the very end for what they deem justice. During the Lost War, they were sheltered and didn't face any severe damage.

Hazure Family

Main article: Hazure Family


The Hazure Family is a formerly prominent they were recognized for skills as both Shinobi and Samurai. They were mainly recognized for their knowledge and skill with poison. The Hazure are often suited in gas masks to avoid being killed by their own poison. At some point, they were suspected to be traitors to the kingdom and were watched by the other royal families. After an era of isolation and constant doubt, many of the Hazure helped start the Lost War. Those who stayed loyal to the kingdom fought for it during the war and many of them faced a brutal death. The family is currently extinct but remembered for their help in the creation of the kingdom. They were once the closest friends and rivals to the Noryuki Clan, few Noryuki mourned their death and a few spit on their graves. The Hazure left a impact in the founding and creation of the kingdom, they house a legacy that would never be forgotten by the people of the kingdom.


After the Lost War, the land gained a unique geographical structure. It is divided by the snow and the oasis. It's unique structure led to the two being separated for decades until once again reunited by the 28th king. The difference in the land made it necessary for the government to arrange different goods for each. Opposing nations are often caught off-guard by the sudden change in climate and weather. Unfortunately, that applies to harm-less travelers as well. Only those who are born and used to the change of temperature have little to no problem going back and forth between the lands.

The Land of Equality is known to be the fatherland to Chirangakure and several other prominent villages. It is also recognized for its biodiversity. Many animals of both the ice region and oasis reside within the land, allow them to get sufficient food without killing too many of one species. The land specifically prides itself on it's defense mechanism. Through combining Space-Time Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Fuinjutsu they are able to ward off attackers by transporting them to another location upon touching the barrier as well as subsequently placed under a powerful genjutsu. It can easily be broken by anyone with talent in genjutsu or are able to see/sense the barrier.


Chirangakure is the capital of the Land of Equality. It is the home of the Ninkyou, Geitou, and Hazure families. Chirangakure has been said to raise some of the most prominent shinobi in history. It is noted to be extremely secretive when it came to their methods of training. Though the results of their training often made the Kiritsu dumbfounded for the growth in the village. The leader of the village is often called the Keizenyuushi (炯然勇士, Literally meaning: Shining Warrior) to make the contrast between them and the Kage. The Keizanyuushi are the one's to endure the pain of everyone and carry it on their shoulders instead of hiding in the shadows they confront the problems of the people. It is a role of great honor and they receive great respect, they are even noticed the Kiritsu for their strength both physically and mentally.

"One cannot rule without the might of a thousand men"

is a saying that is extremely popular in Chirangakure, it represents the Keizenyuushi must be extremely enduring even when facing an army. Chirangakure unlike the village around them gives training that can be considered to be torture.

"Those who want to grow strong and protect their nation must endure. Those who wish to laze around and die accomplishing nothing for their family, friends and this land we walk on are among the worse. We will not force you, this training may be grueling and cause you great pain both physically and mentally but it is pain you must endure to grow into someone who is respected by our allies and feared by those who stand against our nation"

is a common motto given to those who are on the verge on giving up their dreams and hopes. Those who graduate from the academy often go on to become significant in history. Many students travel far just to attend Chirangakure's prestigious programs.

Chirangakure was one of the major strongholds during the lost war, it was said even with thousands of people dead they never surrendered. They fought until the onslaught was over, many powerful figures died. Even the attackers attested that it was like an impenetrable fortress unable of being pierced by their blades. After the war, they still had plenty of resources and are still to this day regarded as the strongest fortress

Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is prominently known for it's beautiful flowers, ranging from the rarest and most dangerous flowers. People all around the world travel thousands of miles just to glance on the rich vegetation found in the garden. It's given its name as a comparison to the garden home to many gods. While not literally, a common metaphoric phrase of the garden is "It has the power to heal the most corrupt souls" this metaphor actually means that its beauty is enough to quell the hearts of people who have lost themselves. Despite its glaring beauty, the garden can be extremely deadly to those who are not guided by the people. Deep within the garden, a place where all residents know to avoid, lies the poisonous flowers created as a defense mechanism for the kingdom. The toxins reduced by the flowers are said to be capable of knocking someone out within the first thirty seconds and then kill them before they see day again. Despite its great beauty and enchanting smell, its true nature earned it the title Bewitching Garden, it is called this by those who have narrowly escaped the fate of being caught in the carnivorous trap.


  • This land is one that does not often affiliate themselves with any other country and due to this completely rely on their own brilliance and craftiness.
  • The land gained it's unique geography from the artificial geography of the Land of Malediction as well as their natural oasis.
  • It is the first and unless inspired only land created by the Author
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