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Land of Raven
Land of Raven (鴉の国, Karasu no kuni) is the land governed by a single Daimyō known as the emperor or emperess. In the centre of the country are vast Temperate forest and a endless wetland, whose many cold seasons and vast reproduction of ravens that given the country it's name. that displays an impressive marine life oceanic beauty. The land itself is a dark, evil place that many have venture out to vanish from the world it's also one of the holy resting place of every species on the planet and is the closest place that possess Natural Energy that gives the land a sacred celestial aura that made it invisible to the naked eye, some believed to be the very country where a clan of highly intelligent race first colonized but they're existence no longer exist.

Within the forest-swamp are settlements hidden in plain sight that may have been the rumored birth place of Shishigakure, the known empire that first came to be by a helping hands of other clans that are affiliated with villages while some are not; the Kinmotsu Clan, Dōsei Clan, Yagami Family, Shimazu Clan, Takatsukasa Family and the House of Setsubi with they're ways came the birthplace of vast technology and civilization that given birth to a new nation but this new source of material and land drew the clans apart as the need of new land and materials caused them to wage war against one another for many years till Tekemi Koyagami, Y and X, Shinohara, and Mizuki Kinmotsu formed a union and began new era but the Shimazu clan fled into the marshes becoming a independent clan.





Other Countries

Land of Mountains - being a neighbor to the country has given the people much resources and more territory to venture.


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