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Land of Runes

The Land of Runes.

The Land of Runes (ルーンの国, Ruun no Kuni) is a country located in the Northern Frontier. A war, which was instigated by an evil mage called the Dark King, occurred between the Land of Runes' three kings which resulted in the loss of many lives. The vegetation was permanently affected as well as the wildlife, making it a dead land. As a final act, the three kings sealed off the country from the others to prevent the Dark King's tainted chakra from infecting the rest of the land.



Rune People

A middle/high mage's attire.

The Land of Runes use Mages (魔道士, Madōshi) as their military power, making them different from other countries. A female mage is sometimes called a witch (魔女, Majō). There are three rankings that a mage can attain: Low Mage, Middle Mage, and High Mage. A fourth ranking is attainable called Rune Master. While the runes can be taught by regular civilians to others, the Rune Temple teaches mages how to utilize them for combat. The people of the Land of Runes are extremely secretive, believing that sharing their knowledge could bring about destruction.



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